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REVIEWS OF AA Plus Driving School IN Virginia

John Rosales

Great class excellent teacher made time fly by fast , class has snacks if you get hungry

Zahid Ali

Nice environment and friendly teacher

Bryan Benavides

This drivers improvement clinic was very flexible and considerate about breaks allowing for people to get through the course in a flash. Let's face it 8 hours is too much time, but here you will forget that it was 8 hours. Plus there is food! Highly recommended.

Pedro Gwyn-Martinez

Great teacher, nice friendly environment, informative and reasonable price

Anita Gillum

Awesome class. Great for someone who hadn’t been in a while since there is new information regarding technology, airbags. Instructor was very pleasant and informative.

Tianming Song

Before coming here I had doubts about this place. After taking the classes, I totally would recommend this driving school to all my friends. The instructors are patient, well-mannered, and easygoing. You'll meet with students from different countries and learn from them. I hope this school can grow continuously.

Ivan Mendoza

The dreaded driving improvement class just became fun. Abid holds the class on Saturday and as corny as it may sound I had fun and got a great review on driving safely. I would recommend this class to anybody driving on the road.

Kathy Tieu

The instructor was extremely informative, professional yet entertaining, friendly, and provided a great learning environment. He taught the class through examples and stories of real-life situations as well as advice on what to do in certain cases. We got to know our classmates as well as a little bit about him and he spoke to us as equals, so we didn't feel belittled. There were also frequent breaks that made the 8 hours fly by. Definitely recommend this course with reasonable prices, snacks, & a kind instructor.

chhavi khurana

They are very good, very flexible in timings and very reasonable. Instructors are too good , they made learning driving more easy and fun.

Victor Ebai

I attended AA driving school on 7-21-18 my experience was wonderful. My driving instructor was very friendly and was a huge help to us all. I could tell that he was really passionate about his job and our safety. He provided us with snacks, drinks and coffee which really helped me stay alert during class. I've learned so much throughout this course and I would most definitely recommend this course to my friends and family members that need to take this course or may need it in the future. Overall I rated him with 5 stars and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Sincerely Victor Ebai.

Lezlie McBride

Glenn worked with both my daughters and they both loved him! He was super chill and they learned a lot. He came to our house to pick them up and worked with our schedule. He was very responsive whenever I texted him and a delight to work with. Highly recommend.

Kyndal Starks

Great price. Very educational. Had a lot of fun while learning.

Omar Atwa

As soon as I arrived, the woman at the front was kind. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and the class went smoothly. Although it was more lengthy than I thought, I couldn't have been more satisfied. (:

Shelby Washburne

the time completely flew by, the teacher was very kind, and the whole class had fun while learning a lot. definitely worth the time!!

Lava Stingray

I called this place to get a driver's license for my mother. I spoke with one of the instructors and told him that she has a learner's permit and she has been driving around the public school parking lots. When my mother went there to talk about it starting the classes, the guy instructor told her that I said to him that she can drive on the roads as well. I never said that to him, and he increased his fare as well. my mother left and was upset from his unprofessionalism!

Riaz Alawi

Had a great experience at AA plus! The instructors were very knowledgeable and really cared about teaching defensive driving. They also provided snacks during breaks which was a huge plus!

Shezad Alam

Enjoyed class, nice environment, Nice teacher

Alichia House

I really enjoyed my experience with AA plus driving school. My instructor made sure that I knew the rules of the road which definitely made me feel more comfortable about driving. It was educational and fun!

Zhuqing D

The three stars are for the in-class room teacher and my driving coach. They are great people, nice and patient. The two missing starts are for the poor customer service.

said hamid musamam

AS A PLUSE driving is the best service and good understating teacher and good customer service. Saidhamidmusamam

Tahreem Kalair

Mr.Abid was a great professor to have who truly impacted the way I look at driving now. It was a great joy to be in his class with his great humor and ability to help you retain as much information as possible to become a great driver. It truly was a great enhancement to learn and improve my driving skills. It was a very warm environment and everyone was very welcoming. Great learning enhancement and experience. I would definitely enjoy going back to enhance my on the road knowledge.

Gabriel Aguilera

Wasn't expecting to be somewhat entertained. Kind teacher with stories, funny and informative. Definitely worth coming to learn and improve your knowledge towards the driving world.

Wali Shabazz

The class really increased my awareness and inclination to be more conscious of traffic rules and regulations.


Had learners permit for 8 years! And with the help of AA plus driving school and Staff. I was able to build a lot of confidence driving. Mr. Kalim is very professional, friendly, patient,and calm he gives assistance only when needed. Managed to correct my mistakes in detail. He made my experience very safe and productive, He works with your schedule too. Highly recommend!! AA PLUS driving school!

Raza Ahmad

Amazing Class for teen age driver to take, They will teach you A to Z of Virginia driving Law and rules. I would highly recommend them. And the teacher was so nice and funny.


We made an appointment for the driving skills test for my 17 year old daughter. The lovely lady that administered the test made it such a stress-free and pleasant experience for my daughter, so much so, that her anxiety disappeared. The location is clean and the staff friendly and professional. In addition, it was the most reasonably priced road skills test we found in the metroplex. It definitely beat having to wait 3 months to get into the the DPS for the test. I've gone that route with another kid. It was crowded, uncomfortable, impersonal and a long wait. This was a MUCH better alternative!!! Great experience. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Shernice Mcgilberry

My behind the wheel instructor was amazing. He works with your schedule. He also helps your fear of driving go away. He takes the time to show you what you did wrong when you make a mistake. I would recommend this school to everybody. Also good customer service!!

LeaAnne Gates

Had to attend an 8 hour driving course, professional and helpful staff made the time pass quickly.

Azmat Anwar

I learn a lot from this school it is fun Thank you

Deidra Brown

I did the adult waiver program and it was a great experience. I really got the training I needed to be a successful driver. Thank you AA Plus Driving School!!!!

WayToAllah Islam

Took the 8 hour improvement course and had a great time while learning . Didn’t feel the time at all . Would recommended to anyone .

Kevin Ho

I had a wonderful experience at AA Plus Driving School. My instructor, Ijaz Naseem, was very helpful and patient with me and the other students that I observed during the observation periods. The scheduling was very good, so I finished my lessons in a timely manner (needed to get my drivers license before going off to college). Although I made some mistakes, he didn’t scream or scold at me. Instead, he sternly told me what my mistakes could cause without making me panic. Overall, I would recommend this location to everyone.

Sagar Dhakal

The instructor was awesome. He makes the class so interesting and fun. Strongly recommended. You definitely will enjoy the class. Trust me.

Joseph Larsen

Great teacher fun class very enjoyable

Umaar Mohammad

I had a great experience with AA Plus Driving School. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fun and informative class

Jessika Marcia

Very very nice helpful teacher , I learned the DUI and how can people cause they’re lives by texting and driving

Abdul Mohamed

Great class & flexible schedules. Definitely will be back here if I ever need too.

labaron mcclendon

Our instructor was very helpful he was very energetic kept us up and kept us laughing he broke down everything we need to kno.He was very pleasnt an honest need more instrutors like him to keep us intrest in the class.

Stephan Wampouille

My instructor was a wonderful man who taught an even more wonderful and exceptional class. I walked in expected this to be one of the most boring 8 hours of my life, but I quickly came to the realization that the class would be fun and informational. That is something truly rare to find in a class and especially in a teacher. I 100% recommend coming here for all driving classes. I had a wonderful time where I learned a lot, so thank you.

Mustafa Khan

AAA PLUS driving school is by far the best place to get your certificate becuase i graunetee you won’t be falling asleep in the 8 hour class becuase the teacher always keeps it active and fun.If your thirsty or a bit hungry during class they have a snack table you can help yourself to. I’m impressed with aaa plus driving school,THE BEST PEOPLE AND BEST PLACE

Munam Khan

Excellent experience learned a lot, Thank you so much AA Plus Driving School.

Shadi Hamadeh-Rojas

The instructor made it surprisingly fun and entertaining and the class went by quicker than I thought it would.

Quintin Peacock

AA Plus Driving school is an excellent choice for driving purpose,the instructor are very good in pasting the information.It a pleasure for me to be there...Thanks AA PLUS

sal v4

The instructor was very friendly and informative and I feel that I came away from this class better able to retain the knowledge than in classes before

S.Turner Commissions

Great driving school. Well worrh the time and money. Very informative and not boring like most.

Jennifer Rivera

I've found this class really good, and easy to complete the course, and the instructor was really nice and easy to learn from.

Abdul Osmanzada

Great Driving Improvement Clinic. I took the Saturday class with Ahmed and he made the class go by fast. They provided lots of snacks, breaks, and great life tips. I would definetly recommend this driving school.

Gen X

Follow Up Review 04/08/2019 - Hired AA Plus again for my second kid, and this time, we had Komal as the driver. She was very much on time with a reliable schedule. She used a new car and was very nice in general. My review at 5 stars remain the same as the review below. Previous Review: Took behind the wheel for our kid. I had some reservations initially since I was not familiar with the company, but I went into the office personally, and the manager was very patient and willing to explain everything in detail, and show me any records I needed to review to be comfortable. They also respected our requirement for maintaining personal information privacy and request for female only driver, Luiza. She went out of her way to make sure our experience was comfortable. Completed the course within an 8 day span of time, but we had flexibility in our schedule. If you don't have an open day every day, then it might be trickier for you to coordinate, but it worked out great for us. I marked 5 stars because everything important was done to our satisfaction. The only suggestion I would make is to keep the instructors car cleaner (free from food debris and resident cigarette smell mixed with strong air freshener smell that gets in kids clothing). Other than that, we very much appreciated that it all work out great and Luiza is nice and professional with kids throughout.

Mozhda Nez

It has been a great experience taking the re examination class with them. My teacher was very helpful and give her 100% to prepare ne for my test. Thank you!

Omar Shortt

When I first came to the drivers ed class they made me feel welcome and treat me like family and helped me through this coarse I recommend students to take this class. They are really pleasant and kind. They taught me a lot of in terms of driving and what to do! Thank you so much for helping me Mr.Ijaz Naseem and Ms.Eliza Lopez

Cristian Melgar

I learn so much about the safety and the logic of driving.


I took a class in another state just like this one and AAplus driving school’s instructor was much more entertaining and interactive.

Taylor Rooney

Going in today, I thought time was going to stand still. But I was pleasantly surprised to find how interesting and interactive the class really was. I really liked it and highly recommend it.

Fernando Torres

Great teacher,great service best driving school they help you with any questions you have & 10/10

Yesenia Claros

Great class and instructor! More than just a driving class, the instructor sought out to help the class connect and genuinely cared about our situations and driving experiences.

Chantelle Simmons

I've never had to go to driver improvement class but hands down, this place and the instructor is the best. I was nervous and sad about staying here all day but he made the class exciting and enjoyable. Never though I would like learning more about the laws of driving. I'm so glad I did go because some things I really learned I needed to know that you simply forgot as the years go by with dtiving. Also some laws change that we all need to know about. Thank You AA Plus Driving School for reminding and refreshing me about being a better driver. A plus staff and the best snacks ever.

saad asif

the instructor Mr Abid was very humble and interesting person to have. He didnt made the 8 hours seem boring at any point everyone enjoyed participating and was a very good learning experience

Stephanie Horan

I cannot praise this Driving School enough. I am 30 and never driven before and came from Australia. One of the instructors, Abed, was so calm and relaxed teaching me to drive. He always had complete confidence in me and never let me doubt myself for a second. The support i got from him and the school is second to none. I decided to do the online course and get my drivers licence through them so I didn't have to do the test through the DMV. For me this was great as I was already so nervous. At the end of ten lessons i was driving with confidence and even drove with my husband in his car! Thank you Abed and the school for such amazing service. You made me feel like I was capable and a valued student. I will always recommend this school - you won't find better!!

Jagdeep Singh

Nav was an amazing instructor. She was very calm and patient with me. She definitely knows how to handle a newbie like me. She is the best. Highly recommended.

Funmi Oga

I'm really impressed with AA plus Driving School. The instructors are awesome. They are respectful, patient & take their time to explain everything step-by-step. The class was fun & full of life - no one fell asleep like some places that are boring. I will recommend them to anyone at any point in time. I really appreciate them for the confidence & fresh knowledge they gave me. Thank you guys.

Simba Nyanhongo

Got this place as a recommendation from my boss. First of all the place has a warn home-like feeling and the instructor is a big part of that. They are very flexible and very genuinely nice and accommodating. After I finished my 2 weeks in class session I took a bejond the wheel with one of the instructors. All I can say is the drivers are just as awesome and informative as the in-class instructors. Got my licence at 27 and I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Anthony Fernandez

Teacher was very informative, very engaging. The way the class was taught helped pass the time and was enjoyable. The instructor was also very kind & made everyone feel comfortable & willing to participate.

Sooyoung Ahn

Good place, my instructor was nice and calm. He explains everything you need to know, and clarify any questions you might have. I highly recommend this place for people who wants to take behind the wheel.

tlha Mushtaq

Its a really good place to get a class. although it looks like you have to stay here for a while however, its really informative and the teachers are really friendly and helpful. I would recommend this place for sure. I hope you guys gonna like here!!!!

Julius Miller

I had a really good experience in my class. It was very straight forward as far as the content and the people there are great.

Angie S

this is a really good school. the teachers are amazing and care and teach you everything you'll need to know! 10/10 recommend!!! love it!!

600 A

Great instructor that doesn’t make the class as boring and they know what they’re doing.

Rebecca G

Took 7 classes with AA driving Plus School as a refresher. I moved to VA from the U.K and wanted some lessons to get used to the different traffic junctions and signs etc. They did a great job of boosting my confidence so I felt confident behind the wheel again and I passed my practical test first time with no issues. Very patient instructor and I would recommend them to anyone looking at classes- beginner or refresher.

Xenia Rivas

Great school, great teachers, the class not boring at all, they turn it into fun and share a lot stories, you get to talk and share, with your classmates and teachers, it was really fun! Also I pay for this class 3 years ago, but had to leave the country for personal reason, came back and gave them a call explained what happens and they let me take the class without paying again or even questioning it! So grateful for that, They also work with the DMV when it comes to getting your license so u don't have deal with mean DMV people! Such a great experience ! Blessing to everyone at this school for making a change in people ! Xenia Rivas ( ms. 3 years as they call me ) DamaniT24

Class was very informative and interesting. Instructor was both passoinate and animated with delivery of information. I would recommend course here to new and long time drivers.

Alison Claros

The teacher was great made the class interesting more personal. I personally thought this class would have a Charlie Brown teacher. The teacher was energetic and up beat made us laugh but gave great examples made us think. The class was very interactive learning.

Raphael Matos

The behind the wheel class was great. I was a little nervous at first, but the instructor is very helpful and calm which made me not worry as much. I would definitely recommend joining AA Plus Driving School. It made me a better and safer driver.

Lizzie Fitzpatrick

Normally I don’t leave reviews, but this place is an 11/10! The instructor is amazing and the class goes by so fast. It’s also fairly cheap. I highly recommend AA Driving School.

George Т

Learned a lot about new traffic regulations, of which I wasn’t aware since Driver’s Ed in HS. Example: When taking someone to ER and driving 20+ MPH over the speed limit to save the passenger’s life, does not give license to take someone else’s life.

Ali Jamall

Best teacher, best experience. I was extremely satisfied with the things I have learned here. Not many teachers out there who change the outlook on texting and driving/cautions of driving. If you want your driver's license or have to take an 8 hour class, I recommend this place! They make everything go smooth and will leave you changed on your perception of driving safe.

Ahmad shah Masoud

The instructors are so friendly & intelligent and overall the classes are so helpful & exciting.

Juan Santos

This course was very helpful, It was recommended by my older brother. He told me that it would be good for me . And to say that it was, the teacher here gives very good specifics details on what you need to know. Gives you a chance to explain what knowledge you know about the course. He'll be more welcome to help you and give you the right information. He's a funny man, he make the the course a little more comfortable. he's great! I would recommend this to anyone

Hasan Barakat

Great school, I really learnt alot and the people were super nice.

Mariela Martinez

I was not looking forward to being in an 8 hour driving class! But it was definitely not the worst thing ever. Instructor very cool.

Skylar Franzelas

It was honestly more fun than I thought. They found a way to make it interesting!


The class was interactive and not boring. The teacher made us all feel involved. If you have to take this class, might as well learn and have fun. They had snacks and gave us many breaks. The final exam was a piece of cake because I knew everything on it from him.

Elizabeth Rivera

I've been here before and I had to come back for a different class and it was the best experience I met my current best freind in this course and it made learning easy. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Stix Talkn

It was a very fun class! Great instructor and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great class to take

Hyung Kim

The class was neat and clean. Step-by-step instructions were very helpful. Instructors were very friendly and kind. I recommend to everyone who need to have their driving lessons.

Brittany Connatser

It was a great class! I did come in dreading the class originally but the teacher was so nice and kind that it went by so fast


This class was great. Id recommend it to anyone.

Stephen Finafrock

Helpful and straightforward instruction with a great instructor!!!

Elizabeth Skelton

I got my permit after I turned 19, and my driving practice during college was pretty sporadic, to which I brought my overabundance of caution and lack of confidence to boot. I took the 5-hour Behind the Wheel course through AA Plus to better prepare for the test, and it went a long way! Mr. Naseem was very encouraging and patient with me, and his instruction both taught me what I needed to know and helped me stay relaxed and build confidence, and he emphasized not only what I would need to pass the test, but also to become a skilled and comfortable driver. Today I passed my road skills test and earned my license, and I'm in a much better place to start driving solo in this area. I've really benefited from having the formal instruction with a practical and positive atmosphere to get me to this point. Thanks for everything!

ester Angon

Awesome place, teacher has an amazing personality and a fun way of teaching. Not a boring class at all. Time flies when you making learning fun.

shaff nadeem

It was really good experience.If you don't sleep in the class you won't be needong any class again.

Göktuğ Yıldız

I enjoy every single moment in the class best teachers best class

Alina Roy

I went to this place just by looking at its reviews but turns out that this is the worst driving school ever.First of all the customer service is really bad.From the front desk lady to manager, everyone gets annoyed whenever you come up with certain queries.If you have any question they will go all the way around and make you feel like you are the one who is stupid enough to ask that kind of question.I had already paid for my classes and got stuck here for 2 weeks.I went there to get my driving certificate and for that I had to take a 7 days of in class learning session and 7 days one hour of behind the wheel session.They make you go there and sit there by yourself and study the book.The teacher don't even bother to answer the questions that you have after reading the book.And they don't even let you take the book home cause they expect you to come to their class read by yourself and go home.I mean like what's the point of coming all the way there if you can can read in your own house anyways. My driving instructor was experienced but lacked politeness.I mean who would want to do behind the wheel if the person beside you keeps yelling at you.I called to change my instructor but it turns out I was already late and I had to pay extra money if I can't learn how to drive nicely within my remaining hours. NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE!!

Jason Orellana

The driver improvement instructor was really funny and made the class interesting. Not what you expected out of a driving class. Recommended if you need the course.

Amalia Torres

Excellent experience. I would highly recommend it.

Giancarla Cazzol

It was way better than I expected! I was dreading going to this class but the 8 hours flew by and I learned a lot. Very nice teacher! Definitely recommend.

Cristina Olszewski

I was told to come here upon the positive recommendation of a friend. Everyone is incredibly helpful and friendly. It's a highly international environment and you will meet people from all over. They will meet every possible need that you have. I came here for the adult waiver classes and was able to finish in just a bit over a week. The DMV had no problem accepting the documents and I received my license immediately. It was truly the smoothest process and I have AA Plus Driving School for that. The people working here will help you as much as you need, they're honest, and not rude in any way whatsoever. They are open nearly all day, making it easy for someone with other scheduled appointments to come and complete whatever that needs to be completed. They're also open all day Saturday. They're very flexible and only want to help you succeed in getting you to your goal, which in my case was my license. If you need a driving school in this area, choose this one--you will not be disappointed!

Soleil Ephraim

I would recommend AA Plus Driving School because of its helpful and relaxed in-class program. You get to do a little bit of independent study as you read material on your own, and you get to engage in discussions with the instructors while reviewing the material. The instructors are funny, kind, and useful. Plus there are snacks.

Adam Patterson

No one likes to have to go driving school (especially on a Saturday). But this place is great! Abid is the instructor and he is a really cool guy who makes the course fly by and makes it not bad at all! If you have to do driving school and are dreading it, go to AA Driving School!

Marie Sam-mbomah

I enjoyed the class, usually when you have to take a class, you worry about the class being boring. The class was informative, interactive, and inclusive. The class participated in discussions, we talked about life experiences with traffic tickets and violations. If you need the class, do not hesitate to enroll!

Takuto Kenshin

Very great experience!! Loved the class, really thought it was going another boring class but it was actually really amazing. Phenomenal teacher for sure

Lizeth Laime

This is the most fun class I've taken and I definitely feel much better about the road. It's interactive and the instructor is very friendly. I would definitely come back if I had to (I hope I don't though).

Mary Foster

After looking at many schools, I decided to try AA Plus. They were very kind and helpful in the whole driver education process, and cared not only about if I would pass the test, but also if I would become a safe and educated driver. The teachers are nothing short of wonderful and are kind enough to share their own driving experiences in order to present you with a real-world example of a textbook instruction. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I highly suggest this school to anyone looking for driving lessons, driver's education, behind the wheel, and various other forms of instruction. AA Plus is simply one of those hidden gems. If you're looking for driving education services, looks no further than AA Plus Driving School.

Julio Hijar

The class was informative. The staff embraced me and were very kind and generous. The instructor was able to answer whatever questions I had. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Alex E. Lee

The instructor is funny and has some humor. The class is long, but you don't feel like as really boring. You can learn that you might forgot or didn't know about it.

Danya Yaghmour

Fun and educational way of learning all that is needed and required to know.

David boone

Definitely worth it. I was original dreading coming to class but once I arrived everyone was welcoming and I learned alot. Not boring at all. 10/10. 5 Mechilin tires.

Edwin Batres

Very good class very informative and well taught, the teacher is amazing and very good at teaching, can really see the passion and his knowledge. ..... I recommend this scholl and the teacher mr.abaid

Jack Wright

great instructors! everyone is very social and friendly. helped me complete the course in just a week! if i had to do driving school again i would definitely choose them.

Jialin Li

Unprofessional and careless. I asked for behind the wheel driver lessons on Thumbtack and clearly stated that I don't have a VA driver's license and only have a foreign license. Then, they sent me a quote. But when I call them, they told me that someone with a foreign license is not allowed to drive in Virginia, which DMV stated the opposite. Further more, if they are not able to give me driver lessons, they shouldn't have sent me a quote in the first place. I could only assume that they were careless enough to send me a quote without even glancing at my profile and requirements.

Rabya Ghafoor

The lecture was fun, engaging, and insightful. The instructor was helpful and approachable in answering all questions. Would recommend this driving school to all new drivers.

Jey Gates

Had to attend an 8 hour driving course ordered by the court. The personnel here are very professional. The course went quicker than I thought and the instructors are down to earth people, no hard talking abour what to do and not to do. Would recommend this place for those looking for driver classes or behind the wheel classes. Their prices are very moderate.


The class was helpful and I am ready to take my test at DMV. The teacher is very friendly.

Khurum Malik

Very satisfied with AA plus driving school and their service. Took the 8 hour class and came out ready to get my license. Very good teacher and environment. I definitely recommend for anyone who needs to do behind the wheel or in-class classes.

gurpreet singh

Definitely have to give these guys a 5 star review!!! Nav was an awesome instructor, very down to earth and gave me insight and training on a lot of real life situations instead of just telling what I needed to pass the test. Also she is not boring at all to have next to you for 2 hours each session. Engaged in a lot of great conversations with her. Very grateful for Nav and what she has taught me. God Bless Thank you!!!

Khawaja Zubair

AA Driving School is best in an area. It’s cheap and most importantly their service and instructors are great. They teach you well and show you the path to succeed in the driving test. Here is a hint to pass the classroom part. Pay attention to the teacher and note taking is not needed. You'll pass. The teacher gives you enough confidence to be on the road and make sure that you and others drivers are safe. Overall it was a great experience and I would love to give 5 stars. You guys ROCK!!!

Johnny Danh

I would recommend AA Plus Driving School to anyone, especially young adults to take the classes provided. My instructor, Mr. Naseem was great and they even conform to my schedule. The classes took an hour of my day and it was very informative. Without a doubt, Five Stars.

Liza Sattar

AA plus is a five star class. Very helpful I have learned a lot from them. If anyone is interested in I recommend them to take AA plus.

Shawnda Sharma

Very interesting. Awesome Teacher. Enjoyed family stories. A+


He made the class very fun and interesting. U will never sleep....good job

Francesco Da Vela

It was a really fun class. The istructor was very good. Great sense of humor and great social skills. Great capacities to communicate. 8 hours flew!!

Greg Maas

AA Plus driving school was a great experience. My instructor was informative without drowning me with useless info. Class was efficient and laid back. I highly recommend this is class to anyone that needs a driver improvement class.

Adriana Courembis

Great driver’s education program and Ahmad as instructor was superb! For someone with zero driving experience, he could not be more patient and clear with commands. He was never discouraging and yet firm with instructions. He also places a lot of confidence in you as a driver, which makes a huge difference while learning. Moreover, just as an extra bonus, he was extremely gracious with his time and scheduling flexibility. Highly recommended!

Ghazal Tokhi

I am very impressed with this driving school, I really did come in here thinking this was going to be the longest 8 hours of my life. But the moment I walked in I was welcomed with smiles and the class was not boring at all. The instructor, Mr. Abid was very interesting very engaging and made the best out of the 8 hours as possible. He’s very caring and kind and wants you to pass. There’s only so much fun you can put into a driving improvement class and he really did. Very clean and there’s so much available parking. I reccomend this driving school to anyone who needs it for court or is struggling to get their permit. I am very impressed with them.

Shaun Haidar

Amazing place and comfortable the people here are very respectful and anybody who is interested in learning how to drive this is definitely recommend.

Khalil Haj-Assaad

best driving school ever took the classes and got to know all the material about driving and about safety. They are the best teachers out there, no matter what class lessons you need they have it all and can't explain how they treat you as family and this is why I'm giving them a five star.

Lester Santos

Great place to come and take this driving course! Very helpful and knowledge is key here! Instructor is very peaceful and makes the time go by fast.... doesn't even feel like I've been here for 8hrs...

Randy Pinol

It is a good driving school I totally recommend it

Silvia Fernandez

Very likeable teacher. Very clean facility, plenty of parking available. Easy process. Classroom is a bit small though and whiteboard should really be in front of classs, not to the side.

Jason Ha

Interesting classes for not-very-interesting topics. No one likes to spend multiple Saturdays in driving classes. However, the instructor, Abid, made the classes very interesting and engaging. Recommend this classroom to anyone in need for a Driving improvement class or a driver's ed class. This review only covers the classroom portion of the adult waiver program.

Manuel Forero

The Teacher was great made the class lots of fun gave us an hour brake and had snacks and drinks for us made time go by fast

Alberto Pinedo

Absolutely great class!! The teacher a very friendly and generally want you to learn the information. They make the classroom fun and entertaining, while you learn everything that you need to know. I would recommended it to anyone in need of a great driving course.

Gagan kaur

My experience was wonderful, This is one of the best school i come a cross in town. Nav was very knowledgeable and helpful. i definitely recommend to all my family and friends..

Volodymyr Yaskulka

I witnessed their drivers recklessly changing lanes and crossing over solid lines. Highly not recommend them to instruct you as they are not role models in driving. See photo of recklessly driven vehicle.

Richard Molina

Highly recommend coming here to take classes. Very laid back, lots of breaks and snacks. Easy place for anyone to be able to get that certificate.


My teacher Nav contacted me within a day! She was very punctual and really made me feel comfortable as a first time driver! She even offerred to pick me up near a gate on base (I'm active duty military) and it's hard to find someone who isn't intimidated by the gate guards.. Another driving school I contacted refused to pick me up anywhere near base and asked me to find a store nearby off base , (which if you live on bases, you know they're usually in the middle of nowhere. Overall 10/10 ‼️

Tim Green

Very interesting and informative class, great Instructor, very knowledgeable on the subject.

Jason Danh

The driving lessons were very easy and the instructor is fun to talk too and nice. There are many opportunities to ask questions and the instructor always answers them clearly. Great learning experience, I had trouble parking and the instructor was always there too help me through the process. Highly Recommend.

Kiefer Wong

What a wonderful class I have taken to improve my driving knowledge, instructor is definitely knowledgeable and has led by example the way he is through out his student. Strongly recommend whoever needs to take his/her license, AA is the place

Z Noory

The instructer Louiza was grt. Very patient, calm and explains the rational to everything. We loved having her for our daughter and will rtn when it’s my sons turn.

Anthony Altan

Enjoyed this class All day. Got snack’s so it’s gotta be the best.

Reagan Feld

This was a good class. The teacher was engaging and relevant.

Jolearra Tshiteya

I took the driving classes for a full week and passed my test. I definitely feel more confident as a driver. The only thing is that I wish the instructor was on the phone less. The cool thing about it was that I got to drive other driving students home and drove in some pretty interesting areas like route 1 and the parkway.

Newton Jimenez

very educational

Chantal Ansah

I will definitely recommend this driving school to anyone that asks. Everyone was very friendly and helpful -- especially my driving instructor, Glenn! He is a fantastic teacher and helped me to feel confident at the wheel. I did the adult waiver classes and just received my license in the mail!

Tari Acevedo

I went here for my dmv permit test in 2016 and it was great! Came again for a ticket I got and still no change, the staff is so nice and i’m so happy with the outcome! Much love to them(-:

Christian Hollingsworth

The class I took at this location was fun and engaging. We covered alot of topics while working as a class to work through questions. Also by using personal stories to explain the reasoning behind the laws we have in place helped alot in my understanding of the road.

Zahra Al Khuridah

I had an amazing experience with my instructor “Renzo” he was really encouraging, calm, and patient, he boosted my confidence. I am totally a beginner and I got my license after 10 hours training with him, Thank you so much Renzo..

Mahmudul Hasan

I don't know about any other instructor but my instructor Nav was amazing. She was very patient with newbie like me. To be honest I was very terrified of driving but she made it easy for me. So I recommend this driving school for everyone.

Ana Maria Timofte

Professor Abid's class is certainly not your typical lecture - only class. It was an entertaining class that provided useful information. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Driver Classes.


I took their driver improvements course with the mindset that it was going to be be boring. I was wrong. The time went quickly and we all got to share each other's stories and learn from them. Snacks are provided and I would definitely recommend people to them if they need to take this course.

suguna y

I am glad to choose AAplus driving school . I am very much happy with my instructor Ranzoey .He is always on time to teach behind the wheel classes . His voice is very clear and sound ,to follow the instructions what he say .He is so knowledgeable person ,explained everything in detail. They have very good instructors and i recommend AAplus drigving school to learn driving .

Joseph Olszewski

Very good teaching, not boring at all gets you through all the information. Each technician is well taught and very skillful. Recommend to anyone of any age, gets you through the course very quickly and teaches every aspect of driving, physical and emotional. 5 Stars well deserved. Age 18

Hishaam Becerra

Great smooth going class and a great instructor

William Smith

I took this class over 30 years ago four points for my insurance. All the class did was watch movies for 7 hours then we took a test. Over 70% of the people slept through the movies. This class unlike that one was very enlightening we had an instructor the entire time we communicated amongst one another I'm 62 years old and I learned a lot I would recommend this class to anyone not for the points but for The Learning Experience

Erick Cruz Jr.

this is the best driving school out there. To learn everything you need to know. the teachers are great

Rena Tibbs

Great school, help you to understand to the tea. He breaks the whole teaching down in a way that it is impossible not to understand nor fail. $185 is worth it

Lynn Vo

This driving school is amazing!! Louiza was my instructor and she was very patient. She works around your schedule so that you can drive whenever it benefits you. And not only does she do behind the wheel, she also teaches new drivers how to drive. I had a very good experience with AA Plus Driving School(:


This driving school is amazing. They helped me obtain my license without any trouble and even provided me with good advice while on the road. I highly would recommend this driving school.

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