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REVIEWS OF AAA Providence Headquarters IN Rhode Island

Maryanne Bayless

When ever I go into the office I am met by pleasant workers who all ways have a smile on their faces. They make you feel like you are the only person there. I recently had to have road service. I had to have my car towed. The gentleman was very polite and curtious.. The wait was shorter than what they had said in the beginning. I am very happy that I have a AAA membership. I also use the pre-paid American Express card it works out wonderfully. Thank you

Michelle MacIntosh

I went in to renew my license and was IN and OUT in less than 15 minutes. To me, the registry services alone are enough to justify my yearly cost of AAA. Of course I use it for other reasons, but not having to spend the whole day at the DMV - ROCKS! Thanks AAA!

Alvaro Giron

All the service staff are very good and very nice first class quality service.......

Kim Davis

My Exp with Ola, today was of great service and professionalism. It was great booking my vacation for my daughter's wedding to Montego Bay Jamaica with her !!! So far so good !!!

Kristen Alden

Went with both my daughters, I got a license renewal my youngest got Insurance for the first time, and my oldest got a trip tick for our girls road trip.......all this done in about 1/2 hour. Great job!!!! Thanks!!!

Robert P. Davis

There was a long delay, as 2 agents tried to solve difficult issues with prior clients. Otherwise it was the customary helpful and cheerful service, vastly superior to that at the Registry.

Melissa Curley

AAA is a must have with the added benefit of registration and license renewal - done in less than 15 minutes which beats taking a half-day off to go to RI DMV. The staff is always courteous and efficient.

Jerilyn B

Went to renew my license. It was a quick a painless experience. Helpful information was given to me as I had to make a few changes, etc.

William Reinerth

AUTO GLASS service is absolutely the WORST! HORRIBLE customer service!!! Brought the wrong window out, then told me that they had a full schedule and couldn't get me in again for several days. Called me the morning of my 2nd scheduled appointment to tell me that they again had the wrong glass and could not change it that day. Completely ridiculous!

Marguerite Sottosanto

I spoke with Rob Thrasher today regarding a minor issue I had with my membership. He solved the problem within minutes. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and so pleasant. He followed through on everything he said he would. Such a pleasure to deal with. You have an excellent employee!

Rebecca Sanders

I've been on hold for 57:36. It's mainly just an experiment at this point. I'm thinking they are having major staffing issues. A real drag when you join for just this purpose and can't talk to anyone.

Sarah Batchelor

I had my wallet stolen and went to AAA to get my replacement Driver's License. I was so appreciative that this service was offered! I waited max 20 minutes and since I had all my forms ready, the whole process took about 10 minutes once I got to the counter. The staff was engaged and so helpful. This experience alone made my AAA membership worth it as the DMV is awful!!!

Ricard Melo Sr

Cool place, has a dmv in it very convenient for passports and various other things...

Nathaniel Kowal

Very displeased with this service and will NEVER use again. Had AAA for a few years, used it recently to tow me literally 2 feet from where I got stuck at the end of my dirt road to the pavement. Tow guy pulled my car like 10 feet by ONE WHEEL. Completely improper tow, total lack of care for anything being done. Had to drive 5 hours home to New Jersey from Massachussets with the car shaking because my wheel isn't aligned now. Had to take my car in for an alignment the next day, when I had just gotten one done a month prior. Submitted my claim to AAA and they couldn't seem to find any fault or reason to compensate me the $90 bucks it cost to fix my alignment. Would not recommend this service to anyone, I am cancelling it to use my Geico roadside assistance instead.

Rupert P

Beware of bait & switch on AAA auto loans!!!!! Harold Espinales offered one rate and then raised the rate when it came time to sign. He seems to get easily confused and is also terrible at answering the phone, returning calls, and replying back to emails. You will do better off just using a local credit union (which is what AAA tends to use anyways). Just find one with a good rate/terms. You may have to become a member but there are many ways to do that usually. Good luck!


Talked to Rob Thrasher about some benefits and he was straight to the point and even had alot of helpful advice on how to use my membership more effectively.

Beatriz Lopez

I always book my vacations thru this branch!

Tammy Sarandrea

Just delivered food to a lousy tipper there. I was surprised because usually the staff is really good about tipping which is great because I only make $4.50/ hr. Anyway, thanks Sarah Dalpe for the .24 cents.

Rosemarie Brown

I renewed my AAA membership via a phone representative Rob Thrasher today . He is the Epitome of customer service. He was pleasant and professional. He took the time to listen carefully to my concerns and addressed my issues is language I could understand..I did not feel rushed or that my questions were unimportant. He even provided details on some important member’s benefits that I did not know existed. Rob should be a Customer Service Trainer for AAA . He is a template for company success.

John Kingston

Very helpful just a littletime consuming at the registry side

Atieh Anbary

I called and spoke to Rob after I had to hang up on another representative due to her bad attitude and the way she responded to my questions. Rob on the other hand was patient and didn't let go of the call until my issue was resolved. Thank you so much.

Carmen Vega

Spoke with Robert Thrasher today, very helpful, pleasant & answer all my questions.

Debra Kenney

Best Road Service!

Ruthie Raposo

I love this branch. They are friendly, help, and so proficient.

Mike Letellier

Been with them for over 37 years and I can't re-call having any issues. For Christmas I give all my kids there gold card, it's not a video game, but they sure love the piece of mind when the big AAA truck shows. Worth it's weight in gold, excuse the pun, well done and I am about too re-new my suscription this week.

Frank Cloos

Long wait for service/registry service! Pack a snack or a least water! To there credit they are a least friendly! What's more the problem could be Rhode Island's awkward tedious system, that seems to be unique to Rhode island.


Pretty fast for DMV business

Jeanne Howlett

My experience with AAA has always been pleasant. From Denise at your Prescott, AZ office, and now Rob on the telephone. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the services that AAA has to offer. It's nice to have a representative talk to you as a person and not just another account number. Sincerely, Lorna Howlett

Ms. Sandra

Now that they will take anyone for DMV services, paying members are forced to wait in lines 20 people deep. There should be a line for members ONLY.

Paula Charette

I am an employee and a member for over 20 years

Elliott Clement

A very good day for me.

Kathleen Jackson

Very poorly organized customer service at the main office in Providence. Have all customers form one line regardless of need - DMV services, movie tickets, etc...Only one person at the customer service desk and one at the DMV section. During the holiday season, they should be more organized - and customer friendly. Waited almost 30 minutes in line. Will not go back to this branch.

Napoleon X

Fantastic AAA customer service by a friendly and helpful staff made it easy in and out.

Juan Acevedo

Good place

Alicia Nieves

Thank God I'm a member. It took less than 15 mins to renew my license. People were courteous and very friendly. I recommend this office to anyone of my friends & family members. even my co-workers. It's worth being a member.


Robert was super helpful and was able to resolve mistakes that the system had made with my information! Thank you!

Mike Pleazer

Got greeted by a rude and unprofessional customer service representative. Now I am an American American (black man) and after standing in line waiting to be seen; also after observing how he treated the people before me, I found it very rude and demanding when you started to walk away while asking me "what do you want? " as if I was a bother. I responded by saying I will talk to you when you have time to address me. When he got back, he went on by saying "sup", now not all African Americans like to be address that way.

Curtis Doo

Good service from Rob! Helped with missing cards.

Amelia giuliano

Rob Thrasher was by far the best rep from any company i have ever conversed with.

Susan Pearson

Hey, AAA is worth every penny, no matter what car I'm in I can have it towed if needed For free, you can too

Sara Sepe

Absolutely terrible service. We waited 1 hour in the middle of the storm because they wouldn’t come tow us. What a shame, this costs a lot as well, I️ strongly reccomend another company. Very very disappointed in a service, they are a big company so I️ though they were reliable, turns out I️ was very wrong...they are completely useless!

Linda Perry

Crowed but still beautiful.

John Cowl, MD

My visit couldn't have been easier. I went to get photos suitable for a China visa application. Wishing 5 minutes, my phot was taken and I received photos in both the standard passport format as well as for China compliance. The price was $8.00+. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. You just can't beat that. And, the gentleman who took care of me couldn't have been more helpful.

Rob Murphy

Went to just drop off my plates. Was told it was a 90 minute wait. 90 minute wait to drop off plates!!??!! Was told I had to wait in line as if i was registering my car. Ridiculous.

Tony Perez

Mmmm I liked this is the best place to help us. .to. Renewal License end registration. .

mike par

Waiting 3 hours in a dark crime infested parking lot on a calm night without any communication is horrendous service. They do not care. A vehicle parked 3 space down from ours was serviced by AAA in 1/2 hour, disorganized and poor service. Good Sam's here I come.

George Doyle

Service for our Trip was most Rewarding. The gentleman who took my requst was very helpful, and suggested other items that we might be able to use while Traveling. Although it was a Last Minute request...he promised it would be available to Pick Up in a few was. When it was picked up, a young lady behind the counter could not have been more abliging and pleasant. All in All...everything went well, and had more than enough Info. and Maps to make the trip enjoyable, and w/out Stress!

Estelle Carroll

Didnt ave to go.out...extremly carefull worker!!Fred.gets 5.

Self Made

Quick & convenient for DMV purposes!

Gino Reyes

They should be friendlier

John Arena

Used to be a great office, over crowded now and not enough people working to accommodate all the customers, probably have a shorter wait at the DMV

John Campo Jr

Went to renew my license recently and found the experience far more pleasing than the Registry of Motor Vehicles. There was, at first, a bit of confusion as to what line to stand in, but a worker came by asking if we had all the correct paperwork and assured us that we were in the correct line.

Bryan McLane

Just started at AAA, after going through the five diamond training program. You can see first hand that AAA is not afraid to invest in and develop the people that they work with. As someone who has sat through quite a few corporate orantaions, I can honestly say AAA's five diamond training really is something special. Kevin Fish, dose an exelanct job explaining all aspects of what it it to be part of the AAA family. The energy and positivity Kevin has Is completely contagious, and his passion palpable. I would highly recomend anyone looking for an opportunity or career change to see what AAA has!!!

angel nunze

Very kind staff, attentive and friendly , made visit fast and simple

Stephan Edmond

The people working in the call center are awesome

Mi Bee

I was cancelling my father's license plates. Only stood in line about 7 minutes (4 people ahead of me). The rep was very professional and friendly even while he was training a new employee. He was very patient with her as he explained what she needed to do to complete part of my transaction. He was efficeint, pleasant and attentive. He thanked me for choosing AAA and asked if there was anything else he could assist with. Way better than visiting the State DMV.

Heather Jones

Nice employees never rude

Merrith Sabo-Jones

Robert Thrasher was so helpful! I had a rather complex problem with my membership record, which was caused by multiple events and was making it impossible to create a login account on line, plus I needed a new replacement card & to return my husband's name to the account as an associate member. His cheerful attitude and willingness to pursue things (which ultimately required the assistance of another department) is the very definition of excellent customer service.

debra k

I am an employee of AAA and it's the best automobile club in America!

Amy Flaherty

I had man named Dave train me and took me for my road test. He helped me through out practicing to point I had his voice in my head while driving so today when I went for my road-test DAVE MADE ME FEEL COMFORTABLE before the test and I passed it today. GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE! he is funny sweet guy that tests and challenged me and I'm so proud of how well I did with his help!

Pattie Heaton

I was getting ready to go on a long needed trip and realized my AAA card might not be up to date, as I couldn't find it! Rob Thrasher helped me out by sending me a temporary card so I'd have it the next day. I had called before that but the card didn't print the info, so I called back and got Rob. He stayed on the phone while I tried to print and was very patient. Then I ran out of computer paper, but he gave me all the numbers and e-mails I needed in case I couldn't print. Long story short, I was very pleased to have such great help, and he was very nice, and I was so grateful.

Mary B. Madia

Rob was very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous helped me join AAA again with the offer that was ideal for me personally.

Veronica Porter

I called in today to renew my membership, I spoke with Rob Thrasher in customer service. He was tremendously helpful and enthusiastic. He took care of my issue quickly and provided additional information about my membership benefits that is extremely helpful. He acknowledged my long standing as a member. Rob followed up with an informative email that I can use a resource. He is pleasant, helpful and has a great sense of humor. It was a pleasure calling in and working with him. I’m so happy that AAA has such great customer service representatives!

Deborah Lisi

I spoke with a lovely lady named Cheryl Silva this morning and I am very impressed at how quickly she returned my call! Very professional and helpful, she signed me up for my membership and answered all of my questions. Thank you Cheryl for your help, I appreciate you!

Bianca Hodge

One stop shop

Fred Milano

I spoke with Robert Thrasher and he was a tremendous help. He is very friendly and enthusiastic and handled my problem with great professionalism.

Bre Baker

Booked international travel (at a hefty extra cost to us despite being AAA members). Looking through all final paperwork and confirming things match online. We specifically told travel agent our full names (spelled them out) and are now finding out tickets DO NOT match our passports. Called her and the explanation was “I couldn’t log it right into the airline website when I booked you both”. Seriously???? Glad I checked now instead of being denied st the gate on my way overseas after paying hotels etc!!! Now she is “trying to rectify the problem”. Seriously with three airlines? Flights? For two people?? She did explain she was stressed that day with situations at home. Hmmm maybe she shouldn’t have come into work that day or she should have fixed the issues as she “knew about this but didn’t fix it-forgot”. ACK!!!!! If you intend to book through AAA providence give me a heads up and I will gladly Supply the name of the woman to stay far far away from!!

Danni Aldrich

I had a fabulous experience on March 7, 2015. The staff were courteous and friendly. They assisted me in completing the necessary paperwork to renew my license. I had my younger brother (5yrs old) at the time which normally promises a hellish experience. The staff were polite to both of us, suggested where I could grab a Disney brochure to entertain him as well as patient with me when I had to split my time between answering AAA questions and attending to him. Best of all it was FAST which is more than I can ever say of renewing my license at the DMV.

Rose Nonginthirath

We went into the Royal Little Drive location to renew / upgrade our AAA Membership. We were helped by Ryan and he was great. He was very knowledgeable and helped us upgrade from basic membership to a PLUS membership. He made it very easy for us to change and he made sure we understood everything completely before we left the counter.

Joseph Clinton

I spoke to a Customer Service Representative . His Name is Rob Thrasher and we were renewing a gift membership. He helped me by discussing the donor #, which would simplify my future calls and inquiries. He also discussed the new initiative for those in the age group of 13-16 years of age. I signed both of my grandchildren up. Eric is 16, going for his license and Luke is 13. He explained how the program worked and the benefits of adding them now. If I hadn't called and talked with Customer Service, I would have missed out on this great opportunity. Some people do a job and that is all it is - a job. That is not the case with Rob. His actions and dedication to his job proves that he cares a great deal about serving the customers. He was very knowledgeable and extremely professional. We live in a world where people, in general, only talk about the bad. Well, this is one of those GOOD case examples, which could be used as a training tool for the new Customer Service people. He was awesome. Please convey my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all his efforts. One more thing - it was most definitely a 5 STAR job!!

Karen Loiselle


Liz Parks

Went to the AAA headquarter on 10/12/16 and had a great experience! The line was short and the woman who assisted us, Nancy, was fabulous! She was very nice and funny. Nancy went the extra mile to help us with an additional EZ Pass issue while we were there as well. It was so much more convenient than the DMV! I definitely recommend joining AAA and taking advantage of all of the services they offer at the Providence branch.

Hrant Tatian

We are planning a trip to Lake Placid so I called AAA and requested a triptik and maps. The person I spoke to was very polite and thorough. She asked about all my needs and told me that I would receive the maps in a few days. The very next day I got an email saying that my maps were prepared and would be sent out that day. The next day I received the maps which are a great help. Very quick and efficient.

Alexandera Martinez

Rob Thrasher helped me in a time of grief after losing my mother. He was beyond considerate and made me chuckle. He went above and beyond.

Giniro Kitsine

super helpful and kind staff. Clean and tidy.

Cheryl Hawes

I raced in just before closing a couple of days before Christmas and was treated with the utmost courtesy and was not rushed or made to feel I was holding anyone up. Thank you for your continued service!

Michelle Sarao

Very unorganized. Went through a first and second interview for employment, was basically handed over a job. But then emailed a day later saying I didn't get it? Ridiculous. Im definitely better off.

Christopher Murray

Agree with most responses that the DMV is now a better option. They are understaffed for the amount of AAA customers they now have. Average wait times for DMV services is around 1.5-2 hours. I’d suggest going to the DMV , they’re certainly faster at this point. I’ve been here 90 min still 4-5 people ahead of me.

Ruth Rios

Great customer service. Love the convenience of the Saturday hours.

Karen Scott

I mainly use the AAA branch for DMV services. I was extremely pleased with the service I had last week, they were knowledgeable and did everything they could to help me with registration of my vehicle. I have found this to be consistently true over the past several years.

Nestor Llanos

Im here in RI for 4yrs my experience with AAA is excellent in renewal license and services road.

Darlien Cole

Great service, friendly employee's very knowledgeable in many fields, all around great place for travel, amusement, and auto needs

Libby Dog

Don't drive without AAA, roadside assistance, DMV services, travel planing and more

Tricia Stone

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I called because i needed a battery. I asked for pricing on the car batteries, i was told by the rude woman that they do not give quotes over the phone for a car battery. When I inquired as to why there are no prices I was told that its because the "tech" has to asses the situation, and different cars use different sizes. ( which I am well aware of) This is puzzling to me, a person can call ANYWHERE that sells batteries and find out a price as long as you know the year make and model, But AAA would rather lose a sale, & leave people out in the cold. Needless to say, i will not be purchasing my car battery though AAA. its questionable weather or not I will consider renewing my membersip

Robert Zorabedian

AAA has been by my side since I bought my first vehicle. Not only are they there when you need roadside assistance but they offer significant savings through their partnerships with many other businesses.

Joyce Myrus

RENEWED DRIVER'S LICENSE. Excellent parking, short line, very efficient and quick. Much more pleasant than state motor vehicle offices.

mike l

Conveniently located next to the highway with a friendly staff

Gary Nahabedian

Grethel was great servicing my car loan. Working with AAA staff like Grethel is a pure joy. Gary Nahabedian

Ed Weiner

I needed to replace a membership card that my daughter had lost. The telephone rep I spoke with (Rob Thrasher) was polite, help and expedient in arranging for a replacement card. He also recognized my 41 years of membership and made the experience pleasant. Instantly i had an email with a printable membership card for my daughter, and a new card was placed in the mail. Thanks Rob you made my AAA membership even more valued!!!

Gregory Elliott

The staff made it easy to plan our trip, explaining everything in detail and giving us the information we needed to make it better.

Chielle Wils

Today I arrived at AAA Providence at 12:20 and waited forever just to get a duplicate license finally at 1:45 pm, that’s absolutely ridiculous!! 12 people sitting in the DMV waiting area no one called for at least 1/2 hour, and this was a Saturday! I thought AAA was supposed to be more convenient than going to the DMV...not! Totally annoyed

Kristin Evans

I spoke with Rob Thrasher to renew my membership today. He was a true pleasure to speak with! He was very helpful, informative and all around very pleasant. You are lucky to have Rob on your staff

Barbara Nafash

Rob Thrasher was as pleasure!

John Baxter

The day was dreary and rainy, but it brightened when we got top-notch service and treatment at AAA headquarters. All answers and needs taken care of, as usual. Whenever we need anything done with registrations, we start with AAA. Usually we need go no further except out the door, contented customers!



portagee dosage

Every time I come here these guys are very professional, kind and fast thanks for not being miserable

Maria Canton

I was very satisfied with the service I received during my visit at AAA Providence Headquarters. I went there to renew my license and everything went without any inconveniences. Staff was very helpful and courteous.

Shana Ward

Robert thrasher AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! He was very professional and explained to me what the representative when I had bought my AAA account hadn't,so I am very thankful and happy with him!! Hes great! Thanks again!

Paula Habib

I am a relatively new member, (only two months). AAA is so good; I am wondering what took me so long to join. They just make everything so easy for me. Thank You AAA.

Kiara Mcclain

Bad experience paid $430 insurance and with roadside assistance. Got a flat a acouple weeks back called AAA and wasn't even on the policy when I have copies but still denied. Then tried to cancel my contract due to paperless on email completed that and then cancelled my contract because someone just got a permit under the same address in which I live in a apt complex so multiple people have the same address just different apt numbers. Mailed the check $170(which got stolen) instead if direct deposit back in my card smh talked to underlying and didn't resolve anything .Business is friendly and smooth and the staff is excellent. Like the whole dmv thing going on also but Policy and customer care phone wise is trash I'm highly upset and very disappointed. I didn't resolve or get to keep my insurance I was basically kicked out through emails and for no actual reason like missed payments or something really reasonable...

Chrisonthia All Things Glam

“BEWARE”!!! CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIPS!!! You have entered the NEW/ OLD DMV of Providence’s past!!! TWO COMPUTERS TO HANDLES HUNDREDS of members!!! Be prepared to wait THREE LONG hours just for a license renewal that at one time took 10 minutes. I nearly had a meltdown. As a member of AAA for over 30 years I was in tears! Had I not needed this renewal and knew this joint was lax and outdated space no longer services members like in past years. I feel bad for the workers who have limited computer access and hope they receive the same benefits as a state worker because the amount of people FLOODED into this cramped confusing space really sucks!!! I won’t ever go back AND AM NO LONGER CONTINUING MY MEMBERSHIP!!! Just go to the DMV IN CRANSTON- way faster!!!!

robert duquette

I recently went to the Triple A Headquarters in Providence to renew my drivers license. The experience far exceeded my expectations. I was greeted by a friendly director and sent to the counter to renew my license. The customer service person, Rosa, was courteous, efficient, knowledgeable and fast. I was out in no time with a temporary license and just this service alone has convinced me that being able to have DMV services far outweighs the cost of my dues. Keep up the good work!

Christopher O'Hare

Very fast service and great customer service when renewing your license. So much better than doing it in Satan's Den or, as you may know it, the DMV.

Krystle Veneice

I used AAA services to renew my vehicle registration. They must have been understaffed because the lines started to pile up and the paced seemed to slow after I came in. The women behind the counter were so nice and despite some angry comments from a select few impatient patrons, these lady's demeanor never wavered. NOT ONCE!. The were so nice and helpful, and willing to work with you. I'd take it over the actual DMV anyday! Alyssa the branch manager is an angel!

Boris Z

The slowest customer service I ever encounter they waist so much valuable time . It feels like they don’t respect people time. The funny thing is they do it with a smile. I think someone should check what is going on there like a surprise check up out side company.

Allen bear

I love this place for all my registry needs im so happy i am a member

Jenn B

Terrible service, longest I've waited at any DMV. 9 months pregnant with a wait time estimate of 1.5 hour for a copy of a registration. It's been an hour and there are 6 people still ahead from me.. terrible, terrible service, a copy of a paper shouldn't take this long.

Lorelei J

It was very easy and quick to renew my registration and pick up movie tickets staff was very friendly!!!

Cristian Torres

Came in to get a license duplicate and Michelle was very friendly and informative.

Jose Alvira

Robert Thrasher very professional guy, very clear on helping me. Thank you AAA, you have good employees working on the phones.

Michael Pateman

great service !

Neisha Lopez

I've been on hold for over 40 minutes waiting for someone to answer the phone because I have a question about getting an ID. I will say my experience in person has always been good with great customer service but I think it's a bit much to leave someone on hold for 40 minutes.

Neal Costigan

I utilized AAA for a RI Registry of Motor Vehicles transaction. My experience was a very positive one. The personnel was friendly and helpful.

Marilyn Sullivan

Rob is awesome I wish I had 10 stars and more

Miriam Alvarado

Great and fast customer service, everyone was very pleasant

jason simonson

Very simple and easy to do stuff there than go to the dmv


I visited the Triple A Headquarters in Providence to renew my drivers license. Never visiting this branch to get my license before I was pleasantly surprised. The greeter behind the desk was super courteous and very friendly. Once sent to the counter I was greeted by Annette the customer service person who guided me through the process. She was extremely courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I don't think the whole process took more than 10 minutes. The powers to be at AAA should be extremely proud of their customer service people. I never imagined saying that "it was a pleasure to renew my license".

Peter Carnevale

Best AAA ever! From insurance, travel planning, registry services, currency exchange movie and park discounts and passport photos. The AAA Northeast Headquarters has it all! See the website for employment opportunities on and off the road.

waseem mutair

fast easy .customer over satisfied .never I say sorry for joining AAA thanks for every one

Michael Herman

Recently I stopped at the AAA Providence Headquarters and asked a clerk to help and get me some information on Woodstock, VT. I needed it for the planned trip to this area. A clerk was very polite and offered me a Took book and maps on Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. This literature was very helpful and I used it during the trip. Thanks for the help.

Dave Eizik

Rob Thrasher was a great help

Jay Hewitt

Horrible experience. Family gathering to go on a cruise in April, 3 rooms booked. Sent final payment (cashiers check) to Providence AAA, from Providence post office 2.3 miles away. 10 days later they were going to cancel our three rooms because they couldn't find our payment. I had to get another $5,000 to pay them a second time just to keep our rooms. Showing the cashiers check stubs and the date sent was not good enough. I asked what they could do to minimize my horrible experience, they said nothing, they blamed it on the post office. I have been a AAA member for over 30 years, that's how they treat long time customers.

Nancy Johnson

We pay triple AAA just to avoid the hassle of going to the dmv, this location turned into exactly the same thing, there is no difference. They used to be good at handling dmv transactions because the maximum waiting time used to be 15 minutes and you were out, there was no sitting down having to wait. Now they completely changed the layout and process, you have to wait in a long line just to be told to sit down and wait at least an hour so they can help you with your transaction. They have 2 tellers who take their sweet time to call up person by person, we had to wait over an hour for a 10 minute transaction.


Service was courteous and speedy probably due to under crowdedness. Got what I wanted and was out in less than 10 minutes. I hope others can receive the same service at all times. Keep up the good service.

Sean Leonard

Great service with Robert Thrasher! I feel more safe on the road now.

Donna Perrotta

After arriving on the day before Christmas Eve I took my turn in a long line to buy movie tickets. However, the employees were fast, efficient and friendly too. This AAA has always been a great experience - I also recently inadvertently allowed my registration to expire and they were equally efficient - much more pleasant than the RIDMV! Thanks AAA! Happy New Year!

Oscar Mejias

I went to AAA to renew my vehicle registration.The lady who attended me was very nice and attentive. Excellent Service in a very short time. I highly recommend AAA !!!. Thanks


Rob Thrasher was very knowledgeable about the products and services I was interested in. And very helpful in setting up my membership. Thanks Rob!

nicole poppington

Rob T. Was amazing and very helpful.

Robert Jackson

I have been to the AAA Headquarters in Providence twice in the last month. I was truly very pleased with the service. Once I went for my license. They were so efficient in seeing that that procedure was done quickly and efficiently. Next, I went for my registration renewal. Between the time we went in and returned to our car, barely 20 minutes had passed. As the saying goes, "who could ask for anything more". Thank you all at that site. I see Robert Jackson's name on this account but I was actually the recipient of this service. My name is Jeannine M. Jackson.

Karen Rand Anderson

Terrific and friendly service... the best experience I've ever had getting and renewing a driver's license. Quick and painless! And the environment and venue is beautiful, clean and pleasant.

Thomas Gaetano Jr

Not a very long wait, if your a AAA member you can get license service like duplicates and renewals. I had a good experience, the staff was helpful and patient.

Michael Collins

This is the best customer service and experience I've had recently. I signed up for AAA and had my license/reg updated. Fantastic, talented staff here!

Stephanie Nadeau

Slowest customer service on the planet. No communication. Was there to buy cinema tickets and waited 24 minutes because instead of alternating between dmv and membership lanes. The rep took 2 dmv people prior to me. Just a heads up you will have a long wait for even the most simple requests.

Bonnie Montgomery

I phoned and spoke to Rob and he was very helpful and friendly. All of my questions were answered in terms I could understand. Bonnie Montgomery

Lyn Spinella

It's always a pleasure stopping in at the Silver Spring Street AAA. I needed passport photos taken and it was quick, easy and everyone there was very pleasant. I got waited on right away even though the DMV section was extremely busy. I appreciate the courteous service!

Gerry Fontaine

I was very disappointed when I went to renew my registration. I have been a member a long time and I probably will not renew my membership next year. I had to stand in a long line of people, most who were not a member because AAA decided to help the state with their ongoing problems at the DMV. AAA should have had two lines, one for their AAA members who pay for the services and one for those who were not members. Customer service was not in the best interest of their customers for sure!!

Lori Horlink

Rob Thrasher was awesome! He was more than helpful and went beyond just answering my questions. He is someone I would hire! Give the man a raise.

laveatter rankin

Got movie passes

Danny J

Best place in america

Prov Sec

Excellent! I was in and out in a few minutes because there was only one person ahead of me in line.

Tom Hale

I recently visited the AAA office to renew my License, my wait time was only 10minutes. The associates were courteous and helpful.

George Sylvia

Quick service took great care of me

yvan allie

Good place for licence renewal if you have aaa

Ronda Hartke

AAA is the worst, they just want your money people!!!! They have no loyalty to their customers or employees, typical corporate structure in that the guys at the top make good money to do nothing and all the people who work hard and get their hands dirty get paid in peanuts... DONT GIVE THIS CORPORATE GIANT YOUR MONEY, they dont care about you!

Amy Parrish

Rob Thrasher solved a problem I have been having for a long time concerning my Sprint & AAA discount very efficiently today. My son's card was renewed in no time. Very Satisfied. Thank you.

Christine Odessa Sallum PhD

Arrived after close. Security was very curt and rude. Left a very bad impression.

Madlin Severino

Took care of renewing my car registration and AAA membership in less than 10 minutes. The attendant was great and very helpful. Luckily we were eligible for upgrade with AAA so took advantage of it as well. In four years with AAA have never had a bad experience.

Fred Mcguire

Today I call AAA to up-grade my membership to 'Premier' level and Robert took care of everything in a polite, efficient and professional manner. It was a pleasure working with him.

Rosie DeOliveira

I wouldn't recommend going there to do any DMV related transactions. I thought the DMV was slow, but this location takes the cake. I have gone twice in two days. On the first day, I waited 30 minutes just to check in. I eventually left before I could check in. There were six people in front of me still waiting to get checked in as well. In the 30 minutes I was waiting, the line hadn't moved once. At that rate, I would've been in the check in line for another 30 minutes. On day two, check in was under five minutes. The woman at the counter told me the wait would be 30 minutes, and asked me if I wanted to wait. I told her I was okay with that. I waited over an hour before leaving. The two women who run the DMV services counters need to pick up the pace a tad bit. In the hour I waited, between the two of them they might've helped 5 people the most. AAA is suppose to be quicker then the DMV, it doesn't seem like it. Considering this is my first time being a AAA member, both the experiences have left a bad taste. Hopefully, not all the locations are like this.

Google Account user

I called for service at 3pm and it’s almost 5pm, the truck is a no show. Had to call someone else.

David Thompson

You pay for membership, yet get a busy signal over and over when trying to get roadside assistance. If you use the web (if you have internet access), you'll be waiting for four hours or more. And when they do show up, it'll be for the wrong service.

Paul Brockway

I must admit , my AAA customer service representative was TOP notch. Very informative and knowledgeable. Very personable and truly a pleasure to talk with. Made my experience of renewing my membership a breeze. Thank you Rob T. for your assistance.

Kathleen Hall

Rob was very polite and helpful. I would give him an A+ for customer service!

Barrett Hazeltine

Very helpful and considerate staff person. No lines. My wife had an opportunity to buy some maps. Excellent experience

Janet Hirschhorn

Spoke with Rob Thrasher, he helped me get a refund for stopping a membership at one address and transferring it to another address. Personable, understanding, got the job done.

Stephen Platkin

The Customer Service was totally cool on my visit to AAA. She was very pleasant and laid back and fun to interact with. She had a lot of knowledge and was eager to go out of her way to help me. I enjoyed the visit and the fantastic customer service.

Diny Dieujuste

Rob Thrasher did a great job handling my call.

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