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Kim Gardner

Martins School was wonderful! All of the people we dealt with from the administration to the classroom teachers and the driving teachers were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They de-stressed an otherwise stressful time for our family and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great driving school. Thank you Martins!

Ezequiel Macedo


sasank ambavarapu


Diana Carvalho

UPDATE**** the post below was a first review. But since I was on the phone with the rmv earlier I thought I’d EXPOSE this Fraudulent business. I couldn’t believe it. What this business does is use inactive or “not ready for a road exam” People’s record to book Road Exams for other students. The rmv told me I had 46 ROAD EXAM CANCELATIONS!!!! FORTY SIX!!! And the rmv worker was so nice and experienced she explained to me what auto schools do is use people’s records to book road exams so the students doesn’t have to wait months to get one, and then 72 hours prior, try to cancel it under their name for another student!! I was left with cancellation fees because they didn’t cancel some on time and they refused to pay for it or even admit it. This is a disgusting family disgusting business. I will everything to expose these people and steer new students away from them. Taking advantage of people’s money I hope they get what they deserve!! If I could give 0 stars I would!! I know people like to think “people only write reviews if they’re bad” no! There is a good reason why this school has bad reviews. I spent SO much money on this school. They kept telling me I’m not ready, I need more practice. But yett kept scheduling (WITHOUT MY CONSENT) road tests. And I kept telling them no, I never agreed to a road test. They did this to me twice. And said “okay no problem we’ll cancel it” I went to schedule a road tear myself with the RMV and come to find out I have CANCELLION FEES!! I called the school nicely so we could figure this issue out and I’m assuming the wife of the owner was SO unprofessional eating on the phone being so rude and dismissive, saying “I don’t know what to tell you we cancelled on time it must’ve been something you did” and hung up on my face. SO DISGUSTING! And the owner is so rude whenever I went on lessons with him he would yell at me and slam on the brakes in the middle of the road, would always put his hands on wheel, basically wouldn’t even give me the chance. But when I drive with other people they said I did well. They were trying to hustle me for more money telling me I needed more practice just so I could keep spending money with them. And now I’m stuck paying all these fees they made because I NEVER even agreed to them scheduleing road tests for me. These people ruined a good amount of time of my life. I could’ve had my liscense a long time ago. Don’t go with them go with Lunds corner!!

Zelia Jardin

Victoria Tron

Disrespectful, gossiping about customers in front of customers. Inflexible and unwilling to work with alternative funding sources

stephanie campbell

attempted to ask women to not use my vehicle to learn to parall park on nicely she proceeded with an attitude pretty much bowing me off with me basically begging her not to use my dead fathers car because im afraid it will be damaged. she didn't care. id give zero stars but forced with 1


anthony garcia

Sherry Lima

I truly wish I had sent my children to a different driving of the worst customer relations I've ever dealt with..months to schedule an actual driving test...months..yet they were always at the top of the list...SMH!

Alessandra Jennings

Helena is a sweet women and good teacher however Mr.Martin was a living nightmare. If you care about your children do not send them here. Does not refer to students by name most of the time and berates them when they mess up, I got called "stupid girl" more often than my actual name. Instead of calmly correcting mistakes he yells and slams on breaks when it is not needed. Unsupportive and impatient, also his thick accent can make it difficult to understand instructions which wouldn't be a problem however when you question him, you get anger instead of understanding. Driving with him gave me driving anxiety.

Chase Parker

don’t go to this place if you actually want your kid to learn how to drive. the instructors are overly aggressive, force the kids to drive them places (such as their homes, fast food restaurants, etc.), and do not cover basic driving maneuvers with the kids. my son was forced to bring his instructor to her home on numerous occasions, and sometimes she would bring other adults into the car. absolutely ridiculous. this place only wants a quick buck out of the parents who sign up their kids for these classes. one star is being courteous with these people. save yourself the time and go somewhere else.

C Piedaddy

Ms.lina was very nice and friendly screw all the bad posts this school was fun and I learned a lot and got 100s on my tests, easy peasy we also got 45 minutes lunches and we got to leave for that lunch break

Ellis Recon

I've literally been waiting over 5 weeks and they still hadn't gotten back to me for my road test, neither I got my certificate yet.

Manny Cabral

Collin Hodges

Roger Chartier

I am Hui-Ling Chen, Mr Martins was a wonderful teacher for me. I come from Shanghai China and my English is not perfect. At 56 years of age I decided to get my driving license. He was a great teacher. He is very calm and taught me the correct way to drive, park the car and do a three point turn as well as all of the other things that are very important. He has a very nice personality. If you are worried about learning then go to Mr. Martins and he will make it a nice experience for you. I got my license on the first driving test! Thanks a lot Mr Martins. Hui-Ling Chen

Jyla Bethoney

Waste of time and money. I would pay for clssses in advance and he would say I didn’t pay when dropping me off. I called they said I only had proof if I had the receipt. I would pay him the $40 during the class. He never would schedule the test. Only having me book “classes” but never would wanna take thr next step in getting my license. I found that strange. I am going somewhere else. Waste of time.

Kyle Casavant

Way better then T&C

thesunbreaker insta

Terrible teachers that are very aggressive and unprofessional, and they won't fire them because they need them. Do not recommend

Christopher Correia

I felt humiliated in class today. I would like to give zero stars, not sue why Dartmouth uses this driving School.

Nathaniel DeFreitas

Ry Amendola

Joe Mama

Do not waste your money here. I took the drivers ed classes and the teachers are overly aggressive & barely teach. We are handed a note packet that has been reused & torn up, & told to copy 100+ notes while the teacher sits at a desk on her phone instead of a teacher reading & explaining. If you want to learn how to drive and don’t want a teacher that is going to be on their phone the whole time, fall asleep, or be unnecessarily rude or moody, go somewhere else. I don’t know one kid who’s gone here who’s gotten their classes finished or license on time. Go somewhere else.

Jordan Frazier

One stars being nice!

Carlens louissaint

Dont send your kids here if you genuinely care about them.

Thomas Tarrant

This review is many years late. I took driver's ed with Martin's 7 years ago, and have been fuming about it ever since. Mr. Martin is a grade-A homophobe, who had the gall to rant about how gay soldiers "should be shot in the head" to me and my fellow students while we were in the car. I spoke up against him and he tried to justify his homophobia with biblical arguments. Some might fault me for writing this so many years later, but I'm just tired of letting homophobic BS go unchecked. Maybe Mr. Martin has since caught up with the times, but I doubt it. On top of this, the driving instruction was garbage. They were frequently late and during one session I was in the car for THREE HOURS as they drove four towns over to pick up several other students.


The instructor was a fairly nice lady, when you sign up you expect lessons, but no, your signing up to be an uber driver. More times than not the instructor would ask to drive to her boyfriends work to pick him up along side some of his friends and drop them off at their houses. One time she literally copped some bread at a bakery, all whilst being left to sit in the car waiting. The instructor has you go many places that are her own personal errands opposed to teaching. The only thing you will get out of the road lessons is driving experience. Definitely not a way to "teach" how to drive. The classes are definitely misleading considering this is a Taxi Boot Camp not driving school...

Helen Saraiva

Kyle Pardo

They were great during the driving hours but I had to call several times to schedule a road test. There was always a delay and they did not respond quickly.

Naveaha Nelson

Horrible experience. Didn’t learn anything and it made me fear/hate driving. Don’t waste your money.

Joshy Jaguar

Took one lesson and i was all set , i should have just listened to the reviews and to what my family and friends have said about this driving school. Martin was very impatient and had a rude vibe that did not settle well with me.


Extremely good went for one driving lesson and learned everything I needed to know.

Debra Andre

For the most part they were good. Last class they were late and then didnt show up at the time they rescheduled to and when my daughter called THEM to find out what the delay was and that she had to cancel because she needed to get to work, the woman on the other end of line told my daughter she would be charged for canceling $30 and as soon as my kid stood up for herself and said she was not paying that due to the fact it wasnt her fault they were running late, the woman proceeded to hang up on her. I called back immediately and asked that they have Mr Martin call me and that was Friday afternoon, i also left a voicemail for them Saturday morning and now here we are Saturday evening and still NO CALL. As a customer as well as a parent this doesnt sit well with me.

alexander lane

Good teacher, bad English.

Dev Rego

They told me I’ll never get my license

Jungkyub axb

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