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REVIEWS OF Sage Truck Driving Schools IN Utah

Dan Pyper

Sage was an amazing experience, I had Colin as my classroom instructor and he knows what he's talking about, has a great way of teaching the material. Jeff was my driving teacher and the guy is extremely knowledgeable, knows how to explain and simplify what he wants you to do and learn, as well as what you will be expected to do so the transition into the test is easy. Jeff, Colin, Crystal, Mike, thank you all. Definitely an awesome experience for me there. I would highly recommend Sage in Sandy to anyone thinking about cdl school.

Jared Miller

DO NOT ATTEND THIS JOKE OF A SCHOOL, they take advantage of State funding by asking for thousands of dollars to attend. Then you sit in a classroom for EIGHT hours a day for two WHOLE weeks doing chapter work out of a book you can buy on amazon for less than $18! On one of my drives I spent over two of the four hours on the side of the road waiting for the truck to work again because they do zero maintenance! The classroom smells like urine & is disgustingly dirty! DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME & ESPECIALLY MONEY ON THIS PLACE. For less than $500 & in shorter than a week you can get lessons from a 3rd party tester on the states website. I COMPLETELY REGRET ALLOWING THIS PLACE TO WAIST MY TIME!

Rob Trujillo

All the staff are awesome and really understanding. The instructor did a great class. The trainner Jeff taught me alot tons of experience in the field. Mike was the tester for me and he was awesome to work with. THANKS FOR THE NEW START IN LIFE

andrew holt

Adam Sandoval

The school itself was amazing! All around great staff to learn around! Big shout out to my trainer Mike! If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to pass my test as easily as I did! Thank you for all your help and support through my learning process mike!!

Fredrick Greghun

The instructors were patient and helpful, however it is very sad when the school director says she: "doesn't give a $#!7 whether people pass or not"

Dan B

Do not even think about checking out other places until you check these guys out first. The advantages I found are: They are cheaper than most, it is one on one drive time, and they are flexible enough to work with most schedules. Dan the class instructor made learning fun. You can tell that he genuinely cares for the well being of each student, and will take the time to personally see that you get help in any area that may need extra attention. Jay, Howard, and Alex were my driving instructors which were patient with me when made mistakes, and helped me to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the trucking industry. Check them out!!

Dawn Abeln

This school is not only nationally reputable, but has a long history in Salt Lake City area. They are strict testers that are here to make sure you can do the job out on the road and have the knowledge to stay safe and keep your truck in good repair. They will not backpedal and falsify documents to make you look better (and they HAVE been asked to do so). They want quality drivers coming out of their school, which is why they are strict. The in class section of the school focuses on you learning, not just memorizing, what you need to know to be a good driver and to be able to function in the current trucking environment. They go through individual chapters in a book that can be bought publicly, but the knowledge that comes from the instructors in conjunction with the books makes for a higher quality of education. The instructors are knowledgeable and are willing to answer any question they can or find the answers for you. The management is top notch, they are here for you, to help you learn and continue forward in any way they can. The last review I saw on here was so negative... Perhaps he should have paid attention and quit smelling his own upper lip. And quit blaming everything on everyone else.

Dave Dringle

Sage is a good place to go. I have enjoyed my time here. They are all great people there.

Carlos Rodriguez

I just graduated from sage trucking school .they have some very good instructors so I just want to say thanks to Mike Jeff Colin Dave and good old George for all you patients and help. And the rest of the staff who made everthg possible once again thanks

Zaci Baka

This school is the best they teach you what you need to know. If you don't pass it is on you. The instructor Jeff is the best he wants to see everyone succeed and improve each time you go out. He will push you to be your best. I would recommend this school to anyone, but be ready to study. You earn your CDL hear they just don't give it to you. They wont you to be safe and legal, to have a long career and succeed.

Ivan Pechersky

This was an excellent school. I say this because I researched every Truck driving school in Utah before going to this one.This is the ONLY one that has ONE on ONE student, teacher. Other schools will cram 4 to 5 students in a truck, how will you learn to drive a truck when your in the back of the truck watching other people drive and when its finally your turn to drive you drive for an hour or two if your lucky. This school is great because you have 4 hour sessions at a time with a teacher that knows there stuff( Russ and Dave are great teachers) and you get your CDL in 3 weeks and a BIG plus they help you get ALL your endorsements. They also have recruiters come in and offer you a job before you finish school, so you have a job and options when you get out of school.


Class time here is horrid. A different trainer after break and none of them communicate on what's been covered so you end up spending your 8 hours of class time going over the same material and watching the same videos over and over and over because of the lack of communication. The trainers are nice and pretty cool but some of them go on and on about personal stories that have nothing to do with class time. They sound like a truck driver who has been out on the road for a year with Noone to talk to.

Adam Peterson

Sage Truck Driving School in Sandy Utah was nothing short of a awesome. They took a 56 year old man like me who had never before sat in a Semi Truck and in two weeks of class and two weeks of training turned me into a confident, competent and well trained driver. I passed my CDL class A learners permit test with doubles/triples and tankers endorsements easily with their direction. I thoroughly embraced and enjoyed the two weeks of class; Dawn was funny, experienced, insightful, helpful and had an open door/ask me anything attitude. My trainer Jeff was funny, extremely patient and informative. He was methodical and detailed in his training. I’m sure he still has whiplash from our first day as I learned how to double clutch. Debra, the manager of this location went out of her way helping me find and secure employment with a company who is reimbursing me the tuition I paid for the school. She was honest from the beginning with expectations and she manages the heck out of this office. Lauren was a breath of fresh air. She kept all the rambunctious, overly goofy students in line with her direction, professionalism, strength and follow up. I will miss these people; but it was a great start in my late-in-life career change.

Ron Terlitsky

Mariah K

I just graduated from Sage school. I had a great time there and all of the teachers are great. Mike was an excellent driving instructor and I really learned a lot from him. He didn't make me feel stupid at all. One thing I would say that if you're going to this school, make sure that you start learning pretrip at the beginning of your training. I didn't get that and it really would have helped me. Overall I would say it was a good experience. The staff does care about you graduating and will answer any question you have.

TKimble 81

Great group of guys

Jake Stallings

Sage is the best. Everyone there makes you feel at home and you will be ready to take the state CDL exam. One student per truck is the only way to learn how to drive. Tons of drive time to the point where you feel like its no problem to get behind the wheel of any big rig out there.

Shay Baby

I LOVE this school! The instructors are great and are really patient. Class time is actually fun, unlike road master. They are very understanding of life and things come up and allow you to make up what you have missed. Thourough curriculum and repetitive so it sticks

Dan Ashby

I was treated very poorly! Management was very rude and treated me and my peers as if we were children in preschool. On the upside the instructors were awesome! I do not recommend this school.

Bilal Shabazz

Couldn't have had a more rewarding experience.I gained a wealth of knowledge from the instructors. Jeff Mike and Collin were extremely helpful and very encouraging. And the one on one instruction made a world of difference.

James Stone

I just graduated from Sage in Sandy Utah. I highly recommend this school. I enjoyed the class time as well as the driving time. I learned from professionals with real life experience in the truck driving industry. The level of expertise from these instructors is incredible and I appreciated every minute of time I was able to spend with them, learning, picking their brains with questions and receiving high quality instruction from some of the smartest and genuine people I have known. Sage changed my life and I will always remember the professionalism and honesty I received from their great instructors and training programs.


eduardo lopez

Great school and great experience teacher was amazing and Mike the trainer was great he taught me everything I know about driving and made it so simple and thanks to him I passed with flying colors :)

Jared Wanlass

Sage Truck Driving School in Sandy Utah far exceeded my expectations. If you want to learn from a team of professionals then this is the place to go. The classroom and driving instructors are all personable, eager to teach, and have many years of real world truck driving experience. That alone makes Sage the right move. If that’s not enough, you have the support of the program director and staff assistant. You will know them by name and if you have questions then they have the answers. There is not one member on the Sage team that doesn’t want to see you succeed. You must remember that as with anything in life, you get out of it what you put in to it. If you go prepared with a desire to learn then I am confident that you will have every bit the positive and rewarding experience that I enjoyed.

Frank Alvarez

Hi my name is Frank Alvarez I'm a alumni graduate from Sage School Of Truck Driving I could not have asked for a better driving instructor Mike was so patient and caring he showed me the do's and the don'ts of being a professional driver Mike you are not just a great teacher you sir are awesome one hell of a teacher. Jeff was my driving tester and again he was patient easy to work with and was a awesome experience taking my test with kept me calm thank you both so much I could not have done it without you guys. The staff was very good and understanding I got sick and ended up in the hospital and without any question they were so caring and understanding listen folks and future students if your looking for a great school of truck driving look no more Sage is the school to join with out questions Thank you Mike / Jeff and all the Sage Staff... Thank You Frank Alvarez

Preston Higgs

Raymond Ortez

jake davis

This school was great I learned a lot but we still had fun . The instructors are great .

jessica sutherland

I went for the 2150 course to obtain a class A and can say I learned everything I needed to and had a great time doing so. Thanks again to everyone at Sage for dedicating so much of your time to helping us learn how to do so safely!!


Instructors are awesom... I already had class b experience and still learned a lot I didn't know. I would def recommend to others

Judy Miller

shawn castagna

I am still currently enrolled here and I love it the staff is amazing and very helpful and only wants what's best for you as a student if you have had a negative experience here here I feel it on you

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