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7602 N Jupiter Rd #111, Garland, TX 75044

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REVIEWS OF 1-2-3 Driving School IN Texas

Michael Lopez Rojas

Nice instructor and the classes teaches a lot about driving

Anil Kumar Reddy Jonnala

Wonderful experience. I took driving classes from Robert and he is very patient and guided me very well to drive in various traffic conditions. Completed my driving test here successfully today. Excellent and friendly staff. Highly recommended

Haley Whiteman

1-2-3 Driving school has taught me soooo many great things. I am incredibly glad that i went. The teacher Mr. Henry is amazing at teaching and he also makes it fun. The drive times when you are driving with an instrucor are very helpfull also. They taught me soooo much more than what i expected to learn. I would recomend 1-2-3 Driving school to everybody! I loved it!

Juan Lara

Thank you so much really enjoyed my driving test and passed. You made me very Comfortable and gave me great advise and tips. I will Definitely recommend this school to my friends and family.

Diana A

Excellent experience. Staff is very nice and respectful. I took lessons and my driving test in this place. At first I was a little nervous when driving but they were very patient and gave excellent instructions. At the end of the lessons I felt very confident. A few days ago I took my driving test and passed! Definitely worth it.

Clarissa elizondo

Great experience ,Kristen was awesome! Best place to take your drivers ed course and test I definitely recommend this place !

Shih Kristine

My driving instructor is so nice and funny. Mr.Stephen Gates is a great person to interact with he teaches me really good and goes over is a great person to interact with he teaches you really good and goes over the answers. It was an awesome experience with Stephen,He taught me how to drive safely and help me to build the confidence to drive on the road,.Also motivate to me during all my sessions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!超級推薦這位老師Stephen Gates,他人超級好又專業,歲然我的英語沒有太好,他依舊很有耐心一步步得教導我。值得推薦的好老師!!!

kyo wang

Stephen is really awesome instructor, he will point out your weaknesses and tell you the important points all the time with patience. I took course and road test here. I would really recommend here.


The time I spent at this driving school was thoroughly enjoyable, efficient and gave me the confidence and skills I needed to pass my divers test. My instructor was friendly and knowledgeable about the road. The experience was over all extremely pleasant and I wish I could give higher than 5 stars.

Amber Paschall

The instructor is nice and caring. He makes sure you know the material and doesn’t give up. The school has a great atmosphere. The school and instructor makes you feel welcome.

Jasmine Wanyoike

Mr. Gates is a really great instructor. He relates with us on a great level. You feel welcomed and the very positive energy.

Phyllis Rickert

Outstanding driving school! The office staff is always available to answer all your questions. They make sure you are well prepared to drive safely on the roads and pass the DPS driving test. Watching their videos on their website is a must before taking the DPS driving test. Stephen Gates was our driving instructor. He is incredibly patient, extremely kind, and very encouraging. He truly loves what he does, and it reflects on how he works with his students. Very grateful to everyone at 1-2-3 driving school.

Arianna Gonzalez

Truly a great school for teens to learn, being that the classes are actually interesting. You can also tell that the people here actually care about teaching how to drive and don't just do it to for the money.

Brady Mason

I really like the class Stephen a really great teacher

Bonnie Castro

Amazing teacher, he actually takes time to make sure we’ve memorized everything he teaches us.

sri harish popuri

My Instructor for the test was Stephen Gates and he has done an amazing job from start to finish! His commands were clear and his feedback was great. I would recommend this school.

vTruly Killz

Mr.Gates was a good driving instructor

Jigs Geek

Instructor was awesome. I passed my driving test immediately. Thanks Chad.

Scott Wigginton

After we finished the drivers test the people there didn't fill out the paperwork correctly. They don't know what they are doing. Waited for 3 hours at DMV only to become told paperwork was incorrect. Had to go back to driving school and have them fill it out correctly. Then 3 more hours at DMV and another day off work. For their mistake they offered me $10. Never again!

Sarah Fretheim

Stephen was awesome and prepared all of his students extremely well for the driving test! Everybody there was very friendly and helpful and I highly recommend them.

Zaira Vega

I took my road test. It was a nice experience. They provide clear instructions about their expectations during the test. It's worth the price.

Sweetie cutie

I took my first driving lesson today and I was very nervous about driving but he calmed me down and remind me I was not alone. After first hour I was able to drive in neighborhood. I am amazed how I did. Thanks for steve being patient and teach little details.

Erin Nguyen

Professional and enjoyable experience. Mr. Gates is a skilled and calm instructor who works hard to genuinely help his clients, regardless of their experience and skill level. I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone.


A great driving school. Pretty chilled out and specially Kristyn Underwood! She is an amazing instructor. Cheers

David Shaw

I sent my daughter to this driving school. They are very professional, caring, polite, and knowledgeable in their field of work. Mr.Stephan is very passionate about his work and I would recommend 123 driving school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. I wish I could give 10 stars to Mr.Stephan.

Jenn Nager

This was a great experience. We came in as a last minute walk-in and Steven gave up his break to squeeze us in. Steven was amazing. He was calm and gave clear directions on what was expected. My child passed the first time. Steven gave positive feedback after the test. We will be coming back for our next teen driver.

Jose Vasquez

best driving school in dallas

joanna korakianitis

Highly recommend if you need to take your driving test, I was able to set up an appointment the same day I called. I was sent you links with videos that helped out tremendously. Over all mgt experience was great!

Nancy Alonzo

This class is very helpful and enjoyable i highly recommend it!

kim N

1-2-3 Driving School, and specifically Stephen Gates, helped both my adult and teenage daughters get their licenses! We had tried instructors before, but this school was professional, helpful, and fostered a safe and successful learning environment. I would highly recommend this place and Stephen Gates' instructing to anyone.

Sarah Mohd

Thank you so much, Stephen! I wouldn’t have passed the test without your help.

Emily Rabeary

They were super kind and professional, it was a really good experience

Alfredo Arroyo

Mr Stephen is a chill guy he really helped me in my class he also is really nice to buy us pizza and does a great job at teaching. Really enjoyed it.

Brandon Dang

Mr.Gates was an amazing driving teacher that taught the other students and I significant information that helped me learn all about driving and the road. I am so glad that my parents chose this amazing school and awesome teacher. So please, do yourself a favor--and everyone else-- and choose 123 driving. (You won't be disappointed!)

Nathan Mauri

Mr. Steven is cool and a great teacher

Kramer Gaming

Not your normal driving school with old people. This school is so fun and you should send any of your kids to here.

Suzana M.

Mr.Gates is a very fun and cool teacher. He bought us pizza the first day of class ! He also knows how to teach and is very good at teaching !

Havalan Chambers

Mr.gates is a GREAT teacher, he deserves everything!

eleni ta

Stephen is very patient and sweet.

Mark McKelvey

This is a very good school. I learned a lot and I feel like I am ready to go on the road. Stephen, my instructor, helped out my class a lot and it was really fun to be in his class.

li yeya

1-2-3 Driving School have the most polite staff and all are very hard-working!


I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot. Mr. Gates is a wonderful instructor and I’m glad I chose this driving school.

Jeffrey Jenkins

GREAT place!! GREAT people!! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Will recommend anyone needing driving test or driving school!! Thanks 1-2-3 Driving School!!


Steven is a good driving instructor.

William Hutchins

Great instructor teaching in a comprehensible and interesting way that includes more than the average course, going into repair, buying, and insurance.

Henry p

This school provides excellent service to all kinds of student that go from teens to adults. They try to make you feel as comfortable as possible while teaching you without getting bored. The teacher that teaches teens though is especially great with teens, and he tries to connect with them instead of trying to rush them through the course. This school covers everything and I would recommend this school to anyone. The one who teaches these courses are taught by Stephen Gates.

William Kelton

I failed my driving test with a 56 here. Two days later, I took it again at a different place and got a 97. Out of context, this is definitely strange. However, when placed in its context, the reason for his huge difference reveals itself. The scoring for this test was wholly extreme, harsh, and unreasonable. In almost every instance that points were taken away from me, the maximum amount was deducted. Either I was given full credit, or no credit, and there wasn’t much in between this. A stark contrast to this irrationality, the grading and expectations at the other place I took my test were a lot more reasonable and tailored to be similar to actual situations one would encounter while driving. Thus, when selecting a location to take the driving test, avoid this place.

Pebbs Pebbles

Thrilled about choosing 1-2-3 Driving School for my teen son driver’s education course and drivers test. It was a SUPERB experience from start to finish. Instructor, Stephen Gates, was very thorough in training and ensuring that my son was well prepared to be a safe driver on the road. I have been driving for a little over 30 years and he even corrects my driving now. (Yikes!) Seeing that he takes the instruction given seriously is very encouraging. I HIGHLY recommend this driving school and you will not be disappointed. Just put in the work! Follow the classroom and driving instruction given, watch the videos assigned, return the required documents, and you will be successful in completing the course. Thank you 1-2-3 Driving School for excellent instruction and a great 5-star experience! :) REMEMBER: Don’t text and drive, it can wait! Don’t drink and drive, arrive alive! Drive safe!

Dr Chinson

Thank you Mr Henry, you are awesome! Mrs Evelyn was also perfect in answering our concerns and setting our appointments over the phone. Thank you all!

Katherine Fuentes

For my drivers course i had the sweetest lady as my instructor, also the same day my impact had expired so i ended up leaving to complete it all over again by the time I had came back it was a little past their closing time and they still waited for me which I appreciated sine they wasted their own personal time. Amazing people!!!

Tucker Wakabayashi

great school. i learned how to drive in only 3 weeks!


Stephen is a cool teacher.


Very good man Stephen is a good teacher!! Honestly this place is a much better driving school than the one in Murphy !! I would recommend this place for any teen who wants to drive!!

mel scare

Mr.gates is cool he talks a lot and the class I pretty cool.

Tanya White

Great instructors and professional staff.


Great cool instructors highly recommend

Hael Thornton

Awesome! 10 minutes and done. The testers are very nice. Super easy. Dont have to wait 2 weeks to make appointment with dmv another month later.. Get permit, schedule and take driving test, return to dmv for liscense. Thank you 1-2-3.

Rodella S.

This school gives a relaxed environment for you to learn in. The instructor is very fun and is invested in his students, and really teaches very well. I would recommend this school, especially for people that would be stressed or nervous about driving.

Tahmid Imran

I really enjoyed driving with this school and Stephen made learning easy and enjoyable!


Really good driving school. Stephen is a nice instructor who will teach you a lot about driving, and his class is great!

Cj Tate

Great Instructor, great class, great school. I highly recommend it to anyone who is learning how to drive.

Chris K.

Mr. Gates goes above and beyond in order to ensure the best possible learning experience for new drivers. He provides clear and concise tips/reminders, without bogging you down with too many details.

Alberto Garrido

Excellent service! Thanks


Probably the best experience for only a short amount of time, the instructor is super kind and very chill and funny. He isn’t too strict at all, and even offers pizza on the last day of class, very affordable and good times for class. Overall a really fun experience.

Darius Jones

Ms.Evelyn at the front desk made me so comfortable and less stressed about taking my test at 29. The Instructor Ms.Kathy let me view the test film to feel more at ease and aware. The driving school teacher Steven is absolutely hilarious and motivated me and built my confidence.

Saul Morales

I enjoyed my 3 weeks at this school, I learned more than I expected. The environment was enjoyable and engaging. The drive times with Stephen and Mr. Henry were informative, and helped me lose my fear of driving. Definitely would recommend 1-2-3 Driving School.

Hiba Odeh

Great school. Mr.Gates definitely makes the class work a lot more tolerable, cracks jokes when needed and gets the message across. Really nice instructor really enjoyed his class.

Blue Leaves

Great teacher and school!

Laney Muirhead

This place was very helpful!! I would highly recommend I took it today and it was fast and easy and the people were very nice. The website has the course so you can practice ahead of time.

The A1 Sos

Great place great instructors

Lando Windu

Great teachers, absolutely love this driving school. Recommend 5 stars for sure.

Ana Nava

Great instructors they are very nice and very good at their job they make you feel comfortable

Arusha Gupta

It’s the best place to learn driving, Stephen Gates is a amazing Instructer, he is really a great instructor. He always see your weak point N teach u really good tips. He is very honest instructer too, i m very happy that he taught me Driving. If u want to learn driving just simply go To 123 driving school, and take the appointment from Stephen Gates. Thanks Stephen

Lawrence Elizondo

The staff are very friendly, along with great service and an enjoyable learning environment

David Lewis

daughter did her driving test there. very friendly staff, relieved her anxiety so she was able to get it done, no problem.

Winston Pham

Really enjoyed this class. Stephen was really kind and taught us a lot.

damont webb

I love this driving school. If you are looking for a place to learn to drive. Please go to this one. They help me get my driver license. Its best driving school. The staff there where very helpful.

Anthony Navarrete

The class was very fun and the teacher was very funny and made the class a great experience

Khalid E

Great school, good teacher, free food.

Maegann Dumas

I loved learning here, the price was lower than any other driving school I've looked at. Stephen and Mr.Henry were very fun and made learning about cars enjoyable. I loved this experience I got from this school, wish it could be longer, would recommend to anyone to that needs to get their license. Helped me gain confidence in driving and I grew personable relationships in this classroom with the kids that were taught with me.

Rafael Hernandez

This place was amazing. They treated me really well and Steven was a perfect test administrator! He helped me to feel calm when I was about to take my driving test. I really recommend this place.


Mr Henry and Mr Gates were amazing!


The driving instructor is a really cool person and he takes his work very seriously. He even bought us pizza on the first day.

Amanda Rasbeary

People are so nice and helpfu! Testing through the dmv is so stressful. This place makes you feel people not cattle like the dmv makes you feel.


Great School Steven the instructor is very calm and makes the class and lessons easy to learn

young quota

It's amazing

Çrippłing Depressïøn

Best school around ! Relatable and funny instructor! :) highly recommend

Ji Yuhui

great examiner and great services. Nice video on website for instruction.


I passed my test!


This is an amazing school to learn the ins and outs of driving. The instructor, Mr. Gates, fosters an environment filled with respect. Most schools will have you read textbooks and do book work for two hours everyday. But this school is the opposite. We always have interactive class times where Mr. Gates relates true anecdotes about the topic at hand, and he throughly explains different topics related to cars and driving. Mr. Gates is an amazing teacher and you will not regret send your child to this facility to learn how to drive. Instead of opting for a cheap $50 driving school service on a phone, you should come here because you learn a lot more, and you can’t put a price on safety. Thank you very much Mr. Gates and 1-2-3 Driving School!

Nicholas Mosquera

11 out of 10 recommendation. Stephen is an amazing instructor and will really help you become a good driver. Also 1-2-3 is really fast with getting you done and does not have waiting times like other driving schools. Thanks stephen !

Bhakti Jagani

Steven took my driving test. I was very nervous and he made me very calm and comfortable before and during the test. He was very good to talk to.At the end he gave me good pointers about how I could improve for the better. Thx Steven.

Zack Nguyen

Mr.Stephen is a great teacher and he help me every question that i have problem with.

Kelly Ma

It's been a great experience learning here. I've learnt a lot from the 3-week classes. Stephen is a great and really fun teacher, and he had helped me become a confident and safe driver.

Taxy Leung

I scheduled my lesson and driving test at a late time, Stephen try his best to squeeze me in. Very patient but experienced coaching even it’s at the end of the day, and pass the test smoothly. I appreciate I have attended this driving lesson, not only have me passed the driving test fast, but also knowing essential skills of driving in Dallas. Really worth value of my money! Thanks Steve

Mohamed Elsilimy

Stephen is very good teacher. He teached me a lot. I recommend.

Laryn Landry

If you’re looking for a safe and good environment to send your kid for driving school, this is the place to go! Not only is, Stephen, the instructor intelligent on his driving skills, he helps his students become just as intelligent as him. He gives great advice and all the details your kid needs to know to take the wheel for the road. So buckle up, and go to 1-2-3!!

Cassidy Morones

Its actually not as boring as i thought it would have been and Mr.Gates is really funny and cool !!!

Alaa Alobaidy

I would highly rocommend this office for driving test and education, the people there are very nice, friendly and they made it very easy for me. Evelyn and Kristyn made me feel safe and relaxed and they were very professional and knowledgeable.

Nerissa Buck

I was extremely nervous when I had to take my test but Ms. Kathy was very thorough with what was to be expected during the test and gave very clear instructions. Highly recommend!!!!

Fenglan Yang

The instructor Henry is very nice and professional. I was afraid of driving before, but Henry helped me gain more confidence. He gave me useful tips and advices which do help a lot. I can tell that Henry worked very hard to instruct me to drive safely and professionally. He is super good at finding your problems and giving efficient advices. I passed the road test after taking seven hours' drive with Henry. Everyone in the office is pretty nice. It was an excellent experience learning at 1-2-3 driving school. Highly recommended!

karina johanna

the instructor, stephen gates, and the employees are super nice and understanding, very informative!

Anakin Ortega

Mr. Gates teaches the material needed to understand how to drive and obey the rules of the road. He takes his classes seriously and is passionate of his work. I appreciate his time and effort that he puts in to help me become the best possible driver.

Reuben Tabansi

The test was really easy especially since they provide the route on their website and also have a video telling you how to pass the test. I’ve forgotten her name but I had examiner 4 and she was an excellent examiner and I felt more at ease than I did when I took the test at the DPS.

Ashlee Ray

I suffer from anxiety and struggled with the idea of taking the road test, but I also needed to take it by a certain time frame. The online courses and website videos that showed the route along with tips helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I went into my test confident and knew what exactly was expected of me. I HIGHLY recommend for driver’s that need a little more ease going into the test. Paying for a scheduled appointment was worth it 100% to give me that peace of mind as well as efficiency! Great online videos, examiners, and teachers!!

Pratik Gupta

The staff is very helpful and polite. The examiner is professional. I took my driving license exam here and I had a great expeiexper. Highly recommended.

Djs Mix

Stephen was the best teacher, he was alway in a positive mood and taught us well. He had hope in us and always communicated with us during each lesson. I would recommend this school to others to get into to have an amazing experience

Heather Rose

Best experience ever! We came here just for a driving test and the only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. The staff is super helpful and the tester is completely prepared you for your test including videos before hand! Don’t bother with the DMV, pass your driving test here!

Ola Odeh

I'm really enjoying my driving lessons with Mr. Gates, he's a very funny instructor which makes the class fun. He's awesome!

Friendlygirl Cooldude

Great place to learn how to drive! Very informative and easy to learn.

Jack S

Stephen is good. I suggest to do driving lession before the test, it helps a lot.

Chris M

The fact that there are 113 reviews now, and only 1 or 2% of those reviews are 1 star really says something. This is a pretty nice driving class, the teacher, Mr. Stephen is super great, and easy to work with The class has a super nice atmosphere, and you'll feel it, as soon as you walk in on the first day Thanks for being a cool teacher, and having a pretty nice class m8

Casey Wright

I am now a pro driver.

Osbaldo Estrada

I really enjoy the class mr Stephen is a great person to interact with he teaches you really good and goes over the answers with you if you miss them he will explain it and you will get it right the next time.

A Santiago

Had so much fun during this class!! Totally recommend

Elite McKinney

Best experience ever from start to finish. They have clear instructions on what to do to prepare you for their actual road test. They answer your call immediately. Additionally, they'll post a video of their road test route on their website. If you follow these and keep practicing, you'll definitely pass. Highly recommended!

Adam Springfield

Stephen is so nervous when I got here after the first day I really enjoy the class it means so much Thank you

Aliyah Young

Honestly the best teacher I’ve ever had. Super nice and caring.

Ivan Delgado

Best driving school there is. Mr.Gates is an amazing driving instructure. He makes sure of teaching every student to drive well and safely.Not only does he just teach, but he also connects with teens .12/6 will recommend this school.

Nilofer R

I am had a excellent driving learning with Steve. He is super awesome in teaching,he s super cool and helps to gain more confidence while driving on road. Overall It's an awesome learning expereince. I would recommend Steve & 123 for taking driving classes. Thsnk you Steve. Much appreciated!!

Connor Portman

Gates is a good teacher

Mark Jayson

This is a wonderful learning environment for anyone wanting to learn to drive. The staff and teachers are supportive and professional- they have a clear view on how to best guide their students to their end goal of obtaining a license.

Slava Deniskin

This school made taking my dps driving test nice and easy. The staff were incredibly professional, friendly and helpful. The examiner, Stephen, was great, and he was also very patient with me. I enjoyed taking my the test here, and highly recommend it to anyone who needs such an option. Especially, as an international student, I was very thankful for the tips that the staff has given me about the drivers license application process, and they made sure I have the right documents to finally get my license. If I could rate 1-2-3 Driving School 10 stars, I would. Will definitely recommend this facility to all my friends.

Reny Aclerad

Very safe and fruitful. I’ve learned so much and the experience is worth while! Very impecable teaching.

nisha mishra

I wanted to admit that Stephen is a great instructor and he helped me all along the way to get my driving licencse . I would recommend Stephen and this driving school to anybody who is a beginner or looking for any kind of help with driving . Thanks again and greatly appreciated for the efforts .

Julie Nguyen

The instructor (Stephen Gates) is a very professional and knowledgeable teacher. The environment is comfortable and helpful and I would recommend learning to drive here to others.


Mr. Gates was honesty the best teacher I could have asked for. He helped me learn in was that are memorable


Henry and Steven are very nice,the instructor Steven is very kind,nice and patient. He taught me how to drive safely and help me to build the confidence to drive on the road.

Aidan Carter

Wow I’d like to personally thank everyone at 1-2-3 Driving School for helping me get out of All American and letting me do my driving lessons! Stephen was a huge help throughout the process and I highly recommend 1-2-3 Driving School, the Driving Instructor (Stephen) is very nice, kind, and talkable! He has helped me out a lot! 100% RECOMMEND 1-2-3 DRIVING SCHOOL!

Alexus Reed

Mr. Stephen is amazing! His personality can’t even be explained! He made me feel very confident about driving! He deserves 10 stars

Crimson Weeb

My experience at 123 Driving School was amazing. The instructor Stephen is great at his job and compassionate towards the people he teaches, I recommend you go to this school first as a top priority

Vi Huynh

The class is fun. The teacher is nice


Amazing teacher , enjoyed the class

Michelle Cross

This is a busy place but I see why. Employees are friendly and hospitable. I Called here in a panic after going to another driving school for a drivers test and they had canceled all their appointments for today but didn’t notify any customers. 1-2-3 was able to get us in and provided great service. A friend commended them and we drove from McKinney.

ChillWind Legacy

Come here it’s friendly, peaceful and it’s worth the 385 10/10

Melissa Silva

The instructor made me have more confidence and not be nervous as I was driving


Great learning environment and really laid back but informative at the same time, 9/10

Gia Hân Bùi

This is the best place to go for driving lessons and taking driving test. I got Steven as my instructor and he was super nice and funny. I was kind of nervous while driving but when I was driving with him, he calmed me and showed me what I should do and should not do while driving. I recommend this driving school to any teenagers who start to learn how to drive. Love this place and again, thank you very muchh Stevennn!! ❤️❤️

Atoyia Mitchell

This is a great place to go to. It was hard for me to look for an affordable place that works with my schedule. When. I first called I spoke with Stephen. It was able to assist me with setting up a driving lesson with him and being taught/gain more experience on the road. I explained to him the things I already knew and the things I felt I needed some work on. This was great because a lot of other placed would they to start frolm the beginning and that is time and no at wasting. If anyone one is needing to learn how to drive I would 200% recommend anyone of any age to go here.

Brody Renfro

Stephen is a cool instructor, learned a lot, would recommend 10/10.

Gisel Carrillo

Chose this place to take my DPS required road test. It was a good experience overall. The instructor that I was assigned to made me feel calm and relaxed before the test and he was very informative. Thank you!

Ken Elliott

Booked a road test prep hour for my son with Stephen Gates followed immediately by the road test. All went well. 1-2-3 is well run. Stephen was fantastic as an instructor- highly recommended.

Kareem Abdelghany

I came in with no driving experience prior to driving. After a 2 hours, I developed many driving skills thanks to my driving instructor, Stephan Gates.

Sofia Lopez

really good teachers and very helpful

Kevin Clemente

Mr. Gates is a great teacher.

Kichelle Too Pretty

stephen was a great instructor!!!!!! very nice , & funny . helping me with my confidence

La papa chola Viva mexico

Good job bruh and viva mexico and Me. Stephen outstanding job.

Ana Rios

Great and fun teacher! Highly recommend checkin them out.

William Pham

This driving school is amazing, super friendly, all the employess are very friendly and nice. 123 Driving School helped me get out of a very bad driving school that was completely careless about their students. So if you want your kids to drive and actually learn something this is the place to go !!! Iv’e met the best employee there ever. His name is Stephen and he is such a good driving instructor, great mentor and an outgoing person. So I RECOMMEND 123 Driving School !!!

Jaclynn Nicole

Awesome driving school! Stephen Gates is an excellent instructor and he explained concepts well. He is very patient and genuinely cares about your driving success. Scheduling my driving test was easy, and Kristyn was very kind. Overall, this driving school was a great experience.

Brian Daniels

This is a great driving school. Would take again with Mr. Gates. 11/10

Naeemur R.

A peaceful learning environment for students of driving. Great experience overall.

Rachit Singh

123 Driving School should be your go-to-destination if you'd want excellent driving lesson, test experience and the customer service. I got my lesson and road-test scheduled on the same day without any hassle. Steven, who is the instructor, did an amazing job by giving me a great training before the actual road test. He's really good at it. Overall, a great customer experience as well.

Shilpa T

It was an awesome experience with 1-2-3 driving school as they accomplish their task by building confidence and motivate to learn with their in car driving sessions for new learners like me especially with the instructor Stephen who made my job easy with proper instructions to pass my road test...I whole heartedly thank Stephen for his teaching which lessened the fear of driving in me...

Animesh biswas

Good place

William Young

We showed up without the learners permit and they were very patient and said go get it, we will hold you a place in line. We returned only to find that we had taken wrong IMPACT course - they helped us get to correct IMPACT course and had us take driving test and allowed us to return with correct certificate. Staff was very patient and very helpful.

Robert Battle

Very organized and helpful!!!


I am currently learning at the 1 2 3 driving school and I have to say, the teacher, mr.Stephen is the nicest and caring drivers educator in the world. He will make sure you are safe to drive and get you ready for the road, but most of all, he will make it an enjoyable and fun expeirience for you. <3

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