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REVIEWS OF Crescent Driving School IN Virginia


Very good teaching style and helped me understand concepts I was confused with!


My 2 daughters and my son needed to attend a drivers re-education course after failing the learner's permit test x3. Crescent Driving school was excellent!! My son just passed his test for his Lerner's permit at first sitting after his class with Crescent Driving School. They are thorough and engaging. The school is very responsive and follows-through to update me about my sons's progress during the training. I will highly recommend Crescent Driving School to anybody. Thank you Crescent!!!

Gustavo Palacios

Very good teachers,helpful,prompt,and very knowledgeable thanks guys for your help.

Mo A.

I just want to say that I never came back home happy from his sessions. Constantly falling asleep, yelling at you, attitude, basically he wants you to be a "perfect driver," but honestly I feel like I learned absolutely nothing from him other than him pointing out my flaws, even when I fix them. I feel like I'm being generous just giving him a star, because he's the type of professor to not help you improve, rather his method is "yell until you get it right," which isn't effective at all. Getting my license was the only thing that made me happy, and it was after all seven days. He's a very strict teacher and I would not recommend anyone taking him.


I had used another driving school before coming to Crescent driving school, but they just kept making me take more and more classes where I did not learn anything. I asked when I would be ready to get my drivers license, but they would avoid those questions and just push more classes on me. I wasted my money on that other driving school, and wished I would have found Crescent Driving School sooner. I was frustrated when I called other driving schools before Crescent. They where all booked and made fake claims on their websites. I am so thankful that Cresent Driving school answered the phone and booked a class for me that week. Now in the span of about two weeks I went from not being able to drive well, to being confident in my driving ability and receiving my drivers license. Driving Instructor Ibrahim is incredible. He will be honest with you and will help you learn how to drive safely. I highly recommend Crescent Driving School.

Hodes Owusu

Mr. Ibrahim is a great person. I needed to get my permit I took the class with him same day I went to dmv I passed the permit test

Saif Souqi

He’s a great teacher and I have learned a lot about driving. He taught me how to drive from absolutely no experience. Honesty he’s tough on you which is a good thing for driving because cars are extremely dangerous and he wants people to be safe on the road.

Nnamdi Onuorah

I drive him, he is good and patient. I started scared and nervous, but now I am comfortable. Ebrahem has been in the business for 18 years. He has tought my older sisters and myself and I look forward to the day when he teaches my brother. I give 10/10!

Shafiqul Haq

This is one of the best driving schools in Loudoun County.Tarik Ibrahim is an excellent instructor and an instructor like him is hard to find. He trained my brother who is deaf with great care and he passed both the knowledge test and the driving test with flying colors. I highly recommend crescent driving school for everyone.

Ishaan Gandhi

Awful driving school. There is only one instructor, and he cheats you out of lesson time. He doesn't know how to drive well himself. He makes the students drive him around while he does his errands and consequently, most 'lesson time' is spent waiting in parking lots. While students are driving, he is usually talking on his phone or clipping his toenails. He fails kids at the end of one week just so he can collect another $250 from them. 0/10, this driving school is not worth $0.01, and its owner needs to be reported.

Vancore Networks

Cresent Driving School did a wonderful job teaching me how to drive. They work with every student while providing individualized instruction so you only get the classes you need. They want every student to succeed and after taking a couple of classes with the instructor Mr. Ibrahim I felt more confident behind the wheel and learned a lot. The instructor is very patient and friendly and teaches you a lot of useful tips/techniques. Students also practice in a variety of locations. The instructor was also available and flexible with my busy schedule, he even provides pickup and drop-off so it is convenient for you. After the classes, I feel very comfortable driving and I would highly recommend Crescent Driving School for anybody in the area looking for a good driving school.

Brooke Ash

Very good teacher. Taught me about safe driving and how to be aware of my surroundings, while also teaching me out to read signs to get to where I needed to go.

Amandeep kaur Amu

i took permit class and driving traning class from.crescent driving school the instructer for classroom.and driving is very good i learn alot.i pass my permit test in the first chance after failing nd now i am very confident to take driving class to get my license instructer Mr ibrahim is very experience and he is always come on time and very polit and we he teach us i understand so quickly he knows my language i learn easily who want to learn anything this school is soo good nd best for learning.

Christian Parker

Very nice school. As well as very kind instructors who are persistent with their student drivers so that they come out as great successors, in both driving and in the real world. An absolute 10 out of 10 rating, highly recommend this school to new drivers wanting to test for their licence.

Just A Guy

I came to this driving school which was amazing great help from my teachers and overall a great place to come.

rajwinder singh

jeremy williams

very helpful and knows the information very well.

Luis Cruz

This is an amazingly helpful place I had a dmv issue out of the state of Virginia (I currently live in California) and I had no idea how or what to do about it I called crescent driving school and one of their instructors helped me out greatly explaining what I had to do and how to do it to solve my issue, the dmv required me to take a drivers improvement clinic in Virginia I contacted crescent driving school they provided with a perfect schedule that benefited me once there the instructor was very helpful and courteous whom actually taught me rules I didn’t know about, less than a week later my issue was resolved!!

Marilyn Juliet

Great driving school! used for permit test.

Laila F

The best driving school! They’re very kind and teach you everything you need to know in order to pass.


Very good driving school learned a lot

joginder singh

My daughter take driving class and she pass test I am so proud of driving teacher

Emilio Mora

Very good instructor, helped me in every question I had, very nice and friendly environment

Henry Barrera

He is a great teacher and will tell you things that you need to know. I’ve improved a lot!

Holden Phillips

While driving with Mr. Ibrahim I learned many things I would most likely not have learned elsewhere. He has great experience with the rules of the road and improved my driving skills greatly. I would seriously recommend Crescent Driving School to anyone who is serious about becoming a good, safe driver. 10/10 the best driving school in Northern Virginia.

tina klinedinst

Very good people here school is good they help me with testing n it's a nice n clean place to go take tests

Alsiddig Elmahdi

Great school. Well organized. Offers opportunities for learning as well as driver improvement.

Suekayna Asgari

Really sweet guy! Very helpful and a great teacher. Would recommend to a friend.

arie hamade

I enjoyed my experience here! He really helped me become a better driver and I always felt comfortable. I would highly recommend this driving school!

Hansiddh Chaswal

Great instructor! He never makes you feel stressed in the driver’s seat, and always gives safety tips you never learned in class.

Nicole Worley

Our 3rd child just completed the student driving lessons through Crescent Driving School. Our experience with each child has been positive. The instructor was prompt, gave excellent feedback, was very flexible with accommodating our schedule, and we felt confident in their driving abilities after completing the program. Thank you for another wonderful experience. We will definitely call you when our next child is ready for driving lessons!

karla perez

Vince Gahafer

He is a very good driving instructor who really explains what you should do in certain driving scenarios. And when you drive with him he doesn’t pressure you at all

cringe meister

Learned a lot ! Very friendly environment . Highly recommend. 10/10

Noah Engle

My Instructor Ibrahim was very easy to drive with and made me feel safe as a driver.

2M Team

Enjoyed doing btw with my instructor. Created a calming and comfortable experience.

martin garcia

This is a very good school I am glad that I chose this because they helped me get my license and supported me all the way through the process.

Moho Salous

I ignored the ratings. He is a little tough because he wants you to be a good driver! One day with the driver instructor was more beneficial than every day I drove before with the driver instructor.

All that Jazz

We signed our daughter up for the two day driving course. Ibrahim and his wife taught the class. They were wonderland. Very caring. She passed the test her first time after taking the class Great job!


During the summer break, my teenage daughter wanted to take driving lessons. My daughter has a timid personality and was VERY nervous about getting behind the wheel. I spoke with Mr. Tariq Ibrahim (Owner). Tariq told me he will be my daughters instructor. Tariq brings life's experience to his lessons. With my daughter he was gentle and did NOT push her. He would give me verbal feedback after each lesson. After the first two lessons, he told me my daughter would need extra lessons since she was very shaky behind the wheel. After 5 driving lessons I asked him if he could take my daughter on Loudoun County Parkway. His response was a firm "No". I was happy that he emphasized driver safety. My respect for him went up. After two weeks of consecutive driving lessons, my daughters confidence behind the wheel has gone up by 100%. She looks forward to getting her driving license in the near future.

Aim A

I would never recommend this school's instructor to anyone. I took one class from him and he really treated me rudely, so i stopped. then after few months I did behind the wheel with someone else he was so nice and calm, unlike him. then i met him somewhere and he got mad at me from not taking classes (basically not giving him money) from him. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY CLASS FROM THIS INSTRUCTOR.

Eisha Basit

The Crescent Driving instructor is very calm and has the ability to explain driving techniques, and make suggestions, in a manner that is kind and easy to understand. He can usually see when you're going to make a mistake before you do, so he's really good at making sure you understand where you went wrong and how you can drive better. If your'e proficient at learning, you'll be on the road easily in a few classes.

Christoph Graber

Very kind instructor, he helped me to succeed in any way he could.

Scott Vago

Jakob Bollman

Very professional and helped me learn how to improve my driving, would recommend to anyone, recommend 10/10

Wyatt Helean

Very nice came picked me up did the drivers improvement course, great man running this place highly recommend


I DO NOT RECOMMEND this driving school. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. Look elsewhere.

Tre Coleman


Crescent Driving School came highly recommended from a close friend so we gave them a try. My son, is home schooled, and based on the schools reviews and the personal recommendation I signed my son up to take his road instruction from Mr. Ibrahim with Crescent Driving School. Best decision I ever made. Mr. Ibrahim, with Crescent Driving School, was extremely professional and very flexible. He was very patient and encouraging with his driving instruction and my son enjoyed every session with Mr. Ibrahim and truly felt he was learning a lot from each session. Mr. Ibrahim was more than accommodating with his willingness to work with us, especially since my son currently suffers from Lyme’s disease. Not knowing how my son would feel day in and day out, Mr. Ibrahim was very understanding and flexible with our schedule so I could fit him in when he felt well. I have two more children who will be starting to drive in the next couple years and I will definitely be scheduling them with Crescent Driving School. I highly recommend Mr. Ibrahim and his driving school for any future drivers.

Lauren Hetey

Briona simmons

I passed to get my license! They helped me form the very beginning! I didn’t even know my left from right. They where very patient with me and taught me everything I needed to know. I would Tariq a 10/10 Thank you so much for teaching me how to be the best and as well a safe driver. He is such professional.

Abisola Bolarinwa

Place like no other!I recommend it!!!!!


What i learned - Going into This class i was able to do most standard driving actions such as staying straight on the road and being aware of most of my surroundings, but i struggled with specific things such as paying attention to and maintaining the speed limit, Making crisp turns, and parking. Not only did Crescent driving school teach me specific methods on how to better myself at these actions, Crescent changed my entire approach to driving. Like i said before i struggled with things that required focus, and i was able to go from a laxadaiscal dumb teenage driver to an attentive, skilled and safe driver. I recommend Crescent driving school over other driving school’s in this area, Solely due to the fact that Ibraham actually cares about the safety of his students on the road, unlike most driving school’s in the area who just want the money and could care less how good of a driver you or your child is. Out of 10, i would rate Crescent driving school 10/10.

Ramon Khawaja

Best school


Lianne Font

Ibrahim is a good teacher I feel very comfortable he knows his job he is experience in his job I recomend him l gabby him 10/10

Sydney Schnell

It was a great experience learning here and I gained so much knowledge.

Luke Coates

Excellent instruction, was very accommodating with scheduling & flexible for pick up & drop off. My daughter & her friend who attended together commented on how friendly & courteous Mr. Ibrahim was to them. Much appreciated

Olivia Sue

Gave me great information about driving and now I feel more comfortable with driving on the road.

Simran Saggi

Very nice and easy to learn things you may have had problems with. I was very comfortable driving with the instructor and it's was very helpful especially for very new drivers who are shy

miguel padilla

Very kind, very useful, when asked about certain questions, immediately help me understand it! Mr Ibrahim is verb Pacino he knows the job what he is doing Office atmosphere is very comfortable lot of learning material about driving skills I am very happy and lucky I chose Crescent Driving school Irecomend highly gave 10/10.

Devon Green

I find for my driving improvement the instructor is very helpful mr abhram he is nice a bit nervous but I did my cours and after completion I pass my test and help me understand rule and regulations and laws I recommend him 10/10 and I can suggest that anyone who want to go to crescent drive Thanks again crescent driev

Osvaldo Siles

Very nice and helpful driving school. Congratulations keep up the good work


I learned a lot of good experience from him as did my brother and his friend when they did behind the wheel before me. I would recommend Cresent Driving School as it is accommodating and all around a great experience. This taught me many great things I had not known before and made me feel comfortable as a driver. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Sadiq Ahmed

Very friendly environment.

Pilar Argueta-Mata

At Cresent driving school, the driver instructor makes it easy to learn in a comfortable learning environment and also doesn’t make you nervous as a new driver. I would highly recommend for other teens, as he always shows respect and patience while a student is driving. At the end of all my classes I always felt really confident and I’m sure I can be a prefect driver now thanks to Cresent driving school.

Anthony Milian

Really great guy really easy to communicate with and all around great class!


Super nice when you make a mistake. Doesn’t get mad or yell, just tells you what to do next time it happens and moves on.

Patrick Flynn

I recently did behind the wheel through crescent driving school and it was a great experience. I was taught by Ibrahim and he taught me great things about driving. After this week I feel 10 times safer driving and feel like I learned plenty of valuable lessons from his teachings.

Harpuneet Gill

I would definitely recommend this to anyone doing behind the wheel. The instructor gives you lots of helpful tips with parking, changing lanes, blind spots, etc. If you weren't a confident driver before, these classes will definitely help you.

Abdullah Gaziev

Great instructor. Teaches well and has lots of patience making driving an easier learning experience.


Was an amazing instructor, I learned so much from him, 100% recommended!

Sam Bollman

Great experience, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quality driving school.


Very nice instructor who was able to be very accommodating in terms of your schedule. Very flexible and helpful. Much appreciated.

Genni hummer

Great driving school! I learned a lot from each day start to finish. Picks you up at your house and has very flexible times. Would highly reccomend.

Bobby Cunningham

My brother and I both went through this program and the instructor was amazing. He is super nice and you learn things quickly and nicely. I would definitely recommend this class!

Helan Varghese

It was an really amazing driving class and the instructor teach me very well. He always shows respect and patience while I’m driving and he helps me to get all of the things I need to do while driving. I remember my first class I was so nervous and didn’t know anything and my instructor told me to take it easy and just focus and drive easily. At the end of all my classes I feel really confident and I’m sure I can be a prefect driver because of all those classes I got from crescent driving school.

dylan munoz

he’s an amazing teacher and he’s always on time and extremely nice i can’t thank him enough

Taye Davis

10/10 recommend this class. Very easy and no hassles. Great people as well, very sociable and inviting.

Andrew White

Very nice experience. They were lots of help

Laura Odenwaldt

Very nice people! Very accommodating! Very good business

Glenda Santos

DoDgEwAmA 20

Very honest and cares about the students

Josh Urban

Very kind and happy people! I went to Crescent Driving school to take a "Driver Improvement Course" and the instructors both had extensive knowledge and insight to offer. It was a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience. I read some of the 1 star reviews, and it seems like they are talking about a completely different person than the Mr. Ibrahim that I did class with. I was able to walk into the DMV the same day with my certificate, and get my license activated just like that. Very smooth process, thanks to Tariq and his wife. Additionally, I called on a Saturday, and he held a class just for me on the following Monday, even though they normally don't hold my type of classes on weekdays. They were very accommodating of my needs. I 10/10 would recommend this Driving School to my friends and family, who need to take a "Driver Improvement Class".

Farhana Haq

We are really happy to find Tarik Ibrahim of Crescent Driving School for training our sister. My sister is hearing impaired and he taught her so many valuable tips and skills in order to be the safest driver. I consider Crescent driving school is one of the best driving schools in Leesburg and Ashburn area.

DMakeUFamous Kickz

In this Driving Improvement clinic i learned alot 8hrs went by in no time . Wow , Just when i Thought Things were hard , Mr .Tariq assistant me On really taking my time and thinking about the road signs and actually helping with any questions i had. I suggest whoever is looking for a class go here. Its Great he makes it more simple and understanding

Hussein Souqi

As a parent, I know Ibrahim since 2004, I am very happy with the skills and experience he has, he taught four my children how to drive, he is amassing the way of dealing with each one of them, they became expert in driving and behaving with other people on the road, we have great experience with Ibrahim and I strongly recommended him for learning how to drive.

Spas Voynov

I improved my driving skilled through this course. The teacher has very thoughts learning style. He was patient with me. He answered very concern and questions I had. I highly recommend his lessons and courses.

Kennedy Middleton

Amazing driving coaches who guides you and shows you the proper techniques needed to prosper and excel as a driver. 10/10 recommend

Rohini Kumar

Crescent Driving School provides great, one-on-one driving lessons. The instructor is very accommodating towards school; which is ideal for students who have demanding academic schedules. If you live in the Leesburg/Ashburn area, I highly recommend Crescent Driving School. You will not only receive your license in a timely manner, but are also provided with the proper guidance you need to be a great driver on the road. A great experience!

Kristi Stewart

Crescent Driving School was very accommodating with our schedule. We didn't have to wait long at all to be scheduled for a class. Two of my children took classes from the owner. He was very kind and patient with them, and he was very encouraging. I especially appreciate how responsive they are with returning phone calls and answering questions.

Luke Jones

Place was great! Really nice easy to work with instructor made it really simple to understand would definitely go back if needed, highly recommend.

Dakota Chase

This place is amazing! Great teacher and awesome experience.

Logan Bloxsome

This guy is absolutely aweful. I wish zero stars was an option. He continuously fell asleep while the students were driving. The person I was driving with took a left on red and he was sleeping and didn't correct him. The right mirror was broken the whole week that I had lessons. One day we barely drove because he was in his office doing taxes.

Martha Hummer

Excellent experience!


I took my driving class misser Tariq Ibrahim he is a good experience and professional instructor he is a polite the way of his teaching is very good l learn a lot in my first 3 days now I feel more confident in my driving after 3 more lesson I feel I am ready for my license I highly recommend crescent driving to other people

Jonathan Fuentes

Tariq was amazing patient learned different tactics.

Micah Greenspoon

The instructor is very good, and in my experiences with him he even went out of his way to help me out. There were some moments where I doubted his advice, but in the end I passed the test only because I followed his advice despite my doubt. That said, there are times where it takes some patience to work with him, and he can be hard on you at times, but overall he is a good instructor who cares about his students and wants them to not just get their license, but to be good drivers.

Henry Paz

This is a very good driving school I recommend it to anyone else who is looking for a driving school I highly recommend cresent driving school for driving the teacher is very calm and bright and knows his job 10/10

Saajid Hasan

Terribly unprofessional Behind the Wheel Teen Program. Instructor makes you feel worthless if you make a mistake. Horrible attempts trying to embezzle money from me. English is so heavily accented you can barely understand where to turn. Do not recommend at all!

Sally Bermudez

Great driving instructor. Fixed so many of my technical errors that I had no idea I was doing in the first place. Always on time.

Jessica Maulin

Instructor is a great Teacher. I highly recommend taking driving improvement through Crescent Driving School. Also gained so much knowledge through this experience. Thank you

Anthony G

Very attentive, detailed and patient during the learning experience

Sidd A

Mr. Ibrahim is a very knowledgeable driving teacher who thoroughly explains why you made a mistake and how to prevent doing the same thing again. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anybody looking to improve their skills on the road.

Ethan E

Crescent driving school helped me with my driving improvement class, the instructor was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this school if you need driving improvement classes or want to learn driving.

Princess Habiba

I started my driving training class with crescent driving my instructor Tariq Ibrahim is very patient polite and experience he knows his job he is in the business from 95 in Leesberg I was nervous and secured in the binging but I am very happy I learn in 5 days and he took me for road test and I pass in first time I recommend crescent and gave 10/10

KJ Sodhi

One of the best school . Mr. Tariq is a great mentor, instructor, who was always smiling and cool , helpful. Will live to recommend any and all

Addison Sampson

Nice he was very helpful! Good place to go!


Was a very good experience. Learned a lot from driving with Crescent Driving school. Would recommend it to all upcoming drivers taking behind the wheel.

Middleburg Homecare

Terrific school! Teachers and office are both very nice. I highly recommend!!

Michael Geary

Worst experience in my entire life. He gives you times that he we come to your house for a lesson and shows up late or forgets. Short lessons. Unprofessional. You just do errands for the owner. Bad English. Rude. Waste of money. He scams people into paying for 2 weeks. I listened first hand how he "feels people are unready" and how they should "be ready to get there license if they can practice with him another week". Crescent Driving is a complete scam. On my final day of driving with Crescent driving he played on his iPad and brought groceries to his house. I watched him carry a watermelon into his home during my lesson. People would cry during lessons. I'm just happy it's over.

raman kaur

Ibrahim was a great driving instructor! I took classes with him about 3 weeks ago, and he was always on time. He was very patient and I learned a lot from him. Definitely recommend taking classes from him!

Kyle Hancher

Ibraham was very knowledgeable of the road and was very helpful in my process to getting my license. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality driving school.

Adel Tajdar

Very unprofessional. In 7 sessions only 2 of them were for the full 50 minutes of driving the rest were about 30 minutes. He runs personal errands during lessons. wil not recommend to anyone.

Asim Chughtai

Was the worst school. Instructor lied about everything and had short lessons, and asked for full price regardless. He charged for hour-long lessons but had max twenty minutes and when i cancelled after 2 lessons he got even more disrespectful. When i asked for a receipt for the two lessons he ripped out a sheet from a notebook and wrote illegible words on it. Definitely do not recommend this school. Go with any other school if you actually want a license,

Sean Shuman

Very patient, helpful, understanding. Helped me get over my anxiety of driving, very highly recommended.

Jennifer Keane

Just saw one of their drivers change lanes right in the middle of an intersection. If the instructor does the what are they teaching the students

Shawn Dyson

Very well taught and paced class. Highly recommend taking this class if you are in need of a great driving improvement class


Great expierence. Will be using all the helpful tips that the instructor gave me while driving on my own.

muzhgan babakarkhail

This driving school was really good! Tariq Ibrahim was very nice and a great driving teacher, i highly recommend him!!!!

Nathan Fisher

Ibrahim was very knowledgeable of the laws on the road and taught me and my brother very good techniques on how to improve our driving skills along with little things to think about when approaching different scenarios and how to approach them. And he gave us rules on how to stop properly and how to change lanes safely. Over all he was a very good teacher instructor and I learned a lot on how to better my driving and I would recommend crescent driving to anyone who is considering using them for there driving needs.

Sofía Perin

Very amazing driving school. You always feel safe and they give very good tips on how to improve driving. Very polite and helpful.

Michelle Lane-Smithwick

Excellent driving school. I highly recommend. We signed our daughter up for their driving course. They were extremely nice to her and she learned so much!!

Kristi Shreve

As a parent, I am very pleased with the skills and lessons my son learned through Crescent. They were accommodating with my son’s work and sports schedules and well organized with paperwork. They kept me in the loop after each lesson on his progress and explained the process thoroughly. I highly recommend Crescent Driving.


Great driving school, learned a lot of tips and got a lot of good driving experience. Mr.Ibrahim was very flexible as far as scheduling sessions and gave me a bunch helpful tips and guidance.

ayra rana

great driving class! Mr ibrahim makes it easy to learn and also doesn’t make you nervous as a new driver. very comfortable learning environment and car. highly recommend for other teens, as I am a teen myself

Manpreet Singh

Mr Tariq Is best Teacher. I recommend this driving school.

Morgan Van Nortwick

I learn so much! I did the class and so did my sister as well. We both loved it and had so much fun! I am very happy with the school and instructor!


I drove with Ibreham T. He answered any questions I had about driving. Taught me more about switching lanes, stopping distance, and more. Made me feel more confident about driving. Both me and my 2 brothers drove with him and had a great experience!!

Aary Adger

Crescent Driving is very helpful and I’ve have learned a lot. I am much more confident and he’s very professional. I would recommend that anyone who wants to learn should go with Crescent Driving. I give him a 10/10.

Tommy Daughtrey

Had a very pleasant experience at crescent driving school. Nice environment and was very accommodated.


I picked this school for my driving class judging by the good reviews I read here.The instructor was nice and gave me the important points needed to pass my behind the wheel exam. The only thing is that the school needs to update their website and the costs posted there so it won’t be misleading. I passed my test!


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