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REVIEWS OF Carolina Trucking Academy IN North Carolina

Pyrion Astorii

Do not waste your time here. The place is a dump and the owner is manipulative, patronizing and will do what he can to intimidate and belittle you to support his ego. Don't believe him or what they tell you about what they provide. Listen, a CDL is not rocket science, and 4k to show you how to back a trailer is ridiculous. The class uses DOT standards as a guideline. You study material DOT provides free for the DOT test and you pay for the test and the permit out of pocket (in case they forgot to tell you). Do you need a class to get a CDL? According to DOT maybe, but trust me, you are a paying customer and you don't deserve to be treated like that. Do a Google search and find a company that will train you for free and give you a job. I can't go to 0 stars, so this one star is for the one instructor who was actually cool.

Dee Flo

great school to attend very detail for you to pass cdl test, and instructors very concern about your future and well being of passing and being successful.

Herbert Burton

The instructors are patient and have a willing attitude to teach and guide you. The experience was one that I could never place value on.

Carlie Partin Jr

Carolina trucking academy has exceeded all my expectations. I came in with absolutely NO gear shifting experience. Everything about my training worked in concert from week to week based on my most needed areas of improvement. Now you will have to EARN YOUR CDL. They take safety very serious on campus and the highway. So you must focus, be attentive to instruction, show up ready to work and learn. The instructor (Gerald) worked with me to figure my problem shifting. The instructor (AJ) worked with me on my backing skills. The whole team is very attentive to each students concern areas and you will get the work you need. They know what they are doing!! You just need to be ready to do your part.! Sondra & Tyreese sold me at my tour. I knew I made the right choice. By the way I finished in 15 days!! Awesome school.

Maurice Adams

Great training school for self driven individuals. Owner Charlie and Donna Gray are great down to earth people who hire excellent instructors. Everyone that works at the school treat all students the same, long as you listen and do what is ask and instructed you will learn and graduate on time. Dave is a great and disciplined supervisor who will not let his instructors deprive you of anything that will take you to the next level. Behind a great team comes a strong leader and Dave is the definition of that. All instructors teach the same thing in different ways. I learned from them all and I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for any kind of commercial license. Can’t forget about George Thorpe ( Heavy Equipment) trainer who is patient and kind to all of his students. If your looking for the best school in the area then enroll today at Carolina Trucking Academy!!

Laura Garcia

I graduated today from Carolina Trucking Academy. Throughout the 16 day course I was given all the proper knowledge, tools, and instruction to be able to achieve passing test scores and obtain my Commerical Driver Liscense (Class A). The owners, instructors, and examiners are all amazing, encouraging people. I am very appreciative to each and every staff member for their time and efforts to get me where I needed to be. Special shoutout to Mr. Gerald. Happy (early) Birthday! Thank you for your patience and guidance!


CTA was good experience.. If u go there focused and dedicated. I just graduated Monday 7/1/19.. In the 4 weeks there I showed up everyday and listen to the instructors. The staff were great.. I even picked up my forklift certification while i was enrolled in CDL training.. The instructors i must say there was a few that were great to learn from and some that just doesn’t well at teaching.. GEORGE- My heavy equipment instructor was a easy goin guy for the 2 days i had him. Was a blast to be around very classy and respectful guy.. KEVIN - great person, Good instructor & great patience LEON - Great guy and funny lol. He will teach u great shifting if u will listen and pay attention. Has great patience and if u grind his gears his favorite words to u will be “GOODNESS GRACIOUS “

Sharod Simmons

This is a wonderful school, and I would definitely recommend Carolina Trucking Academy to anyone who is serious about obtaining a CDL Class A or B. The instructors work very diligently with everyone, thanks Rodney, Kevin, and Kay-Ron for getting me right and special thanks to the examiner Dave because he does an amazing job and also special shout-out to Wayne for getting us right. Charlie And Donna Gray thanks guys for an amazing experience and all the knowledge I’ve obtained through your program, you guys are awesome.My career starts now! I will definitely utilize all of my skills. Have a blessed day

G Howard

First of all I have to tell you that I am one of the instructors at CTA (Gerald), so you might think that my opinion is somewhat biased but it's not. I simply would like to state that ALL of the people here at CTA are dedicated to helping our students reach their goal of EARNING a CDL. Our reputation and continuing success as a business is rooted in our ability to help you achieve your goal. In the 6 plus months that I have been employed here I have taught several students who have gone to other schools without success. In fact, most of these individuals have come in with a cloud of doubt hanging over their heads with CTA as their last hope of obtaining their CDL. Seeing the excitement and joy in their faces when they pass their tests and obtain that which they came in thinking was out or reach thrills every one of us here a CTA. What we offer here is a challenge and an opportunity. Accept the challenge and embrace that opportunity, work hard, listen to your instructors and a great future will be within your reach.

Tyresce Carpenter

Carolina Trucking Academy provides the most authentic CDL training experience I've ever witnessed. The Class A program is 16 days. 160 hours. You spend majority of that time either out on the yard with actual combination vehicles, or on the road and behind the wheel of an actual combination vehicle. The instructors will drill you and show you tricks that will help you learn to back, and drive a combination vehicle in real live traffic while making sure you're familiar with the laws and road signs that apply to 18-wheelers and their drivers. The Carolina Trucking environment is one of pure honesty, empathy, and genuine care. Effort is all the instructors will demand from you. Unless its Aj lol. Just kidding. He's awesome. He trained me.

Allen Moody

If you want thorough truck driving training Carolina Truckiing Academy is the place to go. I went in knowing nothing about truck driving or how to be a successful truck driver. I was in training for four weeks and came out ready to go to work. The staff and instructors are spot on. They know what they are talking about because they are professional truck drivers with at least 15 to 40 years experience. Can't get any better than that. At first they might seem hard core but they know their stuff. The main key to succeeding at C. T. A is LISTEN TO THE INSTRUCTORS! They know what they are doing and teaching! I thank God for A. J. , Gerald, and Steve for instructing me. And I thank God for Charlie the program director and Dave the DMV examiner, for allowing me to have the opportunity to change my career path. Then there's Sondra, she helped me with paperwork and other things that had to be done for the agency that sponsored me. Over all I had a wonderful experience and I will never be unemployed ever again in my life. Thanks to God and everyone at Carolina Trucking Academy for a job well done and for excellent training. Btw, recruiters come to the academy almost every week, so you will leave with a job. The only thing that will stop you from succeeding is yourself.

Smokey Joyner

It is a great school to attend. Charle was straight up from the day I met him, he is a cool guy but if you was in the wrong he's gonna correct you. My instructor George was I great teacher, he made us lean together and learned from one another. Thank you all.!!

Brijesh Mangukiya

Thanks A lot CTA , I Enter School With No Knowledge And No Proper English, But At The End I Got Everything I Need For CDL , Staff Is Very Helpful Owner , Instructor Mr AJ ,Mr Steave , Mr Jerald And Mr Dylester All Are Great Peoples. Thanks A Lot For Giving Me Guideline To Make Me Successful

Street Knockaz

I just want to take time to give this review, because this trucking school has change my life. From mrs. Donna & Rhonda and me Charlie and David and all the instructors I appreciate you all. I was a person who had made mistakes in life and was needing a second chance, when I came home from prison I needed something to do other than the streets. I enrolled in Carolina Trucking Academy and was embraced with open arm by these fine people and they believed in me. The training was remarkable and the love was real. Thank you. I recommend anybody who is trying to change there life or just want to learn Trucking to come to the school!!!!!! Thank you all Sincerely ALBERT DENT

Anthony McNeil

Great place to get training if u put your mind into it

Kimberly Ricks

I graduated 4/30/2019 from Carolina Trucking Academy. My first day of class was my 50th birthday. At first I questioned myself is this really what you want to do? My first day on the yard I knew the answer. YES! I had some anxiety which was self inflected trying to re-train my preconceived notion of this is a man's profession. On the yard the instructors didn't see a woman they saw an individual who wanted a better career. They treated me with respect each and everyday. Thank you can not touch what I feel inside for the staff. Steve we started of rocky but in the end I say thank for each step you walked in the cold, rain, and sun beside the truck to help me with my backing. Brian thank you for being in the truck with me the day I was over come with emotions about my glasses and started crying. You told me you are going to get through this. You showed me that day you truly care. Not just about me at that moment but all of the students. Then you told me say to yourself I can and will do this. Mr. "Dee" you were my first instructor I had on the road. Thank you for giving me the peace that I needed at that moment. You stayed calm the whole time. You would say from time to time you are doing a good. Then you told me you are going to be just fine. Mr. Leon thank you for taking me to the HILL and telling me "don't you let my truck roll back". This I will always remember. I can not move forward rolling backwards. Mr. Jerald thank you for encouraging me on my testing day. I will always keep my head moving and my eyes on the back of my truck. Charlie and Donna Gray I say thank you both for having this vision of Carolina Trucking Academy over twenty years ago. Because of that vision so long ago I can now see a brighter future. To all that will read this if you know of someone who is serious about acquiring their Commercial Drivers license class A or B this is the school for them. The owners and the instructors truly care.

merab morgan

Just graduated on my 16th day mark with Class A CDL. Thanks to CTA! Best trucker boot camp in the area. Thanks to Steve for the confidence, AJ for the tough love, Mr. D for the know how, Gerald for the great stories, and Dave for his calming demeanor. Owners Charlie and Donna run a tight ship and want you to succeed. Hard work and great rewards are achieved here every day. My deepest thanks and regards to CTA!

Ray Ray

Just graduated from here its a good school I passed everything first go round thanks to all the staff and instructors i had a great experience

Annie Artis

My attendance at Carolina Trucking Academy surpassed everything I imagined from a trucking academy. The support from the office staff to the yard and driving instructors was more than exceptional! All the knowledge given to me from Mrs. Donna, Mr. D. Smith, Steve, and Brian will be applied throughout my new trucking career. I would definitely recommend anyone who needs to obtain a commercial driver license to attend this academy for an unforgettable experience!

Adrian Hines

Great place to attend school for your CDL. As long as you work hard listen and put forth the effort you’ll do fine and pass. A special shout out to AJ, Mr. James, Mr Dee. They really care about making you a SAFE driver and want to see you succeed. Those guys has my upmost respect.

Kevin X

Love mrs Donna she's are rare person truly believes in you and very encouraging !!!!

steven fields

I left several jobs to give this opportunity my focus, commitment, and undivided attention. I started on 4/30/19 and met Rhonda, Donna and David. They set the tone and precedence for the expectation and tone of the institution they passionately believe in. I had no issues with paperwork and any issues I had prior to beginning the actual class, Mrs. Donna was on top of it. I met Mr. Charlie Gray, CEO of the academy and I was immediately taken back to my days in the military where what's expected of you is personnified by the way you should carry yourself in the classroom and outside. Mr. Gray made it clear about the rules and maped out how a student can achieve his/her goal. He said: "Pay attention to what I am telling you and trust in the system." what he said is missing in this world and he is exactly right. Mr. Gray, twenty years os a long time to maintain a successful program and as I walked out today, I have a better understanding and respect for who you are and what you helped bring to my table. Thank you for the belief, knowledge and discipline. The instructors were great. Steve Jensen was awesome on the yard. His instruction was simple and his process helped me I'm so many ways. Brian Kindle has the energy of a Jack rabbit and the memory of a elephant. He came to pre-trip and helped me nail it! He has this uncanny ability to meet the demands and problem solve quickly. He has tons of patience and can adapt to any changes. When Brian tells you that he will get you there, we he says you will make it, when he says if you listen to me you will be driving trucks by the time you leave....BELIEVE IT! Mr. Leon Baker has a skill set all his on. He knows his truck and he knows your issues when it comes to driving. He can tell you just in listening to the engine....whether or not you are in the right gear or what gear you need to be in. Mr. D I call him the "problem solver." If you are having a rough time in any and all of the above........this is the man that can get all of your emotions, fears, egos and assurances together quick. Mr. D honest, sharp and accurate in his observations where you are concerned. All of these women and men have been a part of my life for sixteen days. Each has a skill set that makes them unique.....the question is....are you willing to strap in and understand? Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to allow instruction? Can you come to class with your pants not hanging off of your but, trade in the life that you have been struggling in and replace it with clothes that fit, makes you look professional and be ready for a fresh start by looking clean. And conducting yourself as if you are ready for a new job? If you can do all of this, and make a commitment to Mr. Gray and show him you are not there to "know it all," but to trust in his academy and his system.......then you will pass and appreciate this organization.

Yvonne Bowden

On 5/20/2019 I graduated from CTA. Thanks to my focus, commitment and determination with guidance and instruction from an extremely knowledgeable staff, my dream of becoming a truck driver became a reality at Carolina Trucking Academy! Thank you Brian for your professionalism and confidence that I'd be successful. Steve, you come highly recommended and I welcome you to grandparenthood. Mr. D, training with you was nothing less than pleasurable, exciting and encouraging...thank you so much. Ms. Rhonda you are the best, i love your patience and professionalism as well, stay positive! Ms. Donna you helped make my dream come true. It was our initial conversation via telephone that assisted me in choosing CTA, thank you very much lady! Wayne, I appreciate your encouragement. DAVE.... I'm thankful that you do what you do. You were truly a blessing in my experience at CTA and I thank you for your honesty! I can honestly say that my experience at CTA has been a lifelong memorable experience and I couldn't have started with a more supportive class of 4! Joseph, Kory, DJ...I love you all like family, keep in touch!


I had some bad experiences at the beginning of the class with Eric & Wayne. However through out the course, I learned many things that help you understand how to become a Truck driver. Gerald the driving trainer is an excellent trainer. He will train you with patience ,respect and you will have fun with him, Yes, the owner should approach to his customers carefully and with all the respect a paying customer deserves. Thank you Carolina teams for the long hours you dedicate to your students. Is not an easy task.

Dee Sjostrand

Heard a student had been harrased and company doesn't back them up. Really? So sad when your in the lime light for that. Hope your standards will change to support drivers choosing your company.

William Debnam II

This school is awsome you have everything you need. If you want your CDL I prefer you go to Carolina Trucking Academy.. Thanks Charlie your a Great man and I know you will be blessed for your Great Doings.

anita holloway

Carolina trucking staff are amazing thay helped me through to get my cdl and when I wanted to give up thay didn't give up on me I will miss each and everyone of them thay hold something great in my heart. Mr Charlie and mrs Donna thank u for the opportunity .

chris wiggan

Yeeeaa it was great as well as the experencing and time i got to inspire people to stay focused... Carolina trucking academy legends run this place straight classic people old school for real they share and embrace there love they care for u like there own they all want to see u graduate and have methods skills and tools in there great teahings AJ, STEVE, MR.DEE JERRY CHARLIE will get you threw it dont get discouraged like some do.. stick with it even when u want to give up these people know what there doing u must trust there process of teaching.. I give god the glory in jesus name may all of you that sign up pass...

Darline C

I walked in on day one requesting to be tested for my CDL license on an automatic transmission, I was told CTA would have me shifting a manual in 2 hours and they were right!! If you are serious about obtaining your CDL license at a reasonable rate with a respectful team that has the knowledge and experience to teach, please visit CTA. Charlie, David, A.J., Gerald, and Steve were valuable assets to my future. Thank you Carolina Trucking Academy!

Dragon Tales

My experience was very good and I can’t believe that this program works if you really wants to do what you are told YOU can make it. I have received my CDL The. Trucking. Academy really works thank. You

Isa Greene

Carolina Trucking Academy is an excellent school. MR. Charlie Gray and his instructors are very Professional and are determined to see you succeed, so to anyone that is serious about getting their commercial driving License and is Willing to put in100 percent effort then this school is perfect for you. I will recommend this school to everyone, I had an excellent experience here, I was pushed to excell and I was successful because of the team of the instructors!

naquan williams

First let me start by thanking Charlie amd Donna for the patients, compassion and encouragement you both gave me as i faced many obstacles while at the academy. For me that was priceless. I graduated on a Thursday and that Monday I was in orientation at a trucking company. CTA lived up to their word. I am so grateful. Rhonda thx for helping me get that paperwork out to the DMV. David, Steve, Wayne, A.J. and Leon are all patient and dedicated to your success in the program. A.J. dished out tough love but for most it was definitely needed. Thx A.J. CTA is more than just an academy where you study for your CDL license, it's a place where you build relationships and develop a family bond. I want to give a special shout out to Mr. Dee, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be where I am now. Thx for the extra push and encouragement. I really appreciate it. Love you guys! See you guys when I roll through ✌

Gwyn Lee

all people male/female,if the trucking industry is for you or even crossed your mind; I strongly suggest you get your CDL's at Carolina Trucking Academy. They have a wonderful staff and excellent instructor. They're fair and very patient, they'll work with you and teach you exactly what DMV requires. Best school I've ever attended.

Lindsay Rice

Carolina trucking academy will give you the tools to succeed if you come in willing and determined then you will graduate.Never driven ah stick before in my life now I can drive tractor trailer.its not Disney land so don't go looking for Mickey mouse but if you're looking to get started on a career I suggest carolina trucking academy

Jessie Moody

Just graduated today and will be out on the road next Thursday for my job. I can't thank the people at CTA enough for their help in getting me to where I need to be. The instructors will give you the tools to pass the test and are very helpful, I went in never driving a truck and had me within a few days on the road.

Christina Edwards

The program is excellent. I finished in 15 days!! As long as you are focused and ready to learn the the instructors AJ, Steve, Gerrald and James will get you ready to take the road test. The examiner David is absolutely great....calm, cool, and collected. The administration Ms. Sondra, Ms. Donna, and Mr. Charlie Gary they are a hoot. They are there for you should you have any questions. They will not rest until you have answers. The experience has been truly amazing and so glad that I decided to go to this program. I have met some wonderful people who have become my brothers and sisters in trucking. If you put in the effort, pay attention, and listen you will succeed in this program.

Malcolm Hicks

Great place to get your CDL!

Annette Ross

Awesome staff and the work is made easy... If you pay attention and do what you're asked and have a little you WILL NOT FAIL!! A special Thank you to Steve, David, Leon and Gerald!!! You guys are ROCK STARS!!! And a very SPECIAL THANK YOU TO RHONDA!!! Don't know how you keep up with it all!!!! I hope to see all of you soon!!! Sincerely, Deborah A.Ross

Decarlo Mangrum

It was a great experience. This was my introduction to the trucking world. The instructors and management were great and very supportive and encouraging. And Ms. Saundra is the BEST!!!


Fantastic school the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful I highly recommend this school


Lanardo Ward

This is a great school they work around your schedule they was patient with me. Charlie, Donna, Sondra, Gerald, Eric, A.J., Steve, Carl and all the other instructors at Carolina Trucking Academy made this a great experience for me. When I first came to this school I have never been in a 18-Wheeler and they taught me everything I needed to know to graduate I recommend this school to any first time drivers and definitely for the drivers with experience they will help you fly through it like a breeze.

Rennick Carter

I would like to say this school is awesome! Charlie (Owner) let's you know up front that they are there for you and not to play games! They were very accommodating with my schedule. They allowed me to attend half days during the week and all day Saturday which allowed me to work in the afternoon. This took only 1 additional week to get my hours. Even though I was only there half days! AJ, Steve, Mr Dee, James and Gerald all worked with me and had me ready to road test in time. Everyone here is professional and gives you every opportunity to learn and pass the necessary tests to earn your CDL. I appreciate all of the staff for their professionalism and really caring about the students and what they are trying to do to better their lives. I would recommend CTA to anyone wanting to earn their CDL!!!

Tyrone Armstead

Unless your your going to teach yourself, I wouldnt go. Understaff is a problem. They dont teach you how to drive at all.

Derrick Beulah

This academy is the best!! I absolutely loved the training. It was understanding and the instructors all have an eye for the weak areas you may have during the training. So all you have to do is be a good listener and retain the information. Because these guys cover everything! I now have my class A CDL and my new career has lifted off!.I truly appreciate and thank all the staff at Carolina trucking academy. Derrick Beulah

Big Daddy A.K.A

This school is winner! Instructor Gerald are the best to teach how to drive in the truck, also Instructors Brian, and Steve have powerful teach you tools how to learn pre trip inspection, three backing course, and safety instructions. That's how i passed my CDL license. Also, instructor Wayne tipped about flash card to help you to remember about the parts with the descriptions. They are so best instructors ever i learned about the truck. I promised you will not disappointed to attending this school. Special thanks to DMV examiner Dave, director Charles and co owner Donna for encouraged me to be successful for this program. Many thanks to you all the best! I will never forget about this school what i learned alot informations and helped me to successful for my CDL A license. :)

Dareus Stevons

Good place to start a Career!!!

Myo Min

I entered this trucking school with any knowledge and thinking I would fail “since day one” All the staff push you hard for you to be success in this program but “ REMEMBER “ they can only tell you what to do and if you don’t follow any of their lectures and give up too soon , that will no be the right place for you to be. “KNOW YOUR REASON AND DONT GIVE UP TOO SOON GUYS “ Thanks to all the instructors ( AJ,STEVE , D Smith , Gerald and George )

John Benanti

CTA is the place you want to go to learn how to obtain your CDL and pass all the necessary DOT requirements. Charlie and Donna are good people who care about you, and want to see you succeed. Mike, Ralph, James, Steve, Gerald and David are great instructors who will assist you with everything you need to know. That being said, I would like to give a special thank you to Mr. AJ who was fantastic to work with.

Tiffany Williams

I couldn’t have made a better choice when picking my CDL school to attend for my CDL. The instructors were all great! Ma. Rhonda, the lady at the front desk is friendly and more than willing to help. Kron the pretrip instructor did his best. Rodney and Kevin, the two backing instructors during my time, were great. They helped me stay motivated and made it fun! Leon is sarcastic but funny. He is a great guy and I’m happy I got the chance to get drive time with him. Mr. D is cool, calm, and collected. His tone almost never changes so that helped me stay relaxed while learning, which is greatly appreciated. The last instructor I did drive time with was Wayne. He has his own style of teaching. During the time I was with him I absolutely hated it but in the end, I appreciated it. I learned how to downshift like a champ. LOL. David is the DMV examiner. He cannot instruct, because he does the exams, but was friendly and answered any questions he could, which was helpful as well. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who is looking to get their CDL and go. The program is 16 days Monday- Thursday and it’s not easy. In the words of Charlie, the owner, “it’s a process”. He is definitely entertaining and also helpful with job placement. His wife, Donna, is super friendly and works in the office as well. Good luck to anyone who decides to attend the school! ✌

caleb harrelson

This place is exactly what you want when looking for a school to get your cdl! The instructors were all very helpful and extremely patient with students! Come to the school, follow the simple rules, and soak in what the instructors teach you and you’ll be on the road in no time!

Dalisha Speight

Nice academy staff was very nice and helpful. Although one staff member Wayne shouldn’t be an instructor he is mean and drives very crazy and cuts traffic off . Leon,Mr.D, ,Mrs Donna,Mrs.Rhonda,Mr.Dave,Brian,and the new guy really represents the business great to get along with and goes above and beyond to help the students!!! Great place to be.. Class A Class B and Hazmat material.

Keisha Greene

Great Team! First time I've ever been behind the wheel of a Tractor Trailer! Thank you for your encouragement, teaching skills, and hard work. Special thank you to D, AJ, James, Gerald, Steve, Dave and Mr & Mrs Charlie!

Shontay Stay Ready Hawkins

OMG..I can truely say I had a great and well spent 16 Saturdays of MY LIFE at Carolina Trucking Academy. The staff was awesome they never give up on you, Each staff member comes with there own special seasoning to add to your education in trucking Mr.Steve, Mr.Dave, Mr.D. Mr.AJ, and Mr.Gerald, and Owner Mr.Charlie Personally I would Like to say Thank You Soo much.You guys gave me hope and encouragement.

FoodstampsPoppin TV

Carolina trucking is one of the most best schools I ever attended I didn’t know how to drive a stick shift to save my life but all the instructors mold me in to being a lean mean truck driving machine sure it was scary at first and they even gave some tough love training but bein out on that road is no joke know that driving those big trucks require a lot there no synchronized computer to make that truck move it’s all in the man behind the wheel. Thank you Carolina trucking for making me cdl driver

Sherwayne Gilchrist

I would like to thank Steve, Brian, Wayne F. , Mr. Wayne G. and David for the encouragement they given at Carolina Trucking Academy. This men are awesome!

Jonathan Macomber

I liked this place because of the instructors that they had. Most of them had plenty of experience to teach you what you need to drive a CMV. Plus if you can't get the A you can always go for the B. Work hard be on time and listen and you will go far. Do anything less and you're wasting your time and money.

Dave bramley

I am a proud graduate of Carolina Trucking Academy. The skills and knowledge I obtained there well prepared me for a rewarding career in the trucking industry. After a successful career, I have now returned to Carolina Trucking Academy to serve as Director of Training and NCDMV Examiner. I invite you to be a part of our team to share in the same success!!!!!

David Thomas

A great CDL School. They had a very effective training system. Listen to the instructors and the information they give you. They only person that will fail you is YOU!!!!! Apply yourself to the best of your ability and you will most definitely be leaving there with YOUR CDL. They helped me get mine. If I can do it, so can YOU!!!!!! Props to Mr. Gray for keeping things upbeat. He is funny and humorous most of the time, but he can also be dead serious too. Just listen and pay attention to him and the staff and you WILL NOT go wrong.

Mike Washington

I would like to take a brief minute to thank mr.charlie and mrs. Donna Grayfor there help with a outstanding program. Next a big shout out goes to AJ for his not giving up on me . I would also like to say thanks Mr.D,James, Steve and Mr.Gerald for all you did to make it happen for me. I will reccomend anyone that's looking for training to past the CDL test to attend CAROLINA TRUCKING ACADEMY. I GRADUATED LAST FRIDAY AND I START WORK THIS MONDAY.

Cornelius Lamb

Carolina trucking academy is a great facility with excellent instructors that are more than willing to help you if you first help yourself. Carolina trucking academy is a great school to meet your goals and dreams in life.

Jacob Ibrahim

Instructors are great, every instructors has different ways of teaching so you can receive different perspectives. Graduated in 16days and it was well worth it.

A New Journey

This is Jamarielle, I am one of many who obtained a CDL from Carolina trucking academy. The course required effort but the owner Charlie, David, and other instructors are amazing at helping students, it's almost like family. You will get the experience and all, it's well work it. I never drove a manual transmission car and never drove a automatic truck of such and yet I can now shift a 10 speed 18 wheeler like I own it!

mohamed Antri

Thank you AJ and STEVE was good time with you guys. If you listen to your instructions i promise you four weeks you get your cdl great program.thank you carolina trucking academy.

Will Black

The best!! Shoutout to Mr AJ....Mr Charlie...Ms Donna...Mr. David...Mr. Gerald...Mr. James...Steve...and T. They're the best counselors and trainors, idc what anybody to be talking negative has to say If u have the right attitude and ambitions, theyll work with you, trust i know

Doche Mercer

I graduated yesterday & would like to thank all the staff members for helping me obtain my cdls. Especially would like to thank AJ, Steve, and James for teaching me how to drive my 1st stick shift ever. If you looking for a good school with Great instructors this is the place to go.

Renee Daniels

To all the( A**holes) that wants to post bad reviews about Carolina Trucking Academy y'all got it all wrong !!! I started this school in June and from the beginning I was explained to that this school is just to help you pass the test to get your CDL's. Mr Charlie was straight to the point !!!! Then when it came time to learn how to back and off set AJ was the man . He can really make you mad as hell but he knows how to push you to learn. Especially when he'd say " why ain't my truck moving or you sure did screw the pooch this time " Boy I don't know where that pooch is but he's got to be almost dead by now !!!! My point is if you go to this academy and want it they offer the tools for you . And you Will be able to pass !!! But if you go and give 20% , 20 % is all you'll get !!!!! I gave

michael blackwell

Carolina Trucking Academy has helped me greatly in turning my life around. This trucking academy has been such a blessing for those who want changes and will put forth the effort. It has definitely made a difference in my life!

Kevan Niegum

I had no idea what to expect when I first called. Ms. Donna was able to help me over the phone with lots of information. I was able to use my GI Bill and did not have to come out of pocket for the course. The course itself was great. It was fast-paced, but all of the instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to talk about the industry. Overall I had a great experience for the 16 days it took me to complete the course.

Ty Kennedy

Great instructors , great supervisor !! Very knowledgeable . I would recommend Carolina Trucking Academy to anyone .

Amber BEasley

Rude and disrespectful. Would not recommend. Take your business else where.

Jerome Wilson

This is where I received my CDL.

Geneva Miller

If you stay positive you can and will graduate! I went to the school because I was at a crossroad with what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to use my VA benefit and attend school. That was the best decision I could have made! The instructors were awesome! Special props go out to AJ! and Mr Dee! Go to CTA for all your truck driving school needs.

Ricky layton

Great Trucking Acadamy.Special thanks to: Gerald, AJ, Steve, James, Alex ..These Instructors are on top of their game, REALLY CARE about the people willing to learn.A+++ Trucking Acadamy. Thanks Guys

Anthony Blue

This school is a good school all you gotta do is have the mind set to get yo CDL’s or class B’s and you’ll make it.

Shurone Harris

This is absolutely a great school. I started on 04/1/2019 and finished 04/30/2019. I’m also “18 YEARS OLD” and they helped me get and job driving dump trucks which I start tomorrow. This was by far one of the best decisions that I’d ever make in my life. I loved and got along with each and every instructor. I looked forward to waking up and going there each and every single day. Mrs. and Mr. Gray are fantastic, kind and loving people. From my start date to my last day I’ve felt as if I was their son and I forever will. To have meet and gotten to know them was a blessing. If you want to change your life by doing something different then this is the perfect choice for you. As Mr. Gray would say he has the medicine and it’s up to you whether you take it. If you listen to the instructors you won’t have any problems. They’re all great instructors every single one. Mr. Gerald, Mr. Leon, Mr. D, Wayne, Steve and Brian I want to thank you all for you all for your knowledge and teaching me how to drive a truck. Mr. David I want to thank you for being the best dmv examiner I’ve ever meet. When you told me you love my energy it took the weight off my shoulders and from that day on I told myself this is for me and I will be a truck driver when I leave this school. I’ve built a bond with you all in my days attending the school and I will truly miss you all. I will be stopping by every chance I get and again Thank you all and I love you all!!!!

James Edwards

Very good school, awesome instructors, administration team was the best of the best. Greatest school ever.

Cory Eaton

CTA is a great school, they teach you everything you need to know and then some to be a safe and productive CDL driver. The instructors are awesome and give you all the skills you will need. If you are in need of CDL training i recommended CTA

KTM Orange

I have learned alot here at this school . They have given me the tools I need to succeed at passing my CDL A

William Crowley

I could not have made a better decision. Charlie, A.J. David and all Instructors. Gerald, James, Stephen are very un-apologetically direct. Most importantly they all showed how much they care about your success and safety.

younes bobo

Every body nice great school

Alex Samuel

Steven Batchelor

Great instructor George Thorpe down to earth guy but made sure you know what you needed to know to pass.Charlie straight forward like him or not he's necessary.

Briana Morris

Excellent program instructors are very attentive and put 100% into making sure your successful.

Matthew Jackson

I would like to thank CTA for this experince. The task wasnt easy but the made it fun and I learned what I needed to obtain my CDL. I would recommend them to anyone... Thanks you guys....

Katrina Pittman

I highly recommend CTA if you are interested in pursuing your CDL's. A highly, compotent staff to work with whom put the needs of the students first. I had an awesome learning experience, enjoyed meeting great students and received top quality training from qualified instructors. The entire staff are superior people to work with from the Owner to the instructors as well as the administrative staff. I'm highly confident that you will be absolutely pleased with the program.....I gurantee it!!! Katrina Pittman

Pernell Korngy

Carolina trucking is a great school the instructors are good willing to help you learn

Nathaniel Woods

I am looking for a trucking driver job with your company

Ericka Bateman

If you want to get your CDL's don't go anywhere else. Thank you CTA everyone David Steve Mr D Leon Gerald couldn't have done it without y'all.

Beverly K Richardson

Today I graduated with my Class A from this excellent CDL school. Everyone is friendly, personable, helpful and encouraging. Victor Torres the Training Director is outstanding. He goes above and beyond to help students learn, train and pass the tests. I highly recommend anyone who's wanting to obtain their CDL to attend this school. You won't regret this million dollar experience.!!

Yasin ibrahim

Bradley keel

Thanks for the great knowledge of trucking I was taught. I can't put into words how grateful I am and I will truly miss each and everyone here at carolina trucking academy. You guys rock

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