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REVIEWS OF International Dance Studio IN Oklahoma

Carol B

Love this place! I've had so much fun here at dance socials. Family like crowds who bring food and celebrate birthdays and holidays. A wonderful venue with multiple dance floors. Best dance place in town!

Hayet Serradji

One of the best place to dance in town. I started going there 10 years ago and have met amazing friends. You don't need a partner to go there, just show up and you will find plenty of people to dance with. I love the diversity of nationalities and everyone is very friendly and respectful. Hazel is amazing

Summer Gordon

IDance is the most beautiful dance studio and Hazel is absolutely the best hostess. She makes everyone feel like they are the most important person there. Every event has been such a blast and I always leave feeling happy!! I love it!!

Ted Coroiu

Absolutely love Idance studio, it’s one the best in town with very knowledgeable staff and flexible with schedule trying to accommodate everyone, passionate what they are doing!! You guys are the best!!

Tinika Pryor

Diane Fairchild

Spacious dance spaces, gracious hostess I love coming here for tango, salsa, bachata, and kizomba. Tango and kizomba instructors are the best...I learned so much that gave me confidence when I danced in bigger cities with more experienced dancers. Would definitely return to take classes if I were there now. I also loved the salsa and bachata twice monthly dances. BYOB, and the was always something to munch on and people to talk to, plus tables around the dance floor. Quiet location off a main road and easy access from the interstate.

Mary Johnson

Love this dance studio.... warm friendly atmosphere...loving environment which explores culture and the arts ....this is a great place to host events ...definitely recommend this studio for fun activities...

Abel Quintana

Extremely overpriced outfits for one-time use & exaggerated ticket prices. Oh and they programs include sponsors!!! They are a money pit. Not worth the money. Take your children & money elsewhere. Paid $15 per person (including small toddler children) for “VIP” tickets & that’s at early-bird pricing!! “VIP” tickets were suppose to include early-entry & reserves seating. NOT only was there not reserved seating, but everyone was let in at the same time!! Program stated doors were to open at 7:00pm and were not opened until 7:35pm. Show was set to begin at 7:30pm and did not begin til 7:53pm!! ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE ORGANIZATION!!

Willow Tyree

This is an AMAZING dance studio, I would have given it 10 stars if it let me! I have been dancing here for ten years now. They are always adding new classes and have the best dance teachers. This is a great studio to go to if you are a beginner or advanced. They have a range of dance classes. Super friendly environment! The Saturday night socials are perfect for getting to know other dancers in your community and a great place to have fun!

Ekaterina Morozova

If you have never danced before, Idance is the best place to start! The school is the very friendly place I have ever been to)) with very home-like atmosphere :)

Neethu Raghavan

Seriously one of my favorite studios hands down! So many talented and awesome instructors that teach a huge variety of styles of dancing for all ages plus the aesthetically pleasing dance rooms makes this studio the place to be at!

Michael Frew

Three years ago, I was recently retired and was interested in taking dance lessons, with no prior experience. After visiting other studios, i chose IDS and continue to take lessons and enjoy socials there each week. I think that IDS is a very special place. Not only have I been introduced to a wide range ballroom and Latin dances, I have become part of a true dance family. Group lesson/ social dance activities include potluck dinners, birthday and other special occasion celebrations and a genuine concern for each other. Learning and enjoying dancing, not just fees for instructors or the studio define IDS.

Karla Hernandez

I started dancing when I was 20 years old. I knew nothing when I started, but I learned quickly because the instructors believed in me and gave me confidence. I danced for about 3 years, but they were the best 3 of my life. It opened it up new opportunities and I met a lot of different people from different places. These instructors aren’t only professionals, but they make you feel at home! I then had the opportunity to enroll my daughter in the same place! This further verified my beliefs of this place! They have great patience and dedication to their girls! Thank you Hazel.

Bri Hill

Ashley Hess

Hazel choreographed my husband Clark and I's wedding dance! She spent 9 months coaching us to perfection and perfection it was. She is such a wonderful coach and mentor. My husband and I love her so dearly we even had to have her as a guest at our wedding! I'll never forget her last minute words if encouragement right as we were about to take the stage! I love this company and Hazel so much!

Clark Tipton

My wife and I bought two, ten-lesson packages to prepare for our wedding... Our teacher was Hazel and she did a fantastic job showing us (mostly me) how to dance. The first day we had to practice walking forward and backward in a straight line because yes, I was that bad. But by our wedding night I was swirling, dipping, and LIFTING my wife all across the dance floor to moves choreographed by Hazel. The 'first dance' at your wedding is something you never forget. And because of Hazel and iDance, it's something I get to look back on with the best feelings. She was very patient helping me learn - and she was also my biggest cheerleader. She stayed upbeat and encouraging throughout the process. You can tell Hazel has a true passion for dance and really wants her students to do well. Beyond being a fun and educational workout, going to a dance lesson is a great date as my wife and I actually became closer by taking these weekly classes together... Thank you Hazel!

Tiffany Nguyen

Debra Martin

I've experienced International Dance Studio for at least a decade now. I love this place! Hazel and her staff are great, warm people. Very friendly and professional. They make you feel like family. After my divorce, I've enjoyed the excitement and fun for a long time. That's why I keep going back. Thanks Hazel for all the years of joy and friendship!!

Eden Cook

Idance was the first studio that I went to that believed in me not only as a student but as a person. They gave me so many opportunities and so much encouragement to help me become the dancer I am today. Whenever I first started I was 16 and didn’t have a lot of money to blow on dancing but they worked with me and showed that it’s not just all about money, they truly have a passion and love for dance at idance! I have so many wonderful memories there and met some of the most important people in my life today at this very place! It will forever be my dance home ❤️

ZBear Brox77

Both my son and my dad have danced in the IDS Showcase and our family has thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Both of them worked very hard to prepare for the show, but I know they each think their efforts paid off. Hazel’s professionalism was only enhanced by her warmth and personal dedication to sharing her love of dance. Her expert instruction and leadership of the Showcase experience seemed well worth the costs involved. I believe that the costs associated with the Showcase at IDS are comparable to costs for similar productions at any professional studio and I consider them to be a worthwhile contribution to the art of dance. Look no further for a dance studio; International Dance Studio is the best!

H Redeye

An amazing place to dance. Such a family atmosphere with wonderful instructors. The owner, Hazel, brings her love of dance and people to this amazing studio. Whether you're a new dancer or have been dancing your whole life, IDance is such a wonderful plase to socialize with fellow dancers.

Tiffany Norris

I started taking classes here about 5 1/2 years ago and I love it! This is a great place for everyone whether you are interested in learning a new dance style or want to perfect your current moves as well as learn new ones. There is something for everyone. The best and friendliest dancers in OKC!

Sherry Steels

International Dance Studio is such a beautiful part of the past, present, and future of our dance community. It feels like home, and is place of not just joyful dance but of true friendship. There is encouragement and opportunity at all levels of dance. It is a true supporter of the arts as a whole. And when out of town dancers visit they are always impressed and pleased with the quality of the facility and the hospitality of the dancers.

Jeff Asher

Good instructors, but they don't do a good job of pairing people in group classes. I was paired quite a bit with a 12 year old girl, which is just weird. I didn't learn as much as I could have. They're also unresponsive to emails with requests for one on one lessons.

Taw Mathews

We spend money on what we love and what makes us happy. If dancing makes you happy and you want to learn how to dance from super friendly people.....well then, contact IDance. Because of the tireless efforts by Hazel Lopez et al, promoting dance Oklahoma City has the best dance hall, where I've been blessed to dance, many times. I've danced on beaches at sunset and near the Cascades. I've had the hottest dances, in Tulsa a person could ever desire or dream; I've also had dances there that were the highest honor a person could only imagine. Those experiences were life changing and IDance is one of those too. IDance is very classy, safe and professional. If your life is any kind of bland and you want to change that, let me recommend IDance. Furthermore, they will travel to conduct workshops near you. Anyway, guys, listen.... This will give you the best ROI if you learn to dance, you will be happier. Get lessons. Take it from me, bros or I could show you in dance! That's the kind of crazy confidence I have in life now, thanks in large part to IDance. Thanks to God for the grace. FIve Stars!

Christie Douglas

Let me tell you how wonderful these people are. I have never met such kind and welcoming people!! They make you feel right at home. They have many incredibly talented dancers and teachers here. I love dancing here and I love the people!

Jamie Leal

I began attending IDS before the studio opened at its present site many years ago. I cannot count the number of classes and dances I have attended over the years! What fun I have experienced doing ballroom, salsa, bachata and especially argentine tango. The ambiance at the tango dances (milongas) is warm and inviting and over time this group has become a family to me! I highly recommend this studio to other potential as well as experienced dancers! There is NO pressure to buy packages or spend exorbitant fees for classes... FUN FUN FUN is the goal!

Thomas Smith

I Love these guys. I take Tango and salsa and enjoy the socials almost every weekend. They’ve got several dance floors and rent the place for events as well.

Michelle Bonilla

Just had an amazing dance lesson with Hazel. We love her and her expertise! All of the instructors, classes and socials they have had are great. This is a nice way to disconnect from the busyness of life, learn, relax and have some fun.

Ray Caballero

One of the best dance studio in Oklahoma nice selection of music ,friendly people very classy very nice atmosphere ,good lighting,good dance floor of the best

Nelson Morgan

This is an incredible place to dance. I have been dancing here for 10 years and it is a great place from beginners to advanced dancers to enjoy several different kinds of dances.

HealthCare Stat

Very friendly and patient instructors. Nice facility. Flexible on making schedules work. Provides excellent encouragement and direction. Very affordable and priced well.

Betty Norman

Great atmosphere, great people, excellent venue with several types of dance, something for everyone

Kimberly Green

IDance Studio is a wonderful place to come, and dance. There Socials are so much fun. You get to try different styles of dance. Everyone is welcoming, and encouraging. Hazel and the other instructors have a way of teaching, that makes even someone with two left feet, feel like they can do it. These classes are Confidence Builder's. From the beginner to the professional, there is something here for all who want to dance. Twice a year IDance puts on a Showcase, that's run like a Professional Dance Production. Over the last 19 year's Hazel has brought in amazing dancers from around the world. They teach International Style dance's over the weekend, and then thrill the audience with a special performance at the showcase. Dancers from as far as Spain, Argentina, and Holland, just to name a few, have set fire to the IDance stage. These dancers appreciate how professional the shows are run, the student dancers are excited to be a part of a real dance production, and the audience appreciate how fun and entertaining it is for them to watch. IDance is a true Jewel in the Oklahoma Dance Community. You should put on your dance shoes, and join the fun.

Yrania Carcamo

Excellent dance academy my daughter is 4 years old here and we really love it, the teacher is very kind and patient with the children, I recommend her!

Funtime Is vlog time

Great and fun

LaDonna Taylor

IDance is a fantastic studio and Hazel is a gem! It is one of my favorite places to socialize and dance a variety of dance styles!

Brandi Mendoza

Super friendly environment! Love their socials Reasonable fees comparing to other schools

Ernest Lewis

International dance

Izzy Isabel

I have been to a handful of studios, but this one is my favorite. If I still lived in the area, IDS would be the only studio for me. The instructors are highly skilled and warm. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and friendly. What I appreciate the most is the grace extended for new dancers. Everyone dances with everyone. Fun fun fun!


A fun place to go and dance.

Thomas McEvoy

Looking for great prices on dance lessons and fun, social dance parties? Idance Studio is one of my favorite places to spend a weekend dancing! The instructor and owner, Hazel, is very well versed on all styles of dancing and has affordable lessons. She also hosts social dance parties that include a lesson and different level floors and rooms for all kinds of dancing. You can dance Salsa, Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Swing Dancing in one evening by just walking from room to room in her expansive dance studio. The women who dance there are extremely attractive so if you are single, you will love the environment. Everyone gets to dance as they rotate partners in the dance lessons. I highly recommended Idance Studio in NW Oklahoma City, OK!

Bertha Johnson

I have to say this is an amazing place to come dance and meet new friends. The owner Mrs. Hazel is an amazing teacher and experienced dancer in all forms of Latin dancing and other styles of dance. She has a great clean and welcoming establishment. The hours are good and plenty of classes for beginners and those seasoned as well.The instructors are patient knowledgeable and skilled. The owner has such a sweet spirit. My personal experience has been wonderful wish I could go more often but school keeps me so so busy. Thank you for all I have learned and cheers to many more years to come.

Michelle Schwoebel

My husband and I moved to OKC a couple of years ago and haven't had much success in finding somewhere to dance. Luckily, we stumbled across IDS for a Valentine's weekend dance. The facilities are great!: They had several different rooms for various types of dancing and the instructors led group classes (we had a nice refresher on salsa and rhumba). The pacing and explanation was really good and we felt very comfortable, despite not being very practiced. We'll be going back regularly for their every-other Saturday dance nights!

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