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REVIEWS OF Becky's Driving School IN Rhode Island

Brian K

I went to Becky's about 6 years ago but I recently saw Becky and Connie (both of whom look great) and it instantly brought back a flood of memories. I feel bad for people who did not go to Becky's! I don't understand all these negative reviews. People are just way too sensitive. I was so entertained and learned so much at Becky's. To be totally honest I'm the only one out of my group of friends that went to Becky's and I am the only one that has never had a traffic ticket. Coincidence? I think not! Becky if you or a family member is reading this, I hope you all are doing well!

Derick Ngofack

This is one of the best driving school you will attend in Worcester. Everything here is properly organized, the road lessons, the lecturers hours.

Amy Jordan

Becky is a real down to earth person who cares about her students and tells it like it is. Say what you want about this driving school, but it's just as good as another nearby school that charges $200 more.

Anastasia Bonney

They’re the best and Conny you are an awesome instructor.

Aria 51

Beckys driving school has a reputation it does not deserve, don't listen to any of the negative reviews you see online. The staff is overall kind and understanding. I can see where some may feel uncomfortable though because they tell you how it is, something that you need to be told though. Becky the owner herself is a very kind woman and will do anything to help you pass the road test. She worked with me personally until I fixed my mistakes. She really cares about her students a lot and I have seen this first hand. Today I finally passed my road test, I have extreme anxiety for my age (20) and it took me twice failing because of my anxiety alone and the third time I passed. My driving instructor Tom was really nice, and didn't sugar coat anything and taught me very well how to drive. Ryan, who was my sponsor helped me at all my warm ups. calmed my anxiety the day before the test and helped me feel confident in passing. I really truly appreciate everything they have done for me and I think that many people will have a great experience if they go through beckys and if you don't have a good experience you cant handle the truth or handle the responsibility of driving, they dont sugar coat anything which can come off abrasive, but they teach you very well! As long as you can handle some vulgar language once in a while I think you will all love this school!

Pallavi Sanghavi

Becky is realistic and talks very straight to the point.. She boosts your confidence. I am happy that I joined the Becky's driving school.

Efrain Vega

A very open environment , and very kind people.

Sabrina Barry

Leanna Barrows

Just called and got the RUDEST greeting ever!!! Extremely UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!

Ani Yaghmourian

I was in shock and disgusted with what I saw and dealt with. First the "instructor" was dressed very unprofessionally. Sweat pants unkempt and very white trash looking. Second there was no patience for a first driver as myself, no compassion. I was being degraded instead of it's ok its your first time. Then while driving the instructor was on her phone and GOD forbid if I ask which way i should go i was rudely told to be quite and she will tell me where to go I was so embarrassed. Lastly when I picked up the next student of sorry to say another white trash person, the instructor and student were friends and started talking and laughing making it seem like I do not exist. This student made the same amount of mistakes as i did and when I apologized she flipped out and said do not apologize just drive, but when this student made mistakes and said sorry she said oh it's fine. REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?! i will never go to them again. I was horrible. If someone tells me they will go to Becky's I will say NO why waste your money on want to be ghetto white trash.


Don't go. They are rude. And they don't teach you during the one-hour class excpet yelling to you. Once she was late 15min and asked me to drive to their office, waiting outside for her about 10min, and then drove to the next student's house, waiting outside for 20min and then drove back. They were talking on their phones during the class.

whitney carter

Brianna Todd

Would not really recommend going here. In the classes you don't really learn much. You learn about Becky's life. Occasionally you'll learn something but it's mostly about Becky. It's fun if you have good people in your class. There was one guy that I drove with, super rude when I made mistakes. Another instructor has the car reeking of cigarettes all the time. Tommy I believe his name was, awesome guy, enjoyed lessons with him. He made me sit outside his house a few times while he got food or whatever he was getting. A few times my lessons were cut short because I lived in Holden and apparently it was sooooo far (not really). And lastly, my road test was canceled and rescheduled AT LEAST 3 times. It was ridiculous. I wouldn't really recommend going here, it's a driving school but all in all I feel like I didn't learn much. Oh and if you don't know answers on the written test you have to pass, they'll give them to you. Didn't really take the place serious to be honest.

Marianna Silva

I'm giving this school 2 stars. I really hated this school. If you have anxiety issues, DO NOT GO HERE. Their cars are horrible, they smell like cigarettes, they dress like slobs, they YELL and CUSS at YOU. If you make a mistake, they will treat you as if you're the dumbest person in the world. At first, you think they're kind when you meet them because they seem like they're willing to help, but then you see HOW they teach and they make you feel like trash. They make you pay for a $60 1 hour practice test and $85 for the road test on the same day which is $145 and they scheduled my road test unexpectedly. I failed because I was rushed and was literally shaking from Becky yelling at me right before my test. Granted, Becky tried undoing what she did to me by telling me to close my eyes and relax and breathe so that's why I added a star. Otherwise. Don't go there. Waste of money.

DH girl

I just want to say that I had initially heard generally positive things about this place. I called Becky's Driving School to do one lesson before taking my road test and I was very disappointed. First and foremost the woman who picked me up was dressed like a slob, she was very unprofessional, was listening to rap music, and was using derogatory expletives for a black person, which I thought was very distasteful. I told her what I needed to work on, and she spent all of 20 minutes working on what I needed help with. I paid $50 for a full hour and she didn't even help me. Car smells like a chain smoker lives in it and I have really bad asthma. I was overall unimpressed and think Becky needs to hire new staff that will represent her business in a better light. I ended up NOT taking my road test with them. Didn't learn crap from my lesson anyway.

Jackson Cudmore

I had heard from many friends that drivers ed is boring and so awful... but I didn’t experience that once at this school, I just got out of my last day in the classroom and I look at the road so differently. Coming to this school I thought driving was all fun and games and that I knew everything but I was wrong. After spending a week learning about the road and how to stay alive I now see the road so differently. Due to Becky’s creativity in teaching and using experiences in life and many story’s she has heard or lived she shows you not only how dangerous the road is but how dangerous this world is and she shows you the right things to do to avoid those dangers. Her classes are filled with laughs and cries and there is never a dull moment... each day this week I woke up excited to go to school and it’s all thanks to Becky and her amazing staff. I would recommend this school to everyone!

Robert Peterson

This is likely the worst driving school in the Worcester area. We were lured in by their price, but the experience was horrendous. From what my son and others have said since, the classroom is more like an AA meeting than driver's ed, and the driving lessons are just plain awful. They picked him up 10 minutes late and dropped him off 10 minutes early, and in-between was just doing errands for the instructor, who smokes constantly in the car. After 5 such lessons, they told my son "OK kid, you're all set" and that was it! We didn't even receive half of what we paid for. It's no surprise that they have such a bad passing rate. My advice is to stay far, far away, spend a few dollars more and send your child to a real driving school.

The Last Survior

don't go there, when i first went to Becky driving school i thought It was going to be a good school where i can actually learn something but the time when i had my road lessens the first instructor was very rude to me since i was a new DRIVER because i made some minor mistakes, other that the second time when i had road lessons the instructor seem unprofessional( First and second instructors), the car smelled like something straight out of a horror movie with the bad cigarette smell, i wanted to not drive because it smelled bad !!!!. On November 1st they unexpectedly schedule me to take my road test even though i only had 3 road lessons, i didn't pass because of their lack of teaching to me and to the other students, i noticed how other students who went to the classrooms did at least better than me but by far i would say don't go there, i prefer to learn driving if i had someone who actually knows what he/she is doing than making it seem like I know it all. I was glad i stopped going there since they just care about your money than actually teaching the students, that time I turned 18, now im looking for a better driving school to go to where i can really learn something since I practiced driving around my school parking lot which was better than wasting your time at Becky driving school

Guy Handley

Awesome come again

Malena Ocasio

Overall I had a very good experience. I was taught well the rules of the road and what's expected of me during my road test. Learned some great tips and I look forward to using them on the real road on my own.

Paige Jones

This is probably the worst driving school I've ever been to. I was having my first driving lesson today, and the instructor ran 30 minutes late. The car was unkempt and reeked of cigarette smoke. The instructor herself was immensely RUDE and didn't seem to have the patience for me, A NEW DRIVER. That took me by surprise, because I would expect an instructor to be understanding of this fact. A couple of minutes later, she had me running her errands and made me drive to her house. She made me wait for 10 minutes ON MY DIME! I paid $50 big ones to receive exceptional service, but got nothing of the like. I would not recommend this pathetic excuse of a driving school. The office itself is extremely unprofessional, and so was the instructor. I'd rather spend more money on a real driving school.


I put both my kids through her driver's education and she is down to earth, she tells the kids the way it is and how it should be, drills real life situations into their heads, as a parent, you can only tell your kids so many times about the dangers of driving, but, when it comes from someone else with expert advice, the kids seem to get the point. I can't thank Becky and her team enough for being their for my kids and myself with countless emails. Please keep up the good work, I really do feel you all make a difference in these kids lives....thank you!

Bryanna Reilly

I wouldn't have gotten my license without this school. They made me feel comfortable while driving and were very helpful. They are good people and I am very appreciative of their patience and lessons.

Long Nguyen

The instructor just took money, didn't make eye contact and yelled at me all the time. She expected me to be an experienced driver that will not kill her. Stay away from this school

Kimi King

Sylvia Thompson

I learned about parking uphill and downhill the 3point turn and backing also parallel parking all that I will need for the test

jump oricakle

Kyle Chaves

Very very hyped place is really good and lots of careing people who teach you the right way not the WORNG very very proud

Hamza New York

The guys are awesome!

Mike Marquez

Day one sat in a classroom for 3 hours to listen to Becky make comments of our president that he's from Indonesia and how she loves trump smh.. Who cares I'm trying to learn how to drive. Very unprofessional. I wouldn't recommend to no one should of realized from the reviews. Also no vehicles claimed the where in accidents. Garbage place


I am going to be 100% honest the 30 hours classroom was fun because of her immaturity and the fact she wasted most of the 3 hours by talking about her teenage life and her being a partier and then going into politics but the important stuff was that for the road tests i had to wait months before i could schedule road lessons and then when I did I really didnt learn enough to be comfortable on the road by myself I basically had to learn how to drive with my mom but its fine honestly Go to another driving school there are so many different ones

Sayvon DaCosta

Fadjy Mills

This is the worst driving class ever.

Selina Thompson

I am so thankful for Becky's driving school. My son has anxiety and he wasn't feeling comfortable driving with me. He has no problem with instructor. The whole team is layed back. I assure you they're professional they just cuss...oh effing well

Karla Crespo

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