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REVIEWS OF 864 Drivers Ed Easley IN South Carolina

Giovanna Magliulo

Took a class with miss cathy who made 8 hours fly by and taught us so much! Also did my road test with her and felt very comfortable. Ask for miss cathy!!

Brandon Gasparovic

Very nice instructors

AJ Ellenburg

Cathy is a great instructor. Highly recommend.

Emily Eppler

Mrs cathy was great and made the class fun. Definitely learned alot


I had Miss Cathy as my instructor. Very sweet woman, who will stop at nothing to see her students succeed. She's helpful, kind, has stories for everything, and I can't begin to describe how much I would recommend her as anyone else's instructor. No matter who you are, you will love her.

Gray Vermont

mrs.cathy was extremely sweet, patient, and helpful. my overall experience was pleasant. 10/10 recommend.

Daniel Durham

Miss Cathy was such an amazing teacher !!

Kayla Griffith

I had Peggy Sue as my instructor and she did a great job. I passed and it was stress free. She tought me to parallel park very well. I got really close every time!! An overall great experiance.

Cheyenne Raines

Just finished my lesson with Chase it was very helpful. Would definitely recommend

Kennedi Collins

Bob was my instructor and I had a great last experience.

Jesse Royal

I finished my session with Bob and everything went a lot better than expected. Definitely a confidence booster leading up to the final road test.

Brooke Rowland

Miss cathy is a great teacher and has very good conversations about how to relate to things on the road and how to be safe, she is an amazing teacher

Jaylyn Stokes

Mrs. Cathy was lovely

Charley Miller

Had my first lesson today with Chase he’s freaking awesome!!

caca 3694

Helped out alot

Luke King

Had my first class with chase today, can’t wait for tomorrow :)

Ghostprotocol 82

My experience was great and I don’t regret taking it at all and all of the instructors are amazing.

Katlin Morris

I definitely recommend this program. I had miss Kathy and she was awesome!! I did my 3 hrs of driving and did the road test all in the same day

John Ortiz

Just had my first driving lesson with chase went amazing cant wait for my second tomorrow

Kylie Russell

The test was very easy. I passed and chase was very nice

Mackenzie Williams

Mrs. Kathy instructed us very well today. Recommend this school to anyone!!

Jennifer Brooks

Mrs Cathy taught the 9 hour lesson and was great! Loved it and learned so much!! Def would recommend. Returning for testing and the second part of drivers ed

Jessica Perkins

Ethan Royall

Very fair testing

Elaine Parascandola

Great school. Would recommend to friends

Jayant Patel

I did my 3rd party drivers test with Peggy Sue. It went very smoothly. I was able to get my license, and I appreciate that being a non-native English speaker myself that Peggy was very clear in her instructions during the test.

Kristen Shanice Ware

I had the 3 hour adult trading with Miss Cathy and she did a great job! She made sure that I was comfortable while driving and that my parents were comfortable with me driving with her as well. Throughout the route she gave me advice on my driving skills during and for the future which was very helpful. I learned a lot during the short 3 hours and was even able to pass my driving test as well with her. I definitely recommend taking your training with Miss Cathy, she was great overall!

Anika Putman

Binty Patel

Had my first adult driving lesson with Chase today definitely feel ready for my test now

Nelsun Erdison

Passed the test! Definitely going to recommend to anyone I know without a license. Ms. Peggy Sue prepared me well for the test and I can definitely say luck wasn’t a factor in passing


Shylow Dooley

5/5. This Was By Far My Best Experience. And I Am No Longer Scared Of Driving. I Took The Class, Driving Lessons, And Test With Miss. Cathy. She Made It Fun And Interesting The Entire Time! Driving Lessons Were Amazing. And I Passed The Test First Try. I 10/10 Recommend This Place And Miss. Cathy!!

Kloey Rose

this is a good driving school, i recommend it!

Cindy Gibbs

Best thing I could have recommended for my sons , no regrets

Caleb Dodd

I learned a lot about driving and had fun while doing so

Sierra Picotte

I had Peggy Sue as my driving instructor and she was amazing! she prepared me enough so i could pass my test. she is very sweet & I wouldn’t have wanted to test with anyone else! (:

delaney gillespie


great experience with Peggy Sue. I would definitely recommend.

Cassie Kay

I just completed my 2nd lesson with chase and I'm about to test on the same day. :)

Hannah Hendrix

Lauren was amazing! Wonderful instructor!

angelina dennison

I had a great learning experience with this school and my driving instructor, Mrs. Cathy. Sweetest women ever and helped me better my driving!

Lance Watson

It’s fun and Ms Katie taught me a lot

Katelyn Rader

Mrs.Cathy is an amazing instructor. This class was full of good information and I'd recommend Mrs Cathy to anyone.

Alex Abaunza

Had my final drivers ed class with chase. It was really useful and I’m glad I took it. Thank you so much Chase!!

william martin

I had my first driving lesson today and my instructor was great, when I first got in the car I didn’t even know how to parallel park and after some practice I know it perfectly! Highly recommend.

Prit Patel

Beastyboy HD3

My driving instructor was Miss Cathy and she was excellent. In the classroom and on the road. Lessons one and two and the test!

my opinion

Beware! Of owners son. He is sketchy! 1. He is rude and obnoxious to the instructors in front of young paying students. He should be fired for this reason alone, BUT there is more! He has zero clue of how to be an effective leader. (Degrading) 2. His forms ask for your email password! YES, your password! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD! This should be removed immediately from all forms! (Took me a minute to figure out why this is asked and I feel it is to leave good reviews under your name/accounts) 3. He makes inappropriate comments infront of young paying students. " run drivers down on the road, slash their tires so they would have a blowout" who says this!? It's not funny! 4. Please do not allow this guy around the AMAZING teachers! Or students any longer! 5. If you are trying to decide to go here, do so for the actual instructors they are awesome! Caring! Compassionate! Patient! Trustworthy! Helpful! and not b/c of this young man. I will gladly change my review when I know he has learned how to be a respectful leader and the password question has been removed. This service cost entirely too much to be subjected to this.

True Beauty Is Hidden

Excellent Driving School , I did driving lessons with Mrs.Cathy , took my road test with her and passed on the first try . Mrs. Cathy is a wonderful instructor. I recommend this driving school and I recommend Mrs. Cathy as your instructor , she has a lot of patience , makes learning how to drive fun and stress-free and she overall is an amazing , caring person . Trust me , you won't regret 864 Drivers Ed ! :]

ayman Alam

My teacher for my driving was Mrs.Cathy, she taught me a lot, and taught me a whole bunch of tricks. If I had to ever learn I would go to her

Joshua Toney

Friendly instructors. Fast track program is great for those with limited time.

Anonymous Opinion

Absolutely the best thing I couldve done with my driving anxiety. Got in a wreck when I was about 16 and ever since couldnt seem to bring my self to drive. I went to the class and I did the fast track session( 2 three hour classes and the test). At the class I felt very confortable Miss Cathy and Miss peggy immediately introduced their selves to me and made sure I understood everything. Class was about 7 hours and Miss cathy taught that day. She was very nice and in down time she would talk with us to make sure we got well aquanticed with her due to the fact that she was going to be riding with half of our class. Overall a wonderful experience and had me feelimg ready for the next step. The only complaint I have is that a man came in during our class and made a complete show of some paperwork being filled out incorrectly. He was huffing and puffing and ripped up the paper several times before he threw it away and exclaimed hed just do it himself. I later found out that this was one of her managers and she proceeded to apologize for him. That kind of blew my mind that a sweet woman twice his age was apologizing for his unpofessional behavior. Also I dont know why but they ask for your email address and password, I wrote down a bogus password cause it seemed like something he really wanted and thats just an issue of privacy and security. He was there all of 20 mins, so if that part makes you think twice about coming here dont. Miss Cathy is amazing and will help with any anxieties you have and acts just like your mother or grandmother. Very sweet lady! Good job finding her lol. I PASSED! So thank you so much Miss Cathy for the amazing experience!

Ashley Jones

Just finished my first lesson with Megan. She was a excellent teacher. She was very friendly and very supportive.

Olivia Champion

The teacher for the class was very informative. She answered everyone’s questions very well and she wasn’t too strict or mean.


Mrs. Kathy did a good job teaching the class. Mrs. Peggy was a great instructor.

Queen Abigella

She wasnt scary or intimidating and was a really fun teacher. Thank youuuuuu

Emileigh Fifik

Kainan Aderhold

The class is a little long but the instructor (Mrs. Cathy) makes time fly by making the class fun! I definitely recommend this!


It was great passed the test easy and perfected the maneuvers

Cindy Turner

Highly recommend this driving school. Jim is an amazing instructor who made my son feel at ease. I can’t thank him enough for his expertise and friendliness. My son passed his driving test on his first attempt. So give them a try and ask for Jim, he’s one of the best!

Axon 5266

Ms. Cathy did an amazing job of teaching me everything I needed to know about driving. Would recommend to anyone.

James Davis

It’s been fun and I learned a lot. She gives us opportunities to ask questions and give comments. It was a great day!

Demicheon Douglas

10/10 Perfect


This is the BEST driving school in Easley! Everyone is nice and encouraging and positive! I was intimidated, but it is a very positive experience

Justus Mitchell

Great experience at 23 years old. Easy to understand course and great instructors. The fast track was great as well .

Aliraj Rehmani

Great place, helped me out a ton! Peggy Sue was a nice, considerate, and intelligent teacher. I easily got my license. Just a tip, if you decide to attend class during the summer do not expect to get done within a month if you do not pay the extra "Fast Track" fee.

Kevin Cunningham

Ms. Cathy did a great job teaching me parallel parking and preparing me for the test. She is a good driving instructor.

Jalen Paden

My instructor was Dallon. He was very informative and helpful at driving,

Cris Sanchez

Just had my first lesson with chase, last lesson tomorrow. As long as my test. Can’t wait

joby mccormick

Great place to learn how to drive, very informative and great for first time drivers

Tanner Tessmann

First and last driving lesson with Lauren! Going great! She’s a great driving coach!

Jada Houser

I had two 3 hour lessons with the wonderful instructor Peggy Sue and also took my driving test with her. After it was all done, I managed to pass and Peggy made sure to go over what I did right and especially what I still needed to work on in a good amount of detail, as she had with our two lessons. Learning to drive with her was a joy. You'll leave the program with confidence for the road.

sheena walker

I did the 3 hours adult driving lesson and test with miss Cathy.She is absolutely amazing,knowledgeable,kind and very patient.Ive obtained my license with her help and highly recommend her to everyone who needs help with driving.

Deylon Smith

Cj mp4

I highly recommend Cathy she is a great tester she helped me prepare myself for the future on the the road ahead of me, Thanks Miss Cathy!!

Michaela Mann

Excellent school! I had Miss Cathy and she was very sweet and I highly recommend asking for her. I passed the first attempt and had no difficulty with any of the maneuvers.

Mackenzie Saylors

Very polite and easy to work with.

DJ Malware

Very good. Instructor very relatable and fun.

Roy Jefferson

Miss Kathy is by far best when the DMV feels intimidating & made me nerves.I failed the first time!Going through her was a piece of cake.I felt more comfortable with taking the test with her and aced it!

Chyenne Bell

Rode with Chase and learned a lot.


I was very satisfied with my first experience. I overcame a lot of my fears within the three hours I drove and became comfortable behind the wheel. My instructor was very relaxed and taught me everything I needed to know.

JJSlosher gaming

It was good

Gage Graba

Driving School with Peggy sue was awesome! She made me gain confidence in my driving and helped me better my knowledge of driving! I highly recommend taking this class in order to improve your skills of driving.

Chet Brazier

Cathy taught our class and she was awesome. Very helpful and she made sure we understood the material. Would definitely go again.

Brett Kingwill

Great school fantastic people

Makayla Fields

Lesson 2 was just as easy as lesson 1. I didn't feel nervous at all taking the road test. Overall a great experience.

Brennan Stokes

Really cool really nice fancy place humble

Alana Webster

My second driving class was good with miss Peggy sue. I passed my driving test with her help .

sunday emmanuel Ezekiel

I had a good driving learning experience with a good driving instructor(Mr Tracy) i recommend this driving school.

blake frotlef

My driving experience with my instructor was great

Brooke Dodgens

Megan was so helpful and definitely made my driving experience an amazing one! I got in the car today without even knowing how to turn on the windshield wipers and by the end of the day I was driving confidently in Easley traffic. I'm very thankful that she was my trainer and I'm excited for our next session!

Jonathon Phelps

Had my first lesson with chase. Next one tomorrow then test. Best one out there.

Zebulon Cumby

Loved my instructor Ms. Kathy, very knowledgeable and fun to be taught by. I'll be recommending this service to people I know!

Jayla Anysse Jenkins

Driving with Bob was a great experience. He was very patient and helpful and gave me great feedback! Now I’m very prepared for my road test!

Constintien Skadovsk

Completed all 6 hours with chase in one day! Wonderful driving school, great teachers, very safe and

NickZ4realz 97

Bob, was really nice and was so understanding that this was my first lesson behind the wheel. He taught me so much that I didn’t know, and I am more confident behind the wheel because of him. Recommended 10 out of 10

Deadredhead025 -_-

Ms. Kathy is a wonderful person. She’s easy to talk to and very funny and humble.


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