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REVIEWS OF All Seasons RVA Driving School LLC IN Virginia

Chelsea Henderson

Absolutely the best driving instructor ever!!! His calmness definitely takes the nervousness out of you when driving with him. I highly recommend him to anyone who is learning how to drive. Thanks Chris. You're awesome!

Arianna Valle

I would highly recommend this place for new drivers, I was told by my boyfriend to come here and sign up with chris (he taught my boyfriend and his other 2 older siblings as well) Chris is very calm and chill which made me feel comfortable being in the car with him. His tips and tricks really helped me pass my road test with DMV. The price for the classes are great and affordable and he has great referral discounts !! Thanks again for the great experience!


Chris is a great instructor and he has helped me learn how to drive better. I would definitely recommend being in this driving school.

Karma Kaay

How much is the Class?

Anuradha Verma

great driving experience with Chris a patient instructor who really enjoys his students. He is keep praising and give reassurance when I make mistakes. I already know driving but after joining RVA driving I can drive with confidence. I find that Chris is the best driving instructor ever. Thanks Chris

Jayda Mimms

He offers great services! He is very nice and makes sure you are comfortable while driving! And I PASSED MY TEST SO THAT SHOULD SAY A LOT JUST GO TO HIM HES PRETTY GREAT!!!


5 stars, hands down the best driving school. Chris was very helpful, and all around a cool person. He kept me calm and comfortable while on the road. So if you are looking to get your license or just to learn how to drive I recommend All Seasons !

Latoya Boone

I'm glad I chose all seasons driving school out of all the other driving schools. Chris is very patient, honest, and has a great sense of humor. I feel more confident driving now than before. He's a great driving instructor and I recommend him to everyone who is serious about getting their drivers license!!

Crystal Mixon

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND All Season Driving school, Chris is a very patient instructor. Now I'm more confident in my driving. Thank you Chris.

Brydon Albers

Absolutely deserving of five stars if not more! A pleasure of a company to deal with and Chris was an incredible teacher. My wife went from minimal driving experience to confident and obtaining her license in one week! We can’t thank the team at all seasons enough! Spent 420 for 7 lessons and the dmv waiver.

Nadiaa DEcker

I took behind the wheel for 7 sessions, and I’ve gained so much confidence with my instructor Chris! Was able to receive my license right after I finished my 36 hours behind the wheel, I definitely recommend this to anybody looking to gain confidence in driving!! Thank you so much for everything. Very consitent and answered all of my questions that needed to be answered.

Noah Shelton

Chris is a great driving instructor and I recommend this driving school to anyone who wants a solid teacher. Thanks Chris

Kailee Sturm

I had put off getting my license for so long due to anxiety and I honestly didn't think I could do it but Chris made me feel super comfortable and was very patient and calm. Thanks so much!!

ashwini hegadi

Chris has patience and is prompt. I was not confident in my driving. I am very confident now after the class and cleared road test.

Nitish Deshpande

Chris is awesome! He was very punctual & accommodating with my schedule. Helped me learn quickly & with ease. The training vehicle was perfectly maintained and has controls on the other side to ensure safety. The charges are reasonable. I took the test in their vehicle and cleared in my first attempt with ease. Highly Recommended!

Madhuri Guttikonda

Chris is very patient, approachable and encouraging instructor at all times. His step by step teaching approach makes learning comfortable. He offers great referral deals.

Bree Wylde

I was iffy as I know Richmond has crazy traffic and drivers, but he made me feel super calm today during my first driving session. Can't wait to finish my week up and tell others!

Pooja Sinha

It was a nice experience taking lessons from Chris. Joining driving school made me more confident. Chris was always punctual and easy going. I got my license at first attempt :)

Ladonna Winnegan

I highly recommend All Seasons RVA Driving School. The instructor Chris was very nice and helpful. He gave me tips that I could use, which aided me substantially. The classes were inexpensive, so that was a plus. He picked you up from your location and he was always on time. I started with basically no experience and after the first class I learned a lot. I made a good decision with choosing this driving school, as I now feel comfortable driving.

Genesis Anderson

The instructor was very accommodating with my schedule. I became more confident with my driving due to not driving in a while. Great class sessions and affordable prices. Will recommend this driving school to anyone who needs help or more practice with driving!

Tanmaya Sarangi

Chris is awesome. He teaches not just the driving but also how to drive safely. I am glad that I found such a good trainer.

Keon C.

I had a great experience. I would recommend this driving school to anybody!!

Lashonda jerry

Loved loved loved learning how to drive with chris ! i was sooo nervous my first class but by the second class I was comfortable , his prices are the best ! And I got my license within a week now I'm driving like a pro !! Thanks again chris

Samantha Herlinger

My experience with them was amazing! 11/10 would recommend this to everyone I know in the need of their license!!


I'm almost a year late writing this review, but I'm glad I took my classes here. At the time, I felt like I improved confidence-wise a ton, and it was overall a smooth experience. Should've requested parallel parking, but at least I can park other ways. If I had money for more sessions, I would've liked more experience on the interstate, but the one time I did go was a breeze and was actually relieving. If I'm being nitpicky, I noticed we'd finish about 10 minutes before the time was up sometimes, but otherwise, good experience.

Libby 6

My daughter was a little apprehensive at first to get behind the wheel with Gary but he quickly put her at ease. And the best part was that he gave her the behind the wheel test so she didn't have to do it at the DMV. We both highly recommend Gary's All Season RVA Driving School.

Ebony Bunyon

He was very friendly helpful and made me very comfortable behind the wheel price is very reasonable I'm definitely recommending him to everybody that need it Chris is Amazing

Lisette Martineau

Nirlipta Das

Learning to drive with Chris was amazing.He is patient and puts you at ease.I took the exam in his vehicle and passed it in first attempt. Highly recommended!!!!

Alexus Marshall

Went to Chris awhile back to get my license as I was new to VA and was in need. He was a wonderful and patient instructor and taught me everything I needed to know. I passed my license on my first try and now own a car. Will def recommend for any new drivers

Voronica Green

So many great things to say about Chris but I going to start off with he is the best driver instructor . I was so nervous to get on the road for many years and he was the one to get me out and driving. He was very calm and made me feel very confident behind the wheel. All these years I was over thinking it and all I had to do which Chris would say "Just Drive". I would recommend his driving school to anyone because he is the BEST!! P.S Chris I did get my car for my 30th 2007 Ford Focus

Drew Shepherd

Had a great time and got my license in under a week! Definitely recommend All Seasons RVA to anyone looking to complete their Behind The Wheel Training.

Shopkin Mommie

5*+ Above & beyond. Pleased and content with contacting this company. Chris, the instructor is amazing. Dude is totally on point. I appreciate his dedication and knowledge with helping students, giving them the ability to think for themselves and strengthening their skill. It was a journey, and I just obtained my drivers license. Multitasking skills working with teenagers, young adults to older adults. Chris will work with you. He's patient, and a good instructor. Very pleased with results and recommend him to anyone whose looking to learn to drive and better their driving. Very happy with this company. There is no need to go elsewhere, it's ALL SEASONS or nothing. Results speak for itself. Thank you so much! I'm STILL EXCITED!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xinru Wang

All Seasons RVA Driving School was an amazing experience! After just 1 lesson I learned so much from my instructor, Chris! If you're nervous or scared of driving, Chris is the man! His calm personality and great sense of humor helped me out the entire lesson, along with his great driving tips. Really down to earth guy and I would recommend Chris and All Seasons RVA Driving School to anyone:)

Pranesh Nath Jaganathan

I was a little diffident about driving as I had lost touch for a long time. I am really glad that I chose All Seasons Driving School. Chris is a great instructor, very very patient and encouraging unlike some instructors I have had in the past and taught me all the techniques necessary to drive safely on the road. He was always on time, adjusted well with my schedule, used to pick me up from work, give me driving lessons and drop me back home. The amount he charges is very less compared to other driving schools in Richmond. Overall, I am a much more confident and experienced driver now thanks to him!!

My Palace

Before seeking for another driving school I had already accomplished my permit and 3 days of behind the wheel with one instructor.....he over charge me n better yet I didn't have a car to use for I lost hope....a year later I decided I'm not going to give up and for me to find yet another driving school.....I searched on google as always.....I ran across All Season RVA Driving School....I saw it had good reviews about a guy name Chris so I gave him a call that same day.....Chris is by far one of the Best Instructors around....He was very honest and straight forward but yet very easy going and informative......If there is anyone who is serious about driving and getting your Drivers license then Chris is the man for the job:)...

Judah Sebastian

All Seasons RVA is fast, professional, and punctual.

McKenzie Miller

My experience was absolutely sensational! I highly recommend this driving school.

Cipreanna Johnson

Chris is an excellent instructor, very calm and encouraging. At the end of each session I was left with things I could improve, as well as assurance that I was doing well. The price was reasonable and well below what many driving schools would charge for the same service, plus he picks you up and works with your schedule. When it came to the road skills test, I didn't even know I'd completed it until I parked the car and Chris started to fill out the paperwork. There is no looming fear or anticipation of the test as it is just another session in his course. If anyone is looking for a great driving school in the RVA area, this is it!

Jehniece Moore

Chris was absolutely amazing. I knew very little about driving and had never really been on the road that much but here I am with my license, about to buy my first car. He taught me how to drive in 7 days. I would recommend him over and over again. Thanks again!

David Staples

Jamel Reed

Best driving class and teacher in RVA

Sharice Dorsey

I am not even sure where to start with my review. I'll start by saying that I'd like to recommend All Seasons RVA Driving School to anyone who needs help with obtaining a license and developing quality driving skills. Even though the rate is inexpensive, the value that you gain from choosing this company is for life. Chris is absolutely amazing. In a week he was able to teach me so much that I hadn't gotten in all the time I had my learners permit. He is patient, calm, knowledgeable in his field of work, and pleasant to ride with. His professionalism shine bright. I am thankful and very grateful. I am certain that my time and money were well spent. Thank you Chris. Today I walked into the DMV for the road test and came out victorious.

Buky Caleb

All thanks to Chris Jackson for making this happen to me, getting my licence after 3 failed attempts , he's the best in town , very patient ,always on time , u don't have to look too far for the best driving school...ALL SEASON DRVIING SCHOOL , IS NUMBER ONE ....RVA

robinette massenberg

Great guy Chris helped me overcome a horrible situation turned positive and put me back behind the wheel thanks. Money well spent

Doa Pudinsay

I had a great learning experiences with Chris. Chris is awesome and supper cool instructor :) I highly recommend anyone to go to this driving school

Ana Leal

My Behind the Wheel classes, with Mr. Chris, were awesome. I am from another country and he was really pacient with me. He always arrived on time, corrected me at my mistakes, and improved my skills. The car was really smoothly to drive and always clean. He was really professional because I needed to finish the classes as fast as possible, and he fitted me on his scheduled. Therefore, the money invested is really worth.

Sasi Sanniboina

Chris was my instructor. He was prompt, patient, gave clear instructions. Overall he was very helpful. I got my driver's license. Thank you Chris & All Seasons RVA!

Dana Taylor

I'm so happy I choose All Seasons Driving school, moving from a big city where transportation options were not an issue to living in a state where driving is a necessity. Chris, is the ultimate professional! On time, patient and funny. I'm proud to say I pass my road test on the first try!

Nate Chavez

All Seasons RVA is a phenomenal driving school. I came to class with very limited driving skills, and, within a week, I was able to have a good, solid foundation. The instructor Chris is very punctual, and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. He also gives practical advice and knows exactly what to say, which gives me the impression that he has worked with all types of students. The reviews here don't lie, ALL SEASONS ALL THE WAY.

Brianna J

The best driving instructor hands down! The first class I thought I was going to be on the passenger side listening and observing. lol I was wrong. I ended up in the drivers seat. I was so nervous because we literally went straight to the road to start driving. I just kept saying I was nervous and he said "you have to let go of your feelings". My nerves started to calm down a little because he made me feel comfortable. Chris is very down to earth, funny, patient, encouraging and always on time. I would recommend Chris to every single person who is trying to obtain their license. He's the best hands down!!

Shante Boswell

I had a great learning experiences with Chris, he's an amazing teacher!! Money well spent.

Vincent Scott

It was the experience I could've asked for. Chris was very patient, understanding, and hands on. He never made feel bad for not knowing something instead he just encouraged me until I got it right. I pull recommend anyone who's trying to get there license to go to him he's the best.

Elizabeth Long

The prices were decent but honestly, that was it. Although Chris is cool and calm- I didn’t learn the things needed to feel confident driving. He basically picked me up for 5 lessons, let me drive around and that was it. No ACTUAL instruction. No parallel parking... no parking techniques or instruction on how to improve the things he saw I needed. After 4 lessons I had not been on the interstate and mentioned it to Chris. He said we would go the last class. The last class came way too far after my previous class. And that’s because he had to reschedule our lesson TWICE. Then, the day he did schedule the last lesson— it was SNOWING! Why would you take a new driver out in the snow? Needless to say, I never got any interstate experience with Chris. And when I tried to contact him about it- NO RESPONSE. I’m older- from NY where we don’t need cars. So this is really new and scary for me— I was hoping for a better experience. I feel my money was taken and I was hustled.

Marcel Jones

Zo H

I had a great experience learning how to drive with the instructor Chris. Since he was so calm, it kept me calm and it took no time to learn how to drive. It only took under a week and I appreciate the lessons and tips. I won't hesitate to come back for behind the wheel and getting my license.

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