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REVIEWS OF A Affordable Driving School IN Virginia

Kalagenesis Radio

The instructor Greg was very engaging made the experience a real learning one

Jamahl Tyson

Great teachers and very informative

Mysty Reyna

This place was a Godsend! David, my daughters instructor, effectively taught my daughter how to drive and the importance of paying attention to her environment. Before taking lessons she was lacking confidence and David helped her gain the confidence she needed to not only pass her exam but also to feel at ease behind the wheel. She sings David"s praises to all her friends. Thank you Affordable Driving and all your patience.

Kennedy Williams

This is by far the best driving school! I took a class for re-examination, and this class was very enjoyable and was not boring at all! The instructor made this class fun but also taught the class very important things that you will need to know on the test as well as on the road! I highly recommend this driving school and I can proudly say that I passed my test and this class was one of the main reasons why!

Vance Dickinson

My instructor David was excellent. Going into the school I was nervous, but soon as I got in the driver seat he really made me feel confident in my abilities as a Driver, would highly recommend!

Peter Kupec

Great driving felt very personal and that they were invested in my success.

Gemlainet J

I just passed the test drive with Bonnie a lady driver instructor. She is very nice woman and really know how to make her student driver feel good while driving. I had fun learning at A Affordable driving school. Highly recommended.

Corey Brown

Great school, great service. The instructor Ryan is very knowledgeable and patient. I've been to other driving schools and this one is, by far, the best. The instructor lets you know exactly what's being done incorrectly and how to improve it. In real-world driving situations I received great advice. I'd recommend this school to any new driver.

Christian Liggieri

It was a great experience. Ryan was very hands on and explained the mistakes I was doing and how to correct them. He also kept the lessons interesting but informative. All in all I highly recommend this school for anyone who thinks they need help with driving.

sara paciga

So I’m literally 18 and don’t have my permit or license at all. I signed up for this class to refresh my memory on all of the stuff the horrid permit test covers, however I didn’t really know what I was expecting. My instructor was Greg, and lemme tell you— this man is great. Very funny and has a good heart. He feels for everyone in the class on why they’re in the seat they’re sitting in. He went over EVERYTHING and answered EVERY question I might’ve had throughout the entire session. Just in case someone is in the same position as me— I’ve only taken the permit test twice, and failed both times. Just in case I fail a third time, the certificate that I received will cover me if I do. I had a great time!! Thanks Greg (:


I had the instructor David Hill for behind the wheel and he relieved the stress of driving with an instructor. He provided great information to help improve my driving skills along with fun fact about the city and its roadways. The online classroom was just as amazing, I had an extremely busy schedule and without the online class i would never have had a chance of getting my license. 10/10 would totally recommend!!!

ivy qin

Very good driving school , very professional , I took 10 hours driving class there and one whole day classroom . Classes are pretty useful , helpful and interesting . Worth the money . All the teachers there are pretty knowledgable and great . If you wanna be a good driver , just go there .

Roderick Britt

This was one of the best class I took thus far the instructor (Greg) was very knowledgeable. I thought it was going to be boring but he made it fun and straight to the point. I recommend this class to anyone who has to take a AAA driver improvement class. It’s cheap fun and has the best instructor (Greg) in vb. You won’t be disappointed I promise. I get bored easy but Greg kept it interesting the whole time. Thank you Greg for the best class I have took in a long time if I ever have to do this again you will be the first place I call thank you once again

Canaan Pryor

My Instructor David Is a great example of what it takes to be an effective driver. Just as you remain determined, he'll get you your license in no time!

Soniya Mohil

I learnt driving with Bonnie. She is so patient,motivating and guides perfectly. I got the confidence I needed.

Jennifer Marcelino

Affordable driving school helped me a lot by taking evening and weekend behind the wheel lessons. My instructor, Al helped me gain confidence behind the wheel. Really recommend this school for anyone who needs help driving.

Edwin Herrera

Great information. The instructor Greg was great. Answered my questions at the end to the best of his ability. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Michelle Moran

They made my Daughters experience easy and she was able to pass her test with the information she received. We will be going back for the on the road portion.

Aaron Brewer

While the instructor I was with (Greg) was a very friendly guy, lighthearted, and showed that he respected our time, I was put off by the unprofessionalism. I don't expect a DMV driving school to be "hyper-professional" in any way, but the instructor made some off-handed comments that significantly reduced my respect in him as well as affected my overall view of the business. Arguably sexist remarks and actions (comparing a wife to an airbag, using "hot babes in a wet-shirt contest" as an example for one of his illustrations, mischievously gazing at a female customer's rear-end as she walked out) were not only unnecessary, but unacceptable. As a business owner myself, I would not recommend this business simply due to this reason alone. There are other issues that I experienced with this business in particular, but all were forgivable. However, the unprofessionalism of the environment was enough for me to write a poor review, despite my discomfort with writing such reviews. I appreciated the breaks, finishing in a timely fashion, answering questions, and even the use of humor to enliven the class. It was definitely fun and interesting for an 8 hour course. However, such humor should NEVER dip into the realm of blatant immaturity, primarily considering sexual matters.


I took driving instruction with Ryan. He made the rides enjoyable and taught practical driving very well. I was comfortable and learned a lot.


The behind-the-wheel class was very helpful and the instructor was patient and knowledgeable.

theresa concepcion

Bonnie is the best! She's so patient and she taught me a lot of things. Today, I passed my road test for the first time and I'm so happy and blessed to have her as my instructor.

Sofia Carlocio

Great school and i would highly recommend i learn to drive for the first time in this school in easy and simple way amazing customer service.

Devin Huang

Extremely helpful and informative, Ryan corrected many of my mistakes with Teen Behind the Wheel. Although he may be a bit strict with his teachings, I believe that he did it for my personal good so I wouldn't be a danger on the road. I would recommend this school to anyone I knew!

Errick M

From never driving in a day of my life to a expert driver in 3 lessons. Highly recommend classes.

Lucas Morgan

the instructor (David) was clear and gave some nice information on things.

hezekiahreap RAMYA morro reap morro

I worked with Ryan and he was the best instructor I've had in the 23years I've been living. He taught me by the book and law, and with little to none driving experience he made me VERY comfortable behind the wheel. In 3 days and 2 hours at a time I went from residential neighborhoods to driving on the interstate and it felt great. I would definitley recommend anyone who needs driving lessons to go to affordable driving school. You guys are GREAT! LaToria Reap

Arthi Srinath

I had a Driving lessons with Bonnie, she is really great teacher. Gave me confidence and took me through all the scenario's we generally face on day to day basis.

Frank Montello

David was great. Very patient and informative. He made it somewhat enjoyable. Thanks David

Addison Williams

Greg was an awesome instructor and he definitely made the class way more fun than I thought a driving class would ever be. If I ever have to take another one I will be sure to be back there.

phiphat phattharachayasil

Ryan is kind, friendly, and thoughtful. 10/10 recommended

Joseph Calicdan

Instructor was very friendly and informative, overall great experience

Bryan Centeno

Great teacher very helpful

Raven Janae

I had an amazing experience with this school my instructor Mr.Hill was very patient helpful and understanding a couple of times I was late getting home from work in traffic but I was never rushed it was a very smooth process great learning experience

Nobody Here

When I first started the class, I had a low amount of driving experience. But driving for a few days with my instructor (Ryan) helped me gain the confidence and skills I needed to drive calmly and correctly on the road. During this time, he gave me helpful advice on my driving and helped me iron out most or the problems that I had. I completely recommend any beginner or low experienced drivers to the school.

Junius Bynum

The instructor Greg was the truth

courtni pannell

Greg was a GREAT instructor!

Thelma T

Very good and relaxed learning experience. I got my driver's license in no time and have been driving safely since then. Thanks to Ryan and his team!

Andrew II L

I have been to other driving schools for drivers ed etc., but this driving school far surpasses all others that I know of. Much cheaper than most other driving schools, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is not as good as the others, it is better! I found Greg to be a great teacher! He was teaching what could easily have been boring, uninteresting material, but he taught it in such a way that any one there who had any desire to learn could stay focused and learn a lot. He was not trying to keep the answers from us, but wanted us to know the answers. I greatly enjoyed being there! And learned enough that I am considering going back and taking the class again! Thank you all so much!

Lucas Tasayco

Mr. David was a great instructor, he gave me confidence when driving. Learned many details that will make me a better driver. You also are also subjected to real world driving which furthers your skills.

Ingrid Squires

A huge shout out to David at the Affordable Driving School! He was a fantastic instructor whose positive attitude made the experience painless. Thanks, David, for a great class!

Triston Mitchell

It was very helpful and the instuctor was very nice and didnt judge also he helped me become a better driver

EastCoast Best

It was a long day but I learned so much. I honestly feel like I'm a better driver because of it. It was obvious our teacher drives like he teaches us too. I have become a reformed speeder. Please, stay off my tail.

Mary Barnes

Went here 7 years ago for my license and absolutely loved my experience. Ryan made me feel so comfortable and he was very helpful and funny! Almost didn't want it to end!

ronnie green

Finally got my license. Had an amazing experience with this driving school. I had two outstanding Instructors named Bonnie and David. Really recommend this school if you don't have much experience behind the wheel. Thanks again.

ness bear

The class was very informative and I enjoyed our instructor Greg . He was humorous and straight forward and made the class bearable lol. I recommend to come here and take the classes they offer it is worth your money .

alana curry

i had Greg as an instructor he went over all the content very good and was funny and well paced. defiantly recommend taking. also goes over all test questions so the test is very easy if you pay attention and take notes

santu roy

My instructor was Bonnie. She was really nice and helpful to teach you the good practices when you are behind the wheel. She never gets annoyed of your mistakes instead she tells you how to tackle it. It was a really nice experience driving with her. She makes me confident behind the wheel and I got my driving license today. Thank You Affordable Driving School.

Katy Gogo

Bacon Toes

Margarita Kravchenko

Zarema Ross

I have done 6 hour drive course with Bonnie. She was very nice! I would recommend the school, really worth the time. I build up my confidence and got to know several important driving tips.

Samuel Baiano

The process was clear and smooth, the online website worked fairly well and the driving instructor was really good in teaching me what to look for what to correct about my driving.

jack frasier

Greg was very informative and entertaining. Made a long class go by quickly.

Bluepoles C

Thank goodness I took this course. I did a 2-hour refresher with Ryan before taking a driving test (I have a license from another country). Even though I felt reasonably confident about my driving before, when I walked into the DMV to take the test, I realized I was a more confident, more able driver due to Ryan's class. He is clearly used to teaching driving in a way that is easy to remember on the road, and found a way to work driving facts into conversation, so that when I was taking the knowledge test afterwards, I kept thinking, "that's right, Ryan said that." I think it made the difference - I passed easily. The office for this business is modest but the actual classes have everything you need. And unlike the other schools I called, Affordable returned my calls promptly, and all the staff went out of their way to accommodate me on several occasions. These are nice, down-to-earth people who know what they're doing.

Sabrinna Boyd

Well back in 2014 I got into my first accident while driving. So I got told to take an driving improvement class before going to court because it makes you look better. So I did and chose this one. Well my permit cause suspended because DMV never received my certificate of completion. So when I went back up there they did have my certificate on file and it was only 2 or 3 years later that I needed it cause I was trying to get another permit. Well they loose your stuff and are liars. So luckly the lady took the paper that said I paid for the class and took it.

Karma Houdini

I used A Affordable Driving School to obtain my driver's license, and it was a great experience. Both Ryan and Bonnie were extremely helpful and friendly. Bonnie was my instructor, and she was patient, encouraging, kind-hearted, and had a great sense of humor. I was nervous initially, but she reassured me and helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my driving test and get my license. I am extremely satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend A Affordable Driving School.

michel forester

Caroline Till

I contacted this company to get information and the woman that answered was very condescending and rude. I do not recommend that anyone give this company their business. Proprietors should not treat potential customers with disrespect if they want to stay in business.

Nina E

I'd recommend this school! My instructor was Ryan and he is truly a great teacher. Very professional, calm, always in a good mood. It was a pleasure to work with him. If you a new to the city or driving in general, that's the school you should go with!

Robert Minich

My driving instructor David Hill was a very good instructor help me understand how to drive and park a lot easier

Victoria Stuart

Wonderful service and extremely knowledgeable. They work with your schedule, and have great rates. 10/10

Shannon Glancy

Friendly and informative instructors!

Brandon Gray

Ryan the instructor was very informative and helpful, as were the videos. I took the Saturday course, which runs from 8am-4pm, but the time actually went by pretty quickly. I highly recommend it for anyone who has to take a driver improvement course, whether voluntarily or by court order.

Brianna Pew

My instructor, Greg, was wonderful and covered all the content thoroughly. He made attempts to connect with all of us in the class, as most of us were under the age of 25 by using jokes and euphemism. I enjoyed the 8 hours me and my girlfriend sat in the class, well as much as anyone can. 10/10 recommended for anyone looking for a driving class!

Universal World

Wonderful school

Tony Moore

Great instructor with lots of engagement and new information about DMV laws. Highly recommend this course for all ages!

Omunique Owens

Had a WONFERFUL experience with A Affordable Driving. Dave was a great instructor, gave me confidence in my driving and really worked with me when I was unsure or uncomfortable with a maneuver. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. Thank you A Affordable Driving!


Chrissy BAILEY

Great service and clear instructions, My instructor Al was very alert and attentive. He made sure I understood everything piece by piece, and taught me everything step by step. He always came early or just right on time. He was very respectful and helped me a lot.

Richie Richards

The class was wonderful I have fun and learn alot

Bonnie K

My son worked with the driving instructor named Bonnie. She was wonderful. She has a gentle spirit about her. She was always on time and was very encouraging. I would highly recommend this company.

Adam D

Just finished the classroom/behind-the-wheel course and it was by far one of my best educational experiences! Ryan and Kevin are both exceptionally talented teachers and both do an absolutely stellar job of keeping the tone laid back and casual without sacrificing the educational side. Both instructors make a point of answering any and all questions and making sure that students are absorbing and understanding the information presented. Definitely going to recommend to my friends.

cheyenne loisel

I enjoyed the driving school class and David was a great instructor!!! I definitely didn’t think I would be able to get my license but this school helped soooo much!!!! :)

Ramsey Farrington

The class was good. I went in thinking I'd be bored out of my mind but the teacher Greg kept it interesting and I learned a lot.

Iman Omer

Amazing experience! I drove with Bonnie, and she was very patient, encouraging, and most important, informative. Although it was only a 2 hour session, the session was very helpful, I learned a lot, and I will be definitely taking another with her! Highly recommend!

Qamar Bahiy

Great experience from the instructor Greg love the way he explained everything and great driving lessons.


My instructor, Bonnie, was patient, knowledgeable and fun to practice with. I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience

Patrick Blackwell

Great convenient location for defensive driving course. Instructor was great and very informative

Kyree Williams

I am glad that I picked this driving school. My instructor, Ryan, was great and easy to work with. I am well equipped to take my driving skills test and pass the first time , after 6 hours of lessons. I recommend this driving school for anyone that wants to drive correctly and learn in an stress free environment.

Rokit Zurgeon

Instructors were very clear and enjoyable to work with. Overall great experience.

Tawnie Juanita

Instructor Greg was great! Updated info to learn from also.

Cody s.

I can't speak for the entire school, but as for my driving instructor, David, he was lovely. He was incredibly knowledgeable and was very familiar and comfortable with everything that I needed to know and be able to do in order to pass my final test. He was a great teacher and could communicate well. Quite often David would include anecdotes from his past, as a mail delivery driver, as a Sears salesman and as a student getting his degree in teaching Behind The Wheel. This both let me get to socialize with my teacher and helped provide real-world examples for everything that he was explaining. My experiences with David were incredibly positive and memorable, cannot recommend him enough. It was obvious from the beginning that David was a great teacher, however as the week progressed, I was privileged to learn what a great mentor and person, Instructor David really is. Would Highly recommend. 10/10

Shari Sullivan

Ryan is a great instructor. He made my daughter feel very comfortable. He was funny and easy to get along with. It was an enjoyable week. Behind the wheel was not a dreaded event. You have to spend 7 days in the car with your instructor so it is good if they are great. Thank you Ryan for making it an enjoyable rite of passage.

Stephanie Singer

Al is a great instructor! He retired from the Norfolk Police Department and knows all the rules of the road. In addition, he taught me a lot of good tips, especially for driving in bad weather and how to be courteous to other drivers (even if they’re not being very nice behind the wheel themselves). Also, the school lets you use their car for DMV’s road test. You have to call first. Be polite on the phone and you could get a discount (I did). In conclusion, highly recommended.

Ipshita Nankani

I took behind the wheel course. Ryan was my instructor. He is fantastic teacher. Follow what he teaches and you can learn easily. Thank You affordable driving school. Thank you Ryan.

Isaiah Clodfelter

Amanda Tamayo

Both the in-classroom and on the road driving experiences were exceptional. Ryan was a patient, interactive teacher who helped ease my anxiety and build the confidence I needed to become a knowledgeable and responsible driver. Would recommend this school to anyone, any age, hoping to get on the road successfully.

Desiree Hall

Mr. Greg was a very polite and an informative instructor with tips for improving my driving skills. Thank you

Nevetha Ramesh

I decided to go with Affordable Driving School after reading good reviews on Google. I was not disappointed. Maria was really helpful with setting me up and answering all my questions. Behind the wheel classes were the best! My instructor Bonnie was just great. She was flexible with what I wanted to learn and put me through challenging driving situations (eg. expressways, roundabouts) like I had asked her to. I could choose different pick up and drop off locations which was very convenient. Could improve on scheduling and answering calls (I had to call back several times to schedule my appointment) but teaching wise it was really good.

Chance Craig

Mr. Hill was a great instructor. Before taking the course I was very anxious when driving, he was always very calm and collected and overall a fun and extremely knowledgeable instructor. I enjoyed everyone of the seven days me and my partner had in this driving class.

Letitia Frank

The instructor we had, David H., was extremely professional and courteous. I felt comfortable knowing my child was in very capable hands.


The staff are very nice and professional! Great experience there. Highly recommended! Just got my license today and couldn't thank you more!

Dana Wicht

My daughter enjoyed the classroom experience as well as the behind wheel. Big thumbs up and would recommend company any day.

Latonya Deans


Richard Chen

I had an excellent time with A Affordable Driving School. My instructors were super nice and I learned a lot. I would recommend their Behind the Wheel program to any new drivers.

Dana Dorman

I am currently taking my drivers training. Ryan is the bestest instructor, he makes you feel so at ease and not nervous especially on the highway. Give Ryan a raise he deserves it. I will recommend this school and tell them to have Ryan as their instructor.

Janna Goliff

David H. was a really nice and thorough teacher. He made Janna's behind the wheel experience very pleasant. Thank you

D Paradigm

All the teachers are nice and are a great help. Enjoyed my lessons. Highly recommend!

Tayler Tarves

My driving instructor Ryan was great! I learned so much from him and this was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Now I am more confident and eager to get my license. Thank you so much for this awesome service!

Samir Chokshi

Very good instructor (Bonnie). she took a good care of me and loved her method of teaching.

Hailey Urick

I passed my test! This class was absolutely fantastic. My Instructor, David, really thorough with his teaching and adjusted the class to what would be best for me. He helped adjust the things that I needed work with and made note of good driving as well. He held good and friendly conversation for the full 2 hrs as well. He also helped me study for the test by going over what would be on it and even grading me at the end of the class The times and scheduling were adjusted to best fit me and my learning experience. I reccomend this class to anyone who just needs some professional help or some practice for the test.

N &N

Good driving school. Greg is the best teacher.

Nate Tippett

Affordable driving school was the best choice made for me to get my license, MY instructor David was a very nice man and was great at giving me tips while driving and giving me all the safety precautions on driving

Juel Williams

I went yesterday and my instructor was Greg he did one hell of a job. With the information I was able to obtain with him I was able to go to dmv the next day and pass. It’s very affordable and I would recommend good friendly environment

Jay W.

Greg was amazing and funny. Took time to explain everything . Absolutely wonderful.

Amina simmons

I had a great experience with with my teacher it's is overall a great driving school.

Latoya Neri

My husband used this school and had David as an instructor. He says David was comforting and knowledge. He also stated that he would give this school more than five stars if possible. Thanks for everything!!

Samantha Cozzolino

Gave me the confidence and experience I really needed to pass the driving test! Super patient and helpful people. Recommend to anyone who just needs a little bit more practice with a professional. I had a very positive experience! Thank you guys

Keisha Derry

My Husband attended one of the driver's courses that was taught by Mr. Greg. He did such a wonderful job that my husband was schooling me on the new driving laws on the way home. 2 thumbs up here!

Marian L

My son had David Ireland as an instructor. Excellent instructor & mentor. He is a perfect instructor for new drivers, giving them advice on the responsibility on driving, not just driving instructions. Highly recommend Affordable Driving and their Behind the Wheel class.

Kelli Bonkoski

My son is home schooled and we were looking for a place that he could take the classroom driving school and behind the wheel. Thi program was very informative and easy to use. The behind the wheel instructor was professional and on time every day. We are very happy with our experience.

Codruta Iacob

My instructor was Ryan, he was very calm and helpful, I learned a lot in my only 2 hours class. I went the other day and took my driving exam and successfully passed it. Also, the receptionist is very nice and helpful, answering all the questions and concerns. Before I choose this company I called some others and none seem so friendly on the phone, I believe it matters a lot. Thank you so much for your help!

Nicole Kim

When I first drove, I was extremely nervous as I did not have much prior experience in driving, but my instructor, David, was very reassuring. He gave me the best instructions and advices, talking me through everything very carefully. Before I knew it, I started to enjoy driving. I looked forward to the classes! I would definitely recommend Affordable Driving School for anyone planning to take Behind the Wheel!!

Angel Dark

I truly enjoyed that class I had. My instructor Greg was very informative. He went over much information, but made it easy to follow and understand it. Thanks again Mr. Greg.

Liz Sightler

Very helpful ! Got my license in as little as a 5 day spand and the instructor is awesome !!! If you're nervous, don't worry, he'll walk you through everything and even helped me afterwords when the DMV didn't know what they were doing

Khadiyah Williams


Maria Hosek

My instructor was Ryan and he is fantastic teacher, very competent and funny! I miss driving with him!

Ron Dein

The 6 hour driving course was a blast. If you're a brand new driver in need of some practice, or a veteran in need of a refresher I highly recommend Affordable Driving School. All in all it was an incredibly positive experience. Please consider this school as your first choice.


Greg the best instructor!

Angelique Mcfadden

I just passed my driving exam on my first try. A Affordable Driving School Inc is very nice and patient. She gives clear instructions and prepares you very well for the driving exam. I wasn't great at parallel parking, and she showed me an easy way to parallel park for the exam. I would highly recommend her driving school.

Eren Orenday

Everyone was super helpful and super nice! Worth your money, and you get your temp licence quick

Kevin Macmartin

Shaun Mcdaniel

Greg was amazing teacher and great class

Erik Randesi

Very easy process. Thank you

Nicole Quick

Great service! Got my license within a week and the instructor was very nice and helpful!

araceli marin

on my first day I met sherry my instructor very nice person I have never ever driven this was my actual first time and the one thing she told me is by then end of the first session I will be driving home. and yes I did I could not believe the confidence I had for myself honestly this program is the best they are patient and wonderful I highly recommend them and yes I got my drivers license


Oh my this school is such epic and extremely enjoyable the people are extremley nice and the instructor is awesome

Pink Mill

Great class took one day and they do them on sundays so you dont have to miss work i went back then next to take my test and passed it

Srinivas Doodam

5 stars!!! My wife took 5 driving classes from Instructor Ryan and the way Ryan gave confidence is really commendable. She completed her driving classes and passed the road test. Great driving school and I recommend it to every one!

Floriana Catanese


David was a patient and pleasant instructor. The company was very organized and was easy to arrange to make up a day missed due to hurricane weather.

Jakia Joseph

They were very patient with me and helped me finally get my licence!

Terra Michelle

Mr. David was very fun to drive with, and he helped me to be very confident in my driving. He gave me useful and important knowledge of the road, and if I did do something wrong he would correct me in a helpful/positive manner. If I could give six stars, I would

Tyler Patterson

Affordable Driving School was great! Greg was very helpful and was very passionate about teaching and making the class not boring. And it’s Affordable!

corey foreman

Instructor is very helpful and had me back driving in no time

Deepak Kannadasan

Want to give 10 stars. Ryan, Greg, David are the ones very patient, passionate and positive trainers out there. Thumps up!!!

Cori Quinn

Affordable driving school was amazing. "Ryan" is the person we initially called and spoke with. He was extremely helpful and friendly. We commuted out of Norfolk and met our instructor in Va Beach. "David", our driving instructor, was very down to earth, knowledgeable and had so much patience. My son thoroughly enjoyed working with David as he offered a fun personality my son could relate to. This made instruction fun and easy going and eliminated his stress and anxiety about driving. After the first couple days, I dropped my son off and David allowed him to drive himself back home. This saved me gas and time, ultimately giving my son the crucial interstate driving training he needed. This school was completely hastle free and worked around our schedule. I highly recommend Affordable Driving School to every student driver.

Sikuate Disal

This is our second experience with Affordable Driving School of Virginia Beach. 7 years ago, our eldest son went through them and today, our second son completed and passed his driving course including the DMV test. Instructor Ryan handled both of our sons and he was both professional and relaxing to work with as I get their feedback after each session. Ryan also pointed out areas that can be improved on to increase accuracy and confidence. I've also noticed a big improvement in my sons driving habits after going through the course and even learned a few myself. This driving school is definitely highly recommended!

Sebastian Roa Camargo

I took the adult waiver programme and can say that Ryan, who's the driving instructor, is a great teacher and person. I've got my driver's license thank God and Affordable's coaching.

David Hill

Great place to work

Noemie Chemali

I attended the Affordable Driving School for driver's ed when I missed it at my high school. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the 4 week summer course went by very fast. The instructors were caring, time-conscious and laconic, but provided thorough instruction. They made boring material come alive by incorporating technology as a teaching tool.Thank-you Ryan and Greg.

Maruf Hasan

I took couple of lessons from this school with Ryan. I needed confidence building on different aspects of driving and I got what I wanted. The instructions were precise, clear and informative. The instructor was very helpful and provided lots of tips regarding improving my driving. He patiencely answered all the questions and responded to any confusion I had. I will recommend this school for the new learners as the instructor seemed very friendly to me.

Shirlin Chen

Easy and fun process. My instructor, David, was very nice and gave me great tips about driving. Definitely recommend A Affordable Driving School!

Destiny Kinka

Affordable Driving School was outstanding and I would highly recommend it to anyone taking the behind the wheel course!

Kaela Hayes

I had Ryan as my instructor. He was definitely a huge help! I was able to take lessons from him for 6 hours and two days post the completion of my private lessons, I had passed my drivers license test! I am someone who had a difficult time being confident in my ability to drive, especially on the interstate/highway. He knocked that fear out for me. I'd highly recommend this school for any new driver or someone who just needs help. He's very patient, his directions are efficient, and he makes sure you're doing things the correct and safe way. Thank you, Ryan!


Jennie Taylor

After his first lesson with Bonnie, my son had overcome his fear of driving. He completed all of the lessons and now drives everywhere! Thank you for helping him get on the road!

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Driving school

The Driving Teacher RVA
The Driving Teacher RVA
Driving School - Virginia

Driving school

Advantage Driving School,inc.
Advantage Driving School,...
Driving School - Virginia

Driving school

A-1 Driving Academy
A-1 Driving Academy
Driving School - Virginia

Driving school

Aapex Driving School
Aapex Driving School
Driving School - Virginia

Driving school