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REVIEWS OF 803 Drivers Ed IN South Carolina

Austin Smith


KD Smith

Megan Thees

Sandy is a pretty lit gal and it’s a lenient class, time consuming, but relaxing.

Emily McDade


Braydon Chapman

It was great

samantha carlson

Ms. Sandy is the best :)

rylie nikole funke

Adiya Williams

The class was really good and my instructor Sharon helped me a lot in my driving!

Dustin Schuhlein

Roggie Hinson


Helped me

Donna Sanabria Medina

The instructor reviewed frequently what I needed to do and helped me practice

Megan Stahl

Sandy is great, our class got ducks

User clan

Justin Marcum

Greyson Garland

I did a great job and jennie was a great instructor

Alyson Abernathy

The driving instructor Sandy was very friendly and informative, she made sure i was prepared for my driving test and that i knew how to drive safely. I highly recommend this driving school!!

Ethan Millward

Daniel Hurtado

During our break I went to walmart and bought some fish.

Savanna Misenheimer

Britney Hernandez

Kaden Engle

Great class! I took the 2/10/18 class and have not yet done the driving but I will update the review once I have. Very informative instructor! Jon is awesome! UPDATE! This really is the best drivers Ed!! The driving instructor Ms. Max is very good at what she does and she tought me very well. I ended up passing with a perfect score to get my license. Fast. Easy. Affordable.

Ethan Belk

We went to Walmart and bought fish

Jonathan Weaver

Awesome school! Learned a lot. Ms. Sandy is great

Ally Harrison

Great teacher & fantastic class!

Aubrey Lewis

Very entertaining

Ashton Parris

My 2nd driving session was just as great as the first. This class was very easy and comfortable. Sharon is a really good teacher. She is very calm and reassuring. During my driving test I was nervous but Sharon helped to calm my nerves. The test was very straight forward and I would highly recommend this class.

Payton Taylor

Brett Kingwill

Great classes and instructors

Karl Pagilagan

Elijah Crawford

I had fun this is the best place to learn how to drive!!!!

Alec Graham

First session Sharon did a great job of teaching me how to parallel park and everything I need to know about to past my test.

Tommy Neff

Sandy is the best!

Teo Leandro

Tab Harris

Elaine Parascandola

Tristan Williams

Test was good and I got all the help I needed. Thanks to Jennie for testing me

Jennie Bracey

Great driving school, would recommend for your teen. They are professional and very knowledgeable!

Noah Jackson

Kyndyl Jordan

Jordan Baranowski

Very good

Jon Engle

Parents beware! As a former instructor at this school, I'm fully aware of why you should send your children elsewhere! Sure, they are the cheapest, and there's many reasons why.. To begin, I quit on my own accord, I could no longer stomach the scam that is this school. The cars they use are dangerous. They are purchased after they've been totalled by the insurance company, stripped for usable parts, and those parts are then sold. To make the cars road-legal, mr Kingwell, uses a pile of totalled-cars to scavenge for parts. I said his name above, and you can see the false reviews he's posted. This is not to slander in anyway, but shed light on the truth. Yes, their policy is 35mph max. Dangerous and inappropriate for learning proper driving policies, but it's their policy. No A/C, and no stereo, as that detracts from ' the lesson '. Ask, before you expect to get a road-test in their cars, as the State is always looking to pull their license due to mis-management of paperwork. I hope this offers a fair, and factual, review for you to consider your child's wellfare.

Keaton Huggins

Chanel Brown

Below is a copy of my conversation with John, a driver from Greenville Driving school, which is who 803 Drivers Ed uses. Grant it I did cancel at the last minute but never received a confirmation that he was coming to do my daughter's last session. When I tried to call 803 Drivers Ed directly I was told by the owner that I was a horrible, and irresponsible parent and that my family was too much drama. He even threatened my family!

Shae Shae

Mrs Sandy was a very good teacher.

Baker Womack

Kevin Boddie

Braelyn Hovis

Sharon was very nice and took her time with me.

Sabrina Lovesyou

Interesting course. I spent 8 hours in the room doing absolutely nothing. Before taking this course I was a very inexperienced driver who lacked the basics to driving and really needed to spend those 8 hours going over important information. I now struggle to drive and have to basically relearn the course work by myself. What a waste of time. The driving course is also commercialized to be cheap and efficient but I ended up spending two times the price. They charged us twice for the drivers test after already paying at the end of the lessons and forced to write raving reviews. Even all of my peers were scratching our heads to why the dmv grader asked us to pay up when we already payed. On top of all of that my instructor had a pretty bad attitude. It’s her right to speak her opinions but as a person of color I was truly offended but the racial slurs I heard in that car. This overall just contributed to my horrible experience learning how to drive. I did get my license but I also lost the driving experience I could have gained elsewhere and my dignity.

Tay Bae

Good class

Leighann McManus

Caitlyn Mitchell

Layla Gardner

Sharon was my driver was absolutely amazing and very friendly

Messiah Pendergrass

Conner Parker

Precious Galvez

Very friendly

Cesar Salad

Chase Lambert

Great school, fastest around with knowledgeable instructors

taya simone

Sharon gave me very necessary tips to pass my road test. Very helpful! Very fun!

Naturee Thomas

Love you sandy heheheh

Karli Terlinde

I had a great experience with 803 Greenville Driving school! I took the class one Saturday and drove my 6 hours and took the test that same week. I was fortunate to have a great instructor who taught me well and led me to passing my driving test! Highly recommend!!


Rosie McCarter

Very family friendly people !!



The test was simple, easy to follow. Sandra showed us everything we needed to know on the test.

It’s Kayyy

Jade Garcia

Loved this driving school highly recommend mrs. Sandy she is the best ! And taught me all I needed to know to pass my test !

Jayshon Williams

Jacob Angelini

Jennie was great and I had a great experience and thanks to her I was able to pass.

Noah Bogucki

I had a great experience driving with Sharon. She taught me a lot of new stuff I didn’t know how to do. Overall I think I learned lots.

orapin rodliem

Ms. Loana was my daughter's teacher and she said that she was a great teacher,John was great too. Good driving school !!

Gabrielle Reid

This is an amazing driving school! I just took my test and made a perfect score! Sandy is a phenomenal instructor and makes her students feel comfortable while driving and makes sure that you’re completely prepared for the test.

sharon espinel

Great class. Very helpful. I recommend this class.


Had a great class with Ms. Sharon, felt no pressure and learned new things

matthew boddie

we went to Walmart got fish and food

Sydney Wargo

Informative and informational while also being super fun! We also got Ducks which was pretty awesome

Savannah Lorcher

Lauren Merritt


Sandy is a great instructor, she gives all her students sheets of paper about driving like: safety procedures & changing lanes. She also schedules dates to take us practice driving outside of school.

Hanna Yount

It was fun and it wasn’t as boring as I thought

kaylee Gray

Colin Szatkowski

Great class. I got my licence in just a week!

Jakob Lawrence

Sandy is a great instructor and helped me through everything! 10/10 recommend!

Alexis spung

Best experience. Cheaper than most. Finished in less than a week and can get driving ASAP

Smiles Laggie

Sandy is aweaome!!

Alexis Hanushek

Great atmosphere and very entertaining

Maryah Jones

Mark Worthy

Their car makes it impractical in real life parking and driving. Sure your kid will pass here but if you care at all about your kids LIFE then send them to someone that has regular vehicles and not looking to just make money.

Desmond Holle

Notion Motion

Wonderful driving experience! Awesome teacher! I am so thankful!!

Ashton Poston

Very nice and friendly. And helps put a lot!!

Jonathon Dean

Found myself in a long line of traffic today behind a student driver doing 20mph below the posted speed limit. Found out later that their policy is to train at no more than 35mph. Maybe it's just me, but I find this practice to be dangerous and impractical. First, drivers trapped behind the student don't appreciate being held up. They will likely become impatient and frustrated. They may do something that could then create stress for the student driver thus becoming unsafe for all drivers in the area. Additionally, student drivers should be trained to drive under normal traffic conditions. Driving 35mph in a 55mph zone is not normal. I have a rising Sophomore who will be taking driver's education soon. She will not be using the services of 803DriversEd. I want her to know what she's doing when she completes the course.

Colin McBride


michael 7603

The test was good and Sharon was nice.

Rylee Ashworth

Sharon was my driving instructor and made it very helpful to take and pass my test

Jack Cullum

Very instructive on how to pass the road test and very enjoyable instructors

kneat knacks

Super nice and a good driving instructor!

Kate McCall

I love the staff! Super friendly instructors and they are really good at making you comfortable with driving! I would recommend this school to anyone looking to get their license!

Courtney Carney

I had Ms. Sharon and she was a delight! She taught me everything I needed to know and shared so tips that are much appreciated! I lived driving with her and hearing her stories!

Mari K


N'Kya McClurkin

Mariah Gibbs

Overall i had a good experience, My instructor Sandy helped me parallel park perfectly my first driving lesson.

Noah Morrison

Good chill class.

Nicholas Newell

I had mrs Sharon as a driving instructor and I’m beyond impressed. The whole class was amazing and it being a lot cheaper then most helped my family a ton. The instructors all care about you and others safety and will not hesitate to not tell you you’re ready if you aren’t. They do there jobs amazing here and it’s a delightful journey. I would heavily recommend this over all other driving classes. I’m beyond impressed with this class and I give it a 5/5

Maryanne Pocol

The class was very informative, Sandy our instructor made sure we felt like we were prepared for our drivers test. Jennie was thorough in letting us know what me missed on the test. Overall a good experience.

Kaitlyn Walker

Sharon made my driving experience more relaxed and I learned a lot

Sync Cd

Jennie was a very good driving Teacher

Tessa K


Jadabug Jordan

Ryah Ashantii

Great experience really good instructor

Timothy McCarthy

Brooke Taube

I had a great driving experience with Sharon!! She’s very helpful & makes sure it’s not boring.

Knyah McGuire

Nick T

Jarick Phankhaysy

The drivers test was way more relaxed and the instructor made me less nervous. She was a lot nicer than other dmv workers. I was happy that I had awesome instructor.

Sandra O

It’s has been an amazing experience definitely recommending Ms. Sandy she made me feel so relaxed and confident!!! Provided great guidance!!!

Ogtrilla Good

Helped a lot

Eric Elswick

Sandy was an amazing instructor who made sure I knew everything and was prepared for the test

Tony France

Excellent program. Thank you so much for the assistance teaching my son to drive! He passed his road test today with 2 points, so we are all very happy

Alexis Nïcole

Ms. Sharon was my driving instructor and she was amazing. She taught me everything I needed to know, but we also had a whole lot of fun and good story times!.

Amber Burgess

Jennie was AMAZING! I loved taking this class!

Lexus Johnson

very good instructors. my instructor Sandy was very helpful and polite, very thorough in teaching me the skills i needed to know to pass my driving test. i also took my driving test with them and my driving examiner Jennie was very nice and professional while i was taking my test

Kaley Smith

Kaitlyn Vu

Pretty great! Easy class!

Tate Beckner

She let us on an hour lunch break and we came back with 20 gold fish - best class ever

XlXApollyon XlX

Makes me feel right at home with the driving.

Derek Markis

Jenny gave a great test and sandy was an amazing instructor

kenzie 1686

My instructor Sandy was very kind and patient. She was kind and helped me, and told me the things I did well on. She guided me through practice and was fun to talk to. I enjoyed my lesson!

Curtis Brazzill

I took my road test today with Jennie. She gave clear directions and was very professional and polite!

Kylie Towery

sandy is a great instructor !! great class , and we got ducks :)

Ke'Sean Mitchell

cool teacher

rae craddock

good class. kind of cold in here tho

Patchouli Pettengill

This is so much better than taking the test with the DMV. It's less stressful and I felt I learned more.

Joseph Peshkov

Because it was good

Sandy Darty

Caleb Dozier

It was good, and went by fast. The instructor was nice.

Hailey Prosser

Not nearly as boring as I expected and made tons of friends!❤️

Dejay Johnson

Great advice, relatable talk and friendly

Marques Johnson

Jason Shaefer


Holly Champion

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