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REVIEWS OF Motorcycle Safety Training Center of New England IN Rhode Island

Joel Rudolph

Best place to be, The teachers show you everything about riding. If you think you know everything about riding they will show you... you don't. They are very nice people really funny and care. They make you feel comfortable Best choice I made.

Luisell Velazquez

I was in a class with a lot of people who have been riding for years. This was my first experience getting on a bike and turning it on. I don’t think the course is set up for that. I do not think 2 days is enough time and I also don’t think they should try to force a person without experience to keep up with someone who has had experience. The equipment available has been so beat up some of the bikes don’t have headlights or break lights and some of them don’t even go to neural unless you turn of the bike and turn it back on. Very disappointed and a big waste of money.

Dennis Gog

Two days of classes, learned a lot for the money. Very well designed program with great staff. This is hard work and two full days of classes. Thank you for making me a safer driver. Dennis class of 5-15-16

Joe Shaskus

I hate mandated courses and certifications needed for everything, they're usually boring classrooms with useless information, and I only took this course because it's required. I gotta say I was really surprised here though. Sinco lead the class, but everyone there was very friendly and non-judgmental, and you could tell that they truly wanted to help and see everyone succeed. Classroom time was short and didn't get boring, and range time was actually much more involved and informative than I was expecting. The overall atmosphere was laid back and comfortable, but they still had enough structure to properly teach and keep everyone safe. This started out as a dreaded waste of money, and now I'm actually looking forward to taking the Advanced course in the future. Overall this was a great experience with great people, and I'm glad I was forced into it.

Lisa Desmarais

I completed my course with Walter and Dave on july 6&7 and i really learned ALOT and truely believe this course is very benificial and an asset to every rider..and that being said I have to say both the gentlemen trainers were Awesome ..very patient , and did not make you feel lntimadated just worked with you till you GOT IT!! GREAT MEN ,GREAT TRAINERS


Excellent, Positive & Supportive Learning. The Instructors, curriculum and overall programming together provide for an excellent motorcycle-riding learning experience. The instructors are top-notch professional and know how to lead group learning, while also giving personalized rider coaching. Dan and Tree will make novice and experienced riders feel great, learn a fortune and appreciate the learning process.

Juan Garcia

Awesome experience, learned a great deal and had a great time doing it. Our instructor, Sinco, was an excellent teacher who really took the time to help each of us learn the techniques. He also helped to keep things fun and light-hearted. Learning to ride a bike can be pretty nerve-racking but he kept everyone at ease. Steve, the owner, was also great to deal with during the registration process. Overall, the staff here really care about the students and making sure they learn to ride and be safe. Thanks again guys!!

Tim D

Mike and Dave were fantastic teachers, both were hilarious and informative. Mike was very difficult on grading and he'd like to throw curve balls. Dave was super easy going. Keep your posture up. Highly recommended.

Anthony mendoza

This place is awesome, perfect for Beginners trying to learn how to ride

Kelly Galligan

August 2016: Extremely unprofessional motorcycle instructor. I was the only female student in a six student class. The instructor felt the need to publicly announce that he was not a “misogynist pig,” not once but two times on the first day. This is unprofessional and irrelevant to the content of the course. He did not treat me as an equal to the other students: He suggested that I, not the others, use the indoor bathroom, instead of the outhouse. He suggested that I quit on Day 1. He discussed other student's progress with the class ("____ should practice more before getting on the road," then PASSED him). He failed me with a 55, which is impossible as a 16 is needed to fail. He proceeded to give me an unwelcome hug after pulling me aside, still in front of the others. I could say more...I sent a letter with more details to management. They only gave the instructor a "verbal warning" and suggested that I take it again. I have no intention of retaking the class, as I have to take an extra two days from work, which I communicated. Management won't refund my money ($250 value). FEMALE RIDERS: BE WARNED.

Chrislei Deyulia

I recently just took this motorcycle class in there new location Groton. First and foremost, the first day was fine showed up to a building with no signs or anything stating this where is the course is exactly being held small room. Class of six which I thought at first was great seeing that I am completely new at riding. Never driven a bike before only rode as a passenger. I choose this location due my busy work week this place offers a range or dates and classes. Take note I do my research and this actually turned out the be the more expensive motorcycle classes offered in CT in which you hope you get what you pay for. In this instance I did NOT. We did simple classroom instruction which was great smooth good timing breaks and interactive activities. Next, we went out on the “driving course” which consisted of a lot a half mile down the road from the building we did instruction in. The instructor taught us about the parts of the bike went over simple mechanics and before you know it we started going from one end of the lot to the other. I have to say I probably was the most unexperienced in the class. It took me a little bit to get going but I got though all the drills the first day. I felt so proud leaving and was ready to come back the next day and learn more :) . The second day was ABSOLUTELY terrible. We got on the bikes they really didnt give alot of time to warm back up on them. My entire body was completely sore from the day before in which I felt like i got hit by a bus. I was determined to push through this class and get through the last day. The second day it seemed the instructor had no patience what so ever, rushed and did nothing to try and actually really help me with my errors on the bike. I kept voicing the fact the I could not the “track” in which they used very small flat “cones” to create each obstacle. I kept voicing what I was think that was going wrong and she did nothing but tell me to do it again without even doing the exercise possibly with me to the side so she could actually help me fix what I was doing wrong rather then “try harder next time” Even though this was a rough day, and the bike went down. I was NOT nearly ready to give up. I signed up for a BEGINNERS riding class, to be taught the basics and learn how to ride a bike not be told “try harder” and be pushed aside while the rest of the people where getting instruction. I am highly disappointed with this class, I felt like the instructor on the second day gave up on me easy. Nothing was offered other then recommendation of taking the class again I which. If im having trouble seeing your equipment cones and your not patient enough to work with a person that wants to ride why would i give you another $310 dollars to do it all again. If you are a true BEGINNER THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO. In the beginning they talk about how your not going to get left behind and such. In any way shape or form if you need a little more assistance with learning they fail you. I do take accountability that my body was extremely sore from the previous day so it might have been a little harder on me on the bike. & I take accountability being a new rider. As far as there end they had nothing to offer me but them taking my $310 bucks and telling me do it all over again. Btw 96 on the written, nothing was suggested even if I could stay later or come back the following weekend to just practice the on site part. As far as cones and painting the ground I understand they just moved but the “track” lot you practice on is terrible you can barely see the boxes. Worst Experience, and more disappointing that I thought I would be accomplishing something and I choose an appropriate class and pay in hope that the instructors would have time and patience just for her to give up on me. lets not forget the bike i was using wouldnt even shift into neutral correctly and take not i was doing that right they never offered me to use another bike either. - Look around wisely

Armando Gonzalez


Comprehensive training at many levels. A solid, well structured program, with superb instruction. Both Dave & Walt offer courses for beginner, seasoned & veteran riders. I wholeheartedly recommend this facility, it's programs & instructors without reservation based on my own personal experience.

Raymond Hayes

When i signed up for this class i wasn't sure what to expect, and with anything DMV related, i had low expectations. After taking a 20 year break from riding, i thought a class would be a good idea when starting my search for a new bike, and a discount on insurance doesn't hurt either. This two day class greatly exceeded my best expectations! Honestly i learned a lot, knocked off a lot of rust from my skills, and was very impressed with both of the instructors. They were both highly educated professionals with an obvious love for riding and teaching others. After purchasing a bike, i am looking forward to returning for the intermediate class.

Luciano barbosa

richard palacio

Took course on a Sunday the said by Wednesday results would be uploaded to dmv data base .... well I sit here and write this review at the dmv after being here for 3 hours they haven’t uploaded the info yet.... also did I mention it cost $310 for someone to drop the ball furthermore I have to cancel a motorcycle trip due to not having a drivers license that would allow me to legally ride on the highway thanks MST I’ll be sure to recommend you ....NOT I’ll be coming Back to dmv in two days to see if you guys can get it on their website by then thanks an unsatisfied customer.

Will S


Christina Berger

Course was fine until we got to the riding part. Lena was so helpful and made sure I wasn’t getting lost. She was supportive and helpful. Deb was ok until I told her it was a little difficult for me to turn the bike in between the tight cones since I’m petit and obviously new at riding. She demanded that I turn in between the cones and the way she spoke to me made me feel really belittled, defeated and caused me to doubt myself. She told me I couldn’t finish the course anymore and we hadn’t even gone through 1/3 of it. She could have handled the situation better and did her job as a teacher and helped me where I needed it. I would never recommend this place to anyone. I hope nobody has an experience like mine and let’s it ruin their chances of wanting to learn.


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