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REVIEWS OF American Driving School IN Pennsylvania

Francisco Cosme

I went to here and it sucked The next street is better

Andrew Rukakoski

I took 8 hours of lessons with Claudio and passed my test! He was very helpful for me and I would recommend him and the school to everyone, especially nervous drivers like me. Thank you Claudio!

Ibrahim Quraishi

Great instructor. Very interactive and everything is done with one 8 hours class.

Lisa DiGiorgio

Unprofessional, rude old woman answers the phone. They don’t keep records of your child’s lessons so be advised if you need proof later you are out of luck. Go elsewhere.

Fatou Jatta

Prudentius daniel

Tim H.

Worst experience ever...instructor kept my daughter out beyond scheduled time to pick up another student...Mary continued to call and text my daughter NOT the parents after we told her we no longer needed their services...they changed the appointment we set up without our authorization and when we showed up at DMV we could not take our test. They setup at a different DMV on a different date! When we called about it they LIED! They told us we don' schedule tests. We too are contacting the DMV, BBB, and Department of Ed as this is where the license is registered.

audree Montero

Just had my first lesson and loved it. I was hesitant at first because of the reviews but took a chance and I’m glad I did! Already scheduled my next lesson and plan on taking my test on the one after that. My teacher Ain was patient and informative.

Nuno Fraga

Mary Wojciechowski

This is the second time I have used this company. They are great. They made my son feel comfortable right from the very first lesson. I would recommend this driving school!

Julia Zats

Please be aware that this place changes your appt without your knowledge and has been confronted for committing identify theft to people who chose not to take their drivers test with them. I will be contacting the government today. Will follow with updates on my G+ profile regarding this scam. I am trying to help anyone out reading this. Please watch out.

Shirish Singh

I had taken driving lessons from American Driving School. The service is excellent and the instructors are great. I strongly recommend this place.

Shaimira Vioude

Went here for my drug and alcohol course and driving lessons. They’re very friendly and very helpful with flexible times and there prices are reasonable. They helped me out a great deal with getting my license and I couldn’t have done it without them. Would definitely recommend going here!

Suman Tankasala ID 1503011335

Ronald is a fantastic instructor to get my license.

Chanda Easterling


Gabriel Ramos

You get what you pay for... My kid took the 30+ hour course. I went to the parent class that is required. That's when i realized this place is a waste of money. 1. Teacher put a tape in for us to watch and said this video is out dated.. Why show us out dated videos, this company makes enough money, update your videos... 2. Company will charge you if you miss your driving class, they said they will give you 24 hour notice for you class. My kid received a text message from them with only a 12 hour notice. 3. The one thing that really push my buttons was when the teacher said "I am not here to teach your child how to drive. You have to teach them, I just fine tune them to pass the test"... what a joke of an operation, ripping people off. Parents Beware, spend the $50-200 more for a real school

Carly Ridings

My instructor was awful. He would scold me at every possible opportunity, saying that i must have short-term memory loss! Or maybe it has to do with the fact that you're a terrible instructor that would make snide under the breath comments, and when I asked what he had said, to attempt to take it as "constructive criticism", he would completely divert the conversation. Who does he think he is?! In fact, during one of the lessons, I drove to Rite-Aid, and waited in the car for 15 minutes while he went in, and bought candy. So after 2 lessons with this "instructor", it was time to take the test. While waiting for the the examiner, he began to vaguely teach me the mechanics of his car. Speaking of his car, the interior was a complete disgrace to any semblance of dignity this man may have once had. There were candy wrappers, files, and crumbs all throughout the car, and he spent the final minutes prior to my test haphazardly cleaned the back of his car, while talking to another instructor. I hope these man's actions do not reflect the philosophies of this company.

Josh Wallace

Sanjay N Patel

Best driving school around - friendly & supportive instructors. Claudio is the best!!!

Rajasheka Reddy

My Experience with this Driving school is very good, the instructions given by instructor is awesome ... just do what he says we will learn perfectly got my license ........!

Rafael Roldos

Very nice people

Provakar Datta

I never drove before! So, I took 2 hours behind the wheel training with Claudio twice before my road test and passed easily. He is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Rajendra Rudra

It was very helpful and amazing journey with this school especially with Claudio. He just made me confident in all aspects and the 8 hrs. class was fun!! I recommend this if you would like to clear the DMV knowledge and road test in first attempt.. I did so!!

Derrick Spalding

Claudio and the American Drive School of Manchester are a top notch learning to drive, family oriented school. For over 30 years, ADSM has helped teach nervous new drivers how to drive, and drive well. Safety was clearly key in all lessons as well as patience and years upon years of know-how. If you want your son or daughter to have the best bang for your buck (aka safe and comfortable behind the wheel) sign them up for classes. Everyone I know has passed their driving test on the first try. The car is supplied for the test, it is right on the bus route and near some amazing restaurants. Easy to get to, affordable (payments plans as well), and you'll feel like you've been driving for years after just a few classes. I only recommend this Driving School. Don't bother going to a commercial driving school where you are just a number and a slot; American Driving School of Manchester will treat you like family. Guaranteed.

David V

After my daughter failed 2 times so I researched online and came across American Driving School. They are very professional and courteous. My daughter failed on Friday so she would have to wait another month for a driving appt. To my surprise they found her a cancelled appt on the very next day Saturday morning!!! They arrived exactly on time at 6:45 am in an almost new car and he instructed her on exactly how to pass the test. it cost me $218.00 to pick her up, a 2 hour lesson, looking around for a cancelled appt ,taking the test and finally driving her home. it is worth every single penny. Trust me and do not listen to any negative reviews. This is the best place to go and they have over a 99% passing rate. Don't hesitate on the money because it's definatly worth it. I will definatly send my other 2 kids for lessons. Thank you so much Mary and Ean. You guys are the best!!! Nelson F from Trevose Pa ) less »

shakir hussain

There are many reasons Claudio is the best driving instructor around the area. I was a very nervous driver and never drove in my life. Claudio understood that and worked with me. He was extremely patient and never lost his cool even if i made blunders. This is very important as it helped me get confident. I passed my road test after several behind the wheels lessons (each dollar spent was completely worth it) His techniques will not only help you pass the exam but will also make you better and safer driver on road.


They are the best. I am 27 yrs old, and was never taught to drive. The instructor Theresa picked me up every weekend, on time. We went over skill possible. Safety, signal control, speed control, turning, merging, parking. etc They make sure you are ready for the test. I passed the test on my 1st try, and was complemented by the DMV instructor for my description of what i was dong, and my attention to detail. He said it was one of the best performances he has seen in all of his years of driving. I highly recommend going with American Driving School if you want to get your license.

Shaniel Fuller

American driving school taught me the last minute the day before my driving test at Dmv and was very good at doing it .. Im so happy i pass my driving road test . ...

Emily Vandyke

Extremely patient and willing to teach you EXACTLY everything you need to know for your exam! Because of this driving school I passed my license test on the first shot!! Thank you Ian could not have done it without you!

Luis Hoyo

I have been in the USA for 4 months and due to my work i needed the license pretty fast. I contact other companies and the first sentence after "hello this is ........" was " the price is....." American school was very helpful. It got me a date to take the exam 2 months before the one I got from the DMV and with two hours before the exam and the good pointers from Ian the test was very easy. I tecomend them anytime

Elizabeth Ponchak

Sneha Verma

Amazing experience! My instructor Claudio was extremely helpful. He gave simplified instructions, made the whole routine seem easy. He helped lower my stress and kept encouraging me. Thank you!

gopi nagapuri

My experience with Renaldo and Claudio was awesome. They taught me driving so very well. I took 2 hours behind the wheel training with them it helped me a lot. Thank you guys.

Saranya Sahaa

I attended 8 hrs course it was good. However the administrator who was in the office was biased and his behavior was racial towards Asians. This attitude of treating people based on their race is not acceptable. Every human being deserves equal treatment and respect irrespective of the race they belong.

Javaughn Balies

Very good driving school I did my 30 hours at this school, then they let me do my driving test at the school and I passed on the first try.


Don B

Booked this school to instruct my daughter last week. Spoke to Mary yesterday and confirmed appointment. Instructor was a no show today. No call to reschedule and no one answered the phone at American. Left a message and no one called back. Maybe they need to be instructed on how to run a business? One star was probably too generous.

Anamaria Lage

Claudio and the team at American Driving School of Manchester are the best in town. If you or your child need some driving training or anything related to driving don't hesitate to call American Driving School, they are polite, professional, and affordable. God Bless

Faisal Beg

Claudio is nice and friendly. He gives confidence in driving even when I was nervous.

Denise Bruzek

Do not use this company, they never respond to calls, do not follow through for appointment scheduling, had to send daughter to another company for the driving portion of the test due to their lack or response to schedule. She did already pay and complete the online course and is still unable to get the certificate which is needed to get car insurance discount. Still battling to get the certificate. Advice- do not use this company. Use Affordable Driving School, they are very professional and quick to respond.

Sarah Bartelle

I had a male instructor. He did not introduce himself to me so i don’t know his name or else i would call and complain. He was very degrading and completely over-reacted when I made a mistake (mind you this was only my second driving lesson). Sat on his phone the whole entire lesson-only looked up to see why i was braking. I didnt pay 100$ for my “instructor” to sit on his phone. Said we were making a “quick stop” but we pulled over to what looked like his house and sat in his car by myself. Started to tear up MULTIPLE times. Worst two hours of my life. Paul’s Driving School is SO much better and cheaper!!!!!!

Bernard Adalyy

I had a very great experience at this school!

Ashish Rai

Excellent learning center for the new drivers by very skillful persons, some sessions are enough to get the required driving skills.

Monika Bach

Its a cold run down building and a small class. The owners are nice and I guess that's the important thing

Ayush Sengupta

I took a 2 hrs behind-the-wheel course from Claudio. He's an expert instructor and very nice and friendly. The lesson helped me pass my driving test in one go even though I started driving very recently in this country!

Twum Ampofo

Very educative and helpful

Abhijith Ramalingaiah

I found this for my 8hrs safety n awareness class, as closer for my house. Trainer was well experienced, I must say he had very worthy nice points although u may find many online videos. And coming to behind the wheels, trust me I just took very few classes as I did drove in my past. If u just work on his directions n practice over weekend, you all set for DMV road test. I personally felt he his a great instructor by his passion towards his job n from his yrs of experience. Very cool gentleman by person and his guidance much worth appreciated than renting, w/o cross eye for correction & taking attempts in DMV n waiting long, especially if you don't have. It was nice but short time Mr.Claudio. saying bye for now, with my CT DL(not a easy 1) at first attempt.


It was a great experience with American Driving school of Manchester. My instructor Rinaldo was nice, friendly and helpful to me. I was able to get my licence after the first time! I highly recommend this driving school!


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