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Eddie Geo

They will tell you that a right turn is not permitted in a red light even if there is no traffic coming. Drivers book states you can make a right turn if there is no traffic after making a complete stop. These people scam you to get your money. Go to battleground to do your test if not at DMV. Passed same test there flawless


I just take the driving test today. Kathy she is the best examinator. She is really nice and kind. She is always help you and understand you. She is always make easy for you. She is really nice lady. You must make schedule with her if you take the driving test. Driving 101 is the best place to take the test. 5 star from me.

Gamze Kilic

As soon as I started my drive test I was screamed at and stressed. I had trouble driving and focusing while being badgered about everything I did or did not do. It is nearly impossible to drive this way. I left flustered and under the impression my mistakes were legal, and I was marked down even when right for some reason or another. I would have like to asked a few more questions, but had no space to fit in a word.

Stacie Winders

Ryan Castleberry

Don't take your drive test here. I imagine they fail the vast majority of people the first time just so they can charge you full price twice. They also take you solely into a neighborhood with no markings and uncontrolled intersections so that they can ambiguously fail you. Go somewhere else

Sean Rice

Stephanie Peak

Very convenient testing times for the knowledge test and get you scheduled for a drive test as soon as possible! The staff is excellent!

Tanya Pylypovets

Loved this driving school. I had amazing time and staff was always friendly and accomodating to my work and school schedule Thank you guys for making a difference and making this learning lesson a pleasant experience!

Serena Totten

Greg Smith

One goal - made money !

Mike Bolle

Most of you drivers in Vancouver should sign up for Driving School here to learn how to use your turn signals....... it's that little stick that protrudes from your steering wheel usually over on the left side! Come on in these guys will teach you. Don't forget to hang up your phone

Vito Castro

Igor Davudyuk

Lucas Horsman

julian martinez

Jon Wilcox

Place is a joke and a rip off do not test here. If you are 5 minutes late they keep your money and then have no times to reschedule your appointment. Crappy customer service

Mill Creek Pub

My daughter did not want a license when she was in High School. She became a master public transit. Now a junior in college wants a license. I tried to teach her, but quickly realized it might be better for a professional to do it. The folks at 101 are awesome. I am no longer afraid to be in the car with her.

Dos Dev

Amazing instructors everyone is friendly. Great instructor is Kim. And everyone else obviously.

Sarah Shirley

Very comfortable, helpful, and friendly environment!!

kevin overby

Ryan Mason

I took and passed the course here, the staff were beyond helpful and always thoroughly explained the curriculum the first time. The owner “Nikki” is a amazing person she has no clue how big of a impact her small act of caring made on me ....haha

david rico

(Translated by Google) The instructors are very kind I recommend them (Original) Los instructores son muy amables los recomiendo

Glenn Taro

Honestly a great place for teenagers and adults, experience was fun and really helpful in my life and safety too. I totally recommend driving 101 to any of you who live in Vancouver and want to attend driving school. The best driving school by far

Jr Pena

They work with you and your schedule if need be, the instructors are 1st rate, and the owner is excellent. Highly recommended for anyone

Jennifer Willis

I relocated here to Washington and never expected I would have to take a driving test, but that happened, and made me super nervous! At Driving 101 I had Kathy for my Examinor, and she mad me feel so comfortable, relaxed, and ready to drive. Everyone at Diving 101 was super friendly, and made my experience successful! I took my test with ease, passed with ease, and all my anxieties are gone! I highly recommend comming here for your drive test!! These peeps are wonderful!!

Lynette Stewart

Crystal Turner

Gabrielle Rivard

I forked out all this money to take my written test and one of the employees had brought her 4 or 5 year old child to work with her as I'm trying to take my test he's screaming and throwing stuff against the wall. I lucky passed, wait a little over a week to take my drive witch is fine. But when I go to take my drive Kim the instructor told me I didn't stop at a stop sight (WHY WOULD I PAY TO USE YOUR CAR AND PAY ALL THIS MONEY NOT TO STOP AT A STOP SIGN?!) then goes on to tell me my blinker was on for about 10 seconds to long not only that tried saying I pulled in front of a car?! Ummm no I didn't! When I told her I didn't and that most of my drive there wasn't a car on the road she ignored me and went on to say that she think if I come in the following day that I would pass what I just need to pay for there car and the driving test again. Save your money and just go to big johns. Went there the same day and passed.

Daphne Jones

Horrible place! Constantly giving miss information! Some of the people that do the drive tests are rude and if you read down to other reviews there answer's back are snarkey. Regret taking my daughter here!

Chris Howard

Instructor was 30 minutes late for my driving test, and attempted to direct me to make unsafe maneuvers in traffic. Take your business elsewhere.

Casey S

Girl at the front desk was very helpful :)

andrew lasley

Great school awsome classes and super friendly and instructive they really want you to pass

Paulina juarez

Jay Manny

Told my daughter that she passed but then the tester realized she hadn’t added the score correctly. Did not honor what she’d said and didn’t seem to care at all. Total heart break. Way to play the C game Drvn 101

Bob Taylor

They literally don’t allow the students to study in the building before they let them take the 40 question exam. And you literally have to teach yourself as they don’t do a good job on it. The only good person there is larry

Isaac Spiekz

Thomas Burke

My visit today was a great experience, the staff was super friendly even shared some good laughs. It was a non judgmental environment, even learned some new things about driving I never knew in 18 years. For a superb learning experience I highly recommend driving 101.

Madlyn Joseph

Andrew G

We have had four children attend this driver school. I would not send my kids into our dangerous roads without proper training. The price seems expensive, but when you consider the driving hours, class time, and testing, it is a value. I have always been satisfied with the courteous customer service.

Skyler Chatfield

They'll certainly teach a class but good luck getting them to sign the paperwork so you can actually go get your license. Waited several weeks just for them to sign it. Was a serious delay and if anything this program made it more difficult than if I was on my own.

Tan Vo

They requested you drive like professional!

eric dickey

There knowledge test was pretty spot on with the dol test online there staff is awsome and if they had the driving car there when I passed my test i would of taken thr driving test on the spot there prices are fair and just all around a great place to take both test

DeLora Welck-Gillins

Took both my sons there. 1st son failed because the car we were borrowing the 3rd light was out but the instructor passed the female 2 drives after my son with the exact same problem, telling her Just to fix it. We were upset but chalked it up to learning experience. So took my 2nd son there and same instructor failed him for not looking both ways in 6 different intersections. He said we did not even go through 6 different intersections we went through 2 and both times she was looking at her paperwork instead of observing him. When he questioned her about it she got down right nasty to both my son and I saying we did not have the right to question her authority as a tester, how dare we and told us we had to go to the DMV for his testing now. When we called the DMV they said it was not true and they have had problems with this school.

Christopher Phelps

Good customer service at the desk. As far as the drive test..They need to have the course they intend to use properly built for the material they plan to test. if not properly inform the testing person of things they are suppose to be imagining things. 40-60$ is what they charge to basically fail you for not pretending. Don't go in thinking you are just going to drive like your suppose too, obeying traffic laws and taking directions from the grader.

Kevin Shane

Not sure if I would send anybody to this driving school, picture explains it all...

Ngôi Sao

I'm 17 years old, can I take the Vietnamese language driver's license?

mase mase

They were quite nice and welcoming. They warned me about studying online wouldn't work I insisted on taking it .I failed the first time they suggested I use a highlighted hand book which they created on what to study . I glazed through it within 15mins retook it and pass . Did the driving test as well within 45 mins after the written test. Nice people .

Alex kay

Scammers. Taking my money I missed by 1 point 2 times and expecting me to pay again for 3rd try full price and they never gave me receipt when I payed. Don't go here go to big Johns or one in hazel dell. All girls working there rude and bad customer service.

Tyrone Fatbastard

Great day staff are helpful and friendly, could do with more signs for information with directions around complex


They purposly fail you so they could make more money off of you. My family all went and all failed the first time. They dont even check for the right answers do not go to driving 101

Logan Bottomley

luda diriyenko

Worst customer service we ever had! They are not honest.

Jeremy Berkompas

Great team, helpful instruction and fun group of people to learn driving from!

Erika Robertson

I went there for my written test and drive test. I was having a hard time passing, but they were so helpful and very encouraging. They really do care about their customers. They let me study with their book after I didn't pass the first time and it really helped me(I'm not good at studying). It showed me exactly what I needed to know for the test, versus just reading the entire book. Then with the drive test I thought I could pass without practicing because I've driven a car before, but I didn't pass(don't forget to check your blindspots every time). I was pretty upset, but again, they were encouraging and told me what I needed to work on before coming back. After taking a couple weeks and practicing what I needed to practice, I passed the test with flying colors!! I truly believe that the staff at Drvn 101 care about keeping me safe. Like they say, it's cheaper to pay for the test again, then pay for an accident or a ticket. Thanks for all of the helpful free tips you guys! You rock!!


(Translated by Google) Good School! Son studied, liked everything. The staff is friendly. Special thanks to instructor Alla (Original) Хорошая Школа! Сын учился, все понравилось. Персонал приветлив. Отдельное спасибо инструктору Алле


My daughter loved her time with her instructor (Nena). Dedicated instructors like her make a huge difference with newbie drivers that are very fearful. Being able to form a bond with a teenager that quickly is really something amazing.

Eric Tran

Worst place to go taking any sort of test ever. The fee is ridiculous high for permit test and you get only 1 try which the reps did not tell you about after you failed and wanted to try again. If you failed you have to pay again for each try. Any other places you get 2 tries for one payment of permit test. The grading is also shady. They tried to hide which one you missed so technically you have to try again and pay again. Wow the most ridiculous place for permit and driving test base on their prices and services.

john nguyen

Don't go to this school for driving test. You have to take couple times with Kim!

Георгий Сибуров

Несколько дней назад я прибыл на территорию США. Так как для долгих путешествий нужны местные права, я обратился для сдачи в эту автошколу. Персонал здесь очень милый и всегда готов помочь. Инструктор, который принимала экзамен по вождению - добрейшая женщина. При сдаче вождения никто лишний раз не подгонял и не нервничал. Всё было очень комфортно. Очень важно - у них есть билеты для сдачи теоретического экзамена на русском языке! При опыте вождения 5 лет в странах СНГ, сдал теорию и вождение с первого раза. Выношу большую благодарность сотрудникам этой автошколы. Рекомендую!

Tori Bemis

Staff is friendly and helpful! Added bonus for the staff members looking good on the daily! Definitely recommending all my friends to come here!

Michaela Oehler

Staff were super friendly and very accommodating. Had an out-of-state license that was expired so I had to take the written and practical tests. I'm so glad I chose to do it here because it was so easy to come in and out and get my tests done. Very pleasant experience!!

Melissa Graham

Don’t waste your time coming here customer service was OK I give it like a six out of 10 but the most frustrating part is that they overcharge for the written test it’s $40 and then you get five dollars off if you have to retake the test making $35 I feel like they make the test more complicated than what it actually needs to be such as how complicated they word things on the test today I passed my written and driving at a different location that only charges 20$ for written test rheybkver charge here and the way they worded the questions for the written exam was made to be more complicated then what it needed to be.


I passed the test in Russian. Then driving with an instructor. I had some mistakes. Now I'll explain: It is very important to make two complete stops if traffic can not be seen after the STOP sign. It is very necessary to look around, not only with the help of mirrors but always turn your head to the right and to the left. Always check for safety!!! Well, the second time I successfully passed the test driving! Both times the exam was taken by one instructor: Calm, polite woman with long hair and a pleasant smile. Sorry, it's still hard for me to remember American names. Of course I wanted an excellent result the first time. But now I'm very grateful to her for the fact that I still trained and successfully passed the exam. Now I know all rules and I know all the points. Girls who take applications are very cute, punctual, always remind in advance. Thank you, very much!!! And my instructor is the best I ever met! Polina M.

Brittany Bisconer

Tanya Holovey

Ginger Jones

Everything seemed to start out good.everybody was friendly until further into it. ie. On one of my sons drives ....that had to be rescheduled 3 times,after I took off work to get him there, the instructor barked at him, and that's ok but apparently she continued to jaw at him the rest of the drive.all down hill from there.after finishing the course and passing the 100 question test he has failed the written test alot. A failing student is a failed teaching.we study every single day. My son tells me the exact questions and his answers.we verify them correctly, so as other customers said as well, I don't think these are being graded accurately.they won't tell him what he missed nor the correct answer.thats peculiar. This has taken almost a son is almost 18. So in the end he still doesnt have his liscence and isnt helped by driving 101 to do so .we don't expect this all to just be given, however I wish I had something to show for my 800.00.very disappointing all around.

Stephanie Parrish

Sent 2 kids through their program. Very happy with the results!

Devan Graham

They were awesome, they were real happy for me. The first time I tested their I passed,and the instructor was a super cool ladie.

One Bear

I have been driving over 30 years , a lot of my jobs for companies is a driver, I have held driver licences in 5 different STATES including the hardest California , they failed me on my written and my driving costing me $90 to getdrivers licence in Washington State , said I didn't look over my shoulder and that's a lie its automatic to check mirrors and look over shoulder as I turn into traffic and I made extra sure on tbe driving test , lies ....I feel set up....never in my life have I failed these tests or had an accident in WHICH I was ruled the guilty party, not in over 30 years ....I Am posting Publicly World Wide to boycott your driving school, your instructor is either a hater , racist or currupt and blind as a bat . I am livid,,,, went to Big Johns and missed only 3 out of 40, and damn sure I will pass driving test there, 101 is a rip off

Filipp Opanasenko

I'm lucky to have a driving instructor Larry, who taught me in whole ways of driving. I'm not saying that the rest of instructors are not as good as Larry, each one has its own way of teaching to drive. After getting my permit and got inside my brother's car, I drove around the neighborhood two times. For the first time driving got me anxious! (Plus made some errors) I never wanted to go inside the driver's seat again, and because I feel so anxious I was wondering how am I going to drive on a freeway!?! But since I got a permit I still need to practice driving. At first I thought why not sign up for driving school? They'll teach me to drive. And so as I already signed up, I drove the instructor's car with the instructor. It took one hour until we got back to driving school. I was laughing myself, it wasn't that scary at all. As time passes by I still learn to drive, sometimes I still feel anxious to be prepared to drive again, but still kept forgetting that it's not scary at all. (maybe I should rely to practice driving with family members than just driving in driving school) As I'm coming close to the end of school, I passed the final test got 97% score (it wasn't the official driver's test.) After passing driver's education, taking my driver's test at last! The test I took wasn't that great as the final test, made few errors. But the examiner let me pass, got 86% score. She also gave me a future reference to work on some errors that I made. But after getting my license, I will do my best to work on it. Anyway, I would like to thank everyone in Driving 101 for helping me get through for becoming a safe driver.

Jim Gonzales

This school was amazing - we have 6 kids and Emma is our last to obtain her drivers license.....she scored a 96% on her first try and is by far the best driver in the family! In her own words, "I liked that school, they made it fun and interesting!" Five Stars rating in our book!

Lindsey Mattila

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