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2169 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford, MA 02745, United States

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REVIEWS OF Lunds Corner Driving School IN Rhode Island

Eduardo Miranda

I wish could give you a 100 stars! Best school drive ever!!thank you so much!!!!!!

Max Winterhalter

This is a great driving school!

Romero Constantini

I struggled understanding this man. His thick Portuguese accent drove me crazy. When you are driving you are stressed, because you don't want to cause an accident, so you are expecting very clear instructions but sometimes you don't know what the hell he is trying to say, and you feel his frustration and you get frustrated too. I wouldn't recommend this to those people who have difficulty understanding accents.

ProCoLink B

I drove with Manny he was very very well-spoken kind of goofy which made the experience more enjoyable and less nervous, and I was able to get my license within like 4 driving days. it's very kind and allows for acceptable hours and road conditions a teacher's very well and focuses on exactly what you need to get done.

Jedilord Commander

Kind of mean people.

Anabel Santiago

I called in a week prior to my road test and left a voicemail message. They contacted me back right away and were able to squeeze me in to their schedule for the next week. Before the test they let me practice and corrected me on the things I was doing wrong. It was a great and very helpful experience and I passed! Thank you Lund's Corner Driving School! I would definitely recommend!

Klarisa Rose

Milica Domjanic

Brianna Pires

Best driving school around! Went to all local schools in the area, none of them provided the knowledge and experience Lund's corner did! I was first a hesitant, anxious driver, with no knowledge of the road. I learned so much and improved immensely! They are extremely, patient and helpful. Would recommend everyone to go here!

Kayleh Tavares

Great Driving School!

Hailee Bigelow

My experience with Lund’s Corner was a great one. Aurora and Manny were always pleasant. I would definitely recommend this driving school to my friends. The best part was I past on my first try!

Mariangely Sanchez

Sara B

Very good driving school. I would highly recommend this school and have already done so to friends and family. The instructors are very good and I got my license right away after the class and lessons. The driving classes were very good and I liked how this school allowed me to take the class during my school break.

Destiny Terry-Pacheco

it is a great place when the only driving you get is your 12 hours of lesson i have no one teaching me except my instructor only 12 hours over a few months and he fit in with my busy schedule working 2 jobs and full time college so they will make time when you are busy he even drove me on his day off if you need his name it is paul and i also took my lincense test today and passed 1st try and named the best east coast driving school so in my opinion you can’t go wrong with lund’s corner

Sean Downey

Colby Street

Megan Lajoie

Dan Rivers

Michaela Markey

Great school!

Rabiet Dasher

I signed up for driving school thinking that I would never learn to drive. From the first lesson to the last, Andrew patiently worked with me. I was able to show improvement and develop my driving skills. As a result, I took my road test and passed on the first attempt. This driving school is definitely one that cares about the individual as well as driving safely and correctly. If you are looking for a driving school, this one is worth the investment! #BestDrivingSchool #StarSticker

Mia Mejia

Deejay D.

Family owned tight little establishment. Very personable people at Lunds. Respectable and patient. Aurora is a sweetheart, she's the one who helped me book my first lesson. Andrew was my instructor. Very comforting experience. Really cool dude, easy to get along with and he's never too pushy or forceful with instruction. Easy to conversate with, makes it a lot more natural and helps to ease the nerves. After a while its just like going for a quick drive and talking to a friend or something for a little bit. Was not nearly as stressful as any of us would imagine. I'd recommend Lund's to even the most inexperienced driver - I'm sure they could whip anybody into shape. If I could give more stars I certainly would. Take it from the most anxious person alive, Lund's was an extremely comforting first driving experience. Kudos to the business owners/staff for maintaining such a friendly air about them.

Iris diaz

(Translated by Google) Excellent school (Original) Excelente escuela


Pete Philla

I haven't had my license for over 2 decades. I called them and first of all, the lady on the phone was the sweetest caring woman I've talked to. So concerned with helping me. And Andrew, well he put my mind at ease, new exactly what he was talking about, helped me understand the new laws that i had no idea about, very comfortable to talk to, because of him i passed the test, there's absolutely no way i would have done it without them, super awesome is an understatement believe me. See for yourself should you ever need lessons believe me. I love them, thank you guys

Jeffrey Chimichonguosza

Disrespectful and really expensive. Could use my money to put toward better cars.

Kristen Higgins

Everyone is kind and pleasant. Aurora and Walter go above and beyond.

diana Maalouf

Ashley Medeiros

Fredward Duke

Skylar Dub

The best driving school around, I was a student here and they prepared me for everything that I was told during my lisence test! 100% recommend coming to this driving school, well worth your time!

Manager HR

Daniella Fernandes

I had a very good experience here. They adjusted very well to your schedule and made sure you were well prepared to pass the road test. I highly recommend this school!

Renee Gurney

Lessons were done very quickly and were easier than I expected

Alex Corey

Tanisha Nova

I had an amazing experience here I didn’t believe in myself but they did and I passed thank you manny for being patience... I had a great instructor I would definitely recommend their company to everyone looking for driving lessons ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tu Nguyen

Kind and dedicated driving instructors they have here, highly recommended

Samantha Furtado

Carlens louissaint

Very very good experience here. Polar opposite of Martin's. Learned a lot from manny, probably the sole reason why I passed my test

Ivory Winter

Super awesome people, helped me get over an intense fear of driving and cars. Went from being uncomfortable in the passenger seat to license in only a couple months. Andrew is a funny dude and a great teacher, big ups from me.

Billie Jean Jones

Leslie M.

I hadn't driven in quite some time,,,,So, I scheduled driving lessons ,they were with Manny..What a friendly ,,relaxed,,encouraging and professional experience I had!!!...Excellent teaching skills..I'd recommend driving lessons or his school if any 1 ask's me

ashley leonard

I just got my license today and I very happy with the experience I had with Lund's Corner Driving School. I looked forward to going on my lessons and felt comfortable with all of the instructors. Going into my road test I felt completley prepared, and I would reccomend this Driving School to anyone.

kelsey rez

I just passed my drivers test on my first try, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The instructors were very flexible, and effective in getting me my license on time! They teach the rules of the road very well! Highly recommend Lunds corner!

Ruhana Pashazada

My name is Ruhana, i just passed my road test on my first try! thank u Manny! He is a profesional teacher in New Bedford and nice person! I love and respect him! Thank u GOD BLESS you!❤️❤️ I recomended this driving school!

Chris Walton

There are many driving schools around, but Lund's Corner is by far the best. I went on three lessons with my instructor Manny and he taught me how to drive safely on the streets and taught me and reinforced everything I would need to know for the test. I went with three other of Manny's students today to take the test and all of us passed and got our licenses! I got to use their car and got a lesson with the other students just before the test for cheap and it helped me so much. I went from a nervous wreck to a confident driver because of Manny's advice. I highly recommend anyone who needs driver lessons to take them with Lund's Corner. They are amazing!

Marina Gavrilova

Everyone is super nice and they make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I just passed my road test!

Bobbie Miller

Mr. Manny Was Extremely Helpful And Down-2-Earth. He Taught Me Helpful Tips. And Repeadily Went Over ALL Of My Driving Struggles. To Strengthen My Weaknesses. Furthermore, He Assisted Me In Driving Lessons. And Got Me Into The RMV To Take My Drivers Exam Quite Fast. I Passed On My First Shot!!! Thanks Lund’s Corner...And Mr. Manny!!! I Highly Recommend Lund’s. The BEST In New Bedford!!!

Michael Moujabber

Mrs. V is an incredibly kind hearted lady, and really focuses on the major points of Drivers Ed. She wants every student to succeed. 10 out of 10!

Jack Fernandes

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Zac Lapalme

I had a gr8 experience here. Mr. V is a gr8 teacher. I learned so much and I highly recommend lunds:)

Jocelyn Souza

Aurora or w.e her name is, is extremely rude and sounds miserable completely made me choose to go about my business elsewhere honestly. As far as the instructors and lessons go I have heard that lunds corner is GREAT that's why gave 1 star But for me to personally come and write a negative review, just know this lady really rubbed me the wrong way!

Nokomis North

I had my boy Paul for all of my 12 lessons. Super chill instructor, 10/10 would recommend. Passed my test with no problems.(Thanks Paul)


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