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REVIEWS OF Phyllis Foster Driving School IN Virginia

kevin young

Great teacher, made the class alot better

Dayvon Gatling

The experience was wonderful, filled with the importants of driving knowledge and road safty but also entertaining with laughs from the instructor and gruop setting.

Luke Cooper

Very informative and very personal. I learned a lot from going to this and was actually quite fun. I highly recommend this driving school to others.

Chris Jones

The 2 instructors are amazing and have been the best i ever seen paired together since brad and Angelina Pitt. They take their time with u and give valuable information, if aint Phyllis Foster, u at a Dead End.

Savannah Moreno

instructor was very knowledgeable and fun. would recommend this driving school to others

Donna Holt

Was not looking forward to this class at all but Renee made it alot of fun while being very helpful and informative. I would definately recommend this school to anyone needing to attend. Building was easy to find with easy parking as well as clean and comfortable.

Ashley Scott

I’ve attended this driving school twice.Great stuff and great school.Thanks a lot for you help.

Troy Horton

The class is very informative. Great instrutor very knowledgeable

Monique Scott

It was fun. I caught on to everything. I enjoyed the class and will recommend to friends and family.

Rennee's Celebration Center Suffolk, Va

Great school very informative and interesting. Mrs Townsend is stellar.

Khadji Hawkins

Nice people and nice school not boring i actually enjoyed myself in driving improvement class

Marquis Palmer

Really helped me and took time to get me driving right

George Phelps

Some chick driving in the car alone driving 20 in a 35 on the phone.

Brenton Washington

The class was very active so I could learn more and also have a good time.

Zakiyah Person

Great driving school I learned so much Tj is the best teacher out In Hampton roads.

Jennifer Kleps

Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and personable. Very fun and entertaining class.

Aaron Phelps

I had a very good learning experience and learned a lot has changed as far as driving

leesa Jean72

Although it was a long day, I was completely taken by Mrs. Townsend. She was an amazing instructor. Had fun....

brett carter

Took a driver improvement course and I thought I was going to hate the next 8 hours of my life but turned out to be a great experience, I learned new information and had a couple laughs here and there but overall it was a great learning experience.

Jeremy Ward

This is a very easy and efficient course if you are trying to get your drivers licenses or retake your drivers permit test!!! Very nice people keep you interactive, and answer any questions you have.

Brittany Goodman

I enjoyed my experience in driving school. They delivered the information in a fun way where I could stay engaged and learn easier.

Tre Powell

This class was very helpful, as I can already see how this class has changed myself as a driver.

Madelyn Tubbs

It was a good experience. I learned a lot about the road and the cautionary actions to take.

Heather Pearson

It was very detailed and I learned a lot!

Loren & Ivory

Amazing made 8-4 fly by with jokes and laughter while learning 10/10

alysha johnson

Though it was expensive , it teaches alot about driving in just one 8 hour long session! I highly suggest for new drivers , because the environment is informative yet carefree .

Monica Faye Dominguez

Loved it, the experience was fun and easy and straight to the point. Defiantly recommend! ❤️

Rob Hinchey

Hands down the best Driving improvement class I've attended.

Steven Usher

I love the driving class. Its fun and you get a nice lession in the class but don't want to be back in there no time soon... I know you'll have fun if you ever get get in there.

Gabrielle Hollomon

This place is decent. It’s not a dry 8 hour class. It can be fun and there were a few games and chances to participate. Price seemed fair.


Great class! Even better instructor! I strongly recommend this facility to anyone needing a driver improvement course!

kayla collins

i had a very nice instructor! very helpful and knowledgable

Margaret Goodman

This was an awesome experience. All drivers need to take this course.

Christopher Greene Jr.

The instructor was very engaging and instructive with the class. The class wasn’t too long and it wasn’t boring. She kept it interactive and we had multiple brakes. I highly recommend this class.

latoya Martin

Truly enjoyed the class. It was very informative. Mr. And Mrs Townsend made the class very interesting. You will be engaged during the entire 8 hours! Worth every penny!

Tyrone Jordan

This class taught me more then i expected with great customer service.

Martina Viola

I had a very positive experience at Phyllis Foster Driving School. I took the 8 hour driver improvement clinic and somehow our instructor kept us engaged while covering all the material. Learned a lot and didn’t feel as long as it was.

Karen Hankerson

I had a great and positive experience at Phyllis Foster Driving School. Since driving for almost 30 years things have changed when driving on the road that I was not aware along with new sign. The instructors are friendly, kindand gety …

Angela Flythe

The class was very informative and she gave us activities to complete which made it very fun and interesting.

Ricky Coles

Has to be the best teacher's DMV could of worked. Especially Renay Townsend. An awesome person and great teacher

The Ravematic

Very interactive and educational class. Had a fun time and the instructors were knowledgeable and entertaining. Not boring by any means. Definitely would recommend.

Elijah Hart

This class is amazing and has great energy and wonderful tutors

Qourtney Burrus

Most intriguing and excited learned alot and enjoyed the day .....Mr tj was a good teacher u can remember alot through his methods

Brian Davis

They made the class fun as well as knowledgeable. Good class.

Donald Rice

Interactive and fun... I learned a lot and feel much safer on the road.

Hannah Strickland

Phyllis Foster Driving School is absolutely the best. My instructor, Stephanie Stacy was wonderful to work with and helped me so much. Not only was she a pleasure to work with, but so was everyone else I communicated with at the school. They were all helpful, kind, and well spoken. Mrs. Stacy and the entire staff worked with my schedule to make learning how to drive as flexible as I needed it to be. I was very pleased with Phyllis Foster Driving School and I would recommend it to everyone I know.

Glenda Pyles

If I could give this school a ten I would they are very informative, patient, makes it easy to understand if you don't they will go over it with you.

Destiny Davis

Ok so I was just there for Volunteer points and I thought it was gonna be so boring

Angel Wescott

Excellent driving school. I have 3 children that have utilized this school including myself as a CDL licensed driver. They are very friendly and were very professional.

ShaIngrid Durham

Amazing! I come for everything especially because they make it easy and fun to learn. And they are patient

Trey Warren

Good class you won't regret it! Friendly staff

Bryn B.

A family member had not passed DMV’s road skills test and her confidence was shaken. She was not interested in driving any more after that. Several years went by and younger relatives were getting their licenses. So she registered for the adult Behind the Wheel course with Phyllis Foster Driving School, and in that 5 days’ time, she got her confidence back, learned a wealth of practical driving skills, and passed her road skills test! This school is the BEST. The instructors are highly qualified, professional yet friendly, and are very, very good at what they do!

Tyreke Williams

Enjoy the class and learned everything well.

Talisa Douglas

Outstanding interaction with the class!! Mr. Tj and his wife are very knowledgeable and EXCELLENT teachers!! #kudos.

Aaron Cooper

The Phyllis Foster Driving School provides a high level and easily understanded course for any who need to take a Driver Improvement Course (DIP) or a Driving Lessons course! Whether it is to better your experience and get a license or to …

Abe Ali

Great service good people and thanking you for everything that you do !!

amanda warren

Great class! The class was very informative and very lighthearted. Wouldn’t want to spend 8 hours at any other driving school!

Edward Fassnacht

Driving improvement class was smooth and easy to understand.

tyrone porter

Great instructors

Jade Green

The class was great and the instructors were very considerate and are willing to work with you!!

Tom Wichelman

Great driving improvement class.


Helped me to re-take my Permit Test!

Maki-Yah Harper - Carter

They were very informative and class was actually pretty fun.

Shawn McMullen

Class was quick and engaging. Taught something’s that I didn’t know about.

Kelly Riddick

Took too long but learned alot

Tony Kiglet

Had a great time in a learning program it was on point .Thanks.

William Sykes

This school is great the best class I have ever had

Micah Johnson

This was a fantastic learning experience. I came in for the driving class and did not leave disappointed. The staff was amazing and helpful.

Karli Daughtrey

Instructor made the mandatory 8hr driving improvement class fun and entertaining. I learned a lot while having a great time.

Jajuan Walker

This class long but very helpful. I learned something’s I didn’t and refreshed some of the things I forgot. Great class

Jenna Evans

Very informative and hands on.

the kitkat king

We went through the rules and information about driving and learned a lot

Shaina Pugner

If you have to go to Driving Improvement in Suffolk, VA come here! They are great and informative! They will help you prepare to pass your test! They make it as fun as possible and have a great sense of humor. These are good local people …

Zabelle Faeris

If you've been practicing and practicing but can't pass the driving test or don't feel like you have the skills you need to get licensed, this is the school for you. Thank you Mr. Armstead for being patient with me, helping me get over my nervousness, and getting me to where I am comfortable and confident behind the wheel!

Robert Allen

BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN THE 757 for all purposes!

Swaggy B

Great glass recommend for everyone to take

April Ruffin

Most informative class I’ve been to yet. Really helped me learn and improve my driving skills. Happy environment the whole time .

Madellyn Carr

Although the class was long, the owners definitely didn’t make it boring with many interactive activities and videos. They were kind and made it as painless as possible!!

Savannah Gallegos

The beginning was fun then it got boring but lhappy I passed

Rebecca Goodwyn

This was the best class I ever been to , far as high school . This class beat every class I’ve attended . Thanks again for helping me learn new stuff about driving, Mrs. Townsend you’re the best

Chyna L

The staff were very professional, and very enthusiastic about teaching and ensuring everyone understood the material. Highly recommend them!

Ricky Goodwyn

Great class. Brilliant teacher. Kept the class interesting with laughter and also stories that connected with what he was teaching. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this school to anyone who needs to take a week, 8 hour or driving course for any reason. Made the hours go by with ease.

Teron Bell

They help me out alot and they are very good a teaching

Straw Winnegan

The class was well taught and I learned alot...The instructor made sure we understood what he was teaching

Kathy Davis

I learned a lot today...I have been driving for years and this course taught me things I did not know. Very instructional and worth the money. Kathy

Hunter Loushe

Mr. Townsend was awesome! Not only was he very informative and thorough, he was also very funny and animated. He made the class a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I feel much better about driving now!

Alexa Lyons

I learned a lot and I believe I’m a better driver already! Thank u so much


It was long but the teacher was great I learned something’s I didn’t know great experience and Affordable

Cody Lawrence

Wish I was in and out but instructor was very nice and patient with others

Alan Wichelman

Great people. Fun class. Good service

Avon Green

I had a great experience at the Phyllis Foster driving school. Mrs. Renee is a Great teacher! I have been driving since 1996 and thought I was a good driver but I learned alot of material that I did not know. I will definitely be sending my 16 year old daughter here for her driving class.

Thomas Boone

I came to this class because it was mandatory to get my license, but it ended up being an informative and also fun experience


My experience at Phyllis Foster Driving School was wonderful. Everyone was so nice and polite, and the driving instructors are there to truly help you learn.

Terre Rivera

Efficient and friendly staff

Willie Gray

Great class very informative learn a lot will be back in two years

Gabriel James

I just took the driving improvement class at Phyllis and foster and I had a great experience. I came in thinking this was going to be a long day but they made it very interactive and fun making the day go by fast. The instructors were chill …

ka'ryn walton

Best driving school thus far , the vibes are awesome & they make learning about driving very fun & interesting without judgements

Ayanna Lankford

They are good instructors I passed my test the next day.

Timothy Perry

Great way to improve your driving skills and communication and its worth the help

jewel grant

The Phyllis Foster class was great! I actually learned something new that I thought I knew. Ms. Townsend taught very well. I would recommend coming here! P.S the final exam was a breeze.

Brianna Hunter

I absolutely thought this would be a boring basic driving class and it turned out to be the total opposite of that. The instructor made you want to learn more just by the way she presented the information. Great course if you need one and really want to learn something.

Alien Leah

Great staff, they never fail to make you feel comfortable!

Jay Davenport

Very helpful super easy course and not over price all around great experience.

Kay Dee

Gave Phyllis Foster 5 stars. My daughter passed the permit test after taking the retake class. She learned more on a Saturday at Phyllis Foster than she learned in an entire year of high school drivers ed class.

Mike Copeland

Great place to get the correct information and understanding of what to do on the road!

Sean Miles

It was really helpful and I learned a lot!

De Walters

Volunteered to take the driving class to reduce points on my license , price was affordable , and Mrs. Townsend and Mr. Tj were polite, and very helpful. The class is a bit lengthy , but it’s informative and the time will fly. I learned many things that I didn’t know , and questions that I had were clarified. Thank you all for the help!

Addie Fullwood

Love the class and very funny if u looking for affordable driving class this is the place.

Jamar Bivins

Fun and learning class. Worth it

Craig Lee

Highly recommend this organization to satisfy any driving licensing needs (licensing, safety courses, etc.) you may require. Mrs. Townsend was very professional and knowledgeable staff. Pricing here is also very reasonable.

Brian Wiggins

The class was good and fun and very educational, mr tj was a very good instructor

Megan Kathleen Stubblefield

Great teacher- all around good experience taking the driving improvement course here!

Marquel Walker

I had Mrs. Townsend for the Driving Improvement class and it was a breeze.

Julia Taylor

Instructors are polite and fun! The day seems to pass by faster! Prices were very fair, and if I ever need to come to another class I will absolutely come back here! Thank you, TJ!

Terrell Batten

Great instructors.

Crystal Webb

I volunteered to take the class for points on driving record. It was very informing but at a laid back environment. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Kiana Jeanlouis

Very respectful & you’ll get everything you need here !

Black Onyx Force

Staff was great!!! Learning was the main focus..And the came through..I would recommend anyone...Thanks

Kimo Harmon

This was my first driving school. I had a lot of fun and I think I have learned more about driving than ever.

cameron miller

The driver improvement class that is offered on certain saturdays is always a good refresher and is organized perfectly by the staff. Would recommend to anyone whether it is a volunteered class or it is required by the court/dmv!

Aj Fly

Excellent communication and teaching methods . Definitely recommend

Tyler Dalton

The people are nice and joked around. Plenty of brakes and the course was easy if you paid attention.

Kurtiz Diggs

Great class, the teacher made it fun and easy!

seth cooper

Great experience, well taught class, I feel more confident behind the wheel after completing their Drivers Improvement Course.

Talitha Roberts

I highly recommend this driving school!! Very informative class. The instructor made the class very entertaining, and helpful. I definitely learned a lot in this class.

Anthony Fiitzpatrick

Great instructor very to the point and makes sure you understand that material being taught.

Princeton Smith

Mr. TJ and his wife was very entertaining. I was here for the driving improvement class. Very informative and the class ran smoothly. Would deff recommend to everyone else.

Michael Huffman

The instructor made the class fun and engaging! Learned a lot!

Antonio Alexander

Pretty good experience actually had a great day

Lucas Johnson

A lovely married couple teaches this class, they are both halarious and make as much fun out of 8 hours of class as is possible I've been here a few times and I'll likely come back (volenarily)

A'Shantee Jones

I loved this class! The instructor was very fun and made sure I understood the laws and the upcoming laws. Overall I had some much fun


Very entertaining and enjoyable experience. Instructors are extremely informative and friendly.

Cynthia Lee

The instructor was professional and interesting, made the class personal. Gave good real examples.


This Driving School is affordable for the City of Norfolk people not just the city of Norfolk but the cities here in Hampton Roads. They are quick to response, and convenient website! - If you do get into the Teen Behind the Wheel Course of this driving school. I suggest getting Mr. Sidney Townsend as an instructor, he is funny, friendly and approachable. His not one of those instructor that would yell at you if you didn’t do the right thing. One of the best instructor out their! MR. T!

Cameron Santouse

It was a very fun and enjoyable but also still very informative class

Auty C

It was fun and a great learning experience!!!

Sarah Brazil

This was a great course. The instructors made the content interesting, and it was an overall great experience.

Jyliyah Chrissy

It was a great experience. They are the best and i learned a lot through them.

Aaron 3x

Omg!!! Amazing just stunning. Glad I chose this location, it’s easy and 100% guaranteed.

Tiea Scott TieaB.

Very nice place!! Everything that is taught is very understandable & you would definitely feel better about driving when you leave!!

Dione George

Had a great experience I highly recommend coming to this driving school.


Mrs.Renee was an excellent instructor!! I learned a lot of things from this class today

Sherry Williams

The Phyllis Foster Driving school instructors were knowledgable, interactive and I learned a great deal of information!


Great instructors very knowledgeable

James Surace

Great place to learn!

Carlton Wilson

Very good place to go if your trying to get your stuff straight very nice and fun people

The Princess Kaia

The environment was great! Even though it was a drivers improvement class it was fun and i learned alot :)

Mckinley Beamon

I have really learn a lot of things I wasn't aware of with the new laws.

Toriano Johnson

I must say, PF driving school is one of the best! Mr. TJ keeps your attention in the class he makes it very interesting. I recommend anyone who needs driving improvement classes to check out PF driving school.

Lou Jr

It was very informative and a good environment. I enjoyed the experience.

Amy Baker

The class was very interesting and easy to understand. The instructors was friendly and knowledgeable.

Ty Fish

Great time! Fun and engaging. Good people, good class.

Raiquan Vaughan

The whole experience was awesome, the instructors, the facility, and the atmosphere. I had a lot of fun and also learned about 6 months worth of driving instruction in just 8 hours. They also did a great job keeping us engaged throughout the whole process. Thank you so much.

Ronell Williams

Very good teacher I learned a lot!

Hugo Gomez

This course was amazing. It was well done teach by professionals instructors.

Jug Eley

The class was wonderful great teachers

Dorothy Gardner

This was an AMAZING class. Even though it was an 8 hour course it was intertaining and the teacher was wonderful. Highly recommended!

La'Dexcia Harvey

My experience here was amazing. The instructor was awesome at what he’s does and he’s super funny and will keep you laughing through the whole entire class. This is one of the best driving schools to take if you in need of one.

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