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REVIEWS OF Pittsburgh International Race Complex IN Pennsylvania

Bogdan Kovalov


Ran at the SCCA Match Tour today. What a great, well kept place! The cleanliness was impressive and it is in a beautiful location. The karts were silly fun. I unfortunately lost my keys on the karting track and the lead attendant helped me find them and another work helped look as well even though they were closing. The same attendant stuck around while we tried to get the pieces of the FOB working and refused me gifting him some cash for a thank you dinner.

Mike Hallo

We did the Kart racing for a bachelor party. We only did one session but it was a lot of fun. The attendants were helpful, and they seem to have some decent equipment. The one issue I have, and its probably a safety issue more than anything is i'm a bigger guy (5'10 about 290) and a friend of mine is bigger as well, (6'0 about 245) although he's more muscle. The seats in the Kart were very very very tight, almost too tight to move (probably the point lol). Also the jackets there run small. I typically wear a 2x hoody, and a 3x motorcycle jacket, however here with racing jackets I had to get a 4x (lagest size available). All in all it was very fun, but if you are more than a 46" waist in Jeans, you might want to reconsider because I just barely made the cut lol.

Jeremy Boysen

Super clean and modern facilities when compared to other tracks it’s size. You can tell they take pride in the place. Great staff as well.

Mike H

First time at this facility and it is top notch. We had a blast racing the karts and the pricing was fair. I've told everyone about it and can't wait to go back. However, it was not organized. We showed up at 11:30 to start karting at 12:00 when they opened. Several other small groups of people were waiting as well. Not a single kart was at the start until 11:52 and there was one guy bringing them out. He'd have to walk approximately 50yds to get another kart. Eventually a little kid was helping him and they seemed to be having a great time driving the karts to the start and casually walking back having quite a few laughs as more people were wondering what was going on. It was past noon. When we finally got to check in we we're told we only had time for one 10 minute session because there was a group. We only had time for one session because of the lack of organization, not because there was a group. I was there to treat my cousins, who were visiting from Maryland, to a great time. We were disappointed with the staff's lack of organization and lack of customer service skills. But we loved the actual was a blast for :10. Make karting an experience! It's exciting, thrilling, and invigorating. You should have people who understand that and communicate that to your visitors. Hire someone that has some experience in customer service and have the first session on the track at noon.

B Kripto

Drag racing, go-carts & practice tracks. GREAT for fun in a controlled environment & closed track. PROS.

Bill Sorochman

Fantastic place to have fun. take your own car on the track and you will not be disappointed!

Don Black

Justin Middleton

There was only 4 people racing at a time and about 20 waiting. After sitting around waiting for 1.5 hours after our online scheduled time, we finally were able to race. We had two times scheduled and when we were next for our second race we got told that we had to wait longer because another group's reservation time was now. Where was that sense of urgency when we were waiting for out first race? The staff provided no direction to those waiting, only let a few people go at once rather than combining groups and of course there was no drinks left in their vending machine while we waited. It would have been a good experience but we were so frustrated with how it was being organized that i did not enjoy it and will not be back. Dont bother making an online reservation because they don't matter.

Alex Petrakis

Beautiful race course.

Ryan Carson

I hate to say it but pea gravel would probably help a bunch in T1 there if there are no other options. Either way I am sure they owners will put a good effort into making it safer. Last weekend was a good smoke test for them. Everything went pretty damn smooth there for their first try at a sizable event. Our group was asked multiple times throughout the weekend if we needed a ride or wanted them to haul our stuff to or from our truck by the owners. They called in more food vendors for Sunday after seeing the lines on Saturday. I cant say enough good about the place at this point. It is very refreshing to see compared to what we are use to seeing at most of the other tracks at this point. This is an awesome summation of the weekend. The PIRC owners killed it, especially with it being the first event. It'll be much better when that timing tower is finished, which is a shame because it seemed as though everything else was pretty much done. Regardless, it was a great turnout, and not crazy like I originally thought coming in and out (one 2 lane road). Although minimal, I was most impressed with the calling of food trucks for Sunday because the lines were so long, and the vendor(s) ran out of food.... great decision on the owners part, even though the lines were still long lol. Everything was clean, the trash was collected so there wasn't any gross overflow; all in all, an awesome event and outcome. If I had to say some improvements for conversation's sake, obviously a gravel trap would do wonders in T1, but also the seating needs to be improved. We are all pretty much confined to 2 hill sides, with only 1 big screen further down after T2 (but you can barely see T1 from there, if at all). I think if they were somehow able to put some seating in the infield to get different views of the track such as on the hillside above T1, or in between the track coming from T6-T7 (back straight to the start of the esses), and some on the downhill of the North Track, it would be even more top notch. Overall, the MotoAmerica event was a HUGE success and the owners are doing a spectacular job with the facility. Keep it up.

Kendall Palmer

Professional crew members, well maintained karts and a fantastic .82 mile track! Nice facilities and plenty of parking. Looking forward to going back to rides the karts again.

Justin Usselman

Mike Montague

This track is amazing! Everything from the layout of the track, elevation changes, condition of the track, flaggers, gate workers, and even more are at the absolute best for an all around motorsports experience. I raced all weekend and it could very well be my favorite track now. I hope we will be back many times!

C. J. Sylak, Jr.

The new South Track, opened today, is a real thrill. Following natural terrain, the track includes valleys and turns that provide an exciting challenge.

randy scialabba

Awesome employees! Amazing apmoshere! Love going and watching anything that races on any track.

Noah Douglas

Track is clean, and has 90 ethanol free, and 110 octane ready for use. Staff is very friendly.

Doug Miller


Wilmer Zimmerman

Great track. Very nice facility.

Todd Crispino

I was there yesterday for TNiA. First time at this facility. Very clean and the property was well maintained. Everyone was pleasant to talk with and polite. I would highly recommend giving them a try. The track was exciting to drive on(first timer) for me and was worth the investment.

G Kochanski

Karting gives an amazing sensation of speed because you're so close to the ground. Seems to be a friendly place. Great fun.

Jordan Williams

Chris Mang

Went to celebrate my birthday, scheduled two afternoon sessions with start times 24 minutes apart from one another. Our group of 5 waited over an hour and twenty minutes past our scheduled start time for the first race to begin. Prior to our second race, another group was bumped ahead of us because "we had already went once". I've been to pittrace before for other events and this is the first negative experience I've had. Their facilities are modern and clean. Their go-kart operation leaves much to be desired. Very inefficient and somewhat aloof staff. Word to the wise, call before attending to see how far behind they are so you don't waste an afternoon.

Bryan B. McQuaid

Jeff Blewitt

Went for an arrive and drive/learn how to drive with my 5 year old. The Karting director Mike made it an awesome experience for my son and the rest of the family. He was very patient and helpful with getting the boy into the world of karting.

Eric Dobson

Brett Zavodney

Great track, nice flow of corners. I got to race on it after it had been freshly resurfaced!

Red Shoe

What an awesome facility!! We were just there for the Chumpcar weekend. Lots of pavement. Clean, modern bathrooms. And from what our drivers said, a challenging track. Some pretty good site lines around the place too, from what I heard.

Vince Canino

What's the point of an online reservation if the track doesn't honor it? The karts are fun but the operations are run by high school age kids with no supervision. We raced an hour and a half after our reservation time. You guys need to improve your operational efficiency. We will not be coming back.

Mike Kauffman

Great staff and karting... will definitely be back!!! Wish we had more time

Rocco Robbins

Nice Facility , unfortunately the unfair and capricious enforcement of rules for the Karting program leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe they should invest in a video system where the races could be reviewed properly. Hopefully by independent persons and not friends of the participants.

Colin Kleer

Great facility!!!!! A+++++

Chad L.

Nice facilities and well kept track. The staff was very friendly and helpful even to a first time driver like me.The rental PPE was in decent shape with the exception of the helmet visors being pretty scratched up on some units. The karts seemed to be in decent shape. Normal wear and tear, but the tires were in excellent shape offering nice grip and control. I don't think the website was lying about the speed these are capable of. They are quick! Not you're average kiddy kart for sure. After two sessions I was able to take first place in my field. I had a blast and will be coming back anytime I'm in the area again. I would definitely recommend visiting for a great few hours of fun!

Tan Bun bun

Rob Beno

New owners are really turning this place around. Track is small right now but they are upgrading it to nearly twice the size with some nice features. Banquet facility,garages, and bathrooms are top notch. Very clean and nice hot water to wash your hands with in the bathrooms. Very easy to get to.I haven't done any karting here but it has a very big track and looks challenging and always busy. Large amounts of parking and getting better everytime I go back. Looking forward to it becoming on of my local spots to race.

Ian Leonard

Good place for group events.

Grant Buzard

Matt Anderson

Go here! It has so many options for everyone. Have kids - gokarts! Older kid (ie me) learn how to race / become a better driver. The facilities are updated and kept clean, the tracks are maintained, and the people working there are easy to talk to.

roger julien

Attended motoamerica super bike races.awesome facility! Great racing! Looking forward to 2019 event


Great place to watch races! All the staff is always friendly! Clean restrooms!

Toxic Lows

Zackery Douglas

Once you're there, it's pretty great; but it could use more signage guiding you from the main road.

John Croyle

Working really hard at being a 5 star track. They show integrity, loyalty and trust, equally.

Forrest Boyer

Came here for a Motorcycle training event and was very impressed. The track was amazing. Good mix of turns and the elevations changes really add another dimension to the track. All the corner workers and safety staff were professional and efficient. The main class room area was rather large and the A/c was very appreciated.

George Benes

Jake Witter

Bill Balbo

We have enjoyed motorcycle track day events here for many years. This is a great facility , always top notch. All the staff here is amazing. Thanks.

Ray Bartholow

Decent track. New facilities. New track is on the way. Love this place.

Scott Kreutz

Zeb Dawson

Great complex, I've taken several driving courses here, good instructors.

Matthew Huffman

Beautiful area, exciting track, nice facilities

Jon Vosko

Luis Martinez

Roscoe Moore

Near to my house

Ed Wahl

Never went there

Mitchell M

Awesome facility! We were last here for karting and we were impressed with how well kept the track and the karts were. Good price for the amount of karting you get to do as well.

Eric Robinson

Chris Joseph

We go here several times a year for an amazing go-carting experience.

Angela Carducci

Came here for a private supercars event with Xtreme Xperience. Have to admit I had no idea we had this great road track in our own backyard!

Alicia Edmonds

I've been to pitt a few times before this current time. I enjoy go Karting so most go kart tracks I have fun at. I also have experience working at a go kart track, so I know how things should be handled. The lack of customer service and the lack of efficiency between races stand out big time at pitt. We waited 20 mins or so between each race (while no other race was even going) and it wasn't even busy. Also no one told us when our races would be or gave us any information at all, thank god I know how to drive a go kart. My friends and I got three races, my one friends Kart for his second race kept going back and fourth with speed during the race and he didn't know why so he pulled in to the pit early and the workers said he was out of gas, yet they didn't put him in another kart or add time to the race or even put him in another race when clearly it was there fault they didn't check that the kart needed more gas BEFORE the race even started. So a waste of a race right there and horrible customer service. I saw a lot of the workers on there phone and not even paying attention! My two friends came to pitt to participate in the TWO hour endurance race, I just came to race before and watch them in the enduro. When the event was about to start they announced that the practice/Qualify races would begin and whatever time was left after those races would be the time for the enduro. Didn't they pay for a TWO hour enduro race? My two friends were in the same practice race which was the last one, my one friends Kart during the race was noticeably horrible. He usually runs 77-78 secs lap times but he was running 86 secs for the practice race and he was getting passed on the straight away. It was obvious if someone was playing attention to the race. I proceeded to say something to one of the workers that looked like a manager and told them about the kart and just his previous races that were horrible too. He said "Its the luck of the draw"... so when my friend usually is running 77-78 secs and is in last place and getting a 86 at best you think that's okay??? When there are spare karts in the pit to use!!! That's horrible customer service!!! He didn't have one good race at pitt! and paid $60 for three races and $240 for a less than an hour enduro! While they were driving in their practice race they had a drivers meeting to go over the rules! So all they people on track did not hear ANY of the rules for the less than an hour race! It was all just a mess! When it was posted that it was a TWO hour enduro so therefore it was a scam! Oh but wait there is more! The final results showed that my friends team got fourth place and whoever beat Autointerests team would get $50. The Autointetests team got 12th place! Yet they changed the results and made it say that they finished fourth place! It was all just a joke and a waste of money. I do not recommend going there! There are better go kart tracks to go to that know what they are doing!

Bryce Budd

I attended a 2 day HPDE event with HOD here. 3 mile track is in amazing condition. Turns 5, 12 & 17 are challenging & fun corners. The esses are super fun with plenty of track out space. The rest of the track flattens out nicely with the correct line & is as fast as you want to go. Late apexes abound here. Paddock is spacious with plenty of grass areas for popup tents & picnic tables are provided. 1 mile Karting track is also the best I've ever seen. Also ran auto-cross events while I was there. Looks like a nice place for that too. Facilities are clean. Lots of garage space. Highly recommended.

Mark Fisher

Annual karting event for us. New karts and new engines for 2017! Awesome staff!! Always a great time.


Alex Meiter

Jeanie R

First time visit..last time visit. Individual Kart rentals are last in order to get on the track. You pay your $21 for one ten minute session and wait for your slot. We waited nearly an hour. When the kart practice sessions are taking place the kids slowly get to the track and you wait some more. When we finally got to get on the track, one person in our party ran out of gas before completing one lap. They gave him a second kart that it's steering column broke right before a big turn and he nearly wrecked into a wall - fortunately he had some experience on motorized vehicles and saved himself. If it was a kid - a serious situation would have unfolded. The karts are also hard to steer. Save your $ - not a safe or fun experience.

Sallie Thompson

Worst race track ever when it comes to kart racing! The race director is unqualified to run anything - especially a kart race. Makes poor calls and gives favoritism to competitors who provide sponsorship to the track - extremely rude when dealing with employees and participants. The owners have done a great job in remodeling the track - but have a lot of work to do when it comes to those they put in charge of it. If your looking for a great place to race - this isn't it .

Miles Eston

Hey cant make em all happy. .. kids getting hurt? Something serious? whatever, the track is awesome the kart track is awesome and the people there are awesome. Mike the mechanic and Martin are great guys who go out of their way to help you no matter how much work they have. Jeanie karts are hard to turn if your 350lbs and grievously wimpy

Emely Carmona

Ben Swears

Great track... lots of options. New pavement nearly ready. Going to be a great season.

Julie Sukey

We've been coming to this track for years for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Historics race. We stay on-site for the weekend and greatly appreciate the clean and air conditioned restrooms! What a beautiful track for spectators and great for the racers, especially since the expansion a few years back. Kudos to the owners, staff, and volunteers!

Shane Gorski

Racing lovers everywhere. Drop whatever is in your hands, this instant, and go to Pitt Race. The new full course is absolutely fantastic and the facilities are some of the best I've seen. It's really great to see the new owners investing and caring about a special place like this as race fans everywhere are going to want to come.

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