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REVIEWS OF 1st Learn To Drive IN Oregon

Josiah Smith

My experience with 1st learn to drive was great, informative, and blew way beyond my expectations. My class teacher Andrew was awesome and funny, he kept the class in an enjoyable order. Additionally my drive instructor Randy was a hilarious person and I Laverne’s a lot from both of them.

A Spang

This has helped me drive better, I felt comfortable and learning with all the people here.

Jackson Maffei

This class was really enjoyable for me, and I'm sure that I'll be much safer than anyone who didn't take this class. The classes were three hours long, but with breaks and a fun and interesting instructor it really didn't feel that long. Would recommend to anyone who needs to learn to drive!

Jenna Azar

RANDY WAS THE BEST this is a great program

Markella Paesler

it was so fun and such s good experience learning new things and meeting new people! would recommend for anyone who has their permit!

Spencer Cormack

Class was good and learned a lot.

Hannah Frank

Good instructors make sure every student knows what they are doing

La Lame

The instructors were great and friendly. The learning experience was great. I learned so much.

Sabrina Bee

first learn to drive is a great drivers ed program and i learned so much!

Nolan Sottoway

Great program! After the course feel very much ready to drive, especially thanks to the instructor Andrew, who made the seemingly endless classes entertaining, interesting, and worth listening to.


In my 30’s and I’ve never previously driven. Now that I have a kid, it’s very important I am able to take her to appointments. I signed up online for 3 sessions in a row. A scheduling error prevented the first lesson, but after calling in, the gentleman was very amicable & easily changed the appointment day. The first day I didn’t know what to expect and was very nervous! My instructor, Vince remained calm and in control of every situation and in turn, helped me to feel more confident. Not every teacher goes out of the way to teach in different manners and it was nice to be given the option. I really appreciated the time he took to give a better understanding of concepts and tips for how to do certain actions better. After 3 two-hour sessions I feel confident to pass the dmv drive test. A big thank you to all who helped make this possible at 1st Learn to Drive!

Samantha Hickel

Nice overall experience, sweet and funny teacher!!

Amelie Stoddard

Really good class and I learned a lot about how to be a better driver.

april si

Inadequate. Unprofessional. I scheduled my appointments dating back from May, and got a call the day before my lesson saying they could not fit me in and that they would initiate a refund. Never received the refund for the services I've never received or a call back.

Ally Denton

Amazing instructors! Very helpful! Definetely recommend!

Sierra Williams

It was pretty cool and had good instructors

Hollace Avent

I found the classes engaging, and the drives really taught me a lot about safe driving. And all the instructors were helpful and friendly and help make me more confident and a safer driver.

Tori Somsanith

I learned how to drive :)

It’s James Here

I learned a lot about people dying from Andrew

caleb goodrich

Would recommend. It is obvious that all the instructors care and strive to put out safe and responsible drivers. I learned so much over these ten weeks and feel like I have all the neccary tools to be a great drivers. The In class instructor Andrew is very skilled and knowlogable when it comes to drivers ed. And my behind the wheel instructor Jeremiah gave lot of great hints and tips.

Sharana Gatpandan

Ava Sechrist

The driving classes had relevant information that I would not have otherwise known. It was helpful that the program only lasted a month as well.

Marcus Yu

Andrew is a really good teacher and the drives were cool.

Charlotte Smith

I told people months ago not to use this driving school..the instructor cancelled my classes because he said he had the flu and then after i ask for a refund he refused.i only got back $115 from my $395 PLUS he threaten to sue me if i complained about the service.the instructor was very unprofessional and made me feel uncomfortable as a i honestly wouldnt recommend young females to take this course..he leaned across me from his side and rub against my sure the owner is going to say that no one attended his class with that name( of course anyone would protect thier identity after such horrible experience)

Cici Yin

I have finished one personalized driving class here and have two more to go. My instructor for the class was Jeremy. He was a great instructor, very patient and professional. Looking forward to the following lessons!

Fiona Daley

I learned a lot of important information taking this course and now I feel more confident on the road. Andrew is very interactive and keeps the class interesting, which makes the 3 hour class fly by.

Ava Hergenhan

Liz if you read this you were very helpful and always willing to help move my drives and make it more convenient for my schedule. Thank you :) (5 stars for Liz)

Paloma Hopson

Jeremiah was a super good classroom instructor, he kept me engaged throughout the classes. He told many stories that gave lessons about driving and other aspects of life.

Katrina Feliciano-Stoddard

More of a money-making enterprise than a driving school. They nickel and dime you for everything and provide poor instruction. In the final class instruction, they bribe all the students to write a glowing review of the company in exchange for $10. Is this even legal? Mike, the owner, is a highly inexperienced business owner and needs a lesson in customer service. When providing feedback about one of his driver's Jeremy, he became defensive, argumentative, and attacked me. Aside from the fact that Jeremy is always on the phone while doing practice drives and tests with the students, he is slob and leaves fast food wrappers all over the car. I agree with all the negative reviews about Jeremy that he is an awful instructor - doesn't care about the students nor provides positive instruction. I believe that this is the only job Jeremy can get, so he is power tripping with the students and thinks he is king. In general, the students dread Jeremy according to what I heard from my daughter's friends who have had Jeremy. Avoid him at all costs. Conversely, Chad, Randy, Vince, and Ann are very professional and have the best interest of the students in mind. Liz is fanastic in the office, is professional, and diligent. Overall, I would not recommend this school to anyone; my son will be taking courses elsewhere. While I liked Liz, Chad, Randy, and Ann, our overall experience with Jeremy and Mike was so poor that I can only provide the lowest rating. Liz, Chad, Randy, Vince and Ann, leave when you can and get employed at a professionally run driving school!

lightningpi havenpi

Ezekiel Newey

Both driving and classroom instructors are really great and are willing to help you to pass this course. I had Anne as my driving instructor and she was fantastic, very chill and would let you know if you made a mistake but wasn't harsh about it. Chad was fun to learn from and certainly does his job well

Chris Perry

I had a stellar driving instructor.

Gracelyn Dunham

At first I wasn’t good at driving, now I am better than most people. (Maybe)

brad white

Benjamin White

The teachers were amazing. They made the lessons understanding and amazing. I had a great time. I would definitely recommend!

Henry Harrison

Great. Very entertaining

Sophie Brinker

I had Vince as my drive instructor and he was really great and the class was really good and worth the time and money!

Andrew Reed

Simon Zorrilla

Disclaimer: Overall fantastic place to learn how to drive. My lack of a 5 star rating has nothing to do with the instructors. Mine (Ann) was absolutely fantastic. I bought the behind the wheel series package. The package includes a drivers ed manual or so they lead you on to believe it does. In reality it is a book full of mini evaluations a parent/friend must fill in while you drive...pretty useless when you’re 23 and just moved to a new city. My biggest issue with 1st learn to drive is how they treated me during a phone call. I called once because I mistakenly confused the date of my scheduled appointment thus I couldn’t make the one scheduled for that day. I called apologizing that I confused the dates and asked for a rescheduling. They responded by saying they couldn’t due to their cancellation policy. They claimed I was told about it by the scheduler. I remember reading about the policy online and not being told about it. I still thought they had a fair point and kindly pointed out that I really wasn’t told about the policy via phone but I understood the polIcy. They responded with no you’re wrong we have “a pretty laser sharp memory” here... First of all it’s laser sharp focus not memory and second, that’s just plain rude. I understand that I messed up but to completely deny my statement cause you believe you have good what? That’s the worst way to respond to a customer. I am not a fan of how they handled that situation. I would have gladly taken a “well regardless the policy exists” over you’re wrong we have really good memory... that’s just bad customer service y’all. Edit: reading these reviews now. I love how whenever someone complains or leaves a bad review the company responds by telling them they’re wrong and roast them with weird flexes hahaha. They don’t even give the customer the slight chance of being right.

Elisabeth Contreras

One of their instructors Parked a company car in a no parking zone on school property. Doing so blocked the road and did not allow parents use the turn around for drop off and pick up. The car was there for 10 minutes. When I called to let the company know they looked into it and told me that car was idling waiting for parking. The car did not move for 10 minutes and blocked the flow of traffic for school pick up. There are numerous no parking signs where this car was parked. The person I spoke to at the company was rude and dismissive and said she had bigger fish to fry than her learn to drive car being illegally parked. Great way to advertise your driving school - park illegally and double down you don’t care that you inhibited traffic to pick up kids from school.


Pretty great. Taught me how to drive very proper. The classroom lessons were very detailed and informative. The drives were a great way to gain experience and there were great instructors such as my favorite, Vince.

Autumn S

I am a student in this program, and all of the teachers are engaging. Andrew, our in class teacher, is engaging and makes the curriculum humorous - the three hours go by fast each week. During driving, I have Jeremy, who is very competent. His militaristic style may intimidate some, but he taught me so much and how to think when driving to be the safest possible. Don't forget to ask him about his love for singing and voice acting. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in getting their license. You can do it!

Odin Paxton

Learned a lot, liked the people, would strongly suggest to my friends


Riya Jajoo

I took my lessons with Chad. He was thorough, supportive and patient, and also shared great tips. Overall a great person to talk to and learn driving from. Highly recommended!


Has helped me learn how to park on a hill :)

Stella Blaha

The best drivers ed there is!

Kiley Hearst

Chad was really kind and helped walk me through a make up lesson. I learned a bunch throughout the class that will help me be a better driver for life.

Sophie Cannon

Super cool instructors, very patient with my class and I. Andrew’s willing to help students in any way in class and my driving instructor Jeremiah tries his hardest to give my classmates and I advice to better our driving skills. Thanks guys!

Kailee Yoshishige

Andrew is a great teacher and has one focused goal to teach new drivers how to be safe!

Héloïse B

Great service and teachers! Vince is especially helpful, patient and supportive. I am an exchange student from Europe that was very unfamiliar with "american driving rules" and he helped me a lot. Thanks again!

Abigail Cook

David Feller

Informative but dry, although that’s more with the material and not the teacher

Anthony Brown

Great drivers ed program. Instructors are awesome.

Pineapple Kicks

The program was very well taught and was very professional, vince was a good chill and teacher and very nice in the car

Sophie Ouellette-Howitz

UPDATE: Mike, the owner, emailed me after I posted my original review offering to give me the full refund for the unused lessons from my package (photo attached). When I declined his attempt at bribery, he then cancelled the partial refund by recharging my credit card. Do not trust this business with your financial information or your driving instruction needs. Short version: I deeply regret buying a driving lessons package from this company and strongly recommend that anyone who objects to being insulted and berated chose a different company to work with. Long version: I'm hesitant to disclose this for reasons that will become apparent later in the review, but I have fairly intense anxiety, particularly about driving. That's why it's taken me until age 28 to finally become a licensed driver. My hope was that driving lessons would provide structure and support to help me move past my fears. Unfortunately, my experience with 1st Learn was anything but. My first lesson went wonderfully, Ann is a patient and knowledgeable teacher who built up my confidence and offered helpful feedback throughout the lesson. The problems began when, at ten minutes past the start time of my second lesson, I called the company to ask why the instructor was not there. The person I spoke with (Sam) told me that the instructor had some sort of emergency come up and that the lesson would need to be rescheduled. He went straight into a conversation about rescheduling without bothering to take the time to offer any kind of apology for failing to contact me earlier or the inconvenience caused by the last-minute change. I then received an automated email implying that I canceled the lesson. I replied to that email to clarify the situation and request that the company honor their own stated policy regarding refunds and cancellation fees. This all took place on Friday, June 14th. My next lesson was scheduled for the following Thursday. As of Wednesday, I had received no reply to my email and was becoming increasingly anxious. I replied to the automated email I received confirming the appointment, the only communication I had gotten since the previous Friday, to let them know that I did not feel comfortable continuing with the driving lessons as they had not replied to my email about the debacle with the previous lesson. Apparently, cancelling a lesson is the only way to get any kind of personalized reply from this company. I received an email from Sam stating that I would lose the lesson I had cancelled (despite the fact that I gave far, far more notice than I received the previous week) as well as an email and voice mail from the owner, Mike, which again included no apology at all for how the previous week's last-minute cancellation had been handled. When I called Mike back, he doubled down on the defensive and argumentative tone. He spent the call explaining why I was at fault, claiming that I was "scolding" him for asking for an apology, and calling me as well as my previous communications with him "crazy." As someone with a recognized mental health diagnosis, it's even more insulting to have that word lobbed at me. I have honestly never been treated with such a complete lack of respect and utter derision. I chose to accept Mike's proposed solution that I forfeit half the cost of the lesson I cancelled simply so that I would not be yelled at for any longer. He ended the call by disingenuously saying "Have a nice day." I'm truly in shock that anyone would think this is an appropriate way to speak with another human being, let alone a paying customer. Stay far, far away.

cosmowolf 1920

I learned a lot about drivers ed, it was nice.

Anderson Walmer

The people running the program really knew what they were doing and were also really nice and helpful. They were always open for questions and concerns and my driving instructor Randy was an amazing teacher.

Nia Johnson

I just had my first personalized lesson (out of a package of 2 lessons). My instructor was Jeremiah. He gave a very helpful breakdown of understanding illusions the car can make at the beginning of the lesson before we even began driving. I wasn't too sure at the beginning about talking while I was learning to drive (I hadn't driven more than 5 minutes as an adult driver) but it was actually great having someone talk. I was pretty nervous and if it was quiet I think it would've made me more nervous. He was really easy to converse with and made the lesson fun but at the same time I felt more comfortable being behind the wheel, as well as more knowledgable! Thank you!

Sydney Kaufman

This helped to learn to drive. I like that the instructors don’t freak out if you mess up. They calmly help you and are always informative.

Haley Rosenthal

This place was great! I had a really good experience with the instructors! Randy was great!

Bridget Clancy

Request Chad! My first instructor was ok, but my second lesson was with Chad and I requested him for my last two lessons because he was calm, encouraging and thorough. Scored 100% on my test

ryan herbert

Very helpful, the drivers were calm and instructed well, and the lesson were relaxed and helped a lot. Would reccomend

nicole oakley

The driving instructor Jeremiah W gives good feedback for drivers. I’m a beginner driver and he’s really good at letting me know what I need to practice in a very nice and non-judgmental manner. I never feel stressed or overwhelmed while driving with him. He’s the Senior Driving Instructor so he’s very knowledgeable.


The teachers are all really nice and informative. They were all very patient and helpful!

tara vu

Andrew was an amazing instructor! I learned something new everyday and the material will definitely help me in my driving. Happy my mom chose 1st Learn To Drive.

Aaron Wilson

It was nice the drives were good and the classroom time was very helpful. The staff was nice.

Rory Davis

steve is great! this is a great class that taught us how a lot about how to be a good driver and all the rules of the world

Avery Fraser

I really enjoyed the positive work environment that helped me learn to grow.

katie digby

I learned to drive safely, the instructors were friendly and helpful.

Niyah correa

I learned a lot and had fun while in class and on the drives.

I Bober

I liked this program. I think it’s pretty swell, even if I did get a little freaked out at times.

Isaac Greenwald

Steve is great

Cynthia Thompson

Unlike the first review, my daughter did not do well with Jeremy. Also, during the written exam, the teacher wrote the answers to 10 of the questions on the board!!!!! Who does that? Anyway, Jeremy was not a good fit for her. I believe a driving instructor is supposed to “instruct”. Jeremy’s style was to “test”. My understanding is that he would ask the students to do something and then tell them all the stuff they did wrong. Not help them through the process. His response was… “You studied it in class so you should know how to do this.” I also believe that this style of teaching made her all the more nervous and anxious. She hated the “driving lessons” if Jeremy was teaching. Learning to drive is scary and difficult and you NEED your instructor to make it a positive outcome. This didn’t happen with him. It was positive with other substitute instructors though. Liz was helpful at rescheduling. It was necessary as they changed the scheduled lesson time the last three weeks to early in the day and my kid was still going to school. Magic was nice on the phone. I would not recommend this company for your kids first experience driving in Portland.

Ben Jacobson

i learned a lot about driving and i’m glad i took the class. would highly recommend to anyone looking for a company to take drivers ed

Linds Rocha

So glad I chose 1st Learn to Drive to finally learn how to drive at 22. Most of my lessons were with Chad, who was an amazing teacher and great person to talk to as well. I could not recommend him enough! I also had one lesson with Victor and he was also a great instructor and a little more hands off. This experience changed me from someone too scared to learn how to drive to a confident driver that passed on the first try.

Ernesto Munguia

Garrett Leary

Great instructors and great experience! Prefer that you do this before learning how to drive!

Carl Taylor

first learn to drive is a very instructional and helpful program that taught me how to drive in a safe and fun manner. steve and vince were great instructors!!!

Jack Burnside

Andrew was a good teacher and very passionate about his work, I would say that he should focus on teaching the materials, and not talking bad about Fred Mattola. (Something he does a lot)

Rachel Morrison

Really helped me get my lisence! Definitely recommend!

Gene Liu

Great program, I learned a lot throughout the classes and the instructors were very engaging and helpful. The drivers were also extremely kind and made driving a very stress-free experience.

Adeline Moss

Randy is amazing. The class help me so much I feel so good about what I learned and really enjoyed the process

Malia Masterson

All of the instructor were really nice and helpful. They made it fun to learn about driving!

Cyrus E. Farsad

Steve is the best driving instructor of all time! Sign your kids up for maximum safety!!!!

H Turner

This was a great experience and I loved it. No complaints whatsoever. It was a great place to learn to drive and our class instructor was so enthusiastic.


Good tips for how to drive with low risk

Hana C

Chad from 1st Learn to Drive was patient, helpful, and supportive. He teaches in an easygoing and efficient manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone, whether you're a teen or an adult. I was extremely anxious to get behind the wheel on the first lesson, but after just a few minutes, I felt ready to be a driver. I never would've passed my test without his help.

Eve Gibson

They did a really good job on teacher and were great on helping on assignment and it’s an amazing way to learn safely !

Aidan McCarthy

Great class!! I learned a lot and really recommend taking this course... they are very easy to work with and flexible. Remember... Trees Win;)

Jack Barinaga

I learned a lot from this program and it really helped me grow as a driver. I would recommend it for any new driver.

Elijah Rowland

Jacob Carsten

Good teachers, helpful instructors, good class for people nervous about learning to drive.

Minea Baticeli

First learn to drive was an educational and fun learning experience. i got to learn how to drive by first hand instructors. Very helpful!!

Ben Baker

This place is simply awful. No adjective can accurately describe how poorly this organization is run. I strongly discourage anyone from doing business with this company. Customer service is awful and unhelpful, they are incompetent and selfish, and on top of that, their program is a joke. You would think that the goal of a drivers ed company would be to make their students better drivers and make the roads safer, but oh my do they fail miserably at this. Please do not give this company the business that they do not deserve.

Aiden Hoyer

I learned a great deal in this course, from the educational classroom time with Andrew, to the helpful driving practice with Jeremiah. Would highly recommend.

Cole Staines

Amazing loved it!!! Great teachers awesome experience. Chad is my favorite!!!

Luke Mazurik

I really enjoyed the professional instructors that helped me learn to drive in this class!

Hailey Barnard

the classroom experience is amazing! Andrew does an amazing job.

Annikaaa !

Best drivers ed experience!! Loved my instructor Randy!!

Sophia Sutherland

It was a good and not stressful experience. I would recommend it for all.

Ethan Mills

Randy and Chad are super cool. Very fun class, and it helped me a lot. Lots of knowledge and skill gained.


Every instructor had a different take. Some where better than others. However, Jeremy decided to grab the wheel when I drifted a little bit instead of saying "hey, you are drifting." He have me a lot of anxiety. I feel he carried his personal problems into the lesson. One of the drivers stole one of my sweatshirts I left in the car. It was $55. She promised to return it and never did... I emailed them with no responses back. I also rented a car for a drivers test.. I canceled a week in advance and they never refunded me even after several emails. I emailed them several times over the sweatshirt too.... It may be the cheapest but it's over priced still. They have no uniformity and if you are a person who needs consistency but can't seem to schedule the same instructor close together than you will have issues.. There is a good chance you will fail the test like I did.. Oh, and if you don't have any extra help they will tell you, "you need extra help driving." That will make you feel really great because if you had help you wouldn't be paying them...

Ashley Pirrung

I learned a lot taking this course and now I feel more confident with my driving. Andrew is very interactive with the students which makes the 3 hour class fly by fast. I practice my driving with Jeremiah and he makes sure that we know how to drive in the safest way possible. Overall, I’ve had a great experience.


30 hours well spent! Loved this program.

Stormdragon Echo

Very helpful on information totally worth the hours going here. Instructors are very friendly too.

Vikas Navaratna

I had taken two classes of 2hr each with 1st learn to drive. Randy Schroeder was my instructor. He was awesome, supportive, funny, and knowledgeable. He gave me a lot of tips that helped me clear my driving exam in the first attempt. If you already have experience in driving within the parking lots at least, it's a added advantage. I did a lot of online shopping in order to pick a driving school, and I'm glad that I finally went with 1st learn to drive. Scheduling my classes was easy, and Randy was punctual to the dot. I would recommend them to anyone, irrespective of the level of driving exposure.


Where to start. A little under a week ago, I had my final drive. Without the class, I doubt I would've made it out of the parking lot. My Instructor, Steve, was a great teacher and a generally great person to work with. He helped me develop my skills as a driver, in the classroom and as a person. If you're getting/have gotten your permit recently, I couldn't recommend First Learn to Drive more.

Kaylee Gunderson

Really good teen program, I learned a lot of useful things that help feel more confident while driving. Plus, its a pretty affordable class compared to the other ones. 11/10 would recommend!

Caitlin Leslie

andrew is a really upbeat and fun teacher!

Nicole Moore

Has grear teachers with great knowledge and i made great friends!


I learned how to drive really well, and the teachers were very helpful. I would take this class for fun. Annie was a great teacher and so was chad.

Isa De Los Santos

My instructor was Chad. He was a wonderful teacher and instructor. I have learned a lot from this class and would highly recommend this program for others.

Comic Titan

I learned a lot and the instructors were all nice. Also there wasn’t too much homework.

Jocelyn R

Jeremiah has been my classroom instructor and he has been a great teacher through this whole course. He keeps things interesting, entertaining and he makes it easy to follow along in the class.

Kayla Magura

Great program, lots of valuable information! The class time provides great information, that is used on drives heavily. Andrew is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher! I was introduced to lots of new ways to make driving easier like reference points, and precision turns. Jeremy is a great instructor, and is very constructive with criticism. He is very helpful and a great instructor.


I took 6 lessons with firstlearntodrive and I found the program very helpful. I drove with Jeremy, and he was very helpful in learning how to actually drive. Learning a skill as important as driving takes a teacher who knows what they're doing, as well as can give good constructive criticism and help you actually improve, and Jeremy was excellent at both!

Sodius Games

This organization is really a joke. The way this place teaches the students how to drive is a joke.

Jonah Waage

Sophia Rosicky

Really excellent teachers and the instructors gave detailed, clear feedback.

Dulce Montalvo

Chad is the best teacher I could have asked for! Coming from a traumatic background on the road he was very patient, calm and incredibly encouraging. Great conversation and great tips! Thanks chad! See ya on the road some day.

fancymanofcorn Noah Barrett

Out of all of the drivers Ed stories I have heard, this one makes it seem not that bad, Andrew applies humor during the three hours of drivers Ed which makes it bearable and makes me want to participate again. Jeremiah is a cool driving instructor on the drives and creates an atmosphere that relieves stress from a somewhat stressful situation.

Alyssia Maxwell

Loved the instructors they made everything easier to me and helped me out in a lot of ways specifically randy and liz

Milo Rubinger

Luke Skywalker

My advice to you is to fire Jermey Whitfield. He is the most incompetent person I’ve ever meet simple as that.

Cary Fardal

Course was good, instructors were great. Unfortunately, instructors apparently don't give out accurate information about the final drive and the people at the office were fairly rude. My son wasn't as prepared as we would have liked for the first attempt, which was fine, but they only give you 30 days to schedule the second drive. The instructor made it seem like their was more flexibility, I asked on the last class knowing he wasn't ready. But, we only had 4-5 weeks before he had to take the first attempt, so we did that and he didn't pass. When I called to find out about scheduling the second attempt after receiving an email that we only had 30 days to reschedule, I felt the guy I talked to was fairly disrespectful. I know my son needs more drive time, but I don't want to pressure him into attempting the test again until he's ready. Of course at $60 per re-attempt, they seem to just want to make money rather than make sure teens are actually ready, go figure. And, apparently they don't do what it takes to assure the instructors are providing accurate information to parents. I understand instructors are human, but timelines for taking the test isn't a difficult thing to understand and communicate. Of course they don't tell you to call the office for accurate information, nor is clear on the website that you shouldn't rely on the instructors for accurate information about scheduling. Their 30 day policy seems like a great way for the company to make extra money, but not actually assure a teen is ready. We won't be using them again with our youngest.

Jackson hurt

Chad was the best, learned a lot in this class I feel like a great driver now.

Katharine Burmaster

This is a poorly run, fraudulent business. There is a reason they have immediate availability and I would have been much better off waiting for a more professional company to have lessons available. Do yourself or your child a favor and avoid this "business" at all costs unless you appreciate poor service and extortion.

Tiny Death

Promotes the learning mindset and prioritizes learning the material over getting it first try.

Ciel Phantomhive

Just finished my final test, and I feel very confident about driving and my drivers knowledge since starting this program. My driving instructor Jermey helped me gain confidence in doing things such as crossing busy intersections and merging into traffic. I used to be so scared of driving, and now it’s enjoyable. My parents are also very pleased, as now I drive my sister to practice and around town. This wouldn’t have been possible without this program, and I’m really thankful for it. I recommend it 100% to everyone.

allanah hsu-chen

solid driving school. i know how to drive now. 10/10

Friendly neighborhood Book nerd

Andrew made the classroom much more entertaining that I expected, and the driving instructors taught me a lot that I didn’t know

Ava Datria

My experience at 1st Learn to Drive was AMAZING!!! Vincent is super chill while still being a great instructor. Also he's a rapper check him out on Spotify (Permanent by Vee). Chad, Liz, and Andrew are determined to make class and drive times laid back and stress free but still making sure that you learn how to be a safe driver. No complaints!

Jayden Brannan

Very good course with amazing instructors

Lulu Bird

Chad was a really great instructor and andrew was a great teacher and really made drivers ed fun and made 3 hours go by a lot faster

luke mesquit

1st learn to drive was a great program. I had a vacation during part of the course and they were very flexible with their rescheduling. I had fun and I learned a lot during the course. My favorite part were the drives with Randy. He is so funny and I learned a lot of wise tips about driving from him. Glad I took the course.

katy benjamin

Amazing! I genuinely had a good time learning how to drive. Great teachers great cars to learn how to drive in. I made friends and learned a TON about the road

Percyus 13

Andrew is a super cool and relaxed instructor while at the same time very informative. He helped to create a nice environment for everyone and make the general drivers ed experience amazing.

Kendyl Keyser

having a great time taking this class!! i’m learning a lot within the course! jeremiah w really gives good critiques that truly help!!

Faith Fisher

Randy is a great driving instructor

Milo Means

I am currently enrolled in one of their classes and both my driving instructor Jeremiah and my in- class instructor Andrew are very entertaining. Jeremiah gives very helpful information and critiques about me and my classmates driving as well as sharing funny life stories. Beyond this, Andrew really does his best to make class interesting. He’s super passionate and enthusiastic about what he does and he makes sure that every student has the best time they can during a three hour class. Overall great experience.

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911 Driving School of Camas/ East Vancouver
911 Driving School of Cam...
Driving School - Oregon

Driving school

Western Pacific Truck School
Western Pacific Truck School
Driving School - Oregon

Driving school

Pro Drive Racing School
Pro Drive Racing School
Driving School - Oregon

Driving school

Lane County Driving School
Lane County Driving School
Driving School - Oregon

Driving school