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REVIEWS OF Successful Auto Driving School INC. IN New York

Maya Taraf

Instructor Emmanuel was the reason I received a passing score on my road test. He was an amazing teacher and was very patient with me, especially being a new driver. He taught us the correct way to k-turn and parallel park, and didn’t let us give up until we perfected it. I recommend Emmanuel 100% and his encouraging attitude went a long way.

veronica hernandez

Just passed my road test! This school is great! My driving instructor was Sparkle and I can truly say she was amazing! She noticed my strengths and helped improve in the areas where I needed it most. I only took 5 lessons and she made me feel super confident about this exam. Thank you so much for all of your help!!

Rachelle Matthews

Successful Auto Driving School was amazing from start to finish. The customer service is excellent and the 5 hr class was engaging. Trelisa was my driving instructor; she is very professional, precise and fully engaged when teaching. She assess’ your weaknesses and instructs you on how to do better. She keeps you on your toes but makes you feel comfortable at the same time. Her teaching methods are outstanding. I passed on my first try

lindita Demirovic

My driving experience with my instructor Demoy has been absolutely phenomenal for my brother and I. Not only did he make us feel comfortable with him as our instructor, he taught us all the skills necessary to be a skillful driver on the road. As a student from one of his groups I’ve learned many things from him that made me a better driver. He is always there to help us, guide us and answer all questions whenever necessary. I cannot thank him enough for teaching me how to be a good driver and for helping me feel comfortable on the road. Due to his excellent teaching skills, I passed my road test on my first try! I totally recommend Demoy! Thanks!

Chloe Van Steertegem

Recently took my road test with Successful Auto and passed. The lessons were very helpful, and my instructor, Junior, prepared me very well for the test. Overall, a very pleasant experience working with him and the school. I highly recommend Junior and Successful Auto for anyone looking to pass their road test.

Andrew Devito

I had Demoy as my instructor and honestly he did a really good job he taught me everything I need to know and not just when the dmv wants you to

Liz Tejada

I would like to thank Andrew for his patience and dedication on teaching me how to brush up on my parallel parking and the other maneuvers. I had been taking lessons from different instructors the whole time I was with successful auto, so you can imagine how confusing that can be when trying to stick to one method of parallel parking. Andrew showed me his way, it was easy to follow and I used it during my test yesterday and I passed! I had no points taken off for parallel parking, and I was worried so much about it, but Andrew helped me to overcome the fear and to park well. I had not met Andrew or had a lesson with him before, but I am glad they paired me with him before my test. I had a double lesson with him, and I suggest anyone to take a lesson or two before the road test because it really does help brush up on skills last minute. I would recommend Andrew to anybody looking to learn how to drive. He gave me the confidence to pass my test!

Firas musa

Demoy is an excellent driving instructor, really recommend him for drivers ed. He will make you pass your road test :)

De leon De leon

I pass my test for my first time thank you Andrew! you are amazing driver teacher God bless you!!

Dara Ferguson

Omari is the best instructor. He helped me feel confident in my driving capabilities. He was very patient and not overbearing. With his guidance, I PASSED MY ROAD TEST! I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to get their license but needs some lessons. He will get you right for the exam and for the road. Also a great conversationalist who makes learning how to drive not a chore.

G Ross

I had driven with successful auto driving school for a number of weeks. I had an amazing driving instructor named Junior, I now have my license thanks to him.

hugh grant

Junior many thanks the best at all time very good instructor blessing sir thank u

Rose Spadaro

I passed my road test on the first try with 0 points off, a perfect score. I had Parker for drivers ed and he was excellent. If you are looking for the best instructor, I definitely would recommend using Parker. He is so kind and calmed me down before the test. Thank you Successful Auto and Parker for all of your help!

Cheldon Williams

Very helpful instructors I was paired with Jr and he answered any questions I had in detail while walking me through it

shanni Mcleod

I had a wonderful experience with successful auto school. My instructor Andrew was amazing. He is really patient with you and as I first time driver I really neeeded someone who would take their time with me. I am super happy that I got my license and I truly believe if it wasn’t for Andrew I wouldn’t have gotten it. I was recommend this school to any one.

Anne Cherisme

Thank you so much Junior for your help you are the best teacher ever keep going

Aldair Salomon

Thanks to Andrew who was my instructor I was able to pass my road test on the first try.

Amanda Miller

I would recommend successful auto to my friends who still need to learn to drive. I had a great experience and felt after 10 lessons I was more than ready for my road test. Lee, who teaches the 5 hour class and also took me to my road test is great, he is very helpful gave many tips and was also, reassuring before my test which boosted my confidence a ton!

Magically. Bubbly

About a month ago I didn’t even Know how to move a car, But luckily I had the best driving instructor Kevin. Kevin was very patient, kind and took his time during every lesson. He was always on time and he was always making sure I understood the rules of the road and made sure my parallel park was great.Thanks to him I passed my road test, I only got 5 points due to the fact that one of my turns were wide, But besides that I did great. Kevin made sure I was focused and he also made me less nervous. I also have to thank the ladies at the front desk they’re the nicest people and took care of me like family.They always called me to confirm every lesson and they even help me reschedule some of my double lessons. Successful driving is indeed one of the best driving school in nassau county, they made sue I was safe and treated me well. You wont be sorry by picking them. -Estelle G.

Eleema Roseborough

This school has wonderful teachers and great package deals. These driving instructors will teach you everything you need to know about the rules of the road.

Melyssa Banks

Junior was awesome! I took 6 lessons with him and I passed! I was super nervous but he is very informative and patient! Highly recommend.

Lynn Ward

I had a great experience with the school . Andrew and Lee's lessons were really helpful. They were both patient and professional. They were both encouraging in reminding me tips to pass the test. I definitely recommend.

maria gallo

I have been trying to get a supervisor to call me back for days. I have concerns about the driving lessons that I have paid for and the customer service is horrible. I have been patient but I feel very disrespected and disappointed.

Lena Nguyen

It was a wonderful experience, I got my license today! Thanks To Instructors: Lee who spent many morning hours and put some really work hard with me (he is the sweetest and one of the most professional instructors), Andrew for giving me some brush up lesson and information before my test! Even the girl staff are so polite and sweet. Y’all Are Awesome!

klodjana hysa

Instructor Emmanuel was the reason I received a passing score on my road test. He was an amazing teacher.

Jermaine Brown

My experience with Junior has been an awesome time. He is an excellent instructor and breaks down what you have to do especially when it comes to parallel parking. I’m really thankful for those teaching in helping me pass the test.

Jossepi Monteverde

Demoy thank you for your great experience

Shareena Henderson

I had Parker as my instructor and Lee took me to my road test. I passed my road test on the first try. I have panic disorder but Parker helped me stay calm and not worry about things that haven't/probably would never happen. He's funny, patient, and a very kind. I was nervous when I found out Parker wasn't available to take to the road test but Lee was awesome. I was super anxious when he came to pick me up but he kept my mind at ease. We talked and laughed and then celebrated when I passed. I had a great experience with Successful Auto. THANKS PARKER AND LEE!!!!!

Annalise valdez

I had junior as my driving instructor. He mad me fell confident about driving and was very considerate. He was always on time. very helpful.

Wendy Sanchez

Yessss I’m so happy I passed my road test at first attempt. Thank you so much to my instructors Andrew and Junior, they did a really good job.

M Ramboo

Today I passed my road test and on my last lesson I picked up key pointers by junior to help me pass . Thank you successful auto.

Malik Bent

I’ll highly recommend this school , I took 5 classes and passed my road test on the first try . I also had Demoy as my instructor he’s very patient and humble and real with you it’s really worth it !

Kimani Gordon

Great school. They taught me all of the little that you need to know to pass the the test. Great teacher. Ask for lee if you could because he was great. I passed on the first time, so that’s also a plus.

Jasmine Shell

I passed my test and it was a good learning experience. I had Mr. Lee as my instructor and he was probably the best instructor I could of asked for, he really built my confidence when it came to driving. I highly recommend this school !

Camille Codner

I'm truly thankful and grateful for Successful Auto Driving School. Sparkle is an AMAZING instructor. I've dealt with other instructors in the past from other driving schools and they made me uncomfortable, so it was truly a blessing to work with someone who truly loves her job and it's displayed in the way that she conducts each lesson. I want to thank Isaiah, Junior, and Nolan for playing a role in me passing my road test for the first time today as well. If you're debating on if you should consider this school, I would highly recommend it. Thanks again Successful Auto Driving School.

Christina Suresh

This driving school is really great. It really is worth your money and is not too expensive to begin with. My instructor, Andrew, was the best and taught me many useful driving techniques. I definitely recommend this school.

Jenn Camacho

Parker was a wonderful instructor. He helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my road test the first time. He makes you instantly feel comfortable and is very patient. He gives a very thorough intro lesson and builds upon the information and skills he teaches each lesson in a very consistant manner. He is very good at what he does.

Malik King

Just passed my road test! Didn't take any lessons so it was all thanks to Parker's last minute tips and willingness to answer all of my questions. He gave me the confidence I needed to be successful. Thank you!


My experience at successful auto driving school was a good one. Although I was nervous my instructor Andrew told me that I knew the basics and that I would be fine. Believing his words I went and passed with 5 points. I am so happy I chose this driving school. Thank you Andrew!!

Nicolette Auld-Griffith

This is the best driving school!! The 5 hour class was not bad at all and after 5 lessons I was able to pass my road test easily! Also, you MUST ask for Chris as your driving instructor because he is the THE best teacher ever!! He is so kind, funny, and helpful and you are guaranteed to pass!!

Isabella Star

Awesome driving school, very nice people. My driving instructor, Junior was excellent too I would recommend him.

Marya Fyffe

I had a really great experience with Successful Auto Driving School. My Driver was Parker and he did an excellent job. I was able to pass my road test on first attempt. Parker is a very patient instructor, fun and professional. Thanks to Junior who took me for my Road test. He is an excellent instructor as well. Great job Successful Auto Driving School.

Kiki Greaves

Junior and Noel is the best drivers! I recommend for sure!

Jaiden Martinez

I want to give a big thank you to my driving instructor Demoy. He was by far the best I have had. He is very patient and helping. He makes sure his point gets across and makes sure that you understand and master the skill before ending. He cares about his job very much and does everything he can to make your sure you pass your test. He is also very friendly and helps you feel comfortable while driving. 10/10. I would definitely recommend you getting lessons with him. Thank you for everything Demoy.

Matthew Pearson

Place is amazing. From the instructors to the people who work the phone services, everyone is extremely kind and caring. Love my experience here you really get more than you pay for. They go above and beyond to give you the best experience. Definitely sign up here and if you have the chance ask for the instructor Mr. Chris I swear he can teach anyone to drive. Thank You Successful Auto Driving for the great exp.

Rodney Chery

I advise everyone to take Junior for lessons , he is best person that can teach how to drive from this driving school.

David Lichter

I was given great driving lessons by Junior! The lessons I had with him really helped me become a safe driver!


I was terrified of driving , my instructor Lee was the most polite, patient & respectful person I have ever met. Lee got me over my fear, he never gave up on me. If you need somebody with patients and great instruction then I recommend Lee ! He gave me all the courage that I needed & even checked on me the day of my test to see ensure me that I would do great & congratulated me after. I went from thinking I would never drive to wanting to drive everywhere thanks to him !

carl renalson antoine

I just took the ny road test and i past it thanks to successful auto school and andrew


Going through this whole Drivers Ed Process Chris really held it down. Overall he’s the best. He keep it real with you, and helps you correct everything from start to finish

J Sharp

Great job by Successful Auto Driving School. My instructor, Demoy, was very helpful in preparing me for my road test and fixed all the bad habits I had prior to our lesson.

Jules Quez

Huge thanks to Demoy my driving instructor! He is super cool and patient and prepares you very well for the road test. 10/10 recommended

Natalie Pip

I passed my road test on the first try, and couldn't be happier. My instructor Lee was so helpful. He taught me from beginning to end, and I first drove with him. I highly recommend him if you're looking for someone who explains things clearly and will walk you through everything.

Cindy Evans

Take my driving test for the first time and pass with flying colors, great driving School.

Nya Brizill

I took my five hour class about a week ago with Lisa. She was an amazing instructor. I expected the five hour class to be boring but she made it interesting and was pretty funny. I like that she educated us but in a fun way. She told us personal stories ( relating to driving of course) and tips to passing our road test.You could tell that the whole class was in to the lesson and wasn't bored. Everyone should take there five hour class with this school.

Terrill Joyner

I passed my driving test on the first try about 2 wks ago, thanks to instructors, Emmanuel and Omar. They are the best! They both helped to boost my confidence as a new driver. Emmanuel went above and beyond to make sure I was well prepared for the driving test; going over everything that I’d most likely be tested on. Omar is extremely patient and an overall sincere and kind person; with lots of great tips and advice. Also, thank you to the ladies at the front desk who are always so kind over the telephone and in person. I’m so glad I chose Successful Auto School. I wish you all the best!

Marion Elaine

Definitely recommend this school! Moved to Long Island a few months ago with no driving experience and my instructor Chris was patient and consistent with helping me both learn the basics for the road test and strategies for being a safer, smarter driver. Another instructor Junior, gave me my final lesson directly before my road test and then took me to the exam. He gave a great refresher course with specific information about passing the test I was about to take. Couldn’t have passed without them!

Michelle Gilbert

I couldn’t be more any happier, got my license FINALLY. Thank you Andrew for being so patient with me during the whole time. Thank you so much! God bless.

Janet Umenta

Thanks Succesful auto. Definetely pick Andrew as your instructor

Amber Wilkins

Demoy and Junior were my instructors and they were excellent!! I just passed and I couldn’t have accomplished it without them!

Sheldon S

I want to say a huge thanks to Successful Auto Driving School and in particular my instructor Demoy. As someone who decided to obtain their license at a mature age I was extremely nervous. However, Demoy’s patience and knowledgeable gave me the confidence and skills that I needed to successfully passed my road test. Undoubtedly, he was by far the best instructor I had and I owes him a huge debt of gratitude for all that he has taught me.

Alexandra Colella

Taking lessons from sparkle, peter and Andrew I was able to pass my road test first time around thank you guys so much. This place helped me succeed with no other driving experience. Highly recommend!

Greece Judy

Junior is an excellent instructor. He took me from zero knowledge about driving to getting my licence in just six classes. I'd recommend him to anybody. He's knowledgeable and was very patient with me. Bravo junior. Good job and thank you. You're my super hero

claudine pink

This school is the best. The office staff is patient and friendly. They call you and remind you about everything from your driving lessons to the test so you will never miss a date or time. My driving instructor Kevin is the best!!!!!

Anna Tevzadze

I had a great experience with the staff, especially my instructor Sparkle. She was personable, enthuthiastic and incredibly patient; I enjoyed every lesson and felt confident before my road test. Sparkle works to help find your inner confidence and helps to overcome your biggest obstacles— she is incredible! Highly recommend!!

Adina Frankel

JUNIOR IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't have done it without him!!! If you need lessons get Junior he is amazingggg!!!!!!!!!


I’ve put off learning to drive for 14 years because of nerves and finally took the plunge to learn with successful auto after reading all these positive reviews and let me just say they do not lie! I had a wonderful experience and gained the confidence needed to pass on my first time!!!!!! Big shout out to instructors Andrew and Angelique for being so patient, helpful and reassuring while learning to drive. I would wholeheartedly recommend this school to anyone looking to get over their driving nerves and excel at the road test.

Adrian Small

Did the 10 lesson package, Thanks to Anthony, Andrew and Jean, passed it on the first try.

Danesa Manon

A huge THANK YOU to the whole staff at Successful Auto Driving School. The receptionists who always called to remind me of my upcoming appointments and followed up with flexible schedules and the hilarious as all heck 5-hour instructor Ky who made those 5 hours fly by... thank you. And of course to the ever so patient instructors Junior and Andrew who did not let me give up. Third time was the charm. By the way my parking was on point!

Kenneth Delos Santos

Great school. Demoy and Kevin were both fantastic instructors and were fun and entertaining. Couldn't ask for much more and it was a great experience.

N Miller

As of today (08/02/2019), I have officially passed my road test. Successful Auto driving school has been good to ever since day one when I took the 5 hour relicensing class on (06/15/2019) with Ms. Lisa. She was very passionate about street safety and explained to us about what to do/not to do on the road and also asked the class why they want a driver's license. Fast forward to July. I had 5 lessons cause I already knew how to drive beforehand. I wanted to sharpen up on the areas that I was weak at. I had three instructors. My first instructor was Emmanuel(first 3). He was very helpful in terms of the parallel parking and the 3-point turn; I would never learn how to do it properly if it weren't for him. For the next lesson, I had Omari. He was a very cool, sophisticated guy. In my lesson he gave me tips and what to look out for on the road test. Last, but not least, I had Kevin. He was nice and professional. He told me that my driving was good, but not to drift too much

Blerime Marke

Island driving helped me tremendously. Helped me pass my road test. Best instructor is Emmanuel, taught very well, and overall was a great experience. Thank you.

Tashema Taylor

So I passed my road test on the first try, thanks to Isaiah and Parker. Both these gentlemen were fantastic and I couldn't have done it without them. But i have to give props to Parker though cause he practically gave me a crash course in 45 mins that made all the difference. So thank you Successful Auto for everything you did for me, and made it possible for passing my road test.

Syndja Choisi

Thank you so much!!! This school really helped me pass my road test. I love Lee he is so funny and made be feel less nervous about taking my test. His 5 hour class was great and helped me stay alert. This is definitely a great place to learn how to drive

Rajika Packiyanathan

Omari is the best instructor and loved my experience with this driving school. I passed my road test and my instructor made it so easy.

Ethan Davidov

awful driving school don’t even get me started

Blanco 7

i had junior and Andrew and the are very good but I did most off the driving with junior and I past my test today thank god for the amazing team off people from successful autu driving school I’ll recommend all the time they are very sweet people

Diana Martinez

Great service from this driving school. The women at the desk were very helpful and made the process to schedule the road test very easy. They also scheduled classes for my son and the intructor Junior was very patient but strict enough to allow my son to pass his drivers test. Ask for Junior if you can if you are interested in taking lessons. Easiest 5 stars I've given.

Donna Abdul

Hi student, first I must thank God for having patient people like junior at first I was a nervous wrek and he take me step by step learning little tricks to overcome my fear parallel parking was my biggest fear and today I must say I am a overcomer I have pass my driving test JUNIOR IS WHAT'S UP people don't take my word try it .

Hot Snowman

Just passed my first driving test thanks to these guys. Reliable, for sure.

Solomon Rinn

Junior is a great instructor. He gives very clear instructions, arrives on time, and I was able to pass the test after taking lessons with him.

Johanna Penubothula

I definitely recommend this driving school! They’re all extremely kind and they take care of you. If you’re looking for an instructor, ask for SPARKLE!!!!! I had a huge fear of driving and she helped me overcome it.

Nikisha Dornick

PASSED my road test at Cunningham Park this morning. My instructor Junior was awesome, thanks to him my parallel parking was great, I’ll be using his method for sure. Thank you so much, I would definitely recommend him to anyone who’s looking for an instructor for the road test you’ll be very pleased with his teaching. Excellent services!!


I am 35 and just started driving this year. I wanted to find a good school to build up my confidence. One thing I will say is that lessons alone won’t guarantee a pass. You need the awareness and that comes with getting a few dozen hours under your belt before taking lessons. I found this driving school and got Jean as my instructor. He gave me all the tools I needed in just a few lessons. We did our last lesson right before the road test and Jean paid careful attention to things that needed to be tightened up. When the time came I felt confident enough on my road test and passed. Thank you Jean!! I appreciate you.

Bela Shimunov

Junior is the best driving instructor I passed on my first time. He makes you very comfortable on the wheel; even though you have fear driving. He accommodated for the time that was best for me. I really recommend taking him as a driving instructor.

Sarah Smith

Passed my road test on the first try thanks to Parker. I really didn't think I'd pass but his effective teaching boasted my confidence tremendously. He's quite the professional. He doesn't scream while teaching and this helped me remain calm. Thanks Successful Auto and a special thanks to Parker.

Ruth - Anne Marlin

This is the best driving school to go to if you need help with driving. I had no idea how to operate a car and with the help of Lee (from Valley Stream) I passed my road test. He is patient, kind, knowledgeable and willing. I have had experiences with other drivers but felt most comfortable with Lee, I really recommend him for all your driving needs, he's great. Thanks Lee and Successfull Auto driving school for all your help!!

Tara Aliyah Tanami

I absolutely loved these people and their services! I had Junior as an instructor, and I had a really easy time learning from him. He’s calm and collected, but still friendly and nice. He was straightforward with me, taught me to correct my mistakes quickly, and pinpointed my weaknesses and practiced them constantly to turn them into strengths! He was a great teacher, and this place is a great choice for anyone who’d like to learn to drive!

Jermiell Gonzales

JUST PASSED MY ROAD TEST TODAY!!! Really affordable price but was a really great experience. My instructor Nolan Pickens was really great and he made me feel confident while driving. He had a way of explaining things in a really simple way. He was with me up until the roadtest and he was so confident that I would pass and I DID!!

Destiny Johnson

Parker was best instructor I had out of all 3 of my instructors. He is extremely helpful when it comes to teaching you how to drive and being cautious. I have passed my test with little to no mistakes on the first try. I am so grateful for his lessons and suggest people to choose him as an instructor.

Aidan D

Demoy is a a great instructor and i give him 5 stars

Jazmine Brown

I had the best experience with Successful Auto Driving School. The staff was very pleasant and accommodating. My driving instructor Nolen was awesome! He definitely helped me overcome my driving anxiety, he was very patient, most importantly to help me become more confident in my driving and to relax. Highly recommend. I took about 6 lessons and passed my road test! So thankful, great experience.

Rachelly Eisenberger

Loved using this school! Good tips and lessons

Armani Sylvester

I just have to take the time out to explain how grateful I am for Junior helping me pass my road test today. Without any lesson & him showing me how to parallel park & 3 point turn CORRECTLY. I would be completely lost. Now, today was my road test & I PASSED all thanks to the confidence Junior instilled in me with driving. I will recommend anyone needing to learn how to drive or just need that extra push, ask for JUNIOR after 1 lesson, I was a pro at driving.. Thanks again JR.

Ari Reichman

I had LEE as my driver instructor. Best instructor in the game. I highly recommend if you want to pass your road test to choose him.

Matthew Wang

I passed on my first try with Junior at this driving school. Definitely recommend, they have amazing driving instructors.

Kadine Campbell

I highly recommend Junior for your instructor he’s the best at successful auto driving school, on my first attempt I got my drivers license, junior is so professional he let you feel relax and comfortable when driving he’s not afraid to give correction when he’s teaching ,thanks you junior for your service and thanks to the Entire staff for always reminding me when every I have a lesson very professional

Leibel Diamond

Omari, Andrew, and Chris all helped me to pass Successful auto is the best

Kevin Therrien

DO NOT PAY FOR THIS COURSE! They switched my instructor twice and then switched the car I had been driving for every lesson ON THE DAY OF MY ROAD TEST! There are much better driving schools around better than this clumsy unorganized one.


Had the best experience with this driving school! When I first started with lessons I was beyond terrified, but now I am happy to report I passed my road test and it’s all thanks to my awesome instructor, Andrew. The entire staff was great, but Andrew had such patience, always made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. He always explained everything to me step by step no matter how many times I needed to ask. Plus, he was never late for an appointment, and was always extremely polite and just overall a great instructor. Thank you so much Andrew and to successful auto!

asad raza

Just passed the Road Test on the first try with Parker. he was a wonderful instructor. He helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my road test He gives you great tip and peep talk before the test if you want to pass the road test on your first try choose Parker

Glenna Alcock

Emmanuel is an excellent instructor. Well spoken, knowledgeable, and communicates instructions very well. I felt relaxed and looked forward to my sessions. He has such a great personality. If you want to pass your driving test, he is definitely the guy. Guess what, I passed my driving test on my first try!!!!

Pasquale Infante

I passed my road test on my first attempt thanks to Demoy. He was a great instructor and was incredibly helpful throughout several lessons before my test. I was able to learn how to parallel park with ease and was fully prepared for each aspect of the road test thanks to him.

Miriam Velcime

When I first called to inquire about the packages a young lady by the name of Faleine provided me with great customer service. She answered all my questions and together, we decided that I should enroll in one of the packages offered. Right then and there we scheduled all my driving lessons and she made sure it was with the same instructor Omari every single time. Omari has been a great instructor and as a result, I went from knowing nothing about driving to passing my road test on the first try. I would definitely recommend the school and instructors to others

Alexis Montgomery

This driving school is unprofessional. I do not recommend. They do not work well with your schedule and they are all crooks. Stay away

David Wexler

Best instructors. Demoy and Amari are the only reason that I passed my test. Thank you so much.

Roxanne Barclay

Wow,Wow, wowing myself

Ashley Mendez

The instructors are great and the teacher for the five hour class was easy but the schedules to take a road test were awful. I couldn't take the car and it took me four times to finally schedule a road test and when I finally showed up to the road test they said I never had an appointment even though I called two times before hand to CONFIRM I HAD THE APPOINTMENT. Will recommend for the car instructors but your better off scheduling a road test online. Thankfully when I went to the office I was able to fix it and they gave me a brand new road test appointment.

Baylee Berkley

I had a great experience with the driving school. Chris is a safe, awesome, and very informative instructor. He enabled me to learn while also enjoy driving. My experience with the school was nice and I successfully passed my road test!

Millicent Ofori

They are the best!! My instructor was Kevin and he made parallel parking (which I had a hard time doing), a breeze for me! I’ll recommend them to anyone and everyone who want to pass their road test.

Ahailya Singh

An excellent and successful 1st experience. Had Valerie as my 1st instructor, she was really great with explaining the different features of the vehicle, calm, encouraging, this really helped me to gain confidence in handling the vehicle. Had Omari for the rest of my lessons. Hats off to you sir for making this a successful experience. Omari was calm, encouraging. He lets you know what are your weaknesses and give you the practice to make it better. He praises you when you get it right. Excellent parallel parking instructions. Highly, highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks again.

alexa bahadur

junior was a great teacher and was very patient, he helped me learn to parallel park and taught me everything i needed to pass my road test

Tani Frisch

This service was excellent. My instructor J. Junior teaches you to be calm but cautious when you drive. He doesn't try to micro-manage you like I've had with some other schools in the past, and instead helps you learn from your own mistakes, only using the emergency brakes when he has to etc. In 5 lessons he brought me from beginner to having a good handle of the road. Thank you Junior and the staff of successful auto!

Michelle Williams

I am happy I passed my road test. Thank you Anthony and Andrew and thanks to SUCCESSFUL AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL. HOORAY

Hamza wattoo


Albert Reid

Great Driving School ,Junior was a big help the main reason i got my license. I recommend it

Carlex Villier

I liked the experience and learned a lot that I didn’t know about driving especially from my instructor Junior.

Jason Ricketts

Did a brush up lesson with Andrew... it’s was worth the experience and gave me all details to pass. On my test day I got a strict instructor and Aced the exam... Thanks @successfulAuto


It's never too late to learn something new. I suppose I put off learning to drive so long that I didn't really think I would ever bother with it, but once I got going Successful Auto Driving School was the right choice. I would recommend sticking with one driving instructor for the whole process. Once I got with Junior, who's an excellent instructor, I got serious and got my license. Granted I'm pretty sure I'll always hear Junior-isms when I drive and when I'm in reverse the classic, "look over your shoulder....don't kill Junior" will always happen when I parallel park. Thanks again :)

Maria Tamayo

I passed my road test a couple of days ago with my instructor Sparkle. She's great and patient. She adjusted the way she taught (and process) to make sure I knew how to parallel park. We worked on my weaknesses, but also made sure to tell me not to stress it out too much. She encourages in a way that I actually felt confident in driving. This driving school was also on top of my schedules and reminders. Overall, it's great and I recommend getting Sparkle as an instructor.

Tanisha Alleyne

i would highly recommend successful auto driving school i was able to learn alot working with the instructor "Damoy" he is very pleasant and friendly he was alway on time for every class i had with him.. Thanks once again damoy for the good work on my first try i passed my road test it was nice working with you

Amanda Reddy

Sparkle was an amazing driving instructor while learning with Successful Auto. My first lesson with her was my first time behind the wheel, and she took away my nervousness of my first time driving and taught me how to be a confident driver. As well as teaching me how to be a good driver myself, she taught me how to also be a defensive driver and how to keep safe on the road. She made sure I knew and understood everything that I needed to know for my road test and thanks to her I passed on my first try. 100% recommend Sparkle as a driving instructor!


Highly worth your time and money. Junior is one of the best instructors there, as he calmly guides you through the lessons in preparation for the road test. You’re not going to regret it. Believe me. Listen to him, take his advice and you’ll get your license just like that. Perfect rating!

Fabiola carbajal

Yay I passed my road test! thanks to my instructors Chris and Junior

Eytan Libkind

I took one brush up lesson on the day of my test and the instructor than drove me to my test. I had Andrew who was very professional, great teacher, and helped me finally pass my road test.

Dexter Ramcharan

Junior was the best instructor. He gave me all the important pointers and I passed my test thanks a lot

Michelle Morgan

Lee was an excellent instructor for my daughter. He gave her confidence and made her feel at ease while driving, going over rules of the road. I felt very comfortable sending my daughter with Lee to take her road test with a lesson before the test. My daughter passed! We would recommend Lee to any new driver to get them through this stressful time.

Asheika Reid

Well I did! Special thank you to Andrew, Demoy, Kevin and Junior from Successful Auto Driving school for being patient with me during my driving lessons. I could not have done it without y’all! Many thanks!

Tóny Múlá

First time taking the road test and passed thanks to successful auto driving school in valley stream and also my instructor Andrew

Dyce Empire

Yes I pass road driving text. First trial. Thanks to Andrew my instructor who took out time teach me. Kudos to success auto driving school. Go look for Andrew and you will never fail your test

Avik Nandy

Great place to learn how to drive. I didn't make the road test the first time however after extra practice with the driving school, I made the road test the second time. IF you are thinking about learning how to drive at this school, I highly recommend it, and ask for Mr. Lee as your instructor., he is helpful and has a lot of insight and experience in teaching people how to drive

Nickeisha Hinds

I passed my road test on the first try thanks to Parker. I felt comfortable as he guided me through the lessons. I also got over my nervousness when Parker believed in me. Parker is very blunt but professional and he gets the job done. Highly recommend!!

Madeline Michel

Great driving school. 100% recommend Junior, hands down best instructor !!! Very professional and very kind, he will definitely have you ready for your roadtest. 10/10 :)

Nea Kovaci

Emanuel taught me to be a safe, comfortable, and overall great driver. Very simple instructions to help me and all the girls in my drivers ed car pass our road tests! Thank you for a great experience!

Jahmell Smith

Thank you Andrew for helping me pass my test

Lauren Israeli

I passed my road test on my first try. I had Parker and he was great. He made sure to tell me every single little thing I was doing wrong to make sure I passed. He also taught me the steps that I needed for everything. Highly recommend using him.

TyQuann Walker

Amazing! Jr was the best instructor! Nearly aced my road test :)

Anoushka Guha

I passed my driving test today, the instructors at Successful Auto are great. I had Chris and Kareem. They really boost your confidence and teach you everything necessary to pass and drive well. The driving school is also very understanding when it comes to scheduling as well.


The school gives you tools needed to succeed in passing the exam as well driving safely in NY. Credits to Julian, Valerie, and Lisa for their great instruction and reassurance throughout this experience

Shope Hope

I was quite pleased with this place when I called to purchase the package. I was given a schedule for the lessons. I was told that if i needed to make any changes that I would have to call 24 hrs in advance if not I would be charged a cancellation or rescheduling fee. I was emailed a schedule. Emmanuel was the name of the driver who was assigned to me. From the first lesson it was problems they kept calling and LEAVING MESSAGES LESS THAN 24 HRS on my voicemail rescheduling lessons. My thing is, how could you change my appointment without me confirming that it's ok. If we entered into an agreement for a specific time and you didn't get a confirmation from me that it's ok to switch my appointment then it shouldn't be done. First of all they should be calling me to ask if the change is ok or if the change works for me and my schedule. Now about the driver on the 2 driving lessons that I took he was always on his phone and on the second class he seemed to have gone to sleep. He was reclining and his eyes were closed for almost the entire lesson. I demanded a refund and I was charged for 3 lessons and Brianna the receptionist said that I would be charged $50 for each lesson taken including the one that was scheduled for that "they changed the time of without my confirmation" plus a 10% fee. DON'T KNOW WHAT FOR. DON'T USE THIS SCHOOL IF YOU HAVE A LIFE AND YOU LIKE STRUCTURE AND ORDER. I wouldn't give them any stars at all.

amoya ferguson

I had 5 lessons with Demoy . My first day driving with him in the car I was nervous, overthinking and quiet he however made me feel comfortable and allowed me to make mistakes and told me what I needed to do to correct them. He was patient and humble he never gave up on me and always told me that I would be able to get my pass my test and be a good driver. I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in Successful Auto Driving School. Demoy was absolutely amazing thanks to him I am more confident on the road.

Saleena Jugmohan

Demoy is a really great instructor. He taught me how to parallel park and to my 3 point turn. Also made me more confident driving and I got my license

Melissa Deller

Successful Auto is a great driving school! The 5 hour class was a piece of cake and my driving instructor Omari was a fantastic teacher. He was calm, gave good answers to questions you had, and always on time; sometimes early. He taught me the basics of driving and EXACTLY EVERYTHING I needed to know to pass the test. I definitely recommend Omari because thanks to him I was able to pass my road test.

Odane D

Demoy Was A Great Instructor; He Made Parallel Parking Seem So Easy.

Larry Rhabb

Instructor Emmanuel was amazing. He helped me with everything I needed to know for the test and more. He was patient when teaching me ways to parallel park and also my 3pt turn. He taught me exactly what I needed to know to help me with my road test and as a result I passed today. The receptionist were also wonderful. They always answered the phone when I called and always helped to plan or cancel a lesson.

Natania Christine

I had the best experience at Successful Auto Driving School. I gained more confidence throughout each lesson, thanks to my instructor Ms.Sparkle. She really is the best! She was very kind and patient with me. I’m glad that I decided to go to this driving school, I passed my road test on the first try! I recommend it 100%

Marissa Lowe

I passed my driver's test on the first try! I had Lee as my driving instructor and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. He is very easy to work with, gives you good tips on how to parallel park, he knows what he's talking about and overall just a cool dude. My driving has definitely improved since I first started. I highly recommend this driving school.

Kotori Gauchier

Successful Auto Driving School helped me begin my journey as a young licensed driver. My instructor Junior, helped me pass my Road test in flying colors. He is amazing and very informative. I recommend his services to everyone, as his guidance will lead accelerate your path to becoming an excellent driver.

Matthew Francis

My driving instructor Junior really helped me learn to look not only in my mirrors but my blind spots as well. I learned to perfectly park and do a k-turn/ u turn. Also, I passed my road test on my first try. I really recommend him if you want to pass.

Marks Tj

Andrew is the best driving tutor. This is a great school.

Raven Dimps

Junior helped me pass the road test in only 5 lessons

Amber Wood

This is the best driving school I know, the instructors there are AMAZING and the 5 hour classes are just as amazing. Although sitting someplace for 5 hours seem like torture the teachers keep you engaged and make you feel like the 5 hours are nothing. The school also always reminded me ahead of time when I had a lesson and big credit to my instructor Dimoy (I may have spelled the name wrong sorry!!) he’s punctual, really cool to talk to and he cares about his students. Also a big thank you to Junior who drove me to my road test!! He’s awesome too. I would recommend this school to anyone it’s almost a guaranteed pass with the right package!!

Nimala Itwaru

GREAT DRIVING SCHOOL. This review is for my teenage daughter Ashley .After checking out numerous driving schools in Queens, this one really stands out , not only because of their excellent reviews but also the lady in the Office Marsha was very informative, respectful and professional. ANDREW was my daughter's Instructor and he was very patient, knowledgeable and give her so much confidence . .He taught her everything she needed to pass and today she PASSED her driving test. If you want to pass your driving test , PLEASE use them. Ask for Andrew, he is EXCELLENT

Aurelie Paret

Great driving school. I had Junior and he made sure i was ready for the test. He made driving seem easy and safe. Because of him I passed the test on the first try! Would recommend him to anyone!

Zoe Isaacs

Took only 2 lessons with Junior. One last week and one this morning (before my road test). He's the absolute best. He simplified everything so that I can understand it more clearer. He encouraged me and made me feel so confident. Thanks to him I now have my license!! Thanks Junior!

Tameka Battle

Mr. Lee was my daughter's instructor. He was AWESOME!! He was patient and gave her all the necessary instruction she needed to PASS her NYS Road test. Thank you Mr. Lee. I highly recommend him! The customer service of all of the staff, especially Alexis and Alisha was excellent. I have already referred 2 customers to Successful Auto School!

Carlyne Edouard

Thank you guys So Happy I passed my road test ,thanks to Kevin who did a veryyy good job with me .

Varun Dhir

I had Junior as my driver, very professional and patient. Spends time on you and keeps track of your weaknesses to make a well rounded driver. Passed my driver test with no points off. Highly recommend Successful auto school.

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