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REVIEWS OF Auto Safe Driving School Inc IN South Carolina

The struggling Boob

This is a great school. I previously had three wrecks and have not had a wreck since. I paid with a check. I am not sure what these other reviews are meaning by only being able to pay online or not receiving good instruction. They do not even take pay pal.


Today was my last driving session and road test and I must say I loved the learning experience! Not only did I pass my road test but I learned so much in my 3 days of driving. I went in with very little experience driving but my instructor made sure to explain everything thoroughly, he never once lost his patience and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I highly recommend this school.

Paul Meyer

Twas wonderful! Instructors are relaxed, yet more attentive to the road than you! Exceptional service. Thanks so much guys!!!

Maria Ossi

I wanted to thank everybody at Auto Safe Driving School. I have three daughters and they gave my youngest one her driving lessons. I've dealt through the years with a few other companies and Auto Safe was probably the best one. They did a great job teaching my daughter how to drive. Thank you Auto Safe. Maria Ossi

Scott Hall

Auto-Safe was the best choice for both my children. My youngest just completed the course, and is driving very well. Her trainer was cautious, understanding and friendly. I stress the caution part, as my daughter and the instructor spent much time going over the car and driving precautions before they ever pulled out. This was consistent throughout her training, and I am thankful to Auto-Safe.

tsotsoo lartey

I loved my experience with Auto Safe. My instructor was so kind and very patient with me. He had a coaching style that made me feel like I could really grasp what he was teaching. We took baby steps and he knew just when to push me to gain some confidence. The price is also good. You pay for expertise and the confidence that you are getting the best training. Trust me, you want that confidence when you are behind the wheel. I am glad I chose Auto Safe, I am better for it!

Sarah Ingle

I have no idea what is generating all these negative comments; my experience with Auto Safe was great. They took me from not knowing how to drive at all to getting a perfect score on my driver's test on my first try. My instructor was incredibly patient -- far more patient than my own father was -- and instilled in me the importance of being a defensive driver. My Auto Safe driving instructor taught me when I was sixteen, and I'm twenty-three now and have never received a ticket or been in an accident while behind the wheel (knock on wood...). If you're looking for a driving school for your child that will ensure he or she passes her driver's test with flying colors, I'd highly recommend Auto Safe.

Allen Morris

Very great place to learn. My instructor Carl joye was an amazing instructor, very easy to get along with and made sure everything was right. I very much recommend this driving school.

Anton Martynyuk

Brandon Probst

Best $300-something I've ever spent. If you die between ages 15 and 35, chances are it will be behind the wheel. Work those odds in your favor and learn to not only be a good driver, but also learn to watch out for the other other drivers on the road with inferior training. I was assigned to Dan Marsceau. It was a few years ago now, but having been around the worst drivers possible throughout my life, Dan did a tremendous job of easing my nerves, but at the same time didn't let me back out when I was nervous, instead he convinced me that I could do it (and I could). If the rest of the staff are half as good as Dan is, you'll be in good hands. You may think Uncle Jay is a good enough driver to teach little Timmy or Suzy how to drive, and maybe he is, but there is something to be said for having your little one trained by a retired LEO.

Claire Bear

Unlike the other reviews, I had a very good experience with Auto Safe driving school. The class was very informative and I did all of my driving hours in one week. My instructor told me all of the right things to do and I learned a lot. I ended up passing my test and losing only 5 points. :)

Lynda Sams Lynda

My granddaughter, Maddie, went through Auto Safe for her license this past Summer. Lance was her driving instructor and we couldn't be happier with the results. Lance did a great job explaining the process and helped Maddie to become a confident and safe young driver. We were referred to Auto Safe by her friend, Julia, and we will continue to refer Auto Safe and Lance to others. Thanks Auto Safe for taking the "worry" out of this process. It was a very positive experience!

Kayla Marzhé

I would like to thank this driving school for being the BEST! Their very affordable & they are great instructors! I would like to thank Jim & Carl (behind the wheel instructors) for helping me! They are the best!!! I highly recommend this school to anyone!!

Rachel Vollers

A school that knows what its doing! For all you other mothers out there I know what a big decision it is in finding the right driving school that will keep your child safe. I fully endorse Auto Safe Driving School. It is one of the best!

Andrew Rixom

I highly recommend Auto Safe. My instructor, Daniel Marsceau (Dan), was great! Thank you for instruction, and thanks for getting up early to allow me to take a lesson and test back to back.

Dominick Lovallo

Great driving school. Had a 3 hour lesson with Jim Fergus. He’s a great teacher and definitely recommend him as a driving teacher to anyone who signs up with this school.

Jennifer whitlatch

Doug Payne

Auto Safe Driving School provided an incredible learning experience for my daughter! This picture includes the driving instructor, Dan Marsceau, and my daughter, Kayleigh. Dan is a retired L/Cpl with the SC Highway Patrol. Many of you may remember Dan as he was the Troop 3 (Upstate) spokesperson for the SCHP for many, many years. Most of the driver instructors for Auto Safe are retired State Troopers, so you know the training will be “tops”. Unfortunately, we initially had my daughter attend driving training with another local driving school, who employees police officers, and it was a disaster. Thankfully, we found Auto Safe Driving School and had her retaught. My daughter absolutely loved learning proper driving skills from Dan. She said he was very good at teaching and she gained a lot of confidence by learning from him. So needless to say, I recommend Auto Safe Driving School 100%! You can request to be taught by Dan, or I’m sure any of their instructors are great.

Jova Polanco

Sara Roberts

I did not find this drivers school helpful. I am terrified of driving and put off drivers school till I was 18. The 8 hour class was very informative but the driving itself is were I had problems. My instructor didn't teach me anything. I did gain more confidence on the rode but I have nothing to show for it. I received a call telling me my final lesson was canceled and basically not to come back. I'm a horrible driver and I went to this school wanting to learn how to drive, even if it meant I had to purchase more lessons. I was prepared to purchase more when I received that call. I was not refunded my money and I'm still struggling with driving. My instructor used her a lot phone during our lessons and dozed off at one point. I would never recommend this drivers school to someone who is like me and terrified of driving.

Callie Hamilton

Chelle Kelaher

Great experience for my oldest child. I have another that will be utilizing this very soon. Fantastic company and fantastic folks. All a positive experience. Thank you!

Michelle Carter

Exceptional experience! Jim was fantastic and made the driving experience so easy for my son. Instructors will pick your child up from school or home for the drive time... which is amazing if you work! (I think this depends on your location). We would use this driving school again with no hesitation. All in all, AutoSafe was super easy to work with.

Molly Stech

After an absolutely awful experience with another driving school, Auto Safe is a pleasure to work with. Even when we had to reschedule driving session they worked with us. Prompt and polite. Was well prepared for road test. Passed on first try. Son actually felt he learned things during classroom time unlike the other so called driving school. Beware of "Fast track" they just want to get more money from you. Recommending Auto Safe to everyone teen or adult.

Julie Camp

My experience with Auto Safe Driving School was no less than exceptional. I signed my 16 year old son up for Drivers Ed with instructor Jim King and never once had an issue and was extremely pleased. I had to reschedule the 8 hour class and several driving lessons because of personal schedule conflicts and at no time did I have any trouble, they went out of their way to accomodate me in everyway. Jim met me wherever was convenient for me and even brought my son home after each lesson. My son even had nice things to say about the experience and enjoyed having Jim King as his instructor. The negative reviews I have read on here are ridiculous and the claims they have made in no way do I believe them. I did not have to pay over the internet, my son was not just given his license he earned it, I was given a progress report after each lesson, the instructor was on time and professional. This business has been in business for many years and has an exceptional reputation. I have and will continue to recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good Drivers Ed School.

Arrington Reynolds

As a student, my instructor, Jim King has made me feel very safe behind the wheel. After my first lesson, I felt more confident behind the wheel. I would only suggest Auto Safe as my driving school.

Dennis Watson

Totally professional people. Our instructor, Mr. King was a former Highway Patrol officer, and picked my son up at our home and from school to conduct his driving lessons in a very nice new Toyota Corolla. My son learned a lot of the finer points of driving with them. He already had 100's of hours of experience, but had trouble passing the skills test at the DMV. Mr. King was fun, fair and handled the test with integrity, ultimately failing my son on his first test for an unsafe act We re-trained him and he passed the next test. I feel that Auto-Safe handles their business with the utmost integrity to the process and take their student's safety on the road as their number one priority. I would recommend them, just as two friends recommended them to me.

Alec Khidekel

Stay away . The whole purpose was for them to teach our son and get him to pass the test . Did not teach him anything .

Chun Li

Best driving school in greenville,sc. Driving instructor Mr.Jim is great! Highly recommend.

Cara Whitehead


Caroline Reynolds

I followed the advice of many friends 4 years ago to use Auto Safe Driving school for my son. I was extremely pleased with the instructor's knowledge and teaching style. The instructor was professional and on time for every appointment. During that time, taking the driving test with Auto Safe was not an option. He did not have a problem with the driving test from the highway department. When it came time for my daughter to attend driving school one month ago, I did not consider calling another school but Auto Safe. I also asked for the same instructor. He has been patient with her and she has learned many skills. After her first class, I could see her confidence behind the wheel had greatly improved. Thanks to Auto Safe for making my children comfortable as possible on the road.

William Martin

We have nothing but positive things to say about this driving school. Our daughter felt safe and very comfortable with her instructor, Jim. She had the same instructor for all lessons and her driving test and we loved that they came to us to get her! Dealing with making appointments through the office was a breeze and they were more than accommodating!

Mikki Barrett

I do not understand previous reviews. I did not have to pay for my daughter's classes online and the training she received was appropriate. My only concern is that they are a bit unorganized in the office. There was some confusion over scheduled driving times.

John Garrison

5 stars go to the folks over at Auto Safe for taking care of my sons future safe driving. I was happy w the whole process and I feel like my son really picked up a lot of great help to improve his driving skills. If you are looking for a driving school and want someone who has been around a while, I'd highly recommend giving these guys a call. I think they are family owned and have been around a long time.

Mike Jee

very cool my wife is a driver now without any help from me it's all on there classes , thank you lance

Amy Martin

Auto Safe Driving School did a good job preparing my son for his driving test

Surekha Keesara

I came from India and had never been behind the wheel before. I cannot thank Auto Safe driving school enough for their patience, teaching skills, and replacing my fear with confidence. 10 hours of driving lessons and I passed the exam and got my license. 16 years and I still remember my instructor's teachings while I am on the road. I am ever grateful to Auto Safe Driving School. AMAZING Driving School!!!

Dea Johnson

Auto Safe was recommended by a friend whose son got his license. We are in Anderson, and Auto Safe made it convenient for us. The class room education was thorough, reminding me of a few things I had forgotten. The driving instructor was patient and made my daughter feel at ease. The communication was very good. The instructor told we what my daughter's weak and strong points were so we could work on them between driving lessons. I was told what to expect at each part of the process and the charges were exactly what was stated up front. I highly recommend Auto Safe Driving School.

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