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REVIEWS OF Vanderbilt University IN Tennessee

jacob fridley

Damian jones went here he plays for the golden state warriors.

The Movie Room Aquarium Guy


Shuang Lin

Great school!

Wink Canter


Eli Whitehead

Way too PC,

Tom K.

Mohamed Rafi

Nice location inside Vanderbilt University



Verdi Heath

Dj Sharade

Had an abscess in my arm and they just wrapped it and said it'll go away. 12 hours later and alpt of pain I actually got better treatment and admitted at skyline


The best hospital i have ever been to the doctors and staff are really nice

Teus Kappen

Great University with beautiful campus, especially in fall or spring, when all the trees are in bloom. In general it seems to me that there is an above average willingness to work together and to share projects and credits. Of course I cannot be sure that that's true for all departments but it seems so for many of them.

Kremena Karkelanova

helen wu

tony anderson

13 hour wait in er...unhelpful staff and no hurry about anything. I thought I was taking my wife to the best hospital around. I will stick with summit.

Ray Young

Spencer Cole

The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department is world-class. Very impressive.

Stanley Crawford

My Son Josh Crawford is a Student Athlete #22 RB Football Player #1PROUDDAD#

Andrey Samochkov

This University not accept any Christian group.

Michaela Lynn

Impeccable reputation! The campus was beyond beautiful and outstanding.

XxEncoded ZY Secured

It's awesome

Bala Srinivasan

Worked on a project at VU. Great staff that cares about it's people and beautiful campus.

David B

I've had nothing but good things in a lot of areas this is a lot better hospital compared to the ones in my area in Hamilton county or bradley county

Try Again

attended. pretty good

Adam Loqman

(Translated by Google) Oh God, ridicule us .. We read to you (Original) اللهم سخر لنا ..نحن فقرأ اليك

Shawn Wilson

Tony Orcutt

Great bathrooms

Raylee Watley

Mohammad Al Yami

Leading university in the region.

amanda Gregory

Bian Li

The campus during fall season is the most beautiful campus I've ever seen. The faculty members here care about students very much. Classes are difficult but engaging and help you learn stuff.

DeShun Brown

I love the Vanderbilt commodores my cousin plays football for the commodores

melanie chen

Sam Sullivan

Free speech is paramount to freedom. When one group stymies it by putting blockers in place that disallow groups to serve the very function in which they were set up for. Why? In the name of tolerance. I am not really sure if they looked up with the meaning of that word. In reality it means putting up with someone even if you do not like them. So, I may not like this Democrat or this Republican, this right-wing nut job or this pot smoking hippy, that does not matter, what matters is am I able to treat them with respect and human dignity and still dislike aspects about them. Because the road Vanderbilt is following is a closed minded road that tolerates only their point of view and only their thought process.

Aly Basto

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) excelente

Roy Tomas DaVee

fantastic university and medical center with a rich culture and tradition in an awesome city!

grace hauser

This is a very nice school 5/5 recommend Uconn

Thomas Medlin

Jeffrey Dyer

Great medical school.

Michael Edelstone

Beautiful and highly-walkable campus with some incredible architecture and a lot of smiling young faces. I walked around with my dog and saw several other dog walkers. Really pretty at night. Definitely check out Kirkland Hall, which I believe is the oldest building on the campus.

Davy Yue

Squirrel to student ratio is way too high - too many gangster squirrels play too hard and work way too hard to steal my bread. Let's get this bread tho

Abdul Bhatti

Good experience

Gabriela Galaviz

Savageboi 101

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy buena

Ben Wincelberg

One of the best universities in the city


Danya Melton

Great hospital

Rahul Rao

This uni really made me think

Holly Fuson

I have sweets syndrome, which is a rare skin disorder that shuts down your major organs and joints. It gave me heart failure. The Vanderbilt team saved my life. I will never go to any other hostpital ever again.

Richard Chen

Attending my friend’s commencement here. Talked to some professors and students here and I felt the professors and staffs really care about their students. The graduate students here also enjoyed the study and the research they are doing.

Trent Denison

Best university ever!

Harrison Choi

Good place to play baseball.

Samuel Salamon

(Translated by Google) Excellent quality (Original) Calidad excelente

Bud Headie

Romina Rivarola

Nice campus

Spencer Adams

JD Yeh

Beautiful campus!


The campus is absolutely stunning. The education is top notch and the students are kind and friendly. Since it’s a bit liberal arts it allows you to major in non premed but still go into science. Usually you can find paid research done at the medical center. I would say the only downside is that it tends to lean very liberal in its teachings. They don’t represent conservative ideology well and when conservative viewpoints are expressed they will shut them down in class. That’s a common thing that has been occurring in universities across the country so I won’t hold it against them.

Usha Narayanan

Tony Brown

Vanderbilt is overrated!! I went to put app on line at the office!! They gave me wrong info and chewing that popcorn to loud!! Dont get made at me because your husband look a rat playing spades!!

Zhang Wei

My University!!

Wes C



Patricia Clark Pollock

Work there

George Robertson

Nice looking hospital, . The VA hospital sucks.

Eric Burchett

Namah Mistry

Jonny Hendricks

The grass on all the lawns could be taken care of a bit more. Look at every other university in the country- pristine lawns. Here? Weeds, dead spots, overgrowth.

RJ Ware



Spent 6 days in the hospital and was never treated for my diagnosis. Left AMA for neglect. If I could sue for the patient neglect, I would. The attorney i contacted said this wasn’t the first he’s heard of Vanderbilt treating people this way. Would never recommend this hospital to anyone. I had to call my PCP for medication to treat my condition when I returned home.

Salwa Salib

Awesome place!

Elizabeth Giglio

My mother attended and graduated from Vandy.

Sailaja Kota

Jonna Raddock

I had to give a star but this place doesn't deserve 1. Your Genetics clinic needs to be reevaluated. They all need to be fired. The staff have no problems taking their Vacation time, Sick TIme off. But what about patient relations?? Everyone there wants their pay and wants to do as little as possible to get that pay. I have complained so many times about 1 place, and still NOTHING has been done to do better service. They want to ease the pain with a band aid and cover everything else up. NO one does their job to the fullest they can. It is so unacceptable of how this hospital runs. I will never recommend this place to anyone and I regret ever going here in the first place. Call me if you like but I know it will still fall on deaf ears after you talk to who ever you need to talk to and that is as far as this complaint usually goes.

V Rancel

D Hamilton

xu xu

I am definitely smarter thanks to Vanderblit

Blake Londoff

Tyler Cooley

Like Trent Denison's review!!! And mine :p

Tianqi Xiong

The dorm here is still a nightmare for me after graduating from here. The noise totally messed up my sleeping schedule and my study during my sophomore year. Unfortunately, the school administrators seem to be indifferent about students’ health issues. Moreover, the university forces its students to live in low-quality dorms for four years in order to make more revenue. For that point, I feel uncomfortable about donating money as an alumna. However, the academics here is challenging and excellent . I’m extremely grateful for some professors’ supports and guidance.


Vanderbilt allows Dr Stephen Raffanti to accuse me of being a white supremacist and deny me access to HIV treatment. My boyfriend is black and I have done nothing to deserve this slander. This is retaliation because I did not share Dr Raffanti's political views when he tried to discuss them in the exam room. I have contacted Patient Relations but they take no action and allow this.

Jackson Downing

Went here for a 12u baseball trip and my son loved it! Beautiful campus and great landscape.



Jorge Wellmann

Azeem Yunus


Natalie Nicholls

Great campus, professors, and student life.

Boden Pedigo

nice school!!!

Katherine Johnson

Very good place to come my baby is haveing surgery on his leg still in pain an is recoverying good

Gabe Goes Coasting

No Good Lessons, Dont Go There

Daniel Best

Very beautiful University

Trevor Proctor

LaiTaras Stokes

There is much Strength and Hope in the people at Vanderbilt (all families, students, workers, staff, faculty, citizens)!

Tiago Magalhães

(Translated by Google) Very beautiful university (Original) Universidade muito bonita

Josephine Krout

Is there any college courses for nursing at this school?

alvin holbrook

This place knows how to take care of people...

Jin Zou

This is a wonderful and beautiful school on our school list

Peter Mullen

I'm a high school teacher in California. Given Vanderbilt's openly racist administration, I will never advise our student's to apply to this school.

James McBrayer

Everyone looked kinda nerdy

Kylee Reasons

Beautiful campus, staff seems wonderful

Caroline Terranova

Dominick Taylor

Why would you send your child to a university that is anti-science to become an idiot? This place is trash.

Carson Madison

Best and most proficient staff of surgeons and nurses in this region. I personally know this from past surgeries as well as one yesterday (November 26th 2018) in which I have already been contacted by the staff concerned about my needs during my recovery. Vanderbilt VA hospital came highly recommended to me and I highly recommend this hospital and most proficient staff to you...

Dr. Luis Fernando Morales Chaves

(Translated by Google) I studied at this University and graduated as a Doctor of Music with an Emphasis on Trumpet Instrument. (Original) Estudie en esta Universidad y me gradué de Doctor en Música con Enfasis en Instrumento Trompeta.

Dennis Hwang

(Translated by Google) The campus is pretty. (Original) 캠퍼스 예쁘네요.

Yvonne Sprolina

Excellent review with an impeccable reputation. Some of the best teachers I've ever had and a kind, caring student body. Al Gore studied here too!

Jill Sauls

Awesome higher education programs and medical facilities.

Miles Mu

Great staff, nice baseball field


Dr. Benedetti unfortunately came across as arrogant and condescending. I have no doubt that he is an intelligent and capable doctor full of lifesaving knowledge, however, I would not see him again with my child. His bedside manner was not comforting. It felt as if I were being scolded for wasting his time because my child was not suffering a life-threatening illness. I was referred there by my pediatrician and did not just show up on my own. Being in the medical field myself, I feel that if a physician does not like their job, or they are not happy communicating with others, they should perhaps not be a doctor. It was a disheartening experience to think that this is how a person conducts themselves with their patients.

Timothy Anderson

Great school where students work hard and play hard. Great alternative to the Ivies and the school is generous with financial aid that is not loan based. Nashville is an amazing town to live in. You will never regret taking this admit. Go for it.

DeAndrea Hutton

I saw it when i drove by. It is the best place i have ever seen.

Kevin Gui

Heather Moreno

Beautiful campus. I really enjoyed my tour! What great history. Go Vandy!

Jjmakesgood stuff

been here when i was in nashville the football and baseball stadium was cool but the univercity seemed boring


Valery Yermalitsky

The best place to work

Steve Wasser

Matthew Shotwell

Angel Carter

I can't wait to see how I succeed to be a teacher

Joey Keenan

The university is a perfect size location to put a college like this. Everything is within walking distance, and it is close to downtown Nashville.

Jorge Moscoso Jr.

Jesse Cummings


The food was good

London Landers

I loved visiting the campus. It was beautiful and was in the heart of the city. Everything was walkable distance. The campus was huge and it remained updated to its full potential.


Jad Taylor

Sad we missed Mr. Vanderbilt. Otherwise, a great day.

Google Bites

Beautiful campus in a great town! Classes are tough, but the professors are great and most classes are small. A little too much emphasis on the Greek system, but finding other social outlets is easy.

priscilla Smith

I had need of their Urology department and everyone was incredibly kind and professional.

Chelsea Yip

Barbara Raper

Hayden McMillion

Brooke Hinson

Hayley Mcnovius

Great Medical school!

Lyle Forehand

Even their own staff frequently have to go off site for appropriate diagnoses or treatment. Their prestige replaces caring or concern.

Nicholas B

Stanford of the south

Brandon Harris

Complete bullcrap company. No one has their stuff together, between losing my checks, and then CASHING the same check 15 minutes AFTER THEY SAID THEY LOST IT.. hitting me 2x in one single day for my mortgage loan. Complete garbage.

Shenghua Ni

Frank Schumacher

Class of 2014

Jill Markle

John Kent

The administration of the hospital is among worst I've ever encountered and, yes, the hospital discriminates against Medicare/Medicaid patients. (This review forum is a catch-all for all of Vanderbilt, hospital and university). I regret coming to vanderbilt for cancer treatment years ago, in fact, I'm now terminal because of that fact.

Keith Finnamore

Stephen Dutcher

Worth the time, every time.

Ken M


v.m. f.

Have you been a patient dying from cancer? Really, there's no better place on earth that I'd rather be. 100% happy with the Drs and staff!

Emma Spader


I feel sorry for you if you are a Postmate doing a drop off here in this general area because it always leads you in all sorts of crazy places far from the actual drop off and the customers (or the ones I've dealt with) never give you a description ON HOW TO FIND THEM ITS ABSOLUTELY MADDENING IM GOING TO SCREAM IF I GET ANOTHER DROPOFF HERE.

Lashaunda Hinkle

Mark Russell

rabah goubi



Brett Harrison

Elizabeth Brown

Great university

Chris Clark

Mirlene.F Deco 4 Life

Great university, I like it

Ashlee Sons

And another low rating for Vanderbilt! They decided to take an extra $332 out of my account when I paid my bill. The CSR never mentioned the difference in what she was showing and what was on the statement I received in the mail. When I saw the charges on my bank account, I immediately called to get it fixed and they said they can't do anything about it until next week, since it's a holiday weekend. This is terrible customer service!!

George Herbst

Very very good!!! NO complaints!!

Estefani Smith

Tish Brown

Really nice and friendly,n,do,

Natasha Combs

Great care given here!


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