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REVIEWS OF LKN Driving School IN South Carolina

Will Commer

Bypassed the wait of the school system’s class and knocked everything out in a quick manor. Drove with one of the best in the business, Chris Carroll. I have my license now, but if it weren’t for LKN Driving School, I’d probably be waiting another 3 months.

Jeannie Mosher

Chris Carroll is an excellent driving instructor! He is very professional and works well with teens. My son felt comfortable right away so he was able to excel quickly in his driving experience. Mr. Carroll thoroughly prepared my son during his behind-the-wheel driving time as well as preparation for the driving test. My son felt relaxed and confident when it was time to get his permit and later his Level 2. My daughter is looking forward to taking LKN Driving School classes and behind-the-wheel with Mr. Carroll this summer.

Eric Hausfeld

Fantastic experience. I was worried that the long days would be taxing but our son said he made it fun and interesting! Also I learned some stuff from our son- haha. Communication is great as well. Definitely a go to.

Evan Ocamb

Chris and Scott are absolutely wonderful teachers and friends! I cannot recommend them enough for anyone, young or old. I HAD great anxiety about driving, but that soon went away with working with these wonderful men. 5/5!!

ranjith meda

Chris is very helpful and patient with his clients, I got my license with his help

Debbie Vaccaro

We were completely satisfied with LKN Driving. They helped my son to prepare for his test and reassured me that he was ready to get his license. Thanks Mr. Carroll for being flexible with the lesson times. The feedback that we received helped me to trust that he was ready to be an independent driver. Needless to say, he passed his test today! I will continue to refer LKN Driving!!!

Susan Kendall

My son had a great experience with LKN driving school. Mr. Carroll was extremely accommodating and made sure my son was prepared and ready for his permit test!

Gracie Cummins

I highly recommend looking into LKN Driving School. Mr. Carroll made me and my friend feel very comfortable in the car and we shared a few good laughs.

Angela Sendler

I Highly recommend LKN Driving School if you have a kids who really wants to learn how to drive. My daughter did the driver course and also the preparation for the test. We had a very positive experience. Mr. Carroll go the extra mile to make sure his students are well prepared. He works with your schedule and it’s very professional. I’m planning to sign up my son for the upcoming Driver’s Ed. The Sendlers Mooresville, NC

Jen Shaver

Due to my daughter's sports schedule, attending the drivers education classes during the school year was very difficult. LKN Driving School was a great option to get the classroom and driving completed within our busy schedule. Chris Carroll was great to work with and a very patient teacher with my inexperienced driver. LKN Driving School made the process of completing drivers education (classroom and driving) hassle free. Highly recommend LKN Driving School.

Debbie Loebach

Highly recommend! Fabulous experience!

Olga Lingo

Chris was amazing! My daughter was a very anxious driver and he helped her gain confidence. She passed her test and we are so grateful.

Kelly Smith

Chris was the best teacher for our daughter. He is so patient. He was also accommodating of her schedule. He gave her the confidence she needed! Highly recommend.

Lauren Sullivan

Best teacher you could ever have!! Knows what he's talking about and has a pretty good sense of humor.

Matt Byrne

So glad that my wife and I chose to have our teen go through the LKN Driving School. Chris and Scott are great teachers and very informative. With all the knowledge gained and behind the wheel experience, our teen passed the permit test the first time! Thank you!

RedHorse Racing

Two great experiences with LKN Driving School! Positive experience for both drivers. Professional and curtious, no waiting to get started.

Ali K

Mr Chris he did very very very great job for me and i am at loss for words how to thanks to him .me and my family we are greatful to meet him and we are appreciate his kindness ,affection and lots of experience,i recommend Mr Chris to all my family and friends.he is like an angel in the sky ,flower in the garden God bless him and his dear family.thanks alot again.

Deborah LaBarca

Chris and his team is wonderful! My son was nervous and didn't want to learn to drive. After going through his class with Chris, now he loves to drive. He walked us through step by step on how my son can get his permit and got it on the first try. Best driving instruction experience ever!

Toni Davis

Great experience. We highly recommend Chris. He did exactly what he said he would do, when he said he'd do it. We will definitely be calling him again in a few years with our youngest son. Thanks!

bharath sridhar

Chris is an expert in analysing driving behaviors and patterns. He comes across as a friendly chap clearly identifying weaknesses in driving and helps strengthening them. He gave a lot of confidence for me to take the DMV test. Would definitely recommend Chris for anyone who wants to take up driving classes.

Angie Stump

Very accommodating for my daughter's busy schedule. Picked up after school and made sure my daughter completed her required 6 hours prior to her birthday. Would highly recommend using LKN Driving School.

Kaylan Brown

Very positive experience. Mr. Carroll was very accommodating and flexible with schedule. My daughter , whom had no prior driving experience, was very comfortable with him and gained knowledge and experience necessary to obtain her permit right away.

Molly Purser

LKN Driving school was excellent in teaching my kid the fundamentals of driving. He learned both the rules of the road as well as hands on driving in a fun yet instructional environment. LKN Driving School also got his “on the road” requirements met in a timely and efficient manner! Chris & Scott are top notch instructors!

John Mosher

Without Mr. Carrol I never would have passed my drivers test. I was very comfortable driving with him and he never got mad.

Vivienne Fang

I highly recommend Chris as a driving instructor. I'm a student at Davidson College who wanted to get my driver's license within a month. Chris got me behind the wheel and on the road on my first lesson, and after another lesson, took me to the DMV to take the license test. I passed! He gave me confidence as a new driver; he is patient and helps me work on my weaknesses. Go to Chris if you need driving lessons!

Prasanna Negalur

Chris is a really nice person by heart. He is a very good teacher also. I came to US from India with little driving experience. Chris taught everything u need to do in US roads and helped to get the license. He has lot of patience and corrects your mistakes in a polite way.. I failed first time but Chris put enough confidence in me and I cleared the test and got the License second time.. :) I would recommend LKN for people who are new in US like Indians.

jamie taylor

We put two daughters through the program, both were prepared and successful with passing the permit and drivers test the first time! Well worth the investment! Great guys & great communication!

lavan chenna

Lkn Driving School is the best driving school, Chris is very very good instructor, I have learned very quickly, he will check and judge the number of hours required training. I am recommending him for all new learners or coming from other countries.


I am an exchanged student, and my English is not as good as locals; however, Mr. Carroll always instructs me easily, shows me a right way to operate a car patiently, and builds me the confidence. Such a wonderful teacher.

Kkmas 777

Nobody will prepare you better or get you your permit and license quicker than Mr. Carroll. He is the best and is so organized that as a parent you have no hassles. He goes the extra mile and is very knowledgeable about the process. He really cares about his students. He taught my son and daughter, and no coincidence that when they took their road tests (2 years apart) the examiners commented on what a great job they both did with their driving test! Kim Sullivan

ljman51t the gamer

I had a awesome time in the class and I learned a lot on safe driving

Wendy Flors

My daughter had an excellent driver's ed experience at LKN Driving School; would highly recommend!

Samantha Spicer

Mr. Carroll was wonderful! He was able to work with our schedule and get the driving done promptly! I could not thank him enough!

Ken Davin

Chris did a great job with the class...keeping the kids focused and learning. He then had them behind the wheel for the driving lessons within a week. For those with busy schedules...sports, etc.....this is the way to go. Great my kids to many different scenarios that they will encounter in day to day driving. I highly recommend LKN Driving.

Mary Kay Hansen

Excellent driving school! My daughter learned so much during the classes and Chris gave her such positive feedback during her driving time that has helped give her confidence on the road. She learned all she needed in class to pass the permit test with ease. Would highly recommend LKN driving school!

Lynne Livingston

My son (college student) who had taken drivers ed in high school, and had several unsuccessful attempts to obtain his drivers license, additionally an anxious new driver on the road had not yet completed the milestone of obtaining a drivers license. Thinking no success in sight we contacted LKN Driving School. Sooooo glad we did! Chris Carroll picked my son up from our house on a weekend (worked with our schedule) assessed him and communicated his findings to us to get my son practiced and passing his driving test! He is absolutely awesome! Chris also follows up making sure all is well. My son was comfortable and less anxious driving after his lessons with Chris. We are extremely pleased with his service and the LKN Driving School and highly recommend this driving school!

David Monroe

The LKN Driving School provided a top-notch experience from the classroom work to the roadwork for my son. Each class, Mr. Carroll taught valuable lessons and showed videos about traffic laws, signs, automobile safety and just plain old common sense. After each of the five, six-hour classes and still now, I have a backseat driver who critiques my driving, saying things like, "Dad, you did not come to a complete stop at that stop sign," or "There are not three seconds between you and the car in front of you." When the classroom instruction ended, Mr. Carroll had my son scheduled for his behind-the-wheel work a couple of weeks, not months, later. Mr. Carroll did more than just check off boxes of driving skills that needed to be covered. If there was something my son did not do well, such as taking turns too wide or straight line backing, Mr. Carroll had him practice doing it until he got it down. Because of Mr. Carrol's patience, experience and willingness to get to know my son on a personal basis during the classroom instruction and roadwork, he gained the confidence he needed to feel comfortable driving. My son was very prepared when he went to the DMV to get his permit and passed the signs and written tests on his first attempt. Now he is on the road with a parent in the passenger seat. I don't know whether to thank Mr. Carroll for that or not. :) Either way, I would highly recommend the LKN Driving School.

Jan Sherman

Scott did an awesome job teaching my daughter how to drive. He was patient and positive. The classroom instruction was excellent and my daughter even had fun. I would highly recommend LKN Driving School.

Dee Buckminster

LKN Driving school was a great experience for us. Chris did a great job with both the classroom studies and the driving portion of his class. My daughter was completely ready to take the test and to drive home afterward. D. Buckminster

Kathi Landis

I felt that my daughter needed more road-time and instruction than what she received in her high school driver's education course. I researched local driving schools, and boy did I choose the best one! I enrolled her in the "Refresher Course," which allowed her more time to practice skills she had learned previously, but also introduced her to new driving skills and situations that she had not been introduced to. Mr. Carroll also accommodated a special concern of mine, which was introducing her to interstate driving (SCARY I-77!!!) , and spent an entire lesson built around her driving on the interstate. I really appreciated that, and so did she. Other than his individualized, detailed, spot-on instruction, I believe what she gained more from her Refresher Course with Mr. Carroll was CONFIDENCE, essential to becoming a good driver. His positive attitude emitted that confidence to her, and let her know that she could become a good driver in the neighborhood, or on the interstate. He treats each student with respect, and really gets to know them as a person, not just a pupil. When we saw him several months after she completed the course, he still remembered her interests, her college plans, her job, and even asked about her running. When you feel that someone truly cares about you as an individual, you are much more likely to succeed. Thank you, Mr. Carroll and LKN Driving School, for giving my daughter a solid foundation for driving, and for giving me peace of mind!!! :-)

Sharon Kaufman

Isaac loved the driving school and was well prepared. Chris made it fun and Isaac didn’t mind driving at all.

Varsha Sahu

Deepak Singh

My experience was awesome with LKN. Cris have given me all the guidance which was very helpful for me during my DMV driving test.

Jodi Wynblatt

Chris did such a wonderful job helping my son feel prepared and confident for his driving test. The time he spent with Chris was so valuable that we came back again when it was my daughter’s turn to get her license. Chris helped both of my kids understand all the details of what to expect during the driving test and provided valuable feedback to improve their life-long driving habits. Both kids passed the test on their first attempts and are better drivers due to the time they spent behind the wheel with Chris.

Craig Hevey

We chose LKN Driving School for our 15 year old daughter . She received wonderful instruction in the classroom as well as behind the wheel driving from Chris Carroll. I would highly recommend Chris. He is patient and calm and reassuring for both the parents and the student driver. The classroom content was thorough. I believe my daughter received great information and she felt prepared to get her permit. She had adequate driving time and was confident when going in to take her test. I thank Chris for a wonderful experience for our family.

Briana Landis

I cannot even describe to you what an amazing teacher Mr. Carroll is. When I first started, I could barely back out of a driveway. Now I have confidence in my driving and have even come to enjoy it. That does not even talk about what an amazing person Mr. Carroll is as well. He even took me to the DMV to get my license since both of my parents had to work and waited with me. Highly recommend to people both young and old.

Ajah Smith

Thank you LKN

Connie O.

Chris did an outstanding job with our 16 year old daughter. He sharpened her driving skills and eased our nerves. Thank you Chris for making this important family event easy breezy!

Kristine DeRobertis

Our experience with Chris Carroll and LKN Driving school was amazing! We highly recommend Chris for driving instruction. His flexibility and professionalism is top notch.

leigh d

Great experience! Highly recommend! Chris and Scott made it fun and my twins both learned so much! They teach all the skills you need to become a safe driver.

Amy Commer

Chris Carroll is an excellent teacher! My son got his permit and license on the first try after driving with Mr. Carroll. Bypass waiting for school driving time and get the best results.

Chandrasekar R

Mr. Chris Carroll and Mr. Scott are excellent driving instructors! They are very professional and works well with everyone. Being an expatriate, they thought me all the rules and tricks to drive. Their tricks and guidance helped me to get the license. They corrected my repeated mistakes with patience and taught me to drive properly. I was very comfortable driving with them and they never got mad. Chris was there all time and provided support during my driving test even though we need to wait at the DMV office queue for a long time. Many 'Thanks' to Chris and Scott for building by confidence to drive in US roads. I Highly recommend LKN Driving School.

Chris and Krista Phillips

Awesome Driver's Education classes and driving experience with Chris Carroll of Lake Norman Driving School. Convenient and easy to work with especially for student athletes with busy schedules. We highly recommend LKN Driving School! Thank you Mr. Carroll!

Catherine Terwilliger

Guang Yang

Chris has been extremely helpful with my friend who is an international student at UNCC and whose English skills are very limited. He helped him with practicing driving and took him to the test. My friend past road test this morning. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who dis looking for a driving School.

Siddhartha "Bob" Jindal

I had a great experience in LKN driving school. Mr Chris really taught me about the responsibility of driving and Mr. Scott eased my nervs about getting behind the wheel.

Melanie DiTommaso

Chris was VERY helpful with my daughter. She was a nervous driver. He was very calm with her and explained everything. I would recommend LKN Driving to anyone.

Tyrone KLINE

Many "Thanks!" to Mr. Carroll and LKN Driving School. My son and I were very pleased with the entire program, instruction received and confidence gained in my son's driving. And of course, the net result for my son was passing his drivers license test in the first attempt. Thank you again Chris.


Let me start by saying that EVERYONE should care about the quality of young people's driver education. Better drivers on the road mean fewer accidents and a safer community for ALL of us. I live in Charlotte, but carpooled to drive my 14 year-old son and his friend nearly an hour in each direction (in I-77 traffic) to LKN's week-long driver ed course this summer in Mooresville. I did this primarily because the reviews for all the driving schools in Charlotte were abysmal. It seemed that the ones associated with the school system were especially negative. When my son compared his experience to those of his friends who had taken their course through CMS, I was glad I had chosen to make the trek. My son felt like he had actually learned a lot with LKN, while the best things his friends could say about their experience was that their instructor was funny and they had a pretty good time that week. But where LKN (and Chris, the director of the driving school) impressed me even more was with the actual driving practice hours. He thought ahead and contacted us just in advance of my son and his friend's 15th birthdays so we could set up the hours in time for them to get their permits ASAP. That's right - HE kept track of their birthdays and reached out to ME. For three weekends, he came down to Charlotte to give them marathon driving sessions on all different kinds of roads and highways, including parallel parking lessons (even though this is no longer part of the NC driving test). My son came home from every session energized and excited about driving. He said that part of what made it fun was that Chris was so relaxed and encouraging. This, in turn, made my son and his friend feel calm and confident. Isn't that the kind of driver you want on the road next to you? Me, too. I could go on, but I will end by saying that Chris truly is the best - he treats his students with respect, has an incredible amount of patience, and goes above and beyond in helping to shepherd our next generation of drivers safely onto the road. He exceeded our expectations in every possible way. I suspect if enough people in Charlotte demand better driver education by reaching out to Chris, he might even hold some class sessions down here. You, your teen, and all the drivers on the road will be glad you did.

Heather Ayris

In a word- AMAZING!!! Chris was so patient with our son and really helped to build his confidence. Thanks to him, we have a safe driver on the road. Definitely recommend LKN Driving School!

Lesley Knowles

Chris and Scott were fantastic!!! They went way above and beyond to help make this experience possible and as pain free and quick as possible. My daughter really enjoyed her experience and feels confident behind the wheel. I highly recommend LKN drive!

Kim Shaffer

Chris Carroll is one of the best driving instructors out there. He has an easy going and patient attitude which immediately puts his students at ease. He is also very flexible in scheduling driving times. I would highly recommend him and his driving school.

Kelly S.

Our daughter enjoyed the class and driving experience with Mr. Carroll. He makes the experience fun for the students and is very thorough. She got a perfect score on her permit test. She is now happily passing on driving tips as she drives us around town. We highly recommend LKN Driving School.

Mohamed Sakho

Chris is great instructor I recommend him to all ages.Chris was very patient and helpful at all times also help prepare for the route and give me a boost of confidence I never hard.Chris is also flexible with price he was very flexible with me I recommend LKN Driving School especially Chris Carol pheomnianl person and great personality he will not let you down.

Rachel Faunce

My daughter loved driving with Chris! She said he was funny and never made her feel nervous behind the wheel. She said she would do the BTW (behind the wheel) every day if she got to drive with him! Thank you, Chris, for such a wonderful experience!

Jennifer Lewis

Chris Carroll is an excellent driving coach and just a very good person as well! He helped my son easily obtain his license after a bad DMV experience on his own. He not only picked him up at our house to drive but took him to the DMV to help him get his license the very next time! He is always on time with a positive attitude and great skills! I highly recommend LKN Driving School!

Erin Cappelmann

I highly recommend LKN Driving School! They are patient and extremely knowledgeable. I prefer the one on one instruction opposed to what they offer through the school. Refresher lesson before the road test was just what my son needed to boost his confidence. I've referred several friends who were more than pleased!

Jill Williams

My son really enjoyed learning to drive with Chris at LKN Driving School! Chris was very flexible with my son’s schedule. He picked him up from home and would drop him off which was very convenient. He got us in immediately to drive. He gave my son the confidence in his abilities to be a good driver. We would highly recommend Chris at LKN Driving School to teach your teen how to drive. Jill & Jim Williams

Thomas Gaston

My daughter had the best experience. She passed her driving examination with flying colors. The service was prompt, great communication and wonderful encouragement. I will recommend LKN driving school without reservation. I couldn’t be more pleased.

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