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REVIEWS OF K9 University Dog Training IN Oklahoma

Rena M

Not only did I get my beautiful GSD here through Angel, but I trained him here as well in both obedience and agility (when they had it). Eight years later and my dog is still obedient and completely without health issues. Their training really works and lasts a lifetime if you follow their guidelines.

Sara Lacy-Pippins

Barbee Aguila

K9 University has the best dog training in OK. Max has attended many of the classes from puppy to elite (which is a very small group class). We had different trainers, and they are all amazing. After only a few days Max was fixed :-) Life is great with my well-trained fur friend. We highly recommend K9 and all the wonderful trainers. Thank you.

Shannon Curran

Fantastic! Our Basic Obedience trainer was very helpful and kind. I took my rescue in--we were having major problems with submission peeing from abuse she had experienced previously, which made it nearly impossible to potty train her-every time I went to pick her up to transfer her outside, she would pee on the spot. I had a sneaking suspicion that some obedience classes might increase her confidence and get the two of us on a level where she understood what I was asking. While she wasn't always the best performer in class (and more or less failed her test), her confidence at home has shot through the roof, we've had significantly less accidents, and she is finally pretty successfully potty trained. Plus, she has picked up on some basic commands she needed and is much better at performing then. She is much, much happier, and I have K9 to thank for that!

Sandy Norththrop

These are the best trainers ever. Caring knowledgeable people. We love Abby and Mallori :-)

Shannon Cao

Mallori at K9 University has been amazing with our big boy Neo Mastiff. He walks on a loose leash and has his basic commands down. She also has helped with suggestions on every other behavior issue we have with him. Jumping, table surfing, barking, eating things, digging, food aggression, potty training, and everything between. She always seems to have a couple of behavior modification techniques and one has always worked. We are excited to continue his training at K9 and see what else he is capable of.

Hannah Mayzak

My dog Bo and I went through both the basic and intermediate classes. The only reason we continued on to intermediate was because of Mallori!!!! She is absolutely fantastic!! She subbed for one of our basic classes and we knew that day we had to take more with her! She does a great job making you feel like you are having private lessons in a group setting and her love for dogs is obvious! We would have continued on to advanced, but the cost got to be too much for us. 5 stars for Mallori!!! 3.5 for price

Markee Peters

We had our puppy in for boarding school and they worked miracles. Can not believe the level of progress in such a short time. Thank you K9, you saved our boy, and us :-)


Abby taught our Basic Obedience class the past 6 weeks and it such a great experience! My shih tzu is often weary of other people and dogs, but she seemed to have fun and really listen throughout the class. I had no idea how informative and helpful this would be in regard to helping me understand the proper way to communicate with my dog and learning what action to take to correct her behavior. Our class was primarily larger dogs, but I would recommend K9 University classes for dogs of all sizes. We hope to take another class in the future!

Carson Wright

Angel and his crew are great. Our trainer, Cassie Hartman, new her stuff and we had a great experience here for basic training.

Jaromee Moore

I had seen youtube videos and thought this would be a good place to take my puppy. I will give my business to them because of a lady I spoke with on the phone who was very rude.

Steven Grey

I'm not writing this review 2 years after cause of hate. My dog has been abused and she is absolutely not a people friendly dog anymore. She hides from anyone she sees unless she absolutely knows them. I still remember that day when I picked her up with the large cut on her nose. They lied to me about how she was to anxious and somehow hurt her self from the metal cage. They showed me the room where she was kept for day care, they threw her in a room full of aggressive GSD since she was a GSD. I went in the room and I was frighten myself. I don't know what really happen but I felt like they could had done better. This is not where you want to take your dog for a daycare or training.

Josh Hill

Recently took my new puppy through a years worth of training with them and I couldn’t be happier with the results. From the trainers and their expertise, patience and understanding of all situations. Also I love a business where you can show up and talk with the owners and realize they are actually a part of the day to day business and take an interest in each and every dog that is trained in there facility. Hands down would recommend them to all my friends and family and will take all my future dogs to them. Thank you K-9 University!!!!!

Theresa Henao

My Aussie has completed both basic and intermediate classes and we will definitely be continuing her training here because not only is it helpful for my dog and me as her handler but it’s fun too! We had Mallori for our intermediate class and she’s the best trainer! They really take the time to take care of each dog in the class while everyone moves forward as a group. Can’t recommend this place enough for training.

OKC Investment Group

Great place to train your puppy! Instructor was great!

Brett Dougherty

Just completed Basic Obedience with my future therapy dog Turpie. Taking the class to get our AKC Canine Good Citizen designation. K9U is a great place to train and expose your dog to other dogs and people in a safe environment. This is my 3rd dog and 7th class to take with this team.

Stephanie Bugg

K9 is awesome. We love Angel!

Ginny Grellner

Allison Rabon

The trainers at K9 University know how to work their magic! I took my dog through both the beginner and intermediate courses here and have to say it was well worth the time and money spent. Not only was it a fun way to bond, but the trainers provided the tools needed to help my pup become the perfect companion!

Matt Wong

Paige W.

We loved the basic obedience class! Learned so much and the team really cares for the dogs.

Darlene Hayes

K9 University is the best canine training in the metro area. Daisy was in the Elite Obedience group, which is a smaller class size. Mallori was the trainer and she is so Awesome that we did individual training with her. After only a few sessions, I had recall of Daisy off-leash, along with all commands. Life is wonderful with a well-trained dog. Mallori focused on what was important to me and I would highly recommend her class.

James Kunert

Lizzy Santiago

Recently finished training with K9University. They are so knowledgeable about dog stuff. They fixed all the issues we had with Toby and they prepare me for other issues they said will most likely take place as he gets older. I'm ready for anything this little critter throws at me now. Thank you.

Lucie Herendeen

We just graduated from the advanced obedience with trainer Mallori Willis-Rauch and I want everyone to know that we had a great experience. Mallori teaches with skill and humor and every dog in the room likes her. I truly learned so much and will be back for more!

Kayla Garver

I have taken basic and intermediate at K9U with 2 different trainers and were fantastic. So patient, always willing to answer any questions and give honest feedback. They have been wonderful in assisting with the training of my pup.

Laurie Poole

I will be training with my pup here. I have been given so many good tips and helped in this process that I look forward to beginning my training ASAP. They are knowledgeable and respectful and it is much appreciated.

Lindsey Cooper

We just finished Puppy Foundations class and it was perfect for us! We are first time puppy owners and the trainers were amazing with all our questions! We have already signed up for the basic obedience class!


We have done puppy, basic, and intermediate class here. We learned a lot and our 8 month old puppy is much better behaved. The classes are fun.

Marla Garrison

K9 University was the best thing we could of ever done for our family. They taught us the proper ways to communicate with our beloved fur babies! We had problem with our dog pulling on the leash, not listening to us, and jumping on us. We went to the basic obedience class and its like we had a different dog, in a good way. He listened, no longer pulled, and the jumping stopped. These trainers are miracle workers and have years and years of experience. The best part is they train on praising your dog! No treats, clickers or shock collars, just praise! This was best experience and all of us cannot wait to go back for more training and to learn more from these great trainers. Thank you K9 University, you are the best!

Juan Salazar

Meredith Donaldson

My golden retriever has gone through basic and intermediate training at K9 University. Mallori taught my intermediate class and really is the best instructor. Dog training is more about training you as the handler how to respond and set your dog up for success and she goes above and beyond to make sure to help each owner and dog in her classes. Another shout out for K9 being so accommodating with their class schedule. I travel for work often and missed the last 3 classes of my intermediate class, which I was able to come back in with another class to finish those last 3 sessions. Really grateful that they allow this as it makes the money and time and effort worth it. One note to say that I live in midtown OKC and it's a 30 minute drive each way to the training facility AND it's worth it for the expertise they offer. No way I would take 2 hours out of my work day for the drive and the class if my dog wasn't undergoing the best of the best training. Go here and get your dog trained.

Taylor Polson

I called to use K9 university for my dog and they turned us away. All I wanted was basic obedience for my puppy. They said they couldn't meet my needs I asked ok tell me what can you meet and what changes I can make to my life to make it work out? They pretty much said there is nothing you can do, we can't help you. They were so rude and unhelpful. I read all these reviews and expected a perfect experience! For a place to promise they can help with any dog for a price they sure won't help with basic training!

Ashley Terneus

Clark Kent has had a ton of success through the help of K9! We just completed Intermediate class with Mallori! She is extremely knowledgeable in the field and has a wonderful sense of humor to make classes super fun! She has helped us so much on this journey! Most importantly, every class has helped Clark socialize with other dogs! Highly recommend K9!

Rori McPherson

K9 university is the only place I will take my dogs. Great trainers and classes have been fun for both myself and my Lab. He was so excited to go to both basic and intermediate obedience class. The trainers provide so many great tips, my boy started showing immediate improvement.

Dean Neider

Jena Balke

Friendly and great trainer!

Amari Wilkinson

My dog just graduated from here. Soooo incredible. He listens to me and is happy to do things with me. He was a mess before I found these great trainers. Thank you Abby and Cassie. I will be back for Advance. My dog loves K9 :-)

Hollye Teague

Wealth of knowledge and committed to you and your pup!

Maziar Saiedi

I believe that this place is definitely a 5-star facility. I brought my Doberman puppy in for obedience classes. Panzer started basic obedience around 3 three months old and finished the advanced class at the end of his first year. We had Mallori as our trainer each time and she always did a wonderful job. Panzer can be quite vocal during classes but Mallori was patient and very knowledgeable. Panzer loved going into class to learn and work! They have several different classes available besides obedience that we plan to take full advantage of. I am trying to decide if we should take the CGC certification class first or jump right into the Search & Rescue and Personal Protection class.

Eleni Deleon

Do not bring your dog here! I brought my dog a couple of months ago, and they just keep them in cages, and my dog was completely wet when i picked her up.. she was terrified... She also learned nothing of what I expected.. she was mostly scared than trained.

Christi Jones

We were told about K9 University from friends in Dallas. We too live in Dallas and would make the drive a million times over. Toni (our puppy trainer) was FANTASTIC. Our puppy is a totally different dog in the best way. Thank you K9 and especially, Toni for taking good care of our girl and setting the foundations for her and for setting us up for continued success with our strong willed puppy.

Karie Bailey

*Update* If you read my earlier post, I was frustrated with Cooper’s training after 16 nights of boarding school. Since then they have worked very hard to do whatever they can to help make us happy! Abby is our trainer and she has come out to our house to give us private instructions. She also checks on us regularity. She is a very nice trainer and Cooper really likes her! It’s not surprising we have the most stubborn dog. I appreciate their willingness to do whatever it takes to make us happy! Thank You Abby!!

Lisa Minnick

They taught us how to make the most stubborn Shiba mind.

Julia Telford

I loved the trainer she was super friendly and approachable! She definitely knew what she was doing and i felt confident in her training.

Diane Van Etten

It really pains me to see K9 University reviews fall below the 4-star rating because of the number of reviews, so I HAD to add our experience to the ring and say that we will be going back to K9 University again! Our experience at K9 U has been nothing but extraordinary! We own 2 Malinois (not our first ownership with this breed, so we knew what we were getting ourselves into), but our 4 yr old male is a handful. Mallory was a God send and Yawkey immediately understood that she was not going to be bullied by him as we had allowed ourselves to be. She worked with him (and with us) patiently to show us how to deal with him and how to make sure that he could become a 'good' dog! They go out of their way to understand what is going on at home with your dog so they can not just fix the problem while you are at their facility...which is what happens with so many places....your dog is great while you are working with the trainer, but once you get home...BOOM...the same behaviors that you are trying to work on come back quickly. Because of the care and understanding of all the trainers at K9, this doesn't seem to happen. We had homework with Yawkey that Mallory gave us so that we would be able to control the situation at home and learn to understand how we needed to change in order to help him. It's a learning process....2.5 years of us not working with our dog correctly can't be changed in one afternoon session and we understand (understood) that. I actually came to the site today to sign both our dogs up, not because they are bad and they need a lot of help, but because it's so nice to be able to trust people with my pets and I trust K9 with my family. My moms dog died yesterday, so our emotions are very raw, but we will be going away soon and want our dogs to know where they'll be staying, hence taking them for 'lessons' at K9! We can't wait to get them back there! BTW...Yawkey was always so excited to go 'work' with Mallory. We put his work bandana on and he couldn't get out of the car fast enough to go see her. He doesn't like most people, so I KNOW he wouldn't go in there if he wasn't having fun and didn't enjoy the atmosphere... Anyway. If you want your dog to learn commands, listen to you and have a place where they feel safe, can be a dog and you can all understand how a pack works, go to K9U. You and your dog will definitely be better off for it!

Courtney Helms

Just finished basic obedience class with my Corgi puppy and am so happy with the knowledge, tools, and results this class taught us. Previously did the puppy foundation class and it was a great class to have under the belt going into this one. Will definitely be signing up for intermediate obedience and telling every dog owner I know about the expertise and professionalism at K9 university. Worth every penny. ❤️

Addie Plank

My pup and I graduated from basic obedience and we learned so much. I really appreciate Kim and the time she takes to teach on nuisance behaviors along with important obedience steps. I would recommend K9 to any dog owner looking to create a lasting relationship with their dog!

Melissa Bolt

I enrolled my older puppy in the boarding school class to do a combination of basic puppy and obedience training. The staff was great and my trainer was very friendly and knowledgeable but at 95 per night and she stayed 7 nights I feel like all I got out of it was the instruction I received when picking her up on how to do the training myself. She didn’t actually pick up any skills and I could have saved the money and googled pet training myself. Not the fast track start I was looking for I’m afraid

Renata Hays

We hired K9 University for a private session with our pup, Bella, who has a tendency to jump. We can't recommend them highly enough! Within the first 10 minutes, I could start to see the the effects of some rather simple techniques. Abby, our trainer, thoroughly explained the reasoning behind what she was teaching and the psychology of why it works. We also went through several scenarios in which she tends to jump to get practice with each. Overall, the money was very well spent, and we're very grateful for all of Abby's help!

Jake Toddley


Amanda V.

They NEVER answer the phone!! I had to find a facility last minute a couple weeks ago, I called 7 times at different hours and no answer and today, same thing no answer, I’ve even left messages and no call back! I’ve heard great things about this facility, I just wish I could get someone to answer the phone so I can see for myself!

Natalia Migliaccio

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