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Latia Owens

I booked for my husband's birthday..We took the 4 hr drive from VA to DE and He enjoyed every minute of the racing experience..the staff are patient and helpful. He did a ride along this time and he can't wait to go back to drive on his own!..Thank you all!

Jennifer Kottwitz

My husband & I drove today and it was so exhilarating!!! My spotter, whom ever he was, was very amazing! Excellent at reading my movements and telling me to "Clear - GO!" And the instructor who trained us all on the essentials, very informative! I really had a better understanding of what I was getting into with driving on a race track. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to everyone!!!

J Konkol

Everyone there was very helpful with safety as highest priority. Best described as scary fun, it's one of the last TRUE experiences you can still have. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you have the NEED FOR SPEED you've just got to try this. PUT THIS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST !!

Brian Morzos

I had a great time! Everyone was in great spirits and it felt like a fun atmosphere from the moment we pulled into the parking lot. They spent roughly an hour explaining the rules and and explaining how to drive the cars on track. They told us things specific to the track and what to do in an accident situations. I felt very confident when I got into the car that I would be safe. I intend to do this again in the future and I will certainly get more than 15 laps next time. This track (Colorado National Speedway) has roughly 25 second laps and I think its a quarter mile oval. By the time I felt like I was comfortable with the pedals and steering wheel It was time to get off of the track :)

James Floyd

I came into this as open minded as possible never having done anything like this, my wonderful wife got this for me and I wish I could do this once a week!!!. Went to the IOWA SPEEDWAY in Newton, IA. The staff there from the start was great!, Steve at the gate was very friendly and the rest of the staff was excellent, the man who went thru the "driver's meeting" and the assistants who got me a suit, helped me in & out of the car, the spotter and the staff at the trailer to get you registered and in getting you checked out were also great to work with... I will be back!!

Jennifer Bond

This has been our second trip racing with rusty both trips have been awesome experiences the staff are always so friendly and helpful and really put the experience over the top!!! We will definitely be back for a third trip!

Nora Wiley

My husband is a Nascar lover so I figured that this would be a great birthday gift and sure enough, it was a hit! I booked the 10 lap qualifier for him. Our Rusty Wallace Racing Experience event was at The New Stockton 99 Speedway. The team there was absolutely amazing, patient, warm and friendly! They did an excellent job with walking us through everything that we needed to do! We got to take lots of pics and video as well. My husband absolutely loved it and would most definitely do it again! The only minor thing that I would change is...they should allow the drivers to do a few warm up laps to get used to the feel of the car before starting the actual amount of laps that you booked. This, I feel would give the drivers the absolute full experience of how it truly feels behind the wheel of these cars. I say this because what ends up happening is, by the time the driver finally gets a feel for the car and is ready to safely go around the track at a faster speed, their time is up and they've completed all their laps! This is something that I noticed while my husband was out on the track and he suggested this as well, therefore I felt that it was important to mention it in this review as something for the company to consider. Other than that, this was a great experience and we would absolutely do it again!!! Thanks again to the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience guys rock!!!


I had an awesome time! My wife and daughter went also and were impressed with everything. I had the 40-lap experience and am sorry I waited so late to push the car. The entire staff was great,very patient and helpful. I shall return!

laura lehn

Had a great racing experience with my husband at the rusty Wallace driving experience in Stockton at the 99 speedway! Safety was a definite priority. Great instruction!

Matt Johnson

My experience was amazing! The staff were so nice and helpful and everything was so organized and tons of fun! Would definitely come back for more!

fwimpty vachez

I have been to several racing experiences, this was the worst. First off they suggested we pay an extra $60 for insurance as opposed to including it in the price. They definitely used a scare tactic telling us were liable for up to $15,000 payable that day before we left the track if there was an accident. This should have been known before we paid the initial price. Then there were not enough helmets to go around so we had to wait on pit road to hopefully get one from a previous driver. So of course it was smelly and sweaty. We were scheduled for 1:00 to 2:00 but didn't get on the track till after 2:30. So we had to stand in the hot sun while pit crews fumbled around. They were very poorly organized. While there were quite a few cars on pit road they could only manage to get a couple out at one time. Again poor organization while we waited in the hot sun. Several of the people in my group paid for the Ride Along but never got it because there were no drivers available. I paid $40 for a video but never got it. I did get reimbursed but I really wanted the video. There were ear phones in the helmet so the spotter could talk to the driver, however I could not understand what he was saying. He had a very harsh tone in his voice so maybe I was doing something wrong but I don't know what it was, so now I'm paranoid spoiling my good time. While we were there 2 cars had flat tires and 1 car had to be push started. While I understand the need for safety, the rev limiter was on the whole time. The whole event was very poorly organized. It appeared they were more interested in pushing as many people through as they could as opposed to making it a good time for fewer people. I have been a race fan all my life and have spent many many hours racing go karts and I was hoping driving a full blown race car at the Dover Race Track would be super exciting but I was wrong. Not a good experience. Maybe I was just there on a bad day but I will never do it again.

Dave Peot

The RWRE didn't fact it went beyond my expectations! Everything was professional, timely and tons of fun!!! I did the 20 lap package at WIR with the ride-along (HIGHLY recommend), the video and plaque. The video is awesome and the plaque is perfect for the office or memorabilia case. I strongly recommend the RWRE for anyone considering this type of reality won't disappoint!!!

Eric Yonkers

The staff was very professional and detailed about the rules! Everyone was very helpful and willing to accessible when needed. Program was organized which made registering easy and scheduling prompt. Cars little aged and could go faster. All in all, was a great experience.


Great Experience. Safe Experience. Will likely attend again and suggest to others. My family had a great time watching. My youngest will be going after license to drive is obtained. I will likely go with.

Douglas G

It's hard not to have a good time driving a race car on the track, but there are some customer service issues with RWRE that could be fixed to make it a 5-star experience. We went with them twice at Dover (and now once to NHMS) so far. The first time out, several days before the event I called their main office and changed our reservation times, from 9AM for me and 10AM for my wife, to 8AM for both of us. When we arrived at the track, nobody there knew that we had changed our times. Same thing happened the second time out. We had a reservation for Sunday, but a tropical rainstorm was coming (Sunday was rained out). We were able to switch to Saturday due to someone else's cancellation, but once again, nobody at the track was expecting us on Saturday. As far as the cars go, it's unpredictable. My wife doesn't go fast enough to care too much, but I had an issue with the car each time out at Dover. The first time the blue #12 car had a super-fast motor, but the transmission had only 2 working gears, 2nd and 4th. Leaving the pits in 2nd required a lot of throttle and clutch slip, then the spotter yells at me not to be so aggressive leaving the pits. Duh. The car also had some handling issues, felt to me like looseness in the front end. It was very hard to understand what they're barking at you on these speakers you slip between your ears and the helmet, which ruins your lap because you slow down out of confusion. I heard others commenting on this also. The second time at Dover, I had a GREAT handling car, but the rev limiter came on much too soon. I was reeling people in on every turn, only to lose them on the straights. Since I had paid extra for the so-called faster "COT car", once back in the pits I inquired about why the rev limiter was set so low, and the unnecessarily rude response was "you need to drive better". NOT HELPFUL! At the end of the second day, my wife wanted to get the photo plaque for me, but their printer was broken. Since her video did not come out, they said they'd send the plaque by mail, but all we got 4 weeks later were three pictures in a flat envelope (no plaque to put them in). The other thing we found displeasing were the smelly well-used helmets, and watching our sweaty firesuits being sprayed with freshener and then given to another person to use right away. I just went a third time, to NHMS, and it was a much better experience. The helmets were still old and well-used, but the firesuits were brand new and I had a great time. The car I got drove great and the staff was helpful and pleasant, warranting a bump up from 3 to 4 stars.


Greatest experience. Second time I receive the driving experience as a birthday gift. Can't wait to do it again

Jennifer Jolly

We were at the Gateway Motorsports Raceway in the St. Louis, MO/Illinois area. I got this for my husband as an anniversary present. He absolutely LOVED it! The classroom instruction prior to racing was fantastic. We highly recommend purchasing the ride along to go along with the driving. My husband said it really helped out to be able to get a feel for the track prior to driving it.

Todd Buman

Best gift ever!!!!! I went to the Milwaukee Mile and everyone there was very friendly and helpful. The instructor is great and the pit crew on the track is awesome. They are there to make you feel comfortable and get the most out of this and they do. The spotters work with you to make you go as fast as you are comfortable with, By the time I was done I had to stop and catch my breath as the adrenaline was going. They offer things to you for extra cost once you get there. This is not a scam by any means. I should have got the added on laps and video as now that I have left I wish I had done it. It is truly a once in a lifetime event so dont have any regrets. I would love to go again.

Jeff Dennen

This was a great experience that was a lot of fun. The only downside, it was very chaotic and only had a few helmets for about 47 people there. I would recommend this to anyone interested in cars, even if you are not a nascar fan.

William North

I could smile from ear to ear! What an experience. After my previous race track driving experience 15 years ago, I agreed to join my two sons and accept the opportunity to drive 20 laps at Richmond International Raceway. From the online registration, to checking-in at the trailer, to getting expert driver introductions from Larry, and then being brought to my race car to be seated, the whole process was handled with professionalism, expert knowledge and smiling faces. It is and was a thrill of a lifetime. I plan to drive a Rusty Wallace driving experience again, before my 68th birthday!

Stevie G

Did the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Richmond International Raceway on a 12 lap package and upgraded to a 20 lap and very glad I did. The laps go by very quickly as you learn the track and get a feel for the car. By lap 8 / 9 I was feeling far more comfortable and just settling in and pushing for better speed and lap times. No following pace cars, no restrictions in speed or passing with the caveat to obey the spotter as they will tell you when to drop to be passed or to stay high to pass. Crew was very good in instruction and prepping you in car for the run. I was beaming ear to ear and got it all on video to boot. I WILL DO IT AGAIN and twice the laps. Well worth it.

craig kalman

What an outstanding morning. I really enjoyed the short track because it required braking, turning and accelerating which isn't the case on a bigger track. I really liked the spotter which allowed multiple cars to pass, unlike the Richard Petty experience. Can't wait to do it again!

Chris Speers

Not only was the racing experience a ton of fun, the people were great. I had trouble breathing once in the car, so I had to stop and unbuckle and remove my helmet before leaving the pit. The pit crew were very supportive and understanding. They fetched me a bottle of water, loosened my straps a bit, and reassured me that I could do this. Then when I finally got going, they pushed me out of the pits so I could do a rolling-start in 4th gear since it's been over a decade since I've driven a manual. As far as the racing portion goes, it's unbelievable how much grip these cars have. I think we've all felt power at some point. Whether it's takeoff in an airliner, or on a subway train...we've all felt those sort of Gs. But the turns we were taking at Iowa was almost like I was holding onto the steering wheel to keep me from getting tossed into the passenger seat area. If you do this, I would recommend getting the video/telemetry package. There are no speedometers in the cars. Get the telemetry package and it'll give you all the data you need (speed, braking/acceleration points, lines, etc.) as well as video of the drivers view and a view of the driver, complete with audio. Great experience overall.

Jay Per

Very great experience. I would recommend any NASCAR fan to do the experience. I had a blast. Was walked though from start to finish. All of the people that worked the event were very professional. Thank you.

Elide Mendez

DO NOT BOOK! Terrible service Originally booked this for August 25th for my boyfriend as a surprise. Upon arriving to the track it was all closed and i received no email, nor a phone call of the cancellation. When I called the number in my original email there was a message saying it was closed due to the weather (no rain in sight on the weather report). I called and had it rescheduled to September 8th. That appointment was also cancelled due to the weather (no rain this day either). I called again and informed them that for the second time I was not notified of the cancellation until arriving at the track. I was then added a bonus 2 rides for the level of inconvenience and was then scheduled again for October 20th. I asked if there would be any reason it would get cancelled and was reassured it was fully booked and it was a very small chance of there being an issue. It’s about a half our before im supposed to head to the track and I get a call saying that it has been cancelled again but this time due to mechanical issues and for me to call the main number and reschedule AGAIN. I’m starting to get the idea that they are very quick to take your money and all they do is cancel appointments in order to keep your money. I would NOT recommend this place EVER. At this point I want to just redeem the ride I paid for just so I never have to deal with this again. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE DO NOT BOOK SAVE YOUR MONEY! I would give 0 stars if I could.

John Cornelius

My daughter gave me this as a gift. Had a great time at AMS. If you want to drive as FAST as you DARE without restrictions, this is the one for you!!!! Enjoy the who;e experience and drove over my head but it was a blast the entire time....Try it and you will not be disappointed!

Mike Peterson

Had a Great time at Pikes Peak staff was very knowledgeable. Highly recommended. We will be back for more.

Randy Rosemeier

Awesome experience at Columbus Motor Speedway in September of 2015. This is something I have wanted to do for years and at 56 I finally got that chance from a Christmas Gift my wife of 36 years got for me and my son. The staff was excellent in explaining safety issues and making sure we all understood the rules and regulations. The staff working the cars and track we amazing as well and I could not have had a better time. I will do this again.

Scott Grossmann

I received this experience for my birthday this year. I did not really know what to expect. I can tell you now post-experience that it was well worth it! I really enjoyed the freedom to be on the track in the car, with me totally in control. The spotter on the track was talking me through passing and taking the corners correctly. It is overwhelming at first to be strapped in to the race car, but after a few minutes I got used to it. All in all, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested to see what it is like to drive a real race car! Well worth it, and my adrenaline gets pumping even as I am typing this. Highly recommended!

Jim Shank

Awesome experience! The Kenny Wallace DRE crew were great hosts and made sure each driver and rider was safe and had a great time. I've paid for 4 KWDRE experiences at 3 different dirt tracks and recommend it to anyone that wants to experience what it's like to drive a sprinter, modified or big block on dirt.

Dan Levine

Seriously amazing .... to have a chance to do this at Dover this past weekend 8/5/2017 was killer ..... the only thing was the communication from the spotter was really hard to hear and couldn't always tell what he was saying. If you did an ear bud that was take it with you or bring your own so you can totally hear would be best. The staff however was great, the car was so much fun... I will not lie, worried going in however got out of the car after 12 laps and said that was F'ing amazing ..... best birthday present ever .... hope to do it again some day.


Incredible.... This is a Amazing awesome experience, The staff is great. The thrill is one of a kind, If you ever fantasized about being a race car driver here is your shot... I highly recommend it. all of my friends are tired of me talking about it. I'm ready to go back..!

Bill McCloskey

It was an "awesome. outstanding" experience! I would do this in a heart beat, over and over. My son and I both took the Rusty Wallace Experience at Dover Downs on Saturday, August 1, 2015, and it is something that we both will never forget. I would recommend this to all of my friends.

Jeffrey Dagneau

Had a 30 lap experience at the Wiscasset Raceway today with the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience. The staff was extremely knowledgeable, organized, and down to earth. I’ve been to two experiences in the past with NHMS (with a different organization), this was by far better. Highly recommended!!

Larry Johnson

I went to the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Evergreen Speedway in Wa. today and it was a BLAST ! Everything I expected and more. The car I drove was great. The training was just perfect. They really do a great job of getting you prepared for your ride. I'm definitely going to do this again, only next time I'll purchase more laps. I would recommend this for anyone with a desire to drive a fast race car out on the track. LOVED IT !

Tj Foster

Received this as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team! I thought all of the people involved in the day were very professional and explained things very well. I had done another racing experience with a different company in Phoenix and so I knew what to expect. Today we were at the Stockton 99 which is a 1/4 mile track. Not much room to stretch the cars legs but plenty of room to learn good technique. If you are considering this and have never driven in one of these race programs before, spend the money and get the biggest package you can afford. Just when you get comfortable, the session is over and you are certain to want to stay out. Also, if you haven't tried this before, do the ride along with the pros so when you get behind the wheel you'll feel more comfortable going fast. It's totally overwhelming the first time you get in and have to buckle up, remember safety procedures and then how to get going! I would love to do this again but now that I have tried two different companies, I'm more anxious to learn racing from a school over a longer period of time and higher speeds. The Rusty Wallace experience was great and I would recommend to a friend.

michael dienst

Got cancelled a week before the event.We planned the whole trip to Charlotte for this event.It was a birthday present.On the phone the lady from RWRE was not friendly at all.Got asked to reschedule or want the money back to get me off the phone.With this rude experience it is better to get the money back.I am a big Nascar fan but I will not book RWRE again.

Robert Lowery

So far I've had 3 experiences with the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, a ride along at Las Vegas and 2 driving experiences at Dover and each time they impress me with their professionalism and their commitment to make sure you have the best experience available. The instruction class for the driving is always informative and insures you have a safe time every time. And the driving experience is just plain awesome! Whether you go 40 mph or 100+ mph when you're strapped in that car you think you are your favorite Nascar driver and you can picture them passing cars and driving the track like you are! Great experience and recommend it to anyone!

Cindy Gutknecht

I bought the ride a long for myself. I've always wanted to ride in a race car and this was the best experience. Everyone was helpful even though they were short handed. I bought the 5 lap side by side and we ended up doing 8 laps in total. It was an awesome experience.

Tony F

My son and I went and did the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience this past weekend, 2/21/16, at Phoenix International Raceway. I was excellent. The classroom instructor, Sandy Rose, was great. She explained all about the brake and acceleration points on the track. I have done this type of event before, and it was good to get another perspective. My car was flawless.

Travis K

I had an absolute blast during my Rusty Wallace Racing Experience!! The ride along was a great way to get familiar with the track, as well as get a first hand experience riding with a professional driver! The extra laps during the driving experience were well worth it. it took a few laps to get comfortable behind the wheel, but it made the experience so much more enjoyable!! I will definitely be back!

Jess Kelsey

We booked a ride along and driving experience with Rusty Wallace Racing Experience using their 4th of July special at Texas Motor Speedway and it was worth every penny. I bought this package as a birthday gift to my boyfriend and he loved every second of it. The instructors were beyond nice and the experience overall was amazing. We already want to book another race after how well everything went this weekend. Everyone was very professional, and it was amazing how organized they are. Even though multiple people can be on the track at once, it was still a great personal experience in which we never felt in danger. I would highly recommend Rusty Wallace Racing Experience to anyone who has ever thought about trying racing.

jordan cucca

Had an amazing day!! Went to the track in loudon new Hampshire and it was perfect. A group of 7 of us went and all of us had a blast. Totally worth it and will be planning on going again for more laps!

Bill Fiedler

I've reached with them twice and both times it was an amazing experience!

Timothy Coultas

Great Experience! Everyone from Rusty Wallace Racing was very friendly and helpful. They made it really simple from check in to check out. The cars ran well with no problems. The driver was excellent and answered all of my questions. I would do it again any time.

Jody Coltrane

Booked a 10 lap package at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Was a blast!! Would recommend for any thrill seeker. First impressions. They are not the most organized. Nobody really tells you where to go or what to do once you check in. Cars are a little dated. I was assigned a car (Dodge) and thought "this thing looks a little rough" however, it ran great. I was overall impressed. I had done a previous experience with another well known racing experience, and I would recommend Rust Wallace Racing Experience over the other I have done.

Will Jones

I had a great time at Kentucky Speedway, one of the coolest experiences of my life and a true adrenaline rush. Everyone needs to experience this at least once! Everyone there was so nice and #1 concern was safety! I had no idea when I showed up that I would be on the track with other drivers, but that made for an incredible experience that I will never forget.

Katie M

If you have NEVER driven any kind of race car, stock car, etc. please do NOT waste your time here. No one is going to give you practical help, and then you’ll end up paying them more for nothing. I bought this for my husband for his birthday and we were so excited. He had never driven anything like that before but the only experience required was how to drive a stick. They emphasized safety and thorough instruction so I figured this was gonna be great. Uh, not quite. You spend 30-40minutes hearing someone tell you what to do but NOT showing you. Imagine if you had gone to drivers ed Only in a classroom. How well do you think that would have gone for you? So we thought that was weird but we were glad we paid extra for the ride along, thinking that is where he would get to see some explanation in action. The driver was SILENT. Not a word on anything his was doing, didn’t even do the same things the instructor did during his talk. Even writing that now makes me so intensely angry. So my confused husband finally has his chance behind the wheel, and ends up fishtailing on his first lap. He just had no sense of what it would feel like to press the gas on a car like that. The guy talking in his ear didn’t exactly guide him either. The car hit a wall and the backend got some damage, thus ending his experience for the day - their sucky but understandable policy. They then assess on the spot that the cost of the damage is $400 - based on what exactly, I’ll never know. So this cheap fun bday Groupon turned into a $700 waste of time and an awful embarrassing experience for my husband. Disappointing and scary. If this place isn’t going to really help people, this is much too dangerous for the inexperienced. I’m glad it wasn’t worse.

Matt Mann

This was an amazing experience which totally exceeded my expectations! If your thinking about going to a driving experience, then you will thoroughly enjoy Rusty Wallace Racing Experience! I attended on August 12th at Dover International Speedway. My 8 lap experience was a gift and I thought that it would be a fun time. I was wrong. It was Awesome! This is a bucket list event for any race fan to attend! We added a ride along with a professional race car driver before the event. This made the driving experience much more fun as you already saw what the car was capable of doing when driven by a pro. Everything was well run, from the girls who run the registration, to the professionally run instructions in the drivers meeting, as well as the pit crew. This was truly an unexpected bucket list experience! Thank You!

Mason Lumpkin

I loved IT! it was so much fun to get to drive a real race car around Atlanta Motor Speedway!! i only did 6 laps but now i want to 40! so much fun, the staff was super amazing and nice to everyone! when u get to drive the car its like it clears your head of everything! i will be back to do it again for sure! Thank you to the staff for making it a great experience!

Przemysław Derengowski

I was driving in Evergreen Speedway. Overall experience was very good. The only problem I had is that I didn't get familiar enough with the car and there is no chance to do this during the drive, because of limited visibility through the helmet (you can just see the windshield). When they asked me if I see the gear marked with green tape, I said yes, but I did not notice that there were 2 gears. When I started my race I had problems with shifting the gear, as I was pulling the wrong one. I was about to leave the lane to have them fix it, as I was pulling as hard as possible and that gear was not moving at all. Accidentally I touched the second gear and this was the right one to pull. There is no need to change gears during your ride, you should do this only once, when you enter the lane. I also had some other issues during the ride, but I won't describe them here. Basically I just thought that everything will be as in casual car, so I just paid attention to the things like: taking nice picture, how to unlock the belts and escape the car in case of fire, etc., but was not able to do all the basic things in the car, so I drove a little slower. The advice is - make sure that you get familiar with the car before starting your drive... That's why I would like to do that ride again, this time I would make sure 10K times that I know where everything is upfront, instead of just jumping in and assuming that everything is easy and obvious. One thing I didn't like on their side is that you have to sign that you release all the claims even if the harm is caused by heir fault. Though I'm not sure if such thing is legal and relevant, as if you caused any harm, you are always responsible and have to pay for it, no matter what others have signed. Thanks

Dan Hitchcock

I did 12 laps on the 0.88 mile Iowa Speedway track - it was a Father's Day present from my wife/kids. What an absolute blast!!! I will definitely do it again. And next time I'll probably do one of the even more expensive packages for even more laps of fun. Is there ever such a thing as "enough" when it comes to driving fast?! It's hard to find anything negative about my experience, but to offer up possible improvements... this could have even been better if 1) the GoPro recording was somehow tapped into my headset feed (and maybe add a microphone to me for it too???) and 2) there was a printout at the end detailing my lap times, top speed for each lap, etc, much like my kids get at our local go-cart place. Lastly, I want to highlight how great the entire crew was for this event. Very helpful, very positive, very eager to please! Great job all around. I'll end it with this... thank goodness I didn't get a speeding ticket on the way home that day!

Chrissy Huhn

Just did the Rusty Wallace Driving Experience @ Richmond International Speedway and WOW, what an amazing and unforgettable experience! All the staff are super nice and definitely knowledgeable! It gave me chills actually first driving into the on-field area and being right there at the finish line and where the pit crews normally are! Then hearing the cars, wow! I get to check this off my bucket list, but NOW I want will definitely do this again..probably with a Ride-a-long first then drive with MORE laps! This was the best weekend of my life in a long time, so glad I got to come here! An experience I will NEVER forget!!!

Lauren Bootz

I bought a 10 lap experience for my husband for his birthday, and he said it was the best present I had ever gotten him. He truly loved every minute of being on the track, and on top of that the company was great to work with. Our event was rescheduled due to weather and RWRE contacted us via email and phone to make sure we were aware/get our reschedule completed, and every time I called with questions they were extremely helpful and friendly. I would highly, highly recommend this to anyone who is considering it, you won't regret the experience!

Terri Blair

My Rusty Wallace Driving Experience was one of the most thrilling days of my life. I cannot wait to do it again. Being female, I thought I would feel out of place, there was other female drivers there. And we had a wonderful time talking. It's very social and the staff cannot be more accommodating. I wish they offered more picture and video selections. Otherwise I would not change a thing. Good money well spent!

Jay Pierson

Yesterday I had the most exhilarating experience, 12 laps at Dover International Speedway with the Rusty Wallace Race Experience. From the start at registration, to the drivers’ meeting, to the car chief, everyone was helpful and extremely safety conscious. The experience allows for a wide selection of options to fit a person’s driving ability and has options from picture plaque and roof top video to document the drive. My only recommendation would be to place the camera inside the vehicle for a more realistic driver view and sound experience. For anyone that prefers dirt tracks, Rusty Wallace Driving Experience has dirt experiences, and if you really like speed, they have Drag Strip experiences. I am looking forward to having another Rusty Wallace experience at another NASCAR track very soon!

Doug Bailes

Very professional organization and most enjoyable experience. They allow passing for a real racing experience. Ask any question, there team was very happy to answer. I drive normally in the center lane on the freeway but yesterday I passed 4 cars, Wonderful day! Thanks Scotty for the valuable chalk board class before driving.

Elliott Sherwood

Had an absolute blast with this driving experience. From start to finish, the instructors, teachers and other employees were very kind and helpful. The entire experience was very structured with a good focus on safety. They make sure you feel comfortable before getting into the car. Will definitely give this another go next time they're in the Chicago area. Thanks again!

Preston Akromis

I had an all around great experience, but nothing came close to the adrenaline rush and pure joy of putting the pedal to the metal. What a rush! The training beforehand was very informative, the prep of the suit, helmet, and securing in the car was great, and having an ear piece with a spotter assisting you was extremely helpful. I purchased the 15 lap racing experience off of Groupon for the Houston, TX location and given it was a short track I recommend not purchasing anything less than that as I was done racing in probably 10 minutes. But what a blast it was! I look forward to signing up for the Texas Motor Speedway event hopefully in the near future to get the opportunity to run on a longer, faster track to reach higher speeds. I highly recommend trying it at least once, I'm looking forward to my next experience.

Donald Iosty

Awesome experience. Great fun. Race team puts a lot of effort into making sure the experience is safe.

Kevin Strannigan

I had been waiting all my life for this experience. I wish I would have done it sooner, but so life goes. Now I have another addiction. What a GREAT TIME! I did the ride along orientation & all instruction was excellent. I'm looking forward to doing it again & trying a couple different tracks. Now if I could only afford my own car.... wonder what the wife would say? Thank You for the great time & look forward to doing it again.

Samuel Smith

My wife purchased a Rusty Wallace Racing Experience for me as a gift, something I've always wanted to do. In my day job I own a business selling, restoring and servicing Antique British Sports cars and I'm fortunate to be able to drive all types of these cars daily. And usually fairly aggressively so I was looking forward to this experience! When I arrived at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the staff was first class, checked me right in and sent me off to the drivers meeting. Larry conducted the meeting in a professional manner, giving the other drivers and myself all the information we needed and answering all of our questions. Larry mentioned that the laps we had purchased would probably not be enough. After suiting up, I opted for a ride along first with a professional driver which was well worth doing! That ride gave me a feel for the track, how the car would handle and the correct racing lines to look for. There was a slight wait for the right car that would fit me and then pit crew strapped me in and checked radio communications. Fired up the engine and with the go ahead on the radio eased the car down pit lane and out on the track. The laps I did were fantastic! The car was great! And Larry was right, I wanted more laps! I highly recommend the Experience and I'm looking forward to doing it again!

Carlos Eduardo P. de Moraes

It is a real racing experience! My first time in a Nascar and oval track was much easier with a professional ride that explained to me all car and track details, doing my driving much easier and enjoyable. Safety is a top priority for Rusty Wallace's team starting from instructor, crew members and spotter. I highly recommend this experience to everyone.

Miguel Pizarroso

I saw this on living social and thought this was a great Birthday Present for my girlfriend. The experience was amazing. We did the 3 lap ride along to get used to the speed and comfort of the car and then did 8 laps on our own in our own stock cars! The 30min tutorial was perfect as we have never driven these cars before. The experience was one of a kind and she is already looking up different tracks. We went to Dover International Speedway which is a 1mile track. We purchased the video and photo plaque for the best memories we experienced on this day. We can't wait to go back again. This is a definite must try!!!!!!

Ryan Neeman

I have been a racing fan my entire life. Had the opportunity to work with local driver on dirt and now asphalt and even a drag strip. Loved every minute of that. But this was so much more fun than i ever expected it to be. The experience was excellent. Very fun time. Sandy was our spotter for the day and she had a calming demeanor the entire time which helped make me comfortable in the car. Overall best day of my life. Look forward to the next chance to do this again.

Matt Bourgoin

The staff and crew were exceptional and truly helped make this event one of the most fun experiences I've ever had. The classroom portion was very helpful in preparing the driver for what to expect on the track. Instruction on and off the track was clear, concise and to the point. The track experience was everything I thought it would be, and more. It made me have a deeper respect for the professional drivers who do this week in and week out. I would recommend the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience to anyone, young or young at heart, interested in having a driving experience they won't soon forget.

Martie Amaya

My sister and I purchased this for my dad as a Christmas present. He went on April 25th, 2015 and he had the time of his life. He rode side by side in car #30 against car #18 and he said it was the best thing ever. He gave that driver a lot of praise. In fact at the end of the video as there was an on board camera, he said to the driver "thank you very much, I'd put you up against Jimmy Johnson anytime". I do not know who my dads driver was but he was very appreciative of that comment. Thank you Rusty Wallace racing experience for a wonderfully fantastic day for my dad!!!

Lizzie Williams

The instructor who taught my class was very knowledgeable and did a great job. I was a totally newbie and felt like I was given all the information needed in order to have a great experience. Definitely glad that I opted for the 3-laps with a pro before going out on my own though. :) I would recommend doing at least 6 laps because I think 3 would have felt too short.

Terry Minter

I had a wonderful time at this track. The staff was very helpful in understanding the safety on/off the track. The ride along before I drove by myself was very helpful. I can't wait to do this again, I'm wanting to drive on a bigger track next time. The video of me driving is fun to watch with the family and friends. All of my friends was jealous and I told them to sign up they will not regret it, only if they don't drive enough laps.. My only wish was to stay out on track longer, I was having so much fun while passing others the 8 laps went by so fast. I will suggest this for anyone from the thrill seeker to the ones just wondering what it would be like. Note.. please upgrade your package to include the insurance, while most likely you will not need it, it will give you a piece of mind and let you turn it loose on the straight away. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!

John Dowler

I had a great experience. It took about 4 laps before I started getting comfortable with the track but after that I started to really enjoy myself and was able to experience the power of the car. The only thing that I believe could make it better is maybe having a lead car for the first lap or two so you know exactly where you should be on the track. Now that I do know my line I would definitely like to try it again.

Robert Johnson

What an awesome experience! I drove a late model at Caraway Speedway in North Carolina. The whole team was very positive and helpful. I got up to speed very fast and quickly caught up to slower cars in my group, but the spotter was great at calling the slower cars to drop out of my way. And the car felt great! Taking the advise from the class instructor and the spotter helped me go faster on track. Overall, I would (and already have) recommend this to friends and family. And I plan on signing up again soon

Mark M

Just came back from Chicagoland speedway. Mostly a big disappointment. Not very organized, scare you into shelling out an extra $60.00. Would rather just have it included. Not the way to start a new experience. A large portion of the meeting was spent sharing stories of wrecks involving people who didn't pay the insurance, and chuckles about how they now "own that ladies house". Largly unprofessional. The pit crew was clearly untrained, and unaware of how the safety equipment worked. Did not instill any confidence to go fast. Feel like it was a big waste of time, and bigger waste of money. Glad to hear others have had better experiences.

Jeffrey Mcdonald

Had an awesome experiance racing in Dover, DE on August 11th. Everything was top notch. Will Definitely come back and do again. Thanks for a great time!!!!!

Heather Eldridge

I Bought a Ride Along Side by Side package for my husband... turns out the track “Stockton 99 Speedway” is not really conducive to the side by side at high speeds and it is a really short track. My husband enjoyed the experience however we will do our homework with regard to track length next time before purchasing... The Staff were extremely friendly, next time we will select a longer track and my husband will do the driving.

Patrick McCabe

The experience was great! I can't wait to go again. The only thing I would say is there are multiple cars on the track on the same time and some drivers are going to slow and hold you up. Maybe have fewer cars on at once especially at a bullring or a time slot for faster drivers. It seems some are just out for a Sunday drive. Other than that it was awesome.

Dennis Moehring

This being my fourth time doing this..Got a 14 lap race experience at Chicagoland speedway as a gift from my wife and all I can say "What a blast" ..... It definitely a must do for any NASCAR fan would highly recommend. All around great experience the great staff both off and on track . They really want you to be comfortable and have the best experience you can..

Matthew Pegolo

Had a really great time! The intro class was great and well organized. Customer safety was on point, and the racing was phenomenal. I was in car #77, at the Stafford Motor Speedway in CT. Would absolutely race with Rusty Wallace Racing Experience again. Thank you!

Brian Sands

It was a great experience! The track was great and the crew were terrific! The class that I went through was very concise and explained the safety features of the vehicle and how to correctly drive around the track. Once on the track, the pit crew were fun and answered all my questions as they were helping with outfitting the class with their race gear. Within 10 minutes, I was in the car and racing a 400+hp super late model race car with fast lap times. The spotter was excellent, giving me tips to perform the best that I could on the track. The video and the pictures were great and the memories will last a lifetime! I would definitely go again!

Blake Forsythe

Awesome experience! Very professional and courteous staff, they know what they are doing. This was well worth the money and I would highly recommend!

Lauren McBride

The driving experience fun! However if you are owed any type of credit from a cancellation or rain delay be prepared to show emails and receipts because they will NOT accept just your credit voucher. Myself and another had a credit but because their employees never emailed us this cancellation credit confirmation we were SOL. It’s awful we all work hard for our money and they should not fault the customer because their employee never sent the email and as a customer how are we suppose to know we need an email stating this!? We were told just bring the voucher with the original purchase price and you will be good to go...WRONG and when the owner was called to relay our situation he basically said too bad!

Francisco Fuentes

Great experience! Did 12 laps at the Richmond International Speedway. Would do again when the time comes since now I know what to expect and would be able to enjoy even more (i.e. go faster). They recommend you buy the ride along as well, if you've never driven on a track and normally don't dabble in high speed situations and driving your car to the limit, then this is highly recommended. I didn't personally do the ride along, still I got the most out of the experience. The car is easy to read and has great feedback, so I wasted no time getting the hang of it past the first lap.

Alex Patton

This was an amazing time. They teach you everything you need to know and then it is you and the racetrack. No pace car, no one riding with you, just your spotter on the radio and your need for speed. You are free to go as fast as your heart can stand. It was a blast and I will definitely be there again. The best money you will ever spend.

Pete Teichroeb

My wife and I did a combo of 5 and 20 lap experiences at the Colorado National Speedway and the entire thing was great. Staff was helpful and explained everything you needed to know and we felt very comfortable on and off the track in regards to safety. Additionally, the experience was efficient. The read ahead said 2.5 hours but we were both done in 1.5 hours. From the briefing right to getting suited up and literally right into the race car and on the track. Definitely recommend to anyone and we'll be doing it again, just on a bigger track.

Lauren Gonzalez

I bought a 10 lap experience for my husband, whose lifelong dream was to drive a real racing car on an actual NASCAR racetrack. Racing is something he and his Dad used to enjoy together when he was a kid before his Dad passed away..I know his Dad would have been proud! He was not disappointed- this went far above and beyond his already sky-high expectations! I've never seen him more excited about anything. First of all, just being at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway is cool. The owner of the organization introduced himself and was just as hands on as everyone else working there. From the time you check in, to the instructional, to the Ride along, to the Driving experience- everyone is friendly, nice, professional and seems like they are having a great time.. The Ride along experience is a must before driving if you've never done it before. Just knowing what it feels like to be in a race car at that speed will prepare you for when you get to be at the wheel, allowing you to be more comfortable, and go faster!! It was all in all an amazing experience from start to finish. We will definitely be back when funds allow!

Erin Loomis

I bought this package for my husband as a Valentine's Day gift for the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI. He is an Audi Technician and has a major car hobby. The overall experience was fun and he had a good time, but there were a few things we thought could be improved upon. The check-in experience was very disorganized. We came a little early and they asked us to wait 10 minutes and come back. When we came back there was a line up of people waiting for the same time my husband was scheduled for, so it was pointless to be early. The person that checked us in was aware that we had to wait such a long time, so she gave us a free t-shirt and $20 to spend on apparel, which was very nice and not necessary, but it was very much appreciated. The instructor could have been a little more informative on certain things, he just went over very basic details. After the instruction class, we were sent over to get fitted for suits and helmets. They did not have enough sizes for everyone, so my husband and a few others had to wait for other drivers to get done before they were able to enjoy their experience. I would just suggest they make sure to bring enough of every size for each group so that their schedule moves along smoothly. The entire staff was great, it just seemed like there were not enough of them. Overall it was great experience and it would be fun to do it again. Hope this was helpful!

Les Flanders

Had a great time! Glad I chose the ride along to start with. It was a big help in learning just how fast the cars would go and how to go into the turns and how to exit smoothly. I would recommend this experience to an one.

Angela Amidon

I got this for my boyfriend. We did Tom petty last time. Theirs good and bad. The good is most of staff was super cool, you get to drive alone. What I wasn't thrilled with is the video, it's only outside car no audio u can't hear the throttle or anything. They had video camera inside car so irritated me more. Plus we got no speeds info. How fast he'd go. I have to time a lap (figure ) his best lap, go on line find how long track is go find convertor then do the math. I didn't pay for a math class and he was dying to know 19hrs later I figure it out. Roughly!!! It just could be better.

Carey Bostic

It was a great experience. Everyone at the track knew what they were doing and it was well organized, which I really appreciated. The Ride Along was helpful before my 15 lap driving experience to give me an idea of how to drive the car into the corner. Plus their professional driver pushed it a lot harder than I did, so it was a lot of fun. I just wish I had more laps - but I bet everyone wishes that...

Lou Neil

Booked an experience in Wisconsin and got rained out. Staff was very nice and helpful in getting me re-booked for a different date and location. Staff and the weather at the Milwaukee Mile was excellent and I had a great time. Everyone working the event went out of their way to see that you have a great time. i would highly recommend RWRE to anyone.

dennis seeman

I would recommend this experience to everyone! I was amazed at the speed and the skills that the drivers showed in handling the cars. I was also amazed at the precision that they had in the side-by-side lap and in hugging the wall. I would do it again in a minute. The only thing I can think of that would enhance the experience is more laps with more cars on the track to be more like a real race experience. I would like to thank all the employees of the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Michigan International Speedway for their professionalism, friendliness, and enthusiasm that made my birthday gift extra-special!

Nartan Nss

Great team . affordable prices. good experience overall. the best thing is that we are all alone in the car and driving by our self without any one riding short gun.

Alden Marano

Awful, just awful. Customer service was rude and unprofessional. Quick to get me off the phone as soon as they could. They didn’t even attempt to solve my problem. My girlfriend bought these tickets as a Christmas gift. She bought them through Groupon and the tickets she bought through the Crusty Racing Experience were totally wrong to what we bought. She isn’t even able to use hers since the ticket she bought wasn’t offered through Crusty. And refunds? Forget it, they don’t do those. Now I’m sure the experience is fun and all. But they sure do know how to DRIVE customers away before you even get on the track. Ridiculous, never giving “Crusty Wallace Racing Letdown” business again.

Rachel Diggles

Got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it! Such a great experience and the staff was super friendly. We'll be back to do it again for sure!

William Toto

What a great time! The cars are in great shape and fly. The staff and crew s do everything they can to make your experience great. I will do this again, soon!!

Jason Trato

Had this ticket for two years before finally scheduling to use it. To say the least, it was well worth the wait! The weather was terrific and the car was pretty fast. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone with the need for power and speed. Driving your own car at your own pace without a pace car is worth choosing The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience!!! You won't regret it!

Barb Shoudel

So much fun! Amazing. Exhilarating. What can I say...highly recommend! ! Do ride along first and then drive!

Landon Rodenhofer

This was the best money I ever spent!!!! I did this at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. Although it's a small track, you still can go pretty fast. I highly recommend doing the ride along before driving as you will have a much better feel for the car before getting in and driving. The whole staff was extremely professional and helpful. Get the photo plaque and video. Well worth it as you will have an extra memory to take home with you. If you have ever dreamed of driving a race car, then this is a must. The best part is that you don't have to follow an instructor around the track like other racing experiences and you can pass other cars.

Pam Jackson

Iowa Speedway, Great staff very helpful! We had minor issues that were resolved instantly and even made a better experience. This was a family experience, myself, my husband and 2 grown sons! We talked and laughed the whole 3 hour drive home! Thanks for a great memory!

David Gibson

My dad and I participated in the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at the Nashville Super speedway this past weekend, and it was an experience of a lifetime. From the moment you check in to finishing up, the whole experience was great. We just did the 6 laps, although short, it was still a good amount of time on the track. The crew did a great job to make sure you felt safe and accommodate everybody.

Lucas Leckie

One of the greatest times!! I would do it again any day. I highly suggest the ride along before driving. It is only $69 more and it was the most helpful thing I did out there. The instructors were great.. Over all a once in a life time experience. I received this as a gift but I would go back and pay for it with my own money. The younger workers complained about their life around the customers but didn't ruin the experience.

Craig Schrader

Iowa Speedway - the entire team of employees were enjoyable to talk with. Being in the final group of the weekend several of the employees gave us their time after we were done driving, and didn't rush us out so they could get everything packed up. The spotter did an excellent job of communicating how to change my line to go faster. Looking forward to a Kenny Wallace experience in Knoxville on dirt.

james geehan

After getting rained out my first time... The staff was very easy to work with in setting up another time. Once there, they were very knowledgeable and helpful, always willing to ensure i was happy and enjoying myself. For most of us this is a once in a lifetime experience... when they recommend something, do not look at it like their trying to get more money out of you but to enhance the experience. I just had purchased driving on my own, they suggested taking the ride along. Best thing i ever did. i was able to experience the effect of the what the car can do. i also added the video which again was a great idea. All in all, was one of the most memorable and fun moments i have ever experienced. I highly recommend the Rusty Wallace Driving experience !!!

Rob M

Had a great time. Took my brother and a buddy and we had a blast. The staff wants to ensure that you have a good time and are satisfied. The cars are fast and they want you to push them but I never felt unsafe. Highly recommend.

Yuemin Bian

I would like to give a zero star. Rusty Wallace does not worth your trust. I made the reservation on April for the event on April 29th. It was postponed to September 16th according to the whether issue. Alright, I take that explanation. Now, It was cancelled again because “all cars has broken down”. I do not take that. I asked for refund. Except the money I paid, there is no compensation for ruining my weekends for twice. Never trust Rusty Wallace. Never repeat my story.

Capn Rukus

After visiting a couple of the other driving experiences, I thought this one was the best. Had a great time, The classroom instructor made the mandatory classroom time fun and informative. Afterwards he escorted the class to the track for fire suites and helmets. All the staff on and off the track made the time fun and entertaining. Their focus was safety but made sure everyone had a great time right up until the end. E


I raced at Colorado national speedway in Dacono Colorado. I would highly recommend this for anyone who loves driving or racing. I recieved this awesome day from my fiancee. The drivers meeting was very informative. Then going straight to the car and on to the track with 20 laps or more will give you the "need for speed" and the rush of a lifetime! I will definitely be doing this again and once my boys are old enough we will be doing this together.

Dave Mac

What a disappointment! I am not sure how, but I am going to demand my money back and bash your reputation in every social media outlet possible. I bought this for as a gift for my dad and brother and they call feeling as though they were scammed when all was said and done. Why bother telling people to “come to the speedway” when any mall parking lot would do? You represent this as “taking laps” which would make people think they’d be on the track. My dad and brother said they could hardly get the cars out of 1st gear. Total bust! I plan to convey my disappointment to Groupon tomorrow begin the Facebook, Yelp and Twitter bashing this evening. What a way to ruin people’s day.

James Dobson

The most fun you can have with your clothes on!!! What a blast. Well organized, helpful staff, focused on your understanding what is going on and for you to have fun. You check in and are informed of all the options available then you go to your drivers class. In drivers class they tell you about the track and how to drive it and fully explain what to expect when you get out there. This is a great feature and really gets you ready to do everything from the best way to put on your fire suit, to putting on the steering wheel, how to shift the car, where the kill switches are, and everything else you need to do in the car to get prepared to race. I didn't get the drive along with a professional driver but should have....don't make that mistake, it's worth it! The driving experience is incredible, the spotter keeps you safe and you just drive as hard as you can. Can't thank the RWRE people enough, what a great Sunday afternoon. I didn't really know what to expect when I went but I will definitely do this again!

Heath Rogers

We had a great time. It was a good experience. The crew was great help and very knowledgeable.

Chris C

Memphis International Raceway - Excellent experience! Staff were very friendly and well trained to provide a safe racing experience. Was amazed on how much freedom you are provided during the race. Very informative drivers meeting and a thrill of a lifetime. I would recommend a larger track in order to get more speed, as Memphis being only .75 miles was a little small, but for a once in a lifetime opportunity it was fantastic.

Kaley Schoeph

I bought the 3-lap ride along for my dad for Christmas. When we got to the track, we purchased an additional 2 laps for $20. I'm SO glad we did! He had a BLAST! The process was smooth and communicated very well. The driver was friendly and chatted with my dad for a bit afterward. My dad said it was a rush! I DEFINITELY recommend doing this for yourself or someone you love. Well worth every penny.

Aaron K

My wife got me the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience as an anniversary gift. It was the best gift i have ever been given. They make it super easy on you and give you all the information that you need to get to the track, the registration was quick and painless, and the workers where awesome to interact with. I couldn't have asked for a better day. The only thing that was a bummer about the whole thing was that it couldn't last longer.

David Guido

My wife got me the 20 lap Nascar experience for Father's Day. I had a blast!! The instructors are friends and funny and the on-track race advisor that talks to you throughout the laps was just great. I loved hearing him tell me I was "clear to pass" another driver. No experience necessary, no pressure (other than the spirit of competition in all of us) to go faster, just a great time!! I highly recommend for anyone that wants to feel what it is like to driver on the open track.

Nessy Sec

Driving the car was a blast, but everything else was a complete operational disaster. Something that was supposed to take 2-hours ended up taking 5 hours. They are a bit slimy with the "extras" that they don't tell you about when you book. The operations staff was rude and uninformed. The picture printer broke. My first car broke. Took forever to get me in to another car. I didn't get all the laps I paid for. Too many issues to list. I would go elsewhere.

Jeff Cullen

Had a blast! No complaints at all! Staff was great and safety was an obvious priority. I did the three lap ride-along, and the 12 lap experience, with video and plaque. OUTSTANDING and HIGHLY recommended!

Caitlin O'Bradovich

I bought my husband the 10-laps where he was the driver because lets face it no man wants to go fast and be the passenger! He loved being able to drive a real race car and GO FAST!! It was a smooth day from registration to the end where he got off the track to get out of the car. We bought the plaque for him as a souvenir to put in the basement since it truly was a great experience!

Trevor North

Had another great racing experience, this time at Richmond! This is my fourth experience this year and I just can't seem to get enough. It's so much fun and such an exhilarating experience you will be grinning from ear to ear and will definitely be looking forward to the next time, just as I am. The spotters gave great coaching and allowed for some really fast laps to be turned. Richmond is a short track so be sure to add extra laps because it goes by quickly. I signed up for 20 laps and it went by so fast I couldn't believe that it was already over. The staff is very friendly and really makes the whole experience a pleasure. Thanks to the great team at RWRE and I look forward to seeing you at the next track...I wonder where it will be next?

Brian Larson

Some of the best racing I have done! I like to rent and race any fast vehicles and this was very fun. There was excellent driving instruction in the class. You will learn a lot and be a better driver. I will come back next year for sure!

Greg M

My wife got me this for my birthday. It was a whole lot of fun. The class was't stale, it was actually a little fun and the cars are true race cars, nothing like anything you have ever driven. Fast, loud and fun. Great experience, thank you!

ed Johnson

A great ride at Nashville Super Speedway, Lebanon, Tn. Thanks to the guys at Rusty Wallace Racing. From the the safety lesson to suit fit up, everything went great. Everyone was very nice ,even calmed a few nerves. On to the pit road boss,who assigns you a car and two man crew, they help belt you in and make all your hook ups. Its just that easy, on to the track with your own spotter, wonderful experience, great crews. J R Malone

Alan Duncan

Had an amazing experience at Atlanta Motor Speedway yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the track and really felt like we had a fully racing experience with other cars on the track that we were able to pass and ride along with. Highly recommend this experience! Thanks for the fun day!

Keith Miller

I had so much fun, the staff was very professional, informative, and helpful. There are no limits but your ability and courage. We were allowed to go as fast as we could and you are allowed to pass with the spotters permission.. I definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to go fast!

Susan McCarthy

I bought my boyfriend the 12 lap Shootout for Christmas. He is not an emotional person, but he was very excited about the thought of driving a race car! He told everyone about his gift! He is a total gear head. He never got into racing because he knew he would get addicted. He drove yesterday, and enjoyed every minute of it. I got to sit in on the classroom instruction. The instructor was very thorough. Joe is a logger/trucker/equipment operator and said he applied this experience to the race car. Every lap he drove, you could see he was getting more familiar with the track and increased his speed. He highly recommends it and can't wait to do it again. The smile on his face when he got out of the car said it all. I think he's addicted!

r miffy

Rusty puts together an event that all can enjoy. Bring your friends and family for a great time to watch or participate in American home grown fun. If you go away unsatisfied you have only yourself to blame. I was given this as a gift by my wife and was very skeptical on how it could manage to accommodate drivers without track experience and their family. The fun starts when you register with helpful and courteous employees. Classroom instructions were made to be fun and help you relax into what should be fun for all. Your safety is a top concern. The recommended ride along I took with Gregg Hutton Jr. was so well worth it b4 hand so you get a feel of what's to come. When it's your turn to get rid of your butterflies and start to drive, the crew helps you understand everything you have been taught once again. From the least experienced to the seasoned driver everyone there walked away showing their smiles by the end of the day. I am proud to say I got more than I paid for with this organization.

Chris Loyd

I recently participated in the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, Sunday at the Nashville Speedway. I wish I would've ran more. Once I got the feel for the track, I did not want to get off! As I was going through the gears, exiting the pits, I was like "this is actually happening." The driver meeting was very educational and when comparing what we were told we would experience and what we actually experienced, there was nothing left out at the meeting. Big props for that. The guys in the pit really did a great job making sure you were belted in and secured. My pit man was Todd and he was very nice. I will be doing this again. As a fan of NASCAR and my racing hero Rusty Wallace, this will be a day never forgotten. I highly suggest the video and insurance packages. The photo plaques are really nice, too. I give this experience a ten!

Martin Bakalski

Our group had a great time at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and we all thought that the experience was definitely worth the price. One thing that could be improved is the availability of properly sized gear. There was a shortage of S and M sized helmets and there were multiple people who couldn't get to ride as they didn't have the properly sized helmet. With that being said, we will definitely be back! Thanks for the overall great experience.

A Google User

This was well organized and presented. The cars were all good and inspected and we had a blast. Definitely addicting and we wanted to do more laps. Lots of fun and challenging, I'll be back for more!

Simara Velazquez

I brought a racing package for my father in celebration for Father's Day. I will try to keep this review short and sweet. THIS WAS A PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE! Being able to see how excited my father was by the end of his experience, it truly was a once in a lifetime experience. It filled my heart with a lot of joy. Thank you very much! Everyone was extremely friendly. We loved it! We will be coming back! I plan to gift my boss and my boyfriend the chance to experience the race cars as well. Thank you for a wonderful day!!!!!!

Jeremiah Ulrey

My driving experience was great and I absolutely had a blast! It was easy to learn how the flow of everything was supposed to go and made for a smooth transition for actually getting on the track. Next time I will be getting a bigger lap package. I would recommend this for anyone who is even the slightest bit curious about these racing experiences to give it a try.

Chris Forsman

Loved the driving experience! The instructional class was very informative and safety was utmost importance. The crew was very friendly and the spotters were on key. The entire Staff made you feel very comfortable throughout the experience. Oh and I failed to mention I'm a 50yr woman. Next time I need a bigger track and more laps !

Leonard Deterville

After being a dirt track racer for many years I had always wanted to try running a cup car. I had a great time and would recommend this to anyone who would like to see what it feels to drive a race car. Thanks to everyone involved in my time on the track. THANKS AGAIN

Tony Frost

I did the "Qualifier" (10 laps) at Delaware Speedway in May of 2015 and give it an unqualified 5 stars! It was absolutely fantastic. The team set me up for what to expect and geared me out with everything I'd need. I had a lot of confidence when I got on the track - even though I'd never raced before. The cars were a heck of a lot of fun. I got out of the car too soon (I'd loved to have run another 50 laps) with a huge grin on my face. My recommendation? Do it soon... do it now!

David N Powers

I drove on the Monster Mile (Dover International Speedway) with Rusty Wallace Racing Experience and it was a blast. Check-in was a little hard to find, but went smoothly otherwise. I appreciated the safety and instruction class at the beginning; it did a good job to prepare me for driving. My only criticism stems from the earpieces worn during racing - sometimes they are difficult to hear and it would have helped reduce confusion on my part if "checkered flag" had been said as I entered turn 1 rather than as I entered turn 2. Besides that though, I had a great time and would highly recommend it!

Hannah Harrup

My dad did this and absolutely loved it, so I knew I had to try it too. I got this for my boyfriend and myself and it was the ultimate date! We got the ride along, where a professional drove us around at 180mph and it was just as much fun as driving ourselves. The staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I was super nervous, but all the staff members seemed well trained and were able to talk me through any worries I had. Overall, just an amazing experience!

Bo Palmatary

Had a great time at the monster mile the staff was professional and happy to help out . Did the ride along first the guy gave me some tips and a great ride . My drive was awesome the spotter tells you just what to do . I got to pass a slower car and felt comfortable after just a few laps . Will do it again .

luke spencer

Way more fun than I even hoped it would be. So much fun to be able to stand on the gas in a fast car and not worry about getting in trouble. I was on a smaller track and everything happened so fast, so much fun. Instructors did a great job educating us to help us make the car go fast. HIGHLY recommend giving this a shot.

Jon Costill


Roxann Newcomb

Warning: do not buy the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Groupon. It was an absolutely horrible experience doing business with them. They are dishonest about their fees and fraudulent. Recommend everyone avoids this scam. They reel you in with what appears to be an amazing deal and offer "optional" insurance that is quite an additional expense plus the $1,000 deductible you will incur should anything happen; But if you decline the insurance, you will be liable for up to $15,000 if there is any damage to the car and that $15,000 is due right away. It took 6 months to even get our 1st scheduled appointment with them after purchasing as a Christmas gift for my son. Then they cancelled and offered a refund or to reschedule. Should of taken the refund, but instead rescheduled for yet several more months out. Upon arriving, we were told there were significant additional fees not previously mentioned. Now they refuse to refund, so my son just lost out on his $200 Christmas gift! What a heartbreaking disappointment for him!

Mike Blackwell

This experience was freaking awesome. The instructional notes from the staff and helpfulness of the spotters was coordinated perfect so everyone could race safely and have fun. I did it for dale! #3

Jennifer Russell

DO NOT BOOK. I wish I could give less than a star. Booked in June - got a hotel and the event got cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, so we had to use our hotel room anyway. Rescheduled for August 2018 - got cancelled again with 36 hour notice. Rescheduled for October 2018 for 12:15. We drove 1.5 hours to the location and were 15 minutes early. When we got to the window to check in, we were told that they just decided at 12:00 to cancel the drive for the car we had because of issues they were having with the staff. I asked for a refund and Jen Larose, the staff member, was the rudest and nastiest person I have ever encountered. She was VERY unprofessional and frankly, should not be working wirh the public because of attitude and her lack of compassion and empathy. She is a miserable soul. So, yeah - don’t book it. Save your money.

Nikita Timofeev

Moving to Charlotte NC from NY I couldn't even imagine that a highlight of my summer will be spent at Rusty Wallace. If you have never drove a NASCAR before this is one thing that you must do! Starting from a great website and customer service, this crew takes a great care of you - absolutely amazing people! The cars are in mint condition and even if you don't know how to drive a manual (this guy) they will push you off and get you running! I did ride along and 3 laps around the track. Also got my video recorded. I can't describe what I felt because it's not the same as driving a car on a highway, it's a hundred times better and every single dollar spent, worth it! And of course the spotters are great! I even had a couple laughs - these guys are funny. All you gotta do is to arrive at the track in a fantastic mood and be ready to floor the gas pedal when they tell you to! Don't worry you can handle those horses! Again thanks to all who supported this event. I will be looking forward to take another drive soon!

Melissa Esposito

I bought the 16 lap racing experience as a gift for my husband, and a ride along experience for myself. We raced at Dover International Speedway in Delaware this past weekend. The staff was helpful and reassuring, we were asked by multiple staff members if we enjoyed the ride, which of course we did! It was exhilarating, a once in a life time experience! Only recommendation is if you plan on driving make sure you book the ride along as well, everyone who drove on our day did the ride along first, and if its going to be hot, it was over 90 degrees for us, you may want to bring a change of clothes. Would definitely do this again, already looking at other tracks we would like to try!

Jeffrey Dotzler

Had a wonderful experience. The staff was knowledgably, friendly and accommodating. Never felt intimidated in asking for assistance. I did both the ride-along (highly recommended!) as well as the driving experience and everyone went out of there way to make me comfortable and welcome. I would definitely do it again.

Nate Brainard

I have heard about these events before, and I even know a few people that have done similar events, but I never really thought about trying it. But my wife surprised me and got me a package for the driving experience. That was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever done. Absolutely worth every penny… And I know I will be back to do it again.

Laura Price

I won this trip a year prior and was able to change my racing location to Auto Club Speedway from Medicine Hat Raceway in Canada. Great choice on my part. I decided to purchase the 3 laps with a pro first to see what it would be like. Worth the money! Definitely get a ride along with a pro. The...

Clayton Johnson

OMG! This was so much fun I am still shaking the next day. Terry Allen of 1970s NASCAR fame was our safety instructor. He was terrifically helpful and gave excellent advice to all us novices. I CANNOT WAIT to do this again!

Doug Greenfield

This was an absolute blast. My kids had been talking about getting me the package for years and finally did as a fathers day gift. I highly recommend that anyone that wants to feel the g-force and the adrenalin rush while driving into those corners take the time to get in the car. I also feel its a great advantage to let the pro show you what the car can do. Without that ride, I would have taken far more than 4 laps to get up to the same level of confidence to hold the pedal down in the corners as I did.

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