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REVIEWS OF C1 Truck Driver Training IN Texas

Muhibullah Muhibullah



This school is garbage and should be shut down! Very unprofessional and racist to say the least...

Alex Wilson

One of the best places to learn and achieve any desire that you have to become a truck driver.

Jace Nevills

Truly they do not care about you. It's all about money.

Heath Harris

Almost a complete waste of time. I would not recommend attending this school unless it is your last resort. They guarantee getting you a cdl, but seem to work against you until it's nearly too late. Too many students, not enough instructors. Aging equipment sitting on a mud and dirt lot. Some of the instructors are genuinely top notch and will do their best, but the management could not care less about you or how to help you.


This is not a school for the soft or anyone who gives up easily. It's all peaches and cream with Coach Rex in the classroom but as soon as you get to the yard it turns into the school of hard knocks. They will criticize you and push you and yell at you. They do this because they want you to learn and be safe. I personally liked Mr. K and Robert the best out of the instructors. I passed a little early probably because I payed attention and I really want to drive trucks. Do yourself a favor though and be prepared for the heat. Bring water and shorts. And study gear patterns, Double clutching and how to NOT HIT CURBS with your tandems and you should be ok. Overall it was a good school and I learned a lifetime of knowledge. When I am on the road I will always remember the things I learned here. Especially how to be safe and how to shift and use my brakes. What to do in an emergency and all that. I found all the instructors and even the 2 office ladies to be more awesome then they first appeared except the old lady & the ex marine in the yard who still acts as if he is in Vietnam. But I get it, he is trying to pry the fact that this is a dangerous and real thing so I guess he's cool.

Dusty Harrington

They have the sorriest instuctor s ever that the school that don't help people that has test left to take. And they don't have much class time as some schools have they think you should have but one week of class time and they put you in a that has bed bugs and nasty rooms.

Elijah King

C1 is just a place that you really have to help yourself to get your cdl. some instructors are good but majority of them are not. It's really a waste of time having to come everyday and sit and wait for people to pass, and by then you're on you're 4th week when you get a turn to really learn. This company treats their students with the upmost disrespect, and they're also not organize. Crazy thing else while I was there is that the instructors were having to train themselves on driving when I thought the training was suppose to be on us. I say if you're Pam go to swift. If you're paying out of pocket go someone where else they'll just let you use their trucks.

Anthony James

Doing the program and training under c1 was awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better place or better instuctors. Even the examiners they are are tough but very fair. I really liked it and would highly reccomened it to anyone. Thanks.

Abdul Wakeel Walizada

Unprofessional place.

Andre Bradshaw

Too many students, not enough instructors and trucks. That made you have a lot of time waiting around and doing absolutely nothing but watching. I gave 2 stars tho because I did learn to drive but the school could be a lot better, I wouldn't recommend a friend

Jeff Mills

Clint Martin

The recruiter did not like me asking questions about the CDL training program and them working with PAM. She said you can go online and find out more (trying to get me off the phone). No thanks. I can cross them off my list of schools.

The Sharp Shank

Need to be shut down this place is terrible from the trucks to the instructors they kept saying use your imagination when it came to pretrip inspection because the equipment here is so old please save the headache and the money

mark elmer

It has a very diverse group of instructors. It could have been better and it could have been worse. The bottom line is to complete your objective regardless of comfort or personal feelings. Know the whole pre trip inspection before entering the yard so you can hit the ground running.

Mario Escobar

AWESOME School to get your ACDL. I had the best time through out the learning process. The instructors are very knowledgable and I believe that they are a great asset to C1. Thank you.

Althea Campbell

Horrible place! They are a complete joke... Please read all of the other negative reviews... because they're all CORRECT.

jeremy murrell

Erick Creed

All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and a majority of them were patient and understanding in working with new students.

Mary Lee

connell lynch

This school sucks you prstty much got to pay for everything

James Morrison

Montrey Hardeman

They gonna put u in the truck an get u comfortable no question is a dumb question if yall then not learn nothing then yall was the dummys that didn't ask question i got the golden ticket

J g

Wuz the worst school ever... unprofessional was really ghetto they need to just shut that place down it it didn't do me a damn bit of good except for my CDL license and the trainers were rude

SoulBrown Male46

Herb Kaplan

PROS - The Instructors of Daniel, Victor, Phillip and Rolan are outstanding. They are patient, work with their students and will spend extra time when required. CONS > The place is a dump. It is a dirt field with very little shade so everyone is in 100+ degree heat all day > Sanitation is almost non-existent. There is one "permanent" bathroom and one Port-O-Pot for 50+ people. They get cleaned one time per week > They send students to take their tests at DMV when they are not ready. They use the excuse of "let's see what they do" in order to validate their decision. What they don't tell you is that when you fail, you use one of your 3 allotted attempts at DMV for passing. > You will be told you will graduate in "3 Weeks". The average is really 5-7 weeks > Based on my observation, the passing rate for the students who go the first time for their PTI, Backing Skills and Road test is definitely less than 50%! > Overall, the place is very poorly run

Brenda Leach

Quit your bitchin you little ungrateful brats, driving is a privilege not a right hate to break it to you but the world does not own you anything. Like anything else in life you get what you put into it. I am glad this school was here for me.

Sabria Driver

John Dorsey

Malcolm Ingram Sr.

Razvan Cretu

Incredibly rude and unprofessional!

Tevin White

horrible school

dark death

If you come here or for any driving school study get your permit first like past posts this place does suck and I can imagine since I was there and from other reviews of other schools probably the same if you come here for Pam you have a 5 week time limit and it was Packed when I got there they set you to test real quick even if your not good at straight line offset and parallel they don't even let you use your 3 tries to retake the tests I would have had my Cdl but due to being in the 5th week driver solutions drops the sponsorship and you owe them money stay there till they drop you unless you don't care about owing a bill which would be like around 6,000 to pay back stay there till the end so at the end when they say sorry that was your last shot you pay 1,400 but interest will build up some teachers are good others don't care just like anything else it was a experience a mess not what I expected I tried I fought for it despite the troubles and mini battles going on lack of sleep from roommates crazy habits maybe it's a test for yourself stick through it I will try again I'll get it next time from a different program what I got was some driving experience I'll nail it the next time stay out of trouble even thought you might want to punch somebody there you came to better yourself you'll meet the rude and inconsiderate there but that is every where might sound like I'm complaining or being a b**** you might say I'm telling my experience what I ran into maybe someone else will run a smoother course oh sorry this really long I also forgot to say study your pretrip you have to know it Incab tug test practice apex video on YouTube you need to know it anyway for the exam school runs by quick you might not have enough time there anyway good luck

Kenneth Wilson

Where is the truck yard at? anyone know The school is decent, but if you want to pass you have to study and then pass- on your own time, how bad do you want it! It's not hard.


I am very thankful to the staff at C1 for teaching me how to drive trucks. Many people may bad mouth this school, but I really enjoyed and learn a lot while at trainning. Thanks specially to Rollan, Macy and Darrel. Thanks to Mat and Tommy, Bob and Phil Laurie and Rick. great people

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