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REVIEWS OF All Wise Driving School IN Virginia

Arjun Nekkanti

Great school and very helpful

Lena Franklin

Had a great driving instructor and very flexible with scheduling the class. Helped me over come my fear of driving.

Gerrit Coetzee

What unfriendly people!! Rude !! I Phoned to find an appointment. Was told: " No! We are very busy!" Wow, sorry I could not smell that before I phoned ...

Lynn Scott

I love All Wise for their flexibility. Students can come any day Monday - Saturday. She started in the summer and just finished her last session behind the wheel this November. This is my second child that has gone through All Wise and both were very happy with the school. I recommend them to everyone!

Erin Connelly

Helpful and lovely.

Veronika Matysiak

I have heard nothing but great things about All Wise driving school - it really is All Wise! I want to convey my friends' sentiments when I highly encourage all of you to learn Driving at All Wise driving school!

Callie B

Loved my experience! I having been working for 6 years to gain my license, due to Anxiety. Mr. Singh was kind, patient, and calm. He made me feel comfortable and confident. He taught me skills with good, clear, concise instructions. I can now say, I am a confident driver, who is actually excited to drive. And that coming from me is a miracle, since I have been terrified for years. Thanks so much!

Brandon X

Very Professional driving school. Amir, Khushar, and Mr. Cook are very down to Earth people who care about how well you learn the material, and if you are ready to earn your license. Mr. Cook is very analytical when it comes to behind the wheel, helping you perfect even the small things. I'm so happy I was recommended to come to this school by my friend, and actually feel like I've learned valuable information that I'll carry with me all my life. Thank you All Wise for the amazing experience and I definitely recommend this school to any aspiring drivers.

Robert Sirot

I went to all wise to get my license and only had 9 days in summer in which I could, Amir was more than willing to work with me and is a very personable driving instructor. His class is educational but also he makes sure that the primary goal is you attaining your license and being a safe and legal driver. I would definitely recommend that anyone choose this driving school because it is not only much less expensive than the competition but you get more personal attention to your driving. My experience here was extremely fun and made driving school a lot more enjoyable than doing it through my high school.

Monica Iang

This is a great driving school. I had a nice experience driving with them and the people that work there are very nice and friendly.

Hind Qanbar

Mr.Balvinder is the best! He’s so calm and professional! Plus he’s so funny, I enjoyed the fun conversations we had.

Ram Chander

I would prefer to give no star - but I want to be just. One of the most unprofessional and unfriendly - trainer I have ever seen. Few tips to not to select such service: 1. Always pay fee per day. The moment you pay in advance its left to your luck to get "appointment" for regular lessons. 2. You agree for a schedule for all the lessons in advance - be sure to miss it and you are blamed to not to concur for rescheduled time. 3. Be self motivated - Day2 onwards you can feel the negativity and drain of your enthusiasm to learn - blame game continues. Cherry on top of the cake - At the end of your lessons you get wished unlucky to find the same trainer for your driving test at DMV.

basic hoe

Please ignore the username, but let me tell y'all DO NOT USE ALL WISE FOR DRIVING! I have no clue how they have any good reviews. They are so unprofessional and sketchy. They literally recently lost their license to drive people around until June, how sketchy is that? They even had to change their name from All Wise to AVID for legal reasons, which is even sketchier. They never make appointments for anything, so you can just walk right in, which isn't professional. They also do not take any note of the driver driving in driver's ed and keep record of their driving to help them improve. Even the classroom driver's ed teaches kids nothing, all I did when I took it was read the DMV book and answer questions at the end of each chapter in the book. That was all just busy work pretty much which didn't teach me anything. I would also schedule behind the wheel appointments with Amir, and he would bail on me last minute because he was "busy." Very sketchy business, do NOT give them your money!!!

Sneha I.

So today was my first driving lesson and I can only describe it with one word: HORRIBLE. Here they say that "Oh, we're so friendly and will adjust to the driver's need. WRONG! The trainer I had, I don't know his name but he had curly hair, was so rude to me, and I was flabbergasted. He literally said to my face "You suck." Honestly, is this how a teacher is supposed to act to a student? I would've went off on him, but unlike him, I am a human being with morals and ethics so I kept quiet. I used to be so excited about driving before coming to All Wise, but now I don't even want to learn how to drive. I came home crying because of this terrible injustice, and I never cry for trivial things such as this. Dear All Wise management, please teach your instructors about decency towards your students because what you say might affect them in the long term. To all the people looking for a driving school with manners and kindness, this obviously isn't the school and I highly suggest finding another better school (which won't be that hard). I'm only giving it one star because I have to, but they really deserve 0.

Gina Borrero

Many friends of mine recommended All Wise Driving School to me and I'm so glad that I listened to them! I took an adult course which enabled me to have one-on-one driving time with Amir and I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. He was patient, kind, and funny, and made sure not to overwhelm me with too much information at once. I enjoyed his teaching techniques and can't thank him enough for such a comfortable learning experience. I'll definitely be recommending All Wise to friends and family!

Shane Joyce

Very family friendly, I really enjoyed chatting with Samir and his wife when I took my daughter to drive. Very flexible.

Nicholas Lampros

Mary Liz

Amir, the main instructor, was really nice and is a good driving teacher. It was an easy course but I don't know if I learned much from the textbook work. It was also a little shady because there wasn't any actual test given before they gave me the provisional license. My biggest problem was one of the driving instructors, who I will leave unnamed for the sake of his privacy. He rarely spoke unless he was telling us which direction to turn. I understand that some people might be quieter than others but I was there to learn about driving. If any mistake was made, he would give me unnecessary attitude instead of teaching me. This was stressful for me as a relatively new driver and I was a little insulted by the way he reacted to the smallest mistakes I made. I hope that he will be more friendly to others in the future because he seems to be the main reason why others gave this school a low rating.

George Jones

Very please with All wise instructors and my son received his driver license today!!!Thank you guys so much!!!!I will be recommending you guys to other families and friends!!!!!

Madison Kelly

The school’s teachers were so nice and great instructors! Amir had taught me how to park lining up the car’s mirror with the parking spot line and also how to correctly switch lanes. Both teachers are very funny and I was very satisfied during my hours of behind the wheel! Thank you so much

srinivasa Rao

Hi, Amir is a Senior Instructor from All wise Driving School and before startig my class i dont know how to drive, within less time made me good driver and now pass the test and driving by own. Thanks a lot to Amir and his driving school. my rating to this school as 5/5 Regards Srinivas

Gogi singh Vlogs

I will recommend all you’ll to go there, and all of the people there will treat you like family.

The Twins

I learn more experience from them

Kamal Goel

Totally unprofessional behavior...doesn't keep appointment time, doesn't respond to call and text when required, and to top it all there is no apology

Sudarshan Rajagopal

Great school, great course, and great teachers!

Michael T

Fantastic school. Got my license in 5 days and the instructors are fantastic

saran rathore

abdu ojaybi

This guy he know exactly what he is doing.

Jisoo Lee

/* This is my review for All Wise's Behind the Wheel class led by Amir, the owner of the school. */ Coming from Chicago, I had never been in the driver's seat until I was in late twenties that's until Amir taught me. I took 7 lessons (8 hours) which consisted of different driving situations. The first 20 minutes, I practiced moving, stopping and turning the car in a parking lot, and we went on a road. It seemed like he understands how comfortable each new driver feels and immediately comes up with a plan or route. On the second class, I took the highway. By the end of Hour 4 or 5, I started to feel comfortable driving and be able to change lanes. I highly recommend him for BTW. I'll say this- share your need and engage. The more specifically you ask and the more you engage, the more you will get out of the lessons.

caro !

I'd say All Wise Driving School is good. The owner is very friendly and makes sure to explain everything and welcome you into the school! If there was anything to improve on, it is the way the driving instructor teaches. He seems to be very impatient and, with personal experience, it does not help the driver relax. It is very nerve wracking to drive with him and I believe he should be more friendly towards he drivers and make them feel welcomed and assist them in anything they need. Whether it be answering their questions or just advice. But overall it is a nice and affordable driving school!

Usman Ali

Bye Shirley

My instructor was really nice but alil paranoid at times, overall nice guy and I had to pay him an extra 50 dollars because "I lived too far".. that should've been established before I even paid.. I was told that the distance where I lived was fine but as soon as I started driving they ended up saying I was too far, I don't have a car so I had no choice but to pay the extra 50 smh.. not really professional plus I'm paying $225.. that should've covered everything.

Javon Montanez

All Wise Driving School, to say the least, is fantastic. Amir, the owner and or manager, is great! He is very generous and knowledgeable. He is willing to work with you, and does his best to make sure you are satisfied. The driving instructors are very skilled and friendly, and I feel more confident in my driving, and now can safely commute. If you are looking for a driving school, go here! Tell all your friends, family, colleagues, etc. that All Wise Driving School is the best around!

Brandon Yates

I took this Driver's School course and I absolutely enjoyed it! It was actually super fun and the instructors Mr. Cook and Ms. Khushar are awesome and are very understanding. I was able to get my license in 9 day where a traditional course takes up to three weeks and I still learned as much or more than the other courses. The owner Mr. Amir, super cool guy and he's really understanding. I recommend this class for everyone who needs there license and doesn't have the time for a long classroom course so just do as they say, stay on track, and you will pass. Amazing people!

Evan Bogin

I went today to register for defensive driving school for a ticket i received and once the owner (I assume it was the owner) found out I was 18 he offered me to pay him $100 in cash (the sign on the door said the course was $65) in exchange for the certification to show the court that I completed the defensive driving course without actually sitting through the eight hour class. It sounded shady so I left and plan on registering somewhere else.

Jennifer Trexler

Felicia Pettus

They are liars! Please do not give them money, you definitely will regret it. The owner told me after my daughter completes her lessons they will give her, her driver's liscense then said he didn't say that.

Sidharth Ranga

Marsh Hayes

Allwise Driving School is the ONLY way to go!! It is the most efficient driving school in town! Amir is so helpful during driving instruction. I went with a different driving school in town for my older son, and I am SO GLAD we found Allwise!! Wonderful experience!

Madison N

Best driving school I've ever been to. They were so polite and patient with me while teaching me to drive. They gave me great tips and driving instructions and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I recommend everyone I know here and everyone loves it!

Vibhas Panchal

I took lessons and Behind the Wheel here and i very easily picked up the basics through the instruction. It was quick and painless to get my license, all the while learning everything I need!

Vivi Garcia

This driving school is the best! Amir was my instructor for 5 lessons and he was amazing! He was very patient with me, and very understanding, and was also flexible with my schedule. I was able to get my license with 5 driving lessons, and I cannot thank him enough! I highly recommend this driving school, Amir is simply the greatest!

Denise Kelly

Nice driving school, great instructors, safe and reliable vehicles for student drivers. Highly recommended

Jerry Zhang

Nice school w/ good vibes and brand-new cars

Omar Salameh

All wise driving school is the best driving school in the Richmond area. I went to another driving school in the Richmond area, and they do no compare to All Wise, they have classes every week and were very flexible with my schedule, the staff is very friendly, The instructors were really cool and there prices are cheaper than the other guys. I recommend this driving school to anyone, Amer the head instructor is a really cool guy, he help me with my schedule.

Habibullah Ahmadi

Not punctuation

shannon jackson

Amir and his wife were very understanding. They made you feel comfortable during instruction

matt reynolds

Sree G

Good teacher. New car to learn on. Mostly on time.

khushar javed

Coming to ALL WISE DRIVING SCHOOL improved my driving knowledge a lot. I learned how to drive safely from point A to point B. Before going to this school i was a very nervous driver but only in few lessons Amir put the confidence in me. I can't thank him enough. From now on I recommend this school for any age group. I give 5/5 to this driving school without any reservations.

Chris Linnert

It's very easy to start driving here everywhere else told me they were booked but you don't have to reserve a spot which was great for me since I have a weird work schedule. The instructors were nice and I wasn't made nervous during the driving test. Would highly recommend this driving school.

elizabeth kevin

Very Friendly people. One of the employee kushar is very nice. i would definitely recommend my friends. She handle everything nicely and take clients request very seriously.

mike siddiqi

Great friendly people !!!!

Mannix Green

Very nice teachers who are patient with their students. The cars available are modern and great for learning on.

Sammy Henneke

Anthony Coviello

Nicholas Clemens

Not too bad. The people there are nice, and the I like how the teacher uses toy cars to demonstrate certain situations. The movie was also interesting, and it goes into detail nicely.

Joshua Langfitt

All wise has a great program with great mentors. Amir and Alli both have lots of experience and are great teachers. If you are looking to enroll in a driving school All Wise is the way to go.

s. Farzana kazmi


Khushar Javed and crew was the best. Really made time fly and taught me alot.

Bona Fide

One of their employe ,his name is Amir and he appointed me three time today but when I called him back all three time he said I don't have time ,I can't come and he insulted me.This is bad experience I had with them and they are not learner.I am really disappointed by their working style and never advice any one to go to them.

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