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REVIEWS OF Sharon Driving School IN Rhode Island

Gillian Lima

Stay away for your own stake.....Rude instructors, not worth your money

Amy hollis

Run, don't walk, to another provider. Gilli, the owner, is a loud-mouthed, arrogant liar who doesn't believe in treating people respectfully. Not sure who told her she was g-d's gift to the planet, but she honestly believes she runs the world in any manner that suits her at the moment. I had to engage the services of another driving school in order for my son to pass his test. She made my child suffer to prove a point. Awful woman with fearful employees.

Peter Huy

I have passed my Test with flying colors. It was so easy. I have taken 3 lessons to get ready with this school and I loved my instructors. I highly recommend this School!

Dean S

Read the review stay far away from this business.

Yana Gorel

I can not thank enough instructors that work at Sharon Driving School. I passed my test yesterday in Sharon. My instructor was Rob and Mrs.D and they were so good. I was 100% prepared for my test. It was easy test and I feel so good about passing on a first try. Office staff was so helpful. They booked my test and everything was so organized! I got a confirmation for a test. I showed up and everything was ready to go. I got a in a car and 10 min later I had my license. I highly suggest this school!!!!

Madison Turner

My experience at Sharon Driving School was great. I passed my license test the first time with confidence. Bill was my instructor and he helped me learn all the rules of driving. He was a great teacher. He always stayed calm and made me not scared to drive. Sharon Driving School is the place to go to learn the rules of the road.

Chris Roukoz

I love the school. Great instructors! Really learned a lot from going here. I'm super excited to get my license at this school.

Pankaj Trikha

I would have given 0 stars if there was an option. Totally rude customer service and no refund in anyway. I had a road test scheduled for 08/06 which they cancelled and asked $100 more to reschedule it. Reason for cancellation - you are scheduled somewhere else for road test whereas when i am not. Stay away from this place.

Kate Passion

My son did a class in Easton. He loved his instructor Donna. It was so easy to book hours. We loved it!

Grace Sines

I passed my test in Sharon today! Thank you soooo much. I am so happy! I took lessons and they were great.

Matthew Gilmore

Very professional, they truely take care of their students. Best prices around, and their instructors are friendly and kind, Loved every minute of it

Truth-Rationale Scientist

I'll tell you the absolute truth, Gilli Lavrishna (the owner of that place) is an absolute jerk. She treats her students like crap, lies about things to your face (stupidly thinking she could get away with those lies), and she'll take your money and if you ask for refunds, prepare to put up a fight before she ever decides to give you your money back. Also, she never seems to learn from her mistakes either, seeing as how she's made enemies of many other students, including myself because of her selfish and idiotic shenanigans which only makes her and the rest of her look unprofessional. Oh, and she likes to threaten legal action to anyone who has every right to criticize her shady business practices and she will likely say you're "harassing" her even if you are asking simple questions or simply stating your opinion in a reasonable manner. Hey Gilli, "free speech", ever heard of it? Likely not, because if someone talks about what she needs to fix about her work habits or her business she decides to be rude and not accept it. But she needs to learn that this is what happens when you don't respect students or their parents. So deal it.

Dick Sloan

wicked pissa driving school especially bill he's awesome

Maria Johnson

AVOID AT ANY COST!!! One of the rudest, most condescending and disagreeable person you'll ever meet, all of that coupled with a stellar inefficiency and a thick layer of the utmost incompetence. You have been kindly warned.

Shontell Remy

I really enjoyed my experience at Sharon Driving School. I always looked forward to road lessons. My instructor was really nice and taught me everything I needed to know to be prepared for the road test. Never had a problem with the driving school, or owner. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's interested.

Ahmed Ezzo

Wonderful driving school! I'm very pleased with the experience and completely prepared to take my road test this Sunday. I couldn't have done it without you guys! Thank you so incredibly much Gilli

Bernice Ndifang

I can't thank the instructors and admin of this school enough,pleasant and polite and very encouraging,I passed my test with no issues,thank y'all

Thomas Wesner

It has been a great pleasure taking the drivers Ed class and doing all of my driving hours with Sharon Driving School. I look forward to every class and thanks to the all of the great driving instructors, I feel fully confident taking my driving test next month.


Sharon school is ,,,NO GOOD,,,I simply asked her if anyone there speaks Spanish and she got so angry, she told me we don't speak Spanish here, she said, you speaking English fine with an attitude, I said for my wife , I asked to speak to her supervisor she said, I'm the supervisor, and hang up at me , I called back and she threatened me by calling the police, I told her please call them , and again I asked to talk to her supervisor, and she hang up on me , again she wouldn't give me her name... please don't go there........

Adam Bentahar

joanna mcconnell

You will never encounter a ruder person on the phone or email. She seems to believe she can speak to any parent or teen in her class anyway she wishes. If you proceed, against all the negative reviews online, wait until you take the parent class where she down talks you, the parent. She belittles the students, which I had read. My child is an A student who has had glowing reviews for as long as she had been a student. She emails Gilli a valid inquiry about her driver's ed course. The woman sents her a vague, grammically incorrect reply, and when my daughter replies to her email, requesting her to clarify, this woman sends her a belittling email that was uncalled for. She then shortly after sends my daughter an email, cancelling her driving hour the following morning. At 11:45 pm! If my daughter hadn't emailed her, would she had been cancelled? I called at 9am and this woman was short and rude. She hung up on me. I called back because I could not believe she actually hung up. She answered, "What did I just tell you that you did not understand?!" I am the parent, not the teen. Read all the reviews online on various sites. You've been warned.

Zach Perez

wedding photos

Hi, I gave my road test on 25th Aug. I received a paper from the lady sitting in the back seat( Gilly) ... Stating that I was failed ...need to take more classes as I stopped in the middle of the road for no reason". I don't understand how can a person from driving school (gilly) decide whether test taker is passed or failed? It should be from RMV person. First of all, test should be on point basis. Without any points they are just deciding pass or fail at the end of the test. Both the lady and examiner were rude... They didn't even bother to speak properly. It’s their minimum responsibility to speak properly. They don't know we are paying money for their time? The whole scenario implies to take more classes in terms of money. This is unethical and unprofessional.

Shayna Cohen

Exceptional driving instructors! Phenomenal experience!

Jessica Zhang

Gavin Boss

Never had a problem with school, these reviews are mostly wrong. While I have never had a problem with Gilly or rescheduled appointments everything worked out good and test day was very straightforward. Glad to have went to this school

Jack Spinale

I had the BEST experience TODAY! I passed my Test in Brockton with Sharon Driving School. They took me for a lesson and showed me everything I needed to know for my test. I can not thank you Guys enough. I have my Freedom Now! I will recommend this school to Everyone. The are Professional and Knowledgeable. I loved their small Car. I could not do it without them!

Anastassia Korin

They are so rude here, do not care about the individuals who are trying to learn how to drive, refuse to work with you, and overall provide a poor experience


There's two reasons Sharon Driving School went from having entirely 1 to 5 star reviews: One, they're possibly the worst run and dishonest business you'll ever interact with. Two, they started to pay students to leave good reviews. (Well, they offer 15 dollars off of your road test fee for a 5 star rating). Seriously. The explanation the instructor gives you for this is that the owner is "so horrible" that they have to get their ratings up because people have been slamming them after dealing with her. I don't blame them. This is a shady business run by a very angry , unpleasant woman. She (Gilli) hung up on me every time I called to schedule a driving test, saying "I'm busy" or "I'll call you when I'm not doing something important". Ontop of that, she was exceptionally nasty when calling me with a half hour notice to change my lesson to an earlier one, leaving multiple rude voicemails and texts in the space of 10 minutes. As if that couldn't get worse, Gilli once called and screamed at and threatened my instructor in the middle of one of my lessons, and hung up on him too, proceding to reject the several calls he made back to her while he was supposed to be teaching me. Uh... They've since seemed to hire slightly less rude people to answer the phone, though. They're not much better , but at least they don't hang up on you. Sharon Driving School is exceptionally disorganized. They basically reschedule every lesson you book within under an hour of your appointment, and they overlap. You pick up and get dropped off by students in the next time block constantly. I've even had to drive to pick up cash/forms from other students during lessons. Once, I'd booked a one hour lesson and got only 20 minutes behind the wheel, and still had to pay full price. When I took a road test , they were 2 hours behind, and hadn't even printed off the list of people who were supposed to go, so they were taking people in entirely random order. Some had sat there for three hours, and the staff there was short, impatient, and flippant with everyone who dared ask what's going on, and all had vastly different answers to the same questions. There was 0 communication whatsoever. They claimed they made a call in the morning to everyone to tell them the tests were running behind, but absolutely none of the people, in three separate appointment blocks, had gotten one. On the plus side, my instructor was nice and Sharon Driving School is relatively cheap (especially if you lie for them for an extra 15 dollars). I've never left a bad review in my life, but if I'd known what a disaster of a business this was, I never would've used their services, so maybe this will help someone else. At one point, I believe they had a Better Business Bureau rating of F. Check out the website. They've logged six negative experiences , and one good one. Don't believe the glowing reviews left by kids just trying to save money on their road test, and don't waste your time or money here. There are other schools in the area that offer Saturday road tests, and it's definitely worth the extra 40 or so dollars and a little more distance to not deal with Sharon Driving School...or Gilli.

Michael Yong

Amazing establishment. Loved it.

Scott Leno

Thank you for teaching me how to drive. Office staff is so informative. I highly recommend this school. They booked my test in 2 weeks. I took 6 lessons, they showed me everything that was going to be on a test. I took it yesterday and Passed! Thank you

Antonio Jimenez

I would give negative stars if possible. My wife took a class in preparation for her road test and the so called "professor" was extremely rude and unprofessional. She arrived late, focused on her phone and called someone for the first 15 min of class and, when the instructor finally decided to actually pay attention, she screamed half the time or made extremely rude exasperation sighs. You are supposed to be a professor, so start acting like one. I want my money back

Jim Richardson

Alan Xie

During the practice driving session right before my exam, my instructor wasted my precious time by asking me to drive to a restaurant so he could pick up a sandwich! Extremely unprofessional, borderline crooks. I went here because I had no other option. WOULD NOT GO AGAIN.

Cerah Garabedian

Great driving instructors!

Da N

Don't go to this school. They rip people off with their "no refund" policy. They're untrustworthy, take too long and don't provide the services advertised.

Joana Hetch

I had a great Experience. We drove from Falmouth to do a test in Sharon. My Son took 1 lesson and learned more than in 12 hours with other school. Thank you Russell for teaching my Son how to parallel park. Exam was easy and my son passed the FIRST try. All the kids that were there passed. Examiner was great! Thank you so much. I will recommend this school to others for sure!

Terrance Gathers

Patty and Bill were amazing instructors. I walked in not knowing how to drive whatsoever and went to passing my test with flying colors. I am overly thankful for everything they taught me and I'm glad to have learned from both of them.

Evan DiMartinis

Driving instructors are very helpful and greatly improved my driving skill. I highly recommend it to all

Adam Banu

I passed my test. I learned how to parallel park in just couple of lessons. I took a test in Brockton and it was so easy. My instructor was so patient. I will recommend this school to anyone who needs driving lessons

Stephen Walsh

Amazing school! The instructors were so nice, I wouldnt have passed my test without them.

Jack Manning

Was cancelled on 3 times while booking my test. Failed because of small bump against curb while pulling away (but was told I passed all aspects of the test). Would not reccomend, was cheated of money and time. I did not receive my practice that you must pay a lot of $$$ for. Go to bills driving school

Marcus Phan

Alexa Yobouet

I'm Alexa and I have been to Sharon Driving school. It is a really nice place with nice and experienced instructors. I learned a lot from them and the place was very nice. If anyone is looking for a driving school there is no need to search anymore. Sharon Driving school is the best.

xavierbright 24

This is business not a driving school... the owner is tricky, cunning , sly... she talks lies, she changes statement... they pay them and they dont take you on the road test

Mark Rella

Great teachers learned a lot!!

Xiu Lin

Ben Radlin

I loved Sharon Driving School. I passed my test FIRST TIME! Thank you

Zak Mifdal

Very bad experience

Luis Pereira

Excellent driving school. The driving instructors teach you everything you need to know to pass the road test. Bill was an excellent instructor, he taught me a lot and gave me great feedback.

Grace Flynard

Really good instructors, I loved everyone I met. They booked my test in Sharon and I passed on a First Try. Thank you for everything. I learned how to drive on a Highway. They taught me to parallel Park. Thank you for being Great!!

Tom Noe'

Excellent driving school. i have sent 3 kids there with no complaints! Very satisfied.

Kevin Ramirez

The gentleman gave great driving tip advice. Pointers on proper reverse posture, was very helpful

Heather Tenaglia

Really wish I could give zero stars. The owner of the school is incredibly rude. When emailing her questions she would answer with all caps and lots of !!!! Yelling her answers to simple questions. Then when my son finally got to his road test day, she was the sponsor. Just before he went someone backed into the driving school car. It was still drivable so they continued on. When he got in for his test, she was on the phone yelling at someone the entire time. She had one job to sit there for four minutes and keep her mouth shut while he took his test. The whole situation made him very nervous. During his lessons the instructor from the school told him he had to drive slow through the school zone, under 20 mph. Every time I took him out to drive he would tell me over and over he was told he had to drive slow on the test through the school zone. He was driving around 19 in a 20. In the end the owner told him he was wrong to be driving slower. This is what her instructors taught him. So apparently not only did they not teach him correctly, the owner had complete disregard for her student and the situation he was in. I get that you need to be able to deal with real life situations but as the owner and paid sponsor you would think she'd have a little bit of consideration.

Farzaneh Rahebi

I had worse experience with them for hour charge $60 and they teach you less than 10 min and I asked if we can practice more for those stuff she said no we have to drive and pickup two more kids the second time we get another lesson before road test she just let we drive for 30 min and she said go to office I have to do some thing there and for 10 min we wait there and she didn't give us any information about what officer really looking ( for example for each time officer ask pullover you have to use blinkers and those small thing you can pass or not and for each time I paid $60 ( for 15-25 min lesson ) and for road test they charge $149 with this bad experience I asked my other friends and told me champion driving school they are the best first they charge just $50 per on hour and Alicia is the best tell every single thing and exactly working with you for on hour and I'm so sorry for my self to waist my time and my money to go to sharon driving school


I had a very unpleasant experience with Sharon Driving school, to say the least. I would experience high levels anxiety before each of my driving hours due to how the instructors would treat me during each lesson. When I was first learning how to parallel park, I may not have done it right the first few times. Having the instructor yell at me and make me more nervous is not encouraging. Maybe the reason I was “having a bad lesson” as one of the instructors put it, was because I was extremely nervous that I was doing something wrong and was going to be yelled at by the instructor. There is no need for the instructors to raise their voice or yell at me when I’m simply practicing the maneuvers in a quiet neighborhood with absolutely no vehicles in sight. It’s not like I was doing anything dangerous on 138 or 106. I was literally in chessman in sharon. The instructors also over use the emergency brake. The key word “emergency” means the brake should only be used in an emergency!!! Having the instructor slam on the emergency brake for going 5 mph over the speed limit and giving me whiplash is definitely counterproductive. I am so glad I’m done with those lessons and am relieved of the stress and anxiety they brought.

Jamie Z

I had a great experience with Sharon driving school. The instructors teach you how to drive well and are very helpful.

Jessica Li

Paid around 140 for two lessons and scheduled it two weeks prior and what do they do? First one they cancelled ten minutes before the scheduled time saying that since the owner’s son was sick, the instructor cannot leave the office. Alright, fine. A day later, they cancelled the next appointment. And what was the reason? The instructor’s son was ill and cannot come in. Wow, I’m sure you can all tell how responsible this driving school is now. They said they will take $5 off of the $140.

Yousra Farina

wonderful experience. the instructors are very nice and helpful and they do an amazing job at preparing you for the road test.I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Marian Rose

They were extremely rude and unhelpful - bordering on fraudulent. I could (and did) have gotten an earlier appointment on my own. They cancelled 2x and when I asked about a refund- claimed they could only refund $60.

Jennifer Aquino

The driver instructors were all very nice. I never had a problem with any of the driver instructors, or the owner. Classes are great. They all taught me everything I had to know to become a safe:confident driver. Definitely the best driving school to go to!! I would definitely recommend Sharon driving school!

Liron Felman

Great school, delicate and devoted! I strongly recommend the school& program, amazing staff and teachers.

Zach Vogel

I had a great experience with Sharon Driving School. I had several driving instructors and they were all exceptional, they all were very nice, and where able to help me improve my driving skills greatly. I am now much more confident behind the wheel of a car because of how much I learned.

John-Paul Noe

I had a great experience with this driving school. The classes are very informative and prepare you well for the permit exam. Also, the driving instructors are the best in the area. They are all very knowledgeable and offer exceptional tips about the driving and the rules of the road. They can also be very kind and sociable and end every one of your learning experiences with a smile on your face.I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Sharon Driving School! 5 Stars John-Paul Noe

Jocelyn Vitelli

My experience with Sharon Driving School was excellent. When I called to schedule my first lesson I got in quick! I've only been with Bill and once with Donna and both of them are excellent instructors. They are very welcoming and nice and make great conversation. They taught me well and knew how to help me. They prepared me well and I feel very confident to take my road test. I would recommed Sharon Driving to anyone of my friends.

Eleanora Shniper

I can not be more thankful to the Owner of Sharon Driving School. I had my license and I was afraid to drive. I took 3 lessons and now I am back on a road test. She is an Amazing instructor. She showed me everything I needed to be Safe. Thank you soooo Much! Keep up a Great Job. I would highly recommend this School if you need lessons. I am sending my child to this school and I am sure I will be happy

Eli Redlich

Julia Rota

I unfortunately have to give two stars because I was ripped off when i was 17 and couldn’t get my license. at the completion of my driving test I was told I had to give the man 20 dollars to get my “certificate of completion” so i drove to north easton savings back atm and gave him 20 dollars, he put it in his pocket, and told me i was going to get it in the mail, I never got it. after I passed the driving test, I went to the dmv to get my license and they had no record of me even being at sharon driving school, I had to wait longer to get my license

Dusu Sidibay

They are an excellent driving school. In the 12 lessons, I’ve had I feel like a confident and good driver. The instructors break everything down for you, and answer all questions. They made parallel parking easy for me! I highly recommand this company to all drivers, teen and adults. You won’t regret it!

Connor McGee

I'm Ugly and I'm Proud!


I'm very satisfied with the driving school. I had no problems when it came to the road lessons and drivers ed. My overall experience with Sharon Driving School was a great one. I would recommend it to anybody.

Jane Meunier-Powell

I had the WORST customer service experience with the Sharon Driving School in recent memory. I found the owner rude and impossible to do business with. See for yourself. Check out the pattern of complaints on the Better Business Bureau. I regret that I didn't do my homework before signing up my child. It was a big mistake. Consumer beware & take your business elsewhere.

Steve Nebuco

I took couple of lesson with Russell and he was the best instructor. I learned so much, he taught me how to parallel park and I am taking a test next week and I feel so much better. I really hope I will pass my test and have my license. Thank you for great experience! Thank you Sharon Driving School


Josh Gerson

Sharon Driving school is a great place because the instructors are very informative and helpful. When booking hours, I found it very easy because of a large availability during the week. The instructors are very willing to help students on what they need the most practice on.

Audrey Cole

We had a terrible experience here . My daughter failed her test twice with these people and it cost us a lot of money! One time we only got 20 minutes of a lesson and we payed for an hour and the instructor was extremely unkind.

Laura Cott

Everyone was very nice to me when I emailed them about scheduling a road test. On the day of my test, I was taken about 15 minutes earlier than I was scheduled which was nice and the test was very easy, basic driving knowledge, and the examiner and the instructor in the car were extremely nice. Also scheduling a test with them is really quick and easy and you don't have to wait a long time to get your test in. Definitely recommend going here for your test.


If I could give negative stars I would. This place is awful. Most of the instructors are terrible, every time I was to be picked up for driving or observing they were 45 minutes to an hour late. Classes were rescheduled at no convenience to the students because the teachers wouldn't show up. The owner is very rude. I got my license a month late because of their incompetence. If you still decide to go here with all the negative reviews then you are foolish

Olivia Cimit

My daughter came to Sharon driving school from another school because we could not book a test. We had to wait 4 month for a test at another school. Sharon got us in a week and my daughter passed a test. We are so happy!! Thank you so much. Everything was great!

Mark Avuberh

My Experience Was Excellent! My daughter took d.e course with them and just finished. I drove with her and is ready for a test!! I took a parent class and instructor was so nice. He said they have 99% pass rate on their students. My daughter is ready for a test. I highly recommend this School. It was so easy to book driving hours. Office staff was so responsive. Thank you! My next child will defenitelly go to this school!

Jake Ross Vlogs

mikeyrb 210

Devon Collins

Very unpleasant people with poor atitude. Im very unsatisfied

Earl Johnston

Milana Rom

Thank you Sharon Driving School for teaching me how to drive! I loved everything. It was easy to schedule hours and I learned everything and passed my test the first try. Great teachers! Owner was so nice, she explained everything to me over the phone. I took my test in Sharon. It was so easy!

Unknown Unknown

Driving with Sharon Driving School was a great experience. I had no problems with any of the instructors or the owner. I feel that the school really helped me on my path to become a safe, defensive driver. One instructor in particular, Bill, taught me to parallel park and was extremely helpful with all of my endeavors.

John Aghadiuno

Disgusting attitude. I took my wife there for driving test and the way she was treated was nothing short of disgusting. She went 3 times and failed on all occasions. The last time, I could see how impatient and disgusted the instructor looked when they returned from the test. She all but kicked my wife out of the car. This is despite the fact that on all 3 occasions, my wife drove to and from from home to the driving school. Maybe they are just racists, maybe they are looking for experts drivers, or maybe they are just grossly untrained; but if you are learning to drive, don't bother to go there. Even my mother who came newly to the country, who has been driving since before I was born over 50 years and has never had an accident, failed the bloody test. Go figure. Obviously there is a disconnect between their expectations and reality.

liam brown

Sharon Driving School is great, they have taught me a ton about the rules of the road and I feel I am a better driver after every driving hour. I would definitely reccomend it to anyone

Anatoliy Karin

My Test was this Wensday in Brockton. I had couple of lessons and they were so Amazing. I drove a brand New Corolla. Sharon Driving School met me at DMV. Thank you for All Your Help! I passed my test. Gilli showed me all the tricks, that made me so comfortable with Everything. I never parallel parked right and she showed me how to do it. I had to parallel park between cones and it was Easy! Thank you. Do not hesitate . Call them and You will get your License

Mike Olson

Never had a problem and the staff is great! especially William

T. Harlow

This is the absolute worst place anyone could go for driver's ed. The owner, Gilly, is the worst. I've never encountered anyone so rude and inappropriate. She has no patience and is a very mean person. If you want your kid to be a nervous wreck, then by all means book your appointments with her!


Very affordable and awesome instructors that focus on their students and really want them to learn.

Adam Sims

most awful driving school shady shady shady . woman is unbelievable takes your money and cancels appointments without making them up.her test are set up with the person from dmv for who she wants to pass. discusting will be reporting her to every where i can to make sure NO ONE ever goes to this place AGAIN!!!!!!

Chris Fernandes

The whole package with the classes, lessons and tests is very affordable. Very laid back and easy, definitely recommend to others.

Dylan Mahoney

Easy to work with. No problems at all.

Mariam Ettoumi

Avoid this driving school at all cost! Here’s my experience: I paid for three driving sessions. The first time the instructor came 15 min late. The second time he didn’t show up at all. I was supposed to have my session at 12pm, so I got out waiting in front of the door at 11:50, and I was there from 11:50 until 12:30. I didn’t want to call the office right away at 12pm because I figured the instructor is just late like last time, and didn’t want to cause him trouble. When I finally called them, a guy who claims to be the manager answers and says that it’s me who didn’t show up. I’m like that cannot be possible because I was there even before my appointment just to avoid anything like this. He’s like no, now the session is gone, and you just have to deal with it. He was rude on the phone, and is actually always rude. The first time I called to pay over the phone, I thought he was ready to take my card’s number, and started saying the numbers, and this literally was his answer: “Hold on, hold on, hold oooon”, which I think is disrespectful. He could have said just give me a minute, or at least please hold on, or worst case scenario “one” hold on would have been enough. Anyway, back to my story. When he said you just have to deal with it, I requested to cancel the third session that was going to be two days later. His answer was btw you have a no show for the first session. I’m like this is not true, I have proof that I already have done my first session, I have written proof. Obviously, when he heard that I had proof, he was like uh uh ok let me check. He checked and said oh yes you’re right. So I did get back my money for the third session but not for the second one where their instructor didn’t show up. When I went online and saw the reviews, I was horrified. How are they still in business? From what I read, they have been doing similar things to other people. Also, when I called the department fraud, the person who talked to me said that she had the same experience as me. MORAL OF THE STORY: Stay away from this school. Even if they took my money for the second session, I am thankful because this happened now before the day of my test or something. It could have been worse.

Evan Hoyt

Bill is the best instructor in the business he truly teaches you how he would teach his own children, I very much recommend sds

Jack Murray

It was fun

Al Stad

My experience with Sharon Driving school has been exceptional. Instructor was kind , friendly, and patient which makes learning easier and virtually stress free. It's simple and fast to schedule lessons, unlike other schools with waiting lists up to a month, and I see noticeable improvement each time. In addition, it's very affordable, so I'm comfortable having as many lessons as I need. I've definitely become a more confident and skilled driver through this program. I'd recommend them to anyone, especially those who are nervous behind the wheel

Susan Johnson

Great driving school. The classroom atmosphere was friendly and informative. The driving instructors were extremely patient and kind. Well prepared my child for driving test.

Luke K

I feel like I was well-prepared for the road test thanks to the very helpful driving instructors. I had never really driven much before getting into the car with Sharon, but the instructors did an excellent job helping me get used to driving. Also, it's a great price compared to others in my area, overall, a good experience.

Katharina Lyons

Love the driving lessons. Went from horrible to awesome. Learned all the important things I'll need to prevent any tickets or pull overs from police of any kind. On top my lessons are always on time and if need to have earlier or later I always receive phone call to ask if this works for me. Great school abd worth every penny.

Lamar Odom

If there is any other driving school in your vicinity, go to that one! The school's instructors woefully underprepare you for the actual road test. They state it is "easier" than a MA state sanctioned road test but they set you up to fail. The ridiculously exotic price of $125 allows you to take the road test and use their car. Driving with an instructor costs about $60 an hour but they refuse to take you on the actual road used for the test. If you hire them during testing day, they refuse to even show you the road of the exam. During the actual road test, be prepared to fail. Instructors give almost to no knowledge about actual test questions. When I went, the three people ahead of me all failed. In my opinion, I feel like all they care about is the money and will give you an extremely biased examination towards failing. Absolutely ridiculous and I hope no one else falls for their tricks. If your reading this, please just go to the regular DMV, the state sanctioned test is a lot easier/unbiased and is a whopping price of $35. Only gave it two stars because the instructor is a friend's father. Stay away and listen to the reviews!

Thomas P Byrne

I just wanted to say that the person I was with was awesome. Great knowledge of the road and is definitely able to get you over your weak areas of driving with his teaching. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have gotten my license. Thanks again for the help.

Jacob Vieira

I thought the classes where very boring and found the customer services to be unprofessional at some points. The reason I give it a 4 is because my driver Bill was exceptional and worked very hard to meet my every need. He made sure I was prepared for my road test and did a very good job doing so. Thank you Bill!

M Digi

This driving school is an absolute joke. The people that work there and instruct the students are nasty and condescending. They would double book all the time and screw me out of a lesson and then scream at all the kids due to THEIR stress! They are cheaper than other driving schools but that is due to all their lack of everything needed to run a successful business. They do not care about helping teens learn how to properly drive. They instead rip you off and rush you to stuff as many kids in the back seat as possible. Please avoid this place if you don't enjoy dealing with BS!

Joe Davis

Sharon driving school was a fantastic experience, I learned a lot about driving and how to be a safer operator of a vehicle I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be a safer driver !

Jo Finjap

The people that work here and rude and unprofessional, their locations and dirty, run down and disgusting and they don’t take any responsibility for their actions, everything they advertise is a lie, and they don’t even have a proper phone system. I signed up for a June 29th test last week ( on Thursday I believe), and they didn’t decide to charge my card till today, no notice, nothing even though it’s stated on their website everything needs to be done within a time limit. (If payment needs to be processed 2 weeks before the scheduled test why was it put through after? and now it’s an issue when I want it back?)I find out two hours later today that I can’t take my test due to something on my driving record after my card had been charged. And they didn’t want to refund me because it was too late (the test is 2 days shy of two weeks from today) If there was an issue with me taking my test or I’m not allowed for whatever reason I should’ve been told when I signed up, not a week later whenever you guys felt like putting the information through , then when I call asking for a refund they want to argue and give attitude. Even the actual rmv (why didn’t I go there? I was having trouble with my documents going through their system) allows up to 72 notice for cancellation or will tell you when you sign up that you can proceed before they charge you. I understand spots are reserved but a fee is acceptable and understandable taking everything isn’t. 150 for a test is already ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to pay for a test I didn’t take or sponsors or anything that I didn’t receive or get to do. They are corrupt people looking for a scam anywhere else has to be better than this school. Don’t waste your time I’m posting this so no one else has to deal with what I dealt with. They will rip you off take your money and try to say it’s their fault when it was at their own negligence. Listen to the other reviews this school is NOT worth the hassle or stress, if they cared about their business they would take better care of their customers.


Noor Friends

I don’t recommend, director Gilli is not professional at all. All she cares for is money money. The 15 minutes warm up before the test calls it an hour and that’s $70 added to $140 for the road test. In Walpole’s Saturday Road Test the warm up is part of the road test payment $99. Huge difference in professionalism and patience!

Ashlee Marie

I took my Test Last Weekend. It was so easy. Everyone was so nice. I took a lesson with Sharon and they made me so comfortable. My instructor was Debra and she was so knowledgeable. I passed on a first try! Keep up a good work!!


Great instructors! I haven't crashed yet so they must be doing something right. Overall, great experience with the school.

Breanna Eddy

Never had an issue scheduling driving lessons. And Bill is an awesome instructor.

Samantha Smith

I had the Best experience with Sharon Driving School. My teachers taught me everything about driving. I passed my test the first try. I was doing a test today and everybody I saw passed. Thank you!

Ilana Achildiyev

Extremely rude and unhelpful! O stars

Sean Murphy

Sharon Driving School has been a lifesaver -- helped me get my license less than two weeks after arriving to the US!...I literally had no clue what to do. I took 1 lesson and Learned all I need to pass a test. I had Debra as my instructor and sHe was Amazing! Thank you Mike and Everyone at Sharon Driving School.

Lillian Blankenship

Great experience with them! Good clear instructions and I could hear everything!

Jessica Turmel

Ahmad Al Raqqad

I have never seen as poorly run business, people are rude, I could not believe that the instructor was asking my trainee son to drive over the speed limit, just because she wanted to go home sooner. I WOULD DIACOURAGE ANYBODY TO USE THEM.

Nick Park

I came to class thinking I knew about driving but I soon realized there was much more which stressed me out, but Sharon Driving School helped simplified the information to get me prepared for my license. Booking with Sharon driving school was a solid choice and easy to get to if you’re near the sharon area!

Bob Khan

I strongly recommend this school. My son took a classes in June and it was great. Very convenient. Driving hours he was picked up and dropped off, I did not have to drive him anywhere. They always showed up on time and we had great experience. Thank you so much for everything. Great team. My son passed a test first try and it was the best present for his birthday. Thank you!

Asmaa Abed

samantha Mann

I am simply an 18 year old who is looking for a driving school and I had been doing my research on different driving schools as well as the reviews online as well. when I came across the Sharon driving school I was shocked at the plenty of negative reviews I saw but also how most of them were only 1 star and then a couple with a 5 star review. To me that sounded a bit fishy so while I was still in high school and outside of school I had learned that people were making lawsuits against the school because of fraud. I definitely would no like to take my chances of being in a court case with them. And I had also noticed how the owner would respond to some of the 1 star reviews on here but i will allow her to give her say in this and possibly change my mind as well about the driving school.

Zelda Adams

I have never written a bad review before but Sharon Driving School deserves one. I highly recommend you do not book your road test through them. I booked my test for 8/27 through them, pay all the money for the hour lesson before and the test itself. I get an email a few days before my test saying they're changing the date to 9/3. A few days before that i get an email.. they changed the date to 9/10... you guessed it, a few days before that one, changed to 9/17. Are you kidding me? I email and ask if they provide refunds. They said money is not refundable but if i book a test through the RMV they can meet me there with a car and a sponsor. I immediately went on the RMV website and found a test for 9/7. Booked it, emailed Sharon asking if they could meet me in Brockton on 9/7, they replied "Yes we will be there". I thought I was all set. Then THE NIGHT BEFORE THE TEST, I get an email out of the blue saying "We need to know about tomorrow!!!!!!" "you need us there?" I replied that night and said "I know the money is not refundable that is why you said you were going to meet me in Brockton with a car and a sponsor, why are you asking me if you need to be there when you already confirmed you would?" This is the response i received, "I ASKED YOU SEVERAL TIMES YESTERDAY. I AM NOT ON STAND BY I HAVE THINGS TO DO. WE ARE NOT A TAXI SERVICE. I CAN NOT MEET YOU AT THIS TIME!" Is that some kind of joke? How unbelievably unprofessional and incredibly rude. I don't even know how to respond to that... beware of Sharon driving school. I talked to many other people about this and MANY of my friends have had a very similar situation. EDIT: I just received an email 9/21 (I eventually got my license WITHOUT Sharon driving school) stating that they had seen my review and that if I didn't take it down within a week I would be sued for slandering. everything I said in the review was the truth. Good luck with that!

BILL Smith

My teacher in class was Mike and it was great. This is a school that knows what they are doing. Online schedule is great. Easy to schedule. I loved my other instructors. I know I will pass my test with no problem!

John Tansey

This SCHOOL should be shut down and the two workers arrested for larceny !!! They failed my nephew and NEVER sent the money to the registry for the road test. We tried to reschedule and had to PAY AGAIN ! They will receive a summons to court in a few days ... STAY AWAY !!!!! What true SCUMBAGS

Liri diaz

Please do not waste your $ & time on this school. They took 1,000 from me & did not teach me to do ANYTHING! They couldn’t even teach me how to park, the driver instructor would always yell at me while I was driving and make me super nervous, the secretary is very ghetto and very rude & all they wanted was more money from me. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCHOOL. Look them up on yelp & you will see how theirs a bunch of other people who left reviews with the same experience as me

Rabbi Gavriel Goldfeder

Owen Glass

I had the best experiencing. I passed my test this weekend. Thank you. Examiner was so easy and helpful

Mariam Carpenter

If I could give it zero stars, I would! This place sucks. The instructors are rude and impatient. The owner, Gilli, is very rude. She has no respect for anybody, even the instructors there! She likes to cut short on driving time and is very impatient with the kids. My son took a couple lessons with them and immediately switched to another company. Now he’s on his way to getting his license. He definitely would not have passed with this company. Final verdict: PLEASE STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN SAKE!

Jane Madden

I have had two teenagers get their driver's license through Sharon Driving School. I would highly recommend it. One child was very difficult to teach but Sharon Driving School did a great job.

Kevin Monagle

Nate Lemos

Best school to go to for rhode lesson. The driving instructor is pretty chill and makes each lesson fun and fulfilling

Bob Tong

This was a great program. Very helpful and the driving instructors were all great! I would recommend this program to others for sure!

Rhian Schwensfeir

Classes and instructors are very informative. Instructors are comforting and relaxed which makes the driver more relaxed. Instructors give good tips that make driving easier.

Andrew Kellogg

Jessica Ortez

Best driving school to go to. Instructors were amazing and very helpful. They make it really easy for everyone to pass the driving test.

Lena O'Flynn

A great experience, really good instructors to learn to drive.

Jackie ireland

I had a great expirience with Sharon Driving School. The classes were great and each lesson really focused on preparing for the test. The test went smooth and easy thanks for the great job done by my instructor and teacher.

Gregory Mueller

This driving school has patient and helpful driving instructors. They make scheduling driving hours fast and easy instead of having to wait up to a month for one lesson like other driving schools. They give you helpful tips to help you with things like parallel parking and three point turns. This is an all around great driving school and has allowed me to be very comfortable behind the wheel.

Jake Romaine

Instructors are very helpful and make learning to drive easier. Easy to schedule hours. Good school

Abilash Reddy

Kristen Eckler

Theygive really useful tips for parallel parking and curb alignment. They also help you with what you're struggling with and strongly encourage the drivers.

Claudia Monteverde

Bad experience. The instructor is irrespectful and not professional. She spoke and texted over the phone during the whole lesson. She is not patient at all and yelled to me multiple times. I have 15 years of driving experience out of US and I was taking a lesson just for my road test. I can't imagine how rude she can be with an new student.

hailey harrop

Sharon driving school taught me everything I needed to become a good driver. The time in classroom was spent learning about everything we needed to know to start going on the road. The instructors are very friendly, approachable, and know how to teach new nervous drivers how to stay calm at the wheel and become a good, safe driver. Overall a very good and affordable driving school, I didn't encounter any problems whatsoever being there, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about driving school!

Joe Nho

Total rip off. We just called Sharon Police on them. Extremely rude and deceiving. They say what they want and hang up on you.

Will Keefe

The owner and employees were all very kind and helpful to me. I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about driving in a safe environment.

Giliana Silva

U suck

K Zug

I would rather grind my face with a cheese grater than to deal with them again. The owner is *offensively* rude.

Tatiana Iurova

Thank you, guys!!! You did a great job!!!! Very friendly people working here, nice cars, working really fast!!!! I’m really appreciate for help with lessons and driving test!!!

Jonathan Gronroos

Best driving school in the area. Gotta love Sharon, they teach you how to drive. Gotta get Bill to teach you though, he's the man! He'll teach you everything you gotta know. And they are provide with new cars too.

Shelley Keimach

My son got his license 8 years ago. He was initially enrolled at this school. The classroom part, at the time, was fine, although Gilly kept track of everything on cards instead of using a computer, which was ridiculous. The driving part was a nightmare- lies, no-shows, etc. my friends all had the same experience with their kids- Gilly lied and bullied both kids and parents. My son confronted her on one of her lies, which resulted in my hiring a babysitter I didn’t need and other inconveniences. She threw him out of the school for being disrespectful. My son ended up at TNT in Stoughton and had a fine experience finishing up. My daughter is 16 and getting ready for lessons. We wouldn’t use this school under any circumstances. Just glad I can now review and let people know how terrible it is.

Jennifer Newbury

I would put 0 stars if I could. Absolutely disgustingly rude. Unreal!!!!! I had called a few months ago and was told they pick up in my town. Now they are saying they do not because they are too busy. Ok, I am reasonable. I call to see how close to my town they pick up. So she lists out towns that are nowhere near my town. Finally lists a town nearby. Then says pick up at the high school there, which is not nearby. So I am trying to talk to see if there is a closer location and she (Gillie or whatever) is rudely interrupting me and telling me that it cant just be a random location. So I interrupt her back saying excuse me, to try to explain that I wasn't looking for a random location, just some place closer. And she starts yelling at me that how dare I say excuse me to her and that is not acceptable. she will refund me and I can find somewhere else. So I ask to speak to her manager or someone else and was told there is no one else! She owns the business. Great! What a great business owner. Maybe get someone else to manage your customer service, lady. So I say, fine refund my money immediately. This is ridiculous. So she says, send her an email and hangs up on me, while I am trying to say, no just refund my money now. Do not use Sharon. So rude. We already paid them $600!!!! I do not feel confident we will get that money back now! I will be contacting the better business bureau and my attorney. Awesome.

Tony Tam

I loved this school. My son passed his road test the first try. Thank you so much

Katie Brown

Great instructors! Very dog friendly, will give your dog a bone. Prepare well for road test. Overall, great experience!

Jackie Dore

My boyfriend and I took our driving lessons together and thought the school was good, we both just passed our license tests today after seven lessons. The instructors were helpful and we learned everything that we needed to know. Can't say anything about Gilly, since we didn't have much interaction with her,but I have no real complaints.

Shafali Reddy

I love Sharon driving school! Their driving hours are very instructive and get you very prepared for your road test!!

Kyle Burke

I had a great experience with Sharon Driving School, the instructors are very professional and friendly.It was quick and easy to schedule all of the driving classes and hours. I feel like I am well prepared for the test in a few weeks.

Courtney Smith

Bill, the driving instructor was so helpful and patient. I was so nervous to drive the first few times but he always stayed calm and gave me great tips. I passed my driving test the first time and I am now a confident and always alert driver. I have nothing but good things to say about the school.

Ethan Turk

I have been very satisfied with my experience at the driving school. The instructors have always been very nice and very good at preparing me for my road test. I would recommend it to anybody.

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