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REVIEWS OF Pierre Paul Driving School IN New York

tamara ward

I had a awesome 5 hour class it was my first time doing the 5 hour class...before i got there i was wondering what would i do in this class for 5 hours but you guys made it very interesting and the hours just goes by very fast thanks to Ben and Pierre driving school I've learned a lot from you guys please keep up the wonderful job.

Cinthia Nelson

I truly recommend Pierre Paul Driving school. This is the best driving school in Brooklyn The instructors are thorough Specially Mr Ben . He make sure you are well prepared for the road test. If you ready to have your license call Pierre Paul driving school.

Cody Gilbert

This is the first time I did my road test with this driving school and I passed on my first try. Ben is a great instructor gave me all the pointers I needed to pass. Excellent driving school definitely recommend others to try this school. You will have the confidence to pass.

Deborah Sargeant

I am a new driver - never been behind the wheel -and was very nervous Ronald my instructor made me feel very comfortable. He was very patient with me and his instructions were very clear. I would recommend this driving school to any new driver.

Vashti Lett

I took the driving test since January and passed but I’m just realizing that I haven’t written a review. The instructors was very professional and on time. I got lots of tips that were very helpful on order to pass my road test. I’m still a new driver and I still use those tips when driving and parking lol. One of the instructors even showed me how to pump gas and just recently I went to a gas station where it was self service and I remember how to do it

Isis Proctor

This driving school is the best. I did the 6 lesson package that comes with everything & I PASSED ON THE FIRST TRY. Thank you

dantea lewis

The driving instructor are very understandable. The 5 hour class is easy and Ben makes you understand it better and more clearly. When on the road it’s 100% to make sure you learn how to drive. Very highly recommend and the best driving schools in Brooklyn have a lot of patients

Larry Hale

The best driving school in Brooklyn. Only took three lessons and passed my road test on the first go. Thanks to my teacher Joseph. Pierre Paul driving school y'all the best.


Definitely best driving school in Brooklyn! Affordable packages, Very experienced instructors. Passed on first try. Also worth it to take a driving lesson on day of exam helps to brush up on anything you're unsure of.

Saniya Clarke

The driver instructors here are beyond wonderful, they are patient and genuine. They actually care about future drivers and push you to do your best. Best driving school and instructors as well.

Junììõr Thorne

Just passed my Road test on my First try . Best driving school ever . Great instructors ‼️‼️

Gisselle Martin-Singleton

The BEST driving school ever! They operate with a high level of professionalism and will ensure you are ready for your road test! They are good at what they do! We live on Long Island and my daughter took driving lessons in Nassau County she also took her first road test in Nassau County, unfortunately she didn’t pass

Orisha John

Had a very good experience with this driving school. Ben was very detailed and prepped me for my road test. He was able to get me to pay attention to detail and awareness which helped me pass the test. Thank you

Deka Anazia

This is a great testimony for me.. I failed twice and almost gave up on myself but my instructor Mike refused to give up on me.. rather he offered to pay for the test as long as I showed up.. bravo!!! I passed the next time.. Pierre Paul Driving School teach excellently and they encourage and motivate you and help clear every doubt and nervousness....

Milanya Boykin

Very affordable with very good instructors. I had the seven lesson package, and passed my road test today on my first try! Definitely worth the money, I don’t regret a thing. They are very patient and make driving feel easy. If you’re a beginner this is the perfect school for you.

ulrich alain

I did my 5 hrs class and I will higly happy with the service. Best driving school in Brooklyn

Reyanna Daw

This is a great driving school. My instructor Joseph was very professional but yet laid back. He was always prompted when picking me up for our sessions. The two instructors that I drove with were both very knowledgeable, which helped to make the difficult task of driving seem effortless for me. I would definitely recommend this school any who is interested in driving.

C Choute

I enjoyed the 5 hours class at the school, I did not get bored. Now I am doing my driving lesson; he is taking his time to explain and let you correct your mistakes. Thank You!!!

Luanna Williams

Best decision I've ever made. I was so terrified of the road. The amazing teaching and professionalism of this driving school helped me pass my driving test. Instructor was very encouraging and provided excellent service. Money well spent.

Delesia Williams

Looking for a great driving school? Look no further! Pierre Paul Driving school is the best one in Brooklyn. I tried couple others and all they did was just take my money and really did nothing for me. My instructor Ben took his time to explain everything that I need to know. OMG his patience level is above all. Learning to drive with Pierre Paul driving school was the best decision I made by far. Thank you Ben!!!

Shanice Flavigny

The instructors are professional, but also really easy to talk to. They make you feel comfortable and safe, which is what I was looking for on my journey to obtaining my license. The 5 hour class is amazing, it gives you all the necessary tools to make driving safe for you and other drivers while still providing you with all you need to pass your road test.

Donnie Lymon

Ben was an excellent instructor I highly recommend Pierre Paul driving school. I passed on my first try and doesn’t get any better than that !!

Sammy B

I can truly say that I learned a lot from Pierre Paul Driving School..I signed up with this school to do my driving lessons, take the 5 hour class and schedule my road test. I just love how professional and how truly helpful the instructors were. I recently passed my road test and I am now a proud licensed driver. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is a first time learner or anyone who needs to improve on their driving abilities. A big Thank You to the Pierre Paul Team !! :-)

Patrice Balan

I’m very happy to take my road test for the first time and I pass it successfully because I took 5 hrs class and car lessons at the best driving school in Brooklyn “ Pierre Paul Driving School “ I wish you go to that driving school because is the best place to learn, driving lessons and tips to pass road tes in Brooklyn. Ben is the best one to ask for when you call. Keep up the good work Pierre Paul driving school

khafra Cassimy

Pass my driving test with only 4 lessons form Pierre Paul Driving School in Brooklyn New York. Their instructions was amazing, they thought me everything I needed to know and more to pass my road test. By far the best driving school in Brooklyn, the driving lessons were great and the instructors were awesome. I will highly recommend this school.

Luke Flacko

The entire entire staff at Pierre Paul Driving School is very professional and knowledgeable especially when it comes to novice beginner drivers that have never been on the road before. Their instructions are very clear and understandable to the extent that I was able to pass my very on road test on the first try with minimal driving experience. I recommend this to anyone that is new to driving or having troubles passing the road test you will not be disappointed.

shaquana Clarke

Great driving school... I highly recommend this school, pass road test on the first try. Ben and Joseph give good and instruction on how to drive car safely.

Carla Goring

I recommend this Driving School 100%. The staff is very pleasant, professional and accommodating. My very nervous daughter passed her road test, and this has really boosted her confidence. Thank you so much for the BEST SERVICE EVER!

Dylan Charles

I passed my road test today with pierre Paul driving school on the first with only one lesson with Ben, driving lessons was very informative. I will highly recommend this school to anyone.

Martins Osijo

I did my road test with Pierre Paul driving school. Had only three (3) lessons and passed first time. The instructors are experienced and they teach you what you need for the driving test. Listen and follow their instructions. This is the best driving school in Brooklyn if you are serious in passing your road test. Rated 100%.

Plain rach

I passed my road test today! Thank you to Ben and Joseph. My advice listen to your your instructor. No what you want which is to pass and do it. Don't underestimate how many lessons you will need, at take them all. Do a lesson the day of the test for confidence a you will get it. Driving with Pierre Paul was a great decision.

Jay NellyAj

I would like to thank Ben and Joseph for EVERYTHING!!! Lessons, patience and answering of my million and one questions!!! This is the best birthday gift EVER!!!


I had a great experience with this school. I finally felt comfortable being behind the wheel. Definitely go to this driving school to learn about driving.

Tamjid Hashem

Wonderful experience, took the 6 lesson plan and that’s all I needed it to pass the test the first time. Joseph and Ben were both my instructors and they helped me a lot. BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN BROOKLYN.

A Williams

Late: review This driving school was good, the instructor was patient taught me what everything in the car was used for when I first started in March - April,I had 5 lessons but I stopped going booking lessons because the instructor would fall sleep, it happen 3 times and I got annoyed because imagine I’m paying my money and your falling asleep.

Amy Hodge

An awesome, very good instructor. Makes you extremely comfortable and gives you the fundamental steps to help you gain your license. His sense of humor is one of a kind. They're is flexible when it comes to scheduling lessons, and his methods will boost your confidence with every lesson. If you follow his techniques properly you will pass your test with flying colors. 100% recommended.

Sajjawal Choudhary

Great lessons. Amazing and influential teacher. He really helps by growing the students confidence, and teaching all aspects of the road test. I passed on my first try! Highly recommended.

Amani Thompson

The experience is great, 5 hour class wasn’t long. I learned a few tips and I passssed!!

Kahlia Rose

I took the road test and passed it the first time! They taught me exactly what to do!

summer hewitt

I absolutely love this school I passed my road test on the first try and I only took two lessons with Ben. The staff was courteous and professional and very supportive I was extremely nervous and Ben gave me all the reassurance I needed by the time I took my test I was calm confident and ready I would highly recommend this school to all new students who are ready to take on the road !

Regy Metellus

I did Brooklyn lessons with pierrepauldrivingschool, they were very informative, if you are looking for best driving school in Brooklyn look no farther they have you covered. Ben is the best. Driving school near me is no longer a dream, pierrepauldrivingschool make it a reality. I will highly recommend them to anyone. Keep up the up the work.

Wesley Hutchinson

The class was very informative. The instructor was friendly and took his time to explain each question. I definitely recommend!

Sherica Baker

I would highly recommend Ben. He is very proffessional. He took his time to make sure you are ready for your road exam. He is a informative person. If you listen to him and follow his instructions there no reason you wouldn't get your license. I am super happy I got my license today !!!!

Kervens G Thimothe

Excellent instructors. My mom referred me to this school and pass on the first try. Best 5 hours class in Brooklyn.

Paula Grant

This is the best to do the 5 hour class in brookyn the instructor ben really what his talking about,i can highly recommended the driving school to anyone in the way the driving lessons are great,Ben keep up the good work.

TheDayDream Amelia

I had a great experience with Pierre Paul driving school. The instructor was very friendly and he knows how to teach. I learned quickly and had no problem passing the exam. The school not only teaches safe driving but also gives good tips for passing the exam. I passed on my first try. So highly recommend!!!

Santana Ried

I want to say a big thank you the the Pierre Paul driving school for letting me pass my driving text on my first try they are the best driving instructors anyone could ask for they are good teachers as long as you are will to learn, I would recommend everyone to make this school the one for you.

Shadee Fredericks

The staff at Pierre Paul Driving school in Brooklyn are the BEST!! Joseph was my instructor and he did such an amazing job with just 5 best driving lessons, I PASSED with a 10, couldn't ask for anything better!!! Definitely would recommend them.

T Fraser

As a parent who is very over protective of my children. I was very nervous about both my children doing their driving lessons. The instructor Ben "THE BEST!!" insured me both of my children are in great hands. Ben took both my children under his care, and treated them both as one of his own. Both my children stated Ben made them very comfortable, he was funny and very down to earth yet VERY PROFESSIONAL and taught them what they had to do to pass their driving road test. "Pierre Paul Driving School" is THE BEST and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! As an over protective parent I would recommend any and everyone to do their personal/teens driving lessons with this driving school with the instructor Ben. I also must take the time out to thank you and say I appreciate all the good deeds you have done for both my children. That I will never forget!!! Thanks in a million.....

Demitri Bridges

This driving school helped me get my drivers license on my first attempt. Ben and Joseph gave me about 5 licenses and I felt completely confident about the test. I had a lesson from been right before the test and it had me at ease. The instructors are calm and take their time with you, also keeping your confidence high when your doing something right. I’m sorry if this is all over the place very much excited (I’m posting the right after the test)..

Paul Fellows

Bernard is a very informative instructor who actually speaks from experience. The class is 5 hours but once it start you actually feel engaged and ready for the next lesson.

Sudheerreddy Pasham

It is a good driving school, Joseph the driving instructor is good and friendly. Make sure you let them know before day about your driving test day, that would be a nice reminder from both ends, i..e from our side and as well as driving school end. I wish you good luck !

Loydris Bowen

I did my five hour class with Ben. It was very informative. I will highly recommend the class to anyone.

Taylor Eden

Passed on the first try of my exam! The instructors were every patient, informative and always made sure to let me know when I was doing something wrong but congratulated me when I did everything right. 10/10 recommend!

Nella Sharman

The class was shorter than expected! The instructor is straight to the point and does his best to make the lesson interactive! Highly recommend.

anael benyisrael

Passed my test on the first try. Great school with a great plan set up. My cousin referred me to the school and it was the best referral.

Ryjll Morris

Great Service. Awesome Teaching. I passed on my first try. Instructors' Joseph and Ben are the best driving tutors in Brooklyn. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to pass their road test in Brooklyn.

Avery Beckles

Hey. Great driving school in brooklyn if you wanna pass on your first try. Great teachers who will show you exactly what you need to know to pass. Ben and Joseph really know how to teach and treat their students. The best driving school in Brooklyn if you want to master the your driving lessons and the basics.


The best driving school in Brooklyn hands down! Always on time and professional. I had an amazing experience I would definitely recommend for any new drivers!

Kheera Joe

Thanks to Pierre Paul Driving School! I passed my road test on the first try. The instructors were very patient and supportive. I had both instructors Ben and Joseph. They make you feel calm and not nervous. My driving lessons were very informative and they prepared me for my road test.

mirline jean

I was recommended by a family member and I had an amazing experience. My instructor Joseph was patient and lead me every step of the way to ensure I knew everything before the road test. I passed it on the first try

Mark Richards

Thus class was very informative and edifying to me. I highly recomend it others.

Stive Delius

This is the best driving school in Brooklyn, I had great experience in 5 hr class in Brooklyn. Ben is the best instructor in Brooklyn. Driving lessons in Brooklyn is no longer a problem, ask for Ben for lessons . I will highly recommend this driving school in Brooklyn.

Karen Lamour

I will recommend 5 hr class to anyone


BEN BEN BEN. Ask for Ben. Best driving driving school in Brooklyn. Don't waste your time anywhere else. Passed my road test on my first try with this school. Driving lessons start as early as 5am. Was able to schedule two session with Ben on the day of my road test. I was so happy to pass my road test I cried. BEST DRIVING SCHOOL!

kehinde wiltshire

Joseph is a good driving Instructer my experience with him was he letting me know pointers but at the same time he talks to u like it’s the test.when I took the test the guy talk to me the same way so it didn’t scare me.

steph velez

I definitely recommend this driving school to any & everyone ! The instructor Ben was so kind & informative. Very efficient! I actually felt like I was learning something & not just bored in class. Any extra help you may need or questions you might have he won’t hesitate to help you with! Overall no complaints !

Kathryn Louissaint

Joseph is Amazing!!!! He takes his time to explain everything clearly and very patient. On time and always ready to go with positivity!!! Get your driving lessons at Pierre Paul Driving School!!!

Chelsea McMillan

I passed my driving test on my first try! I paid for 6 lessons and my primary instructor was Joseph. This driving school made sure I was prepared for my test! It was definitely worth the money!

Devon Ridley

The best driving school in brooBroo I highly recommend. Ben was fantastic I passed on my first try thanks to him. Give this school a go. My experience was amazing.

Chrismond Richard

Best driving school in Brooklyn,I will highlyrecommended it if you are serious on passing on the first day, 5 hr class is the best!!! Ben keep it up!!

Travis Cooper

Wonderful instructor, passed first try. Definitely recommending. Ronald taught me.

Joseph Quaye

I did the class and it was very informative .i will always recommend to anyone interested


Great for all driving purposes whether just starting out or enhancing your driving skills. Ben is the first I met here, he was very patient & flexible with my constantly changing schedule. Joseph was my instructor whom was great! He observed my flaws/skills & helped me hone them to earn my license. I couldn’t have chosen a better school for me!

julems deguerre

Pierre Paul driving School is Hands Down the best driving School in Brooklyn. The instructors are super patient and they are willing to go the extra mile to help you. Not to mention their package deals are awesome..I would recommend anyone to learn with them.. Thanks for all the help..You guys are the best

Sheldon Alfred

Just passed my driving test today and the experience was wonderful, if you want to learn how to drive, come here. Taught me everything I know and it didn’t take long at all. Best driving school in brooklyn.

Destiny Elmine

Highly recommended.. Ronald has a lot of patients and goes over it as much times a possible until I got the hang of it

Mel Llesol

After failing in my first driving school, I saw Pierre Paul Driving School in the internet. When I talked to Ben he was not only so reassuring but gave me a lot of tips. Worked with Joe for three more lessons and he was so thorough yet patient. A lot if not all of my mistakes were corrected and gained a lot of confidence. Before the road test, Ben personally did another run through with pointers. The care that they put in to make sure you pass is inspiring. While other schools will just tell you to add more lessons, Ben and Joe will go beyond what is needed to ensure you pass. Thank you Ben and Joe, finally passed today!! Cheers to Pierre Paul Driving School, the best school in New York!!

Hadriana Leveque

The 5 hour class was very educational and helped me learn a whole lot! This was great!!!

Yannie Flowers

I only took 3 lessons , and gotta liscense. Enough said. They are the best teachers. I’ve taken classes with other schools and I failed my exam. It only took 3 with Pierre Paul driving school. They are very thorough and professional.

Melinda Reece

I pass my test great instructors if you’re looking for a place that’ll make you feel comfortable and give you knowledge take you’re classes here look no more!! you will not be disappointed

Jaycie Mckenzie

Good instructor in Brooklyn learned a lot everybody should come here to get lessons. Awesome school , passed toad test on my First try. Instructor was awesome. They teach you how to k turn, parallel park, drive straight, and work on your turns.

Anthony Tagliavia

Very amazing experience! Very detailed teaching in 5 hour course and driving classes! A lot of openness to questions!

Watley Charles Jr.

My instructors Joesph and Ben are the reasons I passed my road test on the first try. They were honest, patient and through when it came to teaching me the basics of driving. My only regret is I didn’t sign up with this driving school sooner. If you want to get the best driving experience, I HIGHLY recommend this school!

Alassane Sock

I just got my driver license. Thank God. I will thank Mr Ronald. Ronald is the best intructor i never meet. He is very patient with student, with driving knowledge. I do appreciate his work. Thank you Mr Ronald. Alassane sock

Karnowsky Estime

Excellent service and great teaching instructors. As a driving student that passed the test on the first try, I'd have to say that the lessons were phenomenal. I had Joseph as an instructor and he taught me everything I needed to know in preparation for the exam.

chuck bass

I pass my road test today in the first try with Pierre Paul driving school, best driving school in Brooklyn, driving lessons in Brooklyn was great,Ben is the best instructor make sure he gives you all driving lessons in Brooklyn, keep up the good job.

Jules Abraham

Forget other driving schools- this is the one. All the instructors are very experienced AND very effective at teaching for the test. I failed many times before working with Paul Pierre. Thank you so much, you changed my life today!

Smooky The Dj

It’s the best driving school ever... I have no word to express myself... I passed the test easily

Daijasia McIntosh

Pierre Paul Driving School was super professional and worked well with my schedule. Joe and Ben were amazing and with their help I was able to pass my road test. I highly recommend this school for anybody that wants to learn how to drive.

Karol Maitland

Great Experience, First Class Driving! Ben Takes His With His Students and He Certainly Delivered! I passed On My First Try

Nandi Slocombe

This school is amazing. They teach you everything you need to know about driving and obtaining a clean record. They are supportive and make sure you understand the rules and regulations of the road. I definitely recommend this school to any and everyone who wants to be an expert on the road.

jean pierre

This is the best driving school in Brooklyn, I will highly recommend this place to anyone, they make driving lessons very easy to learn,Ben is the best one go take all your lessons.

Jay Ugly

I pass my road test today with Pierre Paul driving school in Brooklyn for the first. They are the best place to do driving lessons in Brooklyn. They are so patient and by far their packages are the best prices in Brooklyn. Ben is the best you heard me the best at what he does word up! Thank y’all.

Kimberly and Manuel Joseph-Ocasio

As the parent of an under age driver/learner, I must affirm the professionalism of this company. They instilled confidence in my son in addition to good driving skills. The prices are also great compared to other. Driving schools that we’ve researched! Thank you Pierre! We’d recommend this company anytime!

Shakeela Ellis

Amazing lessons great price and knowledgeable instructor

Alia Guzman

By far the best driving school I took one lesson and past my road test. Im so over joyed.i took ckasses with another school and fail apparently i was taught wrong and in one lesson everything was corrected. I got so many great pointers while on my way to the road test even though I was super nervouse. Peirre help with my confident and keep me clam . Thanks you so much.

louis Nadia

This is best place to learn how to drive in Brooklyn. Driving lessons are the best'

Jordan Dyer

The 5-Hour Class was very informative. The instructor’s performance was 10/10.

Donna-Kay Hylton

This is one of the best and most affordable driving school. I took lessons with three previous schools but was never completely satisfied. This school has made the difference and my confidence has soared. My instructor Joseph was phenomenal, and Ben the owner came out to gave me specialized lessons before my test, with his excellent tips. He put a bow on the parallel parking for me. This school comes highly recommended. I PASSSED!!!!

Guerrier Yonel

I did my 5 hr class with pierre Paul driving school with ben as my instructor he knows his stuff; they know exactly what they doing. I can definitely say they are the best driving school in Brooklyn.driving lessons are no comparison to will be in good hands; keep up the good job pierre paul.

Gina L

Very professional instructors! Who work with you and make you feel comfortable while you’re behind the wheel learning! I passed on my first try!!

lighting boy23

Mr Ed and Pierre driving school is very good Recommend for the five hour class.

The Kali Wali Show

Honestly, I looked around for packages that were affordable for myself and also in the vicinity of my house. NOTHING compared to Pierre Paul’s driving school. At first, I must admit, I was a little hesitant on the idea of a driving school. However, it was worth the experience. I am 19 years old and I passed my road test on the FIRST try. Their useful tips got me through it. If you’re looking for a driving school, you found the right place.

Rosemine Desir

5 hour class Brooklyn you don’t have look no more they have you convert for the best driving school in Brooklyn

louis quinones

The best driving school in Brooklyn, great guy , best 5 hour class in Brooklyn. I will highly recommend this school, to everyone.

Moesha Hamilton

The class was really helpful!! The instructor was able to explain the 3 point turning and parallel parking in a easy straightforward way. They cover the rules and regulation of the road and everything I need to know to be safe on the road.

Shah D

I’ve had bad experiences with driving schools and crazy instructors but Pierre Paul sets high standards. They bar is set from day 1 on the first lesson. Students know what is expected of them, nothing but the best. I am grateful to Ben and Joseph as my instructors. Finally passed my road test today. They prepared me for the road test but most importantly they prepared me to be a good driver in the real world. I would recommend them to anyone.

donalson dieujuste

I was looking for a driving school near me, to do my 5 hour class in Brooklyn, a friend of mine referred me to Globex Drivingschool when I looked it up and called the number no one, answered the phone, then I get a prompted message that they were no longer doing business. I turned to google to run a search for 5 hour class Brooklyn, image driving school, and driverite academy came up, but I also got the option of calling fuziondrivingschool as well since the were 3rd position on my query. Knowing me, looking for quality, I called all three of them the customer service was not pleasant, they were rushing me of the phone quick to push me to sign up for their highest package, that was not to professional for me, I like more of asking, questions, and listen to answers type person, it makes me feel calm, and taking more serious than being a $$$ to a business. They turned me off. As I was on YouTube looking around because I have to get my license, in New York so I can land a job that I always wanted. I came across a video, title “BEST TIPS TO PASS NYC CAR ROAD TEST” I watched the entire video, the guy that was teaching those tips from his voice alone you can see clearly that money was not his Maine interest only, I called the number next day, that was the best decision I ever made. from Office staff, picking up the calls, I was already blowing away with the professionalism, I was ask so many before, they can determine what will be best for me. I was ready to give them my business, I wanted to sign up for 9 lessons package, with the 5 hr pre licensing course. by far the price was almost unbelievable for me, where I have to ask twice if that is the correct price. For $ 440 dollars, I was able to get 9 lessons, 5 hr class, and the car rental, for the day of my road test appointment, also they do pick up, and drop off Lessons, it was near to unbelievable for me, I had to go in my self to sign up in person to make sure it was real, sure enough the customer Service was even better when I worked in the office. I was talking with the owner, the same guy that I saw in the YouTube video I was done, I said this isn’t getting any more real than that, the owner was very knowledgeable and patient with me, we talked for a good while so I get all questions, answered in more depth, from there I was very comfortable working with them, Pierrepauldrivingschool, is really the way to go if you are serious on passing your Roadtest, because they straight about you passing you Nyc Roadtest on your first try. From my first lesson with one of their instructors, his name was Mister, Joseph, Omg! This guy is a beast at what he does, I have never felt that way on any driving lessons, and if I tell you I have done some driving lessons prior to working with them, Joseph his a big big difference from what I experienced in the pass. He knew very well what he was doing and made me feel very relaxed and calmed it's no way for me not to pass my road test, and sure enough guess what? I pass my road test in seaview on the first try with pierrepauldrivingschool, thanks to Instrutor joe, because without his guidance that driving lessons journey could have been a bit challenging for me, coming from another country. Thank you again pierrepauldrivingschool keep up all the good work.

Stephanie Duvalsaint

I took this class to so I can get my license. Let me tell you the professionalism and the way the instructor were i was relaxed I took a lesson the day before to prep for my road test. My instructor Ben was the best. He made me feel comfortable all while making sure I knew what i was doing. With his techniques and pointers I was able to pass my road test. If you want to have a relaxed instructor who has faith in you book Pierre Paul Driving school. And did I mention that the prices are way better than some of the other schools Thank you so very much.

leroy thom

it was very educational i learned so much.

Yessica Taveras

Amazing experience with this school, the instructors Joseph and Ben are very supportive and very patient, very experienced. I can’t believe I passed it on my first try! Cannot be happier with them

Rafe Soule

These guys are great! Joseph was a huge help and Ben walked me through the whole process. And the 5-hour class was both very informative and hilarious. 5-stars all around

Jephtee Hedou

Pierre Paul Driving school is the best. Very nice and professional staff. They care a lot about teaching people everything they need to know for driving and passing. The cars are also very nice. Recommend for beginners, you will know everything about driving before the test. Amazing school❤❤

Monique Sterling

I tried another driving school before coming to Pierre Paul Driving School and I felt so much more confident about my driving after taking a few lessons here. And the 5 hour class was a lot more informative than I expected!

Claudin Clement

Best place to do business in Brooklyn I can highly recommended this driving school in Brooklyn

Charlene Joseph

This driving school is unprofessional and I have given them the benefit of the doubt by referring someone else to them but they still are terrible. They are never at the desk to answer phones , constantly canceling appointments or mistakenly canceling your driving test appointment. Like how many emails have you made to make these fake reviews. Get it together

Jennifer Gilles

The class was very helpful, Ben was very informative, knowledgable. This is the first time I have been enlightened on more things than before. Thanks Ben!

Nikki Heron

Phenomenally Amazing, Driving school. I had both Ben and Joseph as my instructors, but mostly Joseph; both were very patient and knowledgeable. I was struggling with Parallel parking, and not very confident that I could pass my test. Joseph thought me to Parallel Park and helped calm my nerves by introducing me to movie scores. Ben methodology for making a three point turn works well. The instructors here are kind, their customer service is Amazing, Joseph was out with me late the night before my test making sure I had all the tools I needed to pass my test; Which I did on the very first Try! This truly is a great school.

Charles Garrett

Oh wow!! What a class a lot of things I learned in five hours today that I never knew with driving thanks to Mr. B I recommend anybody that need to learn driving skills Go to Pierre - paul driving school you won’t regret it .....

Ishalee Bennett

I did my 5 hour driving class here & the session was very informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable and gave us great tips along with road and life safety rules. I would recommend this driving school

Lovely Jean

Was very informative and the teacher paul was excellent on the teaching, no regetssss worth the money.

Keishh Babiie

I can’t thank Joseph and Ben enough for encouraging and making sure that I passed on my first time around. Pierre Paul driving school is the best I’m Brooklyn! Take it from me! Just pay attention to everything that they tell you and you will pass!! Thank you guys!!

Sherridon Poyer

Great driving school, 5 hour course was very helpful in clarifying some questions that I still needed answers to. Instructor created an open and safe learning environment allowing students to express their concerns about driving. Also providing knowledge about topics such as insurance and the possible impacts of driving can have on your everyday life i:e Tickets and accidents, and to always be careful when when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Excellent on the road coaching, instructor was patient and kind, yet firm which is exactly what one needs when behind the wheel of a vehicle. I would recommend this school anyone from being behind the wheel for the first time to someone needing a refresher class.

Gloria Deleon

I have finished my 5 hrs classes at Paul Pierre driving school. Excellent job. I really had a great time learning . Thank you Paul for your great teaching. I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone who need a great driving school.

Darion Marshall

Today I pass my road test with confidence on the first try. I am applauded by the work of Pierre Paul Driving School. These guys helped me to get my license with confidence. Guiding me through every step up until my road test. They leave no room for failure and nevervous driving. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve on their driving skills or first time drivers to take advantage of this driving school. These guys are awesome .. clap. Great customer service above ALL. I left one driving school to get my license with Pierre Paul Driving because of their customer service.

Emmanuel Agorioge

The instructor was very patient with me and talked me through my mistakes and how to do better.

She. Frileux

Very remarkable driving school. They extremely have patience. Outstanding customer service. If you are looking for a driving school in Brooklyn their are the best very astonishing. You will for sure past your test ! Sabrinia joachim

I did my 5 hour class with this driving school very informative

GetFitWith Shea

I am so grateful to everyone at this school for helping me to succeed. My instructors Randell and Joseph were amazing. They were calm, direct, honest and professional. I needed help with my turns and the instructors did an amazing job helping me perfect them. They me feel confident in myself and that confidence helped me to pass the test. Thank you so much again!!

nikeita williams

Passed my test today with Pierre Paul driving school on first try. The instructor was the best, driving lessons are the best, I can definitely say this is best driving school in Brooklyn.

Annecia Williams

I cannot begin to express how amazing Pierre Paul Driving school is. Firstly, the service recieved from the office is impeccable. I took my first set of lessons with Joseph. He is so kind and patient and ensures that you are comfortable behind the wheel. My final lessons before the road test were done with Ben. He was the icing on the cake. He fine tuned everything with me and made sure I was on top of my game. Both Joseph and Ben always succeeded in placing my nerves at ease, so much so that I went to my test feeling confident and ultimtely passed on my first try!!!!!. If you want to get your license, do not look anywhere else but Pierre Paul Driving School. They know what it means to teach and they will get you the results that you need. They are the best in Brooklyn. Thank you Joseph and Ben!!!!

Darren Bodkin

Thank you for great preparation for the road test. Joe gave excellent pointers during practice. Ronald was superb on the test day!!. I highly recommend!!

Measha Bailey

My experience here was straight forward, no gimmicks. You learn exactly what you need to know to take the test and so much more. ALL staff ESPECIALLY Ronald was friendly but responsible. so everything was genuinely fun learning. Highly recommended!

Lakisha Andrew

My experience with Pierre Paul driving school was magnificent. The instructors Ben and Joseph were very patient and understanding. They always tried to make me as comfortable as can be when driving which in turn helped me to be less nervous. They broke every single thing down to me along the way. I’m very happy I chose them and now I have my drivers license. They are truly some of the best instructors out here and I would recommend them to anyone.

Darius Thomas


You Lee Shin

I don’t normally write reviews but this place is a go-to driving school if you want to pass your road test. Regardless of your driving skills, passing the road test requires extra skills. I failed twice before coming here because I thought I could pass on my own, having a driver’s licesne from back home. Ben and Joeseph are really patient and nice people to learn driving skills from. I highly recommend this place!

Monica Blake

The five class was informative ,i learn alot

Stivi G

Awesome schoool. My instructor Ben prepared me really good!

Fieona Khirattie

When looking for a driving school the reviews were most important, that led me to Pierre Paul Driving School. My instructor Ben was extremely patient and determined to making sure I was 100% ready for my road test. I would recommend this driving school to anyone who desperately wants to be their best at driving. Thank you Pierre Paul.

Mkeeda Hill

Pierre Paul driving school was very helpful. The 5 hours class was VERYYY helpful and informative. The instructor, Pierre Paul, is the best. He explains EVERYTHING and answer all your questions. Definitely the school to attend.

Mario Herrera

This place is the best driving school in New York State, not just Brooklyn the whole entire borough. If you struggle getting your license like I did they will help you tremendously. They don’t treat you like they just won’t money from you. They treat you like family. They never give up on you. Trust me you won’t regret ever going here.

Petrona Celestine

100% satisfaction. From the customer service to the lessons, this was a truly professional and informative experience. Joseph is extremely patient, while Ben is profoundly detailed. The instructors exhibited grave knowledge in the requirements of the NY Driving Exam, which resulted in my passing today on my very first attempt. I highly recommend this school as it is the epitome of excellence.

Brianna Thomas

I passed my road test on my first try ! I’ve been practicing for a month . Thank you Ronald and Joesph you guys are the best !! Hard work and dedication pays off !!

Patsy Carter

Very informative class. You feel comfortable to ask questions and have them answered. Instructor is well informed.

Ruth Albert

This school is the best, instructors Ben and Joseph takes their time to teach you all that you need in order to be comfortable in passing your road test. Prices are so reasonable and they are so professional and always available to help.

Joe Magia

I recommend attending this driving school , The Instructors are very patient and teach you step by like to thank Ronald, hes a very good instructor that I even hugged him from the happiness. Overall very good driving school that will get you your drivers license in your hands.

Nigel Deane

Joseph is the best!Ben is unbelievably the top instructor.i passed my road test today with the best driving school in Brooklyn.pierre Paul driving the way to go.

muhammad azhar

I have passed my driving test in the 1st attempt and it was only possible because of these great instructor specially Mr. Ben. I would highly recommend this driving school to everyone. Most important thing is I drove 1st time with them. I did not drive before. Best staff and best instructors.

Lester McTouh

This place is amazing I will recommend they services with no worries from front desk to customer they are top notch. Highly professional, pierrepaul Drivingschool, keep up the good work!

Roudeline Darcenis

The 5 hour class was very imfomative ben really knows his stuff,this is bar far the best driving school in Brooklyn.

Tiffany Luong

I decided to take lessons from them, because I heard they were the best in Brooklyn. A few lessons and a road test later, I can definitely say that this is true. Both Ben and Ronald were the best; They were nice, patience, and also very informative. They capitalize on great techniques and advice, which helped me passed my test. Not only were the instructors great, the prices are great as well! Thank you so much Pierre Paul Driving School!

Are You Ready

Was the 5 hour class informative? Yes, very informative and detailed. Makes you want to take driving seriously. Was the instructor knowledge? Yes How likely will you recommend the class? Very likely to friends and family.


Wonderful experience with Pierre Paul driving school. I pass the road test for the first try! I’m so excited! Thank all the instructors! My English is not so good but you guys are so nice and patient with me! Recommend Pierre Paul Driving School for all of you.

Glenny Mercedes

I so happy today i pass my test today have my license today tank you to pierre paul driving school if anyone want to pass the test first time going to pierre paul driving school they are the best driving school in the world


I did my 5 hr class with pierre paul driving school they are the best.i have learned so much from the instrictor i am looking forward to start my driving lessons so i can be on the road,i can see from the instructor that pierre paul driving school is very patient and can't wait again to start.ben keep up the good job

Kertsen C

Passed on 1st try after doing just one class with instructor Ben. I would recommend to anyone

Clyde Harris

Great experience, drivers were very knowleable, attentive and helpful. Always encouraged you every step of the way. Overall great driving school in Brooklyn, highly recommend them if You want to learn how to drive.

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