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REVIEWS OF Cincilingua International Language Center IN Ohio


I taught at this school for 12 years. During this time I had the opportunity to teach students from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, China, Spain, Japan as well as other countries. The staff was very professional, kind, and friendly. The curriculum was the most up to date and tailored to meet all of the students needs. It is a great place to teach!

Todd Reinhard

I'm now in my seventh year as a teacher at Cincilingua. I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. In one way or another I have been teaching for most of my life now, and I can honestly say that this has been the most rewarding job I've ever had. It has been and is much more than a "job," really. It's a challenge. It's so much more than just teaching English. It's about communication. It's about listening... and understanding... and learning... and interacting...and getting to know other people--their interests, their concerns, their goals, their stories. What more is there than that?

Carlos Ibarra

The experience in Cincilingua was great. The intensive program allowed me to improve my English skills at lot. The teachers are excellent and you can learn in a warm environmental living the english as a Cincy citizen.

Daphanie Joyner

I have been an instructor at Cincilingua since 2012. As a former public school teacher, I am completely aware of the importance and effectiveness of individual instruction. Cincilingua provides a service that is unprecedented. Students are given a variety of opportunities to use American English daily, such as games at lunchtime and discussion groups on Fridays. Cincilingua also gives instructors the opportunity to learn about other cultures, as our students come from all over the world. I look forward to being your instructor. See you soon!

Kim Garrett

I have been teaching at Cincilingua for six years and I love it! This is the perfect place to focus and learn. You are warmly greeted by the owner and office staff daily. The atmosphere is friendly and calm. The classrooms are neat and comfortable. The office personnel are extremely efficient and always ready to help with any request from explaining the local bus schedule to recommending a great place to eat. Cincilingua has excellent teaching material, literature, and games as well as the wealth of information and study tools online with internet access in the classrooms. I am proud to work with the incredibly talented and highly motivated teaching staff. The one on one teaching format ensures that each class is tailored to the individual student's learning style and pace. This is truly an amazing international language school with a method that works!

Amanda Brache

(Translated by Google) It is a good place to learn English or other languages. Really the owners are aware that everything works correctly and are open to new ideas to improve their service! I recommend them for those who are looking to learn a new language in Cincinnati! (Original) Es un buen lugar para aprender inglés o otros idiomas. Realmente los dueños estan al pendiente que todo funcione de manera correcta y estan abiertos a nuevas ideas para mejorar su servicio! Se los recomiendo para los que estan en búsqueda de aprender un nuevo idioma en Cincinnati!

Francisco Betancourt

Cincilingua is a great place to learn English. I had the opportunity to take classes there, and they have a great method. One of the best things is their people: great teachers and coordinators. I definitely recommend this place.

James Goldschmidt

Cincilingua provides a unique educational experience, for both students and staff. Over the decade I have been a teacher, I have witnessed hundreds of students dramatically improve their English in a few weeks. Cincilingua's experienced teachers give their students opportunities to practice English intensely while interacting with native speakers. Now, the school has a new Skype program that benefits students so they continue improving their English from their home or office. Students will learn with exclusive Cincilingua teachers like me

William Knoebber

I've worked for Cincilingua as an English instructor since 2013. I also have experience teaching in a public school in Madrid. While I enjoyed that experience I must say that teaching students at Cincilingua is more fulfilling. Some of this is due to the different level of interaction that two adults can have, but it is also because I find that my students at Cincilingua learn so much faster and, honestly, better. I can really see the fruit of my efforts and I take great satisfaction in their making so much progress in such a short time. Some of this rapid progress can be ascribed to the intensive, immersive nature of the course. It's also doubtless due to the utilization of the Communicative Approach to language teaching. This "method" (more properly an approach using multiple methods) provides a holistic and naturalistic way to teach/learn a language. I feel, based on my experience, that it is the best approach to language learning, especially apt for those who need to learn a language for practical (career, travel, etc.) reasons.

Andy Montague

Angela Jones

I have worked at Cinciingua for 28 years. During my time here I have worked as an instructor, in the scheduling office, in accounts payable and currently as the Program Coordinator. Of course no one stays at a company for 28 years if they are not happy being there. Working with the International Business People that come here to study is a joy. It is great to be able to help people achieve their goals and have more success in their lives. Studying at Cincinlingua students are able to improve and obtain language skills they need for job promotions, making presentations at conferences, traveling to anywhere they want in the world, and many other things necessary for their jobs. The Privately owned Language School is ideal for learning because the one-on-one classes makes it easy to learn quickly. I enjoy working with the Staff and Teachers who are all dedicated to helping our students.

bianca ribeiro

Kevin Imfeld

If you are looking for a place to improve your language skills with persistent, focused, one-on-one instruction I recommend Cincilingua. Cincilingua doesn’t just teach English. Cincilingua also teaches any one of a dozen other languages to US business professionals being transferred to international corporate sites. I have worked for Cincilingua as either a full- or part-time English instructor since 2002. As an English instructor I strive to teach my students to speak English better than the average English speaker. This is the goal of all of our instructors. We intently listen to improve our students’ pronunciation, verb tense problems and to eliminate persistent bad habits. This is what our students want. Another bonus for our students is that, when they are not at school, they are in a friendly Midwest, American city where they can use their English in everyday normal situations.


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