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REVIEWS OF Presidential Driving School IN New York

Jamal Anderson

Presidential Driving School is the best! They are affordable, caring and truly do everything they can to make you pass on the first try! They always say most people that do not pass on the first try fail due to nerves. I ordered the 10 pack with the road test, 5 hour class, and it was so affordable! I took my first test in October but I didn't pass, completely my fault! My nerves got to me but I took the second test on Monday and passed with flying colors! Karen, Mr. Melvin & Ms. Pam are the best! Thank you so much for doing everything you can to help me get my license.

donnelle allen

It’s a shame how u run business and kick students out who are two mins late and curse them out. A woman of God don’t conduct themselves like that. Miss.Ceo . God bless !

Natalie Anderson

I used Presidential Driving School and they are the best ... very friendly and informative start ...Very affordable prices and the instructor was very patient and he was very informative not just about how to drive but also the difference rules of the road and always make you feel safe and is very very patient. Mr. Melvin was my instructor and he made sure that you understood and we're doing the right thing before he moved on to something else . He is the best. I passed my driving test on the first go...thanks to Mr. Melvin

Quanesha Johnson

Noura Hakim

Starting off as a 21 year old, I pretend to know everything and no one can ever tell me i don't. But practicing driving with the Presidential School have taught me a lot i can admit that. And they definitely do not work as concealers to your mistakes. Mistakes are mistakes and they're always going to teach you what's right and what's not. I went to the exam as confident as possible because they helped me a lot. Thank you!!

Tricia Chung

I did my 5 hours class and 5 driving lessons with Melvin. The knowledge and skills he imparted to me ensured that i passed my driving test today on the first try. Without any reservation i recommend anyone to go to the Presidential Driving School if they want to obtain success in their driving test.

Oneik Rose

I used Presidential Driving School and they are the best ... very friendly and informative ...Very affordable prices and the instructor was very patient and he was very informative not just about how to drive but also the difference rules of the road and always make you feel safe and is very patient. Mr. Melvin was my instructor and he made sure that you understood. When I came to presidential driving school I had already taken the test and failed it once but after Melvin provided me with tips and instructions I passed my test on the second try I am very grateful to them. The receptionist was also very courteous and friendly and she recommended that I took the classes before taking the test again. Thank You Presidential driving school.

Zoe Leid

This is the best driving school in New York, the people are very nice and comforting yet very realistic. I went through two other driving schools plus learning from family member and I was making all of the wrong moves, once I began going here, in a short period the instructor, Melvin, corrected all of my errors and had me feeling safe behind the wheels. I passed my road test on the first try. Him and his wife are a true blessing, they are great driving teachers and always very kind.

Tenniece Cash

Fresh off the non driver block. I went to Presidential Driving Sch, I did 10 lessons and I pass the road test on my 1st try. Melvin was my instructor and he was so nice and patient, didn't yell or got excited and loud. Just made the whole experience for me nice and smooth, to the point where I was always eager for my next lesson. His wife is a also a very nice lady, calm me down on the day of my road test as I was a little nervous. I would recommend Presidential 10X out of 10


Karen is an awesome person, great teacher, you wouldn't regret your experience at presidential, they went above and beyond to help me make it to the road test appointment when I called a few days to my appointment (pls don't do that though). But they are great people and I got my license.

Shania Carroll

This was the third driving school I've been with & honestly, it was the best! I passed my road test! Mr. Melvin is very serious about driver safety and will whip you into shape to be a safe and good driver. They are affordable and accommodating. It was well worth it. I'd definitely recommend.

Gypsy 93

Great school, excellent instructor Mr. Melvin. I kaba recommend this school to anyone that is trying to get their driving license. Presidential driving School definitely stand out from other schools.

Ann Book

The instructor was patient and spend the time to get to know you as individual, specifically if you are from another country so as to better guide you what driving habits you need let go due to your culture and tactfully instruct you of the new ones you need adapt.

Alicia Ramlal

They're very rude not really helpful and a ripoff I would recommend anyone to this driving school

La Toya Smith

After researching driving schools in the Bronx area, Presidential had the best reviews to me, so I decided to call to check them out. Coming from another driving school that had great reviews as well but was not as good as claimed I was a bit skeptical. I eventually called and the instructor's wife was so great she boosted me up over the phone, had me believing I can definitely pass the test! I must add at no time did she pressure me to sign up for a lot of classes like other places do when called. She gave me my options whilst advising me if unsure to just commit to one class and then go from there. The instructor- Mr. Melvin is no joke and I love that about him. He really is focused on not just having you pass the test but to make you become a safe driver. I had couple classes before coming to this school but I must give Mr. Melvin the credit for teaching me how to drive! He truly is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. Don't get me wrong as nice as he is, if he teaches you something, shows you again in the book and you continue to do the wrong thing he surely will let you know (in his not friendly voice). So my advice to you is to pay attention and you'll be just fine! I can go on and on about this school but to sum it up I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Presidential Driving School! Great atmosphere, great staff! I am a satisfied customer who passed on her 1st attempt!!

Zel Hendricks

Waste of money Melvin is busy on the phone when he's suppose to be helping you

Dencil Smith

After 3 classes I took my driving test and passed!

Toni-Ann Cameron

The experience was good, I only did 8 driving lessons and got my license on the first try. Mr. Melvin is very knowledgeable on whatever he is teaching. He is a bit stern when you mess up, but being on the road is no joke, so he's just letting us know that we have to take driving serious. Apart from being stern, he's really funny when he comments on the different crazy drivers LOL. I would recommend anyone.

Jenaya Romain

This driving school is the best I got my lience

Maleike Hector

Melvin is a great instructor. I scheduled a road test in two days without even working with him. He helped me pass my road test and taught me more than I ever learned at Rivera's Driving School. Great, funny guy who critiques everything you do so that you can be the best and safest driver. If it wasn't for Presidential driving school, I wouldn't have passed!

Danny Gonzalez

Best driving school in the bronx

Trisha Jarrett

While an affordable and convenient driving school, the instruction quality and individual attention leave a lot to be desired. Picking up other students for their lessons would cut into your lesson time; and the instructor was not thorough (or dedicated) enough on improving your weak areas. For example, a major weakness of mine was poor steering control (I had failed twice due to that) and I received little to no assistance or feedback when it came to correcting it. As a result, my confidence was negatively affected. However, the 5-hour class was engaging and informative. If there were more instructors and structure with the lessons (ex: focusing on steering/u-turns/parking), I'd have continued going there. It just wasn't a good fit, unfortunately.

Dragon_ Hypers

My name is Liz and I recommend this school because they are VERY encouraging and supportive. Melvin helps you be at ease and helps you to believe you can do it. He is very patient and makes sure you are comfortable. Follow his instructions and focus and you too will do it! I thank him and Karen for their support. They are very professional and understanding. Melvin takes his time, no rush, during the lessons. I give them 5 stars, but in reality, this school deserves 100 stars. They are the best. I will forever be thankful!

Tywana Chambers

Melvin is not all that. Sorry to say. He is usually on the phone booking appointments and don't listen to the good reviews. You have to experience this school yourself. I recently passed my test with another driving school in Harlem. Maybe if your already a bit experienced, this school will be suitable for you. When I began starting lessons all Melvin taught me was to drive straight. He also did way too much TALKING. He didn't teach me very basic things such as straightening out the wheel, turning at intersections. He did't even tell me EXACTLY what was going to be on the test. Mind you, the testing site is close by the school. lol. I guess its their only means of income and hustle , but damn Presidential don't do first time driver's like that. Thats really F$#ked up. Let all your students know what to expect. I TELL YOU ONE THING, WHEN YOU FAIL YOUR TEST THEY WILL NOT HESITATE TO CALL YOU WITHIN 30 MINUTES TO SCHEDULE MORE LESSONS. What a shame. Melvin is great ! Ha Ha HA .....I recommend Academia Driving school on 112th in Harlem. Young instructors who will keep it real and coach you to pass. Check out all their reviews, as opposed to the 11 reviews here.

anthony barnes

ANTHONY BARNES 11/5/2014 - I passed my road test yesterday with Melvin, he' s the most sufficient driving instructor out of the Bronx,I can guarantee that you will pass your driving road test with him, with his wife Ms. Lilette who is so sweet she encourage ever student to be calm and stay focus, everyone that touches base with president driving school passes their road test I would recommend this driving school to everyone who want to acheive their driving license, President Driving school is the best ever (and I'm not just saying this because I passed they are a team of victory) you won't regret them

Kemcha Harrison

Presidential Driving School is the very best, coming here I finally got my license. Mr Melvin is the best, he makes sure you got it, he don’t come to play. I highly recommend Presidential Driving School you will get your license

Essam Mozeb

Dwayne McKenzie

very good trainer (Marvin) who know the business, they will work with you if you have problems. I enjoyed the time I spent training and learning there, i feel very satisfied with this school, I really learn how to drive. Special thanks goes out to presidential driving school Five star all the way,

Lesley Baez

Receptionist are very welcoming and open to conversation. I took the 8 lesson package and passed on first attempt for road test. The teacher does his best to fit in all his student drivers and definitely teaches the rules of the road. They teach you the right way to drive (not the New Yorker way) lmaoo. Thank you Presidential Driving school.


A little confused about date of road test. but good service very helpful people I'm pass my license in the first time Thanks mister Melvin & Lisa Chung.


I had melvin as my teacher...he is a great teacher and pays attention to what it is your doing wrong to correct it...the ONLY thing that I must say that I did not quite like is that he is the only instructor and it takes a week in advance to schedule your class, and when you are in your driving lesson, he sometimes puts you to park while he is making or receiving calls to schedule other students lessons taking away from the minutes you paid for your own lesson. I believe that if he would just focus on the student in the car for their entire class then that would be great.

Shannakay Rose

Listen this is the best driving schoool hands down. Before I came here I took over 10 driving lessons with a “SCHOOL in Mv” and I failed badly I was confused and I didn’t know what I was doing. LONG STORY SHORT I went on line found this school and I threw out the B.s I do call learn. I TOOK 3 lesson with the instructor and he made sure all my mistakes were correct and he didn’t hold anything back and today I pass my road test only scored a 15 because of a slight mistake parking. GO THERE AND YOU WILL PASS.

Roberto Cruz

It works but recommend that if your new take as much classes if you can

Kareen Vassell

Pass my driving test 12/2/2016. Thank you Melvin and staff for your time and dedication.

Trevin Bahadoor

Great staff and teaching is great first time I took the class and pass even my friends took it the same day with me and pass

andrea glasgow

Thanks to this school I passed my road test. The instructor was very good. If you made a mistake while learning to drive, he ask you if you know what you did wrong and then he corrects you. Very professional

Coach Sam

Mr. Melvin was my instructor and he was careful to make sure that I was a mindful and safe driver, as well as prepared me to pass the test. Presidential has the best price points in terms of packaging, as well as quality instruction. My thanks to Mr. Melvin and his family for helping me. Passed on first try!

Tangie Johnson

Very unorganized, Melvin is always on the phone. He is always yelling/arguing with his wife. One time I just drove around whole he was on phone. Never returned phone calls. I did get my license due to another driving school.

mikaelia mcdermott

If I could give a zero I most definitely would. Started off good last year then I ended up going through some issues such as moving. I decided to start again about two months ago and let me tell you I waited for that two months running around with Melvin and his wife. He was very disrespectful yelling at me because I had to move. Come on we all go through rough paths in our lives and that was one of mine. He screamed at me and my mother on the phone , accused me of giving him a wrong number and never called me back. Though, his wife claimed he has called me and I never picked up???? Reminding you I sat and waited 2 months and all she keeps telling me is about everyone who passed the test yesterday like come on I've waited 2 freaking months ! Worst experience ever! Won't be coming back! Not to mention I recommended my boyfriend and Melvin was also rude to him did not call him for the lessons but called him on the day of the test and told him to show up! Unacceptable and very rude !

Nicky Bless

Stay away from this place!!!! The owner mr Melvin, is a very rude and money hungry man. All his focus is on is money. He took my money for driving lessons and refuse to schedule me for lessons. He don’t care about he if u learn or not. I wish I could give this driving school zero stars

Yur Its Me

The instructor was kind and funny. He was a great teacher because at times he would be assertive to get me to focus hard but never to the point where he was being mean. After 9 or 10 lessons, I passed first try.

ItsOlivia Skyy

This place is completely unprofessional and unorganized! The receptionists talks to much and doesn’t provide helpful or useful information. The sole driving instructor is impatient, rude, and overworked. Now it’s a hassle for me to even schedule the driving test that I already PAID them to schedule for me. I would not recommend this school to anyone. After every lesson I went home feeling less confident and less excited than before I went. EDIT: Still 100% would not recommend this place to anyone! The driving instructor Melvin is unhelpful and completely biased. The day of my driving test (which was only scheduled after my parents physically went to the shop and demanded the scheduled a date for me) he had another girl drive to my house to pick me up, and gave her practice time. I did not get to practice with him, he gave me no words of encouragement and only finally gave me advice when it was my turn to get into the car. I was completely unprepared and this school did absolutely nothing to prepare me ... $500 WASTED!

Vaylong Dang

Just want to let you guy know this school amazing #5hour class #one lesson And road tear passed #good staff Good service One shot done

Nixie Brown

I passed my test today!!!!!

romaro bowes

Presidential driving school is the place to be if you want to pass your road test. Coming from a different driving school and going to presidential driving school make me realize driving isn't really hard. MR. Melvin make me realize that driving and passing the test isn't hard, as long as you can follow instructions and pay close attention to the road . Taking the right amount of classes, you will surely pass with no problem. Mr melvin might me strict but thats good because he do that to push you into the right direction so you can pass the test.

Mary Doku

The best driving school with best customer service and instructor (Melvin) in the Bronx.This school teaches you how to drive for life and not just for passing the road test. My advice is take the 10 lessons package if you've never drive a vehicle. Thanks for your great service Presidential driving school.I will always recommend this school to friends.


I took my driving 5Hours class with Conwel driving school but when i was to book for my driving lessons i was met with a rude and an uncertain reply by both receptionists i met and straight away called President driving school and i got a reply to give my location and the teacher will come pick me up right away and that as done in 10minutes. Though i have been driving for 21 year from Africa yet took 4 driving lessons with President school and was amazed at new discoveries on safe driving. after wish i took my driving test on April 4th 2018 and passed at first attempt. Mr Melvin was a great instructor and was so much helpful to my success. Thanks to the great team of the the President driving school

queen___ d___

I have been with this driving school for a year. As soon as I met Melvin and his wife , I knew I had picked a great school to learn from. I have driven as a teen but did not know the rules of the road or a car for that matter. Melvin is a great instructor. He knows the rules of the road inside and out. He expresses great passion in his teaching and really cares for the student to learn the proper driving habits. I finally received my license after a well needed year of practice. I have Melvin and the presidential driving school to thank.

Joshua Howe

Melvin is one of the best driving instructor I ever had !!! He put you under pressure so you be the best defensive driver !! I recommend him !! Only had one -two lessons and He help me pass my driving test first try

Ernest Nicol

The driving instructor Melvin is truly helpful, and thorough with his teaching. I took 3 driving lessons and was able to pass the exam on my first try. I definitely recommend this driving school.

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