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REVIEWS OF Freeman Driving School IN Oklahoma

Eric West

I went there and spent 350. They would go way to fast for people and get aggravated when someone asked what the man said. They where rude and I was 18 so they told me drive time was not needed. So I tested and got my license. The whole point of going to that school was to get a lower insurance payment. Then after it was all said and done the school tells me I can't get the paper saying I went there because of no drive time. So I paid 350 for crapppppppppp. Go to Browns, Freeman's is a joke

cash moore

Went threw all the drives abd still cant get my li ence and they make you pay 75 dollars for each test just go to browns they work much better and don't make you pay for every little thing

Brookiie Cookiie

I loved this driving school, I was super excited to be able to learn the things I did here. My driving instructor was Don and he is the absolute best. I learned a lot from him. Thank you so much!

Dan Schaefer

First let me say this, if your child is 16+, Driving school is NOT required. With that said, if you absolutely need to send your child to driving school, DO NOT waste your money here. Like others posted, the owner and staff are ill-tempered and quick to anger. Customer service is non-existent. They cut you off when talking on the phone when you are trying to give them information and don't pay attention to you, and that's if they actually answer. They mishandle paperwork and lose it, then blame your child. They don't keep copies of originals of anything. They cancel pick ups without notifying anyone. They also cancel drives scheduled online without any notice. When asked about these things, they again blame the child and take no responsibility for any of it. When they do go on drives, their instructors stress out the students and make comments like, "are you trying to kill us?!?!" Again, drivers ed is only required for those wanting their permit BEFORE they turn 16. If you do feel your child needs drivers ed, I suggest using another school like Brown's, Precision or ANY other school.

eli samson

This is a great Driving School. My son went to school there and he learned a great deal. The classroom was great and the driving instructor were good. You should send your child to this school.

Ian Huskinson

James Jones

I took private driving lessons with Barry and so far I am doing well. If you want your license that bad you will do good at most. It was a great experience overall.

Steve Nguyen

One of my son's friends went to this driving school, and he says that he hated it. The instructors were bad-tempered saying that he never deserves to be on the road. Overall, my son's friend said that his driving anxiety got worse. Please avoid this school. Go to Brown's or find time to teach your own child. I emailed the instructor and he lacks respects. The owner says that the one of the low reviews are a lie, but my son's friend had a similar experience. All he wants to do is save his business. I personally think that he should just stop "teaching." Also to Mr. Perez comment, I know you are trying to not reveal who you really are. Freeman needs to know that someone may be going by a different name in order to give an accurate review without him easily identifying you, as he was trying to do. I think people should believe more the customer than the owner. As they say, the customer is always right.

Karen Woods

My daughter attended the classroom session back in October and learned alot. After many months of teaching my daughter, I booked her first 2 hour session today with Ron, one of the instructions and it was a positive experience. He did a great job educating her on the things she should work on and they covered all of the areas that were important. I felt it was important that my child's education begin at home and enhance that using Freeman's Driving school. It has been a positive experience.

Yan Ling Guan

Aspen Cook

Milk Tea

Love this place. You can send your kids to there, or you can go to have experience on it. Mr. Freeman, who is retired police man and his partners are cool. If you have trouble with language, it is not big deal. They will provide to you the best condition and time frame for the most convenient case. The only negative thing is too much teens :).

Loc Duong


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