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Sana Rawlins

My daughter Nayia Wilson took driving lessons from them and she loved it. Her instructor was Sean. He had a very calming demeanor. He was patient and very knowledgeable that he could break down how to improve on her driving techniques. He was also encouraging. My daughter was a very nervous driver. Not only does she have confidence in driving, but she past her driving test the FIRST TIME!. The only thing my mom and I had problems with was paying online. It was a little confusing because they have to submit an invoice before we can schedule a lesson. Other than that, I would highly recomend them. It is a little pricey but SO WORTH IT!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

Jahdae Jackson

Best driving school ever !! I took driving lessons with both Sean and Sammy and they both are helpful and great instructors I passed my road test and permit test the first try

Kunal Patel

Sammy is a great instructor. He was very patient, kind and helped me to gain confidence for my driver’s test. I passed the test on first try. I would definitely recommend Sammy and Professional Driving School.


Very helpful, thanks so much!

Sindy Vasquez

Sammy is a fantastic instructor, very patient and thorough!! He helped me get the confidence I needed to pass the driving test and now I feel much more comfortable on the road. I would recommend him and Professional Driving School if you are trying to get on the road like I was.

Kishore Babu. Peddi

Excellent driving school for beginners. They are very professional and NOT money minded. Especially, my wife learned her driving classes with Reggie and Sammy. Previously, she is having little bit driving fear. She overcome all those fears and improved confidence day by day. Reggie is an excellent instructor (Very calm, Patient & Cooperative). She got her license in her first attempt. I strongly recommend this driving school for anyone who want to learn driving classes.

Tariro Mwendamberi

Took two lessons with Sammy and passed on the first try.

Dibyashree Dikshit

Sammy knows what he is doing and is very patient and helpful. The entire experience was very smooth and am glad I chose professional driving school.

Meya Blanchett

Gopi Priyanka Tammineeedi

I had Sammy for one class. Postponed the booked time slot twice. Finally arrived an hour late.The car was filthy. It was at a reasonable price but very unprofessional. He started raising his voice and failed to answer questions regarding the road. Zero patience. I’m surprised by all the positive reviews. Didn’t work for me

Tajara-kay mckoy

Andre Gayle

Very thorough driving lessons. The instructor was very complete with the course and pointed out every area that needed improvement and focused on my week spots for the test feel much more confident behind the wheel. Will say there was an unannounced sudden schedule change to our appointment I wasn't too happy about but the service was good so I'll let it slide.

Sonakshi Patidar

I had no driving experience. But with the help of Sammy as my instructor I managed to pass my driving test in first attempt. Thank you Sammy!

Nia Aaliyah

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! I passed on the first try, the instructors are excellent teachers

Sequoya M.

Sammy is the best!! Totally prepared me for my road test. Was patient yet firm and gave me tips for driving that no one has ever before! I took 2 hrs of training a couple of days ago and another hour today. I am grateful that they offer their vehicle to test in as well.. I am now a licensed driver. As of like 30 minutes ago! For future students, don't give up, believe in yourself and follow directions. You can do it too!

Sammy H. bouqfa

Mr. Franc posed a negative review on me personally. I don’t recall that I know his name neither his wife. I am asking those Questions for you Mr. unknown: Why would I make your wife cry


Sammy was great to work with, easy to understand and very professional. He was very reassuring and encouraging. Though I only spent a few hours with him before my driving test, he accommodated me in his schedule to tease out any bad habits I'd picked up, having a foreign driving license, ensuring I was right and ready for my test on the same day, which I passed. Thanks Sammy.

Allicia Dyce

Sean is a great driving instructor!!! Very patience and kind. I got my license! Thank you Sean!

Shaneen Bankhead

It took me three tries but I got my Driver License today 12/12/2018. I want to thank Sammy for being Patient with me. It was a little difficult when I first started my lessons, but Sammy kept pushing me to get better Sammy is a wonderful Instructor, He has a lot of compassion and He want ALL of his students to pass so he don't give up on them.......Once Again Thank You Sammy, Stay Blessed.

Thi Kim Ngan Huynh

Deceiving service! My husband paid for the 6-hour service in June 2019 and only got 1.5 hour lesson. Then my husband waited and waited for 2 months for the next lessons but no one from Professional replied his call or text message. We just want the rest 4.5 hours lessons or refund!!!!! Please respond!

Zerong Liu

Mr. Sammy is very nice and skillful. With his help, I get my first driver license.

bnvnb ffdcgg

Literally the best place to go to learn how to drive HANDS DOWN. I am a 21 year old university student with no prior driving experience. These instructors taught me everything and made me feel like a pro on the highway three sessions in. The service is the best I have had of any sort in a while, and they are worth paying the affordable price to learn. I would 100 percent recommend anyone to take this course and trust in their teaching skills because they will do you right. Sammy and Sean were kind to me and the best. Take them if you can!

Aseel Saleh

oh, my God I ve just got my license today frim first exam if there was a thousands star i would put ,This school is the best to.learn how to drive and pass the road test driving as a pro,diffintly would recommend Really worth it ,pationed ,nice,professional people give you confident

Ramit Mehta

Very helpful

Aishwarya Ramapandian

I started my classes at the professional driving school with Sammy. Right from day one he was very patient, he allowed me to drive and assess every situation all by myself ; based on which he would give the training and feedback - the best! As I started to pay more attention to all of that, the better my driving became. With less hours I was able to give the road test and passed at the very first attempt. Thank you Sammy for your guidance and sorry if I had troubled you. Last but not the least - He made sure he was flexible with the class timings depending on my work hours.

Vaishali Ghosal

Sammy is excellent instructor, he helped me get my license in first attempt. He worked on my weakness and helped me improve my driving.

Yue Jin

THE best driving school! It was a great pleasure learning from Sammy. Sammy is very easy-going and experienced. He gave me a lot of good advice on driving beyond just passing the test. Highly recommend!

Cspn P

I went to several driving schools and instructors. However, I was never ready to take a test. I finally approached Sammy and he trained me well. Whenever I made a mistake he made sure that I rectify it by giving adequate practice. For example, when I couldn't park the car properly within the lanes, he made me practice it until I got it right. He ensured that I got it right each time we meet for a session. I was able to get my license during my first attempt . It is definitely tough to get his time but every hour that you spend learning with him is worth it. Thank you Sammy and Professional driving school - you are the best.

Doug Tinker

Amy is a rock star! My wife past on her first try after a few hours with Amy. My wife loved the no pressure instructions and teaching. The entire process was very easy from registration thru taking the road test at the DMV. They are with you every step of the way, everything explained up front, no hidden fees, just a really great experience! Thank you Amy!

Quanie Hawkins

Sammy really helped me to learn how to drive. He's the reason I passed my test. If not for him and the Professional Driving School, I wouldn't have my license right now. Amazing job guys

Krishan Priyanga

Sammy and Reginald are Excellent instructors! I never thought I would be able to drive a car, I was terrified.After a couple sessions with Reginald, I was no longer afraid and thought, "I can do this!". He put my mind at ease and gave me the confidence to not only pass my driving test but to become a confident driver. I was able to pass the road test on first attempt. I highly recommend this school..

Kal Schumacher

Sammy was a great instructor who was committed to making sure I received my license. He was very patient and when I failed my road test the first time (totally my fault), he took me back the following week, free of charge (and I passed!). I would recommend his service to anyone in Charlotte

Monaliza Megherian

Nothing professional about them! Would give zero stars.

Rakhi Mehrotra

THE BEST driving school! I got my driving license at the first go. Sammy and Workineh both are good instructors. Would highly recommend Workineh who is very knowledgeable, super-patient, calm and gives you the confidence to succeed. I HIGHLY recommend this driving school

Nugget 26

I passed my driving test on the first try and received my license! Sammy is a very passionate instructor who makes sure that you are fully prepared for the exam. He is stern about driving safe as well as knowing the rules of the road


This is the best driving school hands down Sammy was very Patient and with his help and Sean I finally got my license they are great people to work with they will take the time with you and is very knowledgeable thank you so much. I am so happy with them

MaKayla Johnson

I took the 6 hours package with the DMV Road test service also. I had some previous driving experience but I needed more experience. Sammy helped give me the extra confidence and guidance to drive.He makes you feel comfortable and safe. Just trust in him and always LISTEN and do your best to calm your nerves and you will come out with your driving license. Thank you so much Sammy!!

Heena Kalra

I took classes from Sean Burns, and I dont think i icouldhave got a better teacher. I had no experience driving on roads ever but now I am. He was very clear in making one learn with examples related to your daily life or work, and then also giving you focus points to remember. His instructions were easy to follow and whenever i drive today after taking 4 classes, I recall his words. He always went an extra mile during all the classes to help me understand why this had to be done this or that way. Thank you Sean for your teaching that I remember everyday when I drive.

Franc Tan

We didn't have a good experience with Sammy. My wife signed up for lessons but he was impatient and unprofessional to the point she was crying after the lesson. We still have about 1.5 hours left but not going to complete the 6 hour course. Would not recommend them.

Nitika Sharma

Sammy is an excellent teacher, very patient and skillful too. He was very flexible and adjusted with my work schedule and helped me get the license. I would highly recommend Professional Driving School to anyone who wants to learn driving.I am really thankful to Sammy.

ashley Lynn

Sammy is a excellent instructor! Passed the road test the first time.

Zhang Zhang

Just pass the road test! Sammy is really a good trainer and the test become very easy.

Desmond Cunningham

The best place to learn how to drive. Fun easygoing and no stress period. The teach you everything you need to know.

Virtuous Soul

Olga Malinak

I’m very glad that I choose this school for preparing me to driving test!!! Thank you Sammy!)

Dipen Mistry

Sammy taught me perfect way of driving on the road. He showed and taught me the best way to drive on road following signal, sign, rules and regulations. Also the prices are affordable. Best driving school and instructor.

Monterio Jackson

Sammy is the best instructor and teacher hands down, he is very patient and will guide you step by step to getting your license. Its important to follow his instructions and listen to him, I left the DMV with my license in one try thanks to Sammy, I would reccomend this school if you guys want to get your license, I did the 10 hour course with him.

Julia Y

Sammy was my instructor, we had 3 , 2 hour sessions and drove all around Charlotte in a Toyota Prius. Sammy is a good instructor and he helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel but other than that, I didn't learn much and regret paying $400 for the lessons.

sajana santosh edwin

Sammy is a very good instructor. I can able to drive becoz of him. Since I was very nervous he taught me with more patience. I am so thankfull to God for sending Sammy to teach me driving.

Molly B.

I am so incredibly grateful to Sammy! I passed my driving test today and I couldn't have done it without him. He is awesome! A HUGE thank you to Sammy and NC Professional Driving School!

jahmai basketball and gaming

Best Driving School Ever! Amy is the best. She definitely builds up your confidence and get you well prepared for the road test. I started off as a new driver and I'm already ready for the road test. Thanks Amy for everything

Ladayday Litty

Very great, they work with you and hands on, I got my license on the first try!

Rituparna Dey

I took one class from Sammy and he was so impatient .He expects everyone to get ready for test in one or two sessions even if he / she has no prior experience. He just says to drive , does not give you any tips how to drive correctly. If you are first time learner , he does not give you small tips / techniques for several aspects ( not too wide in right turn / for left turn which lane should be taken and all ) .Rather he will demoralize you saying you can’t drive and all. So please be cautious while taking appointment with him if you are first time learner / new driver .For me , it was the worst experience and will never ever suggest you to got there.

Jourdynn Dickerson

Sammi was a great instructor and literally went over everything I needed to know for the road test right before I took it.

Em Jae

Sammy was very patient and kind. If your trying to get your license- he’s the best for it. Perfessional is an understatement. He makes you very comfortable about driving.

Stacey Schuler

This is the best driving school ever. Sammy is absolutely incredible. He has so much patience and was wonderful not only at teaching my son how to drive but also making him feel comfortable and confident. Just as important is working with Amy who handles the on line classes and scheduling. Not only was she a great teacher but my son also enjoyed the classes. Amy was also fabulous, patient, knowledgeable and extremely responsive with me! I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to text her for information and how quickly she responds. You can’t find a better driving school I promise!

Ariel Alysse

I LOVE IT!!! The teachers are patient with you. The owner is all about you learning and getting your license. The greatest school ever!

JISkidding Jared

Sammy is the best Instructor here. Only needed 6 hours and got my license on first try!


my instructor was making rude comments then try to cover them up with a laugh/joke. Had better experience at another school

Giridhar Reddy

Great instructors, Sammy and Sean gave good training, and helped me to pass the road test on 1st try.I will recommend this institute for beginners. Thank u

Donald Lacoste

They had no problem taking my money for 10hrs of training. But they have a problem providing the training. They wouldn't or couldn't schedule the classes and so far haven't agreed to refund my money. Never got a return phone call about this UPDATE: They refunded me the money they owed me.

TrustAce G

Hi im katrice and im 37 years old. Never had a license and moved to Charlotte and met Mr. Sammy and had lessons i love him he took his time and taught me everything i needed to know to pass the road test and guess what i did. However before i met him i was so scared to drive i had so much fear and he took that all away. Thanks Mr sammy for everything hope to see you on the highway

Indrani Choudhury

I had an excellent experience with Professional driving school. Sean is a great teacher and coach. He was extremely patient, and his directions were quite clear and crisp. Actually his positive reinforcement at every class helped me overcome my hesitant attitude towards my driving and gain confidence. So a big THANKS once again to Sean for helping me pass the driving test in one try.

Gowthami Sagi

I got my license after 2 classes. Sammy did a great job. He knows what he is doing and have great patience.He also accommodated the class schedule as per my convenience .I have tried a couple instructors in the past and did not like them. I would highly recommend this driving school even if you are a beginner.

Lovliana Baptiste

Sammy was an excellent driving instructor. He was patient, knowledgeable, and very helpful. The lessons were affordable and built around my schedule. I was able to pass my road test on my first try thanks to him. I recommend it 100%

hardik shivhare

Very Unprofessional, Instructor doesn't even showed up for an appointment.

Milad Wahba

sammy , thanks for your great efforts , without you my wife couldn't pass the driving test . she is not only pass the test but also know how to drive well .

adrienne bacon

I usually don't give reviews but i think every comment can be useful negative or good. I don't like giving negative comments but if it helps someone than ok. Plus i'm very frustrated right now. I tried this company out because of the good reviews and the pricing. I moved here from NY and I really need my license to get around down here. Now here's my problem with the company, so far in total i have booked 4 appointments with Sammy and only 1 of them has been kept. I just don't see how that's good business. I know things come up and things happen but to cancel on a person 3 times is ridiculous. Your company obviously needs a better system so that your not overbooking and are able to keep all of your appointments.I was understanding the 1st time, the 2nd frustrated and now the 3rd i will be taking my money elsewhere. Sammy might very well be a good instructor but you have to show up more for me to say that. Showing up is the first part and the most important part.

Phelicia Krider

Overall, I had a great experience with Professional Driving School. I took driving lessons with both Sammy and Reggie. They were both friendly, informative, and patient instructors. Thank you so much for helping me become a safe and confident driver.

shyam sunder

Sammy is a passionate and knowledgeable instructor. Anyone who follows his instructions would become a skilled and defensive driver.He will make sure his students gets the licence .

Lauren L

Sammy is a great instructor! You must have patience and PLEASE listen to what he is telling you. He wants all of his students to understand the road and drive comfortably no matter if your a teenager or an adult. I had 4 driving lessons with Sammy, then was able too take my road test and passed on the first attempt due to me fully trusting Sammy would give me the guidance I needed on the road. I fully recommend Sammy and his driving school to everyone! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

James Williams

DON'T GIVE CASH UPFRONT. I repeat, never give them a cash upfront. Yes I gave them 4 stars, because I appreciate Sami took time to train me and took me to a DMV; however, there were days when they don't reply my calls / texts, leaving me hanging and making me wonder whether they will be accountable for what I paid. Sami is a good person, BUT I advise him to be more professional with communicating, scheduling classes. Had I not given them cash for 6-hour class upfront, I wouldn't be so worried about his work ethics and nervous. Somebody said he is impatient. He actually explained that it's important to be harsh at times since DMV officer won't correct your mistakes while driving (They just fail you). Therefore it's fair that he can be impatient at times - It's somewhat a good thing. Anyway, just DON'T GIVE THEM CASH UPFRONT. You will be worried about whether they are actually serious about your appointments lol.

Maithili Shahane

Sammy is a good teacher. He helps and guides you till the end of process. I enjoyed learning with him.

Deja Adams

this is the best driving school ever ! sammie went out of his way to help me get my license. i passed on my first attempt thanks all to him! their prices are very reasonable and you will not regret the lessons .

Christa Philbert

Many thanks to the driving school and to Mr. Boufa for his continued efforts and patience in teaching me how to navigate the roads.I was able to pass my driving exam on the first try and I would like to say thank you.

Lavisha Thakur

I had Sammy as my instructor. I was a very nervous driver before I started training with him. I took 4 lessons from him and I was able to pass my road test in one go. He puts a lot of effort in his students. Thank you Sammy.

Taylor Bolden

Sean was such a great instructor! I had previously only driven twice around parking lots, but by the second lesson he had me driving on the highway. He was so calm, patient, and gave so much positive reinforcement. He gave clear directions and helped me feel calm and confident on the road. I passed the test with flying colors after 3 lessons. Definitely recommend this school to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Ibha Shrestha

Sammy is an awesome instructor. I had little driving experience and needed help to practice more and get confident. He did a wonderful job and instructed very well to get used to driving. After the first day, he will know what you need to work on and will help you with anything else you feel uncomfortable with in terms of driving. Also, he is great in helping to build your confidence. I will definitely recommend!

D Kay

Be careful of this school. I have not finished yet but it is very hard to get them on the phone. Whatever you do don't give them cash. Also, my first day not training on what I'm suppose to do, Sammy just told me to drive. No tips or suggestions. Cheaper doesn't mean better.

Kenzie Lawrence

Great place to learn how to drive or in my case get better at driving. I had Workneh and he was an awesome instructor and after just 3 days of instruction I got my license!!!

Desiree Walters Live Your Journey

***Update***Sammy helped me get my license. It took all summer, but that's at MY OWN PACE. He even cut me a deal on the road test. Sammy is very patient. If you listen Carefully to him you will pass. When I say listen. It's not just following instructions. Its understanding authority. The a reason WHY your taking drivers ed. You need to be instructed. So I realized I had trouble listening. An Sammy taught me how to be a good listener. You'll learn too! Theres a reason WHY this driving school Is called PROFESSIONAL. You PAY for the Difference than those other schools.

Heather Coons

This is a fantastic business! Sammy, Amy and Sean were very professional, and they worked hard to help my teen move quickly through the process to get his Level 1. I would definitely recommend Professional Driving School.

Moeen Niazi

Excellent experience. Sami was great to work with. My daughter took online classes at Sami driving School and he showed up on time three days to give her driving lessons. She aced her writing test at DMV and already driving with great confidence all over. Very highly recommended.. Thank you Sami.

Shonda Trenece

priya pandey

Sammy is the best instructor I ever had. He trained me so well that I got license without failure. He helped me to correct my mistakes. Sammy is very knowledgeable and patient with his students.

Smita Gogawale

I am glad that I chose the best driving school..Mr.Sammy is a very good instructor.i was learning to drive for the first time,and I was very nervous.but Mr.Sammy taught me very patiently.He made me confident about my driving.He explained me everything so calmly.He didn’t shout at me even I made silly mistakes.I passed my test at first attempt.Thank you Sammy for being such a good instructor.

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