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REVIEWS OF Roadmaster Drivers School of Ohio, Inc. IN Ohio

Lori Werle

This review is not for the school but the company itself. They have a regional vp Steve who constantly harasses the employees. Stealing their stuff, making them work their lunch breaks, treating them like dirt, and constantly belittling them. I witnessed this first hand and that's not how you treat your employees. I will not support a company that treats their employees as such! Shame on you roadmaster! Shame on you Steve!

Mouhamadou Thioune


MAS Contracting

Good school to get your CDL fast....It is what you make of it....I was having problems with parallel parking and Jason, Scott, Brian and Darrel went above and beyond to help me learn what I was doing wrong and pass my CDL on the first try...... One thing that also sticks out was something that Ron my first road instructor said..."There is no room for negativity in this truck" Unfortunately Ron got sick during my training but much to my surprise Brian stepped up and finished are whole group....we all passed 1st try Do some of the instructors chew tobacco? why yes they do....Theses are bad habits that these "REAL TRUCKERS "picked up along the way.....GET OVER IT!!! The instructors are the "REAL DEAL" and can share with you there years of "REAL WORLD " experience.... If you take the time and are serious about putting in the effort in I'm sure that you'll be happy with Roadmaster

Brandon Snopek

Dont believe the yelling and the abuse, the poster below was in my group. There wasnt any yelling, the instructors compliment great work. All they expect is you to listen to them and do as your told and you'll have a great experience. If you want your cdl fast and don't mind studying and learning what you need in a short time it's a great school to go to. Highly recommend!

Xtremeview 11

i had a hard to with couple instructors they yell at you and expect you to learn while all they do is question your mistakes instead of helping you understand your mistakes. i had eric as a road instructor. one day it was me and other student in the truck and he saw a lady on the road that had a breakdown she was a muslim lady that was covered. and when he saw the lady he said " i bet this muslim lady doesn't know the law of this country". " all they do is come here and act like they are above the law". i myself am a muslim and was shocked. i couldn't believe what he said. it was really hurtful and made me sad. please don't attend there. save your money and go somewhere better. trust me. you wont like it.

guitar chords Uprety

I was a student and graduated recently, this is the best school for cdl license, and i thank every staff and instructor who helped to get my cdl

William Kerr

Great would definitely recommend Roadmaster to anyone looking to get their CDL

Sabin Biswa

Not too bad specially Eric is very nice and helpful

Larry Latham Jr

I would like to thank everyone up there from the office to Everyone that was on the pad to everyone That taught me how to drive on the Road I really appreciate everyone that gave me the understanding and knowledge for the trucks (EYEOFTHETIGER)Thank you so munch

Edwin Torres

Best training ever , all thanks to my Instructor Gari Lynn Fletcher. For Helping me going over my fear and nervousness. Thanks ALL MY INSTRUCTORS FOR HELPING ME ON MY NEW CAREER

Thomas Enderton

I'm leaving this review but because they have the Dame response for all negative reviews. . They don't seem to try to correct the issues. ..

Alex Malnar

Vincent Laughton

It’s a good CDL school if that’s what you want you’ll do fine. The staff of the pad is super friendly and nice. When you get on the road that all changes all they’ll do is scream at you making you more nervous. Sure I do recommend this school but if you find another go there.

roxann diehl

Suraju Abubakar

AB Bata

Very bad Coustumer service, Today i walkin to the company to ask and apply for class, the front desk lady was very mad not helpfull not down to earth .. not respectfull at all .... !!! As a custumer serviec you should leave your own problem home or away from the place you are work in. never ever come back their

Ronald Hightower


Doug Campbell

Fantastic people. I felt valued as a student. Each trainer took the time to make sure I understood how to perform each maneuver.

Jack Hand

David Zimmerman

I was able to get my CDL Class A after completing this school. It was an acceptable school and training. The reason I did not give it more stars is due to how they did their financial arrangements. I was originally told that the cost was about $6,500 dollars. After they received my earnest money they said I only needed to pay them $5000 dollars and they would waive the $1500 dollars. After I started working for Werner I was expecting to get an extra $100 dollars a month for tuition reimbursement. What happened was Werner began paying the "Waived" $1500 dollars. It was not waived, at least not my understanding of what a waiver is. It was DEFERRED until I got a job. Due to the complexities of how Werner does their pay I actually get LESS money on the week that I get my "extra" $100 dollars. I am approaching the time when the $1500 will be paid off but I wanted to warn others that Roadmaster does not seem to keep their dealings completely transparent. Go in with open eyes and be prepared to loose your first $1500 dollars of tuition reimbursement if the company you hire on to offers it.

Ibrahim Suleman

Good school to get cdl teaching very good and helpful thanks ROADMASTER

Jason Taylor

If everything doesn't go well in your ODOT physical, everyone in the building will know about it before you do....

Faizan Ejaz

Worst place to take a cdl test! They will fail you on purpose by giving you less time and not telling you to move on, just so you pay again to take the test.

Gregory Kruszynski

I graduated in Orlando Fl, best decision I have ever made. Now I work for Warner Entp., have steady job and steady paycheck, allready maade a ton of money with this company and I drive a new trk.:-)

Steve D'Amico

Good school, lots of equipment, lots of students. Some equipment needs a bit of work but you will have plenty to run the courses with. It may be a bit higher priced than other options, if you are paying for the course as opposed to a company paying for your training or going the paid CDL schooling route with Werner or someone else that may use the school. If you are local to central Ohio it is a great option. Use your training time wisely. Don't worry about the instructors barking too many instructions. It is all part of the program and as you get further through it things will ease up and get better. They will do everything they can to assist you through the few weeks to get you ready to do your tests. Don't sweat the first week and a half.

Ibrahim Leigh

Don’t go to this school, is a lot of money for no reason. This is the worst cdl school in the country . Most of Instructor especially (Brian, Eric) is always on their phone, chatting with other instructors and very rude to the students, they always using the F word and disrespect the students. The main thing road master student doesn’t understand is that students are not professional truck drivers so we will make mistakes and is their job to help us instead of telling students to figure out their own. Don’t go there

Davekate made it Dillenderlove ya homie

Brad Muncy

Great experience very helpful every instructor was excellent, my road instructor Gari Lynn was great and very helpful I couldn't ask for a better road instructor and Amanda's office smells amazing!! Thanks to every instructor that helped me move on and pass you're the best.

Trent Freeman

Sandie Odonahue

All the instructors are great,friendly, knowledgeable and very passionate about what they do. They help you learn in the best way for you. I loved the school and the staff..they make sure u know what you need to know and how to do it safe before u leave.I would recommend this school to anyone who want to learn how to drive.

Chad Grimes

Erin Baldridge

The classroom instructor was very knowledgeable(John) and the instructors i dealt with were great (Mike,John Paul, Paul,Craig,Ronnie,Dale,Cathy,Scott,Rick,Jay) they do the best they can with large classes and it seemed like ever changing rules they had to follow. I felt bad for them, not all the students pay attention or want to do the work and even when you do the work you might get to do a maneuver once or twice in a 2-3 hour period due to the class size. Believe me if it weren't for Dale Scott Mike Ronnie and Cathy really taking their time with me i dont think i would have passed on my first attempt.A new class starts every week so if you arent picking things up quickly reach out to them they want you to do well. I'd give 5 stars if it werent for the class size but the instructors do an amazing job with the task they're given each and every week.

Devin Williams

Great training and one of the best to come too , my road instructor Garilynn is amazing with all her students she helped me to build confidence so I could become comfortable on the road. The placement manager Andrea was more then fantastic!! I would recommend to anyone interested in obtaining a CDL license.

David Snyder

Great place to train with knowledgeable instructors and quality equipment. I had Garilynn as my road instructor and I learned a lot from her all the while making it fun and interesting. Only issue I have is student to instructor ratio on the pad is below my expectations. Overall a great place to learn. I would be really interested to know why the owner only makes remarks on reviews that are less than favorable instead of all. If you really want to know about this school or the instructors then read all reviews in their entirety, at that time weigh them to see which weighs the most the positive or the negative. Just because someone may not like a certain person and have personality conflicts they may give a bad review. To the owner and future students, look at it all before judging a certain instructor or judging the school as a whole.

Steven Miller

I started in the school with no experience at all. I was nervous and a bit scared. However the staff at the Columbus school was excellent and reassured me that it would be fine. After working with the instructors and learning what they had to offer I made it through and graduated on my first attempt. I personally want to thank these folks for all they did to help me achieve my goal and my dream. Guane Landerman for beign honest and for all you did to help me get into school. The instructors Jay, John Paul, Keith, Brian and Pauly and Dale all of your knowledge and instructions helped so much. I have to mention Cathy she was my favorite. She wasnt afraid to get a little tough on you to make you get what she was saying. She knows her stuff so you better listen. If she crosses her arms you better straighten up haha. Im so happy with this school and if you want to learn from the best then go here. Thanks to everyone for your help.

David Bennett

Darrell D

It was more challenging than I imagined. Some were not able to pass the course. Driving a 53 foot trailer can be difficult but their instructions make it happen. Not everyone can pass the course/test. Most are able to pass the test after the first or second try. Often a small but serious mistake will prevent them from passing. They will continue to work with you to improve needed skills. Instructors have a tough job but keep on trucking week after week to help students and to get them where they need to be.

Mo Hussein

I wouldn’t recommend this institution for someone I care about.

monterro berry

Don’t go there trucks always breaking down. And some of they instructors are . If you would like to know what they did to me then email me back.

Pamela Lossie

Asad Jarwan

Worst driving school in Columbus. Instructor is always on their phone very rude to the students not worth spending the money there

Aimee Dennis

Beckham Reffitt

Combine Creation

Say nothing ......just thank you thank you thank you .....all .....again thank you

Yubo Jin

the teacher is crazy,trust me


The teacher is one of the most carless people I have ever met, he chews dip and spits it during class, doesn't ask if your lost or not, and he could care less to help you if your lost! I feel so bad for the people who barley speak English cause they are going to fail for sure! Even the recruiter said he should it be teaching cause she has head so many complaints!!! All the books and paper work are "outdated" (the horribale teacher even said). I'm absulutlly disgusted with the way they "teach". More like "your own your own" class.

Logan Gamble

Christopher Beckles

I had a great experience at roadmasters and a lot of fun while learning to operate a commercial Moter vehicle they have the best instructors who cares and shows great examples and answer questions in detail the office staff at roadmasters are definitely A-1 they definitely keep your best interest at heart. There's too many people to thank when it comes to this school

Anthony Cole

Quality truck driver training and help getting a job in the field.

Vlad Xavier

Superb place to train and get your Class A CDL. Big thanks to Cathy, Rick, and the rest of the crew! Passed everything on my first try driving manual. To anyone who is interested, show up everyday, learn from your instructors and their experiences, and study up. You can choose to either finance for the school in which you pay full price on a monthly basis after graduation which is $7,000. Or you can choose to pay $5,000 out of pocket. I would choose the second option. If you show up everyday and complete the 160 required hours, then on the final day you will test. Be late or skip days and your test date will be postponed until you make up the hours. Btw, for those curious about endorsements. You need (Air brakes, Combination, and General) for your Commercial Learner's Permit. But you can also take the Tanker and Doubles/Triples endorsement as well. Take these before you go back to the BMV to get your official CDL License after passing. After you get your license, apply for Hazmat on the BMV website.


shery singh

Garilynn Fletcher

As a former employee I can say it is a challenge, many students get frustrated due to the lack of their ability to understand instruction because of the language barrier! Besides improving the pay and insurance for the employees Werner Enterprise did nothing but turn a good company into a place nobody's happy! Way to go Werner Enterprise!!!

Abdirahman Farah

I would definitely recommend roadmaster to anyone who’s interested in getting CDL great stuff and great equipment one of my instructors was Craig if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have passed the skills and road portion, he knows the roads better than any instructor (my opinion) I appreciate what you have done for me Craig and all the instructors that helped me out.

Devin Fry

Extremely rude at the testing facility. I don’t know how they’re still open.

Juan Bell

J.Turner Transport

Excellent trainers! Very knowledgeable and fun, but quick to help if you are struggling. The office staff in Columbus, OH was helpful and had my interests in mind in all of our meetings together. I also had a great recruiter in Tampa, FL that stayed in touch with me, and still does as I continue my career in trucking.

Seth D Boggs

It's a really good place to go for your CDL's because the teachers actually take the time to help you and fully understand that most people are nervous and I was to at my first time but then after doing it it was not as scary as I thought.. I highly recommend this place for your CDL training

Erin Whisner

Hannah was amazing and very helpful! Jason was the best road instructor, never had to doubt his teaching! Keith and Scott was very helpful and took the extra time helping me out on the pad! They was all very friendly and made it fun even if it was artic weather outside! Crazy Ohio weather

Ali Al-Khafaji

Great School for CDL, best Instructers Thank you guys(Craig and Kieth) you are the best Ali

Keith Scott

A. A

If you speak English as a second language most of their instructrs don't care you, and they gonna help you less. It was my second day of maneuver when an instructor told me that the person or whoever paid my money (school tuition fee) has got lost, because he said you are not showing any progress, i felt so disappointed and i went toward administration and i requested him to let me join another team because i cannot stay with that teacher, he said i will let you that for next week. Next week too far for me.......finally i decided to quit the school at all.

John Gould

Markus Bovillion

My road instructor, Ron was excellent in his teaching abilities. The pad staff were very friendly professional and like family. Special shout out to Dale and Cathy for their patience in teaching me to stop over thinking my thought process of alley docking manuvering. Office staff, Sandra and Hannah were great! Always cheerful and upbeat. The only downfall is no website/phone service to inform students of cancellations due to inclement weather. Other than that; a great place to learn how to obtain your Class A CDL license and make your dreams come true.

James Mickles

I just graduated from this school they did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and to be relaxed so I could get my cdls. There is so many I would like to thank for the help they gave me. Andrea Dale Scott Chris Bob Rick Ray Tom Chrisy John Ray and even Marshall. I was know as their problem child but they all stuck in there and had faith in me. When it was tested day they all told me I was ready and I just had to believe in myself and they was right! I couldn't of done it with out them!! I'm very proud to say I graduated from ROAD MASTERS in Columbus Ohio and recommend everyone that wants to get their CDLs. to go there!!

Saidou Diop

Great school

Jonathon Beattie

This is a great place to learn how to get your CDL. Of course we all will struggle with one part or another. With the help of instructors and positivity. They will show you the road to success. P.s. Good luck on your adventure. One more thing if you do stop in tell the front office ladies I say "Hi"

Waseem Alkafel

All I have to say ITS AMAZING school Thanks a lot for the office staff was helpful Cathey and Dale they’re Experts trainers thanks a lot for them I appreciate Thanks for everyone .

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