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REVIEWS OF Driving In A New America, Inc. D.I.A.N.A. IN Pennsylvania

Scott Pino

My daughter needed to get some time behind the wheel to get her license. Fred was FANTASTIC!! Not only did he make her feel comfortable, he provided her with a variety of experience from highway, to town, to Interstate driving, turning, lane-changing and even made her comfortable enough with parallel parking that she passed her test on the first try!! One of the best things about working with Fred was that after every lesson, he made sure he stopped in to talk to us about how she did, what she did well with and what she could use some additional practice with. Scheduling was easy and convenient, and everything about working to get the time in was convenient and efficient. WOULD RECOMMEND THESE FOLKS TO ANYONE LEARNING TO DRIVE!!!!

Jacqulyn Dimeo

Absolutely one of the best investments my husband and I made for both of our sons! We had used D.I.A.N.A. driving school 5 years ago for our older son and were so impressed, we enrolled our second son this year. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Kevin runs a top notch organization. Can't say enough kind words regarding Driver Instructor, Fred. He is so knowledgeable, kind, prompt, and impressively calm. Both of our sons passed their driving test the first time. Teaching driver safety is of the upmost importance to them and it shows in both of our sons driving. There is nothing more important than the safety of your children. Money well spent!!

Rachel Hill

Fred was an amazing teacher! Very helpful and patient. I passed the first time!

Laurie Little

After moving about three times in one year, I found myself in a situation where it was hard to try to learn driving on spare free time, with barely an opportunity to do so when given. Luckily though, after doing my research, I happened to stumble across D.I.A.N.A, where I was given a great experience as a student, and learned a lot from Kelli (my driving instructor assigned to me) as I finally became more comfortable on the road. Throughout it, I had developed better driving instincts. Kelli was more than just helpful, she was kind, and we even had some great laughs together. Today was my last appointment, and I'm proud to say I'm a licensed driver thanks to her!


I had an excellent time learning how to drive, and I passed on my first try. My instructor Fred was very nice and was very understanding when I first started and showed me how to drive on a very good level. I'm glad I got help from him through driving in a new America and I'm very pleased with my experience.

Jacob Willard

Fred was my driver, and he was incredibly patient and kind. He helped me learn without making me nervous, and now I have my license after all these years. Totally worth it. Supportive, helpful, understanding, effective.

Sue Turgeon

I would highly recommend DIANA School of Driving! I just had my second child get her license through this school and both of my children passed their driving test on the first time! The driving instructor my children had (Fred) was so patient and kind. He prepared both of them thoroughly so they knew what to expect on their driving test and how to be a safe driver in general. Kevin was great and answered all of my initial questions and returned any phone calls promptly - Give this school a try - you won't be sorry!

Michael Loft

Would definitely do it again. Fred was an amazing teacher. Plus got my license on the first try. Would definitely recommend it.

Daniel Klapper

I enjoyed every part of DIANA school. I felt more than ready for diving safely on the road and for my driver's license test. His goal for me to pass on the first try with a perfect score was accomplished, and I drive with his teachings to guide me. I would recommend this school to anyone and everyone who wishes to drive safely and who wishes to learn how to drive. Thanks DIANA school, and a specific thanks to Kevin Lunz for his BTW 6 hour driving course!

Gideon hillebrand

I had Fred as my driving instructor and i passes my test at butler with ease. He taught me everything I needed to know and more while still having a great personality; we had a fair share of laughs in our 8ish ours together. Overall, Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

cyndijo harmon

My two boys have had driving lessons through DIANA. Can't say enough about this organization! I've always had our children drive on their permits for 11 months and then go through this course. I am so much more confident in their driving abilities after completing DIANA. Excellent organization!

Sarah Cox

Was a great experience and definitely helped me pass the drivers test! Thanks to Fred for helping me get my license!

Andrew Morales

I would definitly recommend D.I.A.N.A to those who have little experience driving or no experience.This school believed in me when family and people who volunteered to teach me backed out at the last min when I got my permit..I was very upset when I had no one to teach me..People also thought I was crazy to pay $1070.00 for 16.5 hours..I chose that one with the most hours cause I didn't have that much experience.My first day was very great Fred (My instructor) had me driving on back roads then slowly blended me into the major streets with other cars beside me without me even being scared.I was amazed cause I usually get nervous.After warming up BTW (behind the wheel) and driving a for a few hours I felt good..My second day Fred had me on little highways and doing laps going towards to Shanango Pennsylvania.Then he blended me slowly into a busy freeway 79.I felt like I had been driving for years.I felt confident being on the freeway. My third Day we practice parallel parking and rehearsal courses for what Penndot will be expecting.Fourth day We practice the same again.My last day was a great day to go on a excursion to Pittsburgh.Loved it..We finally got together for the last hour in half of practicing Then I took my exam..I only made one mistake during my test..But got it through!!! If you are looking to get your moneys worth,Come to D.I.A.N.A. And Thank you Fred Tritts for teaching and always staying patient.I learn the best defense techniques and staying safe it been a honor.Kevin Lens Thank you to for giving the best school in Butler PA area..

Lauralee Schweinsberg

I highly recommend taking driving lessons especially if you are an inexperienced driver. They are extremely helpful in showing you all the techniques and skills of being a good and safe driver. They, also, show you how to do the courses taking on the actually test. The gentleman that taught me was nice, patient, and thoughtful throughout the lessons. I would seriously think about schedule lessons for your own good!!! Thanks guys for making my driving experience well taught and educational!!

Donald Wallace

We couldn't be happier with our daughters instructor, Fred, he was amazing! He not only taught our the skills she needed to be a competent drive but also the skills she needs to deal with situations that may arise that are beyond her control. He was courteous, professional and very personable. Our younger daughter will be driving next year and we will back for sure. I can't thank Kevin (the owner) and Fred enough for everything they did.

Kendra Pino

Fred was an incredible instructor. I had little (very close to no) driving experience and was nervous behind the wheel. Fred helped me and helped me to feel comfortable behind the wheel. I passed my driving test on the first try in the span of 2 weeks (over 4 three-hour driving lessons.) Fred couldn’t have been a better and more supportive teacher. I would absolutely recommend this driving school to anyone who needs extra practice behind the wheel.

Doug W

Kelli did a great job with my daughter. We took one lesson and they gave us things to work on before coming back. We spent a couple months working on those items. We took our second lesson last week and 5 days later the test. Passed on the first try! Kelli gave her a lot of confidence by preparing her for exactly what was going to happen. Kelli has given her a great foundation! 2 out of 3 kids are done. 1 more to go. See you guys again in the fall.

Hilary Falo

We would like to thank Kevin and Kelli for an excellent drivers education and experience! Kelli took the time to point out specifics that each boy needed to know to pass their test and become safe drivers. They found Kelli to be patient, thorough, and calm. Both boys passed their tests, and would recommend DIANA driving school to all!

Robin Lutz

Our family used the DIANA driving school for our twin daughters. They completed both the 30 hour on-line course and behind-the-wheel lessons with Fred. I can't say enough about how much our girls learned. Fred was professional, respectful, knowledgeable and patient! He taught our daughters in a way that my husband and I could not. The lessons with him were very professional - they weren't Mom and Dad being 'picky'. He had a way of explaining scenarios and ways of reacting to the girls that we just didn't have the right words to explain. He knew and communicated well the finer points of how they would have to perform during their driving test in order to pass. Both of my daughters passed their test the first time! We honestly attribute our success to Fred. Most importantly however, our daughters learned the beginnings of how to be safe and defensive drivers. Thanks DIANA for such a strong foundation!

Tony Losacco

I was referred by a coworker for my oldest who needed a refresher as we recently relocated and the hills were challenging. Since then we've had 2 other kids go through, each of whom passed on the first try. Great program, instills confident, safe driving behavior.

Patti Scullion

Kevin was a wonderful driving instructor for my daughter. Not only did she pass the driving exam on the first try, but Kevin taught her how to be a confident and safe driver. His instruction was a perfect balance of fine tuning her driving skills and teaching defensive tactics.

Amanda Lyle

I tried to teach my 16-year-old daughter Taylor to drive on my own but It got frustrating for me and her so I called Diana school of driving she had a couple on the road courses and did not pass the first couple times but the third time she did with them I'm very glad we decided to go through the school It taught her a lot and online trainings and helped save her 40% on car insurance for completing her courses. I will do it again for our next teenage driver

Luke Hamilton

Nam Anh Quan Le

My instructor Fred is really a nice guy, he did not only help me pass the test but he also taught me a lot about how to drive safely in different situation. The staffs are friendly and helpful. Highly recommended using the driving school not only to pass your test but also to become a better driver.


Driving In A New America, Inc. D.I.A.N.A is the absolute best. They are really worth the time and effort. Fred is a fantastic instructor and is one of an amazing team of people at this school. Thank you all for being so professional and patient. Passed the driving test on the first try! I highly recommend this school!

Todd Mccrann

I have used D.I.A.N.A driving school for both my girls and they both passed the first time. we purchased the 9 hour package as it included the use of their vehicle with a backup camera for the test, which made parallel parking almost impossible to fail. Both my girls stated that they would not of passed without this course which taught them not only driving skills but took them on the exact route of the driving test. Fred was our instructor for both girls and he was truly the best instructor. The girls could not stop talking about how they would not passed without him. I would recommend this school and Fred to anyone who wants to get their children the ability to drive safely and pass the test on the first try.

Michael Solomon

They helped me a lot gave me some good tips for the test things I did not know you had to do and others I talked to did not know as well Fred was my instructor and he was easy to get along with patient and rather funny I would recommend there serves to anyone who needs to learn how to drive

Reid Masi

D.I.A.N.A. driving school made all the difference for our young daughter. she passed her test on the 1st try and did it with a lot of knowledge for a beginner driver. she paid attention to the lessons and took it very seriously. I hope that what she learned from the school and instructor will stay with her forever!

John Crellin

Excellent company!!! My son passed his test on the first try. They have outstanding customer service when I had a complicated situation to resolve. highly recommend!!

Victoria Grinnell

It was very easy & convenient to schedule appointments. Driver instructor Fred was prompt, so nice, calm & very experienced. He knows how to talk to a 16 yr old! He truly boosted our son's confidence & taught him things we had not even thought of. It was good for all of us. As far as price, I also checked 3 others in area when deciding who to go with & DIANA best for this "priceless" experience. Thank you!

Mitch Mathews

D.I.A.N.A. helped me improve my driving skills significantly. Fred was my instructor and did a great job pointing out my faults and showing me how to correct them. Very polite and friendly. I learned how to parallel park like a pro! I have high confidence that I will pass my test next week with flying colors.

Dawn Sirkoch

We had a wonderful experience with this company. Our son had no complaints about the instructor or the experience. The process was easy and our son passed his driving test the first time! Highly recommended!!! The instructor's name who we had was Fred.

Karen Hezlep

We had several friends recommend DIANA to us and having had a great experience, we are now happy to recommend DIANA to others. Fred is an excellent instructor - professional, knowledgeable, and very good with the kids. It's very worthwhile for new drivers.

Mark B.

Our experience was top notch. Fred Tritt was a supremely prepared, patient and thorough instructor for our son. Couldn't recommend D.I.A.N.A Driving School more. A+!

Kevin Harbison

Was a great experience thanks to Fred helping me to not only get my license, but also to be a better driver on the road. He was kind and patient and helped me every inch of the way. I would recommend this to anyone!

Carrie Severt

I was struggling with my parallel parking and they really took the time to work with me so I was comfortable with it. With out them I don't think I would be a licensed driver. They are really worth the time, money, and the experience is awesome.

Cassandra Fleming

Fred was an incredible driving instructor! In addition to offering memorable and helpful driving tips, he was calm and patient. When I first began lessons, I felt anxious behind the wheel. After 6 hours behind the wheel, I felt completely in control, even driving on the highway and in the city. In addition, I actually had a lot of fun! I highly recommend D.I.A.N.A and Fred in particular.

Karla Lamothe

Kelli is a fantastic teacher!!! We are so happy we were referred to The D.I.A.N.A. School. Thank you Kelli for your patience helping our new driver get his license!!!!! Great experience!!!!!

Trisha Schum

Since they only offer "old school" payment options, letting you know this after you sign up and they send you an invoice, we decided to cancel. It would have been no big deal, we both could have moved on but they sent me the most unprofessional email criticizing me for the choice to exercise my rights as a consumer. I don't really care what they say to me, but if they are this unprofessional about something so simple, I question how they treat their students for small things as well.

tricia pieto

Kelli did a great job with my daughter. She made sure she was confident and ready to pass her test on the first try!! We will be back with our boys!! I highly Recommend D.I.A.N.A!!

Tim Fornadley

My wife is Chinese. Her English skills are minimal. After trying to teach her to drive myself, I was very disheartened. I hired D.I.A.N.A. Best move I could have made. My wife, after 6 lessons, received her license today. Good people doing an excellent job. They handled everything, including the scheduling. I could not be more pleased.

Brian McCall

We have 2 kids, and both went through the DIANA driving program. Both of our kids had Fred as their instructor, and both had a very pleasant and positive experience. Fred was always prompt, always professional and communicated with us very well throughout the process. With instruction coming from a professional, our new drivers were more apt to really listen and take to heart what was being taught as opposed to listening to Mom and Dad, and we found that to be the case with our kids. And, both of our kids passed their tests on their first try. In the case of our second child, the Driver Testing Center was running WAY behind schedule - about 2 hours in fact - and Fred stayed and talked with us the entire time, which was a real stress reliever for us both. We all see how crazy and rushed everyone drives these days in this self centered world we live in, and it was imperative for us to have proper instruction for our kids. And we found that with DIANA Driving School. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and if we had more kids they'd go through the DIANA Driving School as well. We received exactly what we wanted - proper. professional driving instruction for our kids!! It's very obvious that they are dedicated to their cause.

Michelle Frederick

What an amazing team of people at DIANA. I had nothing but great experiences with both my instructor Fred, as well as the owner Kevin. Passed my drivers test first try at the Butler dmv. Beyond thankful for their time, patience, and knowledge for behind the wheel driving. Thank you once again for making me a safe, confident driver!

Brittany Carter

If it wasn't for Mr. Lenz's time, patience, and courage (haha) I would not have my license today. Mr. Lenz had found a way to teach me in my own way. He was quite patient and gave me very good advice. Not only did he teach me how to pass my license he taught me how to be a defensive driver. At first it wasn't pretty but at the end of all the lessons, I felt very confident behind the wheel. I appreciate Mr. Lenz so much because he could've have gave up on me like everyone else had.. but he didn't. Thank you :) I would recommend D.I.A.N.A to anybody I know, because I know that this school was not made for just passing your license test but to prepare you for real world driving and most importantly being a safe driver.

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