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REVIEWS OF US ONE Driving School IN New York

Khadeen Mcshine

I took a couple of lessons with them and all of my instructors were great. Andrew, Morris, Skyler, & Joshua. I had Skyler and Morris the most. Gave great tips. Very helpful. Also the receptionist Elena was very sweet as well. She has great customer service. Totally recommend this school.

Ginger Pierce

US one driving school was great. Everyone I encountered was very friendly, even the receptionist. Edvard was my instructor and he was very helpful and patient. He seemed to know just what the DMV would be looking for during the test. I had my license many years before, but I had let it expire, so I just needed a brush up before my test. The instructor was efficient and to the point. I would definitely recommend US One!

Artem Stasov

I only have great things to say about this place. Tajme was my instructor. I had a license, which had received 1,5 years ago, but had not driven since. So I needed some lessons to refresh my driving knowledge/skills. I took several lessons with Tajme - and he was very professional, thorough, and detailed. That's on top of having a fun and easy-going personality. I recommend this school!

Shruti S Shetty

US One was a great experience. I had great instructors. Morris gave me most of my lessons and he was very patient and encouraging and taught well. I think also having different instructors teaching in 2 different parts of the city helped as they both had different road conditions and signage and then the lesson at New Rochelle was another kind of experience. I have yet to take freeway lessons. Highly recommend US One.

Irene Frohlich

I had a foreign license that expired and needed to get my NYC license for work. I took two 1.5 hour classes and two 1 hr classes to refresh my driving skills. Passed on first attempt. Very satisfied with their customer service.

Katy Borisova

After having a terrible time finding a decent school in NY, decided to give US One a try, and it has been one of the best decisions ever. Everyone is extremely professional and went out of their way to schedule me around the time/days that worked best for me. I had a 10 lesson package, with Brandon being my instructor for 9 of them. Overall, he is an amazing instructor. Always on time, very laid back and calm, always providing useful tips. He has an infinite amount of patience, so even if you screw up something repeatedly, he will continue to explain and challenge you until you get it right. With his teaching style, you actually feel like you've accomplished something. What's equally important is that he picks really great areas of Manhattan to drive around -- you still feel the pressure of the city, but at the same time, it's not too terrifying. I thought I would be terrified of the road test, but I passed it on first try with no problem. Brandon did such a terrific job of preparing me for the test, that driving in the suburbs for those 7 minutes felt like a piece of cake. Would definitely recommend him, especially if you want great company while driving around!

Simran Kalra

Had a fantastic experience! While I knew driving and had a drivers license, I needed confidence in driving on the right side of the road (as had always driven on the left side), and needed to know all the rules of driving in the US. Brandon, my instructor, was excellent. He gave me a very practical experience of driving in NY, and was incredibly articulate in explaining what I needed to know. After 2.5 hours of lessons I feel much more confident of driving here. I would highly recommend US One Driving school and Brandon!!!

Khoi nguyen

I had all of my lessons with Skylar. Great instructor, calm, focused, plenty of tips for driving in NY and passing the driving exam. My experience with US Driving School is fantastic. The receptionist is very efficient, and professional. I got my permit on 01/31/2018, took 7h lessons with Skylar, and I passed the driving exam today on 02/21/2018 Highly recommended, especially lesson with Skylar- He will help you passing the road test in no time

Steven Choi

These guys are pros. if you invest your time & money here. You will get a DL. I prefer Rasmi as an instructor.

Giulia T

I began with very little-medium driving experience. Edvards helped me develop confidence, ease, and knowledge while on the road. I found his teaching to be very straightforward and extremely knowledgeable... In fact I would very much recommend him to anyone.... plus, there's nothing more beneficial than learning from a European! After 5 lessons & the 5-hour course, I passed my road test. Thank you Edvards for everything!

Juan Lu

I took 1.5 hours classes to refresh my skills....I pass the road test at first try. My instructor was Joshua, he's very good and will give you a lot of good tips in how to pass the road test. Also, Joshua made my parallel parking even better.

Lev Sorkin

Great school, they will accommodate schedule changes if you want to change your test location last minute (Elena is super nice and understanding!!), I highly recommend their $291 package, go to Staten Island(don't test in Brooklyn), Dai (the instructor, he is well informed and a great driver!) will make sure you get your licence. Recommending to all my friends.

Ngobi Nicholas

Incredible people who are experts at what they do, good hospitality by the receptionist and all their drivers were incredible!!! Yue, Morris to name but a few

Mike Barnes

I had only driven a car for 2 hours in my entire life before going to US One Driving School. I took the pre-licensing class which was fine and then started my lessons soon afterwards. I had Edvards as an instructor and he was awesome. He's very laid back and has seemingly endless patience for when you make a mistake. He knows how to relax you when you start doing a good job which helps you get in a zone. After only 5 classes (the fifth one on the day of the test) I was perfectly ready to get my drivers license, and I did. Just remember for anyone reading this that the person who gives you the Road test will definitely not be as nice as Edvards is so get ready for that. Anyway he was excellent and the School ultimately got the job done.

Gina Reimann

After putting off getting a US driving license in the city for over 8years (I had a UK license and driving in NYC just seemed both intimidating and avoidable) I finally passed my road test on the first try with US One. I booked the 5 lesson / test package with Rasmi and found the whole process very easy and professional. Whilst having some years experience driving I found the lessons were really useful for brushing up on skills for the test and getting used to driving on the 'wrong' side. Rasmi was a delight and I looked forward to each lesson with him. Would definitely recommend for first time as well as foreign drivers.

Shuchi Mittal

3 months and 12 driving classes ago, I had never driven a car in my life. And today, I got my NYC license! All thanks to Edvards, and the team at US One Driving School. I was looking for a school in manhattan that could teach me driving from scratch, and assist me with all the formalities including the classes, pre-test classroom session, car hire for the test and the test itself. US One Driving School was perfect in every regard! From start to finish, all my queries were carefully answered, and Edvards was a fabulous instructor. He was punctual for all the classes (important to me), picked me up at a location of my choice almost every class, very very very patient (even though I made repetitive mistakes!) and gave useful feedback post each session. He has a technique that teaches you to be a good driver, know the rules, and also know when & how to use your discretion. As good as it gets! In a nutshell, I highly recommend this school and Edvards as a driving instructor. And next time you plan that road trip, you'll have them to thank!

Denise Taylor

I passed the road test today! I am really happy to find this driving school from Yelp and yes, u can trust their ratings! Everybody is nice, professional and caring and I had a great experience! Highly recommend!

Michèle Landolt

I took the 5h pre-licensing class and signed up to practice right before my road test. As an experienced driver from another country, I had to learn to be a "new driver" again. Edvard taught me exactly what I needed to know to pass the test.

yu yu

Wonderful services!

Usha Kaul

To All, I just passed my road test with US One driving school. I took my road test in Snug Harbor, Staten Island. My amazing instructor throughout my experience at US One was Edvard Zarins. He was always kind, patient, and smart. He knew exactly how to make you feel comfortable from Day 1. You can tell Edvard really cares about his students not just as students but as people. Also Leeann was great! With the Super Storm Sandy many plans were thrown around and Leeann did not hesitate for a moment and called right away to reschedule the lesson. Thanks again Edvard and US One Driving School. Happy Holidays to all.

James Mc

The worst experience of my life. A 2nd rate school that crams as many people as they can into a tiny room and make you watch a video for 3 hrs then fail to issue you with the appropriate paperwork, instructors are rude and an office that NEVER answers the phone. Do yourselves a favor go somewhere you will be looked after - a money making scam.

Priya Shivkumar

Took the 5 lesson package with Edvards as my instructor and passed the road test today!!! Edvards is a great instructor - very patient and gives you practical tips. He doesn't just focus on what you should do at your road test but teaches you how to drive in the real world. He made driving in NYC look simple!!! Additionally, Edvards was always on time for the class (and also for the road test) and he uses a new car for lessons. The lady at his office who was in charge of scheduling was very friendly too. She did a good job of scheduling appointments based on my requirements and sending me reminders a day in advance. Overall great experience with US One driving school.

David Reyes

Edvards Zarins

Response from US One Driving School to James Mcpherson The profane language that you used with my driving school instructor, my receptionist and myself is considered verbal harassment. If you have an issue, you can be a professional so we can help you. Our classroom space accommodates up to 12 students and was approved by the DMV, we never have more people in our class room as it would be violation and we can lose school license, and there has never been a complaint regarding my classroom. You are complaining that we did not issue you your certificate, when you told my instructor before going in to the road test that you have it. New York State Driving School policy require that at the end of the pre-licensing 5 hour class, the student signs and then obtains the certificate. We have your signature on the driving school copy of pre licensing class certificate which we always keep in our office that you received your certificate. Pre licensing class instructor at the end of the class always inform you what to bring to the road test. ( New York State Driving School policy do not require follow-up with students if they still have certificate after you take your pre licensing class), however in our road test reminder email which we sent you before road test day we still remind you what to bring to the road test. Hoop this clarify the situation.

Lynette Blumenthal

My son thought all the drivers he had were terrific, inspiring confidence, giving advice, and extremely pleasant to talk to while he was driving and learning from their tips.

Christina Fang Dong

I don't know who wrote the reviews below, and what stake they have in this business. I am aware of my own bias, but speaking from personal experience, this place is cheapo and wayyy overrated. My instructor spoke with a thick Russian accent. He was difficult to understand. He gave no useful information about the road test, and he bored us to tears. Worse still, he kept us for 5 hours and 15 mins, especially after I told him I had a late night train to catch. I ended up missing my train and waiting for an hour for the next one at Penn Station, which was absolutely unfortunate. As an educator myself, I rate the instructor's teaching quality poor, and attitude inconsiderate.

Eugene Baik

Good place to earn your certificate

Anna Zarina

I wasn't feeling safe on streets, not confident for my self, and especially with my kinds in car. But this school is great! Thanks to them, I can drive now where ever I want to with my kids and feeling confident. Great driving teachers, great communication! And THANK YOU!!!

Martin S

Went here for both my pre-licensing course and drivers test. Great and attentive service and helpful with booking and reminders. Passed my drivers test first try and got great tips and help from Brandon the instructor.

youngmi mayer

I just got my license and it was all thanks to this school. The instructors I had were Skyler and Brandon, who were equally informative, patient and nice too. They taught me techniques that made parallel parking a breeze. Also classes were really affordable relative to other schools.

doron benvenisti

Im a 15+ yrs driver that needed to make my NY licenses again. The 5 hr course was a great and easy experience with a lot of tips even for experience driver. following the instructor recommendation , I took a lesson before the road test and lucky i did, even so the test is easy , it is not easy if you drive by experience only. the instructor Edvards prepare me to test, and made the experiences to pass smoothly and easy... I pass the test. Thanks

User Name

got my license today

Shakeeb Anwar

I took 1 lesson from this school and passed my NY driving test first time. I had a foreign driving license before. Morris was a very helpful instructor he told me the important points to pass.

Armine Black

I just passed my road test on the first try thanks to US One!! I bought the 10h package and had Godsman, Taj, and Edvard as my instructors. They have slightly different approaches to teaching but every one of them was very calm, patient, encouraging, and insightful. As for the cars, I had no complaints. All the vehicles were in very good condition (Edvard drives a brand new Toyota). The scheduling process is well organized, you can simply call the office to schedule your first lesson or cancel/reschedule your subsequent classes. I would recommend booking all your lessons the day you purchase the couse package, otherwise you might end up with a couple of delightful Sunday 9am classes, as i did. Overall, this school is terrific. If you want to get your license fast and with the fewest pedestrian fatalities, you should definitely check it out.

Rahul Krishnan

I had a great experience with US One Driving School- the 5 hour class was presented in a very straightforward way and Edvards had some great stories to keep things interesting throughout. Edvards was also my instructor for my lesson prior to the driving test, and was a fantastic and reasonable instructor as well as great company. I passed the test easily thanks to his effective guidance, and there were definitely small things I might have otherwise forgotten to do. I highly recommend US One Driving School for anyone looking for a friendly and efficient way to get their license!

Paul Barry

Brandon, my instructor, met me before the test and gave me the tips I needed to pass without a problem. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Jen Meinecke

Great experience with this driving school, I passed my test first time today after one lesson with Skyler, plus one lesson with Andrew right before the test (I previously had a UK license, so I'm only new to driving in USA). Really nice, clam and clear instructors prep you very well for the specifics of driving in USA safely and to pass the test. I also took the classroom lesson with this school, which was delivered efficiently. Very pleased I read the great reviews and went with this company, thank you!

Roxzy Lok

I bought 5 hours of lessons plus the test carhire with instructor package. My instructor Dai was amazing! Very patience and calm. Passed on my first try! Highly recommend!

Gabrielle Tenorio

I just passed my road test on the first try. The various instructors who taught me were very supportive and thorough. A special thanks to Skyler who always pushed me to do my best and remain confident. They all make sure that you learn what is necessary to pass the road test, but essentially to become a good driver.


It's a great school with a great staff team. They're flexible and provide personal service that is hard to find anywhere else. They give you all the information you need to succeed in obtaining your drivers license.

Choon T

I passed my road test today, all thanks to with US One! The instructor Edvard was certainly patient and helpful throughout the process. He pointed out those common mistakes that the DMV testers usually looked out for, especially with regards to parking and turning. Edvard also gave useful tips on real life driving which are relevant for the streets of NYC. I would recommend him to prospective students.

Daniel Subervi

hb Broadway

Very unprofessional. Constantly switching instructors, so i ended up having 3 different instructors for my lesson then the day of the road test the gave me an instructor i never seen before in a car i never drive before, which i believe this is partial why i failed my test. The other issue i had with the instructors is that i received bo feedback, it was just do it like this and you will be ok. Instructors were teaching me how to park far intentionally, telling me if I'm far its just 5 points, maybe if you actually teach i would know how to correct my parking. If instructor late its ok, if I'm late, I miss part of my lesson. The office staff is rude when you try talking to them about an issue. Overall it was an horrible experience. The worse thing was when i first started my lessons my first instructor basically told me to go to another driving school, and told me he knows a guy who owns a driving school that's better. How are the instructors sending business to another school..think about it.

Johanna Pan

Fast and easy, the driving instructors were great and thorough. I passed my test! Skyler was a great teacher and the owner Edward, took me to my test in Yonkers. Their instruction was very helpful, and their receptionist (while busy) was very effective. I appreciated that they remind you of your appointments. Skyler is really a fantastic teacher!

Susan Lee

Just got my Yelp review removed. Crazy! So I'm posting my review here: They can cancel a lesson without notice but somehow you need to give them 24-hour notice, and their 1-hour lesson is at most 50 mins. Once they take your money, they don't care about you. This is something others have said on this board, and I cannot agree more. Go to Revolution Driving school before coming here.

kay taveras

If you want to learn how to drive the right way, US One Driving School should be your number on choice. From the office personnel to the instructors, everyone is friendly, helpful and professional. Edvards (instructor) was patient and very understanding and easy to talk to. He will take you through New York City streets and show how to follow traffic rules, know your surroundings and stay aware of the bicycles and crazy NYC taxi drivers. Best choice I made for a driving school. Just got my driving license and I'm positive all his instructions will make me a better and safer driver. K Taveras

Mike Gatenby

Edvard and Tajme at US One Driving School helped me get my New York license first time round. Five star review driven by the following: * Process to book lessons, sort out the test date, book the mandatory 5 hour class etc. all smooth with prompt replies to emails / phone calls. * Excellent instruction (from Edvard in particular) * Lots of practical test tips to give you the best chance of passing it first time.

Megha Khandelwal

I took the 5 hr plus 3 more driving lessons in NYC. Edvard was my instructor for most of my lessons, and he is amazing! He taught me driving rules and techniques. It made driving in NYC seem more understandable and manageable. I would just try to schedule classes earlier on since they fill up fast.

Lilian Wouters

I really liked my experience with the US Driving School, and especially my instructor Edvards. He is patient, straight-forward, nice and teaches you all what it takes to pass the road test. He works very hard, and wants the best for his students (to be a safe driver and to pass the test!) A thumbs-up for the school and Edvards.

Tania Rudnitsky

I highly recommend U.S. One Driving School. Dai is extremely professional, courteous, patient and a great teacher overall. His teaching style is exceptional. I am a very nervous and new driver and Dai gave me a lot of confidence behind the wheel. Things just started to click after I took several lessons from him and I was able to absorb a lot of helpful information without feeling overwhelmed. Dai inspires me to be a cautious and vigilant driver overall. Dai rocks!!

Valentin CORNEZ

I had a very positive experience with this driving school. Especially with the driving instructor: Dai. He's patient, professional and very nice! I would recommend anyone who wants to learn how to drive to take practical lessons with him!

Carola Rey

Morris was my instructor for two practice lessons and there with me for my driving test. He was amazing, helpful, was very detailed on what to expect during the test because I was so nervous. He was right about everything. He totally prepares u and makes u feel ready! I'm barely ever in a car but travel a lot and would be better for me if I rented cars. I thought I was too old to be getting my licence. But I did it with Morris' help!! I couldn't be happier!!


I did the 5 hour prelicensing course and the instructor was helpful and patient. The receptionist was very friendly and helpful as well. Can't wait for my road test.

Fabricio PH

Licensing course is competitive ($45). Car rental for the test is expensive ($150).

Ali Talla

great driving school


THIS SCHOOL IS AMAZING. Go here. Seriously. REQUEST INSTRUCTOR DAI !!! He is AMAZING. During my lessons he is extremely positive, encouraging, communicative, and teaches it RIGHT. He will make SURE you are an excellent driver and more importantly, PASS THE TEST. The office is EASY to work with and AWESOME. They are friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable, and lord knows friendly and smart places are hard to find nowadays with the DMV, namsayin'? Oh my god, I am over the moon after getting my license. INSTRUCTOR DAI !!!!

Judy Diep

Edvard is amazing! He's extremely patient and punctual. However, I do recommend booking your lessons early since this place is very popular.

france brunel

I had an excellent experience with US One Driving school and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to drive in the chaos of New York City. I had the experience of learning from both instructors, whom were both, highly professional, guiding, patient and friendly. They were also good at instilling the confidence I needed to brave the roads! No hesitation, go with US One. Good luck!

Page Starzinger

Joshua was a terrific teacher and helped me work on all my driving skills, especially parallel parking. He's precise and clear, wise and creative. I highly recommend him! And I passed the test!

Michelle Linares

Thanks to US One, I am officially a NY Driver! [And I did on the first try!] As a highly nervous 35 year old female, I thought I was never going to be able to drive. My family is planning to relocate, and I needed to get my license right away. After researching driving schools, I decided to go with US One because of all the positive reviews. They did not disappoint! They are absolutely the PROs! Elena in the office was super helpful and friendly. She helped scheduled my 5 hour class, my lessons and road test. Because of my crazy schedule, I was unable to stick with one particular instructor. I had my lessons with about 5-6 ... and I was able to learn something new from each of them. However, in my opinion, Rasmi and Morris were the absolute BEST. I truly appreciate their patience and all the confidence they instilled in me. Thank YOU both!

Peter Knobler

Excellent driving instruction. I passed my road test immediately. Edvard was extremely knowledgable and helpful, with perfect insight into what the examiner would say and how to respond. He was friendly as well. I can't say enough good things about US One Driving School.

Mona A

This is a great driving school to practice all the rules needed for your Road Test! I would highly recommend US One Driving School. Great customer service when scheduling Lessons and Road Tests! My instructor was Brandon & he is one of the best instructors I've had & really helped me pass my Road Test today!!!! Thanks again Brandon!!

Joon Suh

I found the school by searching on Yelp. Although small, the school is very well organized. My instructor was Edvards. He is very friendly and patient in helping you learn how to drive and teaching you how to pass the road test. I highly recommend this school if you want to pass the road test.

Emily Scher

The US One Driving School is exceptional. They handle everything--conduct the 5 hour class, provide driving lessons and even schedule your road test. Above all, they helped alleviate all my anxiety about the process. All the instructors are great. I worked with Edvards (for my class and one of my driving lessons) and Godsman Ellis (for my driving lessons). Godsman took me to my actual road test, practiced with me prior to the test and calmed me down before I got started. He prepared me 100% and (despite my nerves) I passed! Without reservation, I give US One Driving School my highest recommendation!

Amarilis Perez

This is a great school! Before I came to this driving school I had never driven a day in my life. I was really, really nervous and had little faith in my ability to learn to drive. My instructors were very patient, supportive and gave me tons of feedback. The school's packages were great, I took my 5-hour class in their company classroom and was given a simulated road test the day of my road test. Today I have my drivers license and can happily start my life as a driver.

Zoraida Hong

I recommend this driving school to everyone i know i passed a few years ago but i will never forget the US One Driving School class teacher.

Wesley Badaro

What The price?

Z Li

I just passed my road test last Friday. I shopped for 3 schools and picked US One because they seem the most professional. Turns out the instructors and the receptionists were all extremely professional and definitely provided the assistance I needed. I took 3 instructors Brandon, Shamel and Rasmi they are all great and provided different perspectives and suggestions to help improve my driving. I will keep taking their highway class now that I have my driver's license. Bottom line is I know I'm in good hands with US One.

Selim Tezcan

I pass my road test in no time with US One, they are very professional. My instructor was Edward, he is very knowledgeable. Thanks to him I got 0 points in the road test.

Lawrence White

It was fantastic!!! I had two instructors and they were both very knowledgable about the rules of the road. Their instruction was hands-on and really helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel! And I passed because of them

Steve Borg

Just got my driving license with US One. 10 hours of driving lessons and road test all went very smooth. Elena who was scheduling my lessons was very professional over the phone and via email. Driving lessons I took was with different instructors, I was worried at first but later I realize that driving with different instructors gave me more information since everyone has different techniques more is always better, that is why my road test was just piece of cake. Thank you again US One.


I would give zero stars if I could. I had an awful experience with them, so my advice, avoid this school! Once you pay they don't care about you anymore. Bad management and lack of communication. I found this school online and even though all the reviews were not good I have decided to go with them anyway. Biggest mistake ever! The manager of this school, Edvard doesn't care about us students/clients. Once you pay, his job is done and he becomes sloppy and unprofessional. So: My road test was scheduled at 3pm with a pick up at 1pm in Manhattan/12th street. Then that same day, they called me at noon, just one hour prior saying that my pick up time is going to be postponed for 1.30pm. Ok. Here I am on the 12th street at 1.30pm just waiting and waiting ... while my watch was showing 2.15pm already! Still, no calls, no texts from the school. So I have decided to call them. After several tries, Edward finally decided to pick up the phone and replied: "Just stay there and wait and we'll pick you up soon". On the other hand, at the same time I received a phone call from the instructor who was supposed to take me to my road test saying he's on the other side of the city with another student and that there's no chance for him to pick me up. I called Edvard again. He continued lying and giving me wrong information. So, at this point, and almost 3pm, I was still (!) patiently waiting to finally be picked up. I'm not saying that unpredictable situations cannot happen. I am talking about bad management and miscommunication that Edvard as a director or manager (whatever he wants to call himself) should be able to handle differently. Meaning, being professional! And should have a back up plan. This school knew since that morning that there is a lack of instructors or what-so-ever and no one called me to communicate this with me? Why made me lose all day, continuously giving me wrong information and saying "Ok, you'll still be able to take your road test and practise" (yes, I was also supposed to have 1 hour lesson before my road test!). Edvard kept lying to me saying to stay there and wait and on the other hand, the instructor saying he's not going to make it to pick me up for my road test. They left me wait in the street, on a cold, rainy day without any clear notice for over 2 hours while it was obvious that they completely forgot about me. They forgot that they have a student waiting! I had to get my driver's license asap because of my job but because of this school I didn't get my driver's licence when I needed it, I lost a day at work, I rescheduled other personal plans for that day and I even lost a road test appointment and had to wait for another 5 weeks to schedule another test. And what for? Because once you pay, they don't care about you, or your driving or anything. Only after I complained that I will post negative reviews about the school, only then Edvard offered to reimburse me some money. Not everything and not enough for me to schedule a new road test, rent a car for the test and have other lessons .. that I did with another school. And I also realized how bad driving methods US One Driving School actually has and that other schools use better techniques. Don't make the same mistake I did. Avoid this school. This school obviously has a communication problems and no back up plans and no respect for us, students. And will make your road test experience such a nightmare. That day I was given 5 different information. One from Lena, then Edvard, then from the instructor .. and not them calling me to explain what was going on, but me calling them. If you still have doubts about schools, avoid the US One Driving School! Wish I have spent more time reading all those reviews. If I did make a mistake, I hope you guys won't. Good luck! Ps. My advice, go with Revolution driving school. They are professional and most of all they helped me get my driver's license with no drama. They made me become a better and safer driver as they have such an amazing driving techniques & tips. I'll post a review soon.

Dia Ragab

It was an excellent experience attending the 5 hour class and the one hour driving class before the test ( and that helped a lot ) , edvards is very helpful and I would recommend him.


I just passed my road test on my first try with US One driving school I took my road test at Havemeyer in the Bronx, highly recommended test site, Edvard is an awesome instructor and Person. If you guys are looking for an awesome driving school this is the one, I researched all of them but thank goodness that I found this one, being from the city I was a little apprehensive at first but Edvard put me at ease from day one, I only took 5 classes with him but it was so worth it, I learned more with him in 5 classes than anywhere else, and I've had a permit since I was 16, I will not disclose my age, lol, yes I'm in my 30's, I f you are SERIOUS about getting your license, This is the place, Thanks again Edvard and US one Driving school. oh by the way Leanne is an awesome receptionist, Happy Holidays to all.


My first time writing a review on google. I think my experience with this driving school was the best. The instructors here are really good at teaching, plus, they were very patient. I had Brandon as driving instructor. After taking lessons with him, I think you will not only learn how to drive, but drive safely. He is good at explaining things, probably due to his passion in driving. Overall, this school is worth the try if you are not comfortable with driving, especially in NYC.


Frances Liberman

Kitri Miller

I had a very good experience with the driving school. They made sure that I got rid of a lot of bad habits after 5 years with a learner's permit that I didn't want for the driving test. I passed the test after taking the 5 hour road package with them, which was very useful. I took the test in Staten Island right on the other side of the Verazzano Bridge. They scheduled enough time for me to get picked up in Manhattan and even had an hour lesson on streets very similar to what my driving test would be like.

Nathan Li

Too long, didn't read: Bought 10 classes, had Brandon as my instructor. Passed road test by the skin of my teeth. Got my license. Full review: I had never driven before, found US One through Google/yelp like I'm sure most of you are doing/will do... Saw the package for 10 classes + road test + 5 hour instructional video and bought it. First I did the instructional video, which at the school actually took a lot less than 5 hours because we didn't take any breaks. The videos were actually decently interesting to me... A couple of the videos were real tear-jerkers, haha. The instructor for the class tried to keep it interesting, but that's pretty hard considering the material outside of the videos. I commend him for his effort at least. After finishing the instructional video, I got to hit the road. The car provided was a Toyota Corolla, which seemed relatively easy to drive, but then again I didn't have any driving experience so I'm not really sure why I used the term "relatively" (relative to what?)... Anyway... I had Brandon as my instructor, who was amazing. He was a bit of a driving-technique-Nazi, but that's a good thing because it's better for him to be real strict about your driving than the examiner on test day. As I had never driven before, he really eased me into it by just having me drive around with some turns to practice basic speed control and turning to begin with, then we practiced the 3-point turn. When that all got good (or decent enough to pass) we tackled the nightmare of all driving students... The dreaded Parallel Park. He realized very quickly that this was going to be my biggest problem, so we spent a lot of time focusing on that in the later lessons until I had it down pat (or again, at least decent enough to pass). Brandon actually had a very unique/superior way of explaining the driving concepts to me, so it was really easy for me to understand and pick up quickly what was required. For example, for the parallel park he taught me several methods and let me choose the one I believed would be most effective for me. We also had a lot of fun, and like I told him on the way back from the road test, I was kind of sad that we wouldn't be working together anymore. He responded that he's glad he's never going to have to see me again (because I passed, not because he hates me... At least I hope)! I recommend the US One Driving School (and Brandon) if you are looking for some quick, good instruction into the big wide world of driving. Nathan

Bianca lopez

Very rude, Very disgusting!! I went in for my 5hour class and I gave them my name, all for them to tell me the class was BOOKED. MIND YOU, I paid for the class already YESTERDAY over the phone !! They didn’t want to give me my $45 back and they told me the only thing i can do is schedule the class again and PAY AGAIN! I couldn’t be more disgusted with this place !! WARNING YOU NOW DONT GO HERE!!

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