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Putnam Plaza, 4522 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73122

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REVIEWS OF Alert Driving School IN Oklahoma


Getting learning experience

Adrian Escobar

Great classes with lots of benefits for the students

Robert Keller

Twas a fun school

Hailey Pinkston

I just started taking the classes,and they have been very fun and helpful so far!

Kevion Williams

Learning a lot

Keonia Jenkins

The instructor is great! Really knows his material and paces the class well. The package options and pricing are also good stuff!

Troy Farrar

I was looking at a poster board @ our county court house. Alert Driving School had a large flyer pinned up. I wrote down all information. Class day I go to this address. They had moved from this location 1 year and 4 months ago. Sure, I was late for class. Instructor calls supervisor. My tardiness is excused I am admitted to class. We break for lunch about an hour before noon. I am tardy from lunch break. I never heard a word stating 30 min lunch break an class will resume at pm. Because instructor said we will break here and be back a short time later. 10 min before class. I step out to stretch lower back problems. Some man comes to me and says I get cannot give you a certificate, due to your tardiness. The tardiness was all due to ADS poor leadership. When told about there flyer their response was we called and told them to change it. They took no responsibility for wrong information on there flyer. And never apologized. You can't change what you do not acknowledge. I told him "Honey, why don't you pay someone to drive to Guthrie and change this"? He said " get out of here before I call the cops and don't call me honey". A job well done Alert Driving School. And I had to pay $50 two minutes after he admitted me to class. Kicked Out 10 min before class is dismissed.

Shan W

Very informative parent meeting. I feel relieved that my daughter will get the right instruction.

JB Raeb

Very informative, fun and entertaining class!!!

Katherine Kim

Amazing please and teacher!

Emily Sandoval

Great Driving school! Awesome instructors and fun learning enviornment!

Alejandro Palma

Taking drivers ed here and it's great! :)

Haley Elswick

Love this class


I feel very welcomed and it's amazingly interesting

Pandaz Vidz

Very educational experience

sandy heart

Everything is really well explained and it's in detail, they really do help you understand the rules and what you should do.

Brenda Escobar

William Calvo

Straightforward, thorough, and well planned training. Excellent training!

Jeff Williams

Very informative class. Excellent preperation for my childs driving test.

Gabrielle J

Class is fun and very organized! He hit's a lot of great key points. I recommend all teens and adults to do there driving classes at alert driving! I promise you won't regret it!

Beto bte

Rachel Curl

Be willing to learn, and this place will teach you everything you need to know! I reccomend this place for sure!

Manas Jena

Very informative. Very helpfull. Saves one's life and money. Good staffs, very cordial.

Jason White

So its been very helpful in understanding what actually happens in collisions and car crashes

Sierra Underwood

Great way to get driver's ed hours done quick!



Shawnta Grier

Thank you for helping my daughter Jalen. My nerves are bad. Lol

edvin pelen

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Charmy Cole

I like this school, class is not boring and instructor are pretty friendly... They also have easy payment plans! I'm glad I chose this school. I highly recommend!

Bob Masuki

Very informative, thourgh in reviewing course outline

Kait Build

Great driving school experience! The instructor is very enthusiastic and funny.

Lauren McPhetridge

Great driving school!

Jennifer Milner

Thoroughly pleased with the parent/student session this evening.

I'm just kidding

Nice place


Fun instructor. I was stressed trying to teach my 15 year old son to drive. Looked at their reviews and said they sound amazing, why not! I’m glad I chose this place.

Donte' Brewer

Great place to get instructed on driving

Maria Anaya

Very nice insite alot i never knew

Zoe Zeigler

Fun staff, lots of options.

Jose Rivera

It’s good

money mike

Great school very interactive. Positive vibes all around.

Sydney Mackillican

Very informative.

Safeer Hussain

It taught me a lot of stuff about driving

Jordan Webb

Kenia Bettencourt

Love the teaching process! Instructors are smart and funny. I will bring the rest of my children, when they are old enough.

Lori Price

Informative!! Definitely recommend.

Lauren Zuniga

Great info and engagement!

Stephen Stark

Great instructors

B Dubs

Really good, they made it extremely fun and easy. Going to Alert Driving School was the best decision I've ever made.

Jadyn Hicks

Good teachers

Sage Olvera

Che Loessberg

Very informative!

Susan Manero

I will recommend this driving school to my friends. From the staff to the classroom session and driving instructors, they are polite, patient and deal with everything professionally. I have 3 different driving instructors and I would recommend them to my friends. Silvia also helped me get an earlier schedule when my 2nd drive was cancelled. Mr. Dick is our classroom instructor and because we finish at 9pm he made sure all of us had our lyft/ uber ride before leaving the office.

joseph jones

Talks a lot good info

Robo Chase

I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before

Liza Dewen

They are excellent.

Chance M.

Great driving school

Vanessa Alvarado

Awesome instructors!

Fuma Kotaro

Good school

Linda Jefferis

Some of the instructors are to say the least a holes.

Mayowa Ojuade

Very informational and informative. The delivery was funny, but serious when needed.

maddie McCroskey

Shelley Crowder

I was impressed with the qualifications of the instructors. They were very knowledgeable about the information presented to the students. Loved the delivery of the information, kept you interested. I am so glad that I picked Alert Driving School! Money well spent!

Ben clark

Really great teaching!

Sandhya Subramani

Very good and professional instructors.

Karyn Madison

Very informative

James Roberson

I truly enjoyed the parent/child portion of their presentation this morning!!! I'm completely happy with signing my daughter up for their classes!!

Tetiana Feltner

I'm glad I chose this place. Fun experience, friendly atmosphere

Dillon Evans

Very professional and informative class with thorough information that is beneficial to the success of student drivers.

Edith Alvarado

This place is amazing!

Kristopher Alleman

I had an amazing time! They have fun are nice and had the best instructor!

Naomi Martinez

My son is currently attending, staff is very knowledgeable and experienced.

Savanna Hunt

The gate white guy is really awesome. He really knows what he is doing.

Niki Nicholson

I am glad my daughter is here! Love the speaker. Glad they made me come for the first hour! There is alot that he talked about that I forgot and that I didn't even know. She is in good hands at Alert Driving School!

mac mac

Very informative and professional classes. Very impressive program. Very good instructors, they are very passionate about what they do.They truly care about the success of each student.Highly recommed. Thank you Mr. Dick.

Mallory W

teacher told me my lunch was 1/2 off if I have a 5star review

Cindy Andries

Very helpful, addresses all of the concerns about why, not just how.

Selina Mondragon

Very Fun staff and class

Darren Lambert

Very informative and reasonable cost for the amount of information you receive. Personable instructors and easy to schedule through their website

Hope Waco

Jakob Patty

the guy there knew what he was doing

Jessica Shell

Brandon Newton

The School is very professional and well planned. Easy to navigate through classes and setting up drives. They give you all information and make it easy to get a license and permit.

Gina Matlock

Lots of detailed information. Good driving school. Love the valet options for the driving portion.

kb farley

Great Staff! Truly care about the success of each child! Highly recommend!

Chris H.

Like family.

jessica ro

They make it really interesting and fun! You understand everything in detail

Nunya Bizz

Ok I went to this place twice in 12 years and is still on my record from 1998 ! Don't trust that little certificate they give you ! Bs

Brayden McCoy

Straightforward instruction and helpful instruction

jose esparza

First day here In the class and I’m already liking it. looking forward to the next class very informative and professional as well.

Alysia Davenport

Enjoy the class even learn stuff while at the parent session

Tammie Reggio

This is my second teenager to go through the course with this company. It not only gives me the reassurance that my child is getting the knowledge to be safe but the techniques and Manor in which this company teaches has given both of my children the reassurance and self confidence to be calm on the road behind the wheel. Thank you!

Rachel Fontanez

Met him at Vance and he he can waive the permit test and do your drive test by appointment

Munder 405

Really good class

K Watkins

Informative and thorough.

Blake Reed

good instructor , everything’s good.

Rene Eagleson

Knowledgeable, caring instructors. Well run program. I feel as if they will cover important driving skills I may have forgotten. I actually learned a few things just being there for 45 minutes for the parent session. Highly recommend.

Dd Walker

I have enjoyed the parent meeting. I feel safe that muy student will get the information that she needs to be a successful driver.

sarah metoyer

Excellent environment

Holly Roach

Kwon Orange

Teacher is hilarious, makes class fun, not boring at all,and highly recommend it

Caty Vargas

Great people, very helpful information, easy process!

Conor Reeves

I love that the school makes it easier for a student who is paying for their own drivers ed class to pay over time

Mark Stone

They answered all of my questions before I had a chance to ask. Great job.

Rektro Nite

Jennifer Delangel

I really enjoyed how they spend their time with the parents explaing how its going to go. They are very friendly and respectable and treat you like family. ❤

Shantel Norton

This school and Employees are amazing! They are very helpful and very patient with their students!!! I recommend them to everyone!!!

stephanie rojas

Great driving School! Very fun from the beginning ! Very recommended

Honey Guest

Yo this school pretty legit

Elise Mandel

Great school!!!

Kayla Houlton

Didn't even have to ask for help. He saw a young girl struggling with her car and asked "Hey, whats going on?" Then he showed me what he does and how he helps. He taught me about his classes and what they offer. Showed me how to use google maps and how to get to his website! My family will defiantly look into this roadside assistance program!

Emily fuentes

Great class. Really liked the instructor. He was very straight forward with all the information

Yankee Tango

Awesome instructors. Made me feel very comfortable on the drive, helped with my nerves a lot.

Chris Nguyen

Very helpful people

Linh Maria Perez

Fun and great experience.

A Claunch

We just finished our second job for Alert Driving School. Enjoyed working with everyone in the business. I have recommended Alert Driving School to several fathers for their high school kids. Everyone has thanked me and expressed their satisfaction. Said they would highly recommend Alert Driving School to their family and friends! Richard Smith, Cornet Carpet, Inc.

Aressa Sabino

The instructors seem as if they are very informative and will cover things that you wouldnt normally receive from learning to drive with someone personal. Im excited to see what this class holds.

adam curtis

It is a great class I'm glad I,m here it going to be a great class

Yhara Duron

Fun class and really fun teachers.

Lucy Jolley

They're amazing!!!

Jason .x

April Walton

Very informational!

Traci Sewell

Very educational

candy herrera

Awesome School

Marta Galeana

Great place with great instructors (Jason) I recommend this place to any new drivers!!!

Citlalli Guzman

Their website is very easy to navigate and very helpful

Wes McCoy

My son Dryden McCoy said it was great very helpful and he learned a lot. And he was talking all about both days when we picked him up.

Lorenzo Garcia

(Translated by Google) It's a good school thanks to them I could get my license (Original) Es una buena escuela gracias a ellos pude sacar mi licencia

Hermès-stan LV U

Classroom Sessions: You may learn something new or even useful! Behind The Wheels: Nice and Friendly Instructors (Getting drives is harder for the Basic Package)

Jordan Bridges

Good place nice instructions make it easier to understand all the aspects of driving and how real it is to be responsible .

Dominique Thompson

Great explanation of the course. We got the same Nike sweats

Good Morning Glamour

Very comedic and Knowlageble

Archangel Wolf

Helped a ton!

matt evans

Great overview

Paige Wiley

This is seriously the best driving school academy in Oklahoma! You learn so much in a fun way! This instructor is awesome and very funny! Makes learning fun! Would highly recommend for any kiddos or adults in need of a getting a permit or license!!

Jesus A. Ibañez M.

Ten out of ten would learn again

Jenny V. Ha

Wonderful experience, helped my driving greatly!

Charlotte Latham

Lots to learn. Glad for this opportunity for my teen. Convenient location and many packages to pick from. Thanks!!!

Zikio Dlara

Really great

Jefferson Stewart

Very informative. Provided much relief for the process of training my child to drive with long term safety as a goal.

Alejandra Sanroman

Fun & great!

Keith Rinearson

Knowledgeable instructors

Shelly Phillips

You give a lot more information and explain how the driving text will go.

cindy tran

Greatest driving school in Oklahoma!

The Jakuzen


Teleigh Shaw

Business!!!! Excited this guy is training my kid✔️

Thao Nguyen

My first kid pass easy, this is for my second kid

Patience Montgomery

Great school, funny instructor

Andre Bogee

Great teacher.


Super chill instructor, and almost kind of fun!

Makayla Garcia

Pretty cool Place to learn how to drive properly ! They are so cool.

Will Davenport

The best driving school there is.

Dylan Ingle

Very well driving school! Awesome experience!

FoxyDubBatman ;


Roze Bradshaw

Detailed information. Humor a bonus!


Clearly very passionate about what they do and cover absolutely ALL areas of learning to drive. Very impressive program


Great instructor

Johnny Vo

The big bald guy isn't half bad

David Fahle

Good service and the best driving instructor is Calvin.

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