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900 S Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046, United States

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REVIEWS OF Falls Church Driving School IN Virginia

Amr Koteb

franz rodriguez

Steven Dong

Love driving Mr.Malik, he's really nice and really patient. And overall, he helped me become a better driver

Dipen Sharma

I try to join Falls church Driving school how is it?

Joshua O.

Great teacher! He not only corrects you with your driving techniques, but also tests your driving skills with distractions that you will normally get while driving with your friends and family. He is also very flexible on scheduling times for driving.

Fadila Rakene

I had a great experience with Falls church driving school. I highly recommend my instructor Mohamed Elhadi to everyone who is looking for a very professional techniques and driving tips.

Asian Student Association

Rachel Le

Mr. Malik is a great teacher and he is very understanding. You will feel very comfortable because he helps you correct your mistakes without making you feel stressed. He gives great advice and tips that can make driving feel easier and safer for you. Also, he tells many stories that can help you feel less nervous. I would really recommend driving with Falls Church Driving School if you are interested in taking behind the wheel.

Virginia Maloney

Mr. Malik was wonderful! I loved that he came to our house and picked up my son for driving school. The convenience of that alone was so worth it. Mr. Malik was reliable, punctual and an excellent instructor. My son enjoyed the lessons and grew in his driving skills. I highly recommend Falls Church Driving School!

Adiel Lopez

Mr. Malik is an amazing teacher and doing behind the wheel with him is one of the best decisions you can make as a driver. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for an easy going, friendly and wise teacher.

Jorge Rodriguez

Mr. Malik is a great instructor. He was very calm whenever I made a mistake and that helped me improve my driving skills.

Brandon Ramirez

Best driving school hands down! Mr. Malik is a great instructor and his personality is awesome!

rose sanchez

Mr. Malik was excellent giving my daughter behind the wheel. She is a nervous driver and he was kind, patient and funny. We highly recommend using him! He is excellent at communicating via text and keeping a schedule.

Elizabeth Lee

Mr. Malik is so patient and nice. He is so easy to talk to, and it was very fun to drive with him. He teaches well and always reminds students of the rules and requirements of driving. Mr. Malik is extremely kind, and I definitely recommend calling him for classes!

Bethlehem Gebre

Mr. Malik is the best! He has the best prices in the region and he really teaches you how to relax and drive in everyday situations. For anyone in the area who needs to learn how to drive, Falls Church Driving School is your go to place!

Naresh Kumar Powdel

this is the best experience I ever had, I was very scared to put my hands on the wheels, but after I got the training from Mr. Malik , I got rid of all the fear and inconfidence. I highly recommend this Drving School. (Sapana)

Angeles Sánchez

Tim Wilson

Awesome teacher, very patient and very helpful! Highly recommend all students drive with him!

Jas Parada

He was a great instructor and really helped me with my driving. I really do recommend him to my friends and family because he really does have the intention to help his student

Gargi Joshi

Had someone working for Malik as my trainer - Took me to a completely different route when I insisted on practicing on the road test route - Wasn’t patient at all - Was rude at times - Car wasn’t functioning smoothly and was jerking with the smallest pressure on the break - Car wasn’t clean Will never recommend this place to anyone. Wish I could NOT pay for the service because it was absolutely incompetent and undeserving

Michael Tho

Mr. Malik is wonderful to talk to He is calm and he won't change your driving style At DMV, you most likely have to follow their standards There isn't pressure and he loves it when you pay attention already He will give you advice as you go along. The advice interesting and easy to remember I would highly recommend behind the wheel or even training with Mr. Malik

Farah Mena

Mr. Malik is such a kind teacher who doesn't make you feel scared while driving. All my friends recommended him and I recommend him to everyone in this area. He teaches you calmly and is fun to talk to.

Tarik Sabir Idrissi

Mr Malik has proved undeniably kind and most true to his passion of teaching and developing teens driving. I started out with Mr Malik to, like everyone, get my license. Thinking i knew everything there was to driving I felt confident going through the seven days. However, Mr Malik proved to show me that i am no master of the roads and taught so much about not only driving but the real world. I am very happy i went to this driving school and i’m even more happy that i got to be with Mr Malik throughout this process. I hope everyone has the same experience if they choose Mr Malik because he will be beyond expectation.

Omar Akeel

Mr.Malik is so awesome !!

Khang On

When driving with Mr Malik, you will always learn something, great teacher and memorable experience.

Khulan Ganbat

Mr.Malik is very kind and super patient. He was rlly helpful and I wasn’t as nervous when driving with him. Great teacher and super helpful! 10/10 would recommend !!


Driving with Mr. Malik was a really awesome experience because most of the time it was a relaxing driving session. Coolest driving instructor!

Jonathan Daniel

Mr. Malik is probably the best in the business. He is both experienced and very patient with you. He never fails you and will always help you regardless and is always flexible. You can't ask for a better teacher. (Jonathan)

Diana Alvarado

Mr. Malik is always ready in the morning to instruct his students. He picks up his students and observes how they drive. He is responsive to texts and calls. And he instantly corrects the student on his/her error.

Josh Nolen

Great class, we learned a lot and made new friends, also we got fidget spinners!

Sophie Hernandez

Mr. Malik is one of the best teachers and kindest people out there. He makes you feel super confident while driving and makes driving seem easier. Definitely would recommend to others and the whole experience was great.

Kevin Rodriguez

best experience you can get he's is super nice and calm and is the best bargain for this course

Pedro Meneses

One of the best driving schools out there. He is corrects you when you make a mistake, let's you know where to go. Very nice and encourages you to do better every day. Has a very affordable price and is just simply the best.

mohamed elhadi

Dabney Stuart

Mr Malik was a great teacher! Very kind and likes to talk to students, doesn’t make you feel nervous or on edge. Overall a very good driving school.

Oli DV

Mr.Malik was a very good teacher; he worked with us on our weaknesses and helped us improve our driving skills. He's awesome!

Nawate Wani

Such a great experience! I loved being able to choose my own schedule & my instructor, Mr. Mohamed Elhadi, was great! I learned many news things that I had previously not known about & I would definitely recommend this school to a friend, which I already did!

Amina Nouidei

Mr.Malik is a really nice guy and his prices are affordable he also makes you feel very comfortable driving! Overall really good experience !

Angie Villarroel

Mr.Malik was so organized and told you right then and there what you did good on and how to improve your mistakes. Hes a funny and sweet guy to drive with and a great teacher! -Dani

Lidia Amanuel

Mr.Malik is a great choice when choosing Behind the Wheel or any other instructional driving courses. His prices are affordable and no one can beat them. He is a focused, constructive, and kind instructor. He creates a great learning environment for his students.


Great school and teacher! If you want to take behind the wheel Falls Church Driving School is perfect! Mr. Malik makes you feel comfortable and classes are relaxing!

Sara W

Kenny Le

Mr. Malik was a very good driving instructor. I did not feel pressured at all while he taught me as he was very patient and understanding. He tries to find where you're weak at driving to specifically improve those points. He makes the sessions fun by talking with you and tries to create a good atmosphere going, but if you aren't comfortable talking while driving, he understands that and tries to find other ways to make the driving more relaxing, whether it be playing the radio or just driving in silence. Mr. Malik's driving school was the best and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Zayd Davis

great behind the wheel instructors. Very humble, helpful, and have great patience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Sumanadasa Wijayapala

I called Malik after reading these reviews and am appalled by his lack of professionalism. He did not confirm our appointment when we texted him our information. I called him to confirm, and today he did not show up as he had promised. Falls Church Driving School wasted our entire morning.

Rew Icecube

Mr.Malik is a great teacher and one of the best story tellers. There was never a time he got angry or yelled, never stressful. He has a great attitude and sense of humor. Eveyday the lessons began at about the time scheduled (which is very resonable given the circumstances of different drivers driving). There is not much I would change about the experience except maybe a few more different routes to driver but that is it. Mr.Malik treats his students with repsect and integrity and he is AWESOME.

Asad R

Great teacher and interacts with you a lot. Would recommend to anyone. Very nice and helps you a lot. The best driving school in the area.

Claudia Z.

My first day of behind the wheel, I was terrified. However, Mr. Malik was helpful in taking away my fear and making me feel comfortable on the rooad. I couldn't have imagined taking behind the wheel with any other instructor! He is encouraging every step of the way; you can tell that he cares about each one of his students. What he cares about is the bigger picture: teaching students how to drive safely to make roads safer and not a scary place! If anyone is ever looking for an instructor, I know this is the only person I would recommend for them! Not only that, but he is also funny and very wise. I wish him well!

Anna Rowan

Great driving school! The instructor is very flexible when it comes to hours so I didn't have to worry about other priorities, like school, interfering. The instructor is also very good at teaching in a way that is informative, effective, and stressless. Being a new driver can be very demanding but with Mr Malik, I was very calm and relaxed throughout the sessions.

Morgan Griffin

best driving school out there. You can’t find a better school in all of virginia

Giselle Moya

Mr. Malik is very kind and patient driving instructor.

Karina Escobar

Getting my license was such a great experience with Malik, I didn't feel nervous or stressed out when driving. I enjoyed this experience with Malik, I'm so happy I was able to meet him and I thank him soooooooo muchhhhhhh:)

Elsy Arias

Mr. Malik is very patient and helpful. He is so easy to talk to, and is fun to drive with. His teaching skills are amazing, and he is always reminding students of the many rules that they have to remember while driving. He is very patient and makes sure that you are learning but also comments on many improvements along the 7 day journey. Mr. Malik, is very kind, I would for sure recommend him to my friends and relatives!

Stephanie Nguyen

I really reccommend him. He's a very experienced driving instructor and helps you get better at driving along the way! Also he's a really funny guy with lots of stories!

Peyton 215

Great driving class, mr. Malik has great stories from teaching the past 16 years in the area. Hes funny and will let you drive with a friend!!!!great class!!!


Driving School with Mr. Malik is the best! He helps you understand how to be a great driver while having fun at the same time. He points out when you make a mistake but he gives you great tips to help you fix them. This driving school is a great way for everyone to get their license!

ThuyHang Le

Mr. Malik was one of the funniest teachers I've ever had. He is very chill and patient when he is teaching. He connects his lessons to funny stories so you remember them better. By far the best driving teacher.

Izan Ashraf

Mr.Malik is an outstanding driving instructor, unlike all other driving schools who are out to get you & fail you, he finds the areas you need most improvement in and works on them until you master it, so you are able to pass the final test.

Jika Asankanova

Today i am so happy because i got my driver's license. Thank you Mr. Malik. He is very caring, helpful and patient instructor. He helps each student to work on individually mistakes. We were practicing in different areas with different speed limit and traffic. He makes me feel relaxed, because sometimes i get nervous behind wheel.. The best driving school in area and a very good price... I highly recommend this school because today I easily passed the Road exam!

Ahmad Mutawak

I dont think you can ever meet a more humble and patient driving instructor like Mr. Malik. It was an honor to be his student. You WILL learn a lot from him.

Brayan Hernandez

Mr. Malik made my behind the wheel experience so much better, he made me feel comfortable and safe when driving, he also showed me my mistakes right before I made them, this helped me deal with situations better. Falls Church driving school is definitely a must when doing Behind the Wheel. I first came to Mr. Malik without any driving skills, he taught me a bit for free, told me to go home and practice with my parents, and call him back. I did that, and he happily enrolled me in as soon as possible.

Abigail Tran

Mary Harrell

This past week I have driven with Mr. Malik. He is the nicest man you will EVER meet. The more you talk to him, the more you hear about his amazing life and his faith. More importantly, he is a great driving instructor. He is calm, focused, and makes sure that you feel safe as well in the car. You will become a better driver with him! He is a lot cheaper than doing it through the county, so I 100% reccomend you do it with Mr. Malik.

Ismael Vargas

Very helpful and the price is affordable

Manaswini Choudhury

He is a funniest guy and a very nice teacher in this area. The price is affordable and he is giving very important tips which will help you for a safe driving.


Mr. Malik was very helpful and patient with me. He told me things that I didn't already know. He was very calm as well, which helped while I was behind the wheel. He was also flexible with times and locations.

Gabe Silva

Mr. Malik is an awesome teacher. He is very patient and does not yell at you if you do something wrong. Instead, he calmly explains what you did wrong and works with you to correct it. I was a little nervous at first, but hes very friendly and makes a great learning environment. He was a great teacher and I WILL recommend him to all of my friends.

Ashley Mejia

Mr. Malik is the best teacher out here!! He’s really professional and super nice. He gets the best teacher award

Shewit Adane

Mr. Malik in an incredible driving teacher and I highly recommend his driving courses. He makes sure you are ready to drive on your own. He helps you get better at your weaknesses. Before I drove with him I was nervous when it came to driving, but afterwards he helped me become comfortable with driving. He is great at what he does!!!

Socheata Dyroth

Ismael Cabellos

my experience was an enjoyable one. Mr. Malik made driving relaxing and enjoyable. i recommend people take Mr. Malik for behind the wheel or any other program he does that involves driving.

Sarah Shin

Mr. Malik was the best!!! He did a great job teaching me and being kind 24/7, not making me nervous or anything.

William Kim

Mr. Malik is cool. He only tells you the things you don't know and makes sure you are a good driver.

Marisela Argueta

Mr. Malik was a really nice teacher and I’m going to miss him. I’m thankful for everything he has taught us and I’m surely gonna remember him!

Nancy P

On the day i began my behind the wheel lesson, I was really nervous and didn't know what to expect. I had Mr. Malik, who was recommended from a friend, as my instructor. He is the nicest, funniest, and most helpful teacher. I definitely recommend him!

Bin Vo

Falls Church Driving School is an excellent and affordable behind the wheel course. Mr. Malik is very professional and made the driving process very relaxing and simple. He makes the driver feel comfortable and is patient with mistakes.

Erick Tian

Mr. Malik is a great instructor! He's very patient and professional, and makes sure his students are prepared to drive safely on the road.

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