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REVIEWS OF 49 Dollar Driver Clinics IN Virginia

Roya Ayub

Very unique approach to driving class. Actually have current context to driving rules in VA and a better perspective on driving laws.

Fani c

Highly recommended, not boring at all. Best thing is it's only $49 dollars!

Malakhi Basquez

Alayna Newby

Kenzie Stemen

Very personal experience

Katie Kik

This class was the best way to spend a day in driving school. The instructor has an obvious passion for not only the subject matter, but also teaching and engaging an audience. Maurice has a long list of life experience that add to his credibility as an instructor and adviser. The class itself was well organized and as pain free as an 8 hour course could be. His emphasis on group participation, multiple forms of media, and humorous antectodes provided a valuable learning environment. He was extremely professional, patient and helpful with answering specific questions for each student in the course as well. I felt incredibly lucky to have ended up attending his course and would highly recommend him to everyone!

T 21

Great class, very engaging and you actually learn a lot, Maurice is the man!

Aaron Tran

Class was good, material needs to be changed.

Samantha Wilson

I enjoyed the class very much . Real informative and entertaining. My instructor made it interesting and entertaining to learn . Made my Saturday doing the class worth it. I’ll refer any day .

AJ Ray

Very good class, also affordable would recommend to others.

Kate Fogarty

Really fun guy teaching a great informative class. Best drivers improvement class around by far.

Autumn Keller

Entertaining, engaging and good material.

Marcus Sowers

Great Class, I learned a lot of new information

gerell smith

Was awesome went in very cocky about driving but was humbled and learned a lot.

Wilber Galindo

I took a course back in October 2018 to increase my safe driving point balance with the DMV mainly because my job considers DMV points. They never credited my points to my balance. I’m still at the same balance from before I took the class. I’ve tried calling multiple times but it always goes straight to voicemail. I left a message over a week ago, they never got back to me. I even went so far as to email them and they still never got back to me.

Hannah Dyer

The instructor took an approach that was different than my expectations. He involved everyone in his discussions and taught more practical lessons rather than read straight from the booklet. He did a good job keeping everyone awake and engaged with the topic at hand. The 8 hours flew by.

Jacob Dotson

Chloe Cozzens

Really good instructor and informative class

M Adenew

I thought this class was entertaining and educational. The instructor made the class fun to attend and not boring like other driver improvement classes I've attended.


This class is taught in a very professional yet engaging manner. A+. I was pleasantly surprised by the depthful curriculum. It ultimately makes you think of driving in a different way.

Ann Bueche

Loved the instructor and full of uselful information! Was extremely beneficial without being hurtful with past mistakes!

Tristan Siner

Maurice was a great teacher a lot was covered in the class. He was funny, kept things interesting and easy to follow. The information that was given was things that people should know and I would recommend taking the class to gather more information about driving or just to have a refresher course as well. Also there is a test at the end.

Emmett Early

Great experience with a great teacher- Definitely got a lot out of it!

Katie Messplay

Maurice is awesome

John Martin

Great learning experience and great teacher!


This course pointed out and refreshed many points that I think a lot of people need to be taught. Things like what to do in uncommon situations are very handy

Jonathan Polania

Engaging learning experience

Victoria Buchanan

Learned a lot of information in a fun way which allowed be to better use the information learned. He was able to connect to certain situations which made it easier to share my situations in class.

Kaitlyn Campbell

The class is engaging and it's not boring read a text book type of class. It makes the 8 hours do-able

Jonathan Barclay

Course was very informative. Instructor Maurice was helpful, knowledgeable, and made the learning fun.

bethany mata

I learned a lot from the instructor and it was an enjoyable class, very different from what I thought it would be.

Julius Martinez

Great experience, he knows his stuff and would definitely recommend it to others.

Kevin Benitez

Levi Jesser

Sahil Zelawar

I learned many things that I did not know before and the instructor made learning the material enjoyable!

Shaelyn Neumann

maurice osborne is fantastic, I have never been so interested and engaged in a classroom environment.

Nore Catlett

The instructor (Maurice) was very engaging and made sure everyone learned how to be a safer better driver!

Imani Kates

Best driving class I've ever taken! Highly recommend taking this class if you must or even just to earn driving points.

acoustic miggy

This class is definitely solid, I thought I would have a hard time staying awake in this class, but the class was surprisingly informative and engaging, an experience that is hard to find in schools today. I highly recommend this driving clinic as the teacher is great and engaging and makes the class less boring.

Sophia Ramos

Hunter Hoffmann

49 DDC is a great course and very friendly. I had Maurice as my instructor and he made the class very fun and entertaining to the point where it doesn't seem like it's mandatory. I didn't feel as if I was ordered to do this, I feel like I'm learning and interacting and not just listening to a guy talk. 10/10 for the course and Maurice

Goerge Moriuty

The instructor was witty and kept things interesting while still teaching me a lot

Jon Childress

Love the class. Very laid back and relatable teacher.


Great experience!

Sarah Fansler

Very welcoming and by far the cheapest class I found. Also, it is available every Saturday so it should fit in your schedule easily!

Megan Miller

Great. Maurice was an amazing Instructor and would recommend to anyone wanting to take a drivers class. Made my Saturday and very entertaining class. Thank you 49 DDC!

Justin Massey

Fun and entertaining class that taught the material in an interesting way, having and encouraging active conversations versus a lecture. Don't have any regrets about making this my choice for my improvement class.

maddy h

I had taken this driving improvement class about a couple weeks ago, and this was such an amazing class. I highly recommend this driving class, Maurice the instructor did such an amazing job. I learned so much from him, and he made this 8 hr class so enjoyable. The material he used was so useful and helpful.He taught us very professionally and gave us the tools we needed to succeed. He’s a great human being in my opinion. I would recommend him and his driving improvement class to everyone. Not to mention the cheapest price around, only $49! Wonderful teacher, class and a wonderful experience!

harvi courtney

Great martial and it will be more helpful if the martial was also established in driver ed classes

Natalia Robles

Definitely recommend! Really cool guy and time flies!

Riley Peck

This course was awesome!! I highly recommend!

Amy Settle

Very educational, reasonable pricing. Excellent driving improvement clinic.

Margaret Steckler

Maurice, the instructor, was awesome and entertaining which made the class so much better! The class flew by like it was nothing.

Dana Prinz

Material was great, as well as the instructor! Definitely recommend.

Skylar Watkins

Awesome class!

Brandon Chapman

Mark Graham

The instructor is a wonderfully intelligent and captivating teacher. And its generally the cheapest option. No complaints here

Briana Perry

Great class

Madison Sousa

Alice Turay

Very informative class and would recommend to anyone!

Johnathan Buffum

Great class

Julianna Graham

David Cohen

I came to this class annoyed that I had to spend eight hours on my Saturday attending driving school. However, the instructor, Maurice, makes this class very enjoyable! He is a very knowledgeable and funny person who engages the class in a very fun way and the time flies by! I highly recommend this course.

Isis Reynoso

Kaila Phillips

This is not like any typical boring driving class that you dread going to on a saturday and the most affordable knowledgeable class that i’m honestly so glad i had to take. Maurice was such a nice funny guy which made it very interesting and fun keeping the class entertained the whole time. He gives you different views on how to understand driving and the elements that make it up. I would definitely would recommended this to any and everybody. Thanks again Maurice and 49ddc!

Dylan Carter

I really enjoyed the class, Maurice (Instructor) was definitely professional on how he explains the material. The class definitely gives you the information you need for improvement in "your" driving. It makes you rethink choices you make while driving. It also gives you the tools to improve your awareness, safety, emergency situation, and overall driving. It was also definitely a fun class, not a robotic class. It was interactive, things were explained with real life events to help you relate and retain the information.

Emma Mae Hunter

I found this course to be very enjoyable. The instructor communicated well with everyone, and presented the information in a way that was easy to understand, interesting, and important.

Love Skiing

I thought this program was very helpful in teaching me the risks of driving. Maurice was pretty cool too!

Barbara Albuquerque

brianna burckhalter

it was a great expirence and I learned a lot from this! Highly recommended


Great class! Maurice was awesome! Kept the class entertained & straight to the point!

Sam Perkins

Very practical and useful information! Learned use tips and tricks, as well as real life info. Instructor was energetic and fun! A lot more enjoyable then it may seem initially. 10/10 would take again

Sean fx

Great class, especially for the money!

Mary Shutts

Very good class. Material was up to date and I learned alot


Legitimately the only fantastic experience I've had through the DMV. The material was clear and concise. Exactly what information related to driving needs to be. Well organized on top of all of that. Referencing the military industrial complexes effect on driving law was a fun angle as well.

Jesse Rakestraw

This class has funny teacher

Trevor DeMonti

Very fun made learning enjoyable. He was very knowledgeable in the subject

Kevin nguyen

Pat Meisels

I found Maurice to be informative, gave examples of situations but most of all animated. It kept you interested, not boring. Thank You.

Janet Stancil

Kenneth Lyons

Mary Jent

This is an amazing class with a great teacher. The class it’s self was taught in an amazing way. I feel the teacher went over really important and great materials that I was never taught when getting my license in the first place. I feel the materials he went over was something that should be taught in the driving classes from the beginning. His teaching style was very helpful and informative. I am very appreciative of this course. I suggest anyone who wants to brush up on their driving take this course! Thanks again!!

Joe Bob

Very good class

Corey Brent

Really fun class 5 stars

Avery Carter

I was honestly dreading the thought of spending my Saturday at a boring, time consuming driver improvement clinic. However, I was pleasantly surprised because I actually loved it and got a lot out of it! The instructor, Maurice, was so knowledgeable and informative, yet he made the experience entertaining and interesting. He was quite personable, and I liked that we got a chance to openly discuss the topics and ask questions. The presentation was probably the exact opposite of the terrible clinic I was expecting to take. I left in high spirits because I learned so much and it changed my perspective on driving, and for an unbeatable price. The class was easy to follow and time flew by thanks to Maurice's stellar teaching methods. I highly recommend 49 Dollar Drivers Clinics!

Emonie Armstrong

I really enjoyed the course!

Thomas Newton

The instructor was extremely personable and I learned a lot

Ellen Chae

The material was actually interesting and the instructor made the class interactive and fun. I recommend this class to all especially to a younger crowd because the instructor is very good! The class was informative and I learned a lot during my time here.

Joseph Keogh

This class was the best possible driving course. Our instructor was Maurice and he was both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I enjoyed this class more than I ever expected. I would recommend this company and instructor to anyone who is looking for a DMV licensed course.

Phillip Pinero

After 25 years of driving I was still able to learn new material. Very informational class and put together well.

Jason Murphy

Awesome class very informative all point were current, accurate, and valid.

Nathan Zappe

He's interesting and makes this seem not bad

Lisa DeLoatch

Maurice was a great instructor. He was very knowledgeable, he kept the class engaged and made it fun. I highly recommend this class.

eze chukwuezi

At first I was blown I had to spend most my Saturday doing this class, but I’m actually glad I took it and will definitely take it again in the future. Maurice is an amazing instructor and I’ll recommend many people to take this class even if it isn’t court ordered

Luke Howard

Marbin Bustillo

Definitely recommend this place too anyone looking for an improvement class but most important to be a safer driver. Thanks for all the advice

Harmeet Singh

It was a surprisingly refreshing experience (or as refreshing as a drivers improvement course can be) and I learned alot more than I expected to. If you need to take this course I would highly recommend coming to Maurice.

Phillip Thome

Great class, great instructor.

Mark Landers

This clinic didn't return calls or emails when my son tried to reschedule. Now there is a refund owed for canceled classes. It was promised over two weeks ago, and we still can't get anyone to answer the phone or return emails.

nicole justine

they go over a lot of things that they don’t cover in a regular drivers course and the intructor, maurice, is great

David Beardsley

Madeline gregory

riley rudnick

Maurice Osborne was a phenomenal instructor. He knows how to make sure your attentive. and he makes it seem not too long. Great guy and great teacher! Highly recommended!

Carly Williams

Chase Dixon

Seth Nevarez

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