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This Driving School corresponds to the category of English language school.

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REVIEWS OF FLS International: Chestnut Hill College IN Pennsylvania

علي محمد

This Chestnut Hill College is very good for me,,

Denis Okema

My first impression was the beautiful campus, and then the staff are so friendly. I just graduated from their school of graduate studies with Ms. Administration of Human Services. The program gave me the confidence I was looking for as a professional preparing for leadership roles in an ever changing professional environment. The small classes made the learning experience intimate, and a good networking opportunity since I always knew all my class mates.

billy haze

Chris Hess, J.D.

Fidela Pena

ayman raddah

Rich Dickason

Bernardvictor Iove

I do not know where to start. When you try to transfer there do not expect a response before 2 weeks. When you call do not expect them to pickup. Honestly, students know more than the staff what to do in the school. Nobody in the staff does care about helping students. They are paid for doing one thing and they wont even try to do something else( they dont like to work much). I went there to play sports( athletic scolarship) the transfer was a pain in the ass because they did not know what needed to be done. Then on top of that, the NCAA representent (denise) did not contact the NCAA even if me and my coach insisted for her to just give a call. So i lost my eligibility. A lot of time and money. Trust me do not GO THERE!


There are so many experience you can feel only here. Learn real English from kind teachers and conversation with various friends. And you can spend time with real american college students. In class teachers prepare good system to join conversation and have fun. Not only English you can learn here. You can feel real diversify of culture. That is worth thing especially in today's international society. In addition they have good facility for fitness and sports. Afterschool they have interesting activity such a trip to Museum of arts and city tour. One day I went Dorney park with my classmate as school activity. That is my precious memory.I can recommend here from bottom of my heart.

Char Cole

Tuition is entirely to high and not affordable. Some of the teachers in the accelerated program have credentials but not the ability to teach and administer there subject. This is another institution that only cares about money...

Tony Lamberto

Josue Bazongo

Mohanad AJ

The best college I studied in my life.

Tip K.

Waste money with this college. FLS,you should believe that i were one of exchange student. You don't just copy past the message to every one star review. The tuition fee was expensive. It might because of beautiful building. No AC in the classroom! The class in afternoon someday only let students watch the show and no activity after watch the show at all!! How come I could improve my English. I can watch the show at home! Also the books might be very old style. Teaching idioms or words which not even use in these days anymore!!


"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand". Vince Lombardi.

Eric Marcinka


Candice Paul

Gordon Green

Funai Wimberly


Ella Lalwani

Nae_ Brown

gabby fanfarillo

Tom Campbell

سعيد سالم


Onya Croxton

Loved my time here, graduated in 2010....

Sabrina Steelandt

A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME ! My daughter told me that after 1 week she did almost have no classes for conversation, her primary goal for coming to FLS. She essentially did literature,... She asked the teacher about this but he said it's not possible to have more conversation lessons ?? Before subscribing we specifically insisted on a program with ONLY converstation because she has enough theory/grammar/vocabulary in her classes here in her own country. What she really needs and lacks is conversation, even simple things. She wants to become more fluid in her dialogue. VACATION ENGLISH PROGRAM is sold as : a program that places an exceptional emphasis on speaking promising students will practice speaking skills frequently in class. (see website) So it seemed perfect for us but it was not ! I contacted the Operations Manager/Center Director at Chestnut hill but nothing was done to make improvements or changes. If you are looking for conversation skills, don't go to FLS !

Brandi Anderson

Tyler Davis

Christine Herbst

I transferred to Chestnut Hill College from the Community College of Philadelphia and received my bachelor of science in chemistry back in 2002. My professors and the adminstrators were helpful, well educated, and always there for their students. When I decided to become a teacher, I looked into many colleges and found Chestnut Hill to be the most accommodating and affordable. While taking classes to become a certified chemistry teacher, I was raising a family and working at the same time. My professors were understanding and very caring. I recommend CHC to anyone who wants to get an excellent education in a small school within a close-knit community.

Shovkat Ibragimov

علو ع

Of the most beautiful places in Philadelphia

Mar Cossio Agueros

Thomas B. Smith

Cool, relaxed atmosphere. However, they are not on the level of the other colleges in the area. Good Catholic schools in phila area: Villanova, La Salle, St.joseph's. Good non-catholic schools (4 year)in philly: Upenn, Drexel, Temple. Chestnut Hill does not standout in the crowd of philly area colleges. They are too similar to Cabrini and Rosemont. How are they different from Cabrini and Rosemont? Most of the stories that make the news about CHC is negative (firing a gay professor, treating black students different, professors & students killing themselves on campus, etc). All of those stories made the news in the last few years. I'm sure the school is a positive experience for some, but the media does not portray it that way. The media favor the good colleges i listed in the beginning. Chestnut Hill is just a replica of two other struggling colleges, Cabrini and Rosemont. All 3 of these colleges are struggling because they have a hard time establishing their identity and uniqueness in this market.

Janelle Leo

Shane Pitts


Not good to learn English

Tom Cassidy

I took my daughter to look at colleges today. We stopped first at Villanova, awesome school great virtual tour. Everyone was very nice. Second stop was Chestnut Hill. Started walking around to take a look. Went in the library and explained to the receptionist that we were just there to look around the school. She mumbled at us and looked back down at whatever she was doing. Next we decided to go in tothe student center. We were greeted by a security guard who said, “you can’t go up there”. I told him we were just looking at the school and asked him if it would be ok to walk around outside. He was a total weirdo and he said if I told him the meaning of life he would let us go upstairs. Of course my meaning of life was nothing like his and he told us to leave. My daughter and I got in the car and headed for home. We spent an hour and a half at Villanova. They even gave us a free lunch! My oldest daughter is at Duquesne. Ten times nicer school than CHC and less money. I was sorry to read Wolf gave a 1M$ grant to CHC a waste of our tax dollars in my opinion.

Yang Zheng

Gail Black

Mo Al asmari

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