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REVIEWS OF Hampton Roads Driving School IN Virginia

thaddeus hill

This place is great i learned a lot since i started going here i whould tell anyone to go here

Desi of the World

Good class room with all facilities and very deep knowledge driving and in laws I think I can't get from any one else I am happy that I chose this school to get the knowledge. They also teach to their student so they can understand each and every law of Virginia.

felicia lynch

Words cannot express how grateful I am for my instructor, Roxanne. I'm almost 30 years old, have severe anxiety in the car, morning sickness from pregnancy, and felt like all odds were against me for years of trying to drive. We had a heart to heart about my problems and issues with driving and she let me know who she was and what to expect. She took me as far as I was comfortable and then nudged a bit and I adjusted. Roxanne talked and kept my mind occupied, which helped me pay more attention and multitask- something I didn't think I could do. She never yelled or raised her voice, but would explain to me my mistake and remind me when she saw me about to make one. She was calm, which helped me stay calm. As my last lesson was today, I can truly say that I am more comfortable driving and feel a sense of relief that my anxiety has lessened. I feel as if I was driving with a trusted friend. This short amount of time I spent with Roxanne, is a huge confidence booster that will last a life time. Thank you for everything, Hampton Roads Driving School!

Maryna T

Great school! Mr Morris is a very patient and nice instructor, it is so easy to learn the right driving skills there with no pressure. I would highly recommend this school!

Rex Serpe

I had a great experience with Hampton Roads Driving School, both in the classroom and behind the wheel. I'd certainly recommend it to any young driver looking to get their license, or adult seeking a driver improvement class.

Stipe Matković

Great instructor, I learned a lot and it wasn't so hard. Would recommend for sure

Mr Biwidjy Pierre

The instructor speaks nice to people! Clean place... Looks verry professional... My girlfriend in the class seems to enjoy the class and base on her words, she would recommend anyone to take their driving course needs through them. Free snacks.... Clean bathroom....

Miles Johnson

Samuel shaffer

I came from New York City, not knowing how to drive. They took very good care of me. The teacher J.B. is fantastic, pushes you only as far as you will go and offers a lot of encouragement. I recently got my license and I just got my first car today. I cannot thank them enough for the all the work they did. Definitely worth the time. Their best availability is in the winter. If you take it in the spring, you better call early because their slots fill up fast.

David Johnson

This is the best place to go for driving instruction. The staff is great and HB is extremely patient.

Jennifer Fellman

Outstanding service. Very easy to work with. Super calm and easy-going instructor. My son enjoyed the lessons and passed on his first try. Highly recommend.

Tania Cuffee

Mr.Parker is an great driving instructor being with him really made me more comfortable and a better driver on the road and ready to get out there and drive on my own . I definitely recommend this company !


Healy was a patient and confident instructor, helping my son over come his intrepidations and anxiety about driving.

Darlene Felton

The class was very informative and professional and the instructor HB Parker was very thorough yet not boring. His humor made learning easy and spoke to all learning styles. I left the class with conviction and will share the information that I saw from the various videos with my family. I have a new prospective on driving. Great class, the instructor made it fun, and time flew by. You will like Hampton Roads Driving School. Chances are you will not have to return to this class based on the positive impact it may have on you!!! There is my 2cents!!!

Monica Blanton

Learning to drive was never easy for me. I first began trying to drive at the age of 16 in Louisiana and for sometime things were going good and I was excited about learning but,it was when I wasn't driving that made me the most nervous because I had been involved in several accidents where I can honestly say weren't our fault but,the overall shock of having so many accidents started to give me anxiety and I didn't want to continue to learn, being on the roads just scared me and my lessons started to be few and far in between. This lasted until I was about 19. I didn't try driving again until I moved to St.Louis with my sister and I had maybe one or two lessons with her that started to relax me again about driving until one day once again I was not driving my sister and I were involved in an accident and my anxiety came right back and I told myself that I didn't want to drive ever again. Flash forward to me moving here to Virginia in 2015 with my boyfriend at the age of 25.I still haven't drove in awhile until my boyfriend started to talk me into trying again,and being in a new place I gave it a try and I was doing good,at least I thought until he started yelling at me over every mistake I made. This caused us to argue and I began to get really discouraged and I felt like I would never learn how to drive and my boyfriend had given up since I couldnt take his yelling. I was really depressed because this is something i have wanted for so long so one day I decided to look up driving schools and found this one and read the reviews on Roxanne and said I would give it one last try and I can't express how happy I am that I did. I started my lessons with Roxanne in Feb 2017 and her level of understanding,compassion,and patience can not be matched by anyone in my opinion. From the very first day, she took the time to understand me and why I had this major anxiety of driving and she used that to help me get comfortable with the roads. She never once raised her voice or yelled at me which is something I had experienced with my boyfriend. She made sure I understood why she was telling me certain things and made sure that I was able to execute every turn,and stop better each time she would instruct me to do so. She definitely help me multi task which I thought was impossible for me especially with my level of anxiety. I had a big fear of driving on the interstate and with no mention of it at all she had me on the interstate with the higher speed and I was driving like I had been doing it for years. I was so relaxed and didn't have the slightest bit of aniexty what so ever!! I have taken two different cousres with Roxanne and I can honestly say that she is a blessing to me,because of her i am more ready than i have ever been to take the real test. If I had not read the reviews on her I honestly think that at the age of 27 I still don't think I would be driving ever again. She is an AMAZING teacher and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. She is truly great at her job!!!! Thank you so much Roxanna for all of your help,understanding and being patient with me!!!!

Allie Ribeiro

Y’all, let me just say that I have had my permit for almost a year now (July 2017) and I did minimal to no driving, because I was so scared to even sit in the front seat and hold the wheel! When I decided to finally get over myself & do something about it, I contacted this place and was privileged in speaking with Christy, who has amazing communication skills (talking AND texting!) She is one of the sweetest people I have ever talked to (never actually met her in person). She knew exactly what she was talking about with pricing and how things go (I did the 6 hour class for $275) and was so patient and did her job well! Now, Mr.Parker is an amazing man himself! He took me through empty parking lots, neighborhoods and even main streets going up to 55 (I was scared to even go 20 lol) but he knows your abilities and will give you that “push” that you need to trust yourself and keep going! He’s very uplifting & gives good feedback regarding what you do right/wrong. He also adds a bit of a comedic relief in the sense of him cracking little jokes here and there! I had a bit of a moment today (5/17/18) because I went too fast or I messed up a turn or something like that and he had me pull into an empty parking lot, where I worked on reversing/parking for about 20-30 minutes while I had tears streaming down my face (I was so frustrated with myself, I wasn’t bawling but they were mad tears, y’all know what I mean). He was patient and even made jokes about me crying (in a playful way, not offensively) and I was able to pass this course and now will be licensed (once I get to the DMV!) They are SO worth it and know what they’re doing!

Amanda Deans

The instructor made the ride enjoyable and fun. He was very professional while still creating a comfortable learning environment. Overall great experience and I would definitely recommend it.

Robert Fiveash

Christine Thornton

My son's instructor, Healy Eakes is the BEST! Great place to have your teenager learn. My son worked on many driving skills and built his confidence too. I highly recommend them!!!!!

kylee darling

I HIGHLY recommend this driving school. The receptionist that answered the phone was very kind and accommodated all my requests. We used Healey Eakes as the instructor for my daughter. She is AMAZING and has a lot of experience with high school students. My daughter immediately felt comfortable with Healey and so did I knowing she had the best of the best teaching her the rules of the road. My daughter got the experience and confidence she needed to feel more at ease behind the wheel and I had the assurance that she was learning from the BEST. There is no other teacher, coach, driving instructor for this family other than Healey Eakes. Thanks Healey!

Nate Hall

Mr. Crayle was the best instructor, I learned a lot while driving with him. The class was also the very best, Mr. and Mrs. Parked are the best teachers for Drivers Ed.

Francis Deleon

I took my Driving Improvement class here. My instructor was H.B Parker. He made the class very easy and entertaining.. Very nice & funny instructor.. Would definitely recommend taking a class here with H.B Parker.

connor holland

Fantastic experience! Just finished today and a highly recommend this school and Ms. Eakes!

Melissa Hebert

Hampton Roads Driving School was great and so easy to sign up with. I was so lucky to have Mrs. Eakes as my son's teacher. In fact I park my car better because of the instructions she gave my son!! She was patient, supportive, and kind. My son looked forward to his classes and felt like he learned a lot. Thank you for a great experience! My younger son will be signing up in two years!

Beverly Davis

I found the review area. Words can’t express how I felt being there on 6/8. Professional, very nice, Patient, understanding, warm,. The delivery of the class and even with all the many questions... just awesome. Well worth it.... Thank you... and if I could rate you more stars..I would!

Laura M

My daughter had severe anxiety about driving on main roads. We practiced in parking lots for a few months, but the thought of driving on real roads terrified her and caused anxiety attacks. Both of my other children had taken Behind The Wheel through Hampton Roads Driving School, so I called them and asked for their advice. They recommended a private lesson. We were blessed to have Roxanne as her instructor. Roxanne was the perfect mix of understanding, compassion, and encouragement. We signed up for two more classes and by the end of the third class, my daughter was driving on secondary roads...and couldn't wait to show off her new skills and drives whenever she can. She went from being frightened at the thought of driving, to being thrilled. A big thank you to Roxanne! We'll be seeing you for Behind The Wheel.

Carole Waters

I just finished my class at Hampton Roads Driving School and thought it would be a long and boring day. I was so pleasantly surprised with this class. I learned a lot about driving methods, how to drive more defensively plus the laws of Virginia driving. I have to give credit to H.B. Parker, our instructor, for making this a very interesting, informative, and worthwhile day. If this class is necessary, or even if it's not, I would definitely recommend taking Mr. Parker's class.

Connor Siock

I had Mrs. Healey Eakes as my instructor. She was awesome! She picked us up at the same time everyday and dropped us off at the same time everyday. She was very professional and she made me and my partner feel comfortable. She taught me a lot of things about the road and some helpful tips for the future. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs to take behind the wheel. Lussup!!

Haley Jones

My driving instructor Healey Eaks was very calm and confident for me and my partner during our behind the wheel week. She was always on time and gave us the experience we needed to be ready to drive alone in our everyday lives. 10/10, i think she's one of the best out there

jodi strzalko

So fortunate to have had Healey Eakes as my son's instructor. He now takes pride in the occasional reminder to ME of how I could finesse my driving skills. A little annoying, but I'm glad he was paying attention! Thank you,Mrs.Eakes!

John Carmel

I could not have been more pleased with my experience with the Hampton roads driving school. I went there not knowing what to expect, only that I wanted to get my drivers license. The instructor Mrs. Parker did an extremely wonderful job teaching the information and had great stories to tell which really helped grasp the information. I have a learning disability and I'm not the fastest reader or best comprehender. However, how the information is taught is very conducive as it is not strictly textbook work. I also enjoyed my behind the wheel experience as I learned a lot of things that I looked over before. I thoroughly recommend this place to you or your child because the instructors Mr. and Mrs. Parker are experts in what they do, and are aimed to get you your license or permit.

Cassandra Caldwell

Excellent facility for brushing up on driving skills. I believe the payment is fair, affordable, and convenient. The location is in a safe, comfortable area. The best aspect of the eqperience was my instructor, HB Parker. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs a class. He even gave out Klondike bars to his students. Overall, this was an incredibly positive experience for me through Hampton Roads Driving School.

Dolores Ware

I am very pleased with the experience my daughter received with the Hampton Roads driving school and would highly recommend them to others. They were very willing to work with my daughter's tight schedule and get her in at the time she needed. Her instructor, Healy Eakes, was prompt, supportive, encouraging and fun. I could see my daughter's confidence building daily. I am thankful for Mrs. Eakes' knowledge and instruction and for Hampton Roads Driving School's flexibility and patience.

Chet W

I had a great time with my instructor, Ms. Eakes, who was very calm and friendly to both myself and my driving partner. Like new 2016 Toyota Corolla made it easy to learn. Drove on the interstate, rural roads, Atlantic avenue, parking lots, and neighborhoods. Learned how to pull into a parking space and how to parallel park a car. Instructors provide constructive criticism to the student driver and ensure a safe driving experience with their own mirror and brake on the passenger side of the vehicle. I would highly recommend this driving school.

Rico D

Roxanne was a great instructor. She can be intense sometimes, but it works because she gets her point in your head and you'll remember it

Michael Ridgway

Mr. Crayle is the best instructor. He is very patient and a great instructor.

Matt Smith

Absolutely great people, very enjoyable class. I finally passed my permit test. Thanks HRDS! :)

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