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REVIEWS OF Parker Professional Driving School IN Rhode Island

Freddy Espinal

#MommiesLivesMatter #MommiesLivesMatter

Kevin Sebastion

A+ Service and training at Parker professional driving School,their name says it all believe it. I would like to thank Pam, Linda,Beth Bubba and Ralph they played an important rule helping me get my CDL A license today.Thank you Parker for helping me achieve my goad as a CDL A driver and helping me get a great paying job in the process.

Rick Silvestro


Jake S

If you are looking to get your CDL this is the place to go, big thanks to Harry and Kevin who played a big role in assisting me with the process.

justin peck

If you're interested in acquiring your cdl license it would not be possible to find better schooling then what parkers has to offer. Scotty, Bubba, Rich, and each and every other instructor that I worked with took a vested interest in my success, and I would not have been able to get my license if not for all of their tireless help. And the three ladies in the office- it would be worth it to go to parkers just to spend time with them. All three of them are incredibly helpful and friendly and amazing at their jobs. From the owner on down it is first class operation and they genuinely care about the success of their students. Pamsta, I'll be honest, she frightened me in the beginning :) but because of her care and dedication I not only have my class A license, I had multiple job opportunities lined up for me once I passed. Thank you Pam, Scotty, Bubba, Rich, Linda, Harry, and everyone else. Getting this license was incredibly important for me and without all of your help this never would have been possible. If anyone out there is having any indecision as to what school to go to to get your cdl license I promise you there is not a better school in the country than Parker's professional driving school.

jeff d

From day one I knew I came to the right place. All of the instructors from the classroom to the road drivers are extremely knowlegable and do everything they can to benefit the students. From Pam, to Linda, all the way on down the the instructors, everyone here is more than willing to help. I can't say enough about this company.

Jerry Dixon

I would recommend Parker Professional Driving School to anyone because they Are Professionals. Especially Jose the most Humblest instructor I've ever met, and the Ladies up front are very nice and Helpful!! ❤

Johan Castillo

Stephen Piper

Former Student, now with a Class A CDL Practice what these instructors preach and you will be successful in life, not just driving a CDL vehicle. You will take with you the importance of the core competencies regarding safety and having a positive attitude that this crew talks about and implement them to get ahead of pretty much most of the competition out there right now! Go for it. Supportive, Professional, Knowledgeable staff in the office ready to help. Shout out to Linda who rules and sets up the scheduling and also to Pam...who is kind of scary at first is the COOLEST. Whole program totally worth the $$. God Bless.

Fat Fat

Don’t go to this school!! It’s all about Money! Terrible service.

Jane Donvioni

I honestly did not have any issue what so ever with this school. I came here after paying a fortune to NETTTS. They helped me with everything nettts hadn't even bothered to go over. I learned how to actually drive since I barely went out on the road with nettts. The instructors were always patient and attentive. I only used the private lessons and yes they are costly but you can drive to the location and back giving you an hour of course and driving time.

john studley

Andrew Velardi

I had been to another school for my class B and a few years later came to Parker for My class A. The professionalism and quality of my experience at Parker isn't even comparable. I have been driving for over 10 years and I have Parker Professional Driving School to Thanks for that!

Jason Miller

Went to Parker almost two years ago, and was very happy with the staff and the instructors I had, Harry even helped me in the backing yard to help me understand backing a bit more and made it a bIt more understanding :) the whole staff is wonderful and very friendly, harry, Ricky, and vinny are the team I had and they wouldn't let me fail they knew I wanted this job and helped me threw out the process, and I went threw Pam to do the VA paperwork and help with obtaining a new job after being over the road for a over a year and she is very helpful and very willing to help. They never let u down... everyone is wonderful if I meet someone wanting to be a driver I tell them to look up Parker... very happy with the team and I even come in from time to time to visit and just say hi :)

Mr Grinch

I would like to say Parker Professional Driving School was a wonderful learning experience. They have professional staff who strive at helping you be successful in a new profession. I would like to thank Harry for great classroom learning. I would like to thank my field instructors Ricki, Stevo, Craig, Jim, and Bubba. I would like to also say a special thank you to Pam in the office with helping with the Va Voc rehab program and helping me with job placement. Pam will go above and beyond with helping each and every persons needs weather it be with learning difficulties or finding you the type of driving employment that best fits your needs and the needs of your families.

Bill Ilott

Absolutely a great place to train for a CDL license. Their instructors are top notch. I took the hour and a half road test with a state trooper and passed on the first try. If you already have your learners permit do the one on one instruction. You can get your CDL faster than you think if you put some time and effort into it.

Sherali Juraev

Matthew Sullivan

Its a great school to learn and get experience with a bus straight truck dump truck and tractor trailer

Daniel Trinidad

gil coimbra

I had an absolutely great experience. All the staff, every single one was extremely helpful in the process, I mean every single one. I’m going to give a few shout outs. Pam and Beth all smiling and willing to answer allll my questions,a sincere interest in my success. They plus Harry, Kevin and all the rest went far beyond what I would think was their normal duty to make sure I understood every piece of the process to the point Where I could and did obtain a career even before completion of the course. If you’re serious and put in the time you should feel the same when you’re done, Good luck!

Koala Wolf

Don't waste you money taking private lessons because you will end paying more than the full course. Each lesson cost $225 but to get to the training place will take more than 35 min each way so basically you have less than one hour to practice plus when you call for lessons they put you every 2 or 3 weeks so will take months to get you Cdl i already gave them more than $1500 and I didn't get my Cdl so just be careful if you want to take the private lessons especially if you have a budget good luck

Gerard Smith-Lillie

I highly recommend that if you go to this school you ask to be stuck with Ricky and Steve.... Pam helped me through with all the paperwork that I need to do. Harry doesn’t like cell phones begin out so I highly advise you hide it. Keep in mind you in his house for 4 hours so if doable but if you want to stay on Harry’s great side bring him some Dunkin’. Now when you get to the last 4 weeks of the class you’ll be at the yard either sweating in the summer or freezing in the winter so pick your season to do your road test I went through the spring into summer of 2018 had a blast. Also stay in contact with your classmates if they don’t want too hey that’s ok. I highly prefer PPDS only cause the classes are smaller so you get more one on one time with your yard instructor and they literally take the time to stay with you after class is done to help you understand what you need to understand so when your with the State Trooper you feel a LOT more confident to get that black shirt that was my main goal I had to get that black shirt no matter what so in closing PPDS I thank you very much and I hope y’all are still around so when I have to send my kids there I can get that $100 referral bonus much love thrown Pam and Ricky.... especially the owner for allowing me to dump my empty trailer in Taunton while I was on home time.... I had no idea where I could park it since I live in Boston and only had room to park my truck without the trailer in front of my house

Victor Pap

Great equipment. Instructor was knowledgeable, patient, and fun. Overall awesome experience.

Cezar Jones

My training at Parkers was awesome! I had excellent instructors who never gave up on me. Thank you for your patience Bubba, Rich and Craig you got me through my alley dock, which was the hardest maneuver for me by far! Pam.. I love you!! YOU are the best cheerleader, super supportive and really encouraging!! Her favorite words are "YOU GOT THIS!" Now I am working with her for job placement and she is doing my resume, too. It is an all inclusive school, you get everything you need to prepare for the road test. The equipment is newer and never encountered any mechanical issues. It is a family owned business and they really care about your success! I would do 10 stars if I could!! Highly recommend, YOU GOT THIS!!!

Metro Group

Just past today!!! Parker was there for me every step of the way, I failed 3 times but they never gave up on me got me extra help on many occasions. You will pass if you go with parker. Thanks Jason C

Andrew Napolitan

I took the CDL B three week course. It's a lot of info to take in, but the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. I mostly worked with Harry and Bubba. Class ended on a Friday and I tested that Sunday morning. Passed first try! Pam in the office is great in helping you find employment once you are ready. Will likely return sometime to get my CDL A license.



Mr. Andrade

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone trying to get they cdl. The office staff was great. Most of the Instructors was great. I would Definitely recommend Steve and Ricky. They helped me understand everything and did not let me give up on myself. Great school.

Yey Yusuf

every good

Justin Meede

Thierno Amadou Oury Keita

would definitely recommend this place to anyone trying to get they cdl. The office staff was great.

Steven O

If you're looking to get a CDL, The Parker Professional Driving School is the place to learn! All the instructors will help you learn exactly what is necessary to get your license. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and remember, you will get more from their instruction if you put in the time and effort. I knew nothing about driving a truck when I entered the classroom that first day, and now, I have a class "A" CDL! Pam is currently helping me create a resume to find a job. Thank you Pamsta! I also want to say thank you to all the staff and instructors, Rick, Harry, Craig, Steve, Jim, Stoyen, Dave, Arthur, Roger and Jose. All of you helped in making my career change possible!

Jarred Goodhue

I looked at a few different schools before I chose Parker and it was the best decision I could have made. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about driving a truck for a living. The office staff are great and the instructors are top notch and very thorough..

Luke Cellucci

Very good experience. If you have good attendance and you're serious and motivated to get your license these people will go out of their way to help you.

Peter Twomey

My experience at Parker was awesome from start to finish! All of the people there genuinely want you to succeed and will help you out every step of the way. I highly recommend this school.

Jay H

If you're going to go to this school run. School only cares about money. They don't care if you pass or fail. Instructors waste your time, and some of them just play on their phones all day. Look at the reviews on this school before going. Don't get scammed into private lessons which will cost more than the school itself. I know a few buddies who had this issue. Two hour private lessons are an hour because the practice site is half hour there and back. Think about your decision before choosing Parker driving school many other options out there for less money.

Tal Potti

Segundo Pedro Castro

(Translated by Google) Is very good (Original) Es muy bueno

Sabra Y

My daughter took her drivers education class over April vacation. The instructor was constantly on her phone during class hours. At the end of the class she told her students if they return their drivers manual they will get extra credit on their final test. This should have never happened because that is included in the over all payment and the kids should have to reference back to before they take their road test. When it came time to booking driving hours to get her in there was a wait for a month or two and they only did driving hours on the weekdays between 2-4 and morning and afternoon on the weekend. When her first driving lesson arrived her instructor texted her to cancel because she had a "headache" this day happened to be raining which would have been a perfect learning experience for her. Her instructor also told her not to call the office to reschedule this appointment. I did call the office to find out that this is their ONLY driving instructor (and this is the same lady that teaches the class) and they also informed me that she makes her own hours. When I talked to the office lady to see if we could reschedule to a weekday after 3:30 the lady said the instructor refuses to drive at night with the kids. When children are starting out with a driving school they should be able to drive in all weather conditions unless a state of emergency, and during the day and night to get used to driving to prepare for their road test.

Monel Soporean

Great School , Reliable Instructors ! I highly recommend Parker Professional Driving School !

Rochelle Yancey

A ton of information to learn!!! But it was all well worth learning. Linda and jose were really great! I recommend Parker professional school, they truely want there students to succeed!

Steven Kourtelidis

I had a great experience and learned a lot from this school. The ladies at the front are such sweethearts, they genuinely want you to succeed and will bend over backwards to help you. The management team is great as well, although there was a mishap they were able and willing to step in and make everything right. If you're looking to advance your career this is the place to be.

Shane Neves

Nothing but good things to say about Parker!! A friend of mine referred me to them. This is not just a place that takes your $ and says study we wish you the best. This is the place to go if driving is what you want. First. Wonderful people inside go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and work with you threw any trouble or worries you may have. Linda does scheduling and does an awesome job trying to get you threw the process as fast as possible while also making sure your ready. Miss Pam. She does job placement but alot more then that. Really couldn't ask for better person to deal with for any and all questions you will have. She was such a great help! Harry in class or field. Great at what he does and you can see He is all about seeing you succeed. He knows his stuff. Mike the director. Besides being nice guy. Will do everything he can to help you get to the finish line and is right there to listen if help is needed. Second. Instructors. No matter who you get. These guys are not just there to get a paycheck. They are committed to seeing there students get threw the whole process. It won't matter if you get Ricky, Steve, Scott, rich, craig. That's who I dealt with. Not only did these instructors do amazing jobs how they taught us everything. They take it to heart. You will cleary see how good the instructors are and how much they put in extra to help you get ready. I will keep in touch with some these guys. They made this an amazing experience.

will guyton

Lesley Ellis

Blake Capman

I absolutely loved Parker. Pam, Harry and the rest of the staff are awesome and are there for you in the long haul. I graduated a year ago and they are still happy to help you with anything. Whether its finding a new job or using books to get more endorsements, they are there to help! I highly recommend anyone to go get their CDL here.


The woman that always answers the phone is very rude and unaccommodating like you owe her something or they doing you a favor to provide with info. So I called netts.

Andres Pena

Gregory Dolan

I found Parker to be an exceptional driving school. The instructors are very professional and easy to talk to. My primary instructor Harry S., ensured that every one of us had the information and practice that we needed to be successful. The additional instructors we had at the driving range were also excellent including Kevin, Nick and Bubba. The class sizes are nice and small with an instructor-to-student ratio of 2 students to one instructor and truck - at least for the class I was in. Plenty of hands on truck time. The school office staff work very hard to accommodate every student. Pam and Beth always spent the time with me, no matter how busy they were. Pam rewrote my resume and is currently finding me a job in the industry. The training that I received was very confidence inspiring. So much so, that after I passed my CDL Class B, I immediately signed up for Class A private lessons. Thanks to Linda for somehow squeezing me into such a full schedule for my Class A training. I now have have my Class A and just got hired by a large national company with a Northeast Regional route. Thanks to my Class A instructors, Ricky, Craig and especially Steve for their insight and patience during my training. Many Thanks to the Parker staff for assisting me in my career transition!

Pamela Cavagnaro

Stephen lucier

Amazing teachers with years of experience Ron and Craig know the in' s and out's of showing you how to drive a class A truck very pleased with the school and I passed my class A road test the 1st try ! Would deff recommend them to anyone!!!!

Claudio Barros

Great school great instructors. I passed my road test the next day i had a job lined up for me by the school, thank you Pam

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