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REVIEWS OF A Metropolitan Driving School IN Virginia

Davon Davis

I LOVED Tim and will recommend him to anyone. He was very nice, patient and gave great instructions. He even focused on my weak points instead of just having me driving.This was actually my second time doing adult behind the wheel because after my previous instructor I didn’t feel confident enough to take the test. After working with Tim I am now more confident then ever and am positive I will pass this test! If you plan on doing adult behind the wheel ask for Tim!

Latoya Jenkins

Tommy was very informative and knowledgeable and classroom was very upbeat highly recommended

Brendan Trache

This is the place. Look no further. They are very direct, and concise in how they provide the information you need to know.

April Jackson

Awesome class! Great instructors, good content. 10 out of 10, would do again. Hopefully I don't have to though!

Barbara Lee

Although driving schools are mostly very very boring the instructor made it very interesting and I would almost say fun I highly suggest if you go to a driving school this would be the one to go to

Qween Riz

This driving school was a great experience I’ve learned great tips and points for the road, they were very prompt verbal in communication great feed back and taught beyond the road with car tips and taking care of your vehicle amazing experience great school !

Savannah Frith

Tommy was so amazing! Never a dull moment, definitely the best driving school around here! 100% would recommend! And only $50

Trying to be witty all the time is exhausting

I attended a Saturday defensive driving course to have a speeding ticket dismissed. The course is not at all your typical video watching and sign learning drivers school course I always heard about. The instructor was very friendly, fun, knowledgeable and used a experienced based not classroom based curriculum. There was actual dialogue between the instructor and those in attendance. I would definitely recommend this business to everyone who needs to attend a driving school for whatever reason(s).

Sara G

I highly recommend you attend this driving school! The instructor keeps you entertained while teaching experience based curriculum. It's not your average video/textbook kind of class. The price is absolutely acceptable. Drive out of your way for this course!

Enid Lowe

The best driving school ever. The instructor was amazing and I wouldn’t recommend any other place.

Courtney Graves

This was my third time here for driver improvement lol, but Tommie is a great instructor. Definitely recommend this school.

mark major

Tommy was a great instructor. I've been to several driving schools and my driving acedimic career and by far this was the best experience. I'm not a morning person, but Tommy's charisma held my attention. We also learned some "real world" advice about court and how the world works that was very refreshing compared to other courses I have taken. I highly recommend this buisness.

Jimmy Butler

Great experience learned more then I ever thought. Will refer to everyone.

Lori Hollis

If you HAVE to go to driving school, I highly recommend Tommy at Metropolitan Driving School. He actually made it fun to have to go back to school. A fun time for a not so fun situation.

Carlton Reed

Great driving school. Got my license in two weeks. Very pleased.

Lauren Davis

Very unique and dare I say fun! Not your typical run of the mill class and the instructor likes to make in interactive. I learned a lot and would recommend this school to be the 1st and only choice if you are looking around.

Selena Shaw

Amazing instructor and makes the 8 hours fun and inclusive.

Daisha Similien

They have the worst device sometimes it just depends on who your working with my driver instructor tells me the morning of that I can take my test that I need paperwork and now Im going to have to reschedule

Belle Est1988

I initially thought I would have a hard time staying awake during class but the instructor was great he kept the entire class up and active in engaged. Great staff great environment

Andre Stone

Attending the course very good instructor. Learned alot and when calling to set up a class got a quick response and instructor was very knowledgeable. Best in richmond. I highly recommend this school

Vanessa Barnes

Awesome driving school. ,The instructor Tommy was fun and very informative, Driving school is really not where I wanted to spend my Saturday, but having to come to this driving school made it an enjoyable day. Metropolitan driving school is a place where you will LEARN valuable lessons to keep you and others safe on the road .

Tonya Quarles

Although driving class is not where I wanted to spend my saturday morning. Tommie and crew was very informative and professional. Not to mention the price was right! I didnt fall asleep :)

taliah richardson

my instructor was awesome!!! really learned a lot

Kendall Jenkins

Great instructors! I got my license right after I finished my classes, such a great experience!

Carl Cooper

A pretty good driving school. The instructor knew how to keep us from being bored, although I didn't really like his humor. He knows that you don't want to be there, so he doesn't make you sit through boring videos. While he doesn't really teach you anything, he lets the class out VERY early so I would recommend him if you're trying to get this over with fast.

Farzana Lakhani

Excellent driving teacher Mr Brent

John McGuire

It was far better than I expected. Didn't feel boring at all. I got my certificate. And it was cheaper than any other school I researched.

LaChelle Isler

Great experience! Very fun and educational! You learn a lot of stuff you didn't know.

Waverly Carter

Great place to go to for driving school. Tommie makes it fun and the time goes by very fast. First class!!!

Cherrell Langhorne

Great driving school and instructor. Awesome energy and lots of learning.

Todd Meredith

Great school. Kept the class involved the whole time. Was funny too. Would definitely recommend this school! Much better than ones I have been to in the past.

Eunice M. Thomas

This class was sooo fun and informative!! The instructor kept the class exciting and the people were really nice and the price was just right!! I will definitely recommend this school to others!!

Carlos Spencer

Personabe instructor. He keeps you interested. Informative about the driving laws. Introduced a whole new perspective about driving and I've been driving over 20 yrs! I'd recommend this class to anyone!

Billy Bumpkins

I chose this school for behind-the-wheel because of its around-the-board great ratings and overall low price. I wish I had gone with another company, or at least with a different person. As it stands, my instructor with this school was Lauren and I've gotta say, as a student that has gone through 40 or so teachers throughout elementary, middle, and high school, she is definitely the worst I've ever had. Let's start with the beginning: she was extremely insular right off the bat, and I was the first to initiate a conversation. When I did, her first response was "change lanes." This exchange is pretty much a summary of how our conversations went throughout my sessions with her. Onto the actual substance of the sessions themselves: I think we were supposed to have like 7, 1-hour long sessions where she was supposed to teach me driving, parking, and other important road skills that I'd need. First of all, we ended up having like 3, 1.5-hour long sessions after which I definitely didn't feel like I got my money's worth. And what's more, she taught me ABSOLUTELY *NOTHING* about parking; she was supposed to be an instructor and ended up being more of an auditor, snapping at me when I messed up (and sometimes not even doing that: she randomly told me that I almost ran a red light *AFTER* my driving lesson was over). Which brings me to the end: after my last "lesson," she met with my parents, and the gist of the ensuing conversation was pretty much "yeah so he's definitely not ready to drive by himself but I'll give him his license anyways (mentioning my red light thing here instead of 45 minutes before)." Of course that's a fair point, but I wish I'd learned something instead of constantly being belittled for three straight lessons. Thanks for nothing, Inspector Lauren!

Raylonzo Blathers

This was my first time ever going to traffic discipline school . The instructor was funny and great with the question that was asked . I would recommend this driving school to anyone who's looking to better there driving record. Or those who were order by the courts to go the best in the city of Richmond.

Savannah Moody

I can easily say that I have enjoyed my time being at this school. My instructor, Tommie, was absolutely amazing. I loved the interaction of the class, and how easy it is to ask questions and the amount of information and knowledge you receive. The school doesn't take advantage of you and your money. They know that you are more than likely required to take a class for instruction, so they make it very affordable for everyone. I would/ will recommend this school to anyone.

Kleya Beaubrun

Best driving school in Virginia. Money well spent. They are very friendly and will teach you everything you will need to know to pass your dmv test.

Henry Morin

I went through both the drivers education and behind the wheel with Ametripolitian driving school. Worried at first on the complexity of the courses, but the process could not have been smoother and informative without being boring. The Staff was exceptional. I enjoyed working with them. Will highly recommend:)

CaRena Vonchae

Great driving school... Taught me everything i needed to know about driving, including parallel parking.

Tara Kitami

Instructor was hilarious and was painless and smooth all while learning things I didn’t know prior to taking the course!

Nancy Greasham

I would highly recommend Ametropolitan driving school for any parent interested in seeking a drivers education program or behind the wheel lessons. My 16 year old daughter took their class room and behind the wheel education courses, we were pleased with the in class education and behind the wheel. I couldn'tve as asked for a better instructor, her instructor Lauren not only was interested in her journey to being a safe driver but also in terms of her schooling. If you want someone who really with make sure your child is a safe and defensive driver , I highly recommend Lauren. I'm very pleased with the program at Ametropolitan driving school, money well spent.

Breanne Webb

I went to this driving school about a year ago. Once you finish the class they ask you how many certificates you need to buy. You ONLY NEED 1 NOT 2. They are tricking people into purchasing more then 1 copy of the completion certificate. They are required by the State of Virginia to report that you completed that driving school and they DO keep a copy of the certificate on site. DO NOT PURCHASE 2 CERTIFICATES. The DMV has told me specifically that they are not supposed to do this. I had gone into the DMV to turn in my certificate and they said they did not need it because it was already on file from the driving school. Otherwise, the driving school was not bad.

Taylor Smith

The instructor was awesome and made the class very interactive and enjoyable. Best driving school course to go!

Teresa King

This was an awesome driving school. Tommy is a great instructor and gives lots of great information. I will definitely recommend this school to others and come back if I ever need to. Thanks Ametropolitan Driving School!!!!

Rebekah Hamilton

This was a great class. Close to home, nice instructor. Wasn't looking forward to it but the instructor made it a breeze.

keon booker

Awesome class & teacher was great i didnt fall asleep after workin over night. Come ready to be entertained while u learm front desk awezome also

Toni Harrison

I had a great experience in driving class. The instructor was informative, enthusiastic and encouraged engagement amongst participants. The second speaker was also great and provided great examples and information.

Ben McDonald

whoever i spoke with on the phone told me the wrong time for my class three times=)

HairLifeTy !

This class was fun.Not boring. Loved his teaching methods

Brandon Cauthorne

Great class and really cool instructor, down to earth

Savannah MacLelland

This is an amazing driving school! Tommie the owner is wonderful, and is a super great teacher! He really makes the class fun, and honestly looks out for your well-being on the road. He teaches you what will keep you safe, and the way he goes about teaching is super engaging.

ken mclein

Tommie was awesome and the class was very interactive and welcomed open participation. It was also the most fun I’ve had being punished for speeding.

Destinee Jackson

I took this class today and it was by far one of the best classes I've taken, in general! Tommy was my jntstuctor and it was very hands on and had open discussion. Far from your average class. Great Job!

Todd Adams

Today was my first time attending a driving improvement class. I choose this class because a man by the name of Mr. Jordon taught me how to drive back when I was a teenager, I believe this was his school back then. But anyway I like the atmosphere, the teacher was well mannered, fun and gave a lot of useful information to me. The classes was clean as well as the bathrooms, and it was cold outside and you could get hot tea, coffee etc....even snacks. After it was all said in done I really enjoyed myself and learned a few new things. Also the young lady at the front desk was also poleit, respectful, well mannered and all of that is what makes this school all of that. I also like the fact that it is closer to where I live and also respondes at a timely manner. And last but not least I like the price of the class not as much as some of the other schools I called. Instructor was very funny but at the same time he knew his stuff. And if I ever have to go to driving school again this will always be for me and I would definitely recommend this school to my friends, family in anyone who needs it.

Elaine Merrick

If I ever have to take the class again this is where I’ll go and recommend to friends. He was real cool not strict.

Jeremiah Mcneill

Friendly atmosphere, you will definitely stay awake in class. Quick, easy, and painless.

Cinequa Johnson

This driving teacher is AWESOME, I learned a lot of new things I didn’t know before.

Tia PrettyRedd

Great class, easy going, knowledge is great! Instructor was cool and kept the class rolling and interesting! Wouldn't spend my money anywhere else!


The class was great, they provided lots of information about the impacts of tickets on insurance.

Nikki Hines

The Best Driving School In Va!!!!..I Will Recommend Anyone Who Is Looking For A Great Driving School

Dominick Robinson

This is the school you will want to come to if you are trying to get your license. The teachers there are amazing and they will make sure you will pass there class to reach success. The driving the instructor I had name was Brint and he is the best of the best. He will make sure you know what you doing so you know how to take on the road and to be safe while driving. His couching skills is really good and I’m so thankful to have him as a my instructor, he also is funny Instructor as well you will love him!!!

Brooke Collawn

Took this class twice because he’s so awesome, first time court ordered, second time volunteering for more points! Tommy is awesome!! HIGHLY recommend this driving school!!!

Jeordy Manzanares

This is a great class it was definitely worth going to. The teacher is very chill and funny!

Lauren Wilkerson

The instructor made the class funny and related, while still touching on important topics. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

Rose Clever

Taken This class 2 times, very fun class TOMMIE IS IS THE BEST

Neran Ok

One of the best experiences I had at a driving school very knowledgeable of the situation you are there for, not your average boring class I loved it and if needed I will come here again I highly recommend coming here if court tells you to pick a school you should definitely pick this one

Jamal Ibrahim

Tomie, the instructor is one amazing instructor. He sets himself apart from the rest of the other driving improvement classes because he has his students go out into the parking lot for demonstrations!! Who does that these days? He is unconventional and makes the class that much more educational, and better yet, we the students feel that Tomie does really care about us! I highly recommend him because I did go to driving schools in the past, and he is by far someone I will remember for years to come. Go and check out A Metroplitan Driving School for your driving improvement!

Thomas Bevis

This class was great, the instructor made it interactive and efficient. I would definitely recommend this to many more people.


This was a great driving school. I recommend this to everyone

Jamaria Shaw

The in-class instruction was very detailed and made easy to remember and Brent was very helpful with the behind-the-wheel portion. So, overall I’ve had a great experience.

Oydin Isakova

I studied in this school, I had 7 lessons with driving teacher Brent J. Wiggins. He was very nice and he explained all details clearly, I started drive more confident. I am very happy that I chose this school. I suggest this school for all students, who wants to take driving classes.

roger stallworth

Instructor was great and knowledgable. Really knows his stuff!!! I Appreciate it Tommy!!

Suzanne Ferrell

This is a WONDERFUL driving school. The instructor Tommy Jefferson, was very informative and made us learn and laugh. The day went by fast and I left the class knowing way more than I ever did by solely reading Virginia driving manuals. I recommend that anyone that needs a great course, this is the one! Jason's information and presentation was great and informative as well.

Mr. Preston Simms

One of THE BEST driving schools I’ve ever attended. The class is very informative and I really enjoyed the humor! I recommend to anyone.

Jaison Williams

Tommie is hilarious!!! Makes this 8 hr class worth it! Knowledgeable at the same time. I would definitely recommend everyone whether it's driving improvement or taking your class to go to driving school to come to this place of business.

Tommy Moore

Tommy the owner kept it interesting and relevant. Grabbing personal stories out of all of us and letting us learn about our poor habits without feeling defensive or judged. Highly recommend them!

juwan lewis

Saved me from a bad day, great experience and learn into depth about car insurance I recommend this to anyone

Precious Eaddy

The Instructors were awesome they created a very fun and learning experience that kept everyone entertained and engaged. I recommend this establishnent to everyone that doesn't want their driving class experience to be boring especially if you have to attend on a Saturday.

Yemi Robinson

The instructor for the driving improvement clinic was awesome ! Definitely would recommend everyone to come to this school.

Justin Kendall

Very engaging! Learned a lot!

Ayrion Llinton

Best driving school in Richmond. You will not be board. Its fun and a learning experience at the same time. Highly recommend anyone come here

Anna Mika

Had a great experience in the driver improvement course. The instructors are funny and make it as enjoyable as an 8am Saturday class could possibly be haha. I really appreciated Jason Richardson's talk over car insurance. I learned more about policies and coverage in this class than I ever have in school or from my parents. It will definitely help me in the long run and I recommend this course to anyone who needs a driver improvement or just wants to learn more.

Erika Norrell

I completed my initial driving school here and also driver improvement classes. They are amazing at metropolitan!! Everybody is so friendly and efficient. Trust me... if you need to complete any class.. take it with Metropolitan!

Aaron Witcher

Class was amazing teachers were fun kept you on your toes and and the jokes helped take the edge off

Sarah Vincent

Tommy is an excellent driving instructor! He really works with his students to overcome any difficulties they have when driving. His patient and kind manner puts new drivers at ease. I would definitely recommend Tommy for any new driver!

Austin Kulp

Great class and a great instructor. So much fun and I learned a lot.

Cody Allen

If you are looking for a knowable and structured driving school with a great atmosphere you have come to the right place. The instructer is very nice and professional a breath of fresh air. There was never a dull moment. The class is very group oriented and brings to the table information I am so glad I know now! Definitely a great place to come check them out.

Arthur Wyatt

Amazing driving school great class

kiyya crosby

The class was fun !! To be on a Saturday morning . It was never a boring moment. If you have to go to a driving school this is the place to be..


I had to go to driving school for court I can definitely say it was hands down the best experience! It wasn't your typical boring class filled with old videos

Gabriela S

Literally sitting in class still, but couldn’t wait to leave a good review! The class is discussion based and I loved how fun it was. I couldn’t stop laughing, and still learned what I needed to.

Tiera Hardin

When I was first notified that I had to go to driving school, I was so NOT looking forward to the day. When I arrived at the building, I was greeted by great individuals and the class was so fun! Tommy was so comical and he really made learning fun for me. AMetropolitan Driving School isn’t your ordinary school, by far. He keeps you laughing, provides hands-on examples all while keeping you engaged in the curriculum. I would definitely recommend this to any and everyone! Definitely not your traditional (boring) environment. Thanks again, Tommy!

Michael Holt

Great learning experience and open class.

Zasharia Jordan

Very great driving school and the teacher made the class very fun and meaningful I learned a lot and I recommend this to everyone

Devin A.

I definitely recommend this place!! They helped me so much to become a more experienced and professional driver, the lessons & expertise I learned here were engaging & will stay with me for a long time, I love the classes and highly recommend for anyone considering receiving experience to become a better & more safer driver!

Hasaun Coleman

Great teacher funny, cool, and chill

Eugene Ruffin

The instructors were cool and they kept the class engaged and entertained. I would recommend this to anyone who needs driving improvement class. They also give good insurance info as well.

Samuel Lee

Very informative and respectful

Kenique Brown

THE BEST DRIVING SCHOOL! Behind the wheel instructors & classroom instructors are so full of knowledge! Great school!!!

Laura Holley

The instructor is so awesome! Nicest person ever and the class is very informative. Thank you A Metropolitan Driving School!!!!!

Khalif Audain-El

Great driving school! It was my first time ever having to go and I'm glad I went here! Way different from other driving school experiences I've heard about and well worth the money. If you're looking for a driving school that's conversation-based rather than book/video based and actually fun to go to, then look no further!

Keanna LaNay

Tommy is the best teacher he make the driving part fun

Alaric McGee

This driving school is fantastic, In and out and the matieral I will remember forever

Katherine Jones

Great class... Informative and fun. Learned so much about insurance and rules of the road. I'd come back again but I don't plan on getting anymore tickets.

Joshua Roberson

Great class..great teacher ..everybody should go here..great great great teacher

Shadow Skull

Wonderful experience great instructor great vibes if you need an class this is the only destination you shall seek

Brittany Beasley

This School Is Awesome!! Tommy Is The Best Instructor. He kept us very entertained, very respectful and values others opinions!!! I highly recommend if you have to go to driving school this is the place! I’ve been twice and I wouldn’t spend my money anywhere else but here!

Misha Carpenter

This was my 1st time coming to driving school and I dreaded. But this is not your average class. It was informative, fun, and educational. No books, slides or test. The teacher is hilarious and he makes the class worth being in. I recommend this to anyone. Hopefully I never have to come back but if I did it would definitely be here.

Daniel Kensy

An actual driving school that you can have a good time at. Tommie is a fun and well educated instructor. If ever get another ticket, I'm definitely coming back to this school.


Ametropolitan driving school is much better than christans driving school for one they professional And I'm learning more with them than I learned with Christians driving school in like 6 lessons I did there. A metropolitan driving school is affordable & tommy is an great instructor.

Stacie Cook

I took the Adult Behind the Wheel driving course and I had a wonderful experience! I did the option of three 1hr40min sessions and the road test. My driving instructor, Lauren, was extremely patient, kind, and helpful with her teaching style. I started this class feeling anxious about driving, but at the end of our last session I felt Lauren had really taken into account my experience and made our sessions personalized. I would definitely recommend A Metropolitan Driving School to any adults looking to learn how to drive!

Shiniece Hunt

Probably the best driving school in richmond. Class wasnt boring, the instructor made it fun. I honestly learned a lot & it wasnt a dread to attend.

Robin Maldonado

The class that i went today was was fun and I learned lots of new stuff about being on the road. Mr Jefferson the teacher make the class fun and everybody joins in on the lesson plans.

911 Turbo S

Amazing best teachers ever to exist

Joselyn Kofroth

Affordable driving class. They are willing to work with you and your hours. Tommy was my instructor and he was extremely easy going and professional. In just two hours I felt more prepared to drive on my own than before. Definitely thinking about doing more classes to improve my parking skills.

Tiyanna Cox

I took a few behind the wheel lessons with 2 instructors: Tommy and Brent. I have to say I was nervous in the beginning, but Im glad I did it! It was more affordable than some of the other driving schools I looked at, and they were convenient. My instructors were both laidback but very informative at the same time. They have two different styles of teaching you, which was nice because I could kind of get two professional perspectives. I went to the Dmv about 2 weeks ago to apply for my license, which I can proudly say I received! I will always keep in mind the things they taught me in that short time, and would like to thank them for preparing me for my Dmv test!

Terri Byrne

I sent my very fearful daughter to class here and it was hands down the best decision. She did very well in this classroom and behind-the-wheel setting and really liked the teachers. The classroom was informative and it expanded on so much more than what's in the drivers handbook from the DMV. She had Brent for behind-the-wheel and we both highly recommend him. She conquered her fears because of him. Thanks so much guys!!

Donte G

I gotta say this driving school was excellent, the teachers we're very laid back, I passed my road test on my first try.

Matt Peebles

Very clean place and easy to find. The staff and instructor were nice and knowledgable. The best In Richmond and I'd recommend it

Jasmin Johnson

This place is amazing. Amazing staff, very knowledgeable. Affordable price. Made an early Saturday morning not miserable. Would recommend to anyone.

John Garrison

Tommy is a great instructor and makes the class informative, funny, and entertaining!!! He's also a veteran which earns even more respect from me as well.

Cedric_theStylist Phillips

Great school!!! I am so glad I attended this class. It was not boring at all. Also it was inexpensive. If I ever have to attend a driving school (I pray Not) this will be my Goto school.

Daisha Coleman

Tommy is an excellent teacher. He has a great way of engaging the class and making everybody laugh by relatable jokes. Very informative.

Finley Hord

Love this place and all the people who work here !!! I always have fun and learn so much.

Kahlyn Lee

The instructor and staff was very informative and made the class fun. I would definitely recommend the class to anyone who needs a class.

Ron Martin

I attended the Driver Improvement Class on a Sat morning. Very informative and helpful. Tommy and Jason did a great job. Kudos guys, you made a Sat morning class interesting and definitely not boring. Great Job!

Guyon Cumby

Teacher is super chill and makes the class enjoyable. I learned the most popular flavor of Kool-Aid isn't "red". It's "cherry". Get it right. Next time I'm caught going 120mph on the right shoulder with my legs out the window, I'll come here.

Monica Forbey

I went today expecting to watching boring driving videos and take a test. Nope not here! My instructor Tommie was awesome! He made fun all while still learning. Highly recommend them.

zabrina ward

Awesome teacher, very informative and useful for real life, what I thought would be a terrible boring day wasn't bad at all, I learned alot

kearsten toliver

Great driving school as well as instructors. Very organized, on time, and friendly <3

Madison Wilson

Tommy is hilarious and makes the class engaging instead of a drudgery. If you have to do driving school, come here.

Teodora Lopez

This was my first time going to driver improvement class and I must say I really didn't think it would be a Great class. We had an Amazing was never boring. I would really recommend it without a doubt.

James Rivera

Tommy you a great dude and this was the best driving school out there


I thought class would be really long and boring but the experience was actually really enjoyable. Open Discussions about being on the road, laws, and responsibilities; also really funny.

Alexandria Harris

Great class. Tommie was very open and his method of teaching was better than most instructors.

Whitney Gatling

I had the best experience ever. Being a new driver Lauren was a patience and very helpful. If you are a new driver ask for her because she was literally the best. I would recommend them anywhere.

Thomas Sheehan

Classroom section was very thorough and Brett was great for behind-the-wheel! I had never driven before starting the program, but his calm demeanor and constructive criticism was extremely helpful to getting me to where I could pass my driving test.

Adrienne Jones

This class was very informative, engaging and allowed for great open communication !!! I recommend you come here for your class!!

Gabrielle O'Sickey

Great driver's improvement class!

blanche wilder

If you have to go to driving school pick this one! Tommy made the class fun and we learned real life information that we could use. You won’t be sleeping through old driving films in this class!

Sarah Keeping it real

Tommie was a great teacher which made the time go by fast; very energetic and passionate in his profession; great experience for driving school

Tamekia Lee

Class was great! Tommie is awesome!! Thank you!

Amanda Liverpool

My friends and coworkers referred me here. The school is great and the instructor is awesome. I received my certificate right awayThank you metro driving school!

Emily Shaath

best driving school ive been to. a very different learning style. tommy was great!! class was fun.

Chanda Christian

i like the class even when there's work to be done you gets some good laugh's in there i would recommend this class to anyone Thanks Mr.Tommy for everything

Anna Kayy

Tommy was great! The time went by fast and it was just a great environment overall. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!!!!

Evelyn Zak

I was dreading this and wound up learning something, meeting some nice folks, and having a pretty good time! This business does great job - makes driving school fun and gets the job done!

Tamara Toliver

This is the BEST driving school. Very informative. I recommend this driving school to everyone.

Leander Watkins

They got my vote. I'll tell anyone about this course.

Helen Morris

Superb :) super fun and gave me lots of information that I will use and tell my friends :) !

KeAsha Williams

This driving class is highly recommended! I’ve learned things that I never even knew about driving. Tommie was a great instructor and stated valid points and facts about driving while making it fun. Anyone who needs driving school should definitely attend the school.

Elijah Hatchett

Best driving school in Richmond!!!

Joe Estes

Amazing teacher really makes the class fun very knowledgeable I would recommend this to everyone I know even if you only need your car insurance rates decreased. I would give 10 stars if possible. This will be the only driving school I use ever again.

Jacob Bailey

Good class worth it

John Roberts

Open discussion worked well. Thinking process was part of class made the experience more interesting.

Tracy Jackson

Great school as always. I sent all three of my kids there.

Mallory Haren

My experience here was very nice. Tommie and Jason are both an excellent, very hard working, knowledgeable pair of instructors with a fantastic personality. Very calm atmosphere from the beginning with a bunch of good tips on driving and insurance! Would recommend this driving school to anyone!

Andrew Scott

I had to take a driver improvement class required by the DMV to retain my license. This is by far the best driving school! No test and very interactive , fun, and very funny instructor. I never write reviews, but I had to recommend this place.

Robin Bouweiri

Amazing instructor. Learned a lot of useful information in a fun way, made the time fly by! Tommie, thank you for your insight!

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Driving School - Virginia

Driving school

Astar Education Institute
Astar Education Institute
Driving School - Virginia

Nursery school

1 Stop Driving School, LLC
1 Stop Driving School, LLC
Driving School - Virginia

Driving school

ARSEL Driving School
ARSEL Driving School
Driving School - Virginia

Driving school