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REVIEWS OF 2020 Driving School IN Virginia

kiara johnson

Reuben Laryea

I had an awesome teacher, Babu is the best

Lori Howell

Ron was very informative and kept you interested.

Loni DelGrande

Great experience. My son and his friend took Behind The Wheel. The instructor, Ron was very thorough and accommodating to the boy's school, football and my work schedule. Loved that he came to King George. Highly recommended. Ask for Ron!

L Lebat

I decided to choose 2020 Driving School instead of one closer to my home because of their outstanding reviews. I was not disappointed. The investment in time and gas to go there, which was an hour away for us, was well worth it. My two sons received both excellent personal and behind the wheel lessons and passed their road test. They enjoyed learning to drive in the Cruze. The instructor was very personable, patient, understanding, encouraging, calm throughout and explained concepts well. He helped take away their apprehension of driving on the open road and in traffic and coached them into becoming confident drivers. I would definitely recommend 2020 Driving School to everyone.

William Bowser

This is a terrible representation of a company their driver was an instructor blew through an intersection almost caused an accident and cut me off because he was in a turn lane trying to go straight.

Ashley Quijada

Pattie Sullivan was super great and she helped me become calm and comfortable while driving! Very thorough instructor and good at giving directional help.

Stephanie Servin

This place is fantastic! All the staff is so nice and helpful when it came to getting my license! The instructor helped me through every step of the way to make sure I was comfortable behind the wheel!

Blessin Hamlet

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Peggy was an amazing instructor patient, kind, and thoughtful. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND FOR ANY NEW DRIVERS

Margarita Lemuz

I take the private class and behind the wheel with Mackenzy and his a Excellent trainer I really recomend him.

trevor millard

Mackenzy was my instructor and he really helped me learn and pass my driving test.

Devin Joiner

Marie Kolleh

Great and amazing experience. I learn a lot through out the seven days. Mrs. Patty was a great teacher/ instructor. She was very kind , and she made me feel confident and comfortable. I’m very thankful I took this class

Savannah Allen

Ron made an 8-hour driver improvement class as painless and enjoyable as it can possibly be. He was engaged, understading, entertaining & extremely helpful to students. I would recommend his instruction to anyone who needed or wanted to take a driver improvement class. (Plus 5 safe driving points!!!)

Katherine E. Loftus

Incredible! Super nice people, taught me what I needed to know. Worked with me to create a schedule that was perfect for my timeline.

April Andino

Amazing staff!!! Mckenzie was awesome. I appreciate you. Jessie was so patient. Thank you!!!!

Almighty Daniel

had a great experience on behind the wheel with mr. tucker, 10/10. I recommend him

Daniel Lauber

Amazing experience, everyone was super nice and super willing to work with me. Mckenzie was my behind the wheel instructor with 2020, he was willing to work with my needs and went out of his way to teach me different types of parking. He also stayed extra time with me to make sure I understood everything I was learning. Mckenzie is calm, patient, and very knowledgable of knew drivers.

Andrew Saunders

My experience with 2020 driving school was excellent throughout the entire process. Mackenzy was a great instructor who helped me become a better driver through the application of safety practices. I will be recommending this school to as many people as possible in hope that they will find it as valuable as I have.

jalen soto

It’s was a fun and easygoing experience, and I would mind doing it all over again

Massinissa Belkadi

Mr.Tucker was a great instructor , it was a very informative course and I learned the ins and outs of driving with great hospitality.

Carla Torres

I would definitely recommend this place thanks to Matt for being so patient and so nice ! I can finally start driving without being afraid or nervous .

Kaelynn Crossman

Loved the experience! Just got my driver’s license yesterday , and completed the 2020 program. It was so convenient! She picked me up right from my house for the lessons and dropped me back home afterwards. Schedule was flexible and well-planned. Very helpful! Thank you!

Sergio Snow

You want to have a great driving School experience? I will definitely recommend you to go to the 2020 Driving School.

spann tei

coming here, i don't regret. i learned the road and great driving pointers, tips and all. i learned vehicle skills honestly. i liked all the staff at the end of the day, their goals are to help anyone who has signed up under them, they're helpful and understanding to your schedule.. very smooth process

Juice devourer

Anyone who is looking to get their standard license should pick this place. Throughout the entirety of my time with them, they were always helpful, kind, understanding to me and everyone else and genuinely taught me things about being a good driver I won't forget. The driving instructors George and Babu were especially interesting to drive with, both amazing instructors who'll make sure you end up a better driver than you were before. An overall very informative and helpful driving school, would recommend to any and everyone.

Kim Nguyen

I have one of the best experience at 2020 driving school. My instructor Pattie was great. I feel very excited and confident now. I will recommend 2020 to everyone I will get in contact with.

Dominique Burroughs

This place is amazing! I couldn't believe how professional and knowledgable the instructors were. I didn't feel comfortable driving before, but after my classes here I have no problems at all. I'm telling my friends and family members in need of driving classes to come here. Wow!

Darshan Singh

It’s a Best Driving School. Office Staff members are very professional and answered all of my questions with patience. I live in Dumfries and picked 2020 Driving School because of the customer service. My instructor was very knowledgeable and taught me back up and parallel parking. I feel very confident now. We highly recommend this school to everyone my family know. Now my younger sisters are signing up for driver’s ed and behind the wheel with 2020 driving school.

Mason Wheeler

I did Behind the Wheel with Mr Tucker, and he was a great instructor. 10/10 would recommend.

Marcia Reiser

Mackenzie Christopher was a great instructer! He taught everything you should know for driving.

Taylor Rumuly

Mr.Tucker was my instructor and he was an amazing teacher and you will learn a lot from him. He’s very flexible and will work with your schedule of when you can drive especially for people who work like myself. Definitely can not thank him enough for allowing me to get my license.

John Njakoi

Great staff, good service. My instructor Madeeha was great!

Esther Kim

Pattie Sullivan is the best instructor! She was always so kind and kept me calm when I was nervous about driving. She’s experienced and definitely knows what she’s talking about. There isn’t one thing I wasn’t happy about during the time I did behind the wheel with her. I’m so glad to have had an instructor like her and I’m going to recommend 2020 to everyone I know.

Big 9

I wanna Thank the 2020 Driving School for preparing me for my learners permit and Driver licenses I was able to ask questions and have one on one time I wanna thank my instructor on my learners permit and my Driving instructor Ms. Melissa for helping me and telling me what was right and also what was wrong I strongly recommend this program it worth the money and the time Trust Me ...

tiesha marie

single mother trying to get my life straight was looking for adult behind the wheel classes and came across 2020 driving school best decision i made my driving instructor mackenzie was phenomenal and very professional and helpful helping me plan around my work schedule and my childs school schedule would i recommend the driving school yes i would but i would also recommend driving instructor mackenzie got my license first try. thank you guys so much

Lyndsay Gardner

It was a really good experience and I learned a lot from the instructors. I highly recommend Kim because she was very knowledgeable about the area we were driving in and was kept the drives very calm.

Sangita Desai

Excellent staff. Outstanding instructor. I called several schools no one returned my call. This school helped me get through everything to get my license. I will recommend to everyone I know.

Sanaa Soliman

I had a great experience with 2020 Driving School! Everyone was super helpful and walked me through the process of driver’s ed and behind the wheel. I highly recommend to others!

Karina Gramajo

2020 Driving school is by far the best school in the Fredericksburg area. They explained the process to my mother very well for Re-Examination, Driver's Ed and Behind the Wheel. Her instructor Pattie was very patient and helped her improve in her driving as well. My mom's friends kids have come to 2020 Driving school and they had a good experience as well. 10/10 recommend this school.

Garrett Mothershead

Pattie was a great instructor she is really nice and easy to drive with. Will definitely be referring her to friends and family!!! SHE NEEDS A RAISE

Hannah Russ

My instructor Shirley was awesome! She was kind and super knowledgeable. I will definitely be referring friends and family to this wonderful company!

Imani Spann

I had a great experience with my driving instructor: Ms.Pattie. She was calm and communicated clearly for my understanding.

Nadia Alhasani

Very professional and reliable, great management and friendly staff, affordable prices too .. Thanks for all your efforts 2020 driving school we really appreciate it .. We'd definitely recommend you to others.

Kayla Winter

Very good highly recommended everyone is so nice and easy to work with

mohammad kakar

Best staff and best service.

Martin Zimmerman

Very unhappy!! We were told by the instructor that we could "Double Up" driving sessions and be done in 5 day's. After receiving the 6 month license we were contacted by the DMV in Richmond. We were told that we needed to retake the class. We chose another school in the area and completed the course a second time. This school cuts corners and puts profits ahead of the safety of the students and the other drivers in the area. Don't let this happen to you. Don't believe the 5 DAY class, it does not exist and can cost you your time and money.

Hector Gonzalez

This driving school made sure that I received my driver's improvement certificate. They have a lovely staff who were very helpful through out the process.

Johnny Davis

Ramon alvarez

Mr. Tucker was my instructor and i had a great time learning and taking my driving test. 10/10 would recommend

zion flmng

Mackenzie was a great instructor, and he really helped me obtain my license, and grasp the bigger picture when it comes to driving. If you need classes to learn how to drive or even just lessons, I recommend calling 2020 and asking for Mack!

Christopher Spaulding

I had a good experience with my Driving Instructor and I was confident in my learning.

Piero Alva

Mackenzie Christophe, very nice and helpful driver instructor, had a great time.

Stephanie Cueva

I had a great teacher her name is kim, the school was simple and easy those 7 days straight.

Guido Visioni

Mackenzy Christophe was an amazing driving instructor who helped me get over my initial fear of roads faster than 10 mph! He gives great feedback on what you need to work on to become a better driving and is very encouraging and funny. 5 stars!


2020 Driving School went above and beyond! When I first called all my questions were answered and I had lots of them! After signing up, Kim was very good about setting up my driving times. Kim was patient and kind. Kim was also good about helping me complete my classes ASAP but also made sure I knew what I needed to know. Before the driving classes, I didn’t know how to reverse park or parallel park. On the last driving class I was able to do both with confidence. I never would’ve thought I could parallel park. I am grateful for Kim for all that she’s done. She helped me get rid of the anxiety I used to have when driving. When signing up ask for Kim because you won’t be disappointed.

Diana Ramos

My experience at 2020 Driving School was amazing! Once I called them I was amazed on how well they treated and cared about my driving needs. I went to this school for behind the wheel, my instructor mckenzie was very nice and very patient with me, and also the other students in the car. The owner of the business, offered me a $25 discount since I did drivers education online also. I would highly recommend 2020 Driving School for all driving needs

alexandra Hepburn

Great experience with my teacher Mackenzy!

Paul Brar

My sister failed learner’s permit test 3 times. My friend recommended me 2020 driving school. Guess what she passed the test first time after taking the 8 hour class. Now she is has signed up for behind the wheel and has wonderful instructor Kim. I have already recommended 2020 driving school to my friends and co workers. We are so pleased with the experience and treatment from everyone so far.

Isaiah Washington

I had patty as a driving instructor and she was amazing very knowledgeable and helpful thank you for your help for a key steppingstone in my future

The buttery toster

2020 driving school was absolutely incredible in guiding me towards getting my license. My family is pretty busy so it was difficult for them to practice with me, the driving instructors are helpful and understanding. They give really useful tips to help you be the best driver possible! I got my license in time for school which I’m super excited about. If you are unsure about driving schools, choose this one! It’s great!

Chadd Durrant

I have nothing but great things to say about this driving school. Kim was my instructor and I felt that she was amazing not only to me but to the other students that she instructed. I will definitely be recommending this school to friends and family!!


Very friendly establishment! My Behind The Wheel instructor Pattie was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I have already recommended to all my friends and family.

Kody Black

I failed my learners permit test three times. Friend of mine recommended me to go to 2020 Driving School. Instructor explained Drivers Manual line by line and which made me very confident and he went over the techniques how to take a test and read the questions in details and make the correct option. I passed the test and I am doing behind the wheel. What a wonderful team!

Pete Jones

I had the displeasure of driving behind one of their student drivers going between 30 and 35 on Landsdowne Rd with a speed limit of 45. The weather was clear and road conditions were normal. Either the instructor was not aware of the speed limit or was advising the student to go well under the speed limit, either way...not a positive thing.

mia lester

This is a great school. They really make sure of your improvement. I had Kim Gaughan as an instructor and shes so patient and really works with you. I am so glad I had her. She is truly a great teacher. She makes sure you are ready and she know what she's talking about. She made driving seem less stressful and made sure we were prepared. Ask for Kim!



Mr Tucker was a great teacher had a lot of patience and can tell he loves doing his job highly recommend this company

Jennifer Russ

Private lessons were great! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Highly recommend!

Roxana Hernandez Mejia

The best school!

Jasandeep Kaur

I was in the Drivers Improvement class today. The class was very informative! The instructor Millie was awesome! I will definitely spread the word to everyone I know to go to 2020.

Trevor Smith


very nice for private lessons and behind the wheel

Emma Butler

Pattie Sullivan was my instructor for behind the wheel. I felt very comfortable and confident when I was in the car with her and she was very helpful along the way. The company was also helpful and easy to deal with

Marissa Delgado

Great place to learn how to drive! Office staff and my driving instructor had great attitude. I will recommend 2020 driving school to everyone I know. Thanks a bunch!

Caprice Hobbs

I love this driving school so much! It’s affordable, convenient and best of all efficient. I came from another driving school because I wasn’t getting the best help less than 9 months ago. Mckenzie helped me with drivers ed and getting my license all in less than a month. Because of 2020 I am now a great driver with 2 cars! I love how they weren’t so worried about money. They worked with my limited schedule during the holidays. They even let me pay afterwards. I reccommend 2020 because it helped me understand the basics of driving. There was a time when I couldn’t drive at all and I was losing hope. Now I am an amazing drive. With less than a year of driving experience I’ve been to Delaware, Pennsylvania, dc and md all because of confidence and the knowledge of 2020. Thank you guys so much.

Hilary Loftus

They were incredibly helpful in scheduling my daughter’s Behind the Wheel training on short notice. Everyone was very friendly and Babu Brar was wonderful. I highly recommend 2020 driving school!

Lexy Stanford

I had a great experience with them for my behind-the-wheel lessons. Everyone, the staff and instructors, were amazing and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I will recommend this school to other people.

Kokovi Sefako A Lawson Doute

Hi.i thank 2020 .with the help of Mackenzy Christophe. I can drive now.he's the best teacher

Edward Presten

Excellent services, very helpful in getting my license fast. Recommended.

Trinity Scott

Great! Mackenzy was great and made sure I was confident and ready to drive.

Jeany Erin

Pattie was an excellent instructor. She was always patient, calm and thorough in her teaching. She made me feel at ease when driving.I learnt how to be a confident and safe driver. Very great and a kind person. Highly recommended. #2020drivingschool is the best driving school in town.

claire kohlhaas

My driver instructor helped me and the other drivers a lot. She made she we were safe and was always paying attention, giving us tips as we drove on how to improve.

dana tawiah

I will definitely recommend this school for future drivers. The instructors are very nice and will calmly direct you on what to do, as long as you listen to them. I had fun with the instructors and they will help you with everything you need help with. My experience is worth the money spent on the lessons and now I passed and getting my license. So happy to choose this institution for my lessons.

Jeremy Smith

Really good teacher. Definitely recommend going if you need help with behind the wheel or have to take an 8 hour improvement class.

John King

Virginia Breeden

I did the much needed driving improvement class voluntary today and i thought before i did it wow this is gonna be a tough day well i actually had a wonderful day the people are so nice and they make u feel rite at home thanks to millie for signing me up and for the retired police man for the good class today i would highley recomend this class if u need some good points or even if u gotta go nice place to be with good people all wraped in one

Marie Livingston

Great school! I was able to complete my online drivers ed, behind the wheel classes and road test with this school. Everyone is helpful and they follow up with you to make sure you can get it done as soon as possible. My teacher Shirley was great! I'm so glad I found this school and finally have a driver's license. Absolutely recommend.

Christopher Clark

Money well spent!!!! My driving instructor Mckenzie was extremely patient and understanding, helped me improve my driving skills to a point that were both confident in, highly recommend him!!!!!


This experience was awesome! It was so nice to not have to stress about going to the DMV for all the tests and classes. I was able to do both the written portion and in-car classes with 20/20 and it was amazing!!! My instructor, Mackenzie Christophe, was super nice and patient and I had a lot of fun learning with him. I highly reccomend!

xander playz

I failed my knowledge test three times. Was seraching for approved driving school to prepare myself for knowledge test I found this school nearest to my location 2020 Driving School. Instructor explained Drivers Manual line by line and which made me very confident and he went over the techniques how to take a test and read the questions in details and make the correct option. I passed the test and and was able to pass my behind the wheel test on the same day as everything was explained in detail manner thank you wonderful team

Stuart Shapiro

The staff and owner are excellent will recommend to anyone who is looking for a driving school , they are truly a full service school

Krista Griffis

I had my first driving lesson with Mackenzy and he is really helpful! He's teaching me not only how to drive the safe and legal way but also teaching me that confidence behind the wheel is key!! It's definitely worth the money and he is very patient and kind. I'm actually really looking forward to taking more lessons and eventually my behind the wheel with 20/20.

preet brar

alexxus barbour

finished the course for my license in a little over a week . the staff there are amazing ! absolutely loved my driving instructor & the office staff where amazing ! highly recommend 2020 to any & everyone !

Dylan Akpan

Glad I got my certificate, but slideshow for the 8 hour course could be presented better with more enthusiasm, hopefully that gets replaced for others.

Tamara Adkins

Great experience! They are very professional and accommodating. Matt was my daughter's instructor. He was amazing! My daughter received great instruction and correction with her driving skills . I have another teen next year that will be needing behind the wheel I'll definitely be using 2020 driving school again and highly recommend them !

Vita 2021

I 100% recommend this driving school, for they have taught me how to drive the safest way possible. I’ve learned to parallel park no problems, back in, and drive into a parking spot without any issues. I now have my license and joining this school, I believe you’ll pass.

Positive Lifeology

Mrs. Patty Sullivan, is an excellent driving instructor was very professional, helped on calming down the driver. And she was very nice and helpful.

Brandon Purcell

Makenzie was a great teacher .. he taught me how to drive from the ground up.. 5 stars for da guy .. If u need a good Intructor he’s da guy .. thankyou makenzie... I will Definitely be a safe A safe driver for the years down the road

John Dewling

Great staff and I had an amazing experience

Jeremiah Weeks

I've been experiencing the most awesome customer support and overall energy, if you need to drive go to 2020 to see it in the future!!!

Kaleb Jeffrey

2020 really brought me out of my shell and made me confident in my ability to drive

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