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REVIEWS OF 911 Driving School - Greenville IN South Carolina

liam campbell

Sabrina Yang

They left my son at the wrong drop off location and were not apologetic. I had to buy an Uber to get him to the right location. Would not recommend this service.

Lynn Mahaffee

They have taught 3 of my children to drive. One was super reluctant to drive on the road. They were super patient and encouraged her all the way! Highly recommend! Will definitely revisit with my remaining two when it their time.

AnnMarie Klein

Great place! I have had 2 of my teens here. One is still taking lessons. The class is very good at showing that driving is serious business and should never be taken lightly. The instructors always give feedback. If I ever need proof of driver training for insurance they just email it to me. Jordan is very helpful!!!

Angie Clark

Kyla Brutosky

April Bryant

They are AWESOME!!!! My husband and I have sent both of your children to them. They were great with our children!!! I recommended them to everyone I know with children starting to drive.

caroline mathis

Elizabeth Stepp

Amy Buxbaum

The instructors put the kids in all types of driving situations, and teach them so well how to navigate them all. Both my girls went here for instruction, and I would highly recommend this school!

coleman parham

Both of my kids went through 911 Driving School. I felt confident in their instructors, some of them they used multiple times and then some just once or twice. It just depended upon availability. My kids liked all of their instructors and felt like they were helpful. The instructors were calm and never loud or mean to them if they messed up. I would recommend this driving school 100%!

David Hall

Wonderful experience. Great instructors. Both kids followed the course and passed drivers exam first time.

Morgan Washington

Brandi DuBose

Great instructors! My son was able to pass the driving test with no issues!

Laura Carlson

Cody Wendell

Cody had a great experience with 911 Driving School. She had never taken any driver's education courses, so she did learn a lot. She had never parallel parked, and she does a great job at it now. The instructors were friendly. Cody has severe anxiety, which is why we thought this would be better than just going to DMV. Keven Turner did 2 of her drives and did a fantastic job of putting her at ease, which made her drive even better. She got her license today, so we are definitely happy with the experience. Thanks!

Amellaly Villagra

It is a great school for driving. My teen kids all have been there and learned a lot from the experience personal who is in charge. Thanks 911 for your patience, expertise and great tips you share with the students.

Jacob Provenzano

Charles Thompson

My daughter's experience with 911 was 100% positive. Her instructor, Mr. Vargas, was extremely knowledgeable and put her at ease during the sessions. He was very prompt and thorough. We have no suggestions for improvement. 911 was a first-class, professional driving experience.

Jennifer Justus

Both my children have now attended 911 and working with the officers was a great experience! My daughter was not interested in driving, however, after her first drive, the instructor instilled so much knowledge and confidence, she wouldn't stop driving. I feel they both have been well prepared. I would highly recommend 911 driving school

Kelly Harvey

This is an awesome school. The instructors are police officers and they know the laws and the newest changes in the laws. They are VERY big on safety instruction. I was very impressed. All nice guys too.

Shannon Holloway

We are really pleased with Brittany's progress since she took the course. It seems to have boosted her confidence (and ours in her). She liked all of the instructors and said she had the full spectrum of instructors, one talkative, one quiet and one in between, but they each brought a unique perspective and provided great feedback to both us and Brittany. We Will be recommending your school to others where we can. Thank-you for following up and we hope to have Brittany licensed soon!

meredith noon

Great instructors and a thorough learning experience! After my son's 4th lesson, I rode in the passenger seat of MY car and we ran errands all over town. I was as relaxed as if I was riding with a friend or family member that had been driving for years! :-)

Jill Layton

All three of my kids went to 911 Driving School! I appreciate the fact that they have actual police officers that ride with them and provide feedback at the end of each ride. It was well worth the cost. This was the easiest and most efficient way to learn how to drive.

Marvin Dickerson

Kirra Hantske

I loved the 911 driving classes they were amazing and helped me learned so much to pass my test! I absolutely loved how Greg, Ryan did a mock test which I did not do so well on and I became very upset during the mock test and he helped calmed me down and brought me to reality and I thank him for that because I passed my test with only 9 points! Which I thought was awesome. Robert Thacker was my main driving trainer and he was great as well he helped me so much. I believe 911 driving school is the best thing created and they are doing a great job!

Atty Finley

If you’re looking for a driving program, I can recommend 911 Driving School entirely! It was absolutely worth every penny I spent (I paid for it myself)! I took the 8 hour class this past weekend and found it very informative and helpful; I was sad to see some of the high schoolers attending the class not paying attention, because I personally enjoyed the class and wanted to learn, so if you pay attention, you’ll gather necessary details such as road rules, how to help certain driving problems (drifting in your lane, parallel parking, regular parking, etc), what to expect on your driver’s test, and so much more! I guarantee that if you pay full attention to the class and the drives, you will get your license and be a great, safe driver! The 2 hour driving sessions I had were incredible! I had Keven Turner twice, and Bryan Snow once. Keven was an absolute doll; he made me feel very confident in my driving abilities, and he always gave me compliments rather than only telling me what I did wrong. He was very knowledgeable and explained how to correct the errors I made very well. He got me parallel parking on the very first try! Bryan was wonderful as well! Very sweet and helpful. He gave me some great tips and ways to correct errors. He had me drive a beautiful route; we drove down a country road, but also drove in more populated areas as well. I can fully recommend these instructors!! Thank you, Keven and Bryan! As a personal note, ask your instructor to teach you the “2 step parallel parking.” I found it easier that the “3 step parallel parking,” but it’s all personal preference. Most teach the 3 step, but Keven taught me the 2 step, which I personally liked better. It’s all about what’s good for you :) I’m so thankful for 911 Driving School! Seeing the one star reviews shocks and confuses me, because I know for a fact that this school deserves no less than 5 stars! Keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks so much for everything.

Gabriel Avila

My 16 yr old daughter loved the different instructors and made her feel at ease. I would highly recommend them for your driving requirements.

Jen Champ

Great experience. Good information, professional, informative instructors. teen driver learned a lot, was comfortable with instructor during driving sessions, passed test on first try. Will use again for second teen. Came to us highly recommended, and we sould highly recommend. Definitely a good buy.

Megan Norman

The instructors are very nice and they take it easy on you if it is your first time driving. The actually class was very informative and I caught onto the material well! Thank you 911 driving school.

Lynn Robinson

My daughter was hesitant about driving with a stranger and we were thankful to find Misti! She was amazing and my daughter was very comfortable with her. She taught my daughter a lot and answered any and all questions we had. She, also, provided great feedback that we could use to improve my daughter's driving skills. Thanks so much for such a great experience!!

Amy Rodgers

We had a great driver’s education experience with 911 Driving School! Many of our friends recommended them with positive experiences as well. We were able to schedule online with ease. The teachers are active or retired police officers who were knowledgeable and patient. They really set out mind at ease and we’d recommend them to others as well! It’s worth it!

Weston Martin

Ansley Glenn

We are 100% happy with our experience with 911. Kassidy’s instructor was phenomenal!! Kassidy has many difficulty’s, ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, to name a few and her instructor was great with her. In fact she was upset and very nervous about her first drive with him but when they got back she was so happy. She actually couldn’t wait until her next drive with him. Even though she is so happy to have her test done she is sad that it’s over because he was just Amazing with her. I will definitely be recommending 911 to everyone I know. Thank you so much!

Amanda Robinson

Both of my daughters went to 911 driving school. The staff is very friendly and I love that they are retired police officers. Although some of the stories were graphic in detail as related to texting and driving or drinking and driving, it’s important that our children see the real life consequences of those bad decisions. Thanks to them I am confident in my two young daughters driving alone.

Bruce Jobe

Top notch service from current and retired police officers/state troopers. Treated my daughter with utmost respect and kindness. Even gave her a free lesson to brush up before a road test by DMV (we were the one in a million chance chosen by computer to retest even though we had passed at 911 school). I offer my strongest possible recommendation for 911.

Linda Starkes

Great with my Grandson, made him comfortaa

Isaac Tassie

Tiffany Thomason

I chose this driving school back in 2016 because its taught by law enforcement. The price was reasonable. My son really enjoyed his sessions. Everyone at the school was very pleasant. At the end of my son’s last session we met one of the instructors. He said our son was one of the top 10 best drivers he’s ever rode with. That made us proud! I have recommended 911 Driving School to several parents. Also needless to say my son got his license on the first try.,


Kimi Reader

The 911 Driving School was superb training for our teenage daughter. She had two different male instructors, capable and great with teens. They were careful to train our daughter in both city and highway driving. We were impressed with the amount of class time and individual driving time per student. The price was Great---and this is our 4th child to attend driver's training! This is the best school yet.

Jim Mitchell

As a father of a 17 yr old daughter my primary thoughts are first with her safety, and the professionalism of the instructors. She attended 3 sessions, each with a different driver. I met each, before and after each drive. All drivers were polite, friendly, and professional at each meeting. From my review, the drivers provided professional instruction to improve certain skills, awareness of topics necessary to pass the driver test, and comments to establish overall good driving habits. We both were VERY satisfied with all of the drivers and we highly recommend this driving school. Thank you for providing such a good experience and I am glad to provide my recommendation.

Crazy Cat lady

I can't think of anyone better qualified to teach young drivers than law enforcement officers. Not only did they teach my son how to drive, they brought their experience to the table to make him a more aware, defensive, careful driver who is acquainted with the law. He enjoyed his time with them and I felt that they well prepared him. Worth every penny, and my other children won't go anywhere else.

Susan Elliott

I think the kids greatly benefit from the officer’s experience. We felt like our son really learned a lot and was well prepared for his test and driving independently. He liked all the officers he drove with. I liked that he had written homework to work on between driving sessions. I also liked your online scheduling system where you could make and change drives. We recommend y’all to friends all the time and will use you again for our 2 younger children.

Amy Hall Dishner

Sara Farley

I've had both of my children complete 911 Driving School. My husband and I have been nothing but 100% happy with this school. Both kids said that they felt really comfortable with every officer that they trained with and they really learned a lot of things that we, as parents, didn't think about teaching. Office staff is really friendly and officer's always evaluate their drivers after each session and go over every item with parents, including giving us skills to work on with our kids in between sessions. I love having the feeling that my kids have been very well prepared and trained. Thanks to everyone at 911 Driving School!

Stacie Marquis

I was really pleased with my daughter’s improved driving and the increased confidence she gained as a result of your teaching. The officers were also very impressive. My daughter liked all of them which was a big deal to me. I specifically appreciated the level of communication from the driving instructors – they told me what they were doing and listened to and answered my questions in detail – two way communication, which is rare. I really liked that they gave specifics for the drive each day (“we’ll drive down Haywood, turn left on Laurens Rd and out to Fountain Inn”). This made me feel more comfortable as a parent. My daughter has not had a lot of driving experience so she was very nervous but the officers had such a sense of confidence that it made her more comfortable. She learned a lot (and subsequently taught me things I did not know) and she liked all of the officers. It was definitely a great experience and I would recommend 911 Driving School to anyone!

Josiah Duncan

10/10 I Recommend this place to any student driver who wants to get the best learning experience in preparing for getting your drivers license. The instructors are down to earth people who you will feel comfortable and relaxed while riding with. The instructors will answer any questions you have, while taking note of what you need to improve on and giving you a note-card to take home and review. They want nothing but for you to succeed and have some of the best characters, even if you make a mistake they will not yell at you. They will work with you, where you are and help you get where you need to be. Worth every penny!

Tina Vandergrift

Kevin was a fantastic instructor! He was patient and extremely encouraging. After every drive, he filled my ears with positive comments. In saying that, Kevin was also transparent about what Chey needed to work on and what cannot be taught but gained only through driving experience. His main goal, outside of helping Chey become a licensed driver, was to make sure I, as a parent, was satisfied with the process. That in itself holds much value! The admin staff was friendly and accommodating when I called the office once Cheys driving adventure began. Chey had Kevin for all of her drives as he came recommended from one of her friends. Kevin was so kind and gracious towards our daughter. She had nothing negative to say about this monumental moment. I would give 911 Driving 5 out of 5 stars and will recommend you to anyone I know who is seeking a driving school. Thanks so much!

kathy friedholm

We have 4 children. We did not know about 911 Driving school with the first two but our third child used them . I cannot say enough about them ! They are organized,safe, and encouraging. Taking the road test with them made our lives easier too. Our insurance rates went down. We will 100% take our fourth child there. I actually have to sign him up soon!

Rufus Gallagher

Great for my daughter! Although she was driving and practicing and making great progress, the authoritative instruction from someone other than Dad made a big difference.

Amy Devolve

Jared Lamb Outdoors

I took the class with 911 and then did my 3 drives as well as my driving test with Keven Turner and it was great. He was very understanding and friendly. I HIGHLY recommend driving with him, he's hilarious and fun to drive with.

Shelby Cates

Joy Ivester

Great experience with 911. This was a game changer for our daughter (with regard to her comfort and skill development) and for us as parents (with regard to our sanity and stress level)! Thank you!

Mary Craig

Faith Gilmore

Jon Evans

What a great school! Where else can you get your children trained by police officers! That's worth every penny in my book! Thanks for everything guys!

Shawn Smith

Our daughter got her training from Keven Turner and it was a great fit for us. Keven did a fantastic job of explaining things and gave her lots of opportunities to work on areas in which she was weak as a driver. He addressed her fears and helped give her confidence and just made it easier overall to tackle learning and developing her skills.

Mirranda Seale

Rachel Marquis

Sharon Johnson

Both my kids took classes here and learned a lot. They even have female officers who rode with my daughter.

Elaine Arrowood

I am so glad I chose this driving School they have awesome staff and I would recommend this place to anyone it’s the best driving school in South Carolina!!

Jason See

Excellent program, convenient and thorough. Follow up with the parents before and after was a great touch. We really enjoyed the complete experience.

Alexis Reid

My daughter is about to turn 18 and has renewed her permit a few times, because we were so hesitant to let her drive. We decided on 911 school for her, because we trusted the officers to teach her the best of any other options. From the first day I called, the young man at the front desk was so friendly and answered all of my many questions. When she began the 8 hr class, she took many notes and came home telling us so many things she had learned that day. Later, my daughter had the privelage of driving with Officer Turner, Officer Hamilton, and Officer Wilson. I cannot say enough about the experience we had with these officers. Amber has learned so much in driving with all of them. She had her first experience on the highway with Officer Turner. Officer Hamilton drove with her around the city teaching her basic rules of the road which was a tremendous help to her, and Officer Wilson gave her a mock driving test to ensure she was ready for her test. I want you to know that we did not use 911 school for our older daughter and the experience we had with your school was amazing in comparison. I have already referred two friends to your school, but to no surprise, they had already heard the same amazing things about the school and can't wait to sign their child up. As a parent, knowing your child will be safer on the road is a feeling I can't explain. I really appreciate all the officers and their dedication and hard work. I know many of them do this to earn extra money after long shifts at their departments, yet they still create a fun atmosphere and have a smile on their face.

Karen Higgins

The transformation in our daughter's ability to drive was nothing short of miraculous due to the training she received at 911 Driving School. Our only regret is that we did not get her in sooner. Clearly it takes a professional (which everyone we came in contact certainly was) to teach a teenager how to drive safely and correctly. She learned a great deal in the class but most importantly how dangerous it can be to drive a car if you are not vigilant in having your eyes on the road. For that I am especially thankful. She had three different driving instructers and as a parent I felt comfortable with each one but more importantly she did as well. From our first call to the last drive, we continued to be very impressed with the program. My husband and I would recommend them to anyone who wants the best for their child when it comes to something so important as learning to drive.

Shelly Simmons

Anne Bessette

So far I am very disappointed in this driving school. I set up the drivers to pick up and drop off at my house. I spoke with 2 people at the driving school and confirmed and I even received email confirmations indicating this. I was told that the driver would use time from the lesson to get to and from driving school. I said I understand. We live 2 miles away it would take 5 minutes. 1st lesson from 8-10. He arrived at 805 as expected however lesson ended at 937. Again we live 2 miles away. A 4 minute drive. I called the school. Received no answer so I left a message. It is Saturday and I have still no t received a return call. Today’s lesson scheduled for 10-12 agin with pickup at house confirmed and received email. It is 1027 and no driving lesson. And again no one answers phone so I left another message. Unacceptable.

Michael Arnett

Instructor was excellent, and entire experience was smooth and easy.

Lisa Huggins

My son had a terrific experience with 911 driving, especially with d turner. He taught my son a lot with driving and being a young man what an added bonus. My son speaks highly of him and that says a lot from a teenager! I'm glad I'm paying the extra to have him tested with them as well. Couldn't ask for a better experience. Highly recommend.

Suzy Kim

I highly recommend this school to any parent who has a child needing driver's ed. My son enjoyed (as much as you can enjoy sitting an entire Saturday in lecture) the teaching style of the instructors. The driving instructors, all police officers, were very professional and helpful in their observations of the teenager's driving strengths and weaknesses. They also administer the driving exam, much more convenient (no waiting in DMV line, and they give the exams on the weekends!!) although at a $40 (worth it for me, though).

Katherine Hall

I was so pleased with our experience with 911 Driving School. I am even glad I paid the extra to have my son tested at 911. He gets nervous easily, but the officer put him and me at ease, and he passed the first time taking the road test. I was thankful that we could use the same instructor for all three of his driving times. Even though, it probably would have been good for him to have had different officers, when I found out the he clicked with the officer, I scheduled the other two driving times with him. I would highly recommend 911.

R Moore

I would highly recommend 911 driving school! And my son would as well! He worked with two different instructors who are also policemen. Both men were instructional and encouraging. He was given the opportunity to work through items that would be covered on the driving test as well as other driving situations (I.e. highway driving, rush-hour driving, etc)... all of which are beneficial to a new driver. Our son felt that each instructor was unique in their observation, encouragement and instruction while both men helped him to improve his driving skills. From a parent perspective… I was well pleased. I have had interactions with the owner, two instructors and the receptionist all of whom were professional and informative. As police officers the instructors are able to bring real life situations into the conversations with the student driver as well as text book knowledge. In watching their interactions with my son, I felt that the instructors were informative, encouraging, instructional and respectful. We plan for our daughter to attend 911 driving school as well.

Krono Man

Great learning experience from these guys, they really know how to teach you on how to drive safely, and to follow the laws of the road. Keep it up you guys, you're the best!!!

Teresa Stone

Christina Tankersley

My oldest son, Heath attended the class in September and did his drives in October. They were great about having times that fit in his very busy schedule of school, work and football practices/games.

K Lo

Don't come here! Biggest waste of money. They just put you behind the wheel and tell you where to drive but they don't teach you the important information that you need in order to pass your test. The police officers who work there are impatient and rude and don't really care if you learn anything, they just want your $400. And for what? Just so they could tell me to 'turn here and turn there and turn this way'? Anyone can do that. Spend more time teaching people how to parallel park and other maneuvers.

Wanda Dickson

Didn't realize I had a credit balance for a driving test I paid for, but my son didn't take... called asking for a check to be sent, and was told they couldn't check records back that far (approx 3 years).. though they clearly showed a $45 credit balance. So sent a letter providing a full statement of invoices and payments and proof of where he had taken the driving test at DMV long after the classes ended, simply because he didn't want to book the necessary hours driving with me. The owner argued with me that he couldn't refund anything, though they had a credit balance out there. Length of time being part of the issue. I suggested that most companies would have contacted me or sent a statement showing the credit or sent a refund if I hadn't been in contact in months. I am still completely shocked by this. Not the the $45 will make or break me, but it's the principal here. Be sure you get what you pay for and don't pay for the test until your kid is ready to take it.

Donna DeRosa

I was very pleased with the officers that instructed my daughter. It gave me great peace as a parent to know that our daughter was learning from actual police officers. I had the benefit of having 3 different instructors teach her and they were all consistent with their feedback. I believe that as officers they were able to give her levels of details and safety suggestions that I or any other driving school could not provide. Taking the test right at the school was a nice perk. My younger daughter will be ready for her permit and I wouldn’t send her anywhere else. Highly recommend.

Elyse Hopkins

Love 911! Everyone was very helpful and very easy to work with. The trainers were strict, but very down to earth and taught with everyday experiences! My 15 said he would do the course all over again! Thank you 911 Driving school!

Dry Heap

Officer who administered the test was not consistent with previous officers who provided the training.

Purp M4

Rocky Patel

Thank you so much for everything. My feedback is nothing but excellent. Both our kids have learned driving from your school. I can’t say much about other officers, but Kevin was excellent. Both our kids loved taking lessons with Kevin.

Shelley Meyers

We had an excellent experience with 911 Driving. I gave it some thought, but really can’t think of any suggestions for improvements. I felt like you were very accommodating and the on-line drive scheduler was so easy to use and helpful. The officers (all three) were very good to work with. They weren’t intimidating, but yet managed to get my son’s attention. The Student Prescription Cards they gave us were REALLY helpful, a great tool for “homework”. The classroom time was excellent also, I was impressed by the amount of note-taking my son did, and he was excited about the knowledge he had gained, it was empowering. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone.

Isabella Adams

Jennifer Higdon

Signing up was easy and appointment times flexible. My son really liked his instructor Keven and the fact he could take his driving test with 911.

Beate Leonhardt

Michael was the best instructor that taught in a very calm way how to be and stay safe on the road

Tate Steele

Had a wonderful experience with 911. My daughter was nervous at first but the officers were so kind she actually looked forward to her drives! I would recommend 911 to everyone!! Well worth the money!

Scott Chaffee

The instructors all were extremely professional and wanted to make sure my son felt comfortable with this new responsibility.

Barbara Moore

Emilee Robinson

I was always VERY scared to drive! But even after my first drive, I could feel my confidence growing. Everyone there was very helpful and kind. It's no wonder 911 Driving School has a 5 star rating on Google! I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!!!! Thank you 911!

Marilyn Elmore

Fantastic program! 911 driving school is the best. Both of my young drivers went through the program successfully. Having your teen driver trained by THE professionals best suited to do so, offers a peace of mind that you cannot get with any other driving school. These folks are easy to work with and very thorough. I cannot recommend 911 enough.

F. Susi

Keven Turner is a phenomenal instructor! After an unpleasant experience at a different driving school, my daughter was understandably anxious about working with another instructor. However, in a single private driving session, Mr. Turner not only made her feel at ease behind the wheel, he managed to help my daughter find the confidence that she lost after her first experience. Mr. Turner has a natural ability to create a sense of comfort in what could be a very stressful situation for a teenager. I, too, have a greater confidence in my daughter's ability to drive on her own now. I am so glad that we chose 911- Greenville, and I would happily provide a reference for your company at any time! Thank you, again! F Susi


Margaret Hollingsworth

My daughter has had a very helpful time of driving lessons! She is a reluctant-to-drive driver, so taking lessons with Michael Hamilton has been wonderful for her. He is very encouraging and patient, yet he points out what she needs to correct or adjust in a gentle way. He has made her feel at ease and has increased her confidence. We are very pleased!

Ike Shinneman

Hunter had a great time. He learned so much from the outset. I couldn't believe what a difference the first driving experience he had. I had been letting him drive around our church's parking lot (it's a big church) but couldn't quite get up enough nerve to take him out on the highway. He has gained so much confidence. He loved Kevin Turner and wants to test with him when he's ready to try for his driver's license but everyone was great. Thanks for everything......we can't tell you how much we appreciate everyone's patience. Thanks again and we will advertise your school to everyone we can.

Kelly Willingham

I would highly recommend going to 911 Driving School ...everyone we dealt with was professional & friendly. My daughter & I were both extremely pleased with the experience. The drives were so helpful & instructional, giving my daughter confidence as well as guidance on what needed improvement.

Lisa Allen

Thanks so much for everything you taught our daughter. All the officers with whom she worked were patient, thorough and packed a lot of instruction into a short amount of time. It was a great experience for her, and she is a very confidant new driver. We really appreciate everything you do, and we do recommend you to everyone who asks! Thanks so much, Lisa and Keith Allen

Joseph Little

Roger Pirie

What an awesome experience with 911 Driving school. Every training officer our daughter had she enjoyed being around. After her 8 hour class was completed, she was well on her way to getting her license. Total experience was around one month. What topped the charts on the whole program was having 911 give the test as well. My wife and I both will recommend 911 to anyone who asks.

GregG JR

At first I was absolutely terrified to drive on the road. I didnt want anything to happen or anyone to get hurt because I made a small mistake. The instructors really calmed me down and taught me to be comfortable behind the wheel. The instructors I got taught me a good amount but they were people, not talking in a teacherly tone or saying "fine but next time..." Its a good school with some great instructors.

Melanie Bargar

We have used 911 for our last 2 children and wish we had used them for all 4 children. 911 was the best -- very professional, easy to work with and my children were ready (and passed) the driving test. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Bryson Bargar

As a student, I was welcomed and treated fairly. All 3 of my instructors were very nice and helpful. Much like a school, they all wanted to see me pass the test. 911 is the best driving school in Greenville! Would definitely recommend over any other driving school or even the DMV. Thanks 911!

Angela Storay

Joshua thoroughly enjoyed his time with 911 driving school. Joshua had all of his drives with Mr. Robert Thacker. After the first drive with him, he wanted all the others with Mr. Thacker as well. He really enjoyed his time with Mr. Thacker who greatly encouraged Joshua. My daughter had the driving class with 911 a few years ago, so I had peace of mind in sending Joshua there as well. We are a homeschool family, and it has been very important to me to have a driving school for my children that I could trust. If someone asks about a driving school, I always tell them about 911. I have a 13 year-old boy who will be coming in a few years!

gary ward

Steve Brown

My Daughter recently completed the 911 Driving School and she and I were very impressed with our experience every step of the way. Registration was simple and efficient. The 8 hour class that she completed was very informative and the 6 hours of driver training prepared her very well for the driving test that she took at 911. I feel that she is a much safer driver than she would have been if we had not chosen to use 911 Driving School. The office staff and the officers were all very professional and helpful. I appreciate the ease of scheduling her in car driving times and the dependable email reminders prior to each driving appointment. I have a Son that will need the same driver training in the near future and I assure you that I would not consider using anyone other than 911 Driving School. I have and will continue to recommend 911 Driving School to all of my friends that have children that are approaching the age of getting their drivers license. Thank you very much for making everything a pleasant experience for my family.

Rachel Ross

Tracie Jacob

Roger Stoddard

We have used them for both of our kids and I would not think of going anywhere else. To me, having the child taught how to drive using a law enforcement, brings peace of mind and you know that they will learn the correct rules of the road. It is easy to schedule the driving lessons online and they even told us how we could save money by changing the last scheduled drive to be a road test for a license. By the way, the person passed.

Renee Pack

We are very pleased with the service from 911 Driving school. My daughter had positive things to say about all 3 of of the officers that rode with her but James P. was her favorite. She felt most comfortable with him and liked his style of teaching. James was detailed in his observations of her driving and provided useful feedback and instruction afterwards. I would recommend 911 Driving School for sure! I would also like to THANK YOU for offering this service and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. It is much appreciated. Have a Blessed day!

Tina Schumacher

Jamal K.

Hayley Glenn

Stephanie Knecht

*UPDATED 9/14/2015: Upon arriving home after picking up my son, I received a phone call from the owner. I assumed it was returning my call from when I was leaving their office and that he wanted to listen to my concerns and issues. I was wrong, instead he immediately started talking about my review and how I was making "some strong, false accusations". I was a little perplexed about why he was so offended by my review. I had been honest in how I felt our experience had been with this business. I tried to express to the owner that I felt that my son had not been trained on a specific task required on the the test that is an automatic failure if you mess up. My son only missed 3 points on the entire test but failed it because my son was NOT taught the task the way it was given on the test NOR was it impressed upon him/us that if you do the task wrong, it is an automatic failure. The owner continuted to insisted that I was going to have to remove my review or he would have to "take action against me". I'm not sure what he means by that because I only stated my truth and I did not slander anyone. The whole point of Google reviews is so consumers have an unbiased way of comparing businesses. I was entirely willing to go back and support this business by having my son do extra drive time (which I fully expected to pay for) before also retaking the driving test from them again (which I also assumed was full price and I was fine with that). But because the owner told me he would not be willing to allow us to return unless I removed my review I will obviously not be supporting this business. Had only the owner listened to my concerns rather than continue to tell me to remove my review, I would have scheduled more drive times and a drive test with them and I probably would have removed the review or at the very least I would have updated it to state that the owner was working with me. Instead I WILL NOT REMOVE THIS REVIEW as the only thing the owner seemed concerned with was his rating on Google reviews.* Original Review This school will instruct your child and take your money. However, they will not prepare your child for the actual drive test. 1) Any automatic failure on the test should be covered, practiced, and reviewed in detail in order to avoid that mistake. 2) Any other items on the drive test should be reviewed and a list of items to work on should be reviewed. 3) The school should not recommend taking the drive test unless they feel the child is adequately prepared. 4) Instructors should be ready at the appropriate time; not opening the doors at that time. I paid for 10 hours of instruction and at least 2 of the sessions started ~15 minutes later with the actual driving instruction. I feel misled and taken advantage of by the '911 Driving School' in Greenville, SC

Amber D

Roger Beatty

I recommend 911 highly - they worked well with my son last year and did wonders working with my daughter this year. Can't recommend them enough.

Eddie Campbell

Tami Beall

Kevin is a fantastic instructor! He's extraordinarily patient and good with teenagers. He relates well to them and his advice seems to hit home. I highly recommend 911- we will be doing this again with our younger child when she gets her permit! It was well worth the $$.

Michael Beck

My wife and both my boys learned to drive at the 911 Driving school and they all raved about how thorough and professional the instructors were. Even though my wife, having lived her life as a native New Yorker, had never driven a car before, their instructors put her at ease and guided her through the process of learning to dive. My daughters went to a different driving school and, while they too learned to drive, we feel that the quality of their driving eduction was not nearly as good as what my wife and sons received. I highly recommend the 911 Driving School to anyone who is looking for quality driving instruction.

Sonya Browning

My daughter really liked her 1st and 3rd drive/officers the best. Her 1st officer taught her things she did not know how to do well (parallel parking). Her 3rd Officer gave her a lot of helpful things to help her to remember (like abbreviations UCLA etc.) She really liked the 1st and 3rd officers the best because they talked to her and gave her good advice. She said that their calm and polite personalites really set her at ease and made her feel comfortable. My daughter's only comments regarding the 2nd drive/officer was that he did not talk, except for to tell her when to turn or to do something. She said that she was concerned that maybe she was doing something wrong, but near the end, he advised her that she drove very well and that he was impressed with her which is why he did not have much to say during. Let’s be honest by far it is not the cheapest driving school around. But in my opinion you could not do any better. I driving school ran and taught by police officers…..that’s experience you cannot get anywhere else. The view point the staff brings to the table is without question beyond valuable. I would recommend the 911 Driving School to anyone who asked where my kid went.

Julie Histon

My daughter had a great experience with 911 Driving School. I asked her opinion and this is what she said: "I was very pleased with the whole 911 driving experience. I liked working with all three instructors and learned different techniques from each of them. I expected to hate the 8 hour class, but was pleased that the leader of the class kept it interesting, but still taught us the information. I have recommended 911 to all my friends that asked me which driving school to go to". I feel very comfortable with my daughters driving and feel she is prepared to drive alone. I was very happy with our whole experience and would recommend this school to other parents.

Kerrie Roberson

This was a great experience for both Caitlin and us. Driving school for us growing up was piling into a small car with three other teenagers over a hot summer, and received no instruction. Caitlin had 1:1 with Officer Dean Huey the entire time. I chose to keep her with one officer/instructor because it was important for her to have that rapport with him. He knew exactly what she needed to work on. Caitlin is a good beginner driver that with even more experience behind the wheel, she will do great. I think it's wonderful to have a driving school taught by officers, and I wish some of the "experienced" drivers on the roads would take the course. I was taught the Smith System of Defensive Driving, and still use it today. I have told numerous parents and Caitlin's friends to attend. Thank you, Kerrie Roberson

Sylvie et Richard Ducarre

After having discussed with my son Romain, here are the major topics he points out : - officers were all of them very good because Romain felt they gave him confidence in himself, good advices, calm, gentle but in the same time very professional. - officers took into account that Romain was french by speacking slowly, telling him to ask again if he did not understand, took time to explain technical vocabulary.... - cars were good size, good shape... From parents point of view it was very good, the level of information you are giving is high, you are always keeping in touch with emails to inform about futur lessons... Perfect, So all in all there is nothing bad at all ! Your company is very good and we will recomand it in the french comunity. Thanks again for taking care of Romain as your team did it. Richard and Sylvie Ducarre

Trisha Meadows

My daughter really liked all her officers and she felt safe and comfortable. I also really liked that her last officer took down some notes on which skills to practice and he gave it to her so that we can work on it. I'm amazed that her confidence improved 100 percent after her three lessons. Thank you so much!

Kendra Wyatt

Our son had a great experience with 911 Driving School. He actually learned a lot in the classroom setting, and I especially appreciate that the information was relevant and appropriate. Unfortunately, we had a different experience with one of our other children at a different company -- so this was an answered prayer for us. The officers who accompanied him during his driving sessions were superb. I especially loved the written score card with feedback for us to help him with and for him to see the things he needed to work on. These things helped him be completely relaxed and well prepared for his driving test.

Ian Milionis

Carmen Lehmann

I cannot say enough good things about 911 Driving School. Both of my children went through the course with your amazing staff and as a parent, I feel much better because of it! Instructor Robert Newton is AMAZING and adjusts to each child-no matter how different. (I did not realize there would be so many differences between their natural instincts about driving but Newton adjusted accordingly!) I will continue to recommend your facility to other parents as their children begin to drive. Keep up the good work!!

ddd ddd

Belinda Brooks

We have been very pleased with every aspect of 911 Driving School. The owners are a pleasure to deal with and have done an excellent job of providing our daughter with a great driving experience. I had several questions and concerns about how the process worked and how to choose a driving instructor, and found that every email was answered quickly and all my concerns were addressed in a positive and helpful way. Our daughter's driving instructor was outstanding!! Knowing he was an experienced highway patrolman put my mind at ease, and rightly so. He was encouraging and patient, yet made sure that every minute was used to help her to become a better and safer driver. If you are trying to choose a school for your child that will work with you to ensure that you child is prepared to get behind the wheel, go with 911. You won't be disappointed.

tweetie bird


My son's instructor, Kevin, was great. In fact, everyone at the office was great. My son learned a lot from this class and was able to take his test at 911 Driving. It was a much more pleasant experience than when my husband and I taught our daughter to drive. She took the test at the DMV. Anyway, I would highly recommend 911 Driving School.

Lori Schur

We are thrilled with our experience with 911. The instructors who worked with our son were all great. The majority of his lessons were with George Miller, who was exceptional. The communication from the school was excellent and professional as they guided us through the process of lessons and testing. The ease of setting up appointments and the email confirmations and reminders contributed greatly to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend 911 Driving to others.

Lorin Rendo

My 2 daughters went through 911 driving school and had great experiences. Both of them were hesitant and very nervous about driving , but were quickly put at ease with their instructor Robert Thacker. He did a great job! Thanks for the great experience !

Nadine Lapenna

Matthew really enjoyed his driving lessons with your team of officers. He did really well and all three officers that he used were extremely helpful. The first one he used was the most detailed and had the highest expectations. I personally love that! All three officers gave his wonderful remarks which we were excited to hear. Matthew is a very good driver for his young age and hearing the confirmations from the professionals was great! They were all very kind and yet very honest and forthright. We used 911 for our son because we also had a wonderful experience with our daughter who came through your program two years ago. She was not quit as skilled and need some additional help and you guys came through for her as well. Thankful to have a great driving school that we can recommend to others and more importantly, help to teach our kids driving skills that will keep them as safe as possible on these crazy roads!

Michael Temple

Susan Keith

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