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REVIEWS OF CDS Tractor Trailer Training IN Virginia

Gregory Phillip

Angela Carter


I highly recommend CDS. The instructors are knowledgeable and care about the students. And one of the best parts about CDS is if students don't finish in 4 weeks, they can continue to train there at no extra cost. Great place!!

Dan Carmichael

I wanted a change for my family and I so I changed careers and knew to set myself up for success I would need the best in the industry to assist me in getting my CDL A. The CDS staff and their instructors are total professionals and I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is serious about driving professionally. You will get out of it as much as you put into it. Thanks again guys!!

Deb Ryan

I recently graduated from the CDS Tractor Trailer Training school based at Virginia Western in Roanoke, VA. As a retired police officer with a background in training, I am certain I was more critical than most in my evaluation of the program. The staff, including administration and office was top notch, if something was needed for an individual or the class, it was promptly handled. I want to single out the driving instructors as some of the best I've met in over 28 years of training people who are new to a high liability profession. Compassion, humor, and plenty of practical, real life examples, facilitate a positive and supportive training environment. Well done, folks! While keeping in mind that an individual gains only from the effort they put in, if you are looking to start a career, or like me, retired from one profession while looking for a new and challenging path, I highly recommend becoming a truck driver. I earned my CDL on 12/22/16, and started Orientation on 01/01/17 with one of the nation's top companies. I encourage you to do your research, but am confident you will not find a better team to help you take that first step. Remember, luck is for the unprepared.

Mateka Gaines

I attended CDS at the Roanoke location. Very professional. Best career decision I have ever made. I will say that it was well worth the time spent! The instructors are patient, kind, and will work with you. They will not give up on you. I went there not knowing how to drive a manual transmission vehicle, believe me, that was no issue for them. They will break down every aspect of manuvering the trucks even down to something as "simple" as learning to shift! :) The book work was a bit tedious at times but they did their best to make everything as interesting as possible. The office staff there is awesome as well. They put together job packets based on our specific needs for employment to look at for work after we graduated! You don't find that kind of dedication to student success just anywhere. I truly enjoyed my time there. By the end of everything, I felt like part of a family rather than a student. They will get you prepared to pass your DMV Test and also give you many hours of practice with backing and real world driving. With hard work and the right attitude, you really can be ready to start a new career with a CDL in a little over a month! Thank you all for believing in me! I look forward to starting my new career as a truck driver with the CDL I got by attending CDS!


Good experience

Kevin Reustle


Glad I passed and got my cdl other than that not to impressed at Roanoke location

Bobby Swift

Chris Bowles

i just recently graduated from this school and i highly recomend it if you are thinking about getting ur Cdl . The ladies in the office are u super nice and helpful they bent over backwards to help me out when it comes to working and going to school. They have top notch instrutors who are very experinced and knowledgeable when it comes to this field


LIARS! Does not even deserve one star. Can't believe John Tyler and other colleges are associated with CDS-CDL. They will tell you ANYTHING, even LIE. I am a disabled Veteran who cannot drive a manual transmission, and after two weeks of being told by CDS-CDL that they have automatic transmissions at their Woodford VA, over and over and over again, even after explaining to them my situation and they still lied to me. Mrs Greene at CDS CDL John Tyler College even told me she spoke to the Woodford VA office and reassured me they confirmed it as so. NOW...she and the VP of CDS-CDL tell me "whoops sorry". AVOID CDS-CDL and just go to company sponsored training. YOU CANNOT TRUST CDS-CDL, their VP even told me he does not have a physical office! His car is his office! SCAM SCAM

Manuel Alvarenga

Josh Snider

Roanoke Va staff was great at teaching you the basics of driving a tractor trailer. Well experienced trainers and they paid attention to details. Would recommend this to anyone.

Phillip Pennix

Wilson Jr

Neffertiti Meredith

This school is by far one of the best institutions to attend if you are looking for CDL training . The curriculum is up to date,knowledge of the office staff and instructors is above adequate and exceeded my expectations.In addition to this, student success is the primary focus not money or profits . Key instructors to point out or shout out rather would be :Joe, J.R.,Randy,Tommy,Mr.Ray,and Greg. These instructors along with an astounding office staff were instrumental in my success .THANK YOU CDS!!!!

Dana Hall

Thank You CDS!! I would like to give thanks to all the staff and instructors at CDS! From the moment I walked through the doors I felt like family and a part of a bigger picture. The instructors always aired on the side of safety for the students as well as the public for which we will be driving among after graduations. I would also like to thank Syd who is CDS' job placement person and he worked tirelessly to get me hired driving - Thank you Syd! Best of luck to CDS, staff, and instructors. Dana Hall


CDS is unlike most other schools. With smaller class sizes and many trucks both staff and instructors tracked my progress and made sure my skills were developed for the next step. I had lots of hours driving on the road and learning backing skills. Students male and female came from all walks of all ages with absolutely no experience. There are No retest fees. It is a fully accredited school that will not give up on you becoming great at driving (which is rare in Virginia trust me). My instructors had many years of driving experience. The staff is very personable and helped me with all my needs. CDS makes finding you a good job a priority.

ahmad ramzi

Beware of racism! Don't waste your time if YOU are not native American.


The Driving Range was awesome, with great instructors, and the staff was wonderful to work with.

Martino Pannell

Rob Curtis

It was great place and the people was great

Dalton Smith

Beda Giri

I told the instructors I was like a baby and needed time.They were patient with me.I enjoyed CDS and the people! Hajjat4321

Anthony Wright

This is the premier school if you want your CDL. I couldn't find a full time job. And now the only problem is picking one. The instructors and staff are always helpful. The instructors are always there to answer any questions and to show you different things. The name of the school alone helped with my job search. I applied to 20 companies and everyone of them knew this school. If you want your CDL don't go anywhere else.

C Mcgee


Rick Dreumont

Great, loved it all

Ivan Torres

Courtney Tabor

Roosevelt Pettaway

Ray Morton

tyler tilley

It was a fun and wholesome learning experience.. instructors were knowledgeable and intelligent

Eric Gadd

Kevin Torrence

Thank you CDS of Roanoke VA, for all the help and one on one time I couldn't have done it without the help of all of y'all.

Sharifullah Sharifi

makaveli sahaladdin

Excellent services...


also werner dropyard

edwin alfaro

They do an exelent job

Quentin Martin

It was a great school and got me in and out quickly

Gregory Schmidt

I walked out of the Texas prison system 59 days prior to walking in to CDS to begin my first day of training. I spent a month researching CDL schools nation wide. With my past many simply wouldn't take me. Others said sure, but you'll never get a job. CDS welcomed me, told me I'd be a hard case to place, but all of them, especially Syd,their job finder for all students who attend, would do their best to find me a job truck driving. Three weeks in to some of the best training I have ever had, by the best instructors and after 50 plus rejections, I received my first pre-hire by a reputable trucking company. Then I had a couple more bites. Syd wouldn't give up and neither would I. I have just graduated and passed my driving skills test to receive my CDL license. I am pre-hired at one company and two are processing my application and will call me. Go ahead and check out all other companies in the entire United States, then check out CDS. Call Holly, go to the school and check the equipment and classroom out, talk to the students, then you'll forget any other schools and sign up right there. The people at CDS, from office staff to every single instructor, care for your safety, your learning and you completion of the course. They then make you part of their family for life with a lifetime invite from them to help with any future employment placement needs in the trucking industry you might have. Yes, you pay for your instruction and schooling, but CDS goes so much further with the way they treat each student, the way they care about your safety and your life. I am just a ex felon, but they helped give me a future I can both be proud of and make some money.

Larry Jones

KOOKY Daily show

I love my school

Jake Vincent

The instructors funny with great stories and will teach you as much as possible. While you are learning to drive they will find a method that will work the best for how you learn.

Jason Brewer

I liked the instructor

Reginald Hardy

I would like to say thanks to all the instructors and staff, both at the Thornburg and John Tyler Chester location, thanks for everything. Great Training!!!!!

mike scheid

CDS is an excellent place to come get your CDL training. The instructors are top notch and work well with the students with patience and professionalism. Office staff is always friendly and willing to answer your questions and assist with job placement too. I just completed a refresher course and have recommended friends get their CDL here, and they did! There is no place better in VA for your CDL training.

Crystal Kennedy

Wilber Vega

Stefan Braxton

phillip Shephard

Got my training with the roanoke va school. All the staff are great and go out of the way to help you. If your looking for a school you wont find a better one. Got my cdl and a new job the following week.

Wendell Jones

Richard Erb

The instructors and admin are some of the best people to work with. They all but bent over backwards to make sure everything was on point. Even though the driving range was tight and confined, the instructors did a phenominal job teaching us how to manuever. I highly recommend this school to anyone!

James Poff

CDS was very professional, patient, and very informative. I'm glad i decided to attend this program and I'm sure it will help me in my career.

Tristan Mcdonnell

i enrolled in cds to obtain my class a cdl for two reasons: one to supplement my entering the career field of being a heavy diesel mechanic, and two, to expand my career opportunities overall. i chose cds because i knew people who had previously attended the school, and from whom i had been given positive feedback. my friends couldnt have been more right. while the school is fast paced, they are also thorough, never leaving anybody behind, and sticking by you every step of the way until you obtain your license. while i made my way through the school and got my license in a span of about a month and a half, i watched some of my peers struggling, wherein the expertise of the instructors and staff really could be seen. in the end, everyone walked out the doors as a professional driver. all in all i would highly recommend cds tractor trailer driving school to anyone who wants or needs to obtain their cdl.

Douglas Graham

I completed my training at CDS in September of 2014. The instructors were fair and worked hard to teach us what we needed to know. The office staff were easy to work with and also did a good job, Finally, admissions staff, Syd Tennyson, took the time to listen to my situation and after needing to take a few months away from driving, he got me back into a "road trip" and lined up for an interview the same week, Thanks to all at CDS TTT.

Derick Winter

CDS is the best Tractor Training school out there! The office staff is very helpful with things you need to get done and almost never is there someone WITHOUT a big smile on their face! The instructors were awesome with helping getting you your knowledge for you needed to learn and pass your test! Also, Brian is one of the best teachers/instructors there is, helps you through what needs to be done and guides you in the right direction!

Arturo Jones

I love that Know meter what CDS TRACTOR TRAILER TRAINING SCHOOL dose give you all that it takes to become a combination driver yes it's was the best thing i have ever did for my self. ...CDS FOR LIFE

Douglas Armel

About 17 months ago I received my cdl from CDS and I soon after went to work for paschall truck lines ptl . I am a trainer for ptl and they have been great but I owe it all cds and the training I received there.


Thornburg location is a fantastic school. Excellent variety of instructors. You WILL find somebody that meshes with you to learn from. If you put in the work you will get your CDL and walk out with a job. Most bad reviews I have seen are for other locations or people that I can only presume did not put in the work. This is a lifetime career it will NOT be handed to you. If you only had to pay the money to get your CDL the roads would not be safe for you and your family. This isn't easy but if you work hard you will succeed. Glad I chose this school. Excellent instructors and fantastic office staff as well. The office works very hard to work with you and your needs. I appreciate every single person employed by this school. If you are hard working, looking into getting your CDL, and starting a new career then choose CDS at Thornburg and you will NOT be disappointed. I am a former student not paid not influenced just genuinely appreciative of the effort put into my education by the staff.

Chris Cobb

Great school ,excellent teachers

Mark Brown

CDS has been a great experience, staff was very professional. I give a big thanks to the office staff and also to all the instructors. I appreciate all the help in attaining my class A license and the beginning of my new career. I would recommend this class to anyone who is serious in getting their license. You will get out of the class what you put in it. Thanks CDS

Matt Shepherd

This is a great school !! I was convicted 0f a felony 5 years ago and even with this major blemish on my record there job placement personnel was able to have me pre-hired on with a company before I graduated with them. Also I have multiple local interviews arranged to go to now that I have graduated. Thanks to the great staff at CDS.

Matt Cruz

Tristan Jacobsen

Staff is amazing. Office staff, instructors, and teachers and very friendly and helpful. I would give them a 11 out of 10. They are here to help you start your new career in truck driving, even help with job placement. Jeff made the class fun and entertaining, the instructors help me with real world problems and gave me wisdom, office listened to what job I was looking for and pointed me into the right direction to start a career. Thank you CDS!

Ralph Hawley

Cds is by far the best training facility i have ever attended. The staff is incredible, and the instructors are great! I would highly recommend Cds tractor trailer training to anyone and everyone (as I already have). Thanks to everyone that has put forth the effort in helping me het my Class A CDL!

Dylan Clark

Awesome experience, top of the line instructors. Everyone is always very helpful and will answer any questions you have and the trucks and trailers operate very smooth. Overall this was an excellent program with excellent instructors and great office staff.

Leav It 2 Beav

Thank you again CDS staff the instructors are all top notch at there jobs and are very passionate about teaching the students the professional way to conduct business. The office personal are completely family orientated and extremely helpful. I cant forget to mention the job placement I was pre hired with TMC within my first week of class. Thanks again!!

Michael Cook

Best school in the world you want regret it, don't settle for less go with the best CDS...!

Derek Deal

Overall a great experience. From start to finish everyone from the office staff to the instructors were always professional and willing to help. I have my class A CDL in hand with no less than 10 job offers thanks to the great people at CDS. I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in obtaining their CDL.

Lela Hodges

my bf looked at this school before going somewhere else. it seemed decent enough and the recruiter was nice but we thought it was really fishy that they had like 50 reviews over like 2 or 3 months but then they have only had 1 in the past 8 months? really shady

A Wali

The lot needs more lighting... Its soooo dark, makes it hard to see anything when backing into a spot at night..

Saira Razzaq

Best best and best

Craig Herndon

I had a great time in class and every instructor had something new to bring to the table. i liked the flexibility from part time to full time and they they works with individual needs. thank you for the experience and time.

shaun Irving

Michael Frietsch

I can't say enough about the CDS, the people, the environment and of course the instructors made this an awesome experience.

Todd Pate

Yaareb Al Taweel

This school is one of the best among trucking schools, because I learned all about DOT regulations and other laws beside driving. Also the applications they provided for job placement belong to the best companies in the trucking industry.

belle Strayer

CDS was a good experience. When I came to CDS I knew nothing about tractor trailers, double clutching, or parallel parking. 13 weeks and patient instructors I gained the tools to pass DMV's requirements and achieve my class "A".

Gary Allen

antwan fizer

cds tractor trailer traning Roanoke VA, They stuck with me and got me through the class and now i've got my cdl first time around and it wasn't that hard with the good instructors they have.

Yolanda Rockhill

Hi had a blast meeting new people and the trainers were amazing. I learned a lot it was ruff at first but with determination and a lot of patients i did it. Thank you so much for all your help I made it through.

Blake B

Philip Cooke

The instructors for the most part are really good at this school. Things get pretty disorganized at times because they have so many students starting class so often that they struggle to keep up. But overall if you put forward the effort you will learn to drive. The only reason im not giving a higher rating is due to the office staff. Specifically the one with short spiked blonde hair. I don't recall her name and it doesnt matter. She is beyond rude with zero accountability. I was scheduled to test in Manassas for a week. When my test date came i drove to Manassas only to be told I was not on the list. When I called the school when she answered the phone I was immediately met with hostility. She told me that some one was supposed to tell me my date changed. The funny thing is after class the day before, she among the other office staff told me good luck on my test. Kind of funny how that works..This wasn't a huge deal, i tested the following day, the issue was with the secretary talking to me like I was a small child. She sees herself as better than you for whatever reason. Just avoid dealing with her if possible. If you need help from office staff, deal with Dustin. He will not try to push you in a direction you dont want to go and he will always help you. This school needs to evaluate the help in the office and add more instructors for the amount of students and it will be top notch. I can't complain too much because I did receive my CDL. Just my long 2 cents...


All in all I was not impressed with this place. Instructors on the yard were okay The most helpful were Mark and Randy and Billy. I really liked Jeff as well. I feel like some instructors are here to make fun and some are here to teach. The facility is neglected and needs to be upgraded. It needs TLC and needs to be cleaned, repaired etc. You have a mulitmillion dollar business and you're not putting anything back into it. Your range is poorly set up, uneven, you can't see the lines. You don't even have functional umbrellas half the time for shade. The bathrooms are also a sad state of affairs. The trucks we drive for parallel and offset are falling apart, dirty, sometimes the seat belt won't latch. The steering wheels are ripped and missing pieces. The women in the office can be extremely rude (Holly) and sometimes will just flat-out ignore you and continue their own personal conversation with their colleague even though you have important business to discuss.

anthony brooks

William W

Im Me


Brad Maier

Lifetime job placement assistance is a joke! "Stop by when you are going to be near I-95 next time..." What if I have been moved? Hanging up on your phone call is their typical answer.

Joseph Caster


Jenny MotherfuckingRose

Troy Bolt - was excellent, fast and had tons of knowledge given by all the instructors. I would like to thank them all.


This is an excellent course for beginners! All instructors are patient and understanding. They WILL work with you! Guaranteed success as long as you put in the right attitude and effort. Highly recommended!

Terrell Thomas

I Love the Roanoke Location!! Great instructors!!!

Dave Bennerino

The people who run this place are pretty cool. They will work with you on a schedule that fits your need, and really teach you how to safely operate an 80,000 lb killing machine.

Jarith Davis

CDS was a great experience for me all of the instructors were very nice & helpful...Lots of drive time and they have plenty of patience if you put in the work there will be no problem getting your CDL!!!!

Keith Ashlin

School was very informative and well taught.the instructors are very helpful and entertaining. Lessons are top notch

Ryan Sydnor

Cory Johnson

I had an awesome experience with this school. You will learn just about everything you need learn about driving a tractor trailer. The instructor's and office personal are very helpful as well. I recommend this school for all your commercial driving needs!!! Best regards Big Country

Albert Roberts

excellent training!!!!!! will recommend to friends..... thank u CDS

Termain Walton

I did my training at the Roanoke location. The behind the wheel experience was excellent and the instructors were patient.

Lawrence Vanderpool

Teachers are great

Ben L

Just graduated and received my CDL. I appreciate the number of staff and trainers as well as the patience of Cindy and Chuck, especially, while teaching me. Great location for Roanoke/Lynchburg area people in need of a class A CDL. I recommend CDS.

michelle wigfall

The thing I liked the most about the program was the fast hands on training and the great trainers that believed in me.

Lucifer Hoyt

This is an excellent place to get your commercial Driving license and job placement .

daniel martin

Awesome instructors! Great school to get you making more money in no time!

Brian Fitch

Moe Kidd


justin felger

The training here was great, they were very flexible with me, being I was in the process of getting off Active duty military. The instructors were top notch very knowledgeable, and broke down the material barney style. I had reviewed many CDL Schools, but was actually so impressed I chose CDS, and drove 70 mile to, and from daily. To top this process out, throughout the process of training, always knew they were working to help with my job placement. I could not have been more happy with CDS. As two time, two branches , my experience here was similar to Basic training, I would not want to do it again, but will never forget what I learned, the people I met. The instructors or the experience. Thank you CDS , thank you Chris, Billy, Syd, Grandma, Gregg, Tommy.

TWG Music

Everybody was awesome instructors were fantastic no complaints

Jamie Morgan

This was a great choice and opportunity. I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested!

Anthony Penn

I would have to say I wouldnt of wanted to be anywhere else. All the employees in the office are great. and all of the instuctors are patient and teach you everything that you need to know to be able to get your license. CDS is a great school to learn everything you need to know to get your CDL license.

Timothy Bumbrey


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