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512 S Sheep Lane Grantsville,, Tooele, UT 84074 Located in: Utah Motorsports Campus

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REVIEWS OF Ford Performance Racing School IN Utah

Don Jones

I still have a smile on my face. Great class great speed. Mustang owners must go

Lavonne Williams

The team here is AMAZING!! We did the GT350 Track Attack. Well, my husband did and I came as a guest. The school does an amazing job of making the guests feel included in everything even though you aren’t driving. These guys are so friendly and full of so much knowledge, it’s an incredible experience. We will be back for sure to do the regular racing school because I really want to try this myself after how much fun it was just hanging out and learning during this class! Also...I’ve told my husband have to buy a Raptor next to do that school! I’m sad that I can’t add an RS to the list too, since they won’t be made anymore.

James Talbott

gary wardle


Mike Banducci

The ST Octane Academy program is fantastic. All of the instructors were fun, helpful, and patient. Facilities and cars were great.

Steven Weyant

I am still grinning after the ST Octane Academy. What a great program! The staff and instructors are fantastic. They really make it a fun experience. Nice facility too.

Barak-Gad Harizi

Was here for the Raptor Assault, that training was great, the instructors are above and beyond any expectations and the entire experience was made perfect with great food, clean all around and friendliness wherever you look, i would have taken 2 stars out just because the driving part was not long enough for me but that is Ford company issue and not the school. Shawn & Mike are the best, i would definitely have them both as my co-drivers ;-)


The cars were very dirty as soon as I got in. They clearly didn’t clean it from when it was last run

Tony Lee

Went to the gt350 track attack and added a second day in the boss 302. It was amazing, the instructors are great and amazing drivers. I am still grinning ear to ear, can't believe they let me drive their cars so I am so impressed with the whole experience, and how capable these cars are on the track. I am certainly not a pro but I learned a lot. My car is capable of much more than I am.

Blake jordan

funny thing is they only give you a year "after you bought the car" yet i had no clue about this till i got my owners supplement a month after my purchase. once i got it they had no dates for months ahead and now since its been a year since i got the car they wont grant it and they told me to go to a local track.

Gregory Funk

Awesome facility, fantastic instructors, and a great location. I hope to come back soon for more courses.

Brett Clark

This is amazing experience, I'm so glad I did it. The instructors were great and they taught us a lot about the truck I didn't know. It really shows how top notch ford is put on a school like this for raptor owners. The showed us how to push the trucks to the limits and the proper way to jump the Raptor. Disregard negative reviews that say they do not allow you to push the truck. Definitely gets the insurance my driving partner hit a tree and did over 5 grand in damage. I will be back. Thank you Ford Performance Racing School


I assume this is the former Larry Miller Motorsport track. A wonderful facility for motor sports!

Christopher Manns

Jon E

BEWARE !!!!!! I had signed up for a class for the GT350 track attack, Tommy was the sales guy who signed me up. I took a class that was 8 days out because i was told the rest of the year was booked out. So basically it was a canceled spot that came up. Come to find out after i booked i could not make it(yes my fault), i was told by Tommy i could re schedule my trip if i had to for a 150 dollar fee. I was also told there was a date open on the next class that was a day later, I was given this option if i could not make the current class. Now i go to reschedule my date and the very unhelpful fine print dictator Jill Sato tells me i cant re book within 31 days. I told her i was told i can by Tommy, she then sends me a clip of the fine print that was not read to me when i signed up, and i never signed anything either. When trying to change to this class i was told no i cant. This place reminds me of a USED car dealer, says one thing then sticks you with the fine print later if there is a issue. I was told i could not re sign up for this class and i have lost my chance to go. They will be charging Ford for my missed spot i assume. Its a profit center for them. And i feel like i have been scammed and lied to. All i wanted to do was go out get a nice class in and was very willing to pay the rescheduling fee. But no that's not an option. BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE THEY WILL JUMP ON YOUR MONEY.

Armando P

Fantastic. Wish I'd had more time to apply the lessons on track. But the instructors are great, the facility is fantastic, the track is challenging enough and very fun. The split tracks aren't all that fast for novices but easy to quickly improve on. Well worth it.

Thomas Koopman

Absolutely Fantastic Highly recommend Considering buying another Ford Performance vehicle to go again

Bradley Barringer

Absolutely awesome experience! Loved every minute of it!

Anne Flemming

Went as a Fiesta ST owner, for the one day ST Octane Academy and added a second day in the Mustang GT cars. Had never driven on track before and was probably a bit too tentative behind the wheel, (top speed 100 mph on a straight away) but the great thing about the teaching is to go as fast as each driver feels is safe. The faster drivers (who can most certainly go faster than 100 mph) are not permitted to intimidate the slower drivers given the strict track rules, but I think everyone has the opportunity to improve over the day. Instructors are friendly, great teachers and the classroom and track time combined made for an amazing 2 days. The local hotel (Comfort Inn) is comfortable, clean, close to the track and a pleasant place to stay. The local police are ticket happy. they will catch you for speeding to the track. Oh well, at least the officer was a pretty nice person. Buy experiences, not stuff!

Matthew R

GT350 Track Attack was a blast. One of the coolest experiences I've ever had. Great instructors and a top notch program. It is very well run and I highly recommend it for any new GT350 owners. Do not miss out on this.

Aleksei Koutassevitch

Zach Wright

This is an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE COMPLEX. What use to be known as Miller Motorsports Park, but is now Utah Motorsports Complex, is an amazing place. The track is very nice and technical, and schooling staff is very very knowledgeable and will answer any racing related questions you can throw at them, and when I was there back last year in August for ST Octane Academy with my friend Jacob, we had some of the best times of our lives! Granted, we had to be in the same room and on the same track as someone we hated all because he got butt hurt because we decided to change up our "where we are gonna stay" accommodations, because we decided to continue staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites there off the freeway by the Flying J truck stop instead of staying with this "friend" who was in our Local ST owners group here in San Diego, because the place he got off AirBnB was 45 min away from the track. While the hotel is only 15-20 min away. But that's not important to this review. I loved my time here at Utah Motorsports Campus, had an amazing time. The racetrack was really good and pretty technical, and overall just a great race track. I wish we could have had the full track during our visit, but being the same day they had our ST Octane Academy stuff going on, as well as the GT350 performance school and the Boss302 time attack classes going on all at the same time, we only got to use the west half of the track, but still it was an amazing day. It was a life experience I will never forget, and I made some good friends during my visit from different parts of the US. I made new friends from Wisconsin and from Maryland. I highly recommend this place! You must check it out. One of these days I wanna go back and do the Raptor attack class and go jump a Raptor over some dirt whoops. That sounds like a blast!

Jim Beaujean

The ST Octane Academy is so fun. The track isn't too complex but is challenging.

Togan Rona

The best time of my life!!!....we flew in from canada on may 24th not knowing what to expect, we rented a car and went to the track attack, they served lots of food and everybody was welcoming and warm and people made jokes like crazy!!...the actual raceday came and they gave us suits and helmets and we hit the GT350s on that hot summer day it was awesome! we drove 128km that day and had a ton of fun.

Jared phillippe

Awesome time learned a lot. High energy

Kandice Damewood

Excellent experience! They were so great with lots of driving time. Also very great for non drivers. We were included in everything! This was also the cleanest racing facility I've ever seen. The entire staff was great! Loved it!!!!

Ryan Hensley

For the raptor assault..... Don't buy the insurance, trust me you don't need it and will never be allowed to push the trucks to their potential. Unless you've never been off road this will be boring for you and a waste of time.

Shane no

I cant say a single thing bad thing about this place.. I really thought I was going to, but before I could even get up the words to say, the amazing staff come together on their own and individually went out of their way to make sure my issues got resolved. I mean I feel like a member of the family here, and Im nobody special. Just a kid from the east coast wanting to learn about my little blue baby. From the incredible security/gate guards whos patience and friendless will never be forgotten, to the unbelievably compassionate ladies who run the front?!? I only say this because I have no idea their actual positions, because it seemed they were all there simply to make sure my experience here would last lifetime. The instructors... all of them, (and there are plenty here to help give you different perspectives on how to improve your abilities), Mr Justin, who this day was running from A to Y to B to Z and everywhere in between to make sure every detail was perfect! I personally saw him do everything from pick up knocked over cones, to manage where each group went, and when, to also participating in many of the lessons. I wouldnt be surprised if he made us our lunches himself too lol. As far as Im concerned, hes SPECTACULAR at what he does, and this place is lucky to have him! As well as so many of you others. You guys definately know how to hire great staff! This is ABSOLUTELY the best gift Ford has ever given me. Im a customer for life.... to each of these businesses!!! Dont give it any more thought, come experience this place for yourself! Thank you FPRS for making today about me. I love you all, and I will come back at every opportunity I can! (For sure if we ever get a 4x4 gt350). Lastly do me one last favor.. If you ever goto work and feel blue, please remember a day at the job to you is a memory for a lifetime for most of us all, each of you are very important and appreciated to NO end... even if we don’t realize it for a few years! Thank you Ford, thank you FPRS, thank you Utah.

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