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REVIEWS OF The Star Driving School IN Virginia

roni youssef

Learn a lot from sal good teacher help me with my mistakes

Enzo Cuenca

Sal is very patient and great at instructing proper driving techniques and fundamentals. Thank you sir for helping people learn how to maneuver safely on the roads.

Cakey Cakey

Had an amazing experience with having Salmen as the behind the wheel instructor..... I was in full ease with his instructions even passed my driving test with any points,@ the department of Motor Vehicles!!!! I shall recommend their services to all my friends,family as well as anyone else whom are seeking for excellent deal as well as service.....

hemaraj s

Instructor Salman is very friendly, professional and his training really helped me a lot to gain confident and was able to clear the test the 1st attempt.. They are very organised, Take you to the DMV test roads and help you with Test Simulator and this is really helpful when you take the test I would highly recommend him.

Jesse Paugh

Great instructions, keeps you safe while driving and doesn't get mad and tell you for little mistakes, would reccomend

Selena Ruiz

I had reached out to three different driving schools in order to get some information. Considering the fact that this school reached out to me within an hour of messaging them and the others never responded made me see that this one was definitely the one to go with! I have now had two lessons and they both went well. At first I was nervous due to having no experience and having anxiety about driving but the instructor was very professional yet helpful. The instructor made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I look forward to more lessons. Great prices, very helpful, and very flexible with working with your schedule!

Krutika Ramwani

Great instructor. Very patient.

Tejaswini Miryala

Star driving school is one of right decison i made to join an the instructor was very good at teaching techniques and was very patient while my training sessions.Thanks for the support and confidence you have given me.

hasya lekha

I was a wonderful experience. Salman Qamar was my instructor and taught me some driving techniques that would help me in the DMV test. I would definitely refer him.

amna khan

The best instructor ever she helped me gain my confidence and help me getting my driver's license. Sitara khan you are the best

Shilpa P

After trying 2 instructors, I am glad I found the star driving school. They responded very quickly and scheduled me immediately to suit my timings. Salman is a very good instructor. He explains the techniques in great detail and makes you work on it in a step by step manner. He never try to rush things. Unless you are good with the first lesson he doesn't jump to the second lesson. When you make mistakes he doesn't get annoyed, instead he corrects it without discouraging you. He is cool-headed, calm, very patient and very professional. Overall my experience learning with Salman helped me gain confidence in driving. Thank you Salman and thank you to Star driving school.

Mounika Kudikala

Hi, Salman is very good instructor and he teaches according to the student weakness in driving.i have learnt new techniques. He teaches from very minute errors while driving. Good luck

indra tsog

Natsue Takahashi

Devon H.

I had an excellent experience with The Star Driving School. My instructor, Sitara, was wonderful. She was extremely accommodating, responded promptly, and made the experience fun as well! I would highly recommend!

Daksha Mestry

Hi, I had a very good experience with this driving school. They responded very fast to my request and I also got a very good instructor. They adjusted with my schedule. Instructor Salman is a very good teacher. He is very good and has lot of patience to handle a student. Lot of experience. His techniques are very good and easy to learn. He is very prompt and easy going. Thank you Salman. Appreciate your help. Good luck.

Khilola Turaeva

I took classes at the star driving school. I really learn a lot. Previously, I tried to drive with my friend, but it was hard. I took some classes, which gave me a lot of confidence. After driving with instructor Salman, my friend noticed a lot improvements. Mr. Salman Qamar was very patient, honest, and detail-oriented. Now, I am driving really good thanks to his efforts.

Aleena Malik

Bethelihem tamirat Ayalew

Sitara THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have helped my driving so much also she was really flexible with my schedule And I highly recommend her!! ♥️♥️♥️

Michael Inglish

Salman Qamar is a great instructor and has helped me gain more confidence in my driving abilities along with teaching me everything I need to know from the beginning.

Jayashri Jegan

I had a great experience with star driving school.Salman is a great professional. He never lost his temper and was very polite,highly knowledgeable and kind while teaching.He provided many valuable tips and tricks which are good to be a safe driver here.He made me drive more confident without any nervous and fear. He kept up his time very well. Would recommend him strongly and this school for anyone looking to learn driving.

Alfonso Vásquez Drexler

Salman was an excellent teacher and very patient. Prices are fair too. Definitely recommend him!

Garrett Hall

Had a great time learning the ways of the road with Ms. Khan

Aman Gupta

It was a great learning experience under Mr.Salman, I learned a lot and pretty quickly with him.

Raksha Sharma

Very good experience!!! Me. Salman Explained me everything very well about technics and rules

Monica Kondrakunta

Mr. Salman is a very good instructor. If it was not for him I would have not been able to get as far as I did today. Thanks to him I am not able to reverse my car confidently knowing I won't crash into anything because of Mr. Salman's guidance. So if you need somebody to help you learn how to drive CHOOSE HIM!!

Adam Chaudry

Ms. Sitra Khan is a great instructor. She is friendly, professional and made me feel confident in my driving abilities. She was timely with our appointments and provided real time coaching and helped me master parallel parking. I highly recommend The Star Driving School to all new drivers, especially teenager and women. She is calm and very patient with new drivers.

Munajj Ford

My experience with the Star Driving School was positive.Mr.Salman was very patient explains concepts clearly.The Star Driving School definitely deserves my five star rating.Lets hope that my next experience with them is good as well!

Melissa Escobar

Salmon was super helpful in teaching me how to drive, very patience with me & really went the extra mile to teach me how to drive.

Jesus Martinez

Very nice instructor, very detailing when it comes to behind the wheel, and very motivating

Kashyap US

I am glad I picked The Star Driving School. Salman has been excellent tutor. He was patient, knowledgeable and provided all the information required to pass the driving test. I would definitely recommend it to others

Ryan Victoria Alexiou

Salman is an amazing teacher! He helped me to gain confidence in my driving and was extremely accommodating to my schedule! I would recommend The Star Driving School to anyone looking to learn how to drive or brush up on their driving skills!

Juhee Cho

Great driving school. Instructor was polite, timely and professional. Definitely recommend to anyone.

SaiRam Baba

Salman is a good instructor and he was very professional and friendly...He helped me to overcome my fear of driving. I would recommend this to all my friends..

Devin Greenhow

I would recommend taking this class. It’s very helpful and gives you good driving tips. 5 stars for me.

Mallika D.

Salman is a great instructor! He meticulously goes through the steps of lane changing, parking, etc. He corrects you when you make a mistake without discouraging you. He is well versed in driving laws and rules. I definitely reccomend him if you are looking to improve your driving, whether you are a beginner or not.

Emmanuela Alobwede

Wether you're a slow learner or a fast learner you'll still be able to learn the things you need to know about driving. Salmon Qatar is a great driving tutor that I recommend for people who want to take driving classes at Ez Driving School. -Emmanuela Alobwede

Alyssa Manuel

Sitara is a very good teacher and very easy to talk to. Perfect driving experience!

Tiger Zhang

Salman was very nice and helpful!

Shreya Reddy

Haley Galanos

Jacou Chen

Good driving school

Rohit Alladi

My driving instructor was more than phenomenal. He helped me become a much better driver in about a week. I highly recommend Star Driving School to everyone.

Kevin Henriquez

Awesome place! Great Instructors! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Christopher Stephens

My wife needed to learn how to drive the correct and safe way and I did not have the time to teach her properly. He was able to accommodate our schedule. He is very patient and thorough and provides feedback after every lesson. He connects with the student very quickly to understand what the student lacks and how to improve. I would definitely use this service again, if needed.

Poornima Joshi

They reached out to me very quickly and scheduled me even with very tight schedule. Instructor Salman is a good instructor

Esteban Marmolejo-Suarez

Salman Qamar was my instructor and I could not recommend him more. He is very calm and patient. He also is very good at pointing out your mistakes and helping you correct them. As someone who was initially terrified of driving, he helped me feel calm and confidet behind the wheel. Thank you Salman and thank you Star Driving School.

Qaraar :)

Best driving school in Ashburn area

Brianna Rhoads

I failed my road skills test twice and decided to take private lessons. Im glad I decided to go through this driving school I had sal as my instructor and he was very patient and explained things in a way I understood. After explaining he would also allow you to practice the whatever was explained to further your grasp if understanding. I think i'll be passing my road skills test this time. I would recommend this to anybody especially inexperienced drivers.

Waseem Dogar

The star driving school is wonderful the instructor is awesome he has helped me alot and tought me things i never new i recommend the star driving school for anyone who wants to learn how to drive .

rozy GCF

Went after I got my license since I didn't have the confidence to drive on my own yet. My instructor was patient and never raised his voice no matter the situation was.

Merielle Sabile

Excellent 1-on-1 experience! Very good teacher who was patient, helpful, and informative to a new, anxious, teen driver like me.

CAGfan1234 Yu

Salman is the best driving you could ever ask for. He is extremely knowledgeable, respectful and patient. He tells you what to do and if you pay attention, you will be able to do it. He pays attention to you while your driving and then will tell you the mistakes you made , which is very helpful. Do yourself a favor and call him for driving lessons,you won't regret it and won't get better lessons from anyone else.

Bhagyalaxmi chepuri

My instructor Salman Really helped me in learning the techniques and did very good job.

Rhea T.

Great school, my driving instructor Sitara did an amazing job teaching me essentially from scratch.

Michelle Castro

Sitara is the best instructor ever! I’m very satisfied with the service. With her guidance I can say now that I feel confident in driving here. She was kind, easy to understand, always on time and gave me great tips to become a good driver. THANK YOU Sitara!

izzy johnson

Jessica Adithela

Satara is an amazing instructor! She is calm and instructs you with what your doing right and wrong. I definetly became a better driver within the 5 days. I would totally recomenend the star driving school as it was fast and easy process to get your license.

Haritha Raavi

Star driving school is good and Mr.Salman is very good at teaching and was very patient while my training period and I gained confidence in my driving. Thanks for the support.

Lea Gobec

Pravija Krishna

Ms. Sitara Khan is an excellent instructor. I can't believe how quickly and easily I learnt under her.

Anais Paris

Sal is a great teacher and has a pleasant personality. He really knows how to teach: he explain rules and make sure you realize your mistakes so you can avoid them. Sal gives you confidence and teach you the driving techique step by step. I highly recommend Sal to be your driving instructor.

Mua Xuan

Mr. Salman is a very professional and patient instructor. He was always calm no matter what the situation was. He professionally pointed out my mistakes and fears, and helped me to fix it. I had great driving lessons with him.

Jaci Dahl

Great experience! Very glad I did this. The safest way to start learning. I would recommend this to all of my friends!

Hannah Tran

I had an amazing experience with this company. My behind the wheel instructor, Ms. Khan was so helpful, patient and professional. I highly recommend the Star Driving School.

Djamoliddin Saliyev

Zeneida Bora

The instructors were amazing and they were able to teach the lessons efficiently. I would definitely recommend them!

Obaid Lakdawala

Mr Salman is one of the best instructor I have met as he understand the weakness of the person where he need to focus and work accordingly. From Blind Spot to Line Change he cover all the difficult task in an easy and friendly way that I keep remembering him while driving my own car. Normally he take 5-6 sessions out of which 2-Residential area with a speed limit 15-25. 2. to 3 session on Road with a speed varies as per the location and 1 for Parking. He charge $300 for 5 session of 1 Hour each. Trust me, he is good and that is the reason late in the night at 1:20 AM I am writing a positive review for the same so you can take an advantage of it.

gilbert kajuna

I had a wonderful experience with Sal. He gave me excellent coaching and orientation a day prior to my DMV Test on the road. His candid feedback and advice really contributed to my passing of the test the following day.

William Laast

Salman is the very knowledgeable and patient. His way of teaching is easy to understand and if you follow the steps correctly, you would be driving greatly in no time. 10/10 would recommend.

Rem tem

Great driving leasons! The instructor is very helpful, explains well, and you can learn quick from him. I would recommend driving lessons from him to anyone.

Ha Ben

Amazing instructor! Sal was calm, and detailed when explaining the how-to. Which really helped with the nervousness. Thank you very much!!

ripple Pell

he took the time to explain, helped me through the whole time and I defiantly feel better about my driving skills.

Lord of Lyrics

My instructor was very patient and he also gave really great tips I recommend this for people who are starting to learn how to drive or just got their permit because it will be worth it in the long run.

Cindy Kim

In April 2017, I signed up my daughter for the one-to-one driving lesson. This lesson is supposed to be 90-minutes long for 5 days. There were days when my daughter received less than 90 minutes lesson! Since I paid for this service, I expect my daughter to receive the 90-minutes driving lesson. Additionally, my daughter mentioned that it was difficult for her to understand Salman when he was giving her directions. His accent is very thick. I will not use him again to teach my other kids.

Xiaowei Jin

Very good teacher!!! He is able to teach me how to drive correctly and safely, also about the fair usage of car. Highly recommended driving teacher! 很棒的驾驶教练!他教会了我如何安全的驾驶,正确的驾驶,以及如何正确使用汽车这个出行工具。值得推荐的老师!

Shahnoza Dusmatova

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and immense gratitude to Salman! He has been an amazing driving instructor, very patient, kind, inspirational, very experienced, and proficient

Sean Leech

When I first started my driving was, to say the least, very bad. As you might expect but through only five lessons my skills got to a point where I could do things I didn’t think I would be able to do till a long time. Sol, my instructor presented ideas in a way I understood as well as a calming tone as to keep me as unstressed as possible. Truely a great driving school.

ge sa

Very Impressed! I had the pleasure to learn driving from Mr.Salman Qamar ,he is very professional and gives clear instructions ,his technique will definitely help me be a confident and safe driver ,i will highly recommend him to all.

charanya saki

Instructor Mohammed was perfect in teaching all the steps. After the classes I felt more confident on roads. It was a good start!

Aashi Rastogi

Great driving leasons!Salman Sir is very helpful, explains well, and you can learn quick from him. I would recommend driving lessons from him to anyone.

Bernardo Porto

Salman is a calm and reassuring presence as an instructor. He truly invested in my learning to drive, and I felt he really cared.


Just got my driver license! Kudos to Instructor Salman Qamar for you are truly the best in this job.Its not just learning the proper ways in driving but you helped me overcome my anxiety in driving.Those little push and words of encouragement is appreciated so much in every lesson.Thats working beyond

marina wingate

I had a great experience on driving with teacher sal, he is really a perfect teacher THANK YOU SO MUCH for teaching me every little technique while driving , and for being patient to correct my mistakes over and over again , and also for giving me self confidence while driving.

Jackson Whitehouse

Very patient and knowledgable. Told me everything that was/is needed to be a good driver. Walked me through the process and a step by step routine was used. Very satisfied, thanks so much Muhammad Qamar

Radha Gurazada

Salman is a great teacher.He helped me improve my driving skills.Very patient and a wonderful person. He was very accomodating when it came to the schedules.I recommend Star driving school for those looking to start driving.

Stephanie Ventura

Salman was the best driving teacher i've ever had:)

Tristen Crone

Mr Salman was incredibly helpful, very professional and calm. He helped me feel more comfortable behind the wheel and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.

Hiraal Patel

I highly recommend Salman Qamar he is a great instructor with patience and explained any issues very well.

Mujassim Khedekar

Mr Salman is truly awesome instructor. Very calm and patient. He really explained all the rules very beautifully and was a great help. Also he is a very friendly person. I can now drive properly here in USA all thanks to instructor. I would totally recommend this driving to anyone who wants to learn driving.

Caribay Reyes

I had a wonderful experience with this company, they were the only ones with immediate availability and a great instructor, Salman, not only he helped me gain confidence in my driving but was very understanding and compassionate! He is amazing! Will always be thankful!

Aiswarya A.

As part of the behind the wheels teens program, I’ve had an incredible time. Mrs. Khan is a great instructor, who loosens up the initial tension that any teen may have. You become comfortable, allowing for an efficient and smooth learning experience.

Mahnoor Khan

Great teacher! Helps a lot with parking skills!!!

Priti Tiwari

Great learning experience with Sitara, she truly made me feel comfortable & at the same time confident about driving. I have always had the phobia of driving but thanks to the understanding of my instructor, she understands you as a person first & modifies the lessons as per your need. Thanks a ton the star driving school for helping me overcome my fears & start loving driving. I also have a friend in Sitara now

Abbey Helfen

Lorena Sarfraz

Pravin Gurung

It was a great experience learning driving from Mr. Salman. He was patient with me and helped me overcome my fear of driving on the highway. I feel much more confident after learning driving from him.

Laura Irizarry

Great instructors, really patient, and an overall great experience.

Cody Ledbetter

My experience was great! I cam in with 0 driving experience, and in 10 lessons I felt so much more comfortable. Passed the road test the first time around thanks to the help of Sal! Sal was an awesome instructor. He was very hands off once he got more comfortable with me driving him around, and when I did make mistakes, he was always very calm and collected. Really conversational whenever I felt comfortable doing so while driving, so made the 90 minutes fly by. On the day of the test, he walked me through every step of what I needed to do for the road test. Overall, such a great experience, and well worth the money if you don’t have family to drive around with in the area.

Saminder Singh Dhindsa

It was really fun! I had a great time learning from Sitara Khan.

Angélique Opoue

The teacher is very competent.I learned driving with him about 3 weeks and as soon as I finished driving with him in the last week of our learning I got my licence and I really satisfied . The instructor is very patient and I highly recommend him.Thank you !!!!

Namish Ponnala

Very professional experience with Sitara.

Dilraj singh

Salman is a really good instructor. He helps you with all the difficulties a rookie driver faces when he starts driving. He reminds you again and again about the driving rules also. Really helpful, patient, knowledgable and a superb guy. Would recommend him to everyone. Great experience.

Roshni Khincha

A very patient instructor who explained all that one needs to know for the road skills test in minute detail. Highly recommended!

Ramtin D.

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