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Where is MedNoc Training College: CNA, CMA, HHA MAT, BLS Phlebotomy Tech, Pharmacy Tech, Medical Assistant?

REVIEWS OF MedNoc Training College: CNA, CMA, HHA MAT, BLS Phlebotomy Tech, Pharmacy Tech, Medical Assistant IN Oklahoma

Kyndal xxx

This school has helped me achieve my goal to be a certified phlebotomy technician recently. I'm very grateful to the teachers at Mednoc Training College that have helped me and encouraged me along the way.

Sorschia Wells

If you are someone that is looking into becoming a CNA or certified Home Health Aid, look no further than MedNoc. At MedNoc you will no doubt be given a quality education from instructors that are very thorough and have years of experience in the medical field. You will often hear the phrase "No Student Left Behind" and I can assure you that they stand by that. If you begin to struggle at any point, the instructors will be more than willing to help you in any way they can, including more hands on or one-on-one practice. BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE CARE! You will NEVER be made to feel as if you are a burden or that you ask "stupid" questions. At MedNoc you will feel right at home. If I could give MedNoc 1,000 stars on here I would. Oh, and Kim the receptionist is a sweetheart!

Mallory Simpson

Jennifer is an AWESOME teacher. As for the organization and communication between the other staff members it needs some work. As long as you get Jennifer as a teacher you will be 100% ready for the tests. 5 out of 5 stars for Jennifer.

Marilyn Boone

Mednoc you guys are doing a awesome job, I would like to say to our Instructor Jennifer thank you for all you instilled in us in such a short time you are awesome, if you are looking for a career in the medical field I Suggest you check out what mednoc has to offer you won’t be disappointed.

Crystal Reyes

If you take this class, you won't be disappointed! It is the cheapest class for anything. The instructor Paul is amazing. I learned a lot in his class!

Miranda Hall

I came here to obtain my CNA certification. Kim was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the program and the process to get in. The instructors are very well prepared and seem to have a genuine interest in making sure their students are prepared for the exam. I would absolutely recommend MedNoc!

abby smith

Great experience, overall good experience. Jennifer and Felicia are the best teachers! Would highly recommend if you are wanting to get into one of the field of study's and you dont have a lot of time.

Kinber Roberts

Had a wonderful experience! The staff is welcoming and makes you feel like family. All my questions were answered while in class and even after hours by email. Great people, great energy, good overall educational value with Med Noc!

hannah tilley

I loved the instructors and learned a lot. I feel very prepared for the exam.

Linda Hallie

These has been a great class,have had very good learning experience. Instructors are the most knowledgeable,great and patient teachers. Have learnt so much and know will use it for greater good. MedNoc teachers/instructors are incredible. Always ready to listen and very patient with students. I truly appreciate the knowledge that has been deposited in us.

Crystal Proby

The staff/faculty at MedNoc are very well educated and great instructors. I enjoyed my experience and learned new things along the way. Jennifer is an awesome teacher and knows the nursing material well! The staff members are friendly and make you feel like your part of their family. Thank you, MedNoc for helping me excel in my nursing career!

Alicia Nevins

I loved the plebotomy course. The classes are small. The instructors and all of the employee are all around fantastic!!

Miranda V

I completed the CNA and BLS courses and they were very thorough, which gave me more than enough information to not only pass, but to also fully understand elements that I will use in my nursing career.

Summer Anwar

I took the phlebotomy technician course. Adriene was an amazing instructor. Overall, i loved the course!

Roy Wujatson

I did my CNA training at Mednoc, and I never regret making that decisions. The staffs and instructors are always there to help you. They put your success first. They believe that, if they make a difference in your life, you will go and do same somewhere. That’s why Mednoc is the best in the state. #Youwillneverknowuntilyoutry

Brandie Rawls

I just finished the BLS it was very good informative and the instructors were great I would recommend it to anybody

Brittany Cooper

If I could give less stars I would. I took the phlebotomy class. This place is a joke. My teacher was great but the rest of the school needs to learn how to be professional and be organized. My graduation ceremony was horrible there was no decorations ,no cake, the president of the school didn’t even show up neither did my Teacher, which I thought was disrespectful. Honestly for the amount of money I paid it should be a better facility than what it is. The staff needs training and better communication skills, no one knows what is going on in the building. The classrooms they have are tiny and very unsterile, they don’t have all of the supplies in stock. When I started class they said you will have 3 weeks of class time and the last 2 weeks at clinicals so my last week of class clinicals were supposed to start they never did and it’s been 4 weeks since I finished my 3 weeks of class time and the staff doesn’t seem to care that I haven’t started. It’s very frustrating. To this day I haven’t even meet the president of the school, I feel like if you are a president of the school you need to talk to your students daily and see how things are going, but he doesn’t seem to care.

Kelsey Risenhoover

It's a great place to get started on your career. The people here really do want to you succeed and they treat you like family. I loved it.

Mackenzie Gier

Thank you so much! You all are amazing teachers, and I absolutely LOVED my experience at Mednoc! I will be coming back to Mednoc for each step up the ladder, of my medical career. You're all the absolute BEST! ❤❤❤... Ps.... Jennifer is the best instructor on the planet! She knows how to make the class both fun, and informative, and I certainly couldn't have made it without her.

Ashley Manglona

Paul and Jennifer are incredibly knowledgeable, and really take the time to guide you with any unknown questions. They also make it a point to work with your schedule, and made this experience a worthy one.

Teresa Fent

I took the phlebotomy class with ms.adriene as my instructor. I enjoyed my class time you could tell she liked teaching the class, she did a great job. This school works hard to line up clinicals for the students after the class schedule. They offer flexible schedule and are awesome with the tuitions.

Elizabeth Steele

I took the CNA program at MedNoc with Jennifer and learned so much during the two week program! I would highly recommend taking this course with Jennifer.

Ashley Marsh

You can’t beat Jennifer! She’s the best!!!

Mikka Croy

I really enjoyed my experience with MedNoc! Great staff that's willing to work with you to help you achieve your goals!

Dee Gray

It was a very pleasant school experience! My instructor, Jennifer Itote, was very knowledgeable and involved and handled class in an easy way to learn! The amount of information I received was very informative. I would recommend this school!

Callie Maupin

Took a BLS course here with Jennifer, she was great, I’ve learned a lot and feel comfortable with my ability to preform cpr. Great lady :)

Sierra Resendes

Great place, great people, and Jennifer is THE BEST teacher I could ask for!! She goes above and beyond to be there and help her students in every way possible. Definitely recommend!

Sydney Icenogle

MedNoc has been a fantastic experience. The training program is quick and enjoyable, and you walk out of it feeling prepared and confident for your exam and future in the healthcare industry. The instructors, Paul and Jennifer, are both excellent and want their students to succeed, and will try to provide everything they can to their students to ensure a well rounded and prepared professional leaves the school. I will be recommending MedNoc to my friends, and anybody I know who wants to start a career in the healthcare field.

Florina Beardsley

This is a really good place, I learned so much in such a short amount of time. This is one of the best training college I've ever been in.


I would Strongly recommend this institution. I took the two weeks CNA course Monday through Friday. The lectures are structured in a way that comes together and easily understood. The teachers are more than willing to answer questions in and outside of class. They take their time in working one on one with students during labs if needed. My experience was a great one and once again I highly recommend MedNoc

Leah Stetson

Jennifer Itote is the reason that school is thriving!!

Maria Oliver

My experience here at MedNoc has been the best experience ever!!! I have enjoyed being a student here and would recommend MedNoc to anyone. Love this school!

Robert Turley

I took the CNA training course at MedNoc and it was awesome! Jennifer Itote is an amazing instructor. I appreciate everything she has taught me. I am now ready for the CNA world!!!

Brandy Dover

As for the organization of the facility, it could use some work, as well as the communication between the staff. Jennifer was amazing instructor and she was very clear in her teaching. Jennifer was 100% on her game.

Angela H

I highly recommend Mednoc. I enjoyed taking the phlebotomy course while there. Adrienne made it a pleasant experience. She equipped us with the info needed to be successful phlebotomist. The BLS class was also very thorough and informative.

Kimberly Brown

They have all you need to know and do to pass the CNA/HHA Class!

Courtney Troutman

A two week long CNA course! Can't beat that! You learn a lot in those two weeks and all the staff are extremely passionate about taking care of people. A great place to take my first step into working in the medical field.

Amanda Green

I love this place.. I have had my license before and my classes in the past were nowhere near like this.. great place good learning and fun environment.!

Cayla Coburn

I took the CPR BLS one day course with instructor Paul. He taught the class well and was very informative. They had the class available before I needed it for work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Odugbesan Oluwapamilerinayo

It was an experience that they will help me in my nursing program

Delightfully Nalijah

The BLS course was very helpful for CPR. Thanks you guys for you’re help

Roshawna Ross

MedNoc is the best place to get training for your CNA license. The staff and instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. They make sure to invest as much time necessary into the students to ensure they pass their state tests the first time. I highly recommend MedNoc!

Brittny Paige Lewis

Took the phlebotomy course Adriene was the best instructor she taught me everything i needed to know. Took my national test June 25, 2019 passed with flying colors! Im now a CPT!!

Kari Thomas

I did my CPR/BLS today at MedNoc! I really enjoy my course of CMA at Mednoc Training College, the Instructors and Owners are so Sweet and Nice and Staff,

Angela Myers

Best experience that I have ever had in a school. Every staff member that I interacted with was kind and pleasant. Jennifer and Paul were great instructors I would definitely take another coarse here thanks mednoc.

Zola Ramsey

The class was very interesting l really learn a lot that I didn't know it was her uninformative. Mr. Paul did a really good job on teaching the class.

Krystal Morgan

School is great! Staff and instructors are awesome!

Shay Evans

The BLS/ CPR class with Paul was very informative, he is very knowledgeable.

Ali Thurman

I took the Phlebotomy course at mednoc. My teacher, Adriene, was a phenomenal teacher and gave us all the skills and knowledge we needed to become Phlebotomy Techs. Jennifer taught our BLS class. She was awesome and made the class fun, but informative.

alexis oxiouta

This is such a great place to learn. I am a person who has a hard time focusing and staying interested in class, and my instructor was fantastic at helping everyone understand and feel comfortable to be involved in class. If you did not understand our instructor did everything possible tp help you understand confidently. It was always a positive environment and over all the best class i have ever taken.

Jenny Panduro

Recommend the cna class. The teacher was amazing. (Ms.Patti) I still attend and think she is an amazing person. We are adults we learn if we put in as much hours at home that we do in class . She fought everything we need to know . Wouldn’t want another teacher if it was possible . LOVE HER !

Cassidy Walker

Jen is the BEST instructor ever. I really learned and she also helped bring in real life experience and scenarios along with the curriculum from the book.

Tonya Morris

Excellent class! Very knowledgeable, would highly recommend.

Susan Day

Excellent school, instructor jennifer itote, made it very imformational, we are fortunate to have her to teach us. And her colleges. Thank you

Everette Sanders

Appreciate the training now I can help my wife

Michaela Aman

I really enjoyed this class. The instructors are very personable and always willing to help you with anything you don't understand. The only suggestion I have is that they are a little understaffed, but that's only because they are still so new. I would still recommend anyone to take the class.

Tim Smith

The owner Paul is great and very committed. The instructor did a great job sharing her professional experiences in addition to covering the required material. Highly recommended!


I took my CNA class here and the teachers are awesome. They work really hard and help their students with whatever they need. Thank you med noc and Jennifer is awesome and the best teacher ever!

Ashton Brown

this place was very amazing when I first came here I did not think that I was going to learn anything but I did. I feel very proud of my self. I want to keep going further into the medical field. Starting from CNA would get me plenty of experience on a lot of things. When i am a LPN i will already know a lot of things. I know that I can do it.

Ashley Barron

Good BLS class and instructor explains everything and goes over it again if you dont get it the first time.


It was a great class the instructors were great

Nour Salus

MedNoc training college was very helpful! They were very sweet and helped me a lot on getting hands-on practice after class hours. All of the instructors genuinely want you to succeed!

Lydia Jones

I went to Mednoc for my CNA, and I was not at all disappointed. The staff is so determined on teaching the correct patient care and making sure you are following along with every step, and understanding all of the material. They have a really high success rate in passing the state exams. They are like a family there and that is what makes it so great. If you are looking for any technical training, I recommend going to Mednoc!!!!

Chynna Kuhlmann

This class was the cheapest one I could find in my area and the shortest, so I decided to go for it. What I didn't know was that I would get not only a great education, but meet some incredible people that would be like family. The staff was absolutely amazing, and provide the best CNA/HHA training in the area. They also have their own testing facility, provide background checks, give TB tests, and even have a BLS certification class. It's a one stop shop that prepares you for a career in healthcare in the easiest way possible. I might have only been here for two weeks, but I will remember this experience forever.

Loreto Jr Garcia

I had good learning experience in the school. The lead instructor Jennifer is awesome. I highly recommend her to be your instructor to any aspiring CNAs out there and I assure you will learn a lot.

Kaley Rivers

I am so thankful for MedNoc Training college! This school really made me find myself again. The phlebotomy course was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Ms. Adriene taught me so much and dedicated all her time to our class. She made sure we were not just learning but comfortable with what we were doing. She fully prepared us for the workforce. She made sure we were ready for every test we took. She made sure by the end of the course we were going to be good at phlebotomy. I am forever grateful for her and MedNoc. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to better theirselves and to find a career.

Frank Escalante

Mrs. Jennifer Itote excellent CNA instructor.

Maggie Karanja

All members of staff are accommodating, friendly and helpful. Jennifer my instructor knows her curriculum very well and makes it easier to accommodate her students. The front office worked with me on financial aids such that I did not miss any class. Way to go Mednoc!!!

River Postoak

Loved this school! Great learning experience with great staff. You don't think you can learn that fast until you step in here with great minds to guide you along. Everyone feels like family here. Would recommend 10/10

Sharyn Renee

i will not regret the time or money spent on applying myself to farther my education in my medical career with Med Noc. my instructor was very informative and made learning a very enjoyable experience.

gizelle monte

Took the phlebotomy course and had the best experience. They take the time to teach you so you can be successful. I will be coming back for another course :)

Caitlin Wood

Learned a lot in the BLS class, I feel very prepared for a time if I have to perform the real thing!

Umar Sandhu

So this is probably going to be the most honest review you read about Mednoc. Yes your first impressions on the building might scare you away but really the teachers and president here make it worth it. I took the phlebotomy course at Mednoc and it was taught by one of the BEST teachers ever, Adriene Yeahquo, if you take it there is a 10/10 chance she will become one of your favorite people. Also the president, Paul, and the lead instructor, Jennifer, are really helpful and will make sure that you get through the class and work extremely hard. Overall it was a fun course but you gotta have some responsibility yourself as well.

Ranada Charles

I take phlebotomy class at mednoc and it’s awesome. Today we did for training with Paul he was great and very knowledgeable!!

Karla Ruiz

I really enjoyed MedNoc and I recommend it!!

Jovy Yabann

This is the place to start a career in the health care industry! Everyone is so friendly and nice and helpful! They always go out of their way to help. I would recommend anyone trying to get into the medical field to come here. And you’ll never regret it! I had a BLS class today and it was very informative, they had all the equipment you’d need to learn about CPR honestly probably more than what you’d find at Red Cross. 5stars to admin for being awesome!

Nicoli James

Came to the school to complete my Medical Assistant. They are very affordable and even offer payment arrangements that will help for anyone that's wanting to complete their course and pay along the way, or even after the program.

Stacy Warrior

I took the BLS class here and it was great. Paul did an awesome job explaining the procedures and giving scenarios of events that could happen if you were to have to use CPR. It was a good experience and you will definitely learn something in this class.

lynn kamau

Jenifer and pattie were the best

Talitha Mcconnell

I really enjoyed the CNA course. The staff and instructors were amazing and very helpful.

Christin Trammell

I completely appreciate MedNoc they give a great class on BLS and CNA training, very thankful for all I have learned.

rosa najera

coming into mednoc...Was the best experience ever! all the teachers are just so awesome! they make you feel welcomed ! thanks to mednoc i learned a lot of things. All the teachers explain everything so well. I sure do know i learned a lot ! I love this place & i will continue to keep coming for the rest of my careers! this place is just full of nothing but good people ! our coordinator Paul & his wife ann are just the sweetest people! all the office aids are the best! thank yo for the best ex prince her Mednoc!!!

Brianna McGill

The CPR course was taught very well and I feel prepared for an emergency situation. Thanks Paul!

Sheila Fande

Mednoc collège is a good college i have ever went to.Jenifer Itote is the best intructor ,she care for student and give her best. I totally recommand for every one ....

Maranda Clement

I took the phlebotomy course with Adrienne. she is seriously the best. she makes you feel confident about your abilities. I'm telling you if you want to quit doing what your doing now and find something you actually might enjoy I highly recommend phlebotomy here. literally 3 weeks of class time and 2 weeks of clinicals. you can't beat that!!!!

Amber Cole

Take your money and run!!!! They can not provide the services they say they are going to and the owner Paul is a total piece of work!!! No help and he knows what is going on but continues to lie. Better off going to votec, plus that is a lot cheaper.

Sarai Ochoa

Awesome school! Jennifer was a great teacher! This school gets you well prepared for the state test!

emilee perkins

I attended MedNoc for my CNA. The teacher (Jennifer Atote) was great and worked with you for each skill to make sure you knew all of them before the test!!

Madelyn Stoll

If you want to get your CNA fast and cheap go ahead and go to MedNoc but I would look at other options first. It was incredibly unorganized and unprofessional. When I signed up for the course I was basically told what I owed, to wear black scrubs, and the basic dates and times of the class. I was told TB test and more was provided in the class. Got here and was called the day before orientation that there was an orientation and I couldn’t go because of my job. Also had to come in both saturdays for the BLS that I was told was part of the class not outside of it, and for a “graduation”. 0 communication, instructor joked inappropriately often, and super unorganized. Edit: When I was looking at CNA programs I read the reviews and that’s what determined my decision. I highly suggest looking at OSU-OKC’s program for 2 weeks. It’s slightly more but by the end of the 2 weeks you have your CNA unlike here. You have to schedule the test outside of the two hours with the state unlike a lot of programs who have it scheduled in AND you have to pick a date they have open which is random and at the worst dates and times and they open up and close up quick. I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks since I’ve ended the class just to get a freaking date and now I’ve waited too long for the deadline I needed it by, so I’ve wasted my time and money here. It’s very disorganized and a huge lack of communication with students. It’s a fend for yourself type place. Also, the good reviews on here? Yea they have you leave a review in class to replace a test and many of what my classmates wrote on here is not what they were saying in class; so don’t rely on those at all.

Tara Wasson

There's a reason this school has so many great reviews by so many different people... it really is that great! Im sure we would all give it 10 stars if we could! The instructors are great! And it was very convenient and comfortable to do the course and take the exam at the same place!

Daisha Wing

MedNoc has changed my life in so many ways , the instructors are very helpful, courteous, and wants to see everyone succeed. There is always good vibes , this has been the best experience of college I've had, I would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to be in the medical field.

Brian Hurst

This is the best place I have went to school for anything. The instructors are extremely personable, excited to teach you. They are very down to earth. They like to joke around and have fun. All I can say is thank you for everything you guys do for your students. Y'all are the best!

Ilori Damilola

it was an impact filled teaching at mednok, there expectation was fulfilled

Phuong Nguyen

I took the Phlebotomy Technician course at MedNoc Training College. My Teacher Miss Adriene was amazing. She is very knowledgeable. The class size was small and it helped me learn and practice skills one on one. The clinical site was great. The nurse and the doctors took great care of the patients and helped us learn a lot. The school and the staff are very welcoming and will help each and every student to achieve their learning goals. The president of the school is not just a name on the wall but a man who is devoted to helping students succeed. Am so happy that today i passed my national certification exam and now i am a nationally certified Phlebotomy Technician

Mirtha Saenz

I really enjoyed coming to MedNoc. They are very friendly and really care about you and your future. I am very glad I had the opportunity to take this course to become a CNA. They profoundly prepare you for the state exam and the real world. Paul, Ann, Jennifer, and Kim are amazing people and they really do want to see you succeed. I HIGHLY recommend MedNoc for your training.

Kamy Kerr

The facility is unlike anything I've done before. It's fast paced and before you know it you've learned everything there is to learn and you didn't even realize you had it all down! The staff is awesome and very understanding of your needs and schedule. It's a great place to go if you wanna get your stuff done quick, it has a few bumps here and there but I'd definitely recommend it!

Tia Davis

Great staff and great teachers! All of the instructors are always willing to answer any questions and help out when I needed it. I am so happy i decided to continue my education here with MedNoc and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of taking any of their courses.

Charity Roberts

I took the phlebotomy class here and I had a great experience! The front office staff is very sweet and helpful with the enrollment process and everything after that. My teacher, Adriene, was very encouraging to our class. We had lots of hands on experience with one on one instruction during our course. I feel prepared to enter the work force after completing this course!

Amber Maxwell

I absolutely love this training facility. It has been fantastic. Paul and Jennifer care so much about helping the student understand and learn, and they are so understanding of every situation. It was a very comfortable environment that I would highly recommend to all of my friends and family.

brooklyn lanoy

Jenn is an amazing instructor, her class was fun and prepared is better than i ever thought two weeks would prepare us for our exams!!

ron ethier

Excellent curriculum and knowledgeable staff. On going support after training is outstanding. I highly recommend Mednoc.

Christine Alfaro

The thing I loved most about MEDNOC is anytime I had a question if the answer was unknown, then I was always told “I am not sure, but I will find the correct answer and let you know”. The staff is very knowledgeable, positive and encouraging and I love that the owner was not just a name on the wall; he will introduce himself and make himself available to you if you feel it necessary. You get a chance to learn the knowledge needed to go straight to work and even contact information to companies that want to hire you as soon as you graduate. If you are willing to do your part then MEDNOC will prepare you with all the tools you need to go out and start providing for yourself.

Alora Hefner

Paul (Owner/President) is very knowledgeable!! Definitely knows what he’s talking about and wants to make effective, quality caregivers! Highly recommend taking BLS here.

Rachael Batdorff

Great staff that will work with you. Awesome classes.

Hembafan Winifred Nomhwange

I am very pleased that i took this class. I know the importance of B.L.S now and i am definitely getting an A.E.D kit for my household. thanks to MedNoc for am amazing experience.


I highly recommend cna/hha course at MedNoc! Jennifer is a great instructor ! Very dedicated and very willing to help the students in every way possible!! I am walking away with a lot of knowledge! Ready to move on into the medical field!

Mbunya Lambert

The staffs are more than awesome especially Madam Jennifer, she's more than a mother and a teacher!

Ben Coley

Great experience. Great value!

Kate Coslick

amazing school! Everyone is suoer friendly and extremely helpful and welcoming, i love this school and plan to return.

Jof Jop

Everything is good here cuz they offering CNA class for 2 weeks and it just cost cheaper than others..

Jason Turner

I found Med Noc by looking online and I’m glad I chose to use the school. Cici was my instructor and was amazing. Moreover, Jennifer, Brandy and Paul are always there to help as well. I passed the course and State CNA exam with ease due to them and I will be back in 6 months for my CMA!!!!!!

Crystal Billy

I enjoyed med noc as a school i really learned alot from my amazing teacher jennifer everyone is kind and work hard to help you achieve your goals. you have to be willing to work just as hard too and she will push you. LOVE been apart of the MedNoc family and hopefully can continue my education with them and better myself. My clinical site was amazing the ladys was great and the doctor was just amazing never meet such a caring and strong doctor so thank you MedNoc and Vita Health Dr. Krehbile for everything.

MaDonna Williams

The class was very challenging but the lorning skills was very good and the ticeher was very nice.

benyela jackson

one of the best training centers in oklahoma city with the following courses to offer

Traci Sekulovski

Mednoc is a great place to learn skills for the nursing world. I think it is a great opportunity if not wanting to pay huge tuition fees and go to a big college. Paul the director is very nice and passionate along with all the staff. The only bad thing I have to say is that the cna class was a bit disorganized but our teacher was new and I have faith that she will get into her own groove soon.

Joey Perez

Very very very unorganized, although the phlebotomy teacher Adriene is AMAZING, everyone else is unorganized, did not get to go to clinicals when they were “scheduled” tried to up how much I owed thinking I didn’t keep my receipts or emails. Just overall a bad experience, I would definitely recommend you to pay the extra money & go somewhere else more professional.

Aly McKinnon

I took MedNoc to get my CNA certification and the teachers did a great job making sure we did every skill we could possibly need and going through each chapter of the book with us!

Lacy LaRoche

Paul you deserve nothing but a zero and this place should not be in business at all! Only wants to take your money but can not provide clinicals but he continues to have classes and take peoples money. When he is confronted about it all he does is make excuses and then walk out on you. He will not follow up with you what so ever. Save your money and time and go!!!!

Kelsey Keimig

I took the CNA course at MedNoc and it was awesome!!! The atmosphere was so relaxed and fun. The staff and instructors were so friendly and made learning so easy and fun! I highly recommend this course, and facility!

Josie Wadkins

I have had a great learning process. The Instructor was great. The atmosphere is one well balanced for learning and having fun while doing so. Thank you Mednoc.

Raina Drink

Best learning experience ever! Staff is great, teachers are great, class is great, clinicals were great. I strongly recommend coming here to get your medical license. :)

elaine Marie

This place is amazing! You have all the necessities and nothing more or nothing less. I took the Phlebotomy class & Adriene is so sweet and genuine and really cares about your success. The building does look sketchy but we save so much on tuition because the rent here is cheap! This place really sets me up for success and has amazing resources and the class sizes are small so you get amazing one on one attention. Highly recommend

Mary Alice

The staff here at MedNoc treat everyone like family! The CNA program is only 2 weeks, which makes it very convenient for a busy schedule. If you want your HHA certification, it is another 16 hours and $100. MedNoc will give you this information up front and the price is very reasonable compared to other programs. As long as you work hard and pay attention, you will do great!

Sergio Jr.

I took the BLS class and Phlebotomy course, had a great learning experience that I'll never forget. Great environment and Instructors

Alexis Moore

The class was awesome. Our instructor Paul was very thorough and always stopped to make sure everyone understood everything. It was a great experience and I made friends along the way.

Caitlyn Struble

I enoyed the BLS class very much. I feel like i actually learned a lot and now have skills that I will use not only everyday but in my future career in the medical field. Paul was a good instructor and taught the class well and proficiently.

Emily Dunn

I just finished the CNA class taught by Jennifer Itote and i definitely recommend taking her class! She is the best instructor here and has an amazing heart for nursing and her students. She explains things clearly and makes the class a big family. If you are looking to get your CNA I recommend taking a class taught by Jennifer!

Joni Menton

I have enjoyed my experience at MedNoc and would recommend it to anyone wanting to become a CNA. The staff is understanding and you can tell that they care about the success of their students.

Leamarie Morton-Stinson

Awesome school! I have learned so much in my CNA/BLS/HHA. Amazing staff and helpful teachers! I loved my classes.

Breonna Marshall

Great place to get in and out quickly. Jennifer and Felicia are great and really help you learn and get things!

Sarah Southards

I took the Phlebotomy tech program with Adriene and I could not recommend her enough. She was thorough and thoughtful. I feel prepared for the national exam and the work force thanks to her. As far as the school I would stay really on top of your paperwork. There was a schedualing issue with the BLS (Basic Life Support) class so as soon as you get enrolled I would suggest finding out your BLS date and confirming with the specific BLS instructor that it will happen. I had Jennifer for my BLS class and she was great taught super thorough and got us in and out on time. 5/5 for all the instructors.

Liliana Emiliano

I went for my CNA courses and Jennifer is the best instructor!

Melisa Riemer

Everyone wants you to do well. Paul is doing our BLS today. All the students help each other out.

Lily Littlebear


Todd Price

Very good school and Jennifer is an excellent director, “thank ya for ya business”!

emily floyd

Took the BLS/CPR class. Very informative and interactive

Ezequiel Castanon

Jenni is a badass nigglet

juanita gilliam

I truly appreciate the passion and care at mednoc. Today I did BLS and although I have had this course before from another location today was so informative.

Nasstasja Yargee

I very much enjoyed this training program. They do not believe in leaving anyone behind. The hands on experience is just what I needed to feel prepared for my future career.

Nathan Dockery

MedNoc is the best school! You get all the information needed for CNA. One thing I would like is have an LPN program. Other than that great job!

Brooke Daugherty

This place has been wonderful and the staff are truly what made it so! Very efficient course load and an awesome stepping stone into the medical field. Although I started the phlebotomy course after having my CNA the course was still refreshingly challenging and I came out of it as a nationally certified phlebotomist! Great school!!

Annika Martin

If you're looking for a place to become a CNA go to MedNoc! They offer convenient classes at an affordable price. The staff and teachers truly care about your success. There is A LOT to learn in a short amount of time, but they more than prepare you to pass your test. If you need extra time to prepare there is always someone there willing to help you out. Highly recommend!!!!

Daja Coburn

Usually going to class is boring and not very fun. This was my first BLS class I’ve taken and I loved it! Paul made the class so easy and very fun! I highly recommended you take his BLS class if you need it!!

Cami Kimbro

I attended MedNoc to obtain my CNA certification and it’s been a wonderful experience. The staff is very well educated and helpful in any way they can be. The staff genuinely wants you to pass the course and be the best that you can be. I highly recommend this organization for obtaining your healthcare certifications.

Makayla Webb

Great school! I did the CNA course and couldn’t not of gotten a better experience plus they offer payment plans! Love love love this school and instructors! Will be back for sure to farther my education.

Donovan Deming

Coming from never knowing this industry at all! This school was fantastic!!

Lola Monroe

Attended February - April 2019 CCMA with Ashley Brown as my teacher. Head RN Jennifer Itote is pretty amazing too. Wasn’t happy with organization itself as it is a new training center but the goal of making the registry was met. With that said 5 stars

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